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Books September- December


Flying Eye Books will take your children’s eyes on a journey of wonder!


We all know the effects that climate change is having on our planet – but what about the strange, and creative ways that scientists are working to find practical and imaginative answers to these big problems?

When tiny Fern hatches from a lone egg deep within an ancient forest, she sets out to discover her destiny. This is a touching story about finding your place in the world, wherever that may be.

Mason Mooney: Doppelgänger Detective

When I’m Big

9781838740641 HB £12.99 SEP

9781838740030 PB £8.99 SEP

Beetles for Breakfast

9781838740221 HB £14.99 SEP

In this moving tale based on a true story, award-winning William Grill’s stunning illustrations show the majesty of Myanmar’s forests and mountains.

The Planet in a Pickle Jar


9781838740238 HB £15.99 OCT

9781838740184 HB £12.99 OCT


Leo and the Gorgon’s Curse 9781838740399 PB £8.99 OCT

Hilda: The Wilderness Stories 9781838740719 HB £21.99 NOV



These Great Athenians

Memories from Limón

Rice & Peas and Fish& Chips

9781914343001 HB £14.99 OCT

9781913123048 PB £16.99 SEPT

9781914343018 HB £14.99 OCT

Bringing entertaining and memorable books to a worldwide audience GBS

Lily Takes a Walk 9781912650682 HB £10.99 SEPT


Polly Bee Makes Honey 9781912650705 HB £10.99 SEPT

Little Santa

9781912650781 HB £12.99 OCT

Group Hug

9781912650842 PB £7.99 NOV

A children’s imprint aiming to make a difference and push boundaries GBS

Six wonderful stories that inspired world-famous music, accompanied by brilliant illustrations. The book also includes links to download music, and notes on works and composers

Once Upon a Tune: Stories from the Orchestra

Fly High, Lolo 9781913074579 PB £7.99 SEP

A Cat Called Waverley 9781913074630 HB £12.99 SEP

9781913074036 HB £16.99 SEP

You Can!

Only a Tree Knows How to Be A Tree 9781913074524 PB £7.99 SEP

Big Green Crocodile

9781913074609 HB £12.99 OCT

9781913074531 PB £7.99 OCT

One good book can spark a lifetime of reading


The Tiny Woman’s Coat 9781776573424 HB £9.99 SEP

Hattie and Olaf 9781776573189 PB £7.99 SEP

Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest 9781776573950 HB £11.99 SEP

No One is Angry Today 9781776573455 HB £12.99 OCT


Close Your Eyest 9781912757480 HB £11.99 SEP

Lily and Bear

9781910126752 PB £7.99 SEP

Inside the Suitcase 9781776573431 HB £16.99 OCT


How Fast Was a Velociraptor? 9781912757268 HB £11.99 SEP

The Magic Hug How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump? 9781912757664 PB £7.99 OCT

9781910716847 HB £11.99 SEP

The Elephant’s Garden 9781910716625 PB £7.99 OCT



Books that engage children’s natural curiosity and passion for learning GBS

The definitive and lavishly illustrated question and answer book from Britannica, with answers to more than 100 questions that kids really want to know.

Britannica First Big Book of Why

Britannica’s 150 First Words

9781913750411 HB £20.00 OCT

Earth is Big: A Book of Comparisons

9781912920334 HB £14.99 SEP

9781913750336 BB £8.99 OCT

Zoom: Building Site Adventure 9781912920419 BB £10.99 NOV

Zoom: Farm Adventure

9781912920433 BB £10.99 NOV


Little Girls Are Wiser Than Men 9789390037001 HB £18.00 SEPT

This engaging large-format board book encourages toddlers’ language learning through the repetition of simple words and phrases for everyday objects and activities.

Still Bombay

9789390037018 HB £25.00 SEPT


Lucky/Happy Hans

9789390037049 HB £19.99 OCT

Join His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, author Christopher Lloyd and 33 amazing award-winning artists from around the world on a beautiful, lyrical and thoughtprovoking voyage through Nature, the threats we face and an action plan for the future.

It’s Up to Us: A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet

9781913750558 HB £16.99 NOV


Let’s Look at Dinosaurs

9781908489579 PB £4.99 SEPT


9781910646809 PB £7.99 OCT

Let’s Look at the Night Sky 9781908489586 PB £4.99 SEPT



A thrilling, multi awardwinning novel, from an indigenous Australian author, drawing on ancient mythology and folk wisdom. Stacey and Laney are twins and

Ghost Bird


Empress & Aniya 9781913311100 PB £7.99 OCT

The first YA novel from the bestselling author of Queenie. When Empress starts at Aniya’s school, they’re not exactly best friends. But, when the two teenage girls accidentally cast a spell on their 16th birthday and end up switching bodies, they quickly learn that friendship is the most important magic of all.


9781913311247 PB £7.99 NOV


GBS Immy has been in love before – many times, across many lifetimes. But never as deeply, as intensely as this.

Savage Her Reply 9781912417674 PB £9.99 SEP

To the Island

9781912417520 PB £7.99 SEP

Wulfie Saves the Planet

9781912417780 PB £5.99 OCT


The Cat and the Devil 9781912417919 HB £13.99 SEP

Baby Teeth

9781912417902 PB £8.99 SEP

A poetic study in passion that uses the tropes of vampire fiction to explore queer identity and desire.

Evie’s Christmas Wishes


9781912417971 PB £7.99 OCT

9781912417797 HB £15.99 NOV

Producing brilliant books and nurturing the next generation of publishers GBS

A heartwarming, heartbreaking story of acceptance, love, and bravery in all its different forms, from the ac claimed author of Joe All Alone.

A Hunter’s Moon

No Man’s Land

9781912979677 PB £7.99 SEP

9781912979615 PB £7.99 SEP

The Visible Sounds 9781912979790 PB £7.99 SEP

The Monster Belt 9781912979585 PB £7.99 SEP

A book-loving bear sets off to see the world. She takes one special thing—her Bear’s Big Book of Be-ing Wise. But when she meets different creatures—each needing her help— she discovers that books aren’t just brilliant at fixing problems—they can also help you make new friends.

The Haunting of The Ember Days Lindy Pennyworth 9781912979158 9781912979578 PB £7.99 OCT

PB £7.99 OCT

Gracie Fairshaw and the Trouble at the Tower 9781912979592 PB £6.99 OCT

The Bear and Her Book

9781912979608 PB £7.99 OCT

From Bear and Her Book


Independent Cardiff children’s and YA publisher


Nine evocative, gripping stories of myth, ghosts and danger, perfect forthe MG and YA reader drawn to the spooky and strange.

The Red Gloves

Keeper of Secrets

9781913102685 HB £12.99 SEP

Little Horror

9781913102456 PB £7.99 SEP

9781913102517 PB £6.99 SEP

The Wanderer 9781913102661 PB £8.99 OCT

The Song That Sings Us 9781913102777 HB £14.99 OCT

b small focuses on curious texts, fearless facts and foreign language learning

GBS A super positive journalstyle, pocket-sized activity book full of mindful activities to help children feel festive, perfect their Christmas crafting skills and learn about holidays from around the world.

50 Things to Try in Autumn 9781912909919 PB £6.99 SEP

50 Things to Try in Winter

9781912909926 PB £6.99 NOV

Love Being You! 9781912909940 PB £7.99 OCT


Think Like a Scientist!

9781913918095 PB £5.99 SEP

A Greek Adventure

9781913918071 PB £6.99 OCT

Dinosaur Puzzles

9781913918040 PB £5.99 OCT

Under the Sea Puzzles 9781913918057 PB £5.99 OCT

My Puppy & Me 9781913918248 PB £6.99 NOV

Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

What’s In the Box? 9781838911836 BB £9.99 SEP

I Can Learn: 100 First Words 9781838913656 BB £4.99 NOV

Wish Upon a Poppicorn!

9781801040389 BB £6.99 SEP

9781788818346 BB £6.99 SEP

9781788819350 BOX £12.99 SEP

9781788952255 HB £12.99 SEP


9781788818797 HB £11.99 SEP

9781838913182 BB £6.99 OCT

Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog, I Can Learn: Noisy What Can You See? Digger

Animal Worlds: A Memory Game

Tales from the Ocean

Little Nature: Wake Up

9781838913632 BB £10.99 NOV

Animal Worlds: A Memory Game 9781788819367 BOX £12.99 SEP

The Wind May Blow 9781838913113 HB £12.99 SEP

As Large As Life 9781838911799 HB £19.99 OCT

Captain Cuddles 9781801040044 HB £12.99 SEP

Who Said Twit Woo? 9781788813730 BB £6.99 OCT

9781801040341 BB £10.99 NOV

How It Works: The Body 9781788819879 BB £7.99 NOV

Match the ocean animals in this memory game that brings the natural world to life. Learn why a blue-ringed octopus flashes its rings, and find out how seahorses use their tails so they don’t get washed away. Contains 50 matching cards and a fact-packed booklet.

Fairy Dogmother 9781801040006 HB £11.99 SEP

Noah and the Starbird Under the Stars 9781788816847 PB £6.99 OCT

Race to the Rescue

9781788818377 PB £6.99 OCT

Very Noisy Baby Animals 9781788819268 BB £10.99 NOV


9781801040426 PB £7.99 SEP

It’s Only One!

9781788816823 PB £6.99 SEP

Watch Out Wolf, There’s a Baddie in Your Book 9781801040136 HB £11.99 OCT


Humorous and imaginative books with a satisfying reading experience MDL

I Love You More Than All the Stars

Two Bears

Secrets and Spies


9781801040273 HB £11.99 NOV

9781838913618 HB £19.99 SEP

Goodnight Toucan

9781838913625 PB £6.99 NOV

9781788953283 HB £8.99 SEP

9781788818452 HB £11.99 NOV


9781788953290 PB £5.99 NOV

The Greeks: Hide and Seek History 9781838913250 HB £16.99 OCT

9781788953993 PB £6.99 SEP

My Little World: Christmas 9781801040266 BB £6.99 OCT

Where’s My Santa? 9781788816045 BB £6.99 OCT


Nibbles Christmas 9781801040105 BB £7.99 OCT

A Puppy’s First Christmas 9781788953429 PB £5.99 OCT

9781838911805 HB £11.99 OCT

Jasper and Midnight Scruff: The Magic: Mirror Great Cake Off Mischief 9781788952552 PB £5.99 SEP

Skeleton Keys: The Wild Imaginings of Stanley Strange

The Beasts Beneath Our Feet

9781788951494 PB £5.99 OCT

Mermaids Rock: The Secret Wreck

9781788816786 PB £6.99 OCT

The Night Train Diary of an 9781788952231 Accidental HB £7.99 OCT Witch

9781788953382 PB £6.99 SEP

9781788953160 HB £12.99 NOV

Is It Christmas Yet?

I Love You More than Christmas

9781788954358 PB £9.99 SEP

When Shadows Fall

9781788954143 PB £5.99 NOV

9781801040419 BB £5.99 OCT

Welcome to Consent

What Are Santa’s Elves Made Of? 9781788819848 BB £7.99 OCT

The Christmas Department Store 9781801040112 HB £11.99 OCT

Five Christmas Friends 9781801040372 BB £6.99 OCT

International publisher that creates exciting books and apps for children


Play and Learn: Construction Site 9781789589610 HB £7.99 NOV

Play and Learn: Farm Animals 9781789589627 HB £7.99 NOV

Busy Play: Busy Play: Farm Construction Site 9781801051446 9781801051439 PB £6.99 SEP

PB £6.99 SEP

Magic Water Colouring Splish Splash Under the Sea 9781801051422 HB £7.99 OCT

Magic Water Colouring Moo and Baa Farm 9781801051415 HB £7.99 OCT

Scratch and Draw: Magic Water Ho! Ho! No, Santa! Christmas Colouring Magic and 9781801051019 9781801051484 Merry Christmas BB £7.99 OCT

Bear’s Little Book of Calm

5 Minute Mindful Bedtime Story

Be Happy!

Snuggle Up

Dog Day

HB £7.99 SEP

9781801050043 PB £6.99 SEP

Dream Big!

9781789584806 PB £6.99 SEP

9781801051385 HB £7.99 SEP

All My Goodnight Hugs

See You Soonicorn

Milo Goes Bananas

Noisy Bathtime

9781801051682 PB £6.99 SEP

9781789584516 PB £6.99 SEP

Magical Rock Painting Unicorns

9781801052238 HB £14.99* OCT

9781801051729 PB £6.99 SEP

9781801051712 PB £6.99 SEP

9781801053532 PB £6.99 SEP

9781801051781 PB £6.99 SEP

See You Later, Alligator 9781787008571 PB £6.99 SEP

Neon Colour Yourself Happy

9781801052122 HB £14.99* OCT

9781801051491 HB £9.99 SEP

9781801051699 PB £6.99 SEP

Scratch Art Dinosaurs 9781801052245 HB £14.99 OCT

Paint Your Own Positivity Pebbles

9781801052115 HB £14.99* OCT *VAT included 9

Books with great educational value for the mass market GBS


A Story Unfolds: Sleep Tight Till Morning Light, Little Dinosaur 9789464221107 BB £6.99 SEP

Babies Soft Buddies: My Super Soft Owl Friend 9789464224023 CLOTH £12.99 SEP

Babies Soft Buddies: My Super Soft Elephant Friend 9789464224030 CLOTH £12.99 SEP

My Pen Keeps It Top Bedtime Buddies: Secret Postman Toucan’s 9789464221046 Parcel HB £6.99 SEP

Why? Dinosaurs 9789464222616 BB £7.99 SEP

9789463993852 BB £12.99 SEP

Why? My Dream Job 9789464222623 BB £7.99 SEP

A Story Unfolds: Sleep Tight Till Morning Light, Little Centipede

A Story Unfolds: Sleep Tight Till Morning Light, Little Ants 9789464221084 BB £6.99 SEP

9789464221077 BB £6.99 SEP

Babies Soft Buddies: My Super Soft Frog Friend

Babies Soft Buddies: My Super Soft Hedgehog Friend

9789464224047 CLOTH £12.99 SEP

Bedtime Buddies: Ms Hippo’s Rumbling Tummy 9789463993869 BB £12.99 SEP

9789464224054 CLOTH £12.99 SEP

My Christmas Bedtime Cuddles: Don’t Sneeze, Santa 9789464224016 BB £12.99 OCT

Sleep Tight, Starlight - Sleepy Little Bear 9789464223668 BB £12.99 OCT

My Classic Story Collection 9789464223910 BB £12.99 OCT


A Story Unfolds: Sleep Tight Till Morning Light, Little Elephant

World of Wonder: Incredible Space 9789464224085 BB £9.99 OCT

Sleep Tight, Starlight - Brave Little Fish 9789464223699 BB £12.99 OCT

9789464221091 BB £6.99 SEP

My Spy Pen Keeps It Top Secret 9789464221053 HB £6.99 SEP

All I Need For Christmas

9789464224061 HB £9.99 OCT

My Big Book of Answers: Food

9789464224078 BB £7.99 OCT

World of Wonder: World Atlas 9789464224092 BB £9.99 OCT

Books with great educational value for the mass market GBS


Junior Discovery: The World 9789464224528 BOX £19.99 OCT

My Journey of Discovery: Space 9789464224122 BB £9.99 OCT

Junior Discovery: Animals 9789464224535 BOX £19.99 OCT

Soft Peekaboo Bedtime Book: Hippo

Soft Peekaboo Bedtime Book: Elephant

9789464224719 CLOTH £12.99 OCT

Book and Building Blocks: Farm 9789464223866 BOX £12.99 OCT

Mix & Match: Pets Learn Opposites

9789464221138 BB £7.99 OCT

9789464224726 CLOTH £12.99 OCT

Mix & Match: Farm Animals Learn to Count 9789464221114 BB £7.99 OCT

My Journey of Discovery: Animals 9789464224108 BB £9.99 OCT

Mix & Match: Wild Animals Mix & Match: Learn to Animals and their Count Babies 9789464221121 9789464221145 BB £7.99 OCT BB £7.99 OCT

Bring the magic of books all around the world and make every child a reader!


Who’s Hiding in That Mirror? 9791039508001 BB £8.99 OCT

Little Lion Lost

9791039504645 CLOTH £12.99 OCT

The Carnival of the Animals 9791039502917 HB £20.00 OCT



How to Make a Book (About My Dog) 9781541581289 HB £14.99 NOV

A Peek at Beaks 9781541587342 HB £14.99 NOV

From the Tops of the Trees 9781541581302 HB £12.99 NOV

Glorious Wrestling Alliance 9781728431086 PB £9.99 JAN 22


Changing children’s futures, one story at a time GBS


Storm in a Jar

Little Glow

9781913339111 PB £7.99 SEP

Where Are You Little Tooth Fairy? 9781913339258 BB £9.99 OCT

9781913339241 HB £12.99 9781913339333 PB £7.99 OCT

Where Are You Little Red Dragon? 9781913339265 BB £9.99 OCT

The Tooth Fairy and The Teeth Takers 9781913339302 PB £7.99 OCT

Marney’s Pumpkin Mix Up 9781913339234 PB £7.99 OCT

Adorable Animals with Adorable Animals Amazing Abilities Around the World 9781913339319 HB £9.99 NOV

9781913339210 PB £6.99 NOV

Books and toys printed with environmentally friendly inks and paper GBS

What How Why Dinosaurs

What How Why Inventions

What How Why Animals

Build A Plane Book & Model

Build The Titanic Book & Model

Edu Blocks: Construction Site

9788830304703 HB £9.99 NOV

9788830305960 BOX £16.99* SEPT

9788830306370 HB £9.99 NOV

9788830306004 BOX £16.99* SEPT

Q Box: Mermaids 9788830307209 BOX £10.99* NOV


9788830307308 HB £9.99 NOV

9788830307100 BOX £14.99* NOV

Mega Atlas: Space 9788830305892 BOX £25.00* NOV

Mega Atlas: Earth 9788830306349 BOX £25.00* NOV

Edu Blocks: Animals Q Box: Dinosaurs 9788830307186 BOX £14.99* NOV

Atlas of Biodiversity: Oceans and Seas 9788830307353 £12.99* NOV

9788830307193 BOX £10.99* NOV

Quality books, kits, games and puzzles for all ages GBS

1500 Piece Jigsaw Vintage World Map

500 Piece Jigsaw World Map

1000 Piece JigsawVintage Classic Dog Breeds

9354537001780 BOX £8.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9354537000295 BOX £11.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9354537001919 SRP £9.99* CQ 6 SEPT

100 Piece Jigsaw Dragons Fiery

100 Piece JigsawHorsing Around Fuzzy

9781488939358 SRP £7.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Art Maker: Drawing Techniques

Art Maker: Art Maker: Mindwaves Modern Calming Coluring Calligraphy

9781488916298 SRP £12.99* RRP £19.99* CQ 16 SEPT

Finger Print Art Festive Kit

9781488924606 SRP £12.99* RRP £19.99* CQ 16 SEPT

9781488922190 SRP £12.99* RRP £19.99* CQ 16 SEPT

Shaped 4 in 1 Emergency Vehicles

9781488908705 9354537002459 SRP £4.99 RRP £7.99 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT CQ 12 SEPT

Junior Jigsaw Elf Mischief

9354537001155 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Science Kit: Amazing Earth

9781865152394 SRP £15.99* RRP £24.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Shaped 4 in 1 Magical Creatures 9354537002442 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Junior Jigsaw Dinosaur Adventure 9781488907180 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9354537000875 SRP £7.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Junior Jigsaw Magical Dragons 9354537000165 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Science Kit: Incredible Electricity

9781488943911 SRP £15.99* RRP £24.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Science Kit: Incredible Electricity

9781488943911 SRP £15.99* RRP £24.99* CQ 6 SEPT

Junior Jigsaw Supercar Racers

Junior Jigsaw Butterfly Friends

Junior Jigsaw On The Farm

Junior Jigsaw Princess Picnic

9354537002237 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9354537002220 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9354537000196 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT

9781488910685 SRP £4.99* CQ 6 SEPT


Books to entertain and educate GBS

Make This: Stain Glass Art

9780655219828 SRP £3.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 24 SEPT

Make This: Origami

9780655219842 SRP £3.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 24 SEPT

Colour Your Own Puzzle: Amazing Animals 9780655216186 SRP £8.99* CQ 10 SEPT


Native Animals

Delicately detailed and absorbingly inspiring, this creative colouring book is filled with wonders to reveal on every page.

Gallery Wall Art

Colour your favourite native animals and find inspiration as you go!


Native Animals

Make This: Paper Planes

9780655219835 SRP £3.99 RRP £7.99 CQ 24 SEPT

Colour Your Own Puzzle: Magical Oceans 9780655216193 SRP £8.99* CQ 10 SEPT

The Ultimate Spy The Ultimate The Ultimate Secrets Case Book and Calligraphy Book Book and Kit Kit and Kit 9780655218647 9780655208204 9780655217626 SRP £7.99* RRP £14.99* SRP £7.99* RRP SRP £7.99* RRP CQ 12 SEPT £14.99* CQ 12 SEPT £14.99* CQ 12 SEPT

Colour Your Own Puzzle: Tiger Kingdom 9780655216209 SRP £8.99* CQ 10 SEPT

Wall Art Butterfly Wall Art Calm 9780655218814 Colouring

SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 9780655218807 CQ 12 SEPT SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 CQ 12 SEPT


pull-out posters

Gallery Wall Art Illustrated by

Grace West

RRP £14.99 Lake Press Pty Ltd 5 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3122 Australia www.lakepress.com.au Copyright ©Lake Press Pty Ltd, 2021 Illustrations by Grace West Other images used under licence from Shutterstock.com All rights reserved First published 2021 Printed in China 5 4 3 2 1 LP20 359

Imported into the UK by Lake Press Pty Ltd UK Bayshill Road, GL50 3AW


18/11/20 11:42 am

FOIL 404

Wall Art Native Animals

Wall Art Tiger Kingdom

Wall Art Street Art Little Genius 9780655219897 Magnetic Board SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 Sentences

9780655219330 9780655218821 SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 CQ 12 SEPT CQ 12 SEPT CQ 12 SEPT

Little Genius Magnetic Board Numbers

9780655216933 SRP £6.99 RRP £9.99 CQ 20 SEPT


Let’s Count 1-10 Around the World

9780655219057 SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 CQ 12 SEPT

Little Genius Magnetic Board Times Tables

9780655209911 9780655209904 SRP £6.99 RRP £9.99 SRP £6.99 RRP £9.99 CQ 20 SEPT CQ 20 SEPT

Little Genius Number Fun Sound Book 9780655218821 SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 SEPT

Unicorn Magic: Magical Sound Book 9780655212478 SRP £7.99 RRP £14.99 SEPT

Little Genius Magnetic Board Alphabet

9780655216926 SRP £6.99 RRP £9.99 CQ 20 SEPT

Wind-Up Music: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

9780655216605 SRP £8.99 RRP £14.99 SEPT

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