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Mission Statement

To raise the level of skills and knowledge of people and organisations so that they can realise their potential and succeed

Value Framework

Strategic Priorities


- by putting people first.


Achieve local, regional and national recruitment priorities.


- by providing an accessible working and learning environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect.


Continually improve quality and raise success rates.



- to all students, staff, employers, partners and the local community.

Demonstrate value for money by achieving an operating surplus year on year.


- in the design and delivery of our programmes and services.



- to the needs of individuals, organisations, partners, communities, regional and national initiatives.

Provide a well-resourced, safe and productive environment for learning and working.


Develop the marketing and communication strategy to position the college as a college of first choice.


Provide world-class facilities through the creation of a new college campus.


Enter into collaborative and partnership arrangements in pursuit of the college objectives.


Engage with employers to improve the competitiveness of local and regional organisations.


- by ensuring value for money in the provision of services that contribute to the regeneration of communities and the economic well-being of individuals and organisations.

Collaborative - by working in partnership with the local and wider community to enhance learning, training, skills and employment opportunities for individuals and employers. Successful

- in providing education and training of excellence that enables everyone to reach their full potential.

International - by increasing the participation of overseas students and promoting cultural exchange.

Bournville College really is going from strength to strength


Year at a Glance

Welcome to Bournville College’s Review of the Year 2008/09. This year has been underpinned by changes, rewards and successes. We are delighted with the final approval of our new build project in Longbridge, the construction of which is now truly under way. The new Bournville College will offer state-of-the-art learning, training and recreational facilities not only to students but also the wider community. We are proud that our new build project will be the stepping stone in regeneration of the Longbridge area after the demise of MG Rover. As we work towards a brighter future in Longbridge, we continue to make a difference in people’s lives by focusing on providing quality education and training. This year has seen the College achieve the ‘outstanding’ status for Employer Views and Training Quality Standard as part of the Framework for Excellence. This news follows the previous achievement of the prestigious Training Quality Standard a quality mark for excellence in education, proving that Bournville College really is going from strength to strength. Finally, I would like to recognise all staff for their contribution, confidence and faith in our business aims and objectives and making Bournville the place of choice to work and learn. I am proud of the passion, dedication and commitment that are shown by Bournville staff. I would like to thank all Bournville employees for helping to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people.

Norman M Cave Principal




Working with Employers

Bournville College has been awarded an ‘outstanding’ status in two areas of the

For the Business Development Team, the employer arm of Bournville College,

Framework for Excellence. The Framework for Excellence is the Government’s

this year started with a new leader at the helm - Mark Palmer was appointed

new performance assessment framework for colleges and training providers.

as Assistant Principal for Business Development. His aim is to help support

The framework provides a performance rating for all aspects of college performance

and enhance each learner’s experience at the college and deliver well-trained,

so that colleges, training providers and eventually schools can be compared in a

qualified employees into workplace.

transparent way. Bournville College scored ‘outstanding’ in areas of Employer Views and Training Quality Standard.

Mark is not new to education - he has worked in FE sector for the past 19 years; the last seven years of which have involved forging links with industrial

Martin Walker, Assistant Principal for Quality said:

and commercial clients. Now he has brought his impressive skills set to Bournville College.

Everyone in the College takes success for this achievement and it gives us all a reason to celebrate. The College is particularly proud of the outstanding grade for employer views, which is a reflection on our close working relationships with employers and it proves that our training meets employer needs.

Mark said:

The College already has a strong reputation for working with employers and our clients are impressed by what we do - they keep coming back, which is always a good sign. Mark also commented: ‘Bournville College provides a quality product, one that is flexible and responsive to customers’ needs. We listen to what is needed and will tailor packages to suit students’ needs.’ Since starting his job, Mark has led the College towards achieving prestigious Training Quality Standard (TQS) for excellence. The award acknowledges the College as one of the leading training providers in the country for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism. The College works closely with over 1,000 organisations, helping them meet their training and staffing requirements.


Sharing Our Knowledge Internationally






1% m tna 2% n Vie i 1% a Sp tan s ki Pa

Bournville College has a long standing tradition of working with international students and during the academic year 2008/09 it welcomed a record number of 520 students from overseas. Thanks to the College’s strong links with over 150 overseas recruitment agents it is able to reach a diverse range of international students.


Bournville College is now expanding its international work by developing new partnerships with corporate clients overseas. The College already regularly welcomes groups of foreign teachers who are keen to learn new techniques from their UK counterparts. As usual,





Bournville College’s unique approach ensures that each course is tailor made to suit the client. For example, in December 2008 a delegation from Ryukoku and Bukkyo Universities based in the Japanese region of Kyoto, consulted Bournville College on new course development. Yoshi Oyama, Honorary Lecturer at the University of Birmingham said: ‘We are impressed by the bottom-up approach that Bournville College demonstrated during the set up of the Diploma in Public Service Leadership. We will take this knowledge back to Japan where we’re in a process of setting up a similar course.’

3% Iran 1% ia Ind





Mike Hyde, Head of Innovation and New Project Development commented:

We are pleased to share our expertise with international colleagues. The reason why our programmes are so successful is because we give our partners ownership of the course by keeping them on board from the beginning.

International Students Country of Origin


New Build

The new campus project was finally approved this year and the work is now on schedule for completion in July 2011. Budgeted at £66 million and prominently located on the former site of MG Rover, the new build will occupy 4.2 acres and bring together Bournville’s current three campuses. It will have capacity for 15,000 students and offer state-of-the-art learning and leisure facilities, including a learning resource centre, business school, construction and motor vehicle workshops, fitness centre and hair and beauty salons. The new Bournville College will be the learning quarter of South West Birmingham and play a vital part in

This project is so important because it’s going to create an environment to inspire people.

developing region’s workforce of the future. Construction of the new campus will act as a catalyst for the

The RIBA believes that here in the UK we can design buildings and places that bring out the very

£1 billion regeneration of Longbridge, one of the biggest projects of its kind in Europe.

best in people and motivate them. There is a real desire to see this project happen.

This is about putting education absolutely in the centre of enterprise and then using the traditions of Birmingham to inspire and grow. If you have knowledge and business linked together you will grow

Ruth Reed, President, Royal Institute of British Architects The construction of a new college at the Longbridge site is really important to boosting skills

well, you go further down the innovative path and actually you create more and more jobs. Those jobs

in the area and providing real opportunities for young - and not so young - people in the years

will only be available for people with skills but they will be real sustainable employments. That is how

to come.

important innovation is. Lord Digby Jones, Former Director General, CBI

Richard Burden, MP for Northfield


The new build will offer immediate benefits to the region, such as jobs in construction but also, in the long-term,

skills and education for generations to come Jerry Blackett Chief Executive, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Changing People’s Lives Bournville College has been at the forefront of helping people affected by the recent economic downturn. During 2008/09 the College led on a range of projects and initiatives to assist in up-skilling and helping newly made redundant people return to work. The ‘Skills for Jobs’ project, which matches employments to the local job market, has seen Bournville College deliver pre-employment training for well-known organisations such as Cadbury, Next, DWP, NHS, Care Through the Millennium and Active Leisure Limited. The scheme has changed lives of almost 700 people by enabling them to return to employment after long-term unemployment. David Rigby, a trainee from Northfield who completed a pre-employment programme for Cadbury said:

I worked for over 20 years for MG Rover in Longbridge until its collapse in 2005. Since then, I struggled to find permanent employment and job hunting got even worse with the arrival of the recession. When I was given an opportunity to apply for Cadbury pre-employment training the cloud has lifted. Bournville College has been very supportive and tutors were excellent; everybody enjoyed working with them. I’m pleased to be employed again. Other projects such as ‘Response to Redundancy’ and ‘6 months +’ have been able to reach newly made redundant and long-term unemployed individuals by providing an intensive retraining programme. Furthermore, Bournville College has been offering its information and advisory services to local organisations, helping them to increase their sustainability during the recession.


Our Work in the Community


Bournville College is well known for its community work across South West Birmingham and beyond. The College’s community projects encourage informal learning, strengthen neighbourhoods and provide a stepping stone towards further learning for hundreds of people. The College utilises a range of community funding streams such as PCDL (Personal and Community Development Learning) and NDC (New Deal for Communities) which have helped over 500 residents with updating their skills during 2008/09.

Independent Members

Linda Tucker from Northfield is a perfect example of someone who has benefited from embracing learning in the community. During the Adult Learners’ Week she received a Certificate of Recognition for her Lifelong Dedication to Others. The award was presented to Linda by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Randal Brew at the Focus Community Centre. Linda who works as a part-time dinner lady at Turves Green Girls’ School reflected:

Mr Alan Birks Miss Victoria Bishop (apptd 7.7.09) Mr Peter Chadwick (apptd 24.3.09) Mr Gordon Dennistoun (res 16.12.08) Cllr Peter Douglas Osborn Mr Eamon Duffy Mr Hugh Griffiths (Vice Chair) Mrs Winsome Hutchinson (res 16.12.08) Cllr Tim Huxtable Mr M Jaigirdar Ms Sharon Palmer (res 23.6.09) Dr Yeow Poon Mrs Heather Proctor Mr Sukhi Saini Mr Howard Saycell (Chair) Mr Marcus Terry Mr John Upton

Principal Mr Norman M Cave

I am a real advocate for lifelong learning. Over the years I have done plenty of community courses. They have enriched my life and increased my confidence tremendously. Improving your skills will make you feel good about yourself. Anne Goldman, External Funding Manager at Bournville College said: ‘We are very excited to be part of various community initiatives, which are all about working with local people and groups and utilising their interests and skills. Community projects allow us to reach out to individuals who otherwise would not consider learning. We are proud

Students Miss Danetta Cleveland (left 31.8.08) Miss Karina Kaya (apptd 16.12.08) Mr James Milverton (left 31.8.08) Mr Gavin Robinson (apptd 24.3.09)

Staff Mr Drew Bassett (term of office expired 22.3.09) Mr James Hepburn (apptd 24.3.09) Mr Taz Hussain (apptd 7.7.09) Mrs Theresa Mead (term of office expired 5.7.09)

to be enriching people’s lives by providing informal learning in a range of community venues and Linda is a perfect example of how learning can affect someone’s life in a positive way.’



Top University Subjects

r2 6%

and James Beard who achieved three A grades each. Vicky said:

e th

The jubilant mood was felt throughout the day, in particular by Vicky Handley


The A Level results day in August has given Bournville College yet another reason to celebrate this year. Bournville achieved a 100% pass rate in a range of subjects including Business Studies, English Language & Literature, English Literature, Film Studies, Law, Maths, Media Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

ess/ Busin ce/ Finan ment ge Mana 0% 1 Teaching 4%




M 7%

James’s results secured him a place at Liverpool John Moores University to

and Law al 7% in Crim

I’m really pleased with my achievements and glad that my hard work paid off. My results will guarantee me a place at the University of Birmingham where I’m going to study LLB (Hons) Law degree.

y/ og % ol y 5 h yc log Ps cio So

Ch Ye ildh ars oo Stu d/E die arly s5 % Media / Journ alism 6%


So Rel cial W o ate d 10 rk %


h glis

M Nu idwi rsi fer ng y/ 16%

Aim high, achieve higher

University Destinations


am ity gh rs in ive m r n % Bi ty U 26 Ci





study BA (Hons) Journalism. He commented: ‘I got excellent grades and an unconditional offer from my first choice university. I want to thank all my I ever expected.’ As well as Vicky and James, many other Bournville students chose to continue there were 262 student leavers applying to University.

N U ewm Co niver an lleg sit e1 y 4% y of ersit Univ ingham Birm12%

their studies at a University level. At the end of the academic year 2008/09,

Aston University 2% of rsity Unive ster 3% e c r of o W ty rsi ive by 4% n U er ry % D nt 4 ve sity o r C ve i Un

U Wo nive lve rsi rh ty 10 amp of % to n

tutors at Bournville for their support and pushing me to achieve more than



Staff by gender

Staff Profile

Staff by ethnic origin

All staff Management Teaching Support

Black & ethnic minorities


34% Male



Learner numbers

16 - 18 Age group 19+ Age group Overall


















1468 648

1122 159

100 10


16-18 PT

19+ FT

67% 66%

National Average 06/07


National Average 07/08

Year End

Under 16 FT

Under 16 PT

Grand Total


Income and Expenditure Analysis




Non Pay




Operating Deficit 06/07

19+ PT


69% 68%








74% 73%




16-18 FT



Learner numbers

Success rates - Long qualifications (25 weeks or more in duration)



% of FTEs

Staff with a disability 4%



% of Headcount




Employee Headcount


National Average 08/09

Students studying towards long qualifications all achieved success rates equal to national benchmarks.


In 2008/09 the College generated a historic surplus of £58K compared to a budget of £137K. Net Assets, excluding pension liability were £7m at 31/07/09


Bournville College, Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham B31 2AJ

0121 483 1000 | |

bournville College Annual Report 08-09  

bournville College Annual Report 08-09

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