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The Server Side And User Side that Influences Website Performance

By Matthew Boulton

Contents 1. The User Side 2.The Server Side 3. Security Issus 4.Bibliography

The User Side Connection speed If the user has a slow internet connection it will take much longer to load wed content and even slower when using multimedia files. Sometimes, the web content will take too long to load and the server will ultimately time out. Hardware

The hardware that the user is using must be strong enough for him/her to be able to view files such as images, videos and any other web content. If it is not strong enough then you probably would not be able to view any of the files you intend too. Malware Malware on a user’s computer can use up bandwidth, this would cause the connection to slow down. It can also make the user unable to use programmes required for viewing any web content or it will navigate them away from the web page. Browser The user’s browser must be capable of correctly displaying content and images; if the browser is out-dated it may not be able to correctly display content e.g. flash; the user may not be able to navigate or view the website. Cache If you do not clear your cache, then it will begin to build up, when it builds up the connection speed will start to slow down, this could cause many multimedia files to buffer. Software If the user has large amounts of software running it can cause their computer to slow down and may affect other software such as the browser or any internet connectivity software that is required for their connection, this can cause their internet speed to be severely reduced.

The Server Side Internet traffic

If there are lots of people on the internet at the same time, the connection may start to slow down, this usually happens at internet peak times. Hardware The hardware the server is using must be capable of handling multiple users without significant slowdown or crashing. If it is not powerful enough it can seriously impact the user’s experience and may lead to the server crashing or becoming unresponsive. File type/size If the files used on the website are too large they may cause a large amount of the servers’ system resources to be used when they are accessed by users’. The use of large, uncompressed file formats can also cause the website to become slow and unresponsive. Software The software the server is running uses system resources such as memory and processing power, if the software is badly programmed it may cause the system to significantly slow down, this will have a bad impact for the user’s experience and could cause the server to crash and become unresponsive. Maintenance If the server is not correctly maintained the software running on it may be out-dated which can cause the website to be slower that if the server were running the latest up to date software. Out-dated software can also cause security issues which can allow unauthorised access, further slowing the connection speed.

Security Risks What security risks are there?

The security risks that are faced when going online are mainly due to viruses. If a virus was to infect your computer, you may lose any important files that you may have. A virus can be spread through the internet, from a CD or even a USB. Once somebody puts out a virus on the internet, it can spread from one computer to another very quickly. Ways to stop a virus: •

Get an online virus programme such as Norton Anti Virus or AVG.

Regularly update your anti virus.

Scan all your computer and delete, repair or quarantine the infected files.

Glossary Multimedia – Multimedia holds many contents such as text, video, images and also animation. Web Browser - A web browser or Internet browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. Connection Speed – Connection speed is how long it takes for you to browse different websites at a slow or fast pace. If you have a strong connection, your browsing would be quicker than having a weak connection.

The Server Side And User Side that Influences Website Performance  
The Server Side And User Side that Influences Website Performance  

This book describes how influential the User and Server side are to a websites performance