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Winter 2017/18 edition

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A pair of specialist Road Pilot night driving spectacles from Parley Optometrists worth up to ÂŁ500 See page 25

Winter season in Bournemouth Events for the festive season and beyond... see pages 16 & 17

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Health-giving therapies from pet companions








Looking to 2018 and beyond c

esidents from Great Oaks have welcomed a new feathered friend to the residential, nursing and dementia specialist care home in Bournemouth - a budgerigar called Smuggler. Smuggler is the rst pet at Great Oaks and was donated to the care home by Eve, a nurse from Hamble Heights care home, which is also managed by Encore. Great Oaks is the latest addition to its established family of care homes in the South of England and includes Fairmile Grange in Christchurch. Residents were given the opportunity to name the new pet and ‘Smuggler’ won by a unanimous decision.

A Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Joint Committee has been set up with councillors representing each authority. This allows us to prepare and prioritise decisions for the area, now that the Secretary of State has said he is minded to back two new unitary authorities for Dorset.

Smuggler has now been introduced as part of Great Oaks’ pet therapy sessions. This includes visits to the home by sibling Shih Tzus, Frankie and Harry, as well an array of animals brought in by The Creature Teachers, which specialises in facilitating this special experience in care homes. Sue Goktas, dedicated Activities Manager of Great Oaks, said: ‘‘We believe that visits from our furry friends have a really positive impact on our residents’ wellbeing, especially those living with dementia. We have seen that having a pet for company can trigger positive memories for our residents, as well as evoking a feeling of calm. Research shows that holding and petting the animals can lower the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and really boost your mood.”

Daily pastimes and interests are planned at Great Oaks to ensure that a variety of engaging activities are always on o er for residents if they wish to get involved. Entertainers are also regularly invited into the home for dance and music sessions. The home strives to boost each resident’s wellbeing, happiness and quality of life. For further information about the care and facilities at Great Oaks, call 01202 087 444.

Nursing, Dementia Care, Respite & Day Breaks

Replacing Dorset’s nine councils with two new ones – structured around the established urban and rural geography of the county – will bring a strong and prosperous future to Dorset, with two councils better able to work together in the best interests of Dorset’s residents and the long-term success of the whole area.

This proposal is ambitious, aspirational, and achievable. For the urban unitary area, it will result in savings that mean the new council can begin to ensure that vital frontline services valued by the public, including adult social care, are sustainable for the residents of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, long into the future.

Amongst the excitement of local government reform, the here and now hasn’t been forgotten. Over the festive period and into the winter months, Bournemouth hosts a range of entertainment and activities for you and all the family to enjoy. If they appeal to you, then please take part.

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In and around the town 8 ....... Christmas and New Year waste collections 11 ...... Seafront developments 13 ...... Health and wellbeing 14 ...... Roads and travel 16 ...... Seasonal events and entertainment 19 ...... Children and education news 21 ...... Focus on housing 23 ...... Running and walking activities 24 ...... Gardening and nature 25 ...... Competition 27....... Drains, blockages and flooding 28....... Council meetings 30....... What’s on?

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2018. Personalised daily activities and trips out

Part of a Family

As we approach 2018, your Council continues to work to ensure local government remains focussed on providing the services you expect and value the most.

a) Bobbi keeping an eye on smuggler as he stretches his wings. b) ‘Turtle Power’! Iris meeting one of the animals from The Creature Teachers. c) Resident Derek with Frankie the Shih Tzu.

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Tasty, nutritional home-cooked meals

Please call 01202 087 444 or visit www.greatoaksbournemouth.co.uk

Councillor John Beesley Leader of the Council

Large and homely en-suite bedrooms

This publication is environmentally friendly using paper sourced from sustainable forests, using no bleaching agents and printed using vegetable based inks. The publication contains advertising and the Council cannot vouch for the legitimacy of, or endorse any advertiser in BH Life. Citizens Advice provide free, impartial consumer advice on 0345 404 0506. Please recycle this magazine when everyone has read it.

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Looking to 2018 and beyond As we approach 2018, your Council continues to work to ensure local government remains focussed on providing the services you expect and value the most.

A Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Joint Committee has been set up with councillors representing each authority. This allows us to prepare and prioritise decisions for the area, now that the Secretary of State has said he is minded to back two new unitary authorities for Dorset.

Replacing Dorset’s nine councils with two new ones – structured around the established urban and rural geography of the county – will bring a strong and prosperous future to Dorset, with two councils better able to work together in the best interests of Dorset’s residents and the long-term success of the whole area.

This proposal is ambitious, aspirational, and achievable. For the urban unitary area, it will result in savings that mean the new council can begin to ensure that vital frontline services valued by the public, including adult social care, are sustainable for the residents of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, long into the future. Amongst the excitement of local government reform, the here and now hasn’t been forgotten. Over the festive period and into the winter months, Bournemouth hosts a range of entertainment and activities for you and all the family to enjoy. If they appeal to you, then please take part.

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In and around the town 8 ....... Christmas and New Year waste collections 11 ...... Seafront developments 13 ...... Health and wellbeing 14 ...... Roads and travel 16 ...... Seasonal events and entertainment 19 ...... Children and education news 21 ...... Focus on housing 23 ...... Running and walking activities 24 ...... Gardening and nature 25 ...... Competition 27....... Drains, blockages and flooding 28....... Council meetings 30....... What’s on?

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2018. Councillor John Beesley Leader of the Council

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BH Life Winter 2017


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In and around

News from around the borough

the town

£2 million investment for Wallisdown crossroads Wallisdown roundabout

Commuters regularly travelling via Wallisdown crossroads are to benefit from a set of highway improvements, following a £2 million government grant to develop the road network. Wallisdown crossroads is a major commuter route between Poole and Bournemouth. Serving two universities and large employment sites, the route is used by approximately 26,000 vehicles a day.

Councillor Mike Greene, Cabinet Member for Transport, Cleansing and Waste said: “We’re delighted to have successfully secured this funding from central government. Tackling congestion and implementing pedestrian and cycling improvements at Wallisdown will see positive

benefits for road users, and address safety concerns for cyclists and pedestrians.”

The scheme, which has the support of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, will involve reconfiguring the existing roundabout at Wallisdown to enable it to operate more efficiently and safely, alongside improvements to footways and cycleways on Wallisdown Road.

We are now working on the details of the scheme and, subject to consultation, work on the ground is likely to start in 2018.

 bournemouth.gov.uk

Secretary of State supports ‘Future Dorset’ plans The Secretary of State for Local Government & Communities, Sajid Javid, has stated he is minded to back the proposal to replace Dorset’s nine councils with two new unitary authorities.

This will see Dorset’s existing councils ceasing to exist. The two new councils will be structured around the natural established communities of urban and rural Dorset, with one covering Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, and the other serving the residents of the rest of the county.

Councillor John Beesley, Leader of Bournemouth Council, said: The new council will serve what geographically is already a single conurbation, albeit one made up of very distinct and characterful towns and neighbourhoods, that we value and will of course preserve.”


BH Life Winter 2017

Change has strong support from the public, councillors and stakeholders. • 75% of all councillors who voted across nine Dorset council meetings voted for this proposal. • Seven of the county’s eight MPs back this proposal. • Both change and this specific proposal have the overwhelming and emphatic backing of the residents of Dorset; in a survey representative of all Dorset’s residents, 73% were in favour of change and 65% agreed with this composition for the two new councils. • 89% of businesses back change, in workshops hosted by the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry. • 72% of town and parish councils welcome change.

Councils are already working together to take discussions forward through established Joint Committees – see more details of these on page 28.

A final decision is expected in January 2018.

More information including videos for each of the new councils, can be found at: futuredorset.co.uk

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In and around the town

News from around the borough

Groyne works in action

Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition Have you ever wanted to delve into divination, ponder the peculiarities of potions and discover magical creatures? Now you can. Working with the British Library, we’re proud to host the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition on display in Bournemouth Central Library until 30 December. The exhibition captures the traditions of folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories, including potions and alchemy, divination and magical creatures.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Bournemouth Library is one of 22 major libraries across the UK participating in the exhibition.

We’re delving deep into our local history archives for a display of magical treasures and tales from the local area, such as our links to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein.

Councillor Pat Oakley, Cabinet Member for Tourism, Leisure & The Arts, said: “The Harry Potter series has been a firm favourite for children and adults alike for the past twenty years and it is incredibly exciting to have a piece of the magic here in Bournemouth.”

The exhibition will be at Poole Central Library from 8 January until 28 February. Bournemouth residents can also attend the exhibition at this location.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/libraries

Are you visiting the beach this winter?

Our 17-year plan to protect Bournemouth’s coastline continues over the winter months. Works to build and install 12 new groynes over two years, are taking place from the eastern end of the promenade at Southbourne towards the Bistro on the Beach restaurant at St Catherine’s path.

Parts of the beach will be temporarily cordoned off and closed until the excavation work at each groyne is finished. We respectfully ask all beach visitors to stop and read safety signs in the area. These works are scheduled to finish in spring each year.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment said: “These vital works are taking place not only to protect the coastline from future coastal erosion, but also to maintain the award-winning beaches enjoyed by millions of visitors and residents each year.”

The works also complement the Council’s seafront strategy – a long term plan to develop a world class resort.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/beachmanagement

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In and around the town

News from around the borough

Local, sustainable gifts at Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre If you’re looking for something special and local this Christmas, why not come along and browse our Christmas shop at the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre? We’ve plenty of gifts and decorations and all quite different to the things you usually see on the highstreet. The Christmas shop is open until Christmas Eve.

Do you know about Universal Credit? Universal Credit is a single monthly benefit payment for people who are on a low income or are out of work. It is processed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is being rolled out in stages across the UK. It’s replacing the following six means-tested benefits: • Income Support • Income based Jobseekers Allowance • Income based Employment Support Allowance • Housing Benefit • Child Tax Credit • Working Tax Credit.

It only applies to people of working age, if you have reached state pension age you will not be affected by the introduction of Universal Credit.

In Bournemouth, the roll out of Universal Credit began on 22 November. It is relevant to anyone making a new claim for one of the above benefits. If you are on one of these benefits already and have certain changes in circumstance, you may need to claim Universal Credit.

To make your Universal Credit claim, go online: gov.uk/apply-universal-credit You’ll get your first payment from the DWP around six weeks after applying online if your application is successful, so don’t delay in making a claim if you think you are eligible. If you need help with paying your Council Tax bill, you still need to claim Local Council Tax Support from us.

 gov.uk/apply-universal-credit  bournemouth.gov.uk/benefits 0345 600 0723

Universal Credit is claimed online and you will need your own email and bank account. If you don’t have access to a computer, the Job Centre can help or visit a local library where you can use a computer for free.


BH Life Winter 2017

Whatever the time of year, the gift shop has a range of tempting delights to suit all budgets. It specialises in local, sustainable and responsibly sourced gifts with coastal and nature themes. From toys, books and maps, to jewellery, art and photography, there is a wide range of items to browse and buy. We also sell locally-made jams, chutneys, gin and real ales. So, come and visit if you’re on the lookout for birthday presents or even a treat for yourself!

The Visitor Centre is open daily from 10am to 4pm in the winter – except Christmas Day when the centre is closed.

 visithengistburyhead.co.uk  01202 451618

Bournemouth renews Fairtrade status Bournemouth has successfully renewed its Fairtrade Town status for a further two years.

The town was first awarded Fairtrade status in 2014, after achieving five qualifying goals. These include having a wide availability of Fairtrade products in local shops and catering outlets and high levels of support from local people and organisations.

Fairtrade helps small-scale farmers ensure they earn stable incomes and have long-term contracts with companies.

The Fairtrade symbol is the most widely recognised ethical mark worldwide and independently certifies that products meet economic, social and environmental standards.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/fairtrade 

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 takes place from Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March. Visit: facebook.com/fairtradebournemouth nearer the time, to find out how Bournemouth will be marking the occasion.

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In and around the town

News from around the borough

Lodgings and support needed for care leavers Could you offer accommodation, mentoring and support to a young person leaving care in Bournemouth?

Gas safety valves available for vulnerable customers

Statistics show that elderly and vulnerable people are at a much greater risk from gas leaks and fires in their homes.

A locking cooker valve is being offered to vulnerable customers, such as people with Alzheimer’s or autism, to help them retain their independence at home and provide reassurance to family, friends and carers. This awardwinning initiative is being offered free of charge by SGN, the gas distribution network operator in Bournemouth. The simple safety device is fitted by SGN engineers to existing gas cooker pipework. When the valve is locked, the gas supply to the cooker is stopped. This eliminates the risk of the cooker being unintentionally turned on or left on, and gives peace of mind to the carer or relative that the cooker can’t be used when they leave the house or the room. The carer or relative can easily turn the valve on using the key when the cooker is needed, enabling the vulnerable person to continue to use their gas cooker safely. SGN engineers provide this free service regardless of your gas supplier.

 sgn.co.uk/safety

We are looking for people who can provide supported lodgings, offering family-based support for a young person aged 16 to 25 who cannot live with their own family and are not yet ready for independent living.

room for one more

At the di At breakfast?nner table? In your home?

There are different Can you hel p provide Su types of support pporte for a young person leavin d Lodgings g care? We want to required, including: hear from you Training, sup ! port and fin ancial assista nce is availab • Lodgings with le. For more info rmation, please call standard support www.bournem 01202 452768 or visit: outh.gov.uk/s upportedlodg ings • Lodgings with enhanced support - where a young person has higher needs and requires more assistance to develop skills in independent living • Lodgings and support for separated young people seeking asylum.

If you would like to help a young person develop their life skills and support them with the transition from care to living independently, then we would like to hear from you. Training, support and financial assistance will be provided.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/supportedlodgings 01202 452768

0800 975 1818

New memorial options available When someone dies, our aim is to make things as easy and stress free as possible with clear information. Our Bereavement Services Team can offer you advice on all aspects of burial and cremation. They can support you in making the right decisions for you and your loved ones. Our team can also help you choose memorial products. A memorial can be a comfort and offer a place for loved ones to visit. We offer a wide range of memorials, from an entry into our Books of Remembrance, to

plaques, vaults and kerbstone or rose garden memorials.

We are now offering memorial urns, keepsakes and silver jewellery too. We have partnered with specialist suppliers to offer you these beautiful, lasting tributes. They include handblown glass memory pebbles and bio-urns that are designed to turn the ashes of your loved one into a memorial tree. If you would like to find out more about our service, visit our website. You can see an information video which provides an introduction to the crematorium and cemeteries, tells you what to expect when attending a service, plus details of memorial options available.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/bereavement 01202 526238

BH Life Winter 2017


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Waste and recycling

Festive waste and recycling Cut down on waste this Christmas by buying less and recycling more. Here’s our quick guide to collections, recycling and a few ideas of what to do with leftover festive food.

Christmas and New Year bin collections

There will be no rubbish, food or recycling bin collections on Christmas Day or Boxing Day - Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December. Catch up collections will take place from Wednesday 27 December to Saturday 6 January. All residents’ Christmas and New Year collection dates will be affected, please check the table below for details.

Usual collection day Monday 25 December

Tuesday 26 December

Wednesday 27 December Thursday 28 December Friday 29 December Monday 1 January

Tuesday 2 January

Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January

Christmas collection day Wednesday 27 December Thursday 28 December Friday 29 December

Saturday 30 December Monday 1 January

Tuesday 2 January

Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January

Saturday 6 January

Collection dates will return to normal as of Monday 8 January. Extra recycling? We will collect it. If you have extra recycling this Christmas, put it out on your next recycling collection day in a cardboard box or use our clear recycling bags, which are available from Bournemouth Libraries from 1 December.

Christmas trees We do not collect Christmas trees, so please consider this before buying a real tree. If you have a tree, you can take it to Millhams Community Recycling Centre or Wilverley Road (Christchurch) when you’ve finished with it. Trees will then be composted. Alternatively, a local charity called Diverse Abilities will collect trees for a donation in many postcode areas. For details visit: diverseabilities.org.uk/trees


BH Life Winter 2017

Food waste and leftovers

Remember that food waste such as vegetable peelings, turkey bones, plate scrapings, tea bags and coffee grinds can be put in your food waste caddy.

If you don’t know what to do with your leftovers, freeze them. Do this any time before the date on the label. Here’s a few ideas:

• Eggs and dairy - you can freeze eggs, diary and milk. Try grating Cheddar cheese and then freezing it to use as a pizza or shepherd’s pie topping. Stilton can be frozen and defrosts just as good as fresh. • Leftover cooked meat – all sorts of leftover meat can be frozen. Simply wrap it up in portion-sized amounts and label it. Thaw in the fridge and use as normal, in a risotto or curry. • Potatoes – boil for about five minutes and freeze them for later. When you want them, thaw overnight and roast the next day. Mashed potato also freezes well.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/xmaswaste  bournemouth.gov.uk/recycling  lovefoodhatewaste.com

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Shopping for every season... it’s right up your street! Commercial Road | Bournemouth

10-11.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 17:00 Page 1

running this Christmas Day* taking you across Bournemouth & Poole extended to Royal Bournemouth Hospital & Christchurch *special fares apply nd all Christmas and New Year bus times at

morebus.co.uk up to every 3 mins

EMERGENCY EXIT, break glass


EMERGENCY EXIT pull handle to open


EMERGENCY EXIT, break glass


BH Life Winter 2017

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Exciting new look to Pier Approach begins construction

Seafront improvements Cllr Pat Oakley and Cllr John Beesley with Executive Director Bill Cotton

Further enhancement for our iconic seafront Transformation of Pier Approach is underway with a second-phase of improvement works continuing over the winter, as part of our ongoing commitment to develop a world class seafront. This final phase should be finished in the spring. Works focus on the western side of The Pier and include resurfacing, landscaping and new state-of-the-art bins which are semi submerged and allow for greater volumes of waste to be disposed of before they need emptying.

Councillor John Beesley, Leader of the Council, said: “Pier Approach is our number one gateway to our seafront attracting millions of visitors each year. I am delighted that the investment is being made to complete our aspirations for this flagship location to ensure that Bournemouth’s ambition to be a leading coastal destination is met.”

He added: “Pier Approach has already benefited from a £4 million investment programme providing a contemporary gateway from the gardens to the seafront. This second phase of works to improve the area by extending the attractive paving, new planting and providing clever waste storage solutions, should complement the first scheme perfectly.”

Work is taking place on the western side

These works to Pier Approach are being funded from a £1.9 million grant from the government’s Coastal Communities Fund. We are one of 18 Dorset Coastal Connections projects being delivered across Dorset, all of which aim to support and boost the economies of Dorset’s coastal areas and are co-ordinated by Dorset Coast Forum.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/seafrontstrategy

Businesses open as usual

There’s full pedestrian access to all attractions, the beach and promenade throughout the works and all businesses in the area are open as usual. Come and visit the seafront for a refreshing winter walk, hot drink, bite to eat and to spend a bit of your leisure time. Stop by and see how the works are taking shape.

The flyover: essential maintenance set to begin Did you know the Pier Approach flyover was constructed in 1972? It was designed to remove direct traffic access from the approach to Bournemouth Pier, allowing pedestrians to safely enjoy the surroundings. Today, it is a key transport structure that links the eastern and western sides of the town centre.

Council funds are being used to undertake essential maintenance works to protect the flyover from the damaging effects of our coastal environment. Works to install a new

concrete protection system are set to be carried out over three separate phases.

The first phase, comprising concrete repairs and surface preparation of the underside of the bridge, will start on 26 February and last for four weeks. Two further phases, taking place after next summer’s holiday season, will involve us installing a protective system to the underside of the bridge to provide longer term protection against the surrounding corrosive environment.

BH Life Winter 2017


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Meyrick Rise Care Home Experience a new approach to care Everything we do at Meyrick Rise is designed to make every day the best it can be. Our specialist approach to personal care, recreational activities and quality food and dining all create a welcoming and friendly environment for our residents and their families. As well as long term placements, we offer the same quality care for short term respite. • Residential • Palliative

• Nursing

• Respite care

To arrange a visit, please call the Home Manager on 01202 983 854. Meyrick Rise Care Home 11-13 Branksome Wood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 6BT www.brighterkind.com/meyrick-rise

Registered Charity No. 1014697

Thinking of moving into a care home – or just needing a little extra help at home? We’re here to help Whatever your care needs, we know that it’s the care that counts – the quality care of all our residents and home care customers. As a leading provider of residential and home care in Bournemouth, we offer compassionate residential, nursing, dementia and home care at a realistic cost. Whether you’re looking for care in your own home, a short respite stay or a new home, we offer a warm welcome, comfort and peace of mind. To request a brochure, arrange a visit or find out more, contact

www.care-south.co.uk ☎ 01202


| info@care-south.co.uk



BH Life Winter 2017

At our family run care home in Queens Park, Bournemouth, we take excellent care of the older retired lady or gentleman wanting the freedom from the burdens of running their own home. We provide a fresh and contemporary environment in a magnificent older building set in award winning gardens with the addition of a large bright conservatory and relaxing summer house.

12-13.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 13:45 Page 2

Health and wellbeing

Keep loved ones warm and well this winter

Set your thermostat to at least 18C

Staying warm and healthy in the cold winter is something most of us take for granted. Yet it is a struggle for many households. Every winter, on average, over 300 local vulnerable people die because they cannot afford to heat their homes. There is a wide variety of help and support available from your local services, charities and community organisations. You can also help to keep yourself, or vulnerable family members and neighbours, warm and well this winter.

4 winter wellness tips 1 2 3 4

condition, you 65 or over, or have a health If you’re not very mobile, are h you may prefer at least 18C (65F) – althoug should heat your home to warmer. your living room to be a little al a day and make - have at least one hot me Eat well and eat regularly drinks too. sure you have plenty of hot warm. Try not to exercise can help keep you ate der mo n eve ive act y Sta stretch your legs. r or so indoors – get up and sit still for more than an hou mbers and y connected with family me Don’t face winter alone – sta friends.

Home energy advice and offers – are you eligible? Have you heard of LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme)? LEAP can help you save money and keep your home warm and cosy.

If you’re eligible, you will get a free home visit from a friendly, qualified Home Energy Advisor, who can: • install free energy saving gadgets • ensure your heating system is set up to keep you warm and save money • check if you are on the cheapest energy tariff • arrange a free telephone advice service to help with benefits, debt and other money problems • refer you for further energy efficiency improvements, such as loft insulation or a new boiler.

Donate your unwanted winter fuel allowance and help others

Every year the Dorset Community Foundation runs the ‘Surviving Winter Appeal’, which recycles unwanted winter fuel allowances, and other donations, to help save lives in Dorset.

Last year, the Surviving Winter Appeal raised almost £25,000 helping over 90 households in Dorset, by providing winter warmer grants to older people in fuel poverty.

Donate online dorsetcommunityfoundation.org, or send a cheque made out to ‘Dorset Community Foundation’ to: DCF, The Spire, High Street, Poole, BH15 1DF.

Surviving winter grants of up to £200 are available along with additional help around fuel poverty. If you need help, contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau or phone: 01929 775500.

You may be eligible for the LEAP service if you are on a low income, receive certain benefits or have a long term illness of disability. Check the website to see if you’re eligible and apply online.

 applyforleap.org.uk  bournemouth.gov.uk/leap

 0800 060 7567 BH Life Winter 2017


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Roads and travel

Staying safe on Bournemouth’s roads this winter

Stay alert on the roads this winter With darker nights and less favourable weather conditions upon us, getting out and about at this time of year can require a bit more thought and preparation. Whether it’s fallen trees, flooded roads or ice on the ground, we are as prepared as we can be for what the weather will throw at us. We want you to be prepared too, and there are a few precautions we can all take to help make our roads safer. Driving During the winter, road conditions can change suddenly. When you are driving in bad weather, consider what actions you may need to take such as: • reducing your speed • increasing your stopping distances • avoiding sudden acceleration and braking.

If you’re embarking on a long journey, make sure you check your tyres and brakes are in good order, all lights are working and you have water in the washers. It’s also worth having de-icing equipment, a first aid kit, hazard triangle, torch, blanket, food and drink with you as part of an emergency car kit.

One of the main winter road dangers are the dark nights. Driving conditions are remarkably different at night, where vision is reduced and it can be more difficult to see vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Make extra efforts to stay alert and look out for others.

Be bright, be seen Cyclists are particularly vulnerable during the winter. Keep yourself safe on the road by wearing a helmet, having lights on your bike and using reflective clothing or strips. Pedestrians also need to make sure they can be easily seen.

Our winter maintenance service We’ll grit the busiest routes when road surface temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing, including: • main bus routes • key commuter routes • roads to hospitals.

If Bournemouth experiences severe weather, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest winter updates.

BH Life Winter 2017

Cyclists: Be seen at night

Our road safety team run a range of initiatives to help make our roads safer. This includes driving courses for both older and younger drivers, child car seat checks and cycle training for adults and children. See our website for further details.

We’re a member of ‘Dorset Road Safe’, a partnership that encourages safer behaviour to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads every year. We do this through education campaigns, enforcement of the speed limits and engineering measures.

 twitter.com/bournemouthbc  bournemouth.gov.uk/gritting  bournemouth.gov.uk/roadsafety  facebook.com/bournemouthbc


Our gritters are on standby

14-15.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 17:03 Page 2

Roads and travel

News on the A338 improvements


‘Big Programme’ A338 project underway Blackwater junction is set for major improvements

Works now underway at Blackwater East Junction form part of The BIG Programme, Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership’s plan to improve transport and infrastructure. This long-term project to transform access to and around Bournemouth Airport, Aviation Business Park and Wessex Fields, started at Blackwater East in September. These works at Blackwater aim to improve travel flow at the busy junction of the B3073/A338, by alleviating traffic congestion and addressing journey times. Works already completed at Blackwater East include the widening of the road, improvements to the footpath, cycle way facilities and the drainage network on the north side.

The next phase of works are due to start in late November and will involve temporary three-way traffic lights, during 9:30am to 3:30pm. These works involve: • constructing a retaining wall next to the River Stour • further road widening • further drainage network improvements • installing a new vehicle safety barrier and traffic signals. If you travel or commute in this area, sign up to our blog to receive travel updates.

 A338.info

A proposed new junction at Wessex Fields

The Big Programme also involves creating a new link directly from the A338 to connect with the Wessex Fields business park, enabling local people to access employment opportunities at Wessex Fields, and providing a second route into the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

A planning application detailing the proposed changes was submitted in November, and you now have the chance to comment on and ask questions about the proposals.

The Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has identified funding for the first phase of this development. The construction of Phase 1 of the new junction will enable future developers to come forward with subsequent planning applications for the employment site. This road also allows a secondary access to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital as it links directly to Deansleigh Road. Measures are proposed to enhance the existing green space and access to it for members of the public along with improved pedestrian and cycle links through the site.

If planning permission is received, work on site is planned to start in spring 2019 and expected to finish in spring 2021.

Further details and links to the planning application can be found online. Work started on a series of transport and infrastructure investments in the area in 2015. Extensive transport improvements will transform accessibility to and around Bournemouth Airport and Wessex Fields.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership is overseeing the BIG Programme in collaboration with local councils.

BH Life Winter 2017


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Christmas 2017

Christmas unwrappe Come to town and get into the festive spirit with our all new market, ice rink, eve Alpine adventures await

The brand new alpine market has transformed the town centre into a winter wonderland. The streets are lined with boutique stalls serving up quirky stocking ideas and tasty treats from local suppliers.

Have you visited the two-storey alpine lodge yet? Head to the Square and you’ll be met with the mouth-watering aroma of spiced mulled wine. Stay for a tipple, tuck into sharing platters of charcuterie meats and cheese boards, or simply soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the surrounding entertainment such as traditional carol concerts courtesy of local schools.

Now venture into the Lower Gardens. See the twinkle and glow of fairy lights on the trees and delight in the illuminations among the flora and fauna. What better winter activity than skating on real ice under the stars? Extra ice skating features this year include ‘Rinky Rinks’, which is a separate ice rink just for small children and their parents plus ‘Gliders’ which is an exciting ice bowling team game. Cosy up under blankets in the Moguls café-bar and enjoy a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

Ice skating in the Lower Gardens continues daily until 2 January. The Christmas Market will continue until 4 January. Both are closed on Christmas Day.


BH Life Winter 2017

Ho Ho Ho in our coastal villages

Spreading the festive cheer across the borough, there’s also a host of festive events in Boscombe, Southbourne and Westbourne.

• Boscombe hosts its annual Christmas Parade on 2 December and then, until 23 December, come and visit Rotary’s renowned Santa’s Grotto. Don’t forget to grab a Christmas bargain at Boscombe’s traditional market every Thursday and Saturday.

• Southbourne’s celebrations centre around the Green and include Santa visits on 2 and 16 December as well as the popular Santa’s Post Box throughout the month. On 9 December, there are Amazing Elves at Fisherman’s Walk and on 23 December a Nativity Parade. • Westbourne is providing a Victorian themed Christmas until Christmas Eve with candle lit carol services and Friday late night shopping. There’s also festive gifts, food and drink offers and a free Christmas gift wrapping service. Look out for Victorian Christmas entertainment and ‘Hidden Stories’ Christmas themed walks.

16-17_new.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 14:25 Page 2

Winter events

Other winter events



A cr S al ab cr ht

Metropole Street Market

ped in Bournemouth events and entertainment. Shop ‘til you drop

Late night shopping makes it easy to pick up last minute gifts and there are parking offers in selected council car parks in the run up to Christmas on Thursday evenings and Sundays. For times, dates and car park locations, please see our website.

A Victorian Christmas at the Russell-Cotes

The Russell Cotes is a hidden gem and the perfect place to escape from the high-street crowds. Visit our Christmas Fair on 9 and 10 December from 10am to 5pm and see a range of stalls selling festive wares and gifts from local suppliers. Father Christmas will also be making an appearance on both days, with gifts for children (prebooking essential on 01202 451820). Whilst you’re visiting, come and warm up with some holiday refreshments in our café, enter our Christmas raffle, and make some festive crafts with the children.

Admission to the Fair is free, suggested donation £1. Normal charges apply to visit the historic house, which is well worth a visit to see it decorated for a traditional Victorian Christmas.

The Russell Cotes is also hosting Arena Theatre on 9 December for Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. A moving tale of loss, forgiveness, redemption and, most importantly, Christmas spirit. For ticket prices and more details, visit the Russell-Cotes website.

 bournemouth.co.uk/christmas  bournemouth.gov.uk/parking  christmasinbournemouth.co.uk  russellcotes.com

A quintessentially eccentric ensemble of all things creative and delicious has been taking place on select Sundays along Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne. Come along on 17 December from 10am to 4pm for an abundance of fayre from the best producers, artists and crafts people.

A ‘A is C c e a M F

Find out more: metropolemarket.co.uk

A Crime Writer’s Collection

‘A Question of Guilt: A Crime Writer’s Collection’ is the new exhibition opening at the RussellCotes from 13 January. The award-winning crime writer, Frances Fyfield, has written 24 novels and collected rather more paintings. Based around her eclectic private collection of British Modernist art, this exhibition is also a ‘Whodunit’.

P B a u S p te o

Find out more: russellcotes.com

Panto fun

C If th C b fr m

Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre presents Jack and the Beanstalk from 2 December to 1 January. S Club 7’s Rachel Stevens will star as Fairy Sweet Pea, while Holby City’s Mark Moraghan plays villain Fleshcreep and Milkshake presenter, Derek Moran, takes the stage as Jack. Find out more: bhlivetickets.co.uk

Cool Coast Ice Rink

If you want an indoor winter activity idea, head to the Bournemouth International Centre for the Cool Coast Ice Rink. This is the South Coast’s biggest indoor seasonal ice rink and it’s open from 15 December to 17 February. Find out more: bhlivetickets.co.uk

BH Life Winter 2017


18-19.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 14:28 Page 1


BH Life Winter 2017

18-19.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 14:49 Page 2

Children and education

Look forward to February half term

30 hours free childcare

If you’re looking for some family activities that take place inside, then find out what’s on this winter at your local Bournemouth library and at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum.

From September 2017, childcare funding for working parents with three or four year olds, increased from 15 to 30 hours a week.

It won’t be long before February half term is here and the Russell-Cotes will be hosting Chinese New Year children’s crafts from 13 to 15 February. Drop in between 10am to 12:30pm, the cost is £2.50. Also, keep an eye out for library activities taking place across Bournemouth. Further information will be available nearer the time.


 01202 451820

 bournemouth.gov.uk/libraries  01202 454848

The additional hours are to help with the cost of childcare and enable parents to return to work or to work more hours.

The funding can be accessed the term after a child’s third birthday and can be used with childminders, day nurseries, pre-schools and maintained nurseries.


You can usually get 30 hours free childcare if you (and your partner, if you have one) are: • in work or getting parental leave, sick leave or annual leave • each earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week, this is £120 if you’re over 25.

Apply now for a 2018 primary or junior school place

You’re not eligible if: • your child doesn’t usually live with you • the child is your foster child • either you or your partner has a taxable income over £100,000.

Parents whose children are starting reception classes in Bournemouth primary schools, or moving up to junior school in September 2018, need to apply by 15 January.

You can apply for 30 hours childcare online via the Childcare Service at: childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk

Our annual ‘starting primary school guide for parents’ is out now. You can read the guide and apply quickly and easily online. Our system is secure and available 24/7 up until the deadline. You can then view the outcome of your application online on 16 April – no waiting for the post.

 https://enrol.bournemouth.gov.uk If you need help with your application, contact the Children’s Information Service on: 01202 456222.

How to apply

You’ll need your details (and your partner’s, if you have one), including your: • National Insurance number • Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), if you’re selfemployed.

If your application is successful, you will be given an 11 digit code which must be given to your chosen childcare provider the term before you wish to claim the additional funded hours.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/childcare BH Life Winter 2017


20-21.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 15:22 Page 1

room for one more

At the dinner table? At breakfast? In your home?

Can you help provide Supported Lodgings for a young person leaving care? We want to hear from you! Training, support and financial assistance is available. For more information, please call 01202 452768 or visit: www.bournemouth.gov.uk/supportedlodgings


BH Life Winter 2017

20-21.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 15:22 Page 2


Increasing new homes and offering help to those in need

Focus on housing Cherries Court - new affordable housing in Boscombe

We want everyone in Bournemouth to have a home. That’s why we have lots of housing advice and services, including help for people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home. These are challenging times. There’s a shortage of homes across the country, housing costs are high and we are facing an increasing demand on our services. Since 2013 there have also been significant changes to national housing policy. In response to these issues we have refreshed our housing strategy. We have identified the following key priorities for Bournemouth: • increase the right supply of new homes to meet local needs, including affordable housing • improve homes in the private rented sector • prevent homelessness • support regeneration plans • make best use of resources and develop additional commercial opportunities. Councillor Robert Lawton, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “Housing is a key priority for the Council and it is crucial that we ensure our approach is right. We continue to be committed to the delivery of real housing solutions whilst still meeting budget pressures as well as developing a housing service that is flexible to change and able to develop for the future.”

You can find out more about the range of housing services we provide by visiting our website. For individual housing advice relating to your circumstances, email or phone our Housing Options Team.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/housing  01202 451467

 housing.calls@bournemouth.gov.uk

Help for people who rent privately

If you think you are heading towards eviction from your rented home, we have a team of dedicated workers who can talk to you and help you find a way to prevent the situation from becoming a crisis.

The Early Prevention Service is here to help you as early as possible - before the landlord/agent issues you with notice that they intend to evict.

You will receive honest, supportive advice, sensitive to your situation. This new service provides: • a dedicated worker to understand the issues and advise on next steps • liaison with your landlord or agent on your behalf • information about any benefits and loans you may be eligible for and assistance to apply for them • guidance about and referral to other organisations that may be able to help • signposting to other housing options as needed.

earlyprevention@poole.gov.uk 01202 633819

Bournemouth and Poole councils are working together to deliver The Early Prevention Service. We are one of 20 areas chosen by the Department of Communities & Local Government to provide this new service to residents until 2019.

BH Life Winter 2017


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(No agencies please)

Exciting career opportunities at one of Bournemouth’s fastest growing independent media companies IMS Group work closely with many of Dorset’s local authorities to deliver unrivalled outdoor, online and printed media advertising opportunities to local and national businesses. It’s people that make our business the success story that it is, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to help us grow and thrive in a competitive and fast-moving industry, get in touch!

Media sales executive - 30k OTE

Distribution supervisor -19k+bonuses

You’ll work in a small team and report to our sales manager. You’ll be looking after and developing some key accounts but will also be expected to find and develop your own client base selling high value advertising.

Our door to door distribution service utilises our growing network of over 130 distributors across Dorset.

You’ll be selling all types of media from large hoardings right through to our own door to door distribution services and you’ll be selling face-to face as well as on email and phone. You should be confident selling at senior level. You’ll need to show determination, drive & ideally you’ll have experience in direct business to business sales. Based in our Castle Lane office in Bournemouth, the position offers 5 weeks holiday, pension and not least a chance for career advancement.

DCCI members


We are looking for a reliable, methodical individual who is able to plan our distributor’s routes using our route planner software, manage our distributors on a day to day basis. manage storage and deliver leaflets to our teams. The successful applicant will ideally come from a logistics and/or supervisory background, have a clean driving licence, be reasonably fit (the job involves lifting), feel comfortable using computers and have a pleasant, diplomatic personality mixed with the all important ability to be able to work as part of a team, which is a prerequisite when working for IMS Group.

Email your application and CV to: recruitment@ims-group.co.uk Find out more on our website: www.ims-group.co.uk/news

BH Life Winter 2017

Bournemouth Chamber members

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Health and fitness

Make a run for it There are plenty of fantastic locations to get active in Bournemouth

Fancy a stroll instead?

Walking provides fantastic health benefits too. It can be a more leisurely way to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. As well as beach walks, cliff strolls and seafront saunters, why not venture out into Bournemouth’s countryside? Visitor nform a on




A 3 47


















Taking place on Sunday 8 April, the Bournemouth Bay Run ‘Be Your Own Hero’ is supported by the British Heart Foundation and is open to runners of all abilities and ages. From a 1k kids’ fun run to a half marathon taking in the stunning coastal settings, you can apply online now (online applications close at 4pm on 23 March). Find out more: bhf.org.uk/bayrun








Playing Fields





King sher Barn Visitor Cent

Granby Road, BH9



T 01202 451548 E stourvalley@ bournemouth.gov.uk W www.visitstou

To Castlepoint/ Wessex Way A338



2018 Bay Run




Free, weekly 2km and 5km running events now take place at Littledown Park. They start at 9:30am every Sunday morning from the cricket pavilion. Each event is open to all ages and abilities, especially beginners. This is part of the Great Run Local scheme, delivered by BH Live and local volunteers. To take part, register online: greatrunlocal.org/register

A3 06

Car Park



Great Run Local, Littledown Park

Assist with event s and guided walks.

Get Cra y

Create displays, willow sculptures, pine cone anima ls and bird boxes Find out how you can get involved by coming into the Visitor Centre , or get in touch (contact details overleaf).


From Castle Lane




King sher Barn Visitor

Centre Stour Valley Nat ure Reserve

Fascina ng for families




Ge ng to King sher Barn

There are plenty Visitor Centre of cycle racks at King sher Barn. The nearest bus stops For the latest inform are serviced by the B3 Yellow bus. a on visit www.b There is ample ybus.co.uk. free parking at Granby Road (postco de for Sat Nav BH9

3NZ) pening Times The Visitor Centre is For the latest inform open daily from 10am, and is closed a on please visit our Facebook page. on Christmas Day.

We’ve recently launched a new Stour Valley Nature Reserve leaflet, highlighting three fabulous walks. The trails are of varying lengths, .visitstourvalley. co.u many with good paths. • Pollinator Trail, 3.5 miles, 1 hour 10 mins • Butterfly Trail, 4 miles, 1 hour 20 mins • Dragonfly Trail, 1.2 miles, 30 mins. Refreshments

You can buy hot and cold drinks, plus a small range creams at King sher Barn Visitor of snacks and ice Centre.


Dogs should be kept under close control on the Only Registered Nature Reserve. Assistance dogs are allowed in the Visitor Centre .


There is a toilet

with disabled access inside the Visitor Centre. Cherry Tree Nurse Cherry Tree Nurser ry y is a registered Borough Counci l – please contac Charity and not run by Bourne mouth t them directly for informa on.

great heath ©Bournemouth Borough Council 2017. subject to change. All rights reserved. All informa on correct at the me of going to print. the

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. The Bournemouth parkrun takes place in King’s Park and sets off every Saturday morning at 9am from the Athletics Stadium (BH7 6JD). The event is free – you just need register online before your first run. Find out more: parkrun.org.uk/bournemouth

To Moordown & Winton

Provide inform a on for visitor s to King sher Barn.

Learning Guide/Ev ents & Ac vi es Volu nteer




Parkrun, King’s Park

Habitat Managem

Research and mon itor


Westover Retail Park

ent Work with the Range conserva on tasks. rs on prac cal

Record the wildlif e in and around the Stour.



Running and walking are some of the most popular physical activities and it’s easy to see why. You can get fit at a low-cost, explore and experience the local area, go solo or make it a social activity. There are lots of running routes and different events to try out in the borough, whatever your ability.




Help to create and maintain the garden.


Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre



Wildlife Gardener s

Visitor Centre

River Stour


River Stour



Support us

Could you lend a hand?

We o er a varie ty of volunteer ac vi es here in the Visitor Centr and along the e, Stour Valley.


Whether you’ve already got the running bug or are looking to take up a new activity, there are plenty of opportunities and places to jog in Bournemouth.

Services o ered may be

Just stop by the Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre for a trail idea and we can advise on accessibility too. Or pick up a copy of our trail leaflet or see a copy online. Find out more: visitstourvalley.co.uk

You can also run, walk and explore Queen’s Park on one of three marked out routes – the 2km green route, 3km red route and the 1.75km blue wildlife route. Pick up our Queen’s Park leaflet or visit: bournemouth.gov.uk/queenspark

BH Life Winter 2017


24-25.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 16:11 Page 1

Gardening and nature

Tips to help our local wildlife

Enjoy your garden this winter If you have a garden, you probably don’t want to spend as much time in it now that the colder season is upon us. Whilst the grass may have stopped growing and there are less chores to do, the winter garden is still a hive of activity for wildlife. It also provides a viewing platform to some of the wonders of our natural world. Birds benefit from places to shelter in your garden such as in hedges and ivy. So think about how your garden can help wildlife survive over the winter. Also remember that birds need water for drinking and bathing. You can help your garden birds by providing fresh, unfrozen water. And if you choose to provide supplementary foods, birds require high energy foods so fat balls are good at this time of year.

Now is a good time to get close up views of birds. For many people, Robins are a symbol of winter but also look for the Chaffinch which is a common sight in the urban garden or Redwings - a small thrush easily identified by a distinctive orange/red flank. If you enjoy bird spotting, join the RSPB for their Big Garden Birdwatch in January. Registration opens online on 13 December and the event itself takes place from 27 to 29 January. Find out more at: rspb.org.uk

Look to the night skies

Your garden also offers views of other natural wonders. The Geminid meteor shower takes place in mid-December and is one of the best events for shooting stars. If you don’t have outside space or there’s too much light pollution where you live, visit Hengistbury Head – a favourite location for stargazers. We’re holding our own Geminid event there on Wednesday 13 December from 7pm. Booking is essential on 01202 451618 and the cost is £5 adults and £2 for uder-16s. The event will be moved to 14 December if it’s cloudy or raining. Look out for details of other nature events in the next Bournemouth Parks’ walks and events leaflet (January to April) or visit: visithengistburyhead.co.uk


BH Life Winter 2017

Sign up for the 2018 garden waste collection Garden waste collection customers need to register every year, so please sign up by 14 January to be included from the start of the 2018 scheme.

The service will run from February to December 2018 and bins will be collected fortnightly. The annual fee is £43 for one bin. You can also opt for two bins for £60 or three at £80.

Flats with shared bins can also take part and just need to register their interest.

Find out more and register online at:


24-25.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 16:11 Page 2


Exclusive competition for BH Life readers

Win an advanced pair of spectacles with Road Pilot driving lenses, courtesy of Parley Optometrists


With long dark nights and wet or icy conditions, winter driving can present all sorts of dangers and challenges to motorists. Our article on page 14 gives lots of tips and advice on getting about during the winter months but for those of us that drive and wear spectacles, many experience glare and lower visual acuity with our normal lenses. This can make driving more hazardous, especially in winter. Parley Optometrists have always strived to be at the forefront of ocular technology and now offer technologically advanced lenses to help motorists drive more confidently. The award-winning opticians are offering one lucky reader a pair of spectacles which include the advanced ‘Road Pilot’ lenses - developed to reduce night time glare and help motorists to concentrate on the road ahead.

To win a fantastic pair of ‘Road Pilot’ spectacles worth up to £500, just answer this question:

Where could you go to be fitted with a pair of spectacles with the Any petrol new Road Pilotstation lenses? ba) A garden Any petrolcentre station cb) Parley Optometrists A garden centre c) Parley Optometrists T

To enter, email your answer and contact details to: bhlife@bournemouth.gov.uk or send a postal entry to: BH Life competition, Bournemouth Council, Town Hall, Bournemouth, BH2 6DY. Closing date: 31 January 2018

ROAD PILOT BENEFITS Paired with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating, Road Pilot offers:

• Up to 90% less reflections at night, leading to a decrease in glare • Optimal clarity of vision during the day and night • A larger, more enhanced field of vision for varifocal wearers • Complete protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, harmful UV and blue-violet light.

T&Cs apply. The prize includes frames worth up to £200 plus lenses worth up to £300. Frames exceeding £200 are available but are not included in the prize, however the winner can opt to upgrade to more expensive frames and pay the difference between £200 and the frame price. Prize is not transferable and has no cash value. Prize must be redeemed before 31 July 2018. Prize cannot be resold or exchanged for any other product and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Full T&Cs: bournemouth.gov.uk/bhlife



ENHANCE YOUR VISUAL COMFORT FOR SAFER DRIVING AT NIGHT Available in single vision and varifocal

For more information visit www.essilor.co.uk

Source: The Eyecare Trust, Populus surveyed 1,056 adults weighted to reflect the UK population between 15–16 Oct 2014

IN PROUD PARTNERSHIP WITH AWARD WINNING PRACTICE PARLEY OPTOMETRISTS 127 New Road, West Parley, Dorset BH22 8EB Telephone: 01202 575759 www.parleyoptometrists.co.uk Email: info@parleyoptometrists.co.uk


BH Life Winter 2017


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What is the ‘Water Future’?

Bournemouth Water is always listening.

Did you know? Bournemouth Water introduced a support scheme for those having di culty paying. To nd out if you qualify visit www.bournemouthwater. co.uk/your-bill

We recently published our ‘WaterFuture’ vision for the next few years - how we plan to invest in your community and provide a great service. All thanks to your input and what you’ve told us.

Find out more

To learn about your water supply and help shape the ‘Water Future’ visit bournemouthwater.co.uk

26-27.qxp_Inside Pages 14/11/2017 16:17 Page 2

Keep drains clear and avoid blockages

uide: Quick G


Drains, blockages and flooding

Flooding has become a regular problem in the UK and across the world. With the growing population, an increasing demand for housing, ageing infrastructure and the impacts of climate change, increased flooding is a risk we must face. Flooding can be caused by water coming from a variety of sources that might not necessarily be nearby or obvious. Our ‘quick guide’ helps tell you where to report problems and provides a few tips to help avoid blockages in and around your home.

Roads – drains and gullies

We’re recording the roads in the borough that flood regularly, so we can target our resources to the areas that need them most. You can help by telling us about any Bournemouth roads that flood regularly and email us your pictures. Also, tell us when there’s a blocked public drain (road drain) or if you spot ground water flooding – water rising through the ground – this is something we will need to investigate. Report flooding: bournemouth.gov.uk/flooding Email pictures to: flooding@bournemouth.gov.uk

Sewers and burst water mains

Contact the local water companies to report leaks and problems, for: blocked sewers – Wessex Water on 0345 600 4600 or: wessexwater.co.uk burst water mains – Bournemouth Water on 08005 878 979 or: bournemouthwater.co.uk

River and coastal flooding

The Environment Agency is responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers and the sea. The only main river in Bournemouth is the River Stour. You can call the Environment Agency’s 24 hour help line to report floods or visit their website. Tel: 0345 988 1188 Visit: gov.uk - ‘environment and countryside’ section.

Bournemouth’s worst flooding typically takes place in the summer. This is due to very heavy rainfall from thunderstorms causing localised surface water flooding.

Avoiding problems in and around your home

Home owners are responsible for property drains – that’s the pipes located beneath your house, garden or driveway.

Wessex Water advise households to stay blockage free by only flushing the three ‘Ps’ - paper, poo and pee down your loo. Don’t flush wet wipes and other so called ‘flushable’ items down the toilet as they can block house drains, street drains and cause a lot of cost and inconvenience. Remember that pouring fat, oil and grease down your kitchen sink could cause a blockage too. Simply let these cool before scraping the solid fat into your food waste bin for recycling.

We also ask households to be mindful when gardening. Do not sweep leaves and other debris into the street where public drains and road gullies can become blocked and cause problems.

BH Life Winter 2017


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Local government

Introducing Joint Committees

Bournemouth’s representatives are:

Councillors from Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset councils are working together through a new Joint Committee. All councils need to deal with the ongoing issue of less money and increased demand on our services. The Joint Committee helps us to work together and is responsible for all necessary plans to ensure a brand new unitary council for the area is created by, and operational in, April 2019.

The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Joint Committee is made up of 18 councillors. There are eight representatives from Bournemouth Borough Council, two from Christchurch Borough Council, six from Borough of Poole and two from Dorset County Council. The two councillors from Dorset County Council are only able to vote on items relating to the disaggregation of services.

Councillor John Beesley

Councillor Nicola Greene

Councillor Councillor Philip Broadhead Blair Crawford

Councillor Mike Greene

Councillor Jane Kelly

Councillor Robert Lawton

The first Joint Committee meeting was held in the autumn. More information and dates for future meetings, which are open to the public, can be found on the Joint Committee’s website.

Council and Area Forum meetings Council meetings usually take place at the Town Hall and they are open to the public. Here is a selection of some of the meetings for the coming months.


Full Council:

13 December, 24 January and 7 February* at 10:30am

5 December, 16 January, 21 February** and 6 March at 7pm 18 December, 22 January

Planning Board: and 19 March at 2:30pm

12 December, 11 and 25

Licensing Board: January, 1, 15 and 27

February, 1 March at 9:45am

Overview and Scrutiny Panel meetings – please see our website for details.

Please confirm details before attending.

 bournemouth.gov.uk/councilmeetings  01202 454713

* Special Cabinet to discuss the Council’s 2018/19 budget ** Special Council to discuss the Council’s 2018/19 budget


BH Life Winter 2017

Councillor Beverley Dunlop

 bcpjointcommittee.wordpress.com

Area Forum meetings Area Forum meetings are run by residents with support from ward councillors and take place across the town.

North Bournemouth: 13 January, Kinson Community Centre,10am Pokesdown: 8 February at Salvation Army Hall, Norwood Place at 7pm Throop, Muscliff, Strouden, Townsend and Holdenhurst: 15 February at Bournemouth School for Girls, East Way entrance, 7pm Wallisdown, Winton West and Ensbury Park: 20 January, for full details see their website: wwwepaf.org.uk Westbourne: 22 March at Westbourne Library, 7pm Westcliff: 20 March at St Michael’s School, 7pm

Bournemouth Older People’s Forum: 19 January and 16 March at The Bridge, Littledown Centre site (BH7 7DX), from 10:30am for refreshments. This meeting is for anyone interested in the wellbeing of this age group. Email: pat4bop@accessdorset.org.uk

 bournemouth.gov.uk/areaforums  01202 451165

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BH Life Winter 2017


What’s on



Friends of Knyveton Gardens, Tree Dressing Days, including marking World AIDS Day. Find out more: facebook.com/KynvetonGardens Boscombe Christmas Parade, see: christmasinbournemouth.co.uk Bolshoi Ballet screening of The Nutcracker, Pavilion Dance, 3pm. Tickets: £12/£10 from 01202 203630 or visit: pdsw.org.uk Dorset Humanists: ‘The Humanism of Percy Bysshe Shelley’, Moordown Community Centre, 2pm. Free entry. dorsethumanists.co.uk Cave Painting at Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre. Create works of art from natural materials. £5 per painting. From 2pm. Booking essential on: 01202 451618 Southbourne’s Amazing Elves at Fisherman’s Walk – see: christmasinbournemouth.co.uk A Christmas Carol at the Russell-Cotes, Dickens’ timeless classic at the Art Gallery & Museum. Booking essential, prices and details at: russellcotes.com


3 9 9 9


Souhbourne Literary Society: Hattie Miles ‘The Darker Side of Bournemouth’ and Richard Hesketh ‘Bird Song and Poetry.’ The parlour of Trinity Methodist Church, Southbourne Road, 7:30pm. Visitors welcome £4. 01202 258304 Dorset Humanists: ‘Money and Banking: Why the system is failing and our radical solution’ by the Positive Money campaign. Green House Hotel, 7:30pm. Free entry. dorsethumanists.co.uk



8 10



Bournemouth & Poole National Trust Association talk by Ralph Jerram on the life and times of Tommy Cooper. Hallmark Hotel, 2:15pm. Open to public, £4 Dorset Humanists: ‘What next for Humans in an Age of Machines?’ with A.I. researcher Dr Kate Devlin. BIC, 2pm. Tickets from £3. dorsethumanists.co.uk Mayor’s Charity Race Night at The Best Western Hotel Royale. Email for details: martinfh1@hotmail.com Half Term: Chinese New Year children’s crafts at the Russell-Cotes. Drop in 10am to 12:30pm, £2.50. russellcotes.com Southbourne Literary Society: Brownsea Open Air Theatre ‘The First 50 Years’ and David Baldwin ‘An Englishman Abroad.’ The parlour of Trinity Methodist Church, Southbourne Road, 7:30pm. Visitors welcome £4. 01202 258304

 30

9-10 11 13

14 17


A Christmas Fair at the Russell-Cotes, 10am to 5pm russellcotes.com. Father Christmas will also be making an appearance – booking essential on: 01202 451820 Monday Morning Meander at Millhams Mead, meet in St Andrew’s Church car park (BH10 7LN) for this free walk. 10am Southbourne Literary Society: Jill Fearn ‘Christmas in WW1’ followed by the Society’s Christmas Party. The parlour of Trinity Methodist Church, Southbourne Road, 7:30pm. Visitors welcome £4. 01202 258304. Mayor’s Charity Christmas Business Come Dancing, Pavilion Ballroom, from 6pm. Tickets: £45 on 01202 203630 or visit pdsw.org.uk Metropole Market, Holdenhurst Road, Lansdowne. Open 10am to 4pm. See page 17 Southbourne’s Nativity Parade, visit: christmasinbournemouth.co.uk

October is Black History Month: blackhistorymonth.org.uk




Events and things to do in Bournemouth




22 25 25 28

Bournemouth & Poole National Trust Association talk by Brian Pettit on Zimbabwe Wildlife. Hallmark Hotel, 2:15pm. Open to the public, £4 BSO concert season: Dance Fantasy, Pavilion, 7pm. Prices and tickets: bsolive.com Bournemouth and Poole Holocaust Memorial Day event, BIC. For details visit: facebook.com/BPHMD

Bournemouth & Poole National Trust Association talk by Christopher le Grand on Vienna the Waltz City. Hallmark Hotel, 2:15pm. Open to the public, £4 Mayor of Bournemouth’s charity event: BSO Civic Concert, Pavilion Theatre. Contact Jackie on 01202 644713 for details BSO concert season: Elgar’s Cello Eulogy, Pavilion, 3pm. Tickets £13 to £27.50 from: bhlivetickets.co.uk or 0844 576 3000 Dorset Humanists: ‘What will happen the day after tomorrow? The oceans and climate change’ with Professor Meric Srokosz. Green House Hotel, 7:30pm. Free entry. dorsethumanists.co.uk

Get information on the latest events in our What’s On email.

Sign up at: bournemouth.gov.uk/emailme

BH Life Winter 2017

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If you’re coming to a show, why not make a night of it?

Enquire about pre-show dining when booking your tickets.

@bhlivetickets Call charges apply. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone provider’s access charge.



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Contact your council Email: enquiries@bournemouth.gov.uk Web: bournemouth.gov.uk Town Hall, Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth. BH2 6DY Switchboard: 01202 451451

Council Tax & benefits

Council Tax - 24hr payment line Council Tax - enquiries Council Tax reduction Benefits - housing Business rates


Housing - council tenants Housing defects (private tenants) Housing grants Housing register

Leisure activities

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre Parks Queen’s Park Golf Course Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum Seafront office / beach huts

0330 088 7966 01202 451597 01202 451592 01202 451592 01202 454833 01202 451571 0800 0281870 01202 454979 01202 454979 01202 451467 01202 451618 01202 451548 01202 451629 01202 451675 01202 451858 01202 451781

Parking & travel Blue Badges Bus passes Parking

01202 458744 01202 451584 01202 454721

Fri 8 December – Sat 6 January

Cinderella Starring Ethan Lawrence (Bad Education), Lucy Kay (Britain’s Got Talent) and Richard Gibson (‘Allo, ‘Allo) and real ponies! Full of knockabout laughter and audience participation.

Various Times | THEATRE

Sat 9 – Sun 24 December

Three Little Pigs The fantastic Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company return with a lovable family show for younger children full of puppets, music, comedy and festive thrills.


Fri 8 December

Christmas with The Rat Pack Drift back in time to the glamorous, glitzy nights of Vegas.


Fri 15 December

Showaddywaddy Dynamic and uplifting featuring all of their biggest hits.


Street services Graffiti reporting Roads and pavements Rubbish and recycling Street cleaning Street lighting

01202 451199 01202 451199 01202 451199 01202 451199 01202 451199

Other council services Aspire Adoption Services 0300 123 9868 Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships 01202 454945 Children’s Information Service 01202 456222 Planning 01202 451323 Residential noise issues (day) 01202 451296 (out of hours) 0800 0281870 Social care - adults 01202 454979 Social care - children 01202 458101 The Kinson Hub: - housing enquiries 01202 451915 - library and general ‘Hub’ enquiries 01202 452788 Tourist information 01202 451734 Trading Standards (Citizens Advice) 0345 404 0506

This magazine is available in audio and large print.

To request a different format telephone: 01202 451435. You can also read or listen online: bournemouth.gov.uk/bhlife

Fri 12 January

Circus Of Horrors VOODOO Back with their latest incarnation featuring an amazing amalgamation of sensationally bizarre & brave acts.


Wed 24 – Sun 28 January

St Petersburg Classic Ballet GISELLE & SWAN LAKE Russia’s two best-loved ballets, brimming with suburb dancers, soloists and principals, with a full live orchestra.

2.30pm & 7.30pm | THEATRE

01202 280000 www.lighthousepoole.co.uk

Profile for Bournemouth Borough Council

BH Life Winter 2017/18  

Bournemouth Borough Council's official magazine for local residents

BH Life Winter 2017/18  

Bournemouth Borough Council's official magazine for local residents


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