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Recruiter:       Phone:      

City of Residence:      

Job Location:       Relocation: Yes/ No

GENERAL INFORMATION Career overview       Why looking for new opportunity at this time?       Selection Criteria (why our company, this position and Portland, etc)       Timing (where are you in your search, what would influence your availability to start a new role, relocation, etc)       Salary History and/ or Expectations (base, bonus, equity, etc)       Authorization to Work in US (Are you permanently authorized to work in the United States, including its affiliates, without visa sponsorship?) Please reference immigration process & checklist for guidance.       Non-Compete (please refer to Non-Compete Guide and Positions List)       TECHNIAL COMPETENCIES (add those that are specific to position/ pipeline)                               COMPETENCIES Leadership (success building teams, creating/fostering positive work, etc) Tell us about a time when you brought out the best in someone on your team? How did you play to their strengths?       Capability (business results, metrics, performance, etc) Share with me a time when you anticipated the needs of the business and brought solutions to the table (how limited were resources, was it successful, buy in).       Brand (represent, enhance and reinforce brand strategies, etc) When has your strong emotional connection to our brand translated to positive energy and vision for your team? Can you give a specific example of a project made better due to your connection to our brand?

Relationship Building How do you quickly gain credibility with your team/business partners (building relationships, most difficult business partner)?       Tolerance for Ambiguity Walk me thru your most ambiguous project. How were you able to understand what to look for? Was it successful       Influence Tell us about a time when your role required you to work across multiple business partners with different opinions or agendas, yet you had to ultimately build consensus and influence an outcome.       RECRUITER SUMMARY/ WRAP UP Candidate Questions/ Topics of Interest/ Outstanding Issues       Opportunities/ Strengths       Next Steps/ Recommendation       Prioritization in Pipeline      

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