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Said Eucharist (Common Worship. Traditional language) 10am Sung Eucharist (Common Worship. Modern language) 6.30pm Evensong For Youngsters 9.45am Youngbournes Currently not running due to lack of support. Any volunteers please contact Lisa Buckley on 01778700475 For all the Family 11.45am Family Service on the last Sunday of each month 10am 8.30am 5.15pm

Thursdays The Communion (1662) Weekdays (Except Thursdays) Morning Prayer Evening Prayer

Father Chris would be glad to be informed of sick people and others who would appreciate a pastoral visit. 2

BOURNE VICARAGE . CHURCH WALK . BOURNE, LINCS . PE10 9UQ Tel. 422412 Dear Friends, We have grown used to being swamped with Christmas advertising from the middle of November onwards. Indeed, many of you will be familiar with the Sainsbury seasonal advert which links in Christmas with the unofficial truce in no-man’s land and which lasted for a couple of days over Christmas in 1914. It was a powerful story which started with the singing of Christmas carols being sung from both sets of trenches, and led to a very unofficial football match between German and British troops in no man’s land. The advert portrays chocolate being exchanged between two soldiers: German and British. To their credit, although Sainsbury’s are marketing similar chocolate in their stores this Christmas, they will be donating half the £1 price of the chocolate bar to the British Legion. The final scene is a caption on the screen, which reads in part: ‘Christmas is for Sharing.’ Quite so. But sharing is not the reason for Christmas; it is the expression of it. The reason for Christmas is the incarnation, of God coming amongst his people in the form of a new-born child so that He could be with us – flesh of our flesh, and blood of our blood. It is this birth that we celebrate, with the word ‘Christmas’ itself making this point: Christ-mass – an act of worship, where first and foremost we give thanks for God’s gift of himself to us in this little child, who is our hope, our salvation. It is from this celebration festival that having received God’s love in this wonderful gift, our hearts are lifted to return that love to God. And this is where the ‘sharing’ comes. For in opening our hearts to God, we are inspired to open them to others. So we express that love by sharing it with loved ones, family, and friends by eating together, spending time together and offering gifts which are further tangible expressions of love and generosity. So let’s not put the cart before the horse. Sharing is an expression of what a Christian understands is the point of Christmas. It is not the reason for Christmas. That is why so many people continue to come to Midnight Mass and to services on Christmas day, because they know from experience that the sharing that follows is much more satisfying if it is an expression of the festival itself. As we share gifts with each other at Christmas, so we remember that the love we express one to another is an expression of the love that God shared with us at Bethlehem on Christmas Day in the morning over two thousand years ago.

May you share a happy and blessed Christmas. Your Friend and Vicar, Fr. Chris.


Churchwardens Chat We had a problem with our new boiler at the church. Two pipes in the boiler room had slight leaks which caused the water pressure to drop and the boiler automatically shut down, the leaks were repaired so the water pump broke down. The water pump has been replaced. At the time of writing all the radiators and the associated hot water pipes are very hot. Long may they continue to be hot!

Beltisloe Deanery held another successful Youth Day on 22 nd November at Witham on the Hill; the theme was Getting Ready to Welcome Jesus. After the energetic morning workshop large quantities of hot dogs were consumed to provide the energy for the afternoon presentation for parents and friends. The day ended with a Taize service. At the time of writing the Deanery is short of four priests through retirement and illness. Bourne Abbey’s clergy, therefore, have to take additional services in those benefices in addition to their normal workload. That is the reason why they are either difficult to reach, or look tired and drawn. Please remember them in your daily prayers. The Bishop of Lincoln, Bishop Christopher, presided at Our Confirmation Service held on Sunday 23rd November, and Bishop Christopher confirmed ten candidates. Sunday 23rd November - the Feast of Christ the King- was an incense day. The Bishop was very generous with the incense! Sunday 30th November is Advent Sunday and part of the Sung Eucharist will be based on the Taize format. This will be led by the young people of Bourne Abbey, under the watchful eye of Rev Sheena. We have heard that Fr Chris might be allowed to play his guitar! Bourne Abbey’s Advent Carol Service will be at 6.30 p.m. that day. Other Christmas Services are December 14th - Christingle service at 3.30 p.m. 24th December - Crib and Carol service at 5.30 p.m. and Midnight Mass on 24th December at 11.30 p.m. Christmas Day 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. We hope that you will be able to come to some of these. Finally, we wish all of you a Happy and Holy Christmas. Merryn & Dudley



Christingale & Carol Service 3.30pm

Sunday 21st December

Abbey Car ol Ser vice


Wednesday 24th December Cr ib & Car ol Ser vice (Christmas Eve) Midnight Mass

5.30pm 11.30pm

Tuesday 25th December

8.00am 10.00am

Said Euchar ist Sung Eucharist


SATURDAY DECEMBER 6th CHRISTMAS COFFEE MORNING in ABBEY CHURCH HALL 10.0a.m.-12 noon Stalls to include £1 parcel, chocolate tombola, hamper raffle, jewellery, Christmas gift stall, homemade craft and homemade card stall. Refreshments - coffee and mince pies. Any suitable items for the named stalls would be most appreciated. We start off the New Year with our popular Books, Bric-a brac and Bacon Baps. This will take place in the Abbey Church Hall on Saturday 24th January 2015. 10.00.a.m. – 1.30.p.m.

Please note that there is no longer a telephone line to the for mer Church Office. Points of contact for Church matters are the Clergy and Churchwardens. Thought for December “God so loved the world , that he gave His only begotten Son, to the end that all believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3. v 16 5

NIGHTMARE of all NIGHTMARES!!!! When I was a churchwarden of a small parish church in Northamptonshire, I went to church as normal, for the 10 o’clock service. Everything was fine and normal-we had the Christingle scheduled for 3pm that afternoon. I was looking forward to it, until…….. at lunch time, the vicar’s wife rang to say that the vicar had laryngitis and therefore had lost his voice “SO YOU will have to do the Christingle Service!” she said. Being young, quiet and shy, I couldn’t imagine trying to control a church full of noisy, excited and unruly children. I had trouble in controlling my Sunday School class of four children! The afternoon arrived and as I got to church, it was filling up with children, their parents and relatives. The aisles were filling up, they were standing on the belfry steps and with queues outside the church porch. PANIC!!! “How can I cope with this?” I thought! Then I realised, “I am in Church”. I went into the vestry and prayed my heart out. It must have been God who suggested that I put on my ‘coat of armour’- my choir black cassock – it worked wonders and seemed to give the children my ‘authority.’ – What a cheat!

The diocesan secretary of ‘The Childrens Society’ gave her talk and had us all enthralled – it was fantastic! All I had to do was to conduct the service, without microphones – of course! I had to yell to announce the carols and songs and scream at them to “shut-up” and be quiet for the prayers. The most horrific time was when we processed around the church, with our burning candles just two inches from the child in front. Health and safety rules were invented then!.........Everything went well! When I got home, at about 5 o’clock, I was absolutely exhausted and even thought of missing Evensong (unthinkable for me!). The phone rang again, “You’ll have to do Evensong because he (the vicar) still can’t speak. “Me” I gasped “Why can’t the Rural Dean provide someone”. “Because” she said, “there is no one available”. I went to church, used the Evening Prayer from the old prayer book, read the appointed lessons and we sang the hymns, psalms, magnificat and Nunc dimittis. At the end of the service everyone thanked me as they said “Good night”. Perhaps they didn’t even notice that we didn’t have a vicar, or were just pleased to not have a sermon. Canon David Staples was, I think a Rural Dean in Northamptonshire at that time. If you were David where were you when I needed you most!

Philip Pettitt. 6


Gaining Back Some Independence.-Part 2 Now we come to the weather? Let’s face it we have plenty of variety there. Let me introduce you to the hazards of gales and raid. (As yet I haven’t had to tackle snow or ice, but I’ll let you know when I do). Gales are another great adventure for Scooter M. Gripping onto the handles and with half closed eyes I’m determined not to let the gales thwart my newly found independence. Setting off a slow pace of 4mph, yes back to my favourite speed, I struggle against this new obstacle. Riding along and feeling confidant I have mastered it, whoosh. Where did that sudden gust of wind come from? Feeling Scooter M shudder at the impact, I am left with a choice, either become a Mary Poppins, or turn Scooter M into a smaller Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Not keen on either, I took my speed down to 2mph. I am now beginning to panic (just a little) and starting to talk to Scooter M. I speak calmly and assure M all will be well. At that moment I’m not worried if anyone has overheard me, I just hope that a certain van won’t be waiting for me when I get home. Thankfully it wasn’t, that’s why I’m able to tell you what happened. Next experience, rain. Now, I’m not fortunate to have one of those luxury covers, so ‘him indoors’ offers to buy me one of those water proof covers you throw over yourself. (No, I wasn’t hinting for a luxury cover, or was I). Hesitating before answering, I thought back to the gales, which makes me wonder if I had one of those items would the gales have won and sent me off into the air! Not wanting to deny ‘him indoors’ of treating me to a cover to keep me dry, we set off once again to the mobility shop. Well! That’s an experience to behold. As the assistant produces this particular item, I took one look at the picture on the package and all I can see is this thing bellowed out like a balloon. I couldn’t stop laughing, as I could see myself looking like an A unty Sally in a tent. Yes you guessed it; I took up the courage and said, “No thank you, I will manage with the coat I’ve got.”

Driving home, and lucky for me ‘him indoors’ having the same humour as myself, we laughed heartily most of the way home. I’m sure to this day many a driver must have wondered if we were insane or perhaps with a kinder thought, they might have liked to know what we were laughing at. Let’s now take you into the world of nice people. Firstly ‘him indoors’ who is quick to remind me not to speed, as I have finally reached my goal of 10mph. Riding along without much care in the world (no, I haven’t forgotten the tree roots and pot holes) I enjoy greeting passers-by with a good morning, or good afternoon. Sometimes a little wave and a smile is enough to get a reaction. 8

If I am lucky some-one will stop and chat, as I look in the shop windows. Many pedestrian will obligingly let me pass, which I might add I always thank them. I am seldom in a hurry so I am happy to hang back and wait my turn to chug along the pavement. Whenever I smile or say ‘hello’ to the children, they look at me in amazement. To them I might seem like a funny old lady passing by on something bigger than their pushchairs or tiny cycles, or could they possibly think an ‘alien’ has arrived. Family, let’s not forget my wonderful family. Fortunately for me, our family have a great sense of humour, and I guess to some degree they have come to accept me as being an odd granny. Bring it on, I love it. However, I think one of my oddities was confirmed when I was making my way along the pavement with my daughter and granddaughter. I love to smell the flowers that reach out over the walls and hedges. On this particular occasion I couldn‘t resist the temptation to smell the beautiful roses that hung over the fence. Not thinking anyone would notice, I suddenly hear my granddaughter say, with a more than a hint of surprise, “Granny, what are you doing?” “Just smelling these lovely flowers, dear,” I tell her, as I continue to sniff the fragrant flowers. Hearing their silent laughter behind me, I chose to ignore them.

This is the one advantage to being up higher, than when I’m in my wheel chair. I take full advantage of being able to see the beautiful variety of lowers in peoples’ gardens. No I’m really not being nosy. Suddenly, I have a terrible thought, “What if these house owners think I am casing the joint?” I soon reassure myself, by telling myself I have witnesses to prove it’s only the flowers I’m interested in. When I have any more adventures on my beautiful Scooter M, I will let you know. I would like to thank the lady who sent me this article for the Parish magazine, and look forward to the next instalment. Editor.

The Editor and Committee would like to Wish You A Very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.



Parochial Church Council News

Instead of publishing a summary of the Parochial Church Council minutes members will be invited to write a short report about the previous meeting. Here is the report written by Jonathan Smith. The PCC met on Thursday, November 6, at The Vicarage, to discuss a full agenda. Matters discussed included: The restoration scheme – There finally seems to be progress. Amended proposals for the new boiler house, toilets, servery and choir vestry are now acceptable to the consultees, including English Heritage, South Kesteven District Council conservation department and the Diocesean Advisory Committee. The PCC gave unanimous approval for the architect to prepare detailed drawings and specifications for the building which will replace the existing boiler house and toilets on a larger footprint. Quinqennial report – Every five years, the church architect prepares a report of all the work he considered necessary over three time periods: short term - within a year; medium term - over the following five years (ie 2015-2019) and long term, (2019 onwards). The immediate repairs are all fairly minor, including repairs to the stonework and roofs and a handrail to the tower staircase – estimated cost of £3,000 plus fees and VAT. Medium term repairs including repairs and overhauling of the guttering and replacement of the plastic downpipes with cast iron – estimated cost £10,000 plus fees and VAT. Long term work included masonry work, including to some of the buttresses. It was noted the church wall and roof were generally in good condition. Insurance – The church and its contents will continue to be insured at 100 per cent of the full repair/replacement cost. The decision was unanimous. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 4.

A message from Alison and Philip Pettitt.

Since 2006 we have organised a Christmas Dinner in the Abbey Church Hall. We have been well supported by various organisations and generous people over the years and we send them our grateful thanks. The helpers have been fantastic and we have made many good friends and have lots of happy memories. Sadly this year we are not able to arrange a Christmas Celebration due to my dear Mum’s health problems. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all our Abbey Family.


Bourne Abbey’s Travelling Crib. The Travelling Crib begins its journey around the parish on Advent Sunday, 30th November 2014, after being Blessed by Fr Chr is at the 10am Sung Eucharist on that day. Inside the crib are knitted Christmas figures and a book that you can use to share the Christmas story with your children/grandchildren. If your family would like to give a home to a crib for one night please ring Jean Fownes on 01778 423395 to arrange a convenient date. The crib will be back in church for the Crib and Carol Service on 24th December. There will be full instructions in the crib to ensure a smooth handover to each family. The Children’s Society The Children’s Society boxes will be received, opened and counted at a COFFEE MORNING at the Abbey Church Hall in FEBRUARY (date to be confirmed). If any box holder has difficulty with this they can be brought to my home – 5 PINEWOOD CLOSE, BOURNE or telephone me on 422823 to arrange collection. Philip Pettitt Area Secretary The Children’s Society.

We are now on the web. The new website is now live and you will find it on do take time out to look at it, Lisa will be pleased to have your comments. If you have any news, events or anything you would like to share please contact Lisa. You will find a NEW facebook page, search for Bourne Abbey Church where Lisa will post the latest news as well as on the news page on the website. It is on the news page of the website that you will find the magazine this will be on the website as soon as Lisa receives it from me, a few days before the printed one is out. The website will be an evolving site where we continue to add, change and update continually. For this to work please make sure that you keep the updates coming in. Lisa looks forward to hearing from you her contact phone number is 01778 700475. Editor


THE WEDNESDAY SINGERS Tickets are on sale for the Wednesday Singers concert on Saturday 13 th December 2014 at 3 pm at the Church of St James the Great, Aslackby. This will be a Christmastide Concert, with popular songs, carols and Christmas music, followed by a delicious afternoon tea, with home-made cakes and scones. The Wednesday Singers is a popular local choir with members from Dunsby, Bourne and the surrounding villages. The choir was founded in 2006, in response to demand from local singers, and has given many concerts in south Lincolnshire in the last eight years, raising money for various good causes, village halls and local churches, such as All Saints’ Dunsby, Christchurch Pointon, St Faith’s Wilsthorpe, St Andrew’s Horbling, and Bourne Methodist Church, as well as entertaining groups such as the Petticoat Club, Helpringham. The choir are delighted to be singing in Aslackby. St James’ is a church with excellent acoustics and modern facilities, including a kitchen, toilets and comfortable chairs. Aslackby PCC are renowned for the excellence of their home-made teas, so there is a treat in store for everyone who attends this concert. The choir will be singing a variety of seasonal music, with several well-known and much loved items, and opportunities for audience participation. Unlike other choirs who usually need to raise funds from ticket sales for their running costs, the Wednesday Singers anticipate that ALL proceeds from the sale of tickets for this concert will be given to Dementia Support South Lincs, a registered charity (working in association with Evergreen Care Trust) which supports people living with dementia and their families in The Deepings, Stamford, Bourne and the surrounding villages. Anyone who has had a family member who has suffered from dementia will know how important is the work which this charity does, and this charity is currently very underfunded and welcomes, and needs, support from donations. Tickets, to include the concert and the tea which will follow, will cost £10, and are available from Kate Marshall (DSSL) 01778 440153, choir members (including Pamela Oldreive on 01778 440234), from Hoppers Jewellers Bourne and at the door on the day. Please come along to support a very good cause while having a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!


Christmas Health and Safety Alert All employees planning to dash through the snow in a one horse open sleigh, going over fields and laughing all the way are advised that a Risk Assessment will be required addressing the safety of an open sleigh for members of the public. This assessment must also consider whether it is appropriate to use only one horse for such a venture, particularly where there are multiple passengers. Please note that permission must also be obtained in writing from landowners before their fields may be entered. To avoid offending those not participating in celebrations, we would request that laughter is moderate only and not loud enough to be considered a noise nuisance. Benches, stools and orthopaedic chairs are now available for collection by any shepherds planning or required to watch their flocks at night. While provision has also been made for remote monitoring of flocks by CCTV cameras from a centrally heated shepherd observation hut, all users of this facility are reminded that an emergency response plan must be submitted to account for known risks to the flocks. The angel of the Lord is additionally reminded that, prior to shinning his/her glory all around, s/he must confirm that all shepherds are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to account for the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and the overwhelming effects of Glory. Following last years well publicised case, everyone is advised that Equal Opportunities legislation prohibits any comment with regard to the redness of any part of Mr R Reindeer. Further to this, exclusion of Mr R Reindeer from reindeer games will be considered discriminatory and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty of this offence. While it is acknowledged that gift bearing is a common practice in various parts of the world, particularly the Orient, everyone is reminded that the bearing of gifts is subject to Hospitality Guidelines and all gifts must be registered. This applies regardless of the individual, even royal personages. It is particularly noted that direct gifts of currency or gold are specifically precluded, while caution is advised regarding other common gifts such as aromatic resins that may evoke allergic reactions. Finally, in the recent instance of the infant found tucked up in a manger without any crib for a bed, Social Services have been advised and will be arriving shortly.

Anon 13

The Julian Meetings The music and readings for December's Julian Meeting have been chosen by Sue Skinner. Music: Reading:

‘Pie Jesu’ (Faure) from Lincoln Cathedral Choir Deep Peace CD.2 Far too many people live too much in their head. The head is not a very good place for prayer. It is not a bad place for starting your prayer. But if your prayer stays there too long and doesn’t move into the heart, it will gradually dry up and prove tiresome and frustrating. You must learn to move out of the area of thinking and talking and move into the area of feeling, sensing, loving, intuiting. That is the area where contemplation is born and prayer becomes a transforming power and a source of never-ending delight and peace. Anthony de Mello.

Silence: We spend half an hour in silent prayer. Music:

‘Gaelic Blessing’ (Rutter) from the above CD.

Reading: The love that God most high has for our soul is so great that it surpasses understanding. No created being can comprehend how much, and how sweetly, and how tenderly our maker loves us. Our in-born will is to have God, and the goodwill of God is to have us. Julian of Norwich. Grace: We finish our time of prayer by saying The Blessing. The date for December's Julian Meeting is Monday 1st at 10.00am. Contact: Sue Skinner. Tel. 01778 344802. Everyone welcome. If you would like to come along and try this way of praying, please come and join us on the first Monday of the month in the Abbey. 14

Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Confirmation On the 23rd November we arrived at Bourne Abbey Church excited and a little nervous as it was going to be our confirmation. As the church filled up we became more excited about meeting Bishop Christopher and wondered what he would be like. We didn’t have to worry as he was very kind and made us all feel very special. As we went up to receive our blessing we felt really proud as we remembered all the things we had learned with Reverend Sheena and we knew that we had really become part of God’s family. We felt so happy and honoured to be allowed to be able to be confirmed. Daniel, Shane and Noah



My first impression was that more supported the formal events than previously. I assume that this was because it was the centenary of 1914. Certainly the bus station was well filled prior to the march, there were plenty of people lining the route of the procession which stretched from the Bus Station to the saluting base at the Town Hall. I am told that there were more than a thousand people around the War Memorial and the service register at the Abbey gave the number attending the service there as 410. Thank you to all.

The variety of people was impressive, from small children to aged veterans and included some serving military personnel. Thank you to all. Two things come to mind. We often wrongly assume that Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day are about what happened in that World War which began in 1914 and was continued in 1939. The mass of medals worn with pride reminded us that there has only been one year since 1945 when there were no British fatalities. Also it is not meant to be celebration, as one misguided TV commentator called it. How can the death and suffering in war over 100 years be described like that? It was a remembrance, a solemn bringing to mind of the cost of man’s inhumanity to man and a determination to be better at peace in the future. This is as necessary now as it ever was. The War which was supposed to end all wars and which started a hundred years ago did not fulfil that optimistic expectation. In many ways what the many who supported Remembrance in Bourne and elsewhere were not just looking at history but to the future, even if they did not recognize it at the time. David Staples.

BOURNE ABBEY MOTHER AND TODDLERS GROUP MEET WEDNESDAY 9.30a.m to 11.30a.m. (During term-time only) All welcome- pre-school age, including grandparents, aunties etc. ÂŁ1.50 per session for family. Refreshments at 10.15 a.m.


Bourne Choral Society celebrates with a programme of

Advent and Christmas Music on

Saturday, December 6th 2014 at 7.30 pm in

Bourne Abbey Church Please come along to celebrate the start of the Christmas season. Admission by programme at the door, £7 to include refreshments. The Goodbye Letter A father, home from work, could not find his son. On looking round the house he passed his son’s bedroom and was astonished to see the bed neat and tidy. There were no shoes or anything on the floor and then he saw an envelope propped up on the pillow. It was addressed to ‘Dad’. Fearing the worst, he opened the envelope and read the letter. It read: “Dear Dad it is with great regret and sorrow that I’m writing to you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Mum and you. I’ve been finding real passion with Stacy and she is so nice. But I knew you would not approve of her because of all he piercings, tattoos, tight clothes and because she is so much older than I am. But, Dad, it’s not only the passion – she’s pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy; she owns a caravan in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn’t really hurt anyone. We’ll be growing it for ourselves and trading it with our friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want. In the meantime, we’ll pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so that Stacy can get better. She sure deserves it! Don’t worry Dad, I’m 15 and know how to take good care of myself. I’m sure we’ll be back some day for a visit so you can get to know your grandchildren. Love, your son, John. PS: Dad, none of the above is true. I’m over at Tommy’s house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than the school report that is in centre desk drawer. I love you! Please phone when it is safe for me to come home. 17

Parochial Church Council News Instead of publishing a summary of the Parochial Church Council minutes members will be invited to write a short report about the previous meeting. Here is the report written by Jonathan Smith. The PCC met on Thursday, November 6, at The Vicarage, to discuss a full agenda. Matters discussed included: The restoration scheme – There finally seems to be progress. Amended proposals for the new boiler house, toilets, servery and choir vestry are now acceptable to the consultees, including English Heritage, South Kesteven District Council conservation department and the Diocesean Advisory Committee. The PCC gave unanimous approval for the architect to prepare detailed drawings and specifications for the building which will replace the existing boiler house and toilets on a larger footprint. Quinqennial report – Every five years, the church architect prepares a report of all the work he considered necessary over three time periods: short term - within a year; medium term - over the following five years (ie 2015-2019) and long term, (2019 onwards). The immediate repairs are all fairly minor, including repairs to the stonework and roofs and a handrail to the tower staircase – estimated cost of £3,000 plus fees and VAT. Medium term repairs including repairs and overhauling of the guttering and replacement of the plastic downpipes with cast iron – estimated cost £10,000 plus fees and VAT. Long term work included masonry work, including to some of the buttresses. It was noted the church wall and roof were generally in good condition. Insurance – The church and its contents will continue to be insured at 100 per cent of the full repair/replacement cost. The decision was unanimous. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 4. ********************* A couple were Christmas shopping. The shopping centre was packed - as the wife walked through one of the malls she was surprised when she looked around to find her husband was nowhere to be seen. She was quite upset because they had a lot to do. She became so worried that she called him on her mobile phone to ask him where he was. In a quiet voice he said, “Do you remember the jewellers we went into about five years ago where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we couldn’t afford, and I told you that I would get it for you one day?” The wife choked up and started to cry and said, “Yes, I do remember that shop.” He replied, “Well, I’m in the pub next door.”


Knit & Sew Friendship Group

Christmas is approaching and our last meeting of 2014 will be on Wednesday 17 December from 2.00-4.00pm in the Church Hall. There will be some special refreshments on offer and the traditional raffle so try not to miss this one! Everyone welcome to join in.

Many thanks to all those kind people out there who have supported us throughout the year with gifts of wool, patterns, fabric pieces , buttons etc. all used creatively with some stunning results. Rosie Cudmore`423569

Bourne Abbey Mother’s Union. At our November meeting, Mrs. E. Page led “Thought for the day” and asked us to pray for Christian families in Iraq, Nigeria and the West Indies. All of whom are suffering from persecution and oppression either from Islamic State or Boka Haram. After a short business meeting, members enjoyed making Advent Wreaths, they were ably led by Mrs A.Northen, Mrs. M.Woodland and Mrs.E.Page. On the following day Thursday 6th November at the Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion Service. Father Chris Atkinson dedicated two Silver Cruets, which were purchased in memory of Mrs. Christina Lyon. Saturday 15th November Mrs .E. Page attended the Winter Council, which was held at Horncastle. You are all cordially invited to our Annual Advent Carol Service to be held in Bourne Abbey Church on WEDNESDAY 3rd DECEMBER commencing at 1.45p.m. The Mothers’ Union is running the £1 parcel stall at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 6th December. Subscriptions are due in January 2015, but Treasurer Mrs.M.Woodland would appreciate them by the end of December please. members £20.50. or Diocesan Membership, which includes Families Worldwide and Diocesan News. £24. Ann Northen



FOODBANK Up to November 2013

Up to November 2014

The Foodbank provided 223 adults and children with food for three meals for three days. This equalled 2007 meals

The Foodbank provided 969 adults and children with food for three meals for three days. This equals 8721 meals!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the churches, primary schools, community groups and individuals in and around Bourne who have so generously provided all this food and other necessities! Last winter we experienced a high demand and we presume that it will be the same this year. Likewise Christmas will be really difficult for many individuals and families so we are repeating last year’s Christmas wish list:

Christmas Shopping List Tinned Ham Christmas Pudding Christmas Cake Box of Biscuits Children’s Selection Box Box of Chocolates Large Bar of Chocolate (150/200g) Snacks and Nibbles Christmas Crackers Sugar UHT Milk Fruit Juice

We hope that when you do your weekly shop, you will be able to purchase an extra item for the foodbank and pop it into the box provided at the rear of the church and then you will know that you have helped to “make Christmas happen” for so many needy people!

Thank you so much for your wonderful support!


A Christmas Recipe of the Month A recipe from Marita for this festive season. Scottish Shortbread This keeps well for a couple of weeks in an air-tight tin, but can also be frozen. When thawed, it is full of flavour and beautifully crisp. Ingredients 4oz plain flour 2oz cornflour 4oz butter 2oz castor sugar Little extra castor sugar Sift together flour and cornflour. In another bowl cream butter until soft. Beat in sugar. Blend in flour mixture a tablespoon at a time. Knead together. Place in a 7” x 11” swiss roll tin and roll out or press out flat with your hand. Prick well with a fork. Sprinkle extra castor sugar over the surface. Chill in fridge for 15 mins, then bake 170c – Gas mark 3 for 35 mins, or until pale golden-brown. Cool for a few minutes in tin – then mark into slices and finish cooling on a wire rack.

January 2015 Magazine Contributions for the January magazine should be with Carol Atkins by lunch-time on Sunday 14th December. They can be given to her at church, or sent to—10 Broadlands Avenue or sent as an email attachment, preferably as a Word document to:


TOP 2 TOE “For head to toe healthcare”


Osteopathy Chiropody & Podiatry Acupuncture Clinical Hypnotherapy Nutritional Therapy Reflexology Medical Herbalism


13 Abbey Road (next to ‘time for tea’) Tel: 01778 392832


01529 240936 07958 162503

All practitioners are fully registered and insured

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Pete Shaw 22

The Clock Shop






Come and see our range of watches & clocks


Retail from £38—£125

Watch Batteries Supplied & Fitted Restoration & Repairs

Now open for Sunday Lunches Booking advisable

11 Abbey Road, Bourne Tel. 01778 424287

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Open Tuesday - Saturday 9a.m to 4p.m

DO YOUR FEET HURT? Specialist footcare treatment in the comfort of your own home. Treatments include: Routine nail care, ingrown toenails, Corn & callous removal, bunion care, Fungal nail treatment, Diabetic foot health.

Your feet take an average 5000 steps a day for you; take one for them: call 01476 550836 or mobile 0771 3004779

Sharon Brewster, MCFHP.MAFHP Registered member of the British Association of foot health professionals. Bourne, Corby Glen, Swayfield, and surrounding area 23

QUIZ PAGE Look for the hidden animals in the phrases below. e.g. I wonder iF ROGer is at home. Answer: FROG 1. Take the calico with you. 2. Your new hairdo gives you a youthful look. 3. John abhors every kind of joke. 4. On the level, I only wish to help you. 5. You can’t learn this game unless you go at it more vigorously. 6. I’d rather not be prime minister. 7. Is this all the help I get? 8. We were invited to a dinner on Friday. 9. If you wish to gain prestige, remember your manners. 10. I hope you will try to be a very good boy. Look for the hidden flowers in the phrases below. 1. After you’ve washed the pans, you may prepare the lunch. 2. I have taken part in many races in this car, national and international. 3. Did Chopin know Beethoven? 4. If this car goes any faster, I will fall out. 5. The plane is now dropping food to the marooned people. 6. Before we knew it, the rhinoceros entered the water. 7. I believe this is the best plane money can buy. 8. This cow slips through the water like a seal. 9. I understand that the panda is your favourite animal. 10. Is your porch identical with ours? Answers to last month’s quiz. 1. woodwork 11. crosswords 2. baking 12. sailing 3. tapestry 13. bridge 4. bingo 14. pontoon 5. painting 15. badminton 6. board games 16. hiking 7. rugby 17, skating 8. judo 18, crochet 9. hockey 19. keep fit 10. aerobics 20. ballet Apology I am sorry, I inadvertently gave the answer to number 13 instead of the question. It should have read:- ‘for crossing the river’, to which the answer is ‘bridge’. 24

Margaret’s Page. Some of you will know the Canticle called the Benedicite, which begins with the words ‘O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.’ Some years ago Fr. Peter (before he was ordained) and his wife Pauline wrote a Lincolnshire version of it, which I first heard on a Rogation Sunday walk with them. I was so impressed with it that I asked Fr. Peter if I could use it in this month’s September magazine, and to my surprise he said he would prefer not as they were in the process of having it published. It has now been published by Warners of Bourne as a small booklet with delightful illustrations by Chris Moxley, whom many of you will know. It is excellent value at £3.75 per copy, available from Fr. Peter, Pauline or Chris, or any church member would be able to obtain a copy for you. I can heartily recommend it and it would make an ideal Christmas present for any Christian friends you may have. As some of you know I used to help with the sale of charity Christmas cards when I lived in Stamford and for a few years after my move to Bourne. The cards are still sold at St. John’s Church in Stamford. The shop is called ‘Cards for Good Causes’ and is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30. to 4.30. until 17th December. It is easy to find as it is right at the end of the main shopping street near the pedestrian crossing, in Red Lion Square. Over 25 charities are represented and they also sell wrapping paper and stocking fillers, many of them traditional games unobtainable anywhere else. If you haven’t stocked up with Christmas cards yet I can heartily recommend it. Finally, thank you for reading my page throughout this year. I hope you have found it of interest and an especial thank-you to those who have kindly commented on it. I am grateful to those who have given me quizzes for the Quiz Page, for which I am always happy to receive contributions as it is difficult to keep coming up with new ideas.

I wish you all a very peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Margaret Shephard



Chartered Certified Accountants 8 Exeter Street, Bourne, PE10 9NJ Tel. 01778 393147


Assistance with completion of self assessment tax return forms and preparation of accounts.

Home visits by appointment

Assistance for people starting a new business

Telephone: 01476 550503 Mobile: 0794 3041 506

Personal and friendly service

Anne Marie Lilly


Holistic Therapist & Facialist

Wilsthorpe, PE9 4PD (South of Bourne, off the A15) Family run business—established for 40 years


Open all year Dogs walked daily Large insulated heated kennels


Fully licensed

Professional Beauty Treatments facials, non-surgical face-lifts, eyebrow shaping and tinting, waxing, manicures, pedicures

Inspection welcome For details please telephone:-

LAWRENCE KNIPE 01778 560574

Gift Vouchers available

01778 426676


BOURNE ORGAN CLUB Bourne Corn Exchange Invites you to Christmas Party Wednesday 17th December 7.30pm start With Elizabeth Harrison Members £4.00 Non-members £5.00 Tickets available at the door or from John & Linda Wass-01778 424947 also Neal’s Hairdressers South Street, Bourne

GPS Gas Plumbing Services The complete service

Office: 01778 392608 Mobile: 0795 0901007 0782 8423514

Dry Cleaning – seasonal bargain Packs Shirt Service Washing and Ironing Service Curtains Carpet cleaner for hire Repairs and. alterations

Boiler breakdown, service and repair specialists including combination boilers. For domestic Gas and LPG appliances, System breakdowns, Fault finding.

Parking available outside shop Opening times Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm Sat 8am – 12pm Cherry Holt Road Bourne PE10 9LA 01778 420904

Unvented hot water cylinder. Certified Landlord inspections. Energy efficiency certified.

Ongoing sale of surplus linen stock.


The Old Ship Inn


Public Free House and Restaurant

Carpenter & Joiner 01778 421120 Mobile 07792 332280

22 High Street Pointon NG34 0LX New Autumn Menu Stonebaked Pizzas and Takeaway available


Bar and a la Carte available lunch and dinner

No job too small

Tel no. 01529 241 400

A local tradesman


We have a Fabulous range of men’s and lady’s fashion, lingerie and accessories, gifts, cards, wrapping paper, candles, bags, purses, wallets, jewellery and more. Men’s Evening Wear and Wedding Hire.

21-23 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE

01778 422359 Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm



POCKLINGTON Timber/Building

LOCKSMITH SERVICES PHONE: 01778 441279 MOBILE: 07901530013

Sheds, Fences, Sawn Timber etc


Ye Olde Quarrie, Stamford Road, Ryhall, Stamford, PE9 4HB

For a free quote call KEN IT COSTS NOTHING TO ASK

Tel: 01778 425170 - Mob: 07802 399160

carpet company

ALEC DAY Butcher & Fishmonger 17A Abbey Road, Bourne Tel: 01778 422281


FINEST ENGLISH Beef, Lamb & Pork, Chicken & Turkey LINCOLNSHIRE SAUSAGE Made to our own traditional recipe HOME COOKED Cold Meats and Haslet Traditional and Gourmet CHEESES A selection of FRESH FISH Available Tuesday to Saturday Also FRUIT AND VEGETABLES

Specialists in all types of flooring Supplies and services. _________________________________________ Choose from samples in the comfort of your own home. Fully trained installers Domestic & Contract work undertaken Buy online of in store Carpets Vinyls Kamdean & Cavalio Laminates

Woods Sisals, Sea Grass & Coir Ceramic Tiles Blinds E: T: 01778 422233 29


Richard Arden


Painter & Decorator Professional Service

Giving a complete 24 hour personal service by caring and dedicated staff

Interior and exterior work Wallpaper hanging All aspects of decorating Competitive prices Free no obligation quote


Tel Bourne: 01778 422240

Mobile. 07759 638612 Tel. no. 01778 422195


M.P.SMITH Repairs to all leading makes of: Washing Machines Dishwashers Tumble Driers Electric Cookers No call out charge on accepted estimates

Over 40 years experience

01778 343870



GARDEN MAINTENANCE All aspects of garden & exterior work considered, including


grass and hedge cutting garden clearance fencing maintenance shed & garage clearance landscaping shed bases.

SUPPLIED AND FITTED Free quotes call Ken on 01778 441279 or 07901530013 IT MAY BE CHEAPER THAN YOU THINK.

PLEASE RING 07890998781


Nature Notes from Bourne Woods- December 2014 Silently, falling like golden snowflakes, the spent larch needles cascade from the upper branches, covering the paths with a glowing carpet of autumn colours. The outlines of the rough green grasses of the verges add to the contrast between path and forest floor. The beauty of the scene is further enhanced when shafts of sunlight filter through the trees, giving a soft warm glow to an otherwise cold scene. It may be nearing the official winter season but the woods still have their autumnal beauty. The hazel leaves seem to have more light green and pale yellow tinges whereas the oak leaves have more shades of browns and gold. The silver birches are acquiring a purple haze whilst their bark reflects with a silvery light. So many colours to enjoy! Although spring may seem distant, the woods are getting ready to erupt again when the warmth and stronger sunlight returns. The hazel catkins are closed tightly but it will only be a few weeks until they elongate and dance in the wind. There are no signs of the bluebells but the bulbs can be seen to be sprouting, sending their shoots up to the surface where it is disturbed by the deer and badgers. It will not be long until they penetrate the mulch of fallen leaves and bracken fronds and we can enjoy them again. In the meantime it is best to wear wellies or walking boots. That way the mud can be left in the porch on returning home. Unfortunately my dog does not have any such removable footwear. When she wanders around and then shakes in the kitchen the tiles acquire a natural colour resembling the forest floor! Time to get out the brush and mop again! Our next event is a winter Bird Walk on Saturday December 27 th at 10am from the main car park. We hope for a frosty bright morning to see lots of local birds and perhaps some winter migrants. Donation of ÂŁ1 appreciated. For more information contact 07760468052.

What is a grandparent? A grandfather is a man and a grandmother is a lady! When they take us for walks, they slow down past things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.



The Butterfield Centre 2 North Road, Bourne.

Reg. Charity No. 517390

Day Care for the Older Person...and so much more Mobile Meals delivered to your home Domestic Help Service Day Care (at the Centre) Call manager Debbie Hague 01778 421422 for further information. 33

Bishop of Lincoln’s December Letter 2014.

I write to you just after Remembrance Day this year, which was for many particularly poignant in this year as we marked the outbreak of the First World War 100 years ago. Already, the symbols of remembrance that have been around us have given way to signs that Christmas is on its way. Even the television advertisements have started, designed to encourage us to dig deep in search of the perfect Christmas. Christmas advertisements are fast becoming a television genre in their own right. Many have taken a familiar approach - 'tis the season to spoil yourself,' we're told in one - but one supermarket chain has, more controversially, used the trenches of the First World War as the setting for its Christmas advert. It is unsurprising that this has generated much comment in the media. Despite its endorsement by the Royal British Legion, the advert is seen by some as an unashamed (and inaccurate) romanticisation of the horrors of the grim and bloody battlefields of Northern France, with one commentator describing it as a “dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece�. However, the advert does remind us of the remarkable moment when unofficial truces were spontaneously declared at Christmas in 1914. In the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, soldiers from both sides heard each other singing the same carols until, on the day itself, they laid down their weapons and climbed out of the trenches, met each other, exchanged gifts, buried their dead and, famously, played football together. Some stopped for worship together. Those truces began with the singing of Christmas carols, songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus, the one who is the Prince of Peace. If you catch sight of that advert on television this Christmas, pause for a moment and give thanks for the birth of the Prince of Peace. The birth of Jesus is our ultimate hope and vision for a world founded on love, marked by compassion, and governed by the true and lasting peace of which the angels sang, and for which we long. I wish you a happy and a holy Christmas. Bishop Christopher


BALDOCKS MILL/HERITAGE CENTRE Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, Bourne, PE10 9LY Tel 01778 424740 Once a working watermill, powered by the Bourne Eau. Now a Heritage centre displaying information and artefacts relating to the town and Raymond Mays. Exhibitions on three floors. Charles Worth Gallery now open. OPENING TIMES: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 2- 4pm All year round. ADMISSION: Free of charge. LOCATION: On A15, 200 metres south of town centre, near Red Hall. CIVIC SOCIETY No Meeting in December.

The Abbey Church Hall With a well-equipped kitchen, the Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates for all regular groups such as Weightwatchers, karate, yoga and dancing, table-top and jumble sales, tea dances, coffee mornings, talks, slide shows and art exhibitions, lunches, anniversaries, receptions etc. Children’s parties are very popular at £30 for 4 hours. For more details of Hall charges and to make a booking, contact: Churchwarden Merryn Woodland 01778 423232 Hall Caretaker Janet Stubbs

01778 422304

Thinking of making or up-dating your will? If so, please consider bequeathing a gift to Bourne Abbey. A legacy would help to secure the future of the church and its work with future generations. Don’t forget that legacies to charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Thank you. 35


Weightwatchers 9.30—11.00a.m. (Every Monday except Bank Holidays) Fit Steps 1.30-2.30pm Tel 07730223557 Karate 5.30-7.30pm (tel. 01780 762261) Zumba Dancing 8.15—9.15pm (01780 480507)


U3A Art 9.00—11.30am Extend (Exercise) 12-1pm Tel 01780 470221 Slimming World 7-8pm—01529 497274


Toddler Group 9.30—11.30am Mothers’ Union 2.15—4.00 pm (1st Wed. in month) Knit & Sew Friendship Group 2.00—4.00p.m. (3rd Wed. in month) 01778 423569 Royal Naval Association (2nd Wednesday Afternoon) Weightwatchers 5.30-7.30 pm


Garden Club 7.30pm—9.00pm (3rd Thursday in month) Whist Drive 7.30pm-10pm (Last Thursday in month) Nubourne WI 7.30pm (1st Thursday in the month)


Extend Exercise 10.30-11.30am Tel 01780 470221 Gateway Leisure Club 7-9pm

Bookings for the Hall contact Mer r yn Woodland 01778 423232 Caretaker:- Mrs Janet Stubbs 01778 422304 If you would like to have a copy of the magazine delivered regularly to your house please fill in the form below and return it to one of the churchwardens or the Verger. Please put me on the list for monthly delivery of the magazine. Names (please pr int) ……………………………………………….. Address …………………………………………………………….. Telephone (optional) ……………………………………………….




Expert planning & monitoring for the elderly/older people when needing care services.

Electrician No job too small Domestic and commercial Extra sockets Rewiring Lighting 3 Phase *Part P* Approved

If you are worried about yourself, a relative or neighbour do call us. *30 Years experience. *An alternative to using services. *No contact centres to go through or waiting lists. Our website contains information on the service we can provide. Please phone, email or ar r ange to meet us at offices in Oakham or Stamford. Alternatively we can come to your home. Phone 01572-756666

Please call me on 01778 393982 or 07792 261781 E-mail:

Email agecar Find us at www.agecar


Celebration Cakes Outside Catering Christenings Weddings Funerals

Crockery Hire Telephone 01778 393079 Now at 32 North Street, Bourne PE10 9LY


FROM THE REGISTERS Baptisms 12th October

Oliver Munton

Marriages None Funerals 13th October 17th October

Rebecca Adnitt Annie (Nancy) Wherry

Happy Birthday to 2nd Miss C Woolf 4th Sean Casey 7th Jean Livesey 12th Lily Scarlett Casey 12th David Tabor 24th Joyce Reason

25th David Smith 28th Edwina Richards In Memory 3rd Amelia Rolt 22nd Henry Norman Rose 24th Eva Frazer

FLOWER ROTA –DECEMBER High Altar December 24th - Mrs. W. Moody Lady Chapel December 24th – Mrs. A. Northen St. Pauls Chapel December 24th –Mrs. M. Woodland. Window Arrangements – Mrs.A.Northen and Mrs. M. Woodland. My many thanks to all the flower arrangers during the past year and for the many donations to the flower fund. Martha Mrs Laura Brooks Candles John & Judy Smith In memory of Rebecca.


YOUR PARISH CHURCH SERVES YOU BAPTISM, CHURCHINGS AND WEDDINGS, are by arrangement with Father Chris….01778 422412 OUR FELLOWSHIP FLOWERS IN CHURCH Mrs A Northen 24, Fir Avenue……………………………….01778 423353 HALL BOOKINGS Merryn Woodland …………………………………………… 01778 423232 MAGAZINE EDITOR Mrs Carol Atkins, 10 Broadlands Avenue…………………….01778 425760 Sub Editor Margaret Shephard, 12 Baldwin Grove……………………….01778 425778 WEBSITE MANAGER Lisa Buckley….email - …………..01778 700475 MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION Mr J. Warner 134 Beech Avenue ………. ……………………01778 421465 MOTHERS' UNION Mrs A. Northen, 24, Fir Avenue ………………………………01778 423353 RINGERS Mr A.G.Payne, Oldhall Farm House Wilsthorpe.……………...01778 560633 SERVERS Mr D.A. Read, 48 George Street. ……………………………..01778 422717 PARENT, BABY & TODDLER GROUP Clair Carter, 5 Poppy Place, Bourne…………………………..01778 394230 YOUNGBOURNES, SUNDAY SCHOOL Lisa Buckley………………………………………………….. 01778 700475


WHO'S WHO VICAR The Revd Father Chris Atkinson, The Vicarage, Church Walk 01778 422412 ASSISTED BY The Revd Father Peter Lister, Associate Priest, 4 Linden Rise, 01778 423730 The Revd Sheena Cleaton, Assistant Curate, 20 Tilia Way……01778 395626

CHURCHWARDENS Mr. D. Guppy…16 Gladstone Street……. ……………………01778 423873 Mrs Merryn Woodland, 26 Harvey Close, Bourne……………01778 423232 VERGER Mr. A. Lightfoot, 29A West Street, Bourne…………...……….07557027210 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC John Saunders, Mellstock, Bourne Road, Essendine………….01780 480479 Deputy Organist Peter Page, 48 Grosvenor Avenue, Bourne, PE10 9HU……….01778 393031 P.C.C. SECRETARY Mrs. C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street Bourne………………...…01778 423873 P.C.C. TREASURER Mr A. G. Payne, Oldhall Farm House, Wilsthorpe …………...01778 560633 READERS Mr D.H.Page, 3 Sycamore Close

…………………………...01778 422512

MANDATED MINISTRY TEAM Mrs C. Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street……………………………01778 423873 Mr & Mrs J Smith, 60 Gladstone Street ……………………...01778 422219 GIFT AID OFFICER Mr D M Harding 72 Station Road Morton.

…………………01778 570177

STEWARDSHIP RECORDER Mrs C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street, Bourne, PE10 9AX………01778 423873


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