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Birds: Colour by Numbers 9781909767812 PB £5.99 MARCH Combining the popular colour-by-numbers genre with the evergreen encyclopedia format, this activity book teaches children about birds from around the world. After reading about each breed and where they live, young artists will have the chance to colour in their own version of each bird. A detailed key including colours, shading and texture will guide them towards creating a work of art.

How to Draw Birds 9781909767850 PB £5.99 FEB

How to Draw Horses 9781909767843 PB £5.99 FEB

Animal Antics 9781909767775 PB £4.99 FEB

Flower Garden 9781909767805 PB £4.99 FEB

The Journey 9781909263994 HB £12.99 APRIL With haunting echoes of current affairs this beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and everything Do You Hear they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought What I Hear? by war. This book will stay with you long after the last 9781909263857 page is turned. HB £12.99 MAR

Wild Animals of the North Neffy & the Feathered Wolves of Currumpaw 9781909263963 Dinosaurs 9781909263802 HB £20 APR 9781909263895 HB £14.99 MAY HB £11.99 MAY

The Lines on Nana’s Face My Dad Used to 9781909263987 Be so Cool HB £11.99 JUNE 9781909263949 HB £11.99 MAY

Shapes Are Fun! 9781909263512 HB £5.99 APR

Archie Snufflekins 9781909263376 PB £11.99 MAY

Smart about Sharks In the Antarctic 9781909263918 9781909263673 HB £12.99 JUN HB £11.99 JAN

At the Beach 9781909263512 HB £5.99 APR

Do You See What I See? 9781909263840 HB £12.99 FEB

Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure 9781909263604 HB £15.99 MARCH

All Kinds of Cars 9781911171010 HB £12.99 MAR

Clap, Clap! 9781909263826 HB £9.99 FEB

Hilda and the Midnight Giant 9781909263796 PB £7.99 FEB

Have You Seen Elephant? 9781776570096 PB £6.99 FEB Elephant wants to play hide and seek. But you’ll need to try your best - he’s very good! Have You Seen Elephant is perfect for sharing with children, who will love finding the elephant (and being better at it than the boy in the book!). Watch out for the dog and the tortoise, too...

Tickle My Ears 9781776570768 BB £6.99 MAY

The Pencil 9781776570416 BB £6.99 JAN

What Dog Knows 9781776570379 PB £7.99 APRIL

When Dad Showed Me the Universe 9781927271827 PB £6.99 APRIL

The Knot Impossible 9781776570041 PB £6.99 FEB

I Am so Strong 9780958272056 PB £6.99 JAN

A Complicated Case 97819776570652 PB £7.99 FEB

The King and the Sea 9781877579943 PB £6.99 MAR

The Road to Ratenburg 9781776570751 PB £7.99 MAR

Bicycling to the Moon 9781776570324 PB £7.99 JUN

The Seal Children 9781910959473 HB £12.99 MAY When a fisherman falls in love with a selkie – half-woman, half-seal – she gives him her sealskin as a sign of her love, and bears him two children, Ffion and Morlo, before returning to her own people. When a stranger comes to the village, telling of a land far away, the children remember their mother’s stories of the cities of gold and pearls beneath the waves….

Kangaroo Kisses 9781910959008 HB £11.99 MAY

The Princess and the Castle 9781910959480 PB £6.99 MAY

Immi 9781910959534 PB £6.99 MAY

I Will Not Wear Pink 9781910959527 HB £11.99 MAY

Zim Zam Zoom 9781910959541 HB £11.99 MAY

“OH, NO,” SAID ELEPHANT 9789888341078 JUN £11.99 HB All the animals want to play hide-and-seek, but– “oh, no!” – Elephant isn’t very good at that. He’s too easy to find. What about leap-frog? He’s not good at that, either. What about hopscotch, or skipping, or tag? No, no and no. Poor Elephant isn’t very good at many games, and the animals are starting to get frustrated with him. Luckily there is one game Elephant loves to play, and the animals oblige him, though they may have to say “oh, no!” themselves when he wants to play it again.


WHY? 9789888341054 HB £7.99 MAY

Knock! Knock! 9789383145324 BOX £10.99 APRIL A child’s quest for her missing teddy bear turns into a wonderful adventure that literally unfolds, step by step, into a building full of life.

MR. BEAR’S ANIMAL PARADE 9789888240456 HB £11.99 JUN

BRICK BY BRICK 9789888240357 BB £8.99 MAY

Handmade Cards: Creation 753807536516 £14.99 APRIL

WHO IS SMILING? 9789888342556 BB £7.99 MAY

Handmade Cards: I Like Cats 753807536523 £14.99 APRIL

The One and Only Elephant Parade Postcard Colouring Book 9781907912948 £6.99 PB APR

The One and Only Colouring Book for Adults 4 9781907912979 £8.99 PB APR

A PROMISE IS A PROMISE 9789888341177 HB £11.99 JUN

The One and Only Colouring Book for Travelling Adults 2 9781907912986 £8.49 PB MAY

The One and Only Mini Mandala Postcard Colouring Book 9781907912962 £5.99 PB APR

The Second One and Only Colouring Book for Grown up Children 9781907912955 £7.99 PB JUN

We Are Not Frogs! 9781781125120 PB £6.99 FEB The frogs always beat the toads at long jump but the toads don’t mind. But when the children – and Mutt the dog – come in search of some good jumpers, the toads see an opportunity to get their own back. Soon the poor frogs have been gathered up in an ice-cream tub, and they’re hopping mad!

The OMG Blog 9781781125434 PB £5.99 APRIL A lighthearted tale of vlogging newbies from queen of tween Karen McCombie, wrapped in a stunning package bound to appeal to fans of Instagram, Snapchat and Zoella. Heartwarming and affirmative, has family and friendship of the offline variety at its heart.

The Boy and the Globe 9781781125038 PB £5.99 MARCH A lively and compelling novel published to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. Brilliantly illustrated and jam-packed with quizzes, art tasks and other fun activities to spark a love of Shakespeare in young readers. LITTLE GEMS (all with full colour illustrations):

Anna Liza and the Happy Practice 9781781125595 PB 6.99 MARCH

Grey Island, Red Monster Slayer Out for the Count 9781781125489 9781781125076 Boat 9781781125212 PB £6.99 FEB PB £6.99 MARCH PB £6.99 FEB

Amber’s Song Bigger and Better In at the Deep End Going Batty The Ostrich of The Beast 9781781125601 9781781125588 9781781125021 9781781125311 Pudding Lane 9781781125410 PB £5.99 APRIL PB £5.99 APRIL PB £5.99 APRIL PB £5.99 FEB 9781781125526 PB £5.99 FEB PB £5.99 JAN

Wings: Spitfire Shadow Warriors Queen of the Wings: Flyboy The Crystal Stair Johnny Delgado A Dark Trade The Front Room 9781781125359 9781781125366 9781781125519 Silver Arrow 9781781125427 9781781125502 9781781125168 9781781125014 PB £5.99 MARCH PB £5.99 JUNE PB £5.99 JAN 9781781125267 PB £6.99 MAY PB £6.99 MAY PB £6.99 JAN PB £6.99 JUNE

PB £6.99 JAN

The Lion Roars 9781781125632 PB £5.99 JUNE

Over the Line 9781781125861 PB £6.99 MAY

Five Hundred Miles Peace Maker 9781781125403 9781781125618 PB £6.99 MAY PB £5.99 APRIL

Blue Moon 9781781125083 PB £5.99 FEB

Bullet Catcher: Sniper 9781781124468 PB £5.99 JUNE

Mate Match 9781781125304 PB £6.99 MAY

Car Wash Wish 9781781125236 PB £6.99 JAN

The Fix 9781781125496 PB £6.99 MAY

Thicker than Water 9781781125113 PB £6.99 MAY

Wave Gunpoint 9781781125625 9781781125151 PB £6.99 JUNE PB £6.99 MAY

The Wildings 9781782691051 £7.99 PB MAR

The Red Abbey Chronicles: Maresi 9781782690917 £10.99 HB JAN

Oksa Pollock: Tainted Bonds 9781782690801 £7.99 PB FEB

WILDWITCH SERIES Twelve-year-old Clara discovers magical powers which unlock the wonder of the natural world around her, and lead her on the first steps of an unforgettable adventure. Wildwitch: Wildfire 9781782690832 £6.99 PB JAN Wildwitch: Oblivion 9781782690849 £6.99 PB MARCH Wildwitch: Life Stealer 9781782690856 £6.99 PB JUNE The Secrets of the Wild Wood 9781782690634 PB £7.99 JUN The even more thrilling and longawaited sequel to The Letter for the King! Tiuri, now a young Knight with a White Shield, sets out with Piak and Marius to uncover the Wild Wood’s secrets, only to find himself caught up in a terrible plan to seize King The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof The Snow Queen Colouring Book Unauwen’s throne. 9781782690979 9781782691174 PB £6.99 FEB PB £9.99 JAN

The Eleventh Orphan 9781846470523 PB £6.99 JAN

Horse of Fire 9781910611012 PB £5.99 JAN

Ernest & Celestine: The Picnic 9781910611104 PB £6.99 APRIL Celestine is looking forward to going on a picnic, but when she wakes up, Ernest tells her that it is raining. When Ernest sees how upset this makes her, he decides that, rain or shine, their picnic will still happen one way or another . . .

A Time of Fire 9781846470325 PB £5.99 JAN

Jack Dash 9781910611067 PB £5.99 JUNE

The Cat Burglar 9781910611050 PB £4.99 MAY

Fish Fingers vs Nuggets 9781910611043 PB £6.99 FEB

The Best Medicine 9781910411513 PB £6.99 MAY

Philip is twelve years old and life is pretty good. Until his mother gets breast cancer. Bad enough that your mother is seriously ill - but could she not have developed a less embarrassing kind of cancer - toe cancer, maybe, or ear cancer? Philip’s attempts to cope with his situation are both hilarious and touching.

Dr White 9781910411520 PB £3.99 APRIL

Gold 9781910411551 PB £7.99 JUNE

Needlework 9781910411506 PB £7.99 FEB

No Heroes 9781910411322 PB £7.99 MARCH

Hoot Learning Library 9781910851258 BB £9.99 APRIL Make learning fun and easy with Hoot’s Learning Library. Introducing key early learning concepts – numbers, animals, colours and the body, this beautifully illustrated book collection makes a perfect first library for babies and toddlers.

ABC of the World 9781910851265 HB £8.99 JUN

Three Little Super Pigs 9781910851241 PB £5.99 JUN

Claude the Magnificent Milo Touch and Feel 9781910851203 9781910851234 PB £5.99 MAY HB £9.99 APR

Helping Mommy: Garden Box Set 9781910851111 Box Set £15.99 FEB

Helping Mommy: Baking Box Set 9781910851128 Box Set £15.99 FEB

What’s Frog Thinking? 9781910851289 PB £6.99 MAY

Dinosaurs in Space 9781609055431 PB £6.99 APR

Stella and Charlie: Friends Forever 9781609055356 PB £11.99 JAN

Milo’s First Adventure Box Set 9781910851166 BB £15.99 FEB

Hoot’s Twilight Box Set 9781910851173 BB £15.99 FEB

The Mood Hoover 9781910851135 PB £5.99 MAR

Where’s Polar Bear 9781910851142 HB £6.99 JAN

The Croc and the Sock 9781910851159 PB £8.99 MAR

Odd Creatures 9781609055448 PB £6.99 JAN

It’s a Seashell Day 9781609055301 HB £10.99 MAR

Clumsy Duck 9781910126875 BB £5.99 FEB Clumsy Duck keeps falling over her big webbed feet. Are those feet good for anything? Little Chick helps her to find out and discover what a fabulous swimmer she is.

Little Tiger 9781910126806 BB £5.99 APR

Splish-Splosh 9781907967085 BB £5.99 APR

Grumpy Cat 9781907967474 BB £5.99 FEB

Croc, What Croc? 9781910126622 HB £9.99 FEB

How Much Does a Ladybird Weigh? 9781910126615 HB £11.99 MAR

Duck&Goose: Goose Needs a Hug 9781910126400 BB £5.99 MAR

Duck & Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny 9781910126295 BB £5.99 JAN

Lily and Bear 9781910126752 PB £6.99 APRIL Lily loves Bear and Bear loves Lily. Lily loves to draw - and one day she draws Bear. Lily and Bear are best friends. And being friends means taking turns. So some of the day they do Lily things and some of the Love Is a Magical Feeling day they do Bear things. A truly magical book about 9781910126073 the give and take of friendship. HB £9.99 FEB Bee and Me 9781910646052 HB £10.99 APR A story of friendship and an introduction to ecology, Alison Jay’s artwork brings the story gently to life, pointing out the sadness of a world without bees.

Sneezy Bear MAY 9781908702265 £5.99 BB

Itchy Bear MAY 9781908702258 £5.99 BB

The Dog with no Name! FEB 9781908702241 £5.99 PB

Alice in Wonderland 9781910646106 JUN £12.99 HB

Messy Me 9781910884010 PB £6.99 JAN Messy Me struggles to clear up after herself. But Mellow Yellow - always the voice of calm - helps Messy Me to be less messy and show’s her that being tidy makes it easier to find and play with her favourite toys.

Dreamy Me 9781910884027 PB £6.99 JAN

I Have an Orange Juicy Drink 9781910884034 HB £10.99 MAR

Dog On A Train 9781910646120 JUN £7.99 PB

EXPLORE BRITISH HISTORY as you have never seen it before! A beautiful 1.7m-long timeline unfolds to reveal key moments including the story of our kings & queens, famous battles, the heroes of science, art and culture as well as iconic national buildings and monuments, all of which have shaped the history of Britain from before humans to the present day. The What on Earth? Wallbook Timeline of British History 9780993019920 FEB £12.99

What on Earth? Table Top Spinning Display Stands. Provided free of charge with bulk purchases. Measuring 30 x 65cm, ask your Bounce Rep for details.

The What on Earth? Stickerbook Timeline of British History 9780993019944 FEB £6.99 PB

Arms and Armour 9781781213216 PB £5.99 MAR

Castles and Forts 9781781213209 PB £5.99 MAR

Kings and Queens 9781781213223 PB £6.99 APR

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils 9781781213193 PB £6.99 MAR

Woodland Bird Songs 9781908489289 BB £12.99 MAR Listen to the wonderfully varied songs and calls of woodland birds, easily accessed at the touch of 12 simple sound buttons.

Marvel Pocketbooks The Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Died 9781846530968 PB £5.99 APR The Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix 9781904419921 PB £5.99 APR Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus 9781904419617 PB £5.99 APR

Teach Your Toddler Tab Books Mealtime 9781909763241 BB £4.99 MAY

Peek-a-Boo Farm 9781909763388 BB £5.99 JAN

Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook 9781908489265 HB £16.99 FEB

Peek-a-Boo Wild Animals 9781909763371 BB £5.99 JAN

Nature Activity Book 9781908489296 PB £7.99 MAY

Junior Animal Atlas 9781909763395 HB £12.99 MAR

Small Hands Farm 9789461959119 School 9789461959072 Vroom 9789461959096 Toys 9789461959089 Body 9789461959065 BB £1.99 JAN Easy Starters I learn Colours 2+ 9789461956019 I learn Colours 3+ 9789461958525 I learn Numbers 2+ 9789461956026 I learn Numbers 3+ 9789461958532 I learn Words 2+ 9789461956002 I learn Words 3+ 9789461958549 PB £2.99 JAN

Fairy Tales to Touch Cinderella 9789463040914 Puss in Boots 9789463040921 BB £5.99 JAN

Easy Sticker 2-3 years 9789462441569 3-4 years 9789462441576 4-5 years 9789462441583 5-6 years 9789462441590 PB £1.99 FEB Baby’s First Starters Animals 9789462446922 Opposites 9789462446939 Colours & Shapes 9789462446946 Words 9789462446953 BB £3.99 FEB My Little Peek-o-book Counting in the water 9789463045483 Opposites in the jungle 9789463045490 Colours on the farm 9789463045506 Little Baby Animals 9789463045513 BB £3.99 FEB My Little Cuties Sleepy Little Fox 9789463045742 Brave Little Owl 9789463045773 Playful Little Sheep 9789463045766 Happy Little Hedgehog 9789463045759 BB £4.99 MAR Rolling Wheels Ambulance 9789463047395 Police 9789463047388 BB £4.99 FEB

Rolling Wheels XL Frankie the fire Engine 9789463046435 BB £7.99 MAY

Handy Little Books Animals 9789463044608 Counting 9789463044530 Opposites 9789463044523 Words 9789463044516 BB £4.99 MAR Animal Puppet Story Time Sneaky Cat (+ fingerpuppet in box) 9789463046206 Travelling Dog (+ fingerpuppet in box) 9789463046213 Lost Giraffe (+ fingerpuppet in box) 9789463046190 Loud Elephant (+ fingerpuppet in box) 9789463046183 BB £5.99 MAY Unexpected Stories Bear 9789463046657 Dog 9789463046664 Elephant 9789463046671 Tiger 9789463046688 BB £5.99 JUN Noisy Animals Dinosaurs 9789463046510 Farm 9789463046527 Wild 9789463046534 Ocean 9789463046541 SOUND BB £9.99 JUN Clickityclap Crocodile 9789463048576 Vroom 9789463048583 Music 9789463048590 Bravo 9789463048606 BB £3.99 JUN 100 Flaps to learn On the go 9789463043502 On the farm 9789463043519 BB £7.99 JUN

My Big Sticker Album Cat 2+ 9789463048873 Bird 3+ 9789463048880 PB £5.99 JUN

Mini Library Animals (Box with 9 books) 9789461516350 My day (box with 9 books) 9789461516374 BB £9.99 MAY

My Fold Out Atlas Human Body 9789461959058 JUN £12.99 HB

Animal Squirt Book Wild Animals (+ box & bath puppets) 9789463044561 BB £10.99 MAY

Educational titles

Fix it Phonics Activity Book 1 9781782481584 PB £8.75 JAN

Cursive Handwriting 9781782481690 PB £3.99 JUN

Grammar Teacher’s Guide 9781782481638 PB £27.99 MAR

Feed on Phonics 9781782481683 PB £6.99 JUN

Handwriting Songs Uppercase 9781782481461 AUDIO CD £7.99 JAN

Handwriting Wipe Clean 9781782481676 PB £6.99 APR

Flip Flap Story Maker 9781782481713 PB £7.99 JUN

My Alphabet Big Book 9781782481713 PB £19.99 JAN

Flip Flap Phonics 2 9781782481447 PB £7.99 JAN This sturdy book with split pages gives children hands-on practice in making lots and lots of words! Designed with spiral binding, the pages are split into two sets of flip over pages, allowing the children to build, spell and have fun with words.

My Digraph Big Book 9781782481492 PB £19.99 JAN Phonics Readers - Blue Series 1 9781782481553 £29.99 JAN

ORDERING: All publishers listed in this brochure are distributed by Grantham Book Services Ltd (GBS) Grantham Book Services Ltd. TEL. 01476 541080 FAX. 01476 541061 EMAIL. NB. All prices are subject to change without notice and some territory restrictions may apply in export markets.

Grammar Copymasters 9781782481652 PB £26.99 MAR

Sing-along Handwriting Practice 9781782481669 PB+CD £8.99 JAN

Phonics Readers - Red Series 1 9781782481546 £24.99 JAN

Bounce is the leading sales and marketing agency for children’s publishers. Bounce Sales and Marketing Ltd. Cover artwork: TEL. 020 7138 3650 © Eva Eriksson EMAIL. When Dad Showed me the Universe Gecko Press 9781927271810 PB £6.99

Bounce Spring/Summer Export 2016 Catalogue  

Bounce represents a range of the best children's publishers from the UK and beyond.

Bounce Spring/Summer Export 2016 Catalogue  

Bounce represents a range of the best children's publishers from the UK and beyond.