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Your Rent & Service Charges

Rent statements are sent to you automatically every three months and they list all your payments, as well as any outstanding amounts owed to your landlord up until the date the statement was printed. You can also contact your local Area Office and request a statement at any time.

How do I pay my You are able to pay your rent in the following ways: By Direct Debit/Standing Order You can set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order from your Bank or Building Society. To do this, simply contact the Rent section at 350 Bournville Lane or if you are a Shropshire tenant, at Cherry Tree House, 1 Lightmoor Way, Lightmoor Village, Telford. This service is free from most Banks and Building Societies. Direct Debits are the preferred choice of payment by BVT which once established is usually the simplest and safest way to pay.

By Cheque You can send these to any Trust Office and should make them payable to “Bournville Village Trust�. Please cross all cheques and write your address and tenancy reference number clearly on the back.

Using your Swipecard These can be used at any Paypoint outlet, which you will recognise by the pay point symbol displayed in the window. They are also accepted at post offices. This method of payment is free to use by tenants.

Internet Banking You can visit the Trust’s website and follow instructions to pay your rent via the internet by using your debit or credit card

By Cash Cash payments can be made at any one of the Trust offices, although we do not wish to encourage this as your regular method of payment and ask that you choose one of the many alternatives.

rent? Please make only “one off” cash payments if you are experiencing a problem with your usual payment method or need to pay money to us in an emergency. Also note that although receipts can be given we do not keep money on the premises and therefore change cannot be given.

What if I’m receiving Housing Benefit? If you receive Housing Benefit, you can request it to be paid directly to the Trust. The Council Neighbourhood Office can action this for you and ensure payments are sent accordingly.

What about rent increases?

Secure and Assured Rents

In order that a secure or assured rent may be increased, the following stages must be observed.

The difference between these two types of tenancy lies in the way their rents are calculated. If you are unsure as to the type of tenancy you hold, consult your Tenancy Agreement. If you are a Secure Tenant, your rent is set by the rent officer every two years. If you are an Assured Tenant your rent is a target rent set under the Governments rent re-structuring policy.

Secure rents will be increased in line with the legislated procedure for increase and assured rents are revised annually in accordance with the Retail Price Index (RPI).


Consultation with tenants Within 14 days of notification of regarding increase, increase if requested…


Registered rent received from rent officer…


Tenant notified of definite 28 days before rent increase increase…


6 weeks prior to increase date

Rent increase is payable…


RR1 submitted to rent officer 3 months before increase. A copy is sent to the tenant

Tenant notified of proposed increase…

Appeal to rent assessment Within 28 days of notification panel/committee of increase, in writing to the (RENT SERVICE/RAC) Rent Service to be given…


(Tenancies After 15/1/1989)

Result of appeal…

Rent Assessment Committee inform tenant and Trust of their decision

RAC inform tenant and Trust of their decision


Assured Tenant

(Tenancies Prior To 15/1/1989)

Notice of revised rent increase given…

4 weeks if rent is increased by the Rent Service

Not applicable


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Secure Tenant

Revised rent is charged…

From date of rent service decision

From original increase date

Dependent on the rent officer

Up to RPI + ½% + £2.00 per week maximum in any one year

Within 14 days of notification of increase

Not applicable

Within one calendar month before date of increase

Same as secure Within 28 days of notification of increase by contacting the Rent Assessment Committee who will send the appropriate form in order to appeal

What do I do if I can’t pay my rent? Rent is a priority debt. Priority debts are those that can result in losing your home, having your utility services cut off or even going to prison. We are sympathetic to tenants who find they are having financial difficulties and we will do all we can to help. So if you are experiencing problems with paying your rent, please contact us on 0300 333 6540 where staff will be pleased to offer confidential advice. It may be that agencies such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau can assist you with any debt worries. You must remember however, that if you persistently fall behind with your rent, your landlord can and will take further action. This could lead to your home being repossessed, so it is essential you seek help before the problem gets to this stage. Your landlord cannot evict you from your home unless a court order has been obtained as a result of your breaking the Tenancy Agreement. Information leaflets are available from our offices.

Can I get assistance with paying my rent? If you are having problems paying your rent you may be eligible for Housing Benefit. This is a regular payment from your local authority towards your rent. Applying for Housing Benefit is your responsibility and the relevant forms can be obtained by contacting the Housing Benefit Service or by visiting any one of the Council Neighbourhood Offices.

What are service charges? Service Charges are based on a proportion of the costs likely to be built up over a year from the provision of services. The Trust aims to maintain high standards and we offer value for money for our services. These services include cleaning of, decoration to and repairs to communal areas.

How to contact us

For general advice and further information contact:


On request, we can supply an audio CD giving all the information contained in this leaflet.


01952 293 777

Bournville Village Trust, 350 Bournville Lane, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1QY email:




63674 P1585

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