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Floral Fascination


Designed locally, this blooming cover will help brighten any weary winter room. Aldari Home // 16"x16" $39 Available at

One pillow, two fun sides. Thomas Paul // 23"x9" $78 Available at Only Human

Bold, sophisticated blossoms in refreshing mint and coral. Caitlin Wilson Textiles // 20"x20" $65 Available at

Perfect Patterns

Go for Gold


Contrasting textures and geometric patterns infuse both warmth and drama into your home. 17"x17" $29 Available at Urban Barn

The perfect way to infuse a little extra love into your living space. Indigo // 16"x16" $39.50 Available at Chapters

Get back to basics with this geometric gem. Storehouse // $49.95 Available at Insideout Homestore

Bold, simple, sophisticated. S&C // 14"x20" $65 Available at Nest & Cradle

Chic, simple pattern. Hand printed. Waterbased ink. Sustainably grown hemp fabric. Need we say more? Chanee Vijay // 12"x21" $84 Available at

Get creative with Smoking Lily! Choose from their many designs and inks to be printed on your own pillow case. $18+ // Ready winthin two weeks Available at Smoking Lily


Boulevard Magazine - February 2014 Issue  

Boulevard Magazine is designed to capture the personality, culture and vitality that is Vancouver Island by focusing on the Arts, People, Tr...

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