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December 2010/ January 2011

A huge “Thank You!” to Ron & Maggie with the Sportsman Bar. They have co-sponsored all the 8-Ball Tournaments for the season. Special “Thanks” goes out to Gene & Dar with the Moyie Club. Your support of Tournaments is outstanding! Thank you to all the participating establishments that host the 8-Ball Winter League. Thank you to all the players that make this league a fun place to work and play. Boundary Billiards would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year!

Half Way for 8-Ball As the season reaches the halfway point it is interesting to see how everyone is doing. Granted, there have been a few changes since last year but overall I believe the changes to be mostly positive. Speaking for Mugsy’s A team I can say that everyone we’ve played seems to be having a great deal of fun! I hope that everyone looks forward to pool night and will continue to shoot even as the Spring and Summer seasons come rolling in. Boundary Billiards is planning to provide opportunities for different kinds of billiard play in the county as will be discussed later in this letter. We want to commend everyone for doing their best where the rules are concerned and for being really great sportsmen (women). A few things to look forward to for the 2011/12 8-Ball league are: 1) The cost per night will go up to $4 per night 2) Teams will consist of only 4 players 3) We will play “Round Robin” style The first two are easy to understand and so I’ll only go over what a Round Robin looks like. RR is where each member of your team will play each member of the opposing team before the night is over. With going to 4 person teams that means we only have to increase the games played to 16 per night. If we keep 5 person teams we would have to play 25 games! That would take too long. Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to so far loves the idea of playing everyone on the opposite team. I hope this will sound good to you too. One of the main complaints of going to a four person team is the fact that one of your current team members will now need to join another team. If everyone that plays now continues we could end up with 15 teams. As always I’m always open to suggestions and comments. In order to keep our league current we continue forward.

Boundary Billiards

T 8-Ball Shoot Out R $200 Cash Added! J O $10 Entry - Pays 1st - 6th a P Co-Sponsored by The Sportsman Bar n Prizes/ Drink Specials H u Races to 2 (Winners) I a *Final Match Race to 5 r E Limit 24 Players y Starts at 1 pm at the Northwoods S 8th Use this sheet to pre-register by... 1. Putting this in your league envelope with $10

Youth 8-Ball League Coming soon Ages 12 - 17 6 Weeks of Play Sponsored by Mugsy’s

10-Ball Is Coming to Boundary Billiards

IF you love 9-Ball you’re gonna flip over 10-Ball. Take all the strategy and position play from 9-Ball, remove the slop shots and you have the game of 10-Ball. Spring of 2011 we’ll introduce the first continued on back...

Beautiful Player’s Cue Stick (19oz) on raffle for the Jan. 8 Tournament

10-Ball league in Boundary County. We’ll start out by keeping the league short, only a 10 week season beginning April 6th and ending June 8th. We’ll keep the league night on Wednesday so it won’t be any different for the players. Cost per night will be $5 to get us ready for the Summer season tournaments. So what are the specific rules of 10-Ball? We will list the main rules cause everything else is just like shooting 9-Ball. We’ll start by looking at how to rack the balls. The only balls that must be in their place is the 1 at the front and the 10 in the middle, all others are placed randomly. The reason for the 1 in the front is the same as in 9-Ball, you must hit the 1 ball first as it is the lowest numbered object ball. When you break, if you make a ball, you keep shooting the next lowest object ball until you get to the 10. Now we’ll discuss the differences between 9 & 10-Ball... You must call which ball and which pocket on each shot. You can use combos, caroms, kicks and banks but the ball you call must go into the pocket you call. If you pocket a ball illegally it is your opponent’s shot. If you pocket the 10-ball illegally, you must spot it. If you make the 10-ball on the break, you must spot it and the breaker continues to shoot. If you jump any ball off the table you lose your turn and the ball remains off the table: exception is the 10-ball which is spotted. The first shot after the break can be a push shot - this means that you can simply hit the cue ball anywhere to try and improve your position. Your opponent then can take the table or give it back to you. If you make a ball during a push shot it stays pocketed unless it is the 10-ball which would be spotted. Three consecutive fouls is loss of game Fouls are for all balls. The game is won when the 10-ball is legally pocketed.


December/ January 2011 Newsletter