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April 2016


Said Eucharist (Common Worship. Traditional language) 10am Sung Eucharist (Common Worship. Modern language) 6.30pm Evensong

10am 8.30am 5.15pm

Thursdays The Communion (1662) Weekdays (Except Thursdays) Morning Prayer Evening Prayer

Father Chris would be glad to be informed of sick people and others who would appreciate a pastoral visit.


“Hope Springs Eternal” Easter reflections by Canon David Staples. Jesus lives! He is not entombed on a Palestinian hillside, He is not impris­oned between the pages of a book we long to but cannot believe. He is not con­fined to the experience of people holier than ourselves. The Good News (Gospel = God Spel in old English) of Easter is that he is mysteriously and wonderfully alive. He is accessible to all of us. The condition is that we will seek after him. There was one time in my ministry in a parish of 18,000 souls when I conducted between 100 and 175 funerals a year, year after year. I remember three weeks in which I took thirty nine funerals. On one day I went to Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham cremato­ria and our local cemetery as well. There were times when I never wanted to take another funeral with all its pain and its ringing of bells deep down which I, increasingly, didn’t want to hear. Why on earth did I take on a job which involved getting into one of those long black cars yet again? The pain was increased by the knowledge that each person had a name. There were hundreds and hundreds in the parish registers reduced to a scrawl of ink on paper. All those glad lives and dancing feet gone into the grave and Jesus with them. The seeming wastefulness of human history tempts you to despair and a sense of meaninglessness. Without Easter that certainly is the consequence. But at Easter God gives us a glimpse of his purpose for his creation and humankind with it. This is to reverse the inexorable process of decay. It is to establish all things in Christ. To bring about a new creation which will know no more dying nor separation. This is something we could never have figured out for ourselves. God has shown it to us in a very special way. An old song from the Southern United States puts it like this: “We-re on the road to glory”. There is nothing else to say in the killing fields of Syria, in the terminal ward of a cancer hospital or by a graveside on a dark Friday after­noon. Jesus lives! Without Easter the Church would have nothing to say - there would be no Church to say it. Without Easter there would be no Good News, no hope and life would be a sick joke. The only response, surely, is wonder, love and praise - joyful worship and holy living. 3

SOCIAL COMMITTEE DATES FOR YOUR DIARY FOR 2016. SATURDAY 23rd APRIL ST.GEORGES DAY COFFEE MORNING with stalls including books and jigsaws, raffle , tombola, cakes and preserves, treas­ ure hunt and refreshments. £1 entrance fee, in the Abbey Church Hall 10.00a.m.- 12 noon. SATURDAY MAY 14th in ABBEY CHURCH HALL H.M.Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea.

Did you know….?

Why Easter chocolate and wine are good for you. As lent comes to an end, and you reach for your Easter chocolate, here’s some great news, eating chocolate and drinking wine or tea can improve your memory. In recent research, people who regularly consume modest amounts of all three performed best in a series of brain tests. Apparently chocolate, wine and tea all contain micronutrients called flavonoids, which may reduce the risk of dementia. But – the bad news is that the positive effects of wine level out after just half a glass, while all your brain needs is four squares of chocolate. Most depressing. Better put the kettle on……

Thought for April Be brief; say much in few words, be as one who knows and can still hold his tongue. Ecclesiasticus 32 v 8



Churchwardens Chat Hail and Farewell and Status Quo. During the Sung Eucharist at the Abbey Church on Sunday 13 th March, Sarah Moore, the new headteacher at Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy and also Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy, was welcomed by Fr. Chris and presented with a Bible. Prayers were offered for Sarah, the school governors, staff, parents and pupils. On Sunday 28th February Dennis Read, head server at Bourne Abbey for more than 60 years decided to hang up his alb and retire. Rumour has it that he is the same D. Read who, for posterity, inscribed his name on the tower roof in 1947. His lengthy service at Bourne Abbey was marked by a presentation during a service in the Abbey when Fr. Chris presented him, on behalf of the Abbey, with a pair of silver cuff links engraved “Dennis Read, Server Emeritus.” The Churchwardens gave him some mugs, tea and biscuits to enjoy if, and when, he had time in his retirement to sit down and relax! It will surprise most people who know Dennis that he was actually lost for words! We were both re-elected to the office of churchwarden at the Easter Vestry Meeting held on 13th March. We thank the voters for their continued confidence in us and pray for God's guidance in performing our duties in the Parish of Bourne. Merryn and Dudley

Parish Magazine: The magazine committee is looking for an assistant edi­ tor and two other committee members to ensure the future of the magazine can be maintained. Any persons interested should contact Carol Atkins, editor, for further information ring 01778 425760 or 10 Broadlands Avenue, Bourne.


Commissioning Service Members of the Lincoln Diocesan Mothers’ Union gathered at St.Peter-atGowt’s Church in Lincoln on Saturday 27 th February for the Commissioning by The Bishop of Lincoln the Rt Revd Christopher Lowson of the Diocesan President and Officers. Those newly elected and appointed to lead the Mothers’ Union in Lincoln Diocese for the next triennium were: Diocesan President Elizabeth Page and Diocesan Chaplain Revd Sylvia Rice-Oxley. Officers included: Faith and Policy Patsy Moore and IMPC (Indoor Members’ Prayer Circle) Pauline Lister. Branch leaders and officers were also commissioned. Their aim is to work together to enable and support the members in their service to the church and the community. Each office carries great responsibility, for the Mothers’ Union is a worldwide society within the church with special concern for all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life. During the service all members present stood to affirm their commitment to the Mothers’ Union in this its 140th anniversary year. Following such a splendid and happy church service photographs were take and a generous tea was enjoyed in the church hall.

Patsy Moore, Revd Richard Rice-Oxley, Revd Sylvia Rice-Oxley, Bishop Christopher, Elizabeth Page, Pauline Lister, Derek Page, Revd John Bruce Pauline Lister


"Bring the Buggy" A story, a song and a prayer for Toddlers and their Careers at 9.30 a.m. in Church Wednesday 13th April "Easter Garden" and Wednesday 4th May “The Sower”

The Monday Lunch Club Come and enjoy the fellowship of good company In Bourne Church Hall at 12.30pm For details and to book contact Alison on 393458 All welcome.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Children’s Society Coffee Morning. £126.50 was raised on the day. In addition to date £568 has been banked from house boxes. Philip still has some to collect and bank. Thank you once again. Elizabeth Page & Philip Pettitt. 8


Baldock’s Mill

I’ve spent a large part of my life in Bourne but until just recently, I had never visited Baldock’s Mill. I don’t claim to be an historian, nor do I wish to be, but I would like to be the person who recommends that you pay a visit there as it is steeped with history, artefacts and information. Open on Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm and 4pm, it’s owned by Bourne United Charities and run by trustees, Brenda and Jim Jones. I was invited to have a look around in January this year and I went with an open mind, not knowing what on earth to expect. What I did find was pretty spectacular and I ended up leaving a bit annoyed with myself that I had walked passed it so many times and never bothered to let my curiosity take the better of me and call in before. From the outside it looks great, then step inside and it’s like taking a step back in time. Bought as a land package which included the (now named) Memorial Gardens, the Memorial Gardens was originally called Baldock’s Paddock and a picturesque view of the rear of the mill can be seen from there. It is named after the Baldock family who were the last family to have lived there and ran the mill for over sixty years. Beyond the Memorial Gardens, a castle once stood on what is now known as the Well Head. This mill is actually over 200 years old and is the only surviving one left in Bourne, however it is mentioned in the Doomesday Book that there was a mill on this site prior to 1086. It was a working watermill right up until 1924 powered by the Bourne Eau, but then the water wheel sadly collapsed. After doing some sums, the Marquis of Exeter, who by now owned the property, decided it was too expensive to repair. However thanks to a lot of fundraising and loving restoration by some 150 Bourne residents (who are all named inside the building on a wall), Bourne Civic Society rebuilt the wheel in 2002/3. Not to be outdone by his wife Brenda’s 100+ collection of hats, Jim quite rightly received an M.B.E. for his work regarding this. So when you walk into Baldock’s Mill, you will find that it has three floors and a basement. Down in the basement you can see the Bourne Eau rushing through at speed from the side of the Memorial Gardens, under the mill, it then goes underneath the road where it appears in the garden of the white house opposite and then flows gracefully alongside the church. I have been told that monks used that as a crossing to the church, but that may just be speculation. Starting on the ground floor, there is a small shop where you can buy mementos of your visit before walking through and seeing all the history of the mill. There are things to read that explains everything that you’re looking at. On display are some of the machinery and agricultural tools that were used and also there is the new water wheel alongside a list of the people who donated their monies and their time into restoring the wheel. The display does tend to be changed from time to time just to give it some variety. So, onto the first floor. There are two different displays in different rooms. The first is the Raymond Mays Room. Britain’s ‘Mr Motor Racing’ lived in Bourne from 1899-1980. I always knew he was influential in motor racing, but I never 9

actually realised how much. The room was full of trophies, photos and clothing from the likes of himself, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and more, then also there is a huge archive of Raymond Mays’ things from his input into motor racing and including information about where he lived in Eastgate House. There are even sound effects! Raymond Mays literally ‘kick started’ Britain’s interest into motor racing and to recognise his work, he was award the prestigious honour of a Commander of the British Empire in 1978. This display does change from time to time as there are also things held in storage and new things are occasionally acquired. In the next room you will find the Charles Worth Gallery. Charles Worth was born in Wake House in North Street in 1825 and was famous in fashion circles, known as ‘the father of haute couture’. If you like fashion, or just would like an insight into him, his display is worth a look all on it’s own. From Bourne he moved to London where the streets were paved with gold and then onto Paris, where he made a name for himself. Finally you will reach the top floor. The pinnacle. This floor is dedicated to the history of Bourne and is just a mass of information and fascinating exhibits. It tells about previous industries in Bourne that don’t exist any longer. The water industry for example; there used to be over one hundred boreholes in the Bourne area. The railway; there used to be daily deliveries of watercress from Bourne train station to London between 1857 and 1965, with displays of train lamps, station signs and maps from the early 1900’s detailing where the station used to be. Wartime Bourne; explaining about the war hospital that used to be in North Street, the Eastgate plane disaster, there are even gasmasks for babies on display! There is the history of Delaine buses. The list goes on. Lively and informative newsletters are printed regularly for members, containing information on upcoming talks and outings as well as any local historical news plus Bourne Civic Society also print a Programme of Events for the year. New members are always welcome. But don’t just take my advice that Baldock’s Mill is worth a visit, go and see for yourself. It is open Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm until 4pm and also on Bank Holidays from 2pm until 4pm. It is free to look around. Try visiting for more information. Paul Mason

If you imagine it, you can create it. If you dream it, you can become it. William Arthur Ward. 10


Maurice Allen Michael Atkins Ada Barnard Arthur Barnard John Bentley Millie Bentley Colin David Blackman Maurice Brewster Mona Brewster Bob Brightman May Brightman Noel Broughton Stanley Burd Alfred F Carter Pauline Carter Nan Charlton Shirley Clarke June Cole Gerry Colyer Laurence Cope Phyllis Cope Patricia Crosby Daniel Dagger Ivy Danby Margery Ellen Danby Samuel Roy Danby Edwin Samuel Danby William Dandridge Christina Davies Ronald Derbyshire Elizabeth Dickinson Dora Everington Sydney Ford Vera Ford

Jane Green Marion Green Percy Green Harry Greenwood James Greenwood Winifred Greenwood Bernard Guppy Irene Guppy Benjamin Henry Hart Bessie Hart Barbara Harvey Cynthia Hatfield Ted Hempsall Ethel Hicks James William Hicks Maurice Holden Pearl Holden Norman Holmes Ellen Hughes Garth Hughes Gloria Olwen Hughes William Lloyd Hughes Gilbert Isaac Lilian Johns Gladys Johnson William Johnson Alan Richard Jones Joan Jones Clarence Roy Kelby Carole Kitchener Robert Kitchener John Knight Albert Knowles Florence Knowles


Pat Page Bernard Partridge Robert Partridge Beatrice Pattison Richard Pattison Violet Pattison Harold Peasle Norah Peggs Douglas Pink Patricia Portsmouth Rachael Price Rene Pulham Rev.George Ranson Douglas Reeson Joseph Revell Rodger Revell Janet Revell Pearl Roberts Daisy Farrow Robinson George Ernest Robinson Ray Rodgers Tony Rodgers Bill Sage Cynthia Sage Patricia Mary Salmon Leah Scott Marie Scott Audrey Scotney Bernard Scotney Alice Sellars Frederick Sell Fred Seymour Catherine Sibborn Frank Sibborn

Continued from page 11 Charlotte Fowler Don Fowler Joseph Fowler Gwen Francis Eve Frazer Reg Frazer Pat Friend Darren Fuller Arthur Gagne Therese Gagne John Gamble Derek Glover Gwen Goldsmith Cyril Gray Jim Gray Marjorie Gray Robert Gray Emily Green

Mary Alice Knowles Norma Laidler Frank Lamb Jack Leaton Zan Leeds John Albert Lightfoot Rodney Lightfoot Rosemary Lightfoot William Lister John McGregor Leslie Mapleston David Minchin Russell Moody Jean Munns Majorie Munns Pauline Nelson John Osborne Frank Page

Mary Jane Sim Margaret Sneath Janet M Staples Leslie Sutton Phyllis Sutton Harry Tomblin Eric Wainwright Blodwen Wales Eva Walpole Mary Ward Doris Wells Philip Wells Samuel Wilkinson Ashley Woolf Cissie Woolf Cecil William Wright James York Sylvia Young

Thanks to everyone who has contributed towards the Easter Lilies. ******************** Blessings When life gets too big for your poor heart to bear, And your face wants to growl and frown, Just add up the number of blessings you have, And a great many things you’ll put down; The first one I think would be easy to find It’s a blessing that money can’t buy, Two eyes that can see all earths beautiful things, And two ears that can hear the winds sigh; And hands that can fashion small things into shape, A mind that can think and can act, A nose that can smell the sweet fragrance of flowers, There is nothing that nature has lacked; Just add up your blessings I know you’ll agree, That although disappointment is strong, Whatever fate brings, be it laughter or tears, You won’t find the whole of life wrong. A lifetime of poems Evelyn Smith


Bourne Abbey Mothers’ Union March Report. On Saturday February 27th some members attended the Triennial Service in Lincoln to see Mrs.E.Page and the Rev. S.Rice- Oxley being commissioned together with Mrs.P.Moore (Faith and Policy and Mrs.P.Lister.(I.M.P.C.) Branch Leaders and other Mothers’ Union Officers and members also renewed their Mothers’ Union Promise. This year Mothers’ Union “ Celebrates with Faith”’ 140 years since their founding. Please join with us in our Celebrations. Details will be in the Parish Magazine and on the pew sheet leading up to events. For our March meeting members attended Church for our Lent Communion, which was led by Father Chris Atkinson. Afterwards we adjourned to the Church Hall for a cup of tea and dealt with some business matters. Friday 4th March several members attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer which The Salvation Army hosted this year. The Citadel was set out as a café and the theme and presentation was all about Cuba. Our project for 2016 will be for Baby’s Basket. This is a charitable trust which provides baby and hospital essentials as an attractive gift for mums in the Lincoln area. We are going to make up baby baskets for 0-3 months. Further details from Mrs. Jean Fownes. Please look on the Mothers’ Union Notice board in Church and the Church Hall for items needed or We are still supporting Boston Women’s Aid. Mrs.E.Page took a car load of bedding etc and toiletries to the centre last week ( many thanks to Bourne Laundry for their generosity of suitable bedding.) Last week we did our first duty at St. Benedicts. Lincoln. The next duty is on Saturday 11 th June.( We are always looking for people who are willing to go to Lincoln and partake of these duties You don’t have to be a member of Mothers’ Union.) DATES FOR YOUR DIARY MONDAY 4th APRIL LADY DAY BANNER SERVICE at ST. ANDREWS CHURCH WEST DEEPING at 2.30p.m. Contact Mrs.A.Northen if you wish to go. ( 423353) NEXT MEEETING WEDNESDAY APRIL 6th in Abbey Church Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth Page “ Visit to Kenya. MOTHER’S UNION OVERSEAS BOXES to Mrs. M. Woodland please during March and April. Ann. 13

BOURNE U3A OPEN DAY – MONDAY 25TH APRIL BOURNE U3A – A GREAT CHOICE Loneliness and boredom can be risks for those individuals who finally have time on their hands. They have longed for a chance to retire or reduce their working hours and break away from the routine. But reality can soon set in. The loss of a partner or move to a new area can all be obstacles which might be proving difficult to overcome. Bourne U3A can make a difference. The group brings together semi-retired and retired people who are considering the chance to learn new skills, brush up on old pursuits or simply meet like-minded people. “There is no pressure – people can choose an activity which appeals to their particular interests. There are really so many different groups that we believe each member can find something,” said Richard Morrison, the groups’ coordinator. And if there is nothing that appeals from the long list of activities then members will often set up their own group – one of the latest is model trains while another is considering brewing. These activities will find their place alongside the traditional from drawing and painting, handicrafts, arts and French for beginners to the unusual – clay pigeon shooting, curling, bird-watching and ten pin bowling. Rehearsals are underway for the latest production from the U3A Players where members can hone their acting skills or work back stage. In the meantime, other members will be planning trips out to the theatre, discovering different eating places or joining in the supper group. The walking group brings together members who might enjoy a shorter stroll or head off on a more challenging trek. The Ladies Fun and Exercise Group is another option while Pilates will test the muscles. Others might opt to exercise the mind through the groups for reading, creative writing or discussion. Richard said: “We believe our members are grown-ups who through their lives have had different experiences and are able to share these, although with not necessarily with other like-minded people. But it is an opportunity to talk and discuss without fear or favour!” The Open Day on Monday, April 25th, runs from 2pm to 4pm at The Corn Exchange, Bourne. Pat Howes, who plays a key role in ensuring new members make the most of the opportunities, said: “We are really excited about welcoming new people. The Open Day will give them the chance to see for themselves what U3A has to offer and then in the coming weeks we will be able to talk with each of them to make sure they find the right activities for them.” What is U3A The University of the Third Age, U3A movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its nearly 1,000 groups, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications











Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.


Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy Seeing God through new life and beginnings The Reception class children were full of anticipation and eggcitement when they had a special delivery from the ‘Happy Egg Company.’ The children experienced the feeling of expectant ‘mother hens’ from the moment 10 eggs arrived at school, waiting for the wobble and rocking of the eggs just before the main event…..the hatching! The children also climbed aboard the double decker Happy Egg Bus which was bursting with interactive activities including the free range journey ‘from farm to fork’ which helped the children crack the mysteries behind eggs. The children began by learning about the hens who produce the eggs, including all about how they live on the happy farms and what they eat. A tractor visit from a local farm was such a delight! The children got to learn all about the type of crops the farmers grow and where they end up after the harvest – which included a bread tasting treat. A visit to Sacrewell Farm started our work on ‘Spring’, the season of new life. The children were thrilled to have the opportunity to feed newly born lambs and enjoyed a tractor ride around the farm to see how crops are planted and harvested. We looked around the environment to spot other signs of new life, which led to us to talking about the way our world changes from winter to spring. During the special time of Easter, the children listened to the Easter story, held a special collective worship assembly and took part in many Easter activities, recognising this as a special time to understand how Easter is celebrated in their lives whilst developing an understanding of its religious significance.


The Julian Meetings The music and readings for April's Julian Meeting have been chosen by Cynthia Penhey. Music:

Venite from In the Power of the Spirit CD. (from the Sisters OHP St. Hilda's Priory, Whitby.)

Reading: Safe with God 'Once my understanding was let down into the bottom of the sea, and there I saw green hills and valleys, with the appearance of moss, strewn with seaweed and gravel. Then I understood in this way: that if a man or woman were there under the wide waters, if he could see God, as God is continually with man, he would be safe in soul and body, and come to no harm. And furthermore, he would have more consolation and strength than all this world can tell.' From the Long Text Chapter 10 Julian of Norwich. Silence:

We spend half an hour in silent prayer.

Music: CD

Responsory 'We are God's Temple' from the above




You are always enveloped in God's love and wisdom. Be still and know that you are in God'.

We finish our time of prayer by saying The Blessing.

The date for April's Julian Meeting is Monday 4th at 10.00am Contact: Sue Skinner. Tel. 01778 344802. Everyone welcome. If you would like to give these meetings a try, come and join us in the Abbey on the first Monday of each month.


Grimsthorpe Castle near Bourne

BUY YOUR SEASON TICKET NOW! 3,000 acres of parkland, cycle hire and trails, adventure playground, large gardens, tearoom, gift shop and….a castle! Our 2016 season begins on 24th March. A season ticket will enable you to visit on any standard open day to enjoy the park, gardens, cycle trails and adventure playground. At £21 for an individual and £47.50 for a family (2+3), it is great value. Other benefits include a tour of the castle, discount on purchases in the gift shop, one free visit to Easton Walled Gardens and one free visit to Sacrewell Farm near Peterborough. Buy online from our secure website page. Grimsthorpe is able to accept Gift Aid on season tickets. 01778 591205 for details Charity Commission No 507478

BOURNE ABBEY MOTHER AND TODDLERS GROUP MEET WEDNESDAY 9.30a.m to 11.30a.m. (During term-time only) All welcome- pre-school age, including grandparents, aunties etc. £1.50 per session for family. Refreshments at 10.15 a.m.

May 2016 Magazine Contributions for the May magazine should be with Carol Atkins by lunch-time on Sunday 17th April. They can be given to her at church, or sent to—10 Broadlands Avenue or sent by an email attachment prefera­ bly as a Word document to: 17

Knit & Sew Friendship Group Meet up with old friends and make new ones at this monthly group for people who like to relax with knitting, crochet or needlework of all kinds. From balaclavas and blankets to baby clothes and cotton dresses for little girls, the things we make go to help people in need. Enjoy a chat over tea or coffee and biscuits and be inspired by the lovely work on display. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 20 April from 2.00-4.00 pm in the Church Hall. Rosie Cudmore



Cursillo is a movement of the Church providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through Prayer, Study and Action And enabled to share God’s Love with everyone. The next Cursillo weekend for New Lincoln Pilgrims is June 17-20th. For details contact Angela Simcox

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Father Chris, Father Peter and the churchwardens for presenting me with commemorative cufflinks and other gifts marking my retirement from church duties as Crucifer and Head Server. Dennis Read


Elite Taxis of Bourne Local driver with 15 years experience. (CRB checked) FULLY LICENSED RELIABLE & FRIENDLY SERVICE. PLEASE CALL 07948 965323.

Paul Ross DipPFS CertCII(MP&ER) Independent Financial Adviser Kirkby Underwood, Bourne Tel: 01778 440555 Mob: 07786 224495 Email: * Worried about your investments or pensions? * Confused about your retirement options? * Frustrated with poor returns from your bank account? * Do you need impartial advice on equity release? * Need a financial plan for your children or grandchildren? * Or do you simply need general advice about your finances? Give me a call or drop me a line for truly independent advice. Any initial meeting will be free of charge. Landmark IFA Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Firm Reference Number 225538. Email Head Office: 60 St. Leonards Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2HU


Bourne Choral presents

A Celebration of English Music for St George’s Day Popular English music through the ages including Elgar; Gilbert and Sullivan; Andrew Lloyd Webber

Musical Director: Accompanist: Soprano Soloist: Organist:

Jenny Bean

David Scoffield Jenny Thompson Stephen Barber

Bourne Abbey Church Saturday 23rd April, 7.30 pm Adults ÂŁ8 to include refreshments: Children free Follow us on Facebook Charity Number 1068891 20

RECIPE OF THE MONTH Toasted Sandwiches I love a toasted sandwich, especially ones that are made in a sandwich maker rather than under the grill. Up until now you were probably like me and thought that only cheese and/or beans and ham would work. However, you can use almost any ingredient and in no time at all you have a tasty treat, sealed and piping hot. Here are some combos that I love  

Banana on brioche with chunks of fruit and nut chocolate – a little bit decadent but a classic. Caramelised onion, pear matchsticks and blue cheese – I love to thinly slice pickled onions and quickly fry them until soft with crispy edges; they make a delicious addition to most toasties.

Torn mozzarella, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, finely chopped anchovies and picked basil leaves.

Shredded chicken, soft goat’s cheese, sliced figs and rocket.

Your favourite sausages (cooked), thinly sliced grapes and tarragon leaves – butter the bread for this one. It can only get better with chutney.

Shredded roast chicken, sliced ham, sautéed leeks, wholegrain mustard, spinach and a grating of nutmeg.

Thinly sliced manchego (or other hard sheep’s cheese), chorizo, sliced cornichons, a little honey and a sprinkling of crushed fennel seeds.

Crumbled feta, capers, a few raisins, toasted and crushed pine nuts, rocket and mint – first rub the bread with a crushed garlic clove for a flavour kick.

Simple dressed crab – smother bread with dressed brown crabmeat, add the white meat next, pile up the watercress and top with lemon zest and a squeeze of juice. Finish with lots of black pepper.

Obviously you don’t have to use every ingredient that I have. You can still have fun by making up your own toastie recipes. Thank you Jamie Oliver! Paul Mason


BOURNE ORGAN CLUB Bourne Corn Exchange Invites you to hear

“For head to toe healthcare” Osteopathy Chiropody & Podiatry Acupuncture Clinical Hypnotherapy Nutritional Therapy Reflexology Medical Herbalism

CHRIS POWELL Wednesday 20th April 7.30pm start Members £5.00 Non-members £6.00

13 Abbey Road (next to ‘time for tea’) Tel: 01778 392832

Tickets available at the door or from John & Linda Wass01778 424947 also Neal’s Hairdressers South Street, Bourne All practitioners are fully registered and insured

Local and Established




Adults - Children

If your ironing is getting you down give Steamers a ring on

01778 571563

01778 700292 07967 268038

Pete Shaw


The Clock Shop at

TIME FOR TEA Come and see our range of watches & clocks

Stockist of DANISH DESIGN Range of Watches

Retail from £38—£125

Watch Batteries Supplied & Fitted Restoration & Repairs 11 Abbey Road, Bourne Tel. 01778 424287

Open Tuesday - Saturday 9a.m to 4p.m

DO YOUR FEET HURT? Specialist footcare treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Treatments include: Routine nail care, ingrown toenails, Corn & callous removal, bunion care, Fungal nail treatment, Diabetic foot health.

Your feet take an average 5000 steps a day for you; take one for them: call 01476 550836 or mobile 0771 3004779

Sharon Brewster, MCFHP.MAFHP Registered member of the British Association of foot health professionals. Bourne, Corby Glen, Swayfield, and surrounding area


QUIZ PAGE Anagrams and clues about British Prime Ministers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ‘ 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

VIDEO CARD MAN (Current) BOYL TRAIN (My Cherie) JO JAM HORN (Norma’s Man) THE WARD HEAD (Morning Cloud) ANNE DENY HOT (Garden in Bible) CHEAT THAT MARG ERR (Not flesh but iron) CHILL TWINS ON CHUR (Blood, sweat and tears) SURLY LADS BIRO (Cathedral city) HIRETH BARQUEST (PM during First World War) WORDS HIL ROAN (Avid pipe smoker) BLAME VEAL IN CHILER (Peace, peace) YES TIN BALD LAWN (Wallis out) MET LACE NETTLE (Churchill rejected, I’m elected) STAID ONE WILL GLAM (Bag named after him) B.T. REEL PORE (Policeman) HAM RAN OLD MILL A.C. (You have it good) A FLOUR BATH URR (I declare) ANY COLD MA DRAMAS (30’s depression) LANE JAM GAS LACH (Winter of discontent) READ NOW WARN LAB (Resigned in 1923) Thanks to Sue Green for these questions. Good Luck! Answers to last month’s quiz

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Broccoli Shortbread Fish and chips Paella Toad in the hole Sundae Tomato ketchup Spotted Dick Port Pavlova

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Sago Jacket potato Spare ribs Peach melba Swiss roll Petit fours Crab Fish fingers Sloe gin Rum Baba

Solution to Extra Puzzle If you remove the first letter of each word they become palindromes. {They read the same forwards or backwards.)


Margaret’s Page I have fallen in love……… with a chameleon! I met him in a glass-fronted cage in a restaurant at the Parrot Zoo, and watched him for about half an hour while I waited for my coffee and bacon buttie to arrive. I watched him, fascinated, as he made his slow, hesitant way along the branch, did a complicated manoeuvre at the end to turn round and then repeated the whole process again in the other direction. It was amazingly relaxing to watch this delightful little creature putting such a tremendous effort into making such an apparently pointless journey. I picked up a leaflet about the zoo over a year ago and have at last made an effort to visit it. It takes some finding as it is, literally, in the middle of nowhere. I followed little brown signs down numerous tiny roads, with innumerable potholes, before I at last arrived at the entrance. The car park was tiny and full, so I foolishly started to follow an arrow which said CAR PARK which led me down an atrociously muddy track to a car park which would have challenged a tractor or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Carefully, I reversed back to the original car park where there was now a space, thank goodness. After all this effort I felt inclined to go home and give up, but luckily I decided to stay for I had a delightful afternoon. The Parrot Zoo is officially the National Parrot Sanctuary and there are literally hundreds of parrots there which have been abandoned by their owners. Most of them are in large cages with others of the same species where they are free to fly and integrate with their comrades. Visitors can see them but are not able to go too close. There is however one walk-through enclosure where you can feed tame birds with millet or peanuts. There were parrots all over people’s backs, on their heads, on their shoulders and anywhere else imaginable. I had not bought any seed but even I had a parrot on my shoulder, about 10cm. from my ear. I suggest that people of a nervous disposition give this area a miss, but those with strong nerves were having a wonderful time and the birds were amazingly gentle. There is a large enclosure containing tigers, some of which were born at this zoo, and are therefore advertised on the website as ‘Lincolnshire tigers’ – much more rare than Indian tigers! My favourite enclosure was the one for meerkats. I had taken my camera and had every intention of taking some photographs which I would use later at the art class I attend. One very co-operative meerkat stood up and posed beautifully for me, but it was not my day; my camera refused to work. I had put a new battery in the night before and I had taken photos of some of the parrots, but nothing I could do would make it take pictures of meerkats. In the summer I shall go back and try again. The Parrot Zoo is not easy to find, entry is not cheap, and NEVER go in wet weather, but despite that it is a great day out for those who have good nerves and have never really grown up. You can find out more about it on 25


Chartered Certified Accountants


8 Exeter Street, Bourne, PE10 9NJ Tel. 01778 393147


Assistance with completion of self assessment tax return forms and preparation of accounts.

Home visits by appointment

Assistance for people starting a new business

Telephone: 01476 550503 Mobile: 0794 3041 506

Personal and friendly service

Anne Marie Lilly


Professional Beauty Treatments facials, non-surgical face-lifts, eyebrow shaping and tinting, waxing, manicures, pedicures Gift Vouchers available 01778 426676



01529 240936 07958 162503


Gas Plumbing Services Office: 01778 392608 Mobile: 0795 0901007 0782 8423514 Boiler breakdown, service and repair specialists including combination boilers. For domestic Gas and LPG appliances, System breakdowns, Fault finding. Unvented hot water cylinder. Certified Landlord inspections. Energy efficiency certified.


ANDY TAYLOR Carpenter & Joiner


01778 421120 Mobile 07792 332280

INDEPENDENT FAMILY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Giving a complete 24 hour personal service by caring and dedicated staff



No job too small

Tel Bourne: 01778 422240

A local tradesman


We have a Fabulous range of men’s and lady’s fashion, lingerie and accessories, gifts, cards, wrapping paper, candles, bags, purses, wallets, jewellery and more. Men’s Evening Wear and Wedding Hire.

21-23 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE

01778 422359

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm



POCKLINGTON Timber/Building

LOCKSMITH SERVICES PHONE: 01778 441279 MOBILE: 07901530013

Sheds, Fences, Sawn Timber etc


Ye Olde Quarrie, Stamford Road, Ryhall, Stamford, PE9 4HB


Tel: 01778 425170 - Mob: 07802 399160

ALEC DAY Butcher & Fishmonger 17A Abbey Road, Bourne Tel: 01778 422281 FINEST ENGLISH Beef, Lamb & Pork, Chicken & Tur­ key LINCOLNSHIRE SAUSAGE Made to our own traditional recipe HOME COOKED Cold Meats and Haslet Traditional and Gourmet CHEESES A selection of FRESH FISH Available Tuesday to Saturday Also FRUIT AND VEGETABLES

Fresh Footsteps Do you struggle to take care of your feet or know someone who does? Take the first step and contact JEAN POLLARD Dip CFHP MPSPract 07443 590502 e-mail Professional, reliable, insured and fully qualified Foot Health Practitioner Home visits available Wednesday 09.00 – 20.00 and Thursday 09.00 – 18.00 Find me on, Facebook and

I am a member of The Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners which is overseen by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care



Richard Arden

Sian Means

Foot Healthcare Practitioner Dip FH, MCFHP MAFHP Professional, High Quality Care and Advice Over 25 years experience in the health industry Corns, callouses and cracked heels Nail cutting and filing Arthritic and Diabetic Feet Thickened/fungal nails Fully qualified and insured Mobile Service

Painter & Decorator Professional Service Interior and exterior work Wallpaper hanging All aspects of decorating Competitive prices Free no obligation quote Mobile. 07759 638612 Tel. no. 01778 422195

Call Sian on: 07517 979432


M.P.SMITH Repairs to all leading makes of: Washing Machines Dishwashers Tumble Driers Electric Cookers No call out charge on accepted estimates

Over 40 years experience

01778 343870




All aspects of garden & exterior work considered, including


grass and hedge cutting garden clearance fencing maintenance shed & garage clearance landscaping shed bases.

SUPPLIED AND FITTED Free quotes call Ken on 01778 441279 or 07901530013 IT MAY BE CHEAPER THAN YOU THINK.

PLEASE RING 07890998781


Nature Notes from Bourne Woods- April 2016 Some things happen regularly every year. Other events are less predictable, occurring on some years only. For example most people have a birthday every year (unless they are born on February 29th!), whereas the siskins visit Bourne Woods on mass only on some years. When they do come it is usually in March/April. Three or four years a huge flock of perhaps 1000 or more stayed several weeks. Hardly any came in 2014/15, unless I missed them. Would they come again in 2016? We would not know until they came, or did not come and the year progressed siskin-less. Well, this year we have been lucky! Not so many as before but we have enjoyed the twittering of approximately 100 or so. Redpolls frequently join them, calling with their typical “wooze-wooze�. I recently had a clear view of a splendid male redpoll with his dashing streaky red waistcoat and matching top-knot. He stood out clearly from the siskins who were resplendent in their bright yellow feathers which glistened in the sun. Their beaks are dagger-like, so when they are on the feeders other birds wisely keep their distance! By the time you read this the flock may have moved on. However they may still be here - perhaps a trip to the woods would be a good idea to see if they are about. My dog definitely thinks so! Whilst out with her I could contemplate some of those annual events which do take place more reliably. These include the bluebell leaves giving the woodland floor a green carpet with patches of white wood anemones - their flowers dancing in the wind. What a marvellous time of year to be out and about! Our event for April is a Spring Bird Walk on Wednesday 27 th April at 7pm from the main car park, to look and listen for migrants and the local birds. For more information see or phone 07760468052.

Did you know There is now a St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice Bereavement Group in Bourne. It takes place at the Cedars Nursing Home on a Thursday morning 10.00am to 12noon. For more information phone Betty Cross on 01522 518221



The Butterfield Centre

2 North Road, Bourne.

Reg. Charity No. 517390

Day Care for the Older Person...and so much more Mobile Meals delivered to your home Domestic Help Service Day Care (at the Centre) Call manager Debbie Hague 01778 421422 for further information. 33

Bishop of Lincoln’s Letter for April 2016.

As I sit down to write my letter to you, I do so in the same week that many of our clergy and readers have been preparing to preach on the anointing of Jesus at Bethany. It’s a familiar story from the gospel of John, which tells of Mary taking a jar of expensive perfume and, in a moment of seemingly reckless extravagance, pouring the sweet-smelling perfume over the feet of Jesus before wiping it away with her hair. This apparent waste horrifies Judas Iscariot, who will go on to betray Jesus and hand him over to the Jewish police, and ultimately to the occupying Roman Army to be crucified. It is a poignant and powerful story of human love and generosity, jealousy and betrayal. I encourage you to reach for your bible and read the story again for yourself, because it is also a wonderful illustration of the generous and extravagant God whom you and I profess, and whose love is most perfectly expressed for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus, which we celebrate at Easter. In her care for Jesus, Mary’s actions speak of love and generosity, of honour­ ing Jesus. By contrast, Judas is consumed by jealousy, spite and, ultimately, betrayal. The irony is that both Mary and Judas are needed in our story: Mary’s extravagance points to the overflowing generosity of God, which we see most profoundly in the death and resurrection of Jesus; it is Judas’ betrayal of Jesus that leads to Jesus’ death, making the resurrection possible. Then, as now, we find the best and the worst of humanity existing side by side.

In this, the story mirrors the reality of life as you and I live it today. However, the message of the resurrection is that goodness is stronger than evil; love is stronger than hate; light is stronger than darkness; life is stronger than death. The challenge for all of us is to hold fast to the values of love and compassion, generosity and service, particularly when the prevailing culture around us makes it hard to do so, and jealousy and spite, hatred and betrayal can seem to have the upper hand. I wish you a blessed and a happy Easter. +Christopher Lincoln:



Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, Bourne, PE10 9LY Tel 01778 424740 Once a working watermill, powered by the Bourne Eau. Now a Heritage centre displaying information and artefacts relating to the town and Raymond Mays. Exhibitions on three floors. Charles Worth Gallery now open. OPENING TIMES: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 2- 4pm All year round. ADMISSION: Free of charge. LOCATION: On A15, 200 metres south of town centre, near Red Hall. CIVIC SOCIETY Wednesday 13th April Tony Stubbs 50 years of Travel.

The Abbey Church Hall With a well-equipped kitchen, the Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates for all regular groups such as Weightwatchers, karate, yoga and dancing, table-top and jumble sales, tea dances, coffee mornings, talks, slide shows and art exhibitions, lunches, anniversaries, receptions etc. Children’s parties are very popular at £30 for 4 hours. For more details of Hall charges and to make a booking, contact: Churchwarden Merryn Woodland 01778 423232 Hall Caretaker Janet Stubbs

01778 422304

Thinking of making or up-dating your will? If so, please consider bequeathing a gift to Bourne Abbey. A legacy would help to secure the future of the church and its work with future generations. Don’t forget that legacies to charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Thank you.



Weightwatchers 9.30—11.00a.m. (Every Monday except Bank Holidays) Karate 5.30-7.30pm (tel. 01780 762261) Zumba Dancing 8.15—9.15pm (07580 701 047)


U3A Art 9.00—11.30am Extend (Exercise) 12-1pm Tel 01780 470221 Slimming World 5pm—01529 497274


Toddler Group 9.30—11.30am Mothers’ Union 2.15—4.00 pm (1st Wed. in month) Knit & Sew Friendship Group 2.00—4.00p.m. (3rd Wed. in month) 01778 423569 Weightwatchers 5.30-7.30 pm


Tiny Talk 10-11am (Term Time only) Garden Club 7.30pm—9.00pm (3rd Thursday in month) Whist Drive 7.00pm-10pm (Last Thursday in month) Nubourne WI 7.30pm (1st Thursday in the month)


Extend Exercise 10.30-11.30am Tel 01780 470221

Bookings for the Hall contact Mer r yn Woodland 01778 423232 Caretaker:- Mrs Janet Stubbs 01778 422304

If you would like to have a copy of the magazine delivered regularly to your house please fill in the form below and return it to one of the churchwardens or the Verger. Please put me on the list for monthly delivery of the magazine. Names (please pr int) ……………………………………………….. Address …………………………………………………………….. Telephone (optional) ……………………………………………….




Expert planning & monitoring for the elderly/older people when needing care services.


No job too small Domestic and commercial Extra sockets Rewiring Lighting 3 Phase *Part P* Approved

If you are worried about yourself, a relative or neighbour do call us. *30 Years experience. *An alternative to using services. *No contact centres to go through or waiting lists. Our website contains information on the service we can provide. Please phone, email or ar r ange to meet us at offices in Oakham or Stamford. Alternatively we can come to your home. Phone 01572-756666

Please call me on 01778 393982 or 07792 261781 E-mail:

Email agecar Find us at www.agecar


Celebration Cakes Outside Catering Christenings Weddings Funerals

Crockery Hire Telephone 01778 393079 Now at 32 North Street, Bourne PE10 9LY


FROM THE REGISTERS Baptisms: 7th February Percy Reeds; Amelia Gray 14th Lizzie-Mai Sommerfield 28th Henry Smith Marriages: None Funerals: 3rd February Patricia Taylor 12th Trevor Holmes 19th Kathleen Castel 26th Norman Gladden 26th Deborah Falkner Happy Birthday to 4th Alison Johns 5th Nellie Sanders 22nd Ron Stephens In Memory 4th Ann Tabour FLOWER ROTA –APRIL Easter Arrangements. High Altar and Pulpit 26th March & 2nd April – Mrs.W.Moody and Mrs. C.Bentley Easter Lilies in Memorium. Lady Chapel 26th March & 2nd April – Mrs.C.Guppy St.Pauls Chapel 26th March & 2nd April – Mrs.C.Penhay. North Windows. Mr s.S.Casey, Mr s.E.Boss and Mother and Toddler s. South Windows. Mr.& Mr s.B.Hicks, Mr s.M.Woodland and Mrs.A.Northen Back Pillars Mr s.C.Bentley North Door Entrance Mr s.M.Rober ts. High Altar 9th & 16th April – Mrs.M.Woodland 23rd & 30th April – Mrs. M. Smith. Martha Mrs. M. Roberts

Mrs. M Banks

Candles Mrs N. Knowles and Pat Seymour.


YOUR PARISH CHURCH SERVES YOU BAPTISM, CHURCHINGS AND WEDDINGS, are by arrangement with Father Chris….01778 422412

OUR FELLOWSHIP FLOWERS IN CHURCH Mrs A Northen 24, Fir Avenue……………………………….01778 423353 HALL BOOKINGS Merryn Woodland …………………………………………… 01778423232 MAGAZINE EDITOR Mrs Carol Atkins, 10 Broadlands Avenue…………………….01778 425760 Sub Editor Margaret Shephard, 12 Baldwin Grove……………………….01778 425778 MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION Mr J. Warner 134 Beech Avenue ………. ……………………01778 421465 MOTHERS' UNION Mrs A. Northen, 24, Fir Avenue ………………………………01778 423353 RINGERS Mr A.G.Payne, Oldhall Farm House Wilsthorpe.……………...01778 560633

SERVERS PARENT, BABY & TODDLER GROUP Clair Carter, 5 Poppy Place, Bourne…………………………..01778 394230


WHO'S WHO VICAR The Revd Father Chris Atkinson, The Vicarage, Church Walk 01778 422412 ASSISTED BY The Revd Father Peter Lister, Associate Priest, 4 Linden Rise, 01778 423730 CHURCHWARDENS Mr. D. Guppy…16 Gladstone Street……. ……………………01778 423873 Mrs Merryn Woodland, 26 Harvey Close, Bourne……………01778 423232 VERGER Mr. A. Lightfoot, 29A West Street, Bourne…………...……….07923 854819 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC John Saunders, Mellstock, Bourne Road, Essendine………….01780 480479 Email Assistant Organist—Stanley Godfrey Deputy Organist Peter Page, 48 Grosvenor Avenue, Bourne, PE10 9HU……….01778 393031 P.C.C. SECRETARY Mrs. C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street Bourne………………...…01778 423873 SAFEGUARDING OFFICER Karen Key, 5 Exeter Close, Bourne, PE10 9NP……………….01778 421029 P.C.C. TREASURER Mr A. G. Payne, Oldhall Farm House, Wilsthorpe …………...01778 560633 READERS Mr D.H.Page, 3 Sycamore Close

…………………………...01778 422512

MANDATED MINISTRY TEAM Mrs J Smith, 60 Gladstone Street …………………………...01778 422219 GIFT AID OFFICER Mr D M Harding 72 Station Road Morton.

…………………01778 570177

STEWARDSHIP RECORDER Mrs C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street, Bourne, PE10 9AX………01778 423873


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