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But for the Grace of God A Feather in her Cap: Youth Inspiration with Geossica Madden

Testimony: Thelma Ferguson

Powerful Women Most Honourable Prime Minister in the House

Mission Statement: To develop our spiritual lives, evangelize the wider community and influence the world through Christ by organized preaching, public and private worship, Christian education and fellowship, while co-operating with other Christian bodies.

Boulevard Baptist Church

Boulevard Baptist Church 2 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20 Tel.: 905-2422, 905-0118 or 832-1522 Email: | Website: Pastor: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick Opportunities For Worship Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday School: 8:00 a.m. – 8:50 a.m. Prayer & Bible Study: Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Fasting: 1st Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Williams Editor: Dorrett R Campbell Other Team Members: Hyacinth Brown, Carla Wilson-Redden, Claudette Reid, Duvaughn Dick, Simone Hull-Lloyd, Ricardo Holness, Francine Dallas, Verna Edwards and Emma McCalla.

“ The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

W E A LT H Head Office: 26 Belmont Road, Kingston 5, Tel: 876.908.3800-2 Mandeville Branch: 5-7 Ward Avenue, Tel: 876.625.0845-6 Montego Bay Branch: Unit 11, Suite B, Fairview II Shopping Centre, Bogue, Montego Bay, Tel: 876.908.3800-2

But for the grace of God Evangelism Emphasis Month 2014 But for the grace of God was the theme chosen for Evangelism Emphasis Month, observed in April. We focussed on friendship and group evangelism. To this end, birth month groups scoured adjoining communities to witness. Mission and Evangelism team members shared devotions with participants in the skills training program every Wednesday morning and mobilised students and teachers from several schools to participate in the worship services. On first Sunday morning, the Rev. Brenard McDonald, Pastor of the Zion Hill Circuit of Baptist Churches stirred the huge congregation with a sermon sub-titled Grace that transforms. Referencing the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10, Rev McDonald emphasized that the “Grace of God sees us in spite of our condition… summons us despite condemnation and waits for our surrender to the divine call.” The first open-air service saw preacher Vivette Rhone outlining the story of Nicodemus to underscore the born-again experience and to declare that there was no other way to be saved but by the grace of God. Robert Bogle, on Palm Sunday, encouraged us to accept and celebrate Jesus as our resurrected Saviour.

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Devon Dick gave a refreshing account of the resurrection story outlined in St John 20: 1-10. Guided by the topic: He Saw and believed, Pastor noted that some were baffled by the empty tomb, but others believed and broadcast the good news. On fourth Sunday UK-based ICAN Ministry’s Bishop Wayne Malcolm adopting the topic, Put me in the palace, sermonised that invariably, God strategically positioned his people to transform lives, communities and countries. The Month climaxed with an open –air power-packed service in Mandela Park, featuring Perpetual Praise and other ministries. Preacher, Dorrett R Campbell who titled her sermon, Grace that restores used the story of the demon-possessed man in Luke 8:27-39 to illustrate that “Jesus meets us where we are, restores us to whom we ought to be under grace and sends us where we ought to be as his disciple.” We are reaping the harvest God promised to us, as several persons gave their lives to Christ.


Admitting to Sadness… Committing to the Saviour

Fourteen new members pose with Rev. Dr. Devon Dick and Deacon Kathlyn Grant (back row l-r)

Good Friday was good as it was. Fourteen disciples enlisted in the fellowship of Boulevard Baptist Church. Eleven joined through baptism, one restored to fellowship and two committed to the fellowship by way of transfer. ADMIT AND COMMIT Some of the newly baptized members in their testimonies admitted the sadness and loneliness they experienced as they wavered on the past opportunities to accept Christ. The moment was finally here to commit their lives to God. One individual stated that he was defiant in responding to the call to serve God but it was through his struggles and responding to an altar call that this commitment came. Some admitted facing difficulties and near misses with death, which forced them into a closer relationship with God. In his Good Friday message titled, Admit and Commit, Rev. Dr. Devon Dick called for a careful examination of our lives. He posited that we must admit that we are a sinner, indicating that by choice and propensity we have a human nature to sin and

have missed God’s standards and God’s will. Rev. Devon Dick while focusing on Luke 23:39-43 explained that we can either be like the thief on the cross who pretended, or we can be like the thief who admitted to his deeds. He argued that like the thieves on the cross we needed to own up. We needed to commit to the Saviour, he asserted. The thief said, “Remember me when you come into the Kingdom.” He wanted to be a part of the Kingdom, which offers something bigger and better. The tax collector in Luke 18:9-14, his prayer was a confession for God’s mercy and prayer, admitting he was a sinner.


“He saw and believed� The Easter Message

While delivering his Easter message titled, He saw and believed, to the Boulevard Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Devon Dick focused on John 20:110. He expressed that we respond to the resurrection of Jesus as nobrainers, referring to John who did not know the scriptures well enough to fully grasp the resurrection. Mary, he indicated, was insecure and unsure when she did not see the body, not recalling his promised resurrection; and Peter was intimidated by those who ordered the killing of Jesus. He disowned Jesus out of fear and did not know the resurrection power. They initially all failed to grasp that if there was no resurrection then the foundational stone of Christianity has been removed. Dr. Devon Dick affirmed that the resurrection is too good to be true because it is a statement of life over death. We have the potential of a full and meaningful life because of the power of the resurrection available to us. We are free from the burden of guilt

by believing in Christ, confessing and repenting our sins, and accepting the free gift of salvation from God by faith in Jesus Christ. We need to believe and live, declared the pastor. We should recognize that God has a purpose for our lives, he stated. God is very calculated and has a spiritual gift with our names on it to make a significant difference in ministry. He will cause our trials to produce good, positive results in us if we respond in obedience. Don’t give in to peer pressure, be of good courage, Devon Dick urged. He said three things can destroy a person: anger, pride and un-forgiveness. Rev. Devon Dick indicated that time, words and opportunity are three things that will not come back. He encouraged us to use this opportunity wisely to believe in God, and to spread his gospel of not giving up because he was raised from the dead, and we can find strength and not give in to worldly desires.


Evangelizing Children With Special Needs A presentation by Dr. Stephanie McFarlane, Education Management Specialist, during an Evangelism training seminar by the JBU Mission Agency.

Disability is not inability. Children with disabilities are more like other children than they are different. Their needs vary depending on the type of disability and its level of severity. The basic need for love, acceptance and security is the same for ALL persons. Many children with disabilities may grow up to make valuable contributions to society. Some Outstanding Persons with Disabilities Well-known Local persons – Ms. Nella Webb, advocate for deaf rights such as the right for blind persons to have driver’s licenses; Senator Floyd Morris, first blind president of the Jamaican Senate; Dr Hixwell Douglas, Education Officer at the Special Education Unit at the Ministry of Education is visually impaired; Mr. Wilbert Williams, a blind physiotherapist, now retired, who worked at Kingston Pubic Hospital , the Bustamante Children’s Hospital and the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre. Thomas Edison: Edison is the great inventor with inventions in various fields, and used in our daily life. In his early life he was thought to have a learning disability and he could not read until he was twelve.

Studies in Jamaica: The World Health Organization (WHO) in a study 1994 found that 10 percent of Jamaican school children had some form of disability. A Clarendon Study in 1992, showed 81.4 students per 1000 having a cognitive disability. The Church’s Role: The church’s role is to present the good news of Jesus Christ to Children with special needs. Early intervention is key! Learn about disabilities and special needs such as: cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, mental retardation from mild to profound, seizures, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer. Get some first-hand experience. Reach out and welcome people with disabilities. Train ushers and lay leaders as role models to carry out this function. Include children/young people with disabilities in all activities of the church (Find creative ways to make adaptations). Families of Children with disabilities NEED support. Foster an inclusive atmosphere. Do not underestimate the persons with disability. Avoid giving the impression that “it is a lack of faith” why the person is not healed.


Youth Inspiration:

A Feather In Her Cap

Geossica Madden Geossica is a seventh grade student at Immaculate Conception High School. She competed in the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad 2014 and finished in the top thirty three of the Final Round Examination. Thousands of students from high schools across the island participated in this competition. The Boulevard Baptist Church family congratulates Geossica on her good showing in the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad. She shares her experience with us.


BBC e-voice: Tell us about the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad - who participate, the history, how it is organized, etc. Geossica: The International Mathematical Olympiad is an annual Mathematical Olympiad. It is the oldest of the International Science Olympiad first held in Romania in 1959 and has been held annually, except for 1980. About 100 countries including Jamaica send about 6 students, one team leader, a deputy leader and observers. This team is chosen through the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad. BBC e-voice: What motivated you to enter? Geossica: Well, I wanted to do it in preparatory school but never got the chance. Last term, my friend asked if I wanted to enter. I said yes because I love Math and I saw this as an opportunity to test my Math skills. BBC e-voice: How did you prepare for this competition? Geossica: I prepared myself by doing past Olympiad Math papers. BBC e-voice: How many persons were you up against? Goessica: In the first round I was up against a couple thousand. In the semi-final round, I competed with approximately 478 students. In the final round I faced-off with 140 students in the grade 7 and placed thirty third. BBC e-voice: How confident you were? Geossica: I was not really confident in the first round but as I moved up my confidence was built up. BBC e-voice: What were your expectations? Any surprises? Geossica: My expectations were quite high but I started to doubt every now and again. I was very surprised when I found out that I made to the Semi-final round and even more surprised when I made it to the final round. BBC e-voice: What have you gained or learned from this competition? Geossica: Never give up and always do your best. BBC e-voice: Would you do it again? Geossica: Yes, I would. BBC e-voice: Will your career choice be in the area of Mathematics? Geossica: It will be more in the field of Science. I want to be a Paediatrician, Orthodontist or a Lawyer. BBC e-voice: Geossica, thanks for sharing with the BBC e-voice and on behalf of the Boulevard Baptist family we wish you every success in future Mathematical Olympiads.



A ‘bounce’ to my good Thelma Ferguson It was in 2012 while I was attending a funeral service when someone passed me from behind and unintentionally hit me in the head. It was very painful but subsided after a while. After some weeks the pain returned so I went to a doctor who questioned me, did preliminary tests and explained that all seemed okay so I should just take the prescribed pain killers. This I did and soon the pain was gone. Upon learning weeks later that a colleague from work had a heart attack I felt inclined to advise my doctor of my experience. She had me do a brain scan and MRI which showed that I had a tumour at the back of my brain resting against my spinal cord. It was brought to my attention immediately and the necessity for urgent neurosurgery explained to me. To delay could make me a cripple at any time, she emphasized.

I had to do several medical tests to ascertain that I was healthy enough to tolerate the trauma of such surgery. As I continued to prepare myself to face this life-threatening event, the Bible passage for the day of surgery was most comforting and reassuring, as I found that It spoke to me personally when it said: ‘DAUGHTER, YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL, GO IN PEACE AND BE HEALED OF YOUR AFFLICTION’! (Mark 5:34). Hours after reading, I was not afraid as I was taken to the operating theatre because I had already committed everything to My Father. The surgery which lasted several hours was successful, with the tumour fully removed as was confirmed by further MRI’s. But for the Grace of God I could have been here now in a wheelchair or otherwise. Satan intended the ‘bounce’ for my harm, but God used it to my good.

To God be the Glory!



Empowered to Seek, Save and Serve Boulevard Baptist Church Women’s Federation Enrolment.

L-R Newly enrolled: Castro Tomlin, Verna Stephenson & Rita Palmer | Guest Speaker: Marine Cunningham and Beaming Women’s Federation choir

At the enrolment service held on March 23, 2014, guest speaker, Deacon Marine Cunningham, former President of the JBU Women’s Federation based her exhortation on Luke 13:10-17. She reminded the gathering at the Boulevard Baptist Church, that it was only through the power of God we can get relief from any situation.

The Retreat

Federation members listening intently | Members taking notes | Guest speaker Winsome Reid

“Faith is the foundation of our Christian life. When faith breaks down the foundation of our spiritual life gives way, and the entire structure of our religious experience fails.” This is the word of Mrs. Winsome Reid, Director of the Meadowbrook Preparatory School and former Principal of the Meadowbrook High School who delivered the keynote presentation on faith at the Women’s Federation Retreat held recently, at the Boulevard Baptist Church. Mrs. Reid held up Hannah as a memorable example of a woman of faith. The darts will come at us, she explained, but we must be steadfast. She affirmed that faith was must be kept alive by prayer. Faith, she added, created powerful prayer. She told us that if you make a promise to God, fulfil it. The former Meadowbrook High School encouraged us to read the word and meditate on it.


Bereavement Ministry Launched The launch of the Bereavement Ministry of the Boulevard Baptist Church took place at a most appropriate time, on Easter Sunday, a solemn moment on the Church calendar, and for a ministry which will seek to minister in the solemn moments of our lives. Coordinator of the Bereavement Ministry, Deacon Jennifer Henry and Sis. Cordella Downie made presentations for the initiation of this Ministry. Reverend Dr. Devon Dick extended special Blessings. The Ministry started with thirteen members who participated in the launch.

Deacon Jennifer Henry

Sis. Cordella Downie

Rev. Devon Dick greets members of the ministry

The main objectives of the Boulevard Baptist Church Bereavement Ministry (BBCBM) is to provide spiritual and other support to individuals and families of our congregation who are grieving after the loss of their loved ones. It exists to help the family or individual, bear the grieving process as best as possible, with follow up visits, prayer and counseling, if required. To help to strengthen and restore the grieving person, or family, to a relatively normal way of life, as far as is possible. To help persons understand that it is God who gives life and he takes life, also that death is not the final stage for the deceased but there is the Resurrection through Jesus Christ. The inaugural meeting was held on Saturday April 26, 2014 at the Luther Gibbs Centre. The speaker for the afternoon was Deacon Emeritus Fay Corothers. The topic of her presentation was, ‘Grief and loss.’ 9.

Most Honourable PM in the House The Boulevard Baptist Church was very pleased to welcome the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica and husband, the Most Honourable Errald Miller who worshipped with us on Easter Sunday. The following is a pictorial presentation of their interaction with us.

Photos from L-R: PM flanked by husband Errald and Mary Dick | The prime Minister shares the peace | A gift for the PM from Alexander Haye and Kelsey-Ann Beckford presents a gift to Errald Miller


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DID YOU KNOW? Some facts about Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) If all plans are realized, Jamaica will be utilizing LNG as an alternative form of energy to supply electricity at a lower cost. This will be made possible through the 381 Mega Watt Project slated to be completed in 2016. 1. Natural gas has proven to be a reliable and efficient energy source that burns much cleaner than other fossil fuels. 2. Utility companies achieve lower capital cost, higher fuel efficiency, shorter construction lead times and lower emissions. 3. Natural gas accounted for almost one-quarter of all energy used in the United States from 1998-2003. 4. Most U.S. LNG imports come from Trinidad and Tobago. The balance originates from a mix of Middle Eastern, African, and Asian suppliers. 5. A 2004 study by the Manufacturers Alliance outlined the critical role of natural gas in manufacturing and the potential contribution of LNG to improve U.S. industrial competitiveness in the global marketplace. 6. When natural gas is liquefied, it shrinks more than 600 times in volume. 7. Liquefaction (turning to liquid) enables natural gas that would otherwise be “stranded�, to reach major markets. 8. LNG vapour has a limited flammability range. The physical and chemical properties of LNG render it safer than other commonly used hydrocarbons. Source -


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BBC e-Voice Magazine April 2014  

BBC e-Voice Magazine April 2014

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