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SUMMER 2021 Books May-August


Flying Eye Books will take your children’s eyes on a journey of wonder!


Written in rhythmic prose with lively and bright illustrations, this calming and beautiful combination of the comfort of cats and the magic of space is the perfect bedtime read.

One Day On Our Blue Planet... In the Outback


9781838740412 HB £12.99 MAY

Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

9781838740566 PB £7.99 MAY

9781912497256 PB £9.99 JUNE

Curious About Crocodiles 9781838740375 HB £12.99 JUNE

This stunning illustrated guide to the world’s most famous river and its surrounding rainforest is packed with incredible facts about the region’s wildlife, people, geography, and history.

Hilda and the Mountain King 9781838740528 PB £8.99 JUNE

The Secret Lives of Dragons 9781838740474 HB £14.99 JUNE

When I Was a Fairy

9781838740207 HB £12.99 AUG

Amazon River 9781912497331 HB £14.99 AUG

Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator

Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark 9781838740337 HB £12.99 AUG

9781838740542 PB £8.99 AUG




This beautifully illustrated anthology celebrates high quality fiction and non-fiction short story writing from authors all over the world. Bringing together 12 exciting and emerging international voices, this collection explores the censoring of the past, present, future, the self, the state, and the effects of censorship on everyday life.

How to Pick a Fight 9781910620786 PB £14.99 JULY

Aiden Shaw’s Penis and Other Stories of Censorship From Around the World 9781910620816 HB £14.99 MAY


Award-winning and innovative books to help inspire a love of art TATE

Pierre is a bear who loves hair! From beehives to buzzcuts, to mullets and mowhawks! His favourite roller skating team, The Poodle Squad have the best hair around!

Pierre’s New Hair

Cat About Town Meet the Artist: Sophie 9781849767590 Taeuber-Arp

9781849767460 HB £11.99 MAY 9781849767712 PB £6.99 MAY

HB £11.99 JUNE

9781849766937 PB £6.99 JUNE

Mr Tiger

9781849767477 HB £11.99 JUNE

A children’s imprint aiming to make a difference and push boundaries GBS

Being Me

9781913074654 PB £7.99 MAY

The Language of Cat and Other Poems

The Corinthian Girl 9781913074722 HB £12.99 JUNE

Beep Beep!

9781913074692 HB £12.99 AUG

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Tiger Walk

9781913074753 PB £7.99 JUNE

Hey, Girl!

9781913074586 PB £7.99 AUG

9781913074708 HB £12.99 JULY

Caterpillar Cake 9781913074661 HB £12.99 AUG

9781913074548 PB £7.99 JULY

Brian the Brave 9781913074562 PB £7.99 JULY

Nikhil-Jay: Save the Day 9781913074623 PB £7.99 AUG

Nikhil-Jay: The Star Birthday 9781913074616 PB £7.99 AUG


Pinkie and Boo! 9781916205413 PB £6.99 MAY

Hushabye Lullabye 9781916205444 BB £6.99 JUNE

A Dragon Story 9781999955649 PB £6.99 JULY

Scaredy Bat

9781916205406 PB £6.99 AUG


Bringing entertaining and memorable books to a worldwide audience GBS

Three Happy Lions

Dino Knights: Panterra in Peril

Captain Toby

9781912650743 HB £10.99 JUNE

9781912650712 HB £12.99 MAY

9781912650736 PB £6.99 JULY

Hey, Water!

9781912650606 PB £7.99 AUG

The Longest, Strongest Thread 9781912650613 PB £7.99 AUG

Changing children’s futures, one story at a time GBS


A lyrical, beautiful celebration of love, acceptance and faith, with a gentle message about how we treat our oceans, and each other.

Fabulous Fifi: The Flamenco Flamingo

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

9781913339036 PB £7.99 MAY

Where Are You Little Tooth Fairy?

9781913339098 PB £7.99 JUNE

9781913339258 BB £9.99 JUNE

Colour and Discover, Adorable Animals From Around the World

“I see wedding preparations have begun?” asked Mr Jones from next door. “Yes!” squealed Amrita helping Dad hang the lights. “My brother Yemi’s getting married too,” Kiki grinned. “It’s so bright today,” chirped Ms Laurette. “Would you girls like sun cream? We don’t want your beautiful skin to burn.” “Yes please,” the girls smiled.

“Oh look! Our guests have arrived,” Amrita’s dad said as a taxi pulled up. “There’s still lots to do!”

Aunty hugged Amrita with a tight squeeze. “My, how you’ve grown!” she smiled. “Now, come on in out of the sun - you don’t want to get a tan before the wedding!”

Dad shook his head and sent the girls inside.

9781913339203 PB £5.99 JULY

Kiki and her mum let Amrita peek inside to see waves of yellow, gold and blue twirling around the dance floor. Everyone cheered and sang as Yemi and his bride were showered with money while they began to dance. This was a day that Amrita and Kiki would never forget.

Sunflower Sisters

Adorable Animals Around the World

9781913339173 PB £7.99 JULY

9781913339210 BB £6.99 JULY

One good book can spark a lifetime of reading


Do Animals Fall in Love? 9781776572915 HB £12.99 MAY



9781776573240 HB £8.99 JUNE

Lisette’s Green Sock 9781776572847 PB £7.99 JUNE

Leilong the Library Bus 9781776573318 HB £11.99 AUG

Seahorses Are Sold Out 9781776573868 PB £7.99 AUG


Transforming lives through literature GBS Written by debut author Krista M. Lambert and magnificently illustrated by former Waterstones Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell.

A Match for a Mermaid


Here Be Monsters

Mistaken for a Bear

Swallows Kiss

That Thing

9781838323547 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838323561 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838323523 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838323509 HB £12.99 JULY


Indigo Takes Flight

9781838323554 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838323530 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838323516 HB £12.99 JULY

Together We Win 9781838323578 HB £12.99 JULY


9781838323585 HB £12.99 JULY


Discover over 100 of the world’s most incredible rivers in this fascinating title written by Julie Vosburgh Agnone and illustrated by Blue Peter prize-winner Kerry Hyndman.


9781912920709 HB £9.99 MAY

9781912920747 HB £18.99 JULY


9781912417759 PB £8.99 MAY

A Short, Hopeful Guide to Climate Change 9781912417742 PB £8.99 MAY

9781838323592 HB £12.99 JULY

Books that engage children’s natural curiosity and passion for learning GBS

Choose your own path through this hilarious world of 400 facts, all of which are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Every fact in the book is connected to the next in an ingenious trail of information.


In Her Element

Amazing Rivers 9781912920259 HB £14.99 AUG


The Philosophy Resistance Squad 9781912417308 PB £6.99 JUNE

The Very Dangerous No Ordinary Joe Sisters of Indiigo 9781912417773 McCloud PB £6.99 AUG 9781912417766 PB £6.99 JULY


Independent Cardiff children’s and YA publisher


It’s five months since the nightmare Year Six School trip to Crater Lake, and something has gone very wrong in Lance’s home town of Straybridge. There’s been an explosion Crater Lake: at the University, a mysterious test Evolution creature is missing and 9781913102647 no one is allowed in or PB £6.99 MAY out of the town.


Grace-Ella: Pixie Pandemonium 9781913102623 PB £5.99 JUNE

The Monster Spotter’s Handbook

9781912979462 PB £9.99 MAY

Raising Hell

9781912979547 PB £7.99 JUNE

9781913102395 PB £7.99 JULY

Rampaging Rugby 9781913102609 PB £6.99 AUG

9781913102470 PB £6.99 JUNE

Producing brilliant books and nurturing the next generation of publishers GBS

Lace up your boots and get ready for kick-off – it’s time discover the true story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies football team, courageous pioneers of women’s football in the UK.

Dick, Kerr Ladies: Football’s Forgotten Legends


The Perfect Shot

9781912979530 PB £7.99 MAY

The second book in the series, based on the remarkable story of the Dick, Kerr Ladies. With the end of WW1 being declared, Hettie’s brother Freddie should be feeling relieved, but unfortunately his personal war has only just begun.

Meet Matilda Rocket Builder

The Plesiosauru’s Neck 9781912979424 PB £7.99 MAY

Kintana and the Captain’s Curse

9781912979554 PB £7.99 JUNE

9781912979561 PB £7.99 JULY

Books that represent exciting, high-quality writing from around the world GBS

A fizzingly funny, heartfelt middlegrade novel about a resourceful girl, her impractical mother and a kidnapping mystery.

The Black Pimpernel

9781782693079 PB £6.99 MAY


The Fog of War 9781782693130 PB £6.99 MAY

The Three Impossibles

9781782692928 PB £7.99 JUNE

How to Be Brave

9781782693253 PB £7.99 JULY

The Edelweiss Pirates

9781782693093 PB £7.99 AUG

Making books for every kid GBS Shaping Up Culture

Happy Here:10 Stories from Black Authors & Illustrators

9781999642563 PB £5.00 JUNE

9781913311162 PB £6.99 AUG


Super-readable, dyslexia-friendly books from the best authors in the UK


Inspired by a true story, a groundbreaking robot helps friendship blossom in this poignant and uplifting novella from bestseller Lisa Thompson.


The Beast of Harwood Forest

Arctic Star

9781781129715 PB £6.99 MAY


Be Nice to Aunt Emma

The Small Things

9781781129630 PB £6.99 MAY

9781781129654 PB £6.99 JUNE

9781781129647 PB £6.99 JUNE

9781781129876 PB £6.99 MAY Written with great empathy and Rauf’s trademark humour, The Great (Food) Bank Heist is a moving story that gives a child’s-eye view of the increasing problem of food poverty.

The Great Food Bank Heist

Welcome to Trashland

9781781129623 PB £6.99 JULY

9781781129821 PB £6.99 JULY


Sterling and the Canary

The Story of Matthew 9781800900455 Buzzington PB £6.99 JULY

The Royal Rebel

9781781129425 PB £6.99 JULY


Granny’s Little Monsters

9781781129586 9781800900462 PB £6.99 AUG PB £6.99 JULY

The Beach Puppy

9781781129500 PB £6.99 MAY

Tea Party Parade

9781800900011 PB £6.99 JUNE


9781800900363 PB £6.99 AUG

Noodle the Doodle Steals the Show

9781800900189 PB £6.99 AUG


Know My Place The Climbers 9781781129807 PB £7.99 JULY

9781781129999 PB £7.99 AUG


Small children’s book publisher with an enthusiasm for new fiction HARPERCOLLINS


Boy in a White Room 9781912626229 PB £7.99 MAY

By Ash, Oak and Thorn

A breathtaking tale of the rich, wild world and all its wonder from acclaimed nature writer and Costa Award-shortlisted novelist, Melissa Harrison - the perfect read for children for spring and summer!

Panda at the Door

Antigua de Fortune of the High Seas

9781911490012 PB £6.99 MAY

9781913322120 PB £7.99 MAY

Children of the Quicksands 9781913322366 PB £7.99 JUNE

9781912626779 PB £6.99 JUNE

Perfect for fans of Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates series, this is a bighearted adventure about celebrating individuality, friendship and true loyalty.

Song of the Far Isles 9781912626670 PB £7.99 JULY

The Cartoons That Came to Life

The Howling Hag Mystery

9781910002889 PB £6.99 JULY

9781913322700 PB £6.99 JULY

Every Line of You

9781913322014 PB £7.99 AUG

The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

9781913322397 PB £6.99 AUG

Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS

Fabulous Frankie

9781407197043 PB £6.99 JUNE

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights 9781338739985 PB £7.99 MAY

Hello Neighbor: Reset Day 9781338717402 PB £5.99 JUNE

Pokemon Super Special Chapter Book 1: Galar/ Alola 9781338746532 PB £6.99

RHS: My Unicorn Welcome to Garden Cards and Stoneybrook: A Envelopes Babysitter’s Club 9780702302503 Guided Journal PB £8.99 MAY

9781338665123 PB £8.99 MAY

An epic, fate-fighting adventure like no other.A stunningly imagined new series, destined to be a classic.

The Nightsilver Promise

9780702306037 PB £7.99 MAY


Mister Impossible

9781407192390 PB £7.99 MAY

Aru Shah: City Captain of Gold Underpants 9

9780702303548 9780702307454 PB £6.99 MAY PB £8.99 MAY

I Know You Did It

9780702302701 PB £7.99 MAY

The Impossible Crime

9780702300578 PB £6.99 MAY

Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS

The Last Gate of the Emperor

9780702307089 PB £6.99 MAY

Horrible Histories: The Secret Diary of Henry VIII

Now Go to Sleep! 9780702306235 PB £6.99 MAY

9780702306655 PB £6.99 MAY

Baby Shark & Friends: If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Fins 9781338729375 PB £6.99 JUNE

Blippi: First Words 9780702310614 PB £6.99 JULY

Kawaii Cuties: Scratch & Sketch 9781338733938 HB £8.99 JUNE

Baby Shark & Friends:Twinkle Twinkle, You’re a Star 9781338729368 PB £6.99 JUNE

Blippi: Let’s Look and Find 9780702310621 PB £6.99 JULY

Marvel: Miles Morales Shick Waves(SpiderMan)

9781338648034 PB £7.99 JUNE

The Magical Unicorn Cookbook

9780702311185 HB £9.99 MAY

9781338766905 BB £6.99 JUNE

9780702308482 BB £6.99 JUNE

9780702310638 PB £3.99 JULY

The House of Secret Treasure 9780702303555 PB £6.99 JUNE

9781407199146 HB £12.99 JUNE 9781407199153 PB £6.99 JUNE

Baby Shark: Wear Your Mask, Baby Shark

Baby Shark: Wash Your Fins, Baby Shark

Blippi: Let’s Look See Animals

The Screen Thief!

Blippi: Things That Go! 9780702310645 PB £3.99 JULY

A Gladiator Stole My Lunch Box 9781407194936 PB £8.99 JUNE

Hurricane Child 9780702310218 PB £6.99 JUNE

Common Wealth

9780702311055 HB £12.99 JUNE

Bathtime for Baby Shark 9781338740035 BATH £6.99 AUG

Time for School, Baby Shark! 9780702308000 BB £6.99 JULY

Harry Potter Create by Sticker: Hogsmade 9781338715972 PB £5.99 JUNE


Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS A high-energy, laugh-out-loud, fully illustrated adventure story by muchloved actor Stephen Mangan and talented artist Anita Mangan.

Escape the Rooms 9781407193625 PB £6.99 JUNE

9780702311475 PB £6.99 JUNE

Zen Shorts

9780702310126 PB £6.99 JULY

The Scarecrow’s Wedding Sticker Activity Book 9780702305184 PB £5.99 JUNE

Addy’s Cup of Sugar 9780702310119 PB £6.99 JULY

Trolls Comictivity: Rainbow Adventure

9781338725254 PB £8.99 JULY


Shoe Wars

Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians

Horrible Histories: Measly Middle Ages

9781407196022 PB £6.99 JUNE

Freddie has a reputation as a ‘nice guy’ – inoffensive, sweet, kind – and therefore completely un-dateable. As he starts sixth form, Freddie decides that this nice guy isn’t going to finish last any more. You’re the One No more missing out on That I Want parties because he’s got 9780702303654 to do his homework. PB £7.99 JUNE

The Ultimate At Home Activity Guide

I Broke the Internet

9780702311277 PB £6.99 JUNE

20 Dinosaurs at Bedtime 9780702304231 PB £6.99 JUNE

9781407191102 PB £7.99 JUNE

9780702311260 PB £6.99 JUNE

9780702310881 PB £7.99 JUNE

9780702310379 HB £12.99 AUG 9780702305665 PB £6.99 AUG

9781338745177 HB £8.99 JULY

Trolls Water Colour: Talent Show 9781338725230 HB £8.99 JULY

You’re So Dead 9780702311291 PB £7.99 JUNE

Terry Deary Best The Place for Ever Shakespeare Me 9780702307904 Tales 9780702308468 PB £5.99 JUNE

Betsy Buglove Saves the Bees

Last Night Harry Potter: at Freddie’s: Joke Shop Water Fazbear Frights Colour 9781338739992 PB £7.99 JULY

Simone Breaks All the Rules

HB £12.99 JUNE


9781338305890 HB £12.99 JULY

Harry Potter: The Official Baking Book

Bin Boy

9780702305283 PB £6.99 JULY

9780702311680 HB £12.99 JULY A rip-roaring, island-hopping adventure - and unforgettable ecological fable - from the awardwinning author of Wildspark and Brightstorm.


9781407197272 PB £6.99 JULY

Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS

Girls Rule

9781407198507 PB £6.99 AUG

Unicorn Mosaic Sticker Book 9780702307898 PB £6.99 AUG

My Very Favourite Book in the Whole Wide World 9780702307287 PB £6.99 AUG

Captain Underpants 10 9780702310553 PB £8.99 AUG

It’s Behind You

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 9780702309519 PB £8.99 JULY

9780702302770 PB £7.99 JULY

Never Ask A Dinosaur for Dinner 9780702307478 PB £6.99 JULY

When Cucumber Lost His Cool 9780702305986 PB £6.99 AUG

Dog Man 9

9780702310676 PB £8.99 AUG

Julie and the Phantoms: We Got the Music 9781338731156 HB £9.99 AUG

The Snatchbook 9780702307485 PB £6.99 JULY

Who Am I?

9780702307706 PB £6.99 AUG

Jamie Johnson 1: The Kick Off 9780702310263 PB £6.99 AUG

Smile/Sisters/ Rise to the Sun Ways to Be Me Guts Box Set 9780702309502 9780702308352 9781338599459 PB £7.99 JULY PB £6.99 JULY BOX £26.97 AUG

Say Something

The Word Collector

9780702308390 PB £6.99 AUG

Blippi: Happy Halloween

9780702308383 PB £6.99 AUG

Happy Halloween Clifford

9780702311949 PB £7.99 AUG

9781338715897 BB £6.99 AUG

Jamie Johnson 2: Shoot to Win

Jamie Johnson 3: Golden Goal

9780702310270 PB £6.99 AUG

Julie and the Phantoms: Whatever Happens

9781338731163 PB £6.99 AUG

9780702310287 PB £6.99 AUG

Hello Neighbor2: The Raven Brooks Disaster 9781338726763 PB £7.99 AUG

Just to Be Cool, Jenna Sakai 9780702310904 PB £6.99 AUG

Amulet: Amulet Box Set 1-8 Graphix 9781338328189 BOX £71.92 JULY


Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS

Pokemon Champion Trainer Journal

9780702307003 HB £6.99 AUG

Keep It Together, Keiko Carter 9780702310898 PB £6.99 AUG

The Dragon Prince 2

Pokemon Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook 9781338714128 PB £10.99 AUG

Pokemon Super Special Chapter Book 2: Kalos/Unova 9781338746549 PB £6.99

Not If I Can Help It

The Night My The Midnight Dream Came Alive Thief

9780702310911 PB £6.99 AUG

9781338666403 PB £6.99 AUG

9780702301063 PB £6.99 AUG

My Story: Ignatius My Story: Victoria Torn Apart: The Sancho 9781407194349 Partition of India 9781407199573 PB £6.99 AUG

PB £6.99 AUG


Tiny Fashion Studio

9781338722697 BOX £14.99 MAY


Watercolour Wonders

9781338716931 BOX £14.99 MAY

9780702300417 PB £4.99 AUG

Favourite Poems: 101 Children’s Classics 9780702310935 PB £5.99 AUG

9780702301483 PB £6.99 AUG

I Love Magical Unicorns! Activity Book 9780702305795 PB £5.99 AUG

The Smeds and the Smoos Early Reader

You and Me at the End of the World 9780702311031 PB £7.99 AUG

Let’s Find Superworm

9780702305870 BB £6.99 AUG

Sophie’s Stories 9781407199245 HB £12.99 AUG 9781407199252 PB £6.99 AUG

9780702312489 BB £4.99 AUG

Tiny Ceramics Studio

9781338745245 BOX £14.99 AUG

Helping children learn to read and love to read HARPERCOLLINS

DIY Desk Set

9781338745238 BOX £14.99 AUG

Enchanted Fairy House, Magical Garden 9781338702231 BOX £14.99 AUG

Mini Sushi Bar

9781338745214 BOX £14.99 AUG

Pastel Studio

9781338748338 BOX £14.99 AUG

Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

Calmer Llama

You Are My Happiness

9781788818872 BB £5.99 MAY

9781838910754 BB £6.99 MAY

Elephant, Elephant, What Can You See?

Ladybird, Ladybird, What Can You See?

9781788818322 BB £6.99 MAY

9781788818858 BB £6.99 MAY

Your Body

9781838912727 BB £8.99 MAY

9781788818353 BB £6.99 JULY


Hide and Seek With the Dinosaurs

9781788819183 BB £7.99 MAY

9781788818841 BB £7.99 MAY

How It Works: Rocket 9781788818407 BB £7.99 JUNE

Follow That Unicorn!

Bear and Mouse Go to Nursery 9781838912734 BB £6.99 JUNE

Touch and Trace: 1 2 3

9781838913243 BB £6.99 JULY

Touch and Trace: a b c

9781838913236 BB £6.99 JULY

Angry Bear

9781788818865 BB £5.99 JUNE

Curious Kids: Stars and Space 9781838911812 BB £10.99 JUNE

Age of the Dinosaurs!

Beep! Beep! Builders

9781838911829 BB £10.99 MAY

9781788818810 BB £10.99 MAY

I Love Daddy Every Day 9781848579927 BB £6.99 MAY

First Nature: Ladybird

9781838911560 BB £6.99 MAY

What Can I See on a Building Site?

Let’s Pretend Animal Hospital

9781912756681 BB £7.99 JUNE

Everyday Skills

9781838910631 BB £6.99 JUNE

Splish, Splash

9781838910648 BB £12.99 JULY

9781838913151 BB £6.99 JULY

When I Grow Up... I Want to Play 9781912756667 BB £6.99 JULY

Where’s My Puppy

9781788819206 BB £6.99 JULY


Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

I Want to Be a Teacher 9781912756643 BB £6.99 JULY

Nosiy Animal Search and Find 9781838913649 BB £12.99 AUG

Big and Little

9781838913205 BB £7.99 AUG


9781838913199 BB £6.99 AUG

The Perfect Shelter

The Thunder Down Under

Once Upon a Rhythm

This is Crab

9781788815796 PB £6.99 MAY

9781838911713 PB £7.99 JUNE

9781788818728 PB £6.99 MAY

9781838911737 PB £6.99 JUNE

Colour With Stickers: Space 9781838913298 PB £6.99 JULY

Afraid of the Dark

9781838911690 PB £6.99 JULY


Hello, Baby Animals!

9781788819909 BB £5.99 AUG


9781801040259 BB £6.99 AUG

Wide Awake Wolf 9781788818674 HB £11.99 MAY

Meet the Grumblies

9781788815772 PB £6.99 JUNE

Hello, You!

9781788819893 BB £5.99 AUG

Five Spooky Friends 9781801040365 BB £6.99 AUG

I Don’t Want to Go to School 9781788818650 HB £11.99 JUNE

The Beasts Beneath Our Feet 9781838911805 HB £11.99 SEPT


9781788818964 BB £9.99 AUG


9781788815871 PB £6.99 MAY

Look to the Skies 9781838911775 HB £12.99 JUNE

Colour With Stickers: Dinosaurs 9781838913281 PB £6.99 JULY

Learn Early Maths 9781788819992

Learn To Write 9781788819985 PB £6.99 JULY

Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

This beautifully illustrated collection of curious phrases from around the world is a voyage of cultural discovery and a treasure trove of fascinating facts.

Agent Llama

9781801040020 HB £11.99 JULY

Seven Sisters

9781788952095 HB £12.99 AUG

Superhero Baby! 9781788815932 PB £6.99 AUG

Museum Kittens: The Treasure Map

9781788953276 PB £5.99 AUG

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t 9781788816885 PB £7.99 JULY An enchanting story celebrating difference and creativity by Ayisha Malik, with stunning illustrations from Erika Meza.


Nadia and thr Forever Kitten

9781788953047 PB £5.99 JULY

Digger and Me 9781788953207 PB £6.99 MAY

9781838913274 HB £12.99 JULY

9781838911607 PB £7.99 JULY

This Is Your World 9781788818742 PB £7.99 AUG

9781788816809 PB £7.99 AUG

What a Wonderful Phrase


Nothing Scares Spider 9781788817066 PB £6.99 AUG

Cutie Stickers: Create a Mermaid 9781801040396 PB £4.99 AUG

The Wildmeadow Hare

9781788953238 PB £5.99 JUNE

The Emerald Maze

Cutie Stickers: Create a Unicorn

9781788953351 PB £6.99 MAY

Dirty Bertie: Tricks and Kicks

9781801040402 PB £4.99 AUG

9781788954136 PB £5.99 JULY

The Night of the Nobody

Meet the bright sparks who developed electricity and the scientists who looked to the stars. Marvel at mathematicians and be amazed by archaeologists as you learn about discoveries Eureka! A Big Book both old and new in this of Discoveries exciting encyclopaedia of 9781848579422 exploration! HB £19.99 AUG

44 Tiny Chefs

9781788952569 PB £6.99 JULY

9781788953221 PB £8.99 JULY

The Abandoned Puppy and Other Tales 9781788953191 PB £8.99 AUG

Solve Your Own Me and the Mystery: The Robbersons Monster Maker 9781788953177 9781788953115 PB £6.99 AUG

How to Be Human

9781788951098 PB £6.99 AUG

PB £6.99 JUNE


9781788953054 PB £6.99 JUNE


Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

In a near future where a series of environmental disasters has left much of the country underwater, Pearl lives on a floating oyster farm with her father and younger sister, Clover. Following her mum’s death several years earlier, Pearl refuses to set foot on land, Between Sea believing her illness was caused by the poisons in the ground. and Sky 9781788953139 Meanwhile, Clover dreams of PB £6.99 JULY school, friends and a normal life.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

9781788952996 PB £8.99 JULY

Radha and Jai’s Recipe for Romance

Cruel Castle

9781788953214 PB £7.99 AUG

9781788952132 PB £7.99 JULY

b small focuses on curious texts, fearless facts and foreign language learning


Brain Boosters: Nature Puzzles 9781912909414 PB £5.99 MAY

50 English Phrases

Brain Boosters: Space Puzzles

9781913918002 PB £6.99 MAY

9781912909421 PB £5.99 MAY

50 French Phrases

9781913918019 PB £6.99 MAY

50 Spanish Phrases

9781913918026 PB £6.99 MAY

Green Science at Home

My Family & Me 9781912909384 PB £8.99 JUNE

9781912909377 PB £7.99 JUNE


Stuck Inside

9781503758667 HB £12.99 MAY


Rosa Parks

9781503752948 HB £7.99 MAY

Marie Curie

9781503752931 HB £7.99 MAY

Unicorns Have Bad Manners 9781503757110 HB £12.99 MAY

Go Go Eco: Tin Can 9781503760516 BB £7.99 JUNE

Go Go Eco: Apple 9781503760523 BB £7.99 JUNE


My First Library: Disney Baby 9781503734258 BOX £12.99 AUG


My First Library: Disney Princess - I Can Be a Princess 9781503761780 BOX £12.99 AUG

My First Smart Pad Library: PAW Patrol 9781503752245 BOX £29.99 MAY

9781503755079 BB 87.99 JUNE

Kids Ask: What Makes a Skunk Stink? 9781642693522 HB £4.99 JULY

Baby Einstein Peek-Through Pages: My First Seasons 9781503758919 BB £5.99 AUG

Action Sound Book: Spider-Man 9781503753037 HB £12.99 JUNE

Kids Ask: Where Do Dinosaurs Get Their Names? 9781642693515 HB £4.99 JULY

9781503759954 BB £4.99 AUG

9781642693508 HB £4.99 JULY

Baby Einstein Lift the Flap: My First 100 Words 9781503758926 BB £7.99 AUG

Take-a-Look Book: Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Kids Ask: Why Does the Moon Change Shape?

9781503760486 BOX £12.99 JUNE

My First Library: Eric Carle Animals 9781503760479 BOX £12.99 JUNE



Little Sound Book Marvel Spider-Man: Never a Dull Day

My First Library: PAW Patrol

Wristband Sound Boxset: Spidey and His Amazing Friends 9781503759947 BOX £12.99 AUG

Kids Ask: How Does a Roller Coaster Stay on the Track? 9781642693492 HB £4.99 JULY

Baby Einstein Slide and Move: My First Actions 9781503758933 BB £5.99 AUG

Sound Story Book Treasury: Marvel 9781503755031 BB £17.99 JUNE

Kids Ask: Who Invented Bubble Gum? 9781642693539 HB £4.99 JULY

Baby Einstein Spin and See: My First Colours 9781503759008 BB £4.99 AUG

Baby Einstein: Little First Look and Find 9781503752801 BB £3.99 AUG

Baby Einstein Lift and Learn: My First Vehicles 9781503759015 BB £5.99 AUG


International publisher that creates exciting books and apps for children


Elevate: Awesome Mega Animals 9781789589412 HB £9.99 MAY

Elevate: Awesome Deadly Animals 9781789589429 HB £9.99 MAY

Superheroes Love Being Good! 9781789589153 BB £5.99 MAY

9781789589153 BB £5.99 MAY

9781789589436 HB £9.99 MAY

Baby’s First Dinosaurs

9781789589351 BB £6.99 MAY

A Busy Day for Little Dog

A Busy Day for Little Lion

Let’s Find Dinosaur

Let’s Find Dog

Can You Tickle a Unicorn?

First Facts: Dinosaurs

9781789585223 BB £6.99 JUNE

9781789589566 BB £5.99 JULY


Spray Pen Art: Magical Unicorns!

Elevate: Awesome Fierce Dinosaurs

9781789589542 BB £6.99 JULY

9781789585261 BB £6.99 JUNE

9781789589573 BB £5.99 AUG

9781801050418 BB £6.99 AUG

Elevate: Awesome Weird Animals 9781789589443 HB £9.99 MAY

9781789589368 BB £6.99 MAY

9781789588774 BB £5.99 AUG

BB £6.99 MAY

9781789589399 BB £6.99 JUNE

Let’s Find Penguin

Lift-the-Flap: First 100 Words 9781789589504 BB £6.99 MAY

Baby’s First Farm Animals Baby’s First Sea 9781789589375 Animals


9781789589290 BB £6.99 JUNE

9781801050425 BB £6.99 AUG

9781789589498 BB £6.99 MAY

Baby’s First Wild Animals


First Facts: Sharks

Lift-the-Flap: First 100 Counting

9781789589382 BB £6.99 MAY

Let’s Find Cat

9781789589559 BB £5.99 JULY

Can You Tickle a T. Rex? Can You Tickle a Tiger? 9781789589528 BB £6.99 JULY


9781801051101 HB £7.99 AUG


9781801051453 BB £6.99 AUG

9781789589535 BB £6.99 JULY

Old MacDonald Had a Spooky Farm 9781789589184 BB £6.99 AUG

Bring the magic of books all around the world and make every child a reader!


My First Animated Board Book: Dinosaurs

The Animal Carousel

9782733899632 BB £9.99 JUNE

9782733899649 BB £6.99 JUNE

9781039500357 BB £8.99 JULY

Books with great educational value for the mass market GBS

I SPY. . .


My First Puzzles: Timmy’s Exciting Journey

I Spy: In the Wild



9789463998147 BB £5.99 MAY

I Spy: On the Farm 9789463998154 BB £5.99 MAY

I Spy: In the Ocean 9789463998161 BB £5.99 MAY

I Spy: Baby Animals 9789463998178 BB £5.99 MAY

Let’s Count to 10: Display

9789463999533 FEB

Let’s Count to 10: My Wild Animal Friends

Let’s Count to 10: My Small Animal Friends

Let’s Count to 10: My Fun Vehicle Friends

Let’s Count to 10: My Farm Animal Friends

Magic Carry & Colour: Pink Goat

Magic Carry & Colour: Yellow Dog

Magic Carry & Colour: Blue Zebra

Magic Carry & Colour: Green Kangaroo

9789463992480 BB £4.99 MAY

9789464220995 BB £5.99 MAY

9789463992497 BB £4.99 MAY

9789464220988 BB £5.99 MAY

9789463992503 BB £4.99 MAY

9789464221008 BB £5.99 MAY

9789463992473 BB £4.99 MAY

9789464221015 BB £5.99 MAY


Books with great educational value for the mass market GBS



Rolling Wheels: Caroline the Campervan




9789463999564 BB £4.99 MAY

Rolling Wheels: Rocco the Racing Car 9789463999571 BB £4.99 MAY

My First 100 Words: Animals

My First 100 Words: Vroom

Two Funny Fingers: In the Wild

Two Funny Fingers: In the Snow

9789463999915 BB £7.99 JUNE

9789463999946 BB £7.99 JUNE

9789463999496 BB £5.99 JUNE

9789463999519 BB £5.99 JUNE

I Love Nature: Bear Loves the Bees

I Love Nature: Mouse Loves His Park

9789463997775 BB £6.99 JUNE

9789463997799 BB £6.99 JUNE






Spotlight Discovery: Space

Spotlight Discovery: Nature


9789464220797 WIRO £8.99 MAY

My First 100 Words: My Body 9789463999939 BB £7.99 JUNE

Two Funny Fingers: In the Countryside 9789463999502 BB £5.99 JUNE

I Love Nature: Rabbit Loves the Rain 9789463997805 BB £6.99 JUNE

9789464220780 WIRO £8.99 MAY

My First 100 Words: Farm 9789463999922 BB £7.99 JUNE

Two Funny Fingers: On the Farm 9789463999489 BB £5.99 JUNE

I Love Nature: Squirrel Loves Flowers 9789463997782 BB £6.99 JUNE


Forest Animals

9789464220940 BB £6.99 JUNE

Farm Animals

9789464220957 BB £6.99 JUNE



Wild Animals

9789464220971 BB £6.99 JUNE

Baby Animals

9789464220964 BB £6.99 JUNE

Books with great educational value for the mass market GBS


Quick Quiz for Toddlers

9789463992510 BB £6.99 JULY

Quick Quiz for Preschoolers

Three Little Ducks 9789464221022 BATH £7.99 JULY

9789463992527 BB £6.99 JULY

Three Little Fish 9789464221039 BATH £7.99 JULY

My Big Book of Answers: Famous People 9789464221060 BB £7.99 JULY

Books and toys printed with environmentally friendly inks and paper GBS

What How Why: Earth

What How Why: Space

9788830304987 HB £9.99

9788830304420 HB £9.99

Big Big Big

Happy Like a Chick

9788830305731 HB £11.99

Pull and Learn: Alphabet

9788830306394 HB £9.99

9788830305786 HB £11.99

Pull and Learn: Numbers

9788830306400 HB £9.99

Steam Puzzle: Animals

9788830304802 BOX £14.99

Steam Puzzle: Shapes and Colours 9788830306684 BOX £14.99

Steam Puzzle: Words

9788830304826 BOX £14.99


Quality books, kits, games and puzzles for all ages GBS

5 Pencil Set: Unicorn Magic 9781488925139 SRP £4.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 24

5 Pencil Set: Discover the Dinosaurs 9781488923135 SRP £4.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 24

20 Pencil Set: Funky Things to Draw 9781488900525 SRP £7.99* RRP £12.99* CQ 12

Play A-LONG Puzzle: At the Market 9354537001094 SRP £6.99* CQ 6

Curious Crafts: Bling-it Bracelets 9354537001292 SRP £7.99* RRP £12.99* CQ 6

Curious Crafts: Paper Planes 9354537001285 SRP £7.99* RRP £12.99* CQ 6

My Book of Secret Stuff 9781488936142 SRP £5.99 RRP £9.99 CQ 12

Play A-LONG Puzzle: On the Go 9354537001100 SRP £6.99* CQ 6

Finger Print Art: Mermaids & Friends 9781488924781 SRP £4.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 12

Finger Print Art: Dinosaurs 9781488924729 SRP £4.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 12

1500 Piece Gold Jigsaw Gustav Klimt Collection 9354537001612 SRP £9.99* CQ 6 Starry Night 9354537001605 SRP £9.99* CQ 6


Books to entertain and educate GBS

Little Genius: My First Words 9780655217381 BB RRP £14.99 SRP £7.99

How to... Tie Your Shoes 9781760450526 BB RRP £9.99 SRP £5.99

Little Genius Pull the Tab Flashcards: Tell the Time 9780655219705 BOX RRP £9.99 SRP £5.99

Trucks and Diggers Pop-Up 9780655213383 BB RRP £8.99 SRP £4.99

Ultimate Spiromania Book and Kit* 9781760457440 BOX RRP £14.99 SRP £7.99

Little Genius: Ready, Set, Rescue! 9780655212485 BB RRP £14.99 SRP £7.99

Little Genius Pull the Tab Flashcards: Times Tables* 9780655212669 BOX RRP £9.99 SRP £5.99

Unicorn Magic: A Party at the Castle Pop-Up 9780655213376 BB RRP £8.99 SRP £4.99

Ultimate Pom-Pom Pets Book and Kit* 9780655215141 BOX RRP £14.99 SRP £7.99

Little Genius Activity Case: Preschool 9780655217428 BOX RRP £12.99 SRP £6.99

Sticker by Number: Dinosaurs & Diggersl 9780655209959 WIRO RRP £9.99 SRP £4.99

Little Genius Touch and Trace Flashcards: Learn 123* 9780655212690 BOX RRP £9.99 SRP £5.99

Spin Me: Let’s Go, Farm Trucks! 9780655213772 BB RRP £6.99 SRP £3.99

Wind Up Music: Old MacDonald Had a Farm 9780655216636 BB RRP £14.99 SRP £8.99

Little Genius Activity Case: Starting School 9780655217411 BOX RRP £12.99 SRP £6.99

Little Genius Touch and Trace Flashcards: Learn ABC* 9780655212683 BOX RRP £9.99 SRP £5.99

Spin Me: Let’s Go, Wheels on the Bus! 9780655213765 BB RRP £6.99 SRP £3.99

Wind Up Music: Rock-A-Bye Baby 9780655216629 BB RRP £14.99 SRP £8.99

Wind Up Music: The Wheels on the Bus 9780655216612 BB RRP £14.99 SRP £8.99

Sticker by Number: Unicorns & Kittens 9780655209966 WIRO RRP £9.99 SRP £4.99


USEFUL INFO For all general sales enquiries contact Bounce head office: 020 7138 3650 bouncesalesandmarketing

ORDERING: The majority of publishers listed in this brochure are distributed by Grantham Book Services Ltd. with the exception of Tate, Little Tiger Press and Scholastic. Orders can be sent directly to the distributor or placed with your Bounce Rep. Grantham Book Services Ltd. TEL. 01476 541 080 FAX. 01476 541 061 EMAIL. HarperCollins Customer Services Department (Scholastic) TEL. 0844 576 8120 FAX. 0844 576 8121 EMAIL.


Macmillan Distribution Ltd. (Little Tiger Press ) TEL. 01256 302 692 FAX. 01256 812 558 EMAIL. TATE Orders can be sent to the distributor or placed with your Bounce rep. Email: NB: All prices and covers are subject to change without notice and some territory restrictions may apply in export markets

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