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CongratulatIons, Class of 2021


The story follows Ellery, a naïve and desperate boy competing in a poetry competition. Insecure; obsessed with the image of becoming a writer, he confides in his favourite English teacher, Mrs. Beckett, who gave up writing herself many years ago. With an unfinished poem which must be submitted by the end of the day, he pleads for her feedback, to which she refuses as she is moderating the competition.

Amber Smyth Sam Bramley Jo Ball Writer/ Director Shay Kelly Producers Lorine Barro & Anjishnu Noor Purnota DOP Mo Alsaloom CAM OP Will Wright Sound Designer Tom Christie Make up Elena Lee Costume Alice Gardiner Editor Jack Kearns 1ST AD Paul Rosescu

RONEL The film follows the brutal murder of a woman in South Africa. Her sister Ronel battles with her own anger and pain through grief and depression to try and reach a point of forgiveness. DIR: DAVID CLODE

Directed by David Clode Produced by Grace Ault Co-Producer Martinique Thorpe Director of photography Dylan Tillyard Sound Designer & Recordist Hugo Dodd Edited by James Jameson

Featuring Ronel Odendaal


Irere advocates for sustainable change in the UK fashion industry and consumer habits through evoking the audience to explore the journey their clothing has been on. Through stop-motion and macro cinematography, viewers are shown the layers of the industry, from its historic origins to its present day state.

Directed by Emily Charlotte Marsh

Production Design by Amy Curtis

Produced by Ethan Holden

Camera Assistant Tomé Ferreira

Cinematography by Simon Bradley

Assistant Editor Justė Rutkauskatiė

Edited by Jacob Mansfield

Assistant Editor Craig Schwartz

Sound Design by Joe Domenet

Locations Assistant Monique Dulieu

JUNIPER Lutz goes inside the manhole and enters a subconscious world of memories inside a cruise ship, where he encounters two characters who represent qualities of Heidi- someone he used to know- seen through his perspective: Pearl and Al. That leads him deeper to confront one of his memories – a memory of Heidi.

Director Katarzyna Ryszczuk

Sound Mixer Cvetan

Writer Milo Bennett

Make–up Eleanor Passelle

Producer Bethanie Holland Ball

Costume Mimi Bush

DOP Arthur Attenborough

Editor Hayley Roftkind

Sound Designer Alex Turner

1st AD Viktor Todorov

Lutz Julian Southall Pearl, Al, Heidi Harriet Brannam Lutz (Voice-Over Artist) Jamie Morrison



After recently winning the lottery, Daniel finds himself trapped in a self-inflicted purgatory and torn between two possibilities: accept the money or break free from the expectations of society.

Written & Produced by Jacob Barton Directed by Jake McKenna Director of Photography Gian-Claudio Calipa Gaffer Tome Ferreira  Production Design by Allia Georges

Edited by Tom Haines Sound Design by Tom Antoniw Sound Recordist Zion Amhari-Smith  First Assistant Director Ethan Holden  Script Supervisor Emily Marsh


After a tense car journey results in the breakdown of her relationship, Ashley accidentally crashes the car – killing her girlfriend. She panics and flees the scene, leaving her girlfriend behind. Confronted with her overwhelming guilt, she confesses what she’s done to her police officer father, plunging him into an impossible choice between his morals and his love for his daughter.

Director & Writer – Nancy Page Producer - Oliver M. Holmes 1st Assistant Director – Grace Ault Pre-Production Assistant Director – Matey Genchev Director of Photography – Joseph Mullin

Camera Operator – Valentina Gonzalez Gaffer – Ana-Marija Ramić Production Designer – Hannah Spalding Sound Designer and Recordist – David Clode Script Supervisor and Editor – Malva Åkerlund 1st AC- Freddie Howe

Starring Boo Miller Mark Scott Gzi Wisdom


Set in the 90s, Jacob, the owner of a failing cassette shop in London takes it upon himself to construct a landing platform on the roof of his shop, so that his alien love interest Astra, whom he communicates with through a boombox, can come down and rescue him.

Drew Sheridan-Wheeler Richard Easterbrook Yasmine Alice Written & Directed by Hugo Dodd Produced by Charlotte Rogers Co-Producer/Creative Producer Movanu Shafeeq Production Design by Amy Curtis Costume Design by Daniela Burneska & Melanie Luff Head of Makeup Charlie Forshaw Director of Photography Jake Grubb Gaffer Meg Sharp Sound Design by Charlie White & Joseph Domenet Edited by Callum Thomson


Cyber Sex is a short documentary exploring the unknown potential complexities on the online pornographic platform OnlyFans. We follow the story of one content creator Coco through her journey to becoming an independent porn star. Her story is shown through a combination of projections within an installation space. Featuring


Director Xanthe Nimmo Producer Tom Stuart Co Producer & 1st AD Charlotte Rogers Cinematographer Olivia Morrison Gaffer/1st AC Ana Marija Ramic Sound Recordist Cee J Ward Post Production Sound Amy Marshall-Clerc Production Designer Allia Georges Art Director Athena Papworth Editor Elliott Stewart-Fleming

Baile In rural 1950s Ireland, Emer’s only daughter is rushed away to hospital after being badly beaten by her teacher. In defiance of her husband, she marches down to the headmaster’s office. Faced with systemic abuse, Emer decides to take matters into her own hands. DIR: KIERAN WALL

Pamela Flannagan Nicholas Rowe Rosalind Stockwell Breandán O’Connor AJ Chambers

Amber Smyth

 Written & Directed by Kieran Wall Produced by Thomas L H Allen Production Design by Faye Connor & Charlie Cooper Director of Photography Kimberley Holmes Costume Design by Annie Turner Hair and Make-Up by Ffion Megan & Tigerlily Taylor Sound Design by Cvetan Nedyalkov Edited by Nichelle Charles

STARGAZER STARGAZER follows an estranged, disconnected family on a journey through DIR: ARVIND JAY the stars as they come together after a recent loss.. Michael D. Douglas

Nicola Bromes

Kevin Pako

Dee Tails

Writer and Directed by Arvind Jay
 Produced by Anjishnu Noor Purnota Production Design by Athena Papworth Director of Photography Sarah Cunningham Camera Operator Connor Baskerville Gaffer Alex Strachan   Sound by Thomas Christie & Ohm Vaewuthinand Score Composed by Ohm Vaewuthinand  Edited by James Jameson



During the Caribbean funerary tradition- Nine Night, Solomon a young man haunted by the memory of his father is forced to connect with his estranged half-brother.

Director/ Writer- Joel Kandekore Producer- Monique Dulieu Co-Producer/ 1st AD- Onur Demirci Production Designer- Alexandra Man Director of Photography- Sofia Rasmussen

Sound Designer- Thomas Antoniw Editor- Jacob Mansfield Makeup Artist- Jacob Kunert Makeup Artist- Chloë Grass Costume Designer- Ruby Enticknap

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Take a look at this year's final graduation films, from the class of 2021. BA (Hons) Film Production


Take a look at this year's final graduation films, from the class of 2021. BA (Hons) Film Production


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