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Looking For Yesterday 9781910646212 HB £10.99 AUG New from Alison Jay, this gorgeous picture book combines science and sentiment as a grandfather teaches his grandson the importance of treasured memories. Storm Whale 9781910646250 HB £10.99 AUG gl e n d a Mi l l a r d

S te p h e n M i c h a e l K i n g

pod, hold me

of courage, endurance, and hope… and embrace one anot her.

e author of The Stars at Oktober Bend, shortliste d for the Medal 2017, as well as A Small Free Kiss in the Dark. h fiction titles are published in the UK by Old Barn Books .


M illard K ing £10.99 RRP

ISBN: 978-1-910646-34-2

9 781910 646342

Madeline Finn and the Library Dog 9781910646328 HB £12.99 SEPT

Pea Pod Lullaby 9781910646342 HB £10.99 AUG Award winners Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King create a beautiful story about being there for one another.

ABC Pop-Up 9781910646304 HB £19.99 OCT

The Amazing Animal Atlas 9781909263116 HB £25.00 SEPT Open up this super-sized atlas and prepare to be immersed in the beauty of our natural world.

One Day on Our Blue Planet... In the Rainforest 9781911171089 HB £11.99 JULY

Moonhead and the Music Machine 9781910620335 PB £12.99 JULY

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Hilda and the Black Hound 9781911171072 PB £7.99 JULY

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System 9781911171379 HB £9.99 AUG

Dalston Monsterzz 9781910620359 HB £14.99 SEPT

Little Hazelnut 9781910646311 HB £10.99 OCT

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx 9781911171195 HB £12.99 OCT

Morris Wants More 9781911171065 HB £9.99 OCT Prince Morris is used to getting everything he wants, and this Christmas he wants the biggest and best present ever! But how big is big enough for Morris?

Hugo Makes a Change 9781911171218 HB £9.99 AUG

101 Movies to Watch Before You Die 9781910620250 HB £14.99 SEPT

Geis 2: A Game Without Rules 9781910620274 HB £15.99 OCT

Horses: Wild & Tame 9781911171324 HB £12.99 OCT

Out Of Nothing 9781910620281 HB £16.99 NOV

The Senses 9781910620175 HB £14.99 OCT Step into the world of the senses with the bestselling author of Neurocomic.

24/08/2017 11:50

Impossible Inventions 9781776571703 HB £14.99 NOV

Super Rabbit 9781877579578 PB £6.99 AUG

Soda Pop 9781776570119 PB £7.99 JULY

The Longest Breakfast 9781776571680 PB £7.99 OCT

Bim Bam Boom 9781776571369 BB £7.99 SEPT

My New Shoes 9781910716045 BB £5.99 SEPT

My First Day 9781910126820 BB £5.99 SEPT

Lily and Bear: Grumpy Feet 9781910716069 PB £6.99 JULY Lily and Bear are back with their second exciting adventure.

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Follow Finn: A Search-and-Find Maze Book 9781776571857 HB £11.99 NOV

Good Night Sleep Tight 9781776571437 HB £12.99 OCT

Where is Grandma? 9781776571543 HB £12.99 JULY

That’s Not a Hippopotamus 9781927271971 PB £6.99 JULY

Little Mouse and the Big Cupcake 9781910716311 BB £5.99 SEPT The Lion and the Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales 9781910716502 PB £15.99 NOV

If I Was a Banana 9781776570348 PB £6.99 OCT

Wolfy 9781776571567 HB £11.99 OCT

I Can’t Sleep 9781776571635 HB £10.99 AUG

Don’t Cross the Line 9781776571840 PB £6.99 AUG

This Little Reindeer 9781910716441 BB £5.99 OCT

Little Wolf’s Song 9781910126950 BB £5.99 OCT

When the Snow Comes 9781910716335 BB £5.99 OCT

A Home for Hare and Mouse 9781910126745 Cased BB £9.99 OCT

24/08/2017 11:50

Little Gems: 5 – 8 Fiction (all full colour illustrations) I Killed Father Christmas 9781781127100 PB £6.99 OCT A witty and tenderhearted Christmas story like none other from critically acclaimed author Anthony McGowan and awardwinning illustrator Chris Riddell.

Conkers Fiction

Defenders: Dark Arena 9781781127308 PB £6.99 AUG

Defenders: Pitch Invasion 9781781127315 PB £6.99 NOV

Dread Cat 9781781125885 PB £6.99 JULY

The Ghost in Annie’s Room 9781781126851 PB £6.99 JULY

Colour Conker

Clare and Her Captain 9781781125281 PB £7.99 AUG

Nellie Choc-Ice, Penguin Explorer 9781781127216 PB £6.99 AUG

Picture Squirrel

The White Fox 9781781127391 PB £7.99 OCT

Molly Rogers, Pirate Girl 9781781126929 PB £6.99 SEPT

Mint Choc Chip at the Market Café 9781781127568 PB £6.99 OCT

Dyslexia-Friendly Classics

A Christmas Carol 9781781127537 PB £7.99 SEPT

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde 9781781127407 PB £7.99 AUG

Free Lance and the Field of Blood 9781781127155 PB £6.99 SEPT

Secret of the Stones 9781781127544 PB £5.99 OCT

8 – 12 Fiction

The Valentine’s Day Kitten 9781781126783 PB £5.99 JULY

The Mystery Storm Cloud Fox Friend Worry Angels Senseless of Me 9781781126899 9781781127506 9781781126950 9781781127339 9781781127209 PB £5.99 AUG PB £5.99 AUG PB £5.99 SEPT PB £6.99 SEPT PB £5.99 JULY


Who’s a Big Bully Then? 9781781127636 PB £5.99 OCT

Ash Boy: A Cinderfella Story 9781781127186 PB £5.99 JULY

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Grave Matter 9781781126042 PB £7.99 OCT A dark YA tale of love, loss and the supernatural from Queen of Teen Juno Dawson. Illustrated by Alex T. Smith.

The Last Days of Archie Maxwell 9781781127285 PB £7.99 NOV Full of love, humour and heartbreak – a novella from the award-winning author of Ketchup Clouds and My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece.

24/08/2017 11:51

Overheard in a Tower Block 9781910959589 PB £6.99 JULY

Wings! Rising Stars: New Young Voices in Poetry 9781910959046 PB £6.99 AUG 9781910959374 PB £6.99 OCT

Mrs Noah’s Pockets 9781910959091 HB £12.99 SEPT

A Child’s Garden of Verses 9781910959107 HB £14.99 OCT

Black: An Artist’s Tribute 9789383145621 HB £27.00 JULY

The Bacchae 9788186211915 HB £24.00 JULY

Kangaroo Kisses 9781910959022 PB £6.99 AUG

Pirate Baby 9781910959954 HB £11.99 SEPT

Brer Rabbit Retold 9789383145461 HB £22.99 OCT

The Creature 9781910959145 HB £11.99 OCT

Run, Elephant, Run 9781910959114 HB £12.99 OCT

God of Money 9789383145492 HB £14.99 OCT Another History of the Children’s Picture Book: From Soviet Lithuania to India 9789383145454 HB £35.00 OCT The history of books as you’ve never seen it before – from the Soviet Union and India.

Walking is a Way of Knowing 9789383145607 HB £12.99 OCT

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Water 9789383145614 HB £11.99 NOV

24/08/2017 11:51

Real-Life Mysteries 9781911509080 PB £7.99 SEPT Ever wondered what exactly does go bump in the night? Read the amazing evidence about the mysterious cases and make up your own mind.

Play Card Games PB £9.99 AUG English 9781909767898 French 9781909767904 Spanish 9781909767911 When the Histronauts travel back in time to the Roman Empire they’ll need your help to uncover the secrets of the past. Join them on their journey as they sneak into the Roman baths, try on the armour of a legionary, make a sacrifice at the temple of the gods, ride in a speeding chariot and meet ferocious gladiators. An exciting mix of story, facts and activity, helping the Histronauts home in time for tea is the perfect way to bring history to life.

The Histronauts PB £6.99 OCT An Egyptian Adventure 9781911509097 A Roman Adventure 9781911509103 When the Histronauts travel back in time to ancient Egypt they’ll need your help to uncover the secrets of the past. Join them on their journey as they explore dazzling tombs, decipher hieroglyphics, unwrap the art of mummification and learn how the gods ruled over the dead in the afterlife. An exciting mix of story, facts and activity, helping the Histronauts home in time for tea is the perfect way to bring history to life.



What’s a sundial, Luna?











Look at your clothes!



God of mumm

It’s a sort of clock. As the sun moves from east to west it casts a shadow on the sundial and shows what the time is.


I don’t remember putting sandals on this morning.

Appearan Head of a

He guided the


dead into the


b small activity books

b small activity books


9 781911 509097


b small publishing

9 781911 509103

b small publishing

Cut out the dolls. Cut round the clothes starting on page 10. Fold the tabs to dress the dolls.

Dress-up the dolls to explore the fashions ofBlurb the Blurb Russian Blurb Blurb BlurbRevolution. Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb What didBlurb the TsarBlurb and Tsarina wear at their engagement? Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurband Blurb Blurb How did a peasant dress summer winter? And why did Lenin wearBlurb a red ribbon? Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb

Cut out the sixteen colourful costumes for both men and women. Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb age Blurb Learn all about the styles theBlurb styles of this turbulent and lots about its intriguing history too. Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb


You’ll soon be an expert on furry hats, felt boots and jewelled kaftans!

Also available: Jane Austen’s Age

Fold firmly along the dotted lines to stand the dolls up.

b small activity books

b small activity books


£7.99 b small publishing

9 781911 509141

b small publishing

Fashion Paper Dolls PB £7.99 SEPT Dress-Up: Jane Austen 9781911509134 Dress-Up: Russian Revolution 9781911509141

First Words BB £8.99 NOV Irish 9781911509172 Welsh 9781911509189

Fill and Keep Activity Books PB £5.99 OCT All About Me 9781911509158 My Family Tree Book 9781911509165

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Valentine isn’t always well behaved, but he’s great fun. And when Anna is in trouble, Valentine comes to the rescue! A warm funny story by an award winning author. Berlie Doherty is one of the finest authors for young children. She lives in the Hope Valley in the Peak District where the Valentine stories are set.


Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 6


There are sheep on the hills and cows in the fields. There are chickens in the barns and an old pony in the orchard. But Anna is lonely, and a bit scared too. Until she makes a special friend – he’s a white Charolais calf called Valentine!


Jack Dash and the Summer Blizzard 9781910611067 PB £5.99 JUNE

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 2018 9781846532320 HB £7.99 SEPT


Anna has gone to live with Grandpa Bill and Nanny Jean in Peak Dale Farm.

A Calf called Valentine

Eloise Undercover 9781910611135 PB £6.99 SEPT A story of suspense, secrecy and danger during the Second World War from the author of Through the Mirror Door.

Invisible Brother 9781846471018 PB £4.99 OCT

Marvel Heroes Annual 2018 9781846532306 HB £7.99 SEPT

A Calf Called Valentine 9781846470882 PB £4.99 AUG

Spider-Man Annual 2018 9781846532313 HB £7.99 SEPT

24/08/2017 11:51

My First Wheels BB £4.99 NOV Car 9789463343190 Tractor 9789463343206 Police 9789463343220 Firetruck 9789463343213

Pull the Tab and Listen SOUND BOOK £11.99 AUG Fun on the Farm 9789463343312 Ready...Set...Go! 9789463343329

Soft Book CLOTH £9.99 AUG Rabbit 9789463344814 Sheep 9789463344821

My Big Book of Answers On the Go 9789463343299 HB £7.99 NOV My Body 9789463346207 BB £7.99 JULY Clap Clap BB £5.99 JULY Davy The Dog 9789463347808 Ricky The Rabbit 9789463347785 Coco The Cat 9789463347792 Bruno The Bear 9789463347778

Learn in a Flash CARDS £8.99 OCT Animals 9789463347921 Colours & Shapes 9789463347938 ABC 9789463347945 Counting 9789463347952 Fairy Tales to Touch BB £5.99 NOV Goldilocks 9789463042215 Ugly Duckling 9789463349284

My Fold-out Atlas of HB £12.99 AUG Explorers 9789463343305 The Earth 9789463346788 My Little House of Fairy Tales BB £5.99 NOV Little Red Riding Hood 9789463343237 The Three Little Pigs 9789463343244 The Jungle Book 9789463347815 Snow White 9789463347822

I Love Music BB £12.99 NOV The Orchestra 9789463348225 World Music 9789463348232

Bedtime with Santa Claus 9789463348126 BB £11.99 NOV

Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 7

Bedtime for Barry Bear 9789463343176 SOUND BOOK £11.99 JULY

Fairy Tale Sound Book BB £7.99 NOV Three Little Pigs 9789463348942 Snow White 9789463348959 Little Red Riding Hood 9789463348966 Jungle Book 9789463348973

Bedtime for Rita Rabbit 9789463343183 CLOTH £11.99 JULY

My First Wheel Display 9789463346641 BB £99.80 AUG

10 Colours to Sticker! 9789463343282 PB £5.99 AUG

Fables To Touch: Alice in Wonderland 9789463347044 BB £5.99 JULY

Book Tower: Fire Engine 9789463349192 BB £14.99* NOV * Inc. VAT

24/08/2017 11:51

Jewellery Boxes BOX £6.99* JULY My Floral Fabric Bracelet 9782733853092 My Brazilian Bracelet 9782733853122 My Dreamcatcher Necklace 9782733853115 My Seed Beads Necklace 9782733853108

Music Books BB £14.99 SEPT My Mozart Music Book 9782733850671 My First Ballet 9782733852453

My First Pull the Tab Fairy Tales BB £8.99 SEPT Little Red Riding Hood 9782733850626 Pinocchio 9782733850619

My Animated Picture Book BB £6.99 JULY On the Farm 9782733849699 On the Go 9782733849705

45 Games... PB £5.99 JULY On Holiday 9782733853139 Out and About 9782733853146

My First Bath Book + Toy SOFT BOOK £9.99* AUG Clown Fish Harry 9782733851364 Oliver Duck 9782733851371

* Inc. VAT

My Incredible BOX £14.99 SEPT My Incredible Princess Masks Toolkit 9782733856291 My Incredible Baby Animal Colouring Toolkit 9782733856307

Magnificent Flying Machine 0710874609833 Magnificent Walking Machine 0710874609826 Magnificent Marble Machine 0710874609840 BOX £14.99* AUG Magnificent Dinosaur Machine 0710874609857 BOX £14.99* SEPT

* Inc. VAT

My Little Marketplace 9788778841322 TOY £14.99 SEPT

Peppa Pig Deco Puzzle 5704976089506 Peppa Pig and Family Puzzle 5704976089513 BOX £12.99* JULY * Inc. VAT

Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 8

My Little Hospital 9788778841308 TOY £14.99 SEPT

My Little Space Station 9788778841315 TOY £14.99 SEPT

24/08/2017 11:51

MILO Milo’s ABC Activity Book 9781910851753 PB £4.99 JAN 18

Colour the World with Little Lapin 9781910851005 PB £4.99 NOV

Milo’s 123 Activity Book 9781910851845 PB £4.99 JAN 18

Alexander the Great Dane 9781910851463 PB £6.99 NOV

Milo’s Haunted House: Lift-the-Flap Book 9781910851838 PB £6.99 OCT

Dr. James McGee and the Time Machine 9781910851661 PB £6.99 NOV

My Incredible Knitting Nana 9781910851456 PB £6.99 OCT

Milo’s Colouring Book 9781910851883 PB £4.99 JAN 18

Monster Food Finger Puppet Book 9781910851852 BB £4.99 NOV

The Three Little Superpigs: The Origin 9781910851548 PB £6.99 OCT Hoot’s Activity Book 9781910851760 PB £8.99 OCT

Magnetic Play HB £8.99 JULY Pirates 9781787001688 Princesses 9781787001695 Vehicles 9781787001701 Fairies 9781787001671

Hot Wheels: Hot Hacks Supercharged Challenges 9781787003040 TIN £14.99 AUG

Scratch and Draw: Hot Wheels - Things that GO! GO! GO! 9781787003026 HB £7.99 AUG

Baa-baa! Magnetic Counting 9781787003057 HB £7.99 AUG

Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 9

Travel the World with Little Lapin 9781910851449 PB £6.99 NOV Children can find Little Lapin on every page – along with a few other hidden surprises.

Monster Appetite 9781910851791 PB £6.99 NOV

Pinocchio 9781787001831 PB £6.99 AUG

Beep-beep! Magnetic First Words 9781787003071 HB £7.99 AUG

Barbie Fashion Designer 9781787003033 TIN £14.99 AUG

Meow! Animals Book Box 9781787003095 BOX £14.99 AUG

Scratch and Draw - Barbie: You can be a Fashionista 9781787003019 HB £7.99 AUG

My First Sticker Book Christmas 9781787001855 PB £4.99 SEPT

24/08/2017 11:51

Tangleweed and Brine 9781910411926 HB £12.99 SEPT A collection of twelve dark, feminist YA retellings of traditional fairytales from one of Ireland’s leading writers for young people.

Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Girls 9781910411278 HB £11.99 AUG

A Christmas Carol 9780955304644 HB £16.99 OCT

Leaves: An Autumn Pop Up Book 9781623484583 HB £20.00 SEPT

Big Size Surprise 9789888342662 BB £9.99 SEPT

Abridged Picturebook: Peter Pan and Wendy 9781786750853 HB £12.99 OCT

Big Bear Can’t Fall Asleep 9789888342655 BB £6.99 SEPT

Arthur, High King of Britain 9781786750310 HB £16.99 OCT

Hopscotch in the Sky 9781910411933 HB £10.99 OCT

Tales for the Telling 9781786750327 HB £16.99 OCT

Christmas at the Zoo: A Pop-Up Winter Wonderland 9781623484590 HB £15.00 OCT Excitement reigns as the animals at the zoo decorate their homes for Christmas in this award-winning pop-up book.

Halloween at the Zoo: A Pop-Up Trick-or-Treat Experience 9781623484576 HB £15.00 SEPT

Too Big or Too Small? 9789888341429 HB £12.99 NOV

Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 10

Abridged Picturebook: The Wind in the Willows 9781786751065 HB £12.99 OCT

Star by Star 9781910411537 PB £6.99 SEPT

The Message of the Birds 9789888341511 HB £6.99 OCT

Aunt Fanny’s Star 9789888341306 HB £12.99 NOV

Little Santa 9789888341467 HB £12.99 OCT Santa’s son is always alone on Christmas Eve – but a surprise mishap will soon change all that.

24/08/2017 11:51

The Explorer Series: Dinosaurs! 9780993284779 HB £9.99 OCT This two-metre long timeline reveals the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds 9781908489326 BB £12.99 OCT

Complete Handwriting Copymasters 9781782483359 PB £26.99 SEPT

Beginners Cursive Handwriting 9781782483106 PB £3.99 JULY

Sing and Learn With Actions 9781782483090 PB £8.99 JULY

London 9788868602703 PB £16.99* NOV

Book + Giant Puzzle PB £12.99* OCT The Ghost House 9788868604288 Dragons in the Forest 9788868604318

* Inc. VAT

Autumn Winter Export 2017.indd 11

Match and Learn the Greek Gods 9780995673106 HB £11.99 SEPT

New York 9788868603045 PB £16.99* NOV

Travel and Learn: The Earth 9788868600952 PB £16.99* NOV

Paris Lens Book: 9788868602048 The Human Body PB £16.99* NOV 9788868605124 PB £12.99 NOV

Travel and Learn: Dinosaurs 9788868601829 PB £16.99* NOV

Lens Book: The Animals 9788868605094 PB £12.99 NOV

Build an Airplane - 3D 9788868604387 PB £16.99* OCT

Travel and Learn: The World of Animals 9788868604615 PB £14.99* OCT

Build a Locomotive - 3D 9788868604356 PB £16.99* OCT

24/08/2017 11:51

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Cover artwork: © Kenard Pak The Poet’s Dog Pushkin Children’s Books 9781782691686 PB £9.99 OCT

24/08/2017 11:51

Bounce New Titles Autumn Winter 2017 Export Brochure  

Bounce represent over 30 independent children's publishers to retailers outside the United Kingdom. Browse our books and get in touch with o...

Bounce New Titles Autumn Winter 2017 Export Brochure  

Bounce represent over 30 independent children's publishers to retailers outside the United Kingdom. Browse our books and get in touch with o...