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In the fall of 1964, the cornerstone of what would become the permanent home of University of Toronto’s New College was laid at the corner of Willcocks and Huron Streets, in the heart of the St. George Campus.

At the ceremony to mark this auspicious occasion, U of T President Claude Bissell declared that a “new chapter in the history of the University of Toronto” had been written. New College was the first undergraduate college to bring students from the professional faculties—including engineering and pharmacy, architecture and music—together with those in the arts, sciences and commerce, beginning a conversation between students and faculty of different backgrounds that continues today. New College turned 50 in 2012. This momentous milestone called for us to look back at our past accomplishments and reflect upon where we want to be 50 years from now, on the occasion of our centenary. Since opening its doors, New College has focused on offering students a rigorous interdisciplinary education that is grounded in the principles of equity and social justice. The College offers a diverse choice of programs, which today includes African Studies, Caribbean Studies, Equity Studies, and Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health. For half a century, we have been preparing young women and men for lives of intellectual engagement, service and accomplishment. Today, we are embarking on a “new chapter” in the life of New College.

Just over 50 years ago a proposal for a system of new residential colleges for the University was put forward and accepted. A principal was appointed, schematics were drawn and foundations were laid—both literally and metaphorically. New College was born.

take part in a wide variety of cultural, recreational and educational events. Many choose New College for its reputation as a caring community where students are encouraged to engage in social, volunteer and leadership activities that enrich their university experience.

New College was created with a purpose. There was a need at the University of Toronto for additional residential space and for innovative academic programs. With a new college came new horizons: new possibilities for knowledge and meaning; new opportunities for global fluency; new avenues for ethical development in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized society.

We welcome faculty and students from every background, encouraging an exchange of ideas from multiple perspectives. New College is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of free inquiry. Equity and social engagement, the development of personal character and the enrichment of community life are central components of teaching, learning and service at the College.

We have come a long way. What has emerged over the past five decades is something more than a college. In the heart of Canada’s largest city we have built a diverse and welcoming community of outstanding students, faculty and alumni.

New College has highly regarded interdisciplinary programs in Equity Studies, African Studies, Caribbean Studies and Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health. In addition to undergraduate arts and sciences programs, the College residence is home to students in professional faculties such as engineering, kinesiology and physical education, pharmacy and music. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and smaller class sizes, the College offers students an intimate and challenging environment that broadens their experience and understanding through interaction with faculty and classmates from different fields.

New College is a distinctive place of learning within the University of Toronto. Like Toronto itself, U of T is made of a collection of neighbourhoods, each with its own unique flavours and qualities. New College occupies a prime location on the St. George Campus—three buildings (Wilson Hall, Wetmore Hall and 45 Willcocks) in a beautiful downtown setting. Our undergraduate enrolment exceeds 4,900 students, one of the largest and most diverse student populations of any of the colleges. And our enrolment continues to grow. More than 860 students live in our residences, making New College a hub of social activity. Students from diverse backgrounds and ages live side by side and

As we look toward the next 50 years, New College will continue to celebrate the value of community and conversation, of student lounges and common rooms, as well as of libraries and lecture halls. We will also continue to honour and promote the values of equity and social engagement that are the cornerstone of our great College.

“We have built a community where our students can have an amazing educational experience and build lasting memories. In exchange, we are counting on our students to contribute new ideas and fresh approaches. This is the New College synergy.” YVES ROBERGE, Principal of New College and Professor in the Department of French.


The Campaign for New College



Juncta Juvant, Latin for “Strength in Unity� is the New College motto. This guiding principle permeates all aspects of the College, including its architecture. Placing academic, social and living spaces beneath one roof was a fresh and imaginative concept when New College was built in the 1960s. This integrated design laid the foundation for the strong and unique New College community that has developed over the past 50 years and will continue to shape our future.


The Campaign for New College

The campaign for New College, as part of Boundless: the Campaign for the University of Toronto, is a historic opportunity to advance our exceptional undergraduate programs, inspiring spaces and unique community spirit. The world is becoming more complex, but the fundamentals of higher education have remained intact. Tomorrow’s leaders will need to move easily between the cultural, economic, social and political spheres of global affairs. Our role as educators is to prepare young people to be engaged global citizens who can think critically and creatively across disciplines, cultures and borders. The goal is global fluency: New College will provide our students with a university experience that readies them for leadership in a relentlessly changing, globalized world. We can do this by internationalizing our curriculum, attracting more international students, fostering intimate learning communities and creating more opportunities for our students to learn a foreign language and conduct research abroad. We will also enhance our living and learning environment for all members of the New College community. Your support is critical in helping to achieve this vision. We seek an initial $7 million in both capital and endowment funding, which represents the cornerstone of the largest fundraising effort in the history of New College. We are confident that our alumni and friends will support this great initiative that honours our past visionaries by preparing today’s students to become the next generation of global citizens and leaders.

“Without scholarship support, my academic performance and overall university experience would not have been as rich as it was. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the scholarships I’ve received, and to the alumni and friends who have contributed to them.” SANDRA HUYNH (BSc 2012) is a recent life sciences graduate who is currently a U of T medical student and intends to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology.


The Campaign for New College



Fifteen students from New College’s African Studies program spent their reading week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where they met with officials from the African Union (AU), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the European Union delegation to the AU, and the Canadian and American embassies in Ethiopia.


The Campaign for New College


Student Awards

Senior Doctoral Fellowships

New College is committed to expanding its scholarship and bursary program in order to ease the financial pressures our students face as tuition and residence fees increase. We are interested in developing our pool of merit and needs-based financial aid, admission and residence scholarships, program-based awards and travel awards.

New College launched a Senior Doctoral Fellowship Program in 2011 with the goal of increasing interaction between undergraduate students and graduate students pursing research relevant to our academic programs.

International Experience Fund New College endeavours to offer students opportunities to complement their coursework through active cultural, language and academic exchanges. Funds will allow students to participate in an international course module to encourage research and study in various international settings, especially in Africa and the Caribbean. They will also support international student internships in Belize and Southern Africa and develop new global partnerships to support the University’s goal of an international experience available to all undergraduate students. Funds could also support visits by university students from these regions.

Each Fellow is a U of T doctoral student in the writing stage of a dissertation who will contribute to the intellectual life of the College by mentoring undergraduate students, giving a seminar and participating in New College’s academic and community events. Funding will provide Fellows with a stipend, dedicated space at New College, time to focus on their thesis and the opportunity to build their network with faculty members.

Alumni-Student Mentorship Program New College is home to a well-established alumni-student mentorship program. Since 1995, New College has provided students in their third and fourth year with an opportunity to be mentored by alumni and friends of the College. This exceptional program provides opportunities for students to learn networking skills while investigating and reviewing possible career options with their mentors. This fund will support activities and materials which enhance and facilitate the experience, preparation and training of mentees and mentors.

“New College offers an academic environment that fosters social responsibility, equity, global awareness and a solid intellectual foundation for engaged citizenship.” JUNE LARKIN, Director, Equity Studies Program, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Equity Studies Program and Women and Gender Studies Institute

10 The Campaign for New College




NewOne NewOne is the first-year foundational program at New College, which launched in September, 2012. The theme of the program is Learning without Borders. NewOne focuses on specific learning outcomes, reflects our academic programs, emphasizes community engagement and is interdisciplinary in nature.

Service-Learning Initiative Fund This fund will promote service learning—community based education with an eye on social and ethical responsibility. Funds would be used to create pre-service training materials and deliver in-service mentoring, guidance and evaluation from a supervisor.

Curriculum Innovation Fund In recent years, New College has witnessed a dramatic increase in student enrolment within all of our academic programs. Additional funds are needed to support new courses in African Studies, Caribbean Studies and Equity Studies. The goal is to offer a suite of courses that students can choose from in an effort to complement the existing curriculum, while increasing our enrolment and developing a larger community presence. We are particularly interested in developing courses that encourage experiential learning and research opportunities with community partners and international NGOs.

12 The Campaign for New College



Student Support

$2 Million

Program Support

$2 Million

Infrastructure Revitalization

$1 Million


$5 Million

The New College Plaza The New College Plaza will enhance the streetscape on Willcocks Street, bringing attention to the New College campus and increasing the functionality of our existing space. The Plaza design envisions a prominent entryway, which will help bring more awareness of the New College quadrangle and operate as a focal point and marker for the College. The quadrangle currently serves as a central gathering place for students during orientation week and for many social events with students and alumni. The plaza design includes upgraded landscaping, installation of bicycle racks, several large benches and enhancement of the pedestrian traffic flow between New College’s entrances on Huron Street and Willcocks Street with a footpath. The plaza design is mindful of New College’s distinctive architectural style and encourages social interaction by offering the U of T community more space to gather and relax.


14 The Campaign for New College

This is a momentous time in the life of New College. Like our founders, we have ambitious goals that will require dedication from our academic and volunteer leaders and transformational support from our remarkable alumni and friends. New College has always been a forward-thinking institution and this progressive spirit will continue to guide us into the future. We are confident that now is the time to invest in New College and our exceptional community. We invite you to support our campaign. With your generosity and commitment, the next 50 years at New College will be even more exceptional than the last.


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: ALISON LIDDELL 300 Huron Street, Room 124 Toronto ON M5S 3J6 (416) 978-0310