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Design Practice

Charlotte Bourke

The Wardrobe promotional material

Bebas neue regular Existing branding incorporated in menu.


The WArdrobe

A more friendly and confident typeface that reflects the outspoken message behind blues, whilst mirroring a quality hearty burger.

The brief:

Refresh existing promotional material for online mail-outs; consolidate and create consistency by exploiting the current system. Produce a promotional flyer with a solid concept that has design longevity to avoid unnecessary costs.

The concept:

The digital artwork/banners utilise the existing branding to create concruency in areas where there was none. Using the brands current tpye family and colour scheme meant the work looked like an extension of an idea rather than a completely new one. The concept for ‘Blues, Beers & Burgers’ was born from the

Spec: idea that the target audience, (music & art students) would respond to a hand-rendered illustration because they can relate to the more creative process that goes into this kind of artwork. The burger violently marries typical blues instruments with the food being sold- a blues burger.

All digital artwork: set in RGB colour mode at 72 PPI. All work sent for print: A6 format, 350gsm uncoated stock.


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