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Groundbreaking Startups

OTI LUMIONICS Founded by Michael Helander (BASc 2007, PhD 2012), OTI Lumionics is unlocking the full potential of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) through materials and processes aimed at reducing the technology’s cost, making flat-panel displays and lighting more efficient and affordable than ever. In 2011, Michael and his colleagues built the world’s most efficient flexible OLED on plastic. In 2014, the company manufactured the aerelight, the world’s first consumer OLED lamp.

BIONYM Karl Martin (BASc 2001, MASc 2003, PhD 2010) is the founder of Bionym, which has developed the Nymi  , a wearable wristband that eliminates the need for passwords, PIN codes and other identifiers by using electrocardiogram (ECG) signals to authenticate identity. The Nymi addresses identity in the digital world by communicating a secure, digitally signed identity credential via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to smart devices.

XAGENIC Prof. Shana Kelley of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is the founder of Xagenic, a lab-free diagnostic platform that can test for cancer and infectious diseases with results that are available in 20 minutes. The technology involves chipbased sensors made from nanomaterials that take precise measurements at the molecular level. The technology will dramatically improve patient care and reduce health care costs.

BEMUSED NETWORK Margaret Lam (MI 2011) is the founder of, an online platform designed to help performing artists build insightful audience connections. BeMused Network’s growing suite of business and psychographics tools is becoming a vital foundation for a sustainable artistic career. For audiences, it is a marketplace of artistic experiences and related services. This startup was inspired by Margaret’s Master’s research in Professor Matt Ratto’s Critical Making Lab (iSchool).


Boundless 2014 Impact Report  
Boundless 2014 Impact Report