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A summative evaluation of my time spent; experiences and lessons learned. I’ve always done exactly what I wanted to do, until I started this degree. One of the main aspects of the first two years of this programme was the idea of working towards an existing brief. At first I found this an extremely restricting process. After time I found that restrictions force us to come up with more creative resolutions and ways to problem solve. In the first two years of the degree, because I was already a conceptual designer/thinker, I set my focus on the development of my practical skills. I spent most of my time in the printroom, experimenting with different processes and learning how to bend the traditional rules- much to the weariness of the technicians. I also exploited low-fi printing methods, for example my final brief of second year uses photocopied acetate, which has then been roughly foiled onto and reversed, creating a considered outcome that has an unconventional process. By the summer of last year I had essentially worked out what my practice was all about. I think this is from learning more about myself through various experiences throughout this transitional period of my life. For me, a successful practice comes from staying interested in what you’re doing, alongside maintaining a flow of content and outcomes that enrich those that interact and react with the resolution. This year has been the biggest struggle for me. But because of this, it has also been the most rewarding- constantly making mistakes and learning from them. I have learned a lot about life; quite a lot about graphic design and moreso about human nature. Life has taught me that I cannot rely on anyone, which may sound somewhat pessimistic- I see this only as a positive thing as it has forced me to be stronger and take responsibility for all that I should. I have learned how to read people and become more aware of what people want and what exactly they will respond to. Both these learning curves have together informed what I perceive to be graphic design. Throughout the Final Major Project my idea of what graphic design can be has changed. The application of skills toward a huge range of mediums is almost immeasurable. Spatial design was something in particular that interested me, especially towards the end of the end. The idea that you can really be a part of something and experience design genuinely excited se. It directly ties in with my obsession with knowledge and understanding how we learn- and then ultimately teaching said knowledge through engaging design experiences.

It seems a strength and also a weakness that, at all times, I am open-minded about almost everything. I am open to new ideas, processes, theories and people. This gives me the potential to create some interesting and successful resolutions. However, it also means my direction is constantly changing which causes a sporadic and staggered process, more intuitive than formulaic. The Latin phrase ‘Tempora muntanur et nos mutamur in illis’, translates to ‘the world changes, and we change with it’. I believe it’s important to remember this as the ability to be malleable Is essential in any design practice and more importantly, life. My plans for the future are simply to enjoy and engage with what I do- learning, rectifying, struggling and experimenting.

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