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The Life Changing Events TESTIMONY

Sis. Dorrett Campbell

Sunday School Excellence The Art of Studying (Youth Inspiration)

Christ’s control in the crisis

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Healing Power

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The Lodge… Secrets Revealed

Mission Statement: To develop our spiritual lives, evangelize the wider community and influence the world through Christ by organized preaching, public and private worship, Christian education and fellowship, while co-operating with other Christian bodies. Boulevard Baptist Church

Boulevard Baptist Church 2 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20 Tel.: 905-2422, 905-0118 or 832-1522 Email: Opportunities For Worship Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday School: 8:00 – 8:50 a.m. Prayer & Bible Study: Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Fasting: 1st Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Williams Editor: Hyacinth Brown Other Team Members: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick, Sylvia Kelly, Carla Wilson-Redden, Francine Dallas, Simone Hull-Lloyd, Verna Edwards, Ricardo Holness, Claudette Reid, Duvaughn Dick, Petrona Faulknor and Lorna Fraser.

“ The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

W E A LT H Head Office: 26 Belmont Road, Kingston 5, Tel: 876.908.3800-2 Mandeville Branch: 5-7 Ward Avenue, Tel: 876.625.0845-6 Montego Bay Branch: Unit 11, Suite B, Fairview II Shopping Centre, Bogue, Montego Bay, Tel: 876.908.3800-2

The Life Changing EVENTS Sophia Williams

Good Friday Baptism Service Christian baptism signifies the death of a sinful life, and the resurrection of a new life in Christ. On Good Friday, March 29, eleven candidates were baptized, one restored to the fellowship and four were transferred. Their testimonies, prior to this occasion, were tearful confessions of God’s deliverance and guidance in their lives. As one candidate said, “It must be God who did this for me … who else could have saved me!” They admitted to surrendering their lives to God, and acknowledging His power in their lives. Photo Caption: Young man I call upon you because you are strong… Pastor Devon Dick welcomes Trevor Morant into the fellowship

“Power of the Cross” Message “Jesus’ death is a vicarious death (experienced in the imagination rather than directly). We enter into Jesus’ death vicariously as we experience salvation and what he has done for us. Jesus predicted his death … this will be our reality. Victory is ‘suffering’ … “if yuh want good yuh nose ha fi run.” For the newly baptized, the road of suffering will not be in green pastures. It is when we endure pain and suffering that we know we have power, which makes us triumphant over evil.” Scripture reference: Matthew 17: 9-13 Excerpts from: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick

The Life Changing EVENTS Continued: “Best day of our lives” Easter Sunday Message “Today can become the best day of our lives because of the resurrection of Jesus. It is not engaging in positive optimism or some ‘feel good’ motivational talk. There is no magical way to achieve our dreams. It is not positive thinking that “what we conceive and believe we will achieve.” No amount of positive thinking will make you into what you want, as some things are out of our reach. Blind optimism will not work. We need realistic confidence. We can affirm that today is our best day because of the resurrection of Jesus. Because he lives we can have peace in the storm. Our hands are in those of the man of Galilee, and we are confident about the future. Our bad days can become good days. All the events that are happening are a build up for this day, making it the best day of our lives. All things work together for good for those who are called for his purpose (Romans 8:28). This is not to imply that nothing bad can happen to us today. God has prepared for today’s earth tremor and earthquake; a preparation for all things coming together for good. In life we may decline, but not so in Jesus Christ. As we decline physically, the inner man is growing every day, and each day is our best day ever. As we get close to Christ every day, we can even be on our sick bed and gain strength through prayer and the resurrection. If this is not happening to us we are not recognizing the power of the resurrection. We tend to focus on what other persons have instead of focusing on our blessings. If he promises to supply our needs from his riches in glory, what more do we want? Our lives can be revalued - everyday a new record; and we are improved every day in life.” Scripture reference: Matthew 28: 1-10 Photo Caption: The best day of their lives...New converts pose with Pastor Devon Dick. Excerpts from: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick.

Testimony GROWING IN PEACE… at peace with myself…

Sis. Dorrett Campbell Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education Recently, I sat on the steps of Haile Selassie High School and pulled up my knees beside the weeping mother of the murdered 14 year-old student, Shariefa Sadler. Recognising that nice-sounding words could not comfort her in what was inarguably her darkest morning, I placed my arms around her; nestled her head in my lap; held her tightly and wept with her. Shariefa’s best friend, hollering uncontrollably, dropped to her knees before me, held on to my feet and, desperately searching for answers, she screamed, “Why! Why! Why would God allow them to kill my best friend…?” Her screaming question pierced the core of my being, even as it tore into an already electrifying air… But I had no answer to her question… I recall the many times I too have asked God: Why! Why me: when I grappled with the scars of abuse, disappointments and even sometimes when I was reaping the consequences of my own disobedience…. I have been saved since I was 14 years old… I now consider myself a mature Christian… But my walk before God has not been a perfectly smooth highway…

It has been a trajectory of informed and un-informed choices; errors of judgment and yes, several painful mistakes… I have come a long way realising that when I let go and let Him, God uses the pain of my sin and the results of my mistakes as the foundation upon which he builds a new life and a stronger relationship. He uses those dark mornings to strengthen my character; to teach me lessons of tolerance, patience, forgiveness… so that I may lead a victorious life. I’d like to think that is what Paul meant when he said: “For in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” I am here now… I have accomplished much…When I measure the distance from whence I came – the struggles through which I have come, I know that I am blessed. However, in the words of my Pastor, the Rev Devon Dick, in his sermon preached on Christmas Sunday: “Being blessed doesn’t necessarily mean that we are exempt from suffering; that my name won’t be brought into disrepute; that our loved ones won’t be cruelly ripped from us…Being blessed means that God gives his grace and provisions to help us deal with those challenges…” I now measure my blessings, not only in my achievements, but in the lessons I have learnt from the mistakes I have made; in the lives I have touched; in the difference I have made and in the moments I have shared with others along the way. I WILL make more mistakes. I WILL face more disappointments … but His grace is sufficient and his strength is made perfect in my weakness. I continue to walk before him as a mature Christian, confident that his … grace and peace will always be with me on the journey.

Yes! I have come a long way growing in peace with my God, with my neighbours and with myself.

Sunday School


Certificates handed out on Sunday School High Attendance Sunday

Some of our Sunday School students who sat the Sunday School Examination, collecting their certificates of honour. Handing out certificates are Sunday School Superintendent, Milton Thompson and Sis. Karlene Pitter-Cooper. Twenty students sat the examination and 19 were successful. Nine students received honours – L – R: Christopher Madden (highest score of 96), Jhana Downie, Alexander Hay, Kelsey Ann Beckford, Anthony Rattray, Deborah Boxe, Alliana Hutchinson, Amaris Hutchinson, Linford Smith, Six received Credit – Carson Barrett, Diana Johnson (Asst. Supt.), Hermine Hylton, Jermaine James, Myrtilyn Walker and Kristen Rhone. Other successful candidates were Ena McLeod, Jordain Lee, Monica Kelly and Malik Thompson. Boulevard Baptist emerged as the top Church in Region 5. Pictures courtesy of Varick Downie

Youth Inspiration

The Art of Studying ~ Sophia Williams

Studying is an art, and if done the right way will assist you in achieving the success and reward you yearn for. It is hoped that these tips will help in making it much easier for you as you try to understand and effectively grasp the material. • To make studying less burdensome you must remain focused in class in order to get a full understanding of the lesson. • Go through notes as soon as possible after class session. • Seek assistance in getting a better understanding where necessary. • Read your notes a few times, or until you are sure that all information is fully understood. • After this exercise you may start memorizing the important areas in the subject area. • Now it is time to put away the book and try to recall all that you have studied. • This can be done by processing one paragraph at a time. • Do this until you are confident that you are able to reproduce all the information. • Draw diagrams until you are comfortable with yourself. • These tips are also relevant for the subject of Mathematics and will take a lot of practice, which may assist you in getting ahead in this subject. At this point you are now ready to participate in group study and practise past paper questions, or you may create your own questions. Group study is important, as it creates an in-depth understanding of the subject area, as each participant or study partner explain in their own words various aspects of the lesson and provide answers to questions. It is like teaching the subject, and as you deliver the information it enhances your capacity in mastering the particular topic or subject area.

Boulevard Baptist Church

Controlling Anger Christ’s control in the crisis…

Expressing grief about a society reckoned to be out of control, Bro. Derrick Saddler bemoaned the news of murder suicides and mothers killing babies. In delivering his sermon to the Boulevard Baptist congregation, Bro. Saddler stated that these are examples of persons who have lost control and snapped under pressure. He made the point that these persons were referred to as “normally” good persons and Christians, in local newspapers reports. He indicated that as Christians we are not immune to snapping under stress, noting that we are living in serious times; but we know who holds the future … he is the high priest, the balm of Gilead. We have the assurance that because he lives we can face tomorrow. Bro. Derrick Saddler defined crisis as any event that is expected to lead up to an unstable or dangerous situation. Crisis usually occurs abruptly; it is a time of testing or emergency. To be in control, is to exercise restraint. While acknowledging that nothing is wrong with being angry, he explained that it is how we deal with such situations that matters, mentioning Cain and Abel in the Bible, where Cain slew his brother Abel after God accepted Abel’s gift (Ephesians 4: 26-27). He warned that in our anger we should not sin or give the devil a foothold. We need to use anger as an outlet for injustice. Anger, he said, is God’s intended way to release the pressure of life (Galatians 5: 19-28). He pointed to Jesus’ anger with the money changers, as an example of how far we should go as Christians. Bro. Saddler outlined the different phases of anger, namely: irritation and a feeling of discomfort, a feeling of indignation, a strong desire to avenge and the stage of fury. He noted that we should never let our anger get past the first stage. When we get into a fury we are telling the devil to take over. He encouraged us to love, have compassion and exercise self-control in spite of the many challenges around us.

The Ministry of


~ Barbara Foster

Who might we be entertaining when we host a stranger? “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2 An usher helps to create a welcoming atmosphere at a church. He is often the first person that people meet as they walk through the front doors, and it is his job to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Parrot (2002) says, “any act of Christian service that helps direct people into fellowship with Jesus Christ is a Ministry.” The Ushers’ Ministry of service must be recognized as a very important one. They are the Ambassadors for the church. The church ushers come into contact with more people in a given service than anyone else. As depicted in St John 1: 6-13, they are the forerunners and their functions exceed meeting, seating and collecting. They are sometimes called to address sensitive issues and situations that threaten the smooth flow of the worship service. Of utmost importance, they help the Pastor to make the service a success by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message, and to see that perfect order is kept in and around the church at all times during the services. Ushers are vital at weddings, funerals, and any other church function. They bring glory to God in all they do and as such, should be trained and equipped for this Ministry of service.

Why do you think hospitality is included in this cluster of virtues? “Love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honour. Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit, and serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.” (Romans 12:10-13)

Editor’s Pick of the Month


“Healing Power” One of Rev. Dr. Devon Dick’s most memorable sermons may be best remembered by the Boulevard Baptist congregation as The Faith of a Mustard Seed. He used Matthew 17:20 as his text : Truly, I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Jesus said this to his disciples who lacked the power to heal a boy suffering from seizures. The Pastor affirmed that we are given authority over evil, sickness and unclean spirits based on our exercise of faith in God. Rev. Dick used the events of Palm Sunday when the Pharisees admonished Jesus because of what his disciples were saying as he rode on a donkey to Jerusalem; the people’s choice of Barabbas as the prisoner to be freed; and Jesus’ crucifixion to draw parallels with current events and concluded that ‘we are a messed up generation!’ He lamented that Jesus faced an infested world and implied that a similar situation existed in Jamaica.

He argued that as a generation, we are powerless and perverted; powerless to the extent that we lack the ability to pray to God to solve our problems. According to Rev. Dick, many of us did not attend prayer meetings because we did not believe that God could change our circumstances. He stated that seven days without praying made us weak. Our problem, he argued, was inadequate faith. “Jesus spoke the word and it came into being; this is majestic, divine power,” Rev. Dick explained. Paradoxically, Jesus referred to the faith of the disciples as being ‘little,’ yet the faith they needed was as small as a mustard seed. It takes one fervent prayer and not many people to pray. The ministry of prayer is important, he declared, emphasizing third party praying. “Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief!” Mark 9:24.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION MINISTRY Brother Hugh Reid Chairman, Financial Education Ministry and President of Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance


Whenever you are considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait thirty days and then ask yourself if you still want that item. Quite often, you will find that the urge to buy has passed and you’ll have saved yourself some money by simply waiting.

Write A List Before You Go Shopping - And Stick To It. One should never go into a store without a strong idea of what one will be buying while in there. Make a careful plan of what you will buy before you go, then stick strictly to that list when you go to the store. Don’t put anything in the cart that is not on the list, no matter how tempting, and you will come out of the store saving a bundle. Do Holiday Shopping Right After The Holidays. Most people use this technique for Christmas, but it works for every holiday. Wait until about two days after a holiday, then go out shopping for some items you need that are themed for that day. Get A Mothers’ Day Card For Next Year The Day After Mothers’ Day. Purchase Easter egg decorating kits the day after Easter. Get wrapping paper and cards and such, the day after Christmas. The discounts are tremendous, and you can just put this stuff in the closet until next year, saving you a bundle. Turn Off The Television.

One big way to save money is to watch less television. There are a lot of financial benefits to this: less exposure to guilt-inducing ads, more time to focus on other things in life, less use of electricity, and so on. It’s great to unwind in the evening, but seek another hobby to do that.

Boulevard Baptist Church

Energy Green Attitudes

What is Energy? • Anything from which we can get some work done is called energy. • Energy cannot be made or destroyed but converted from one form to another. Primary Sources Of Energy • Fossil fuels… burning oil, coal or natural gas. Fossil fuel contributes CO2 – a greenhouse gas that causes harm to the environment. It is in limited supply. Jamaica’s Energy Need Every year Jamaica imports about 29 million barrels of oil. About 36.6% (or 11 million barrels) goes into fuelling the bauxite industry. Another 25% or 7 million barrels goes into generating the electricity we use and the rest goes into transportation including aviation. The maximum power required for electricity is 870 Megawatts (million watts) Alternative Form Of Energy – Renewable Energy Examples are a wind turbine, hydroelectricity, solar, bio fuels and ethanol that will not run out or cause harm to the environment. How To Conserve Energy • Turn off the lights that are not being used • Use florescent bulbs • Turn off the power strips or plug out the appliances. Many modern appliances will draw a small current even when they are off • Use a solar water heater rather than an electrical water heater • Make one major trip to the fridge, rather than several trips for single items • Car pool where possible • Walk a little more and drive a little less. It will be good for you and the environment • Clothes pin and clothes lines are efficient solar clothes driers • If you have to use air conditioning, make sure the windows are well insulated. Air conditioning a poorly insulated space causes the unit to use more electricity because it is also cooling the surroundings. Stewardship Christians need to be good stewards of our Energy Resources

The Lodge Secrets Revealed B.K. Ashley made startling revelations about the Lodge during his presentation at Boulevard Baptist on March 23, 2013. This is an organization he was apart for decades, but by the intervention of the Holy Spirit in his life, where he questioned the use of a human skeleton in their worship, he managed to break away from this fellowship. One of the things said about the Lodge is that it’s joined by wealthy men. In B.K. Ashley’s presentation he told the gathering that joining the Lodge as a new person, those at a higher ranking prey on your pocket…. they milk you! When they go out together, it is the ‘freshman’ who takes care of the bills. This he has to do if he wants to move up the ranks. He also told us that he was once approached by his Lodge brother to pay the school fee for his daughter. The practices are the same in any Free Mason or Mechanic Lodge. At his initiation it was an atmosphere of fear. There were sounds of cats and dogs howling. The next moment you are brought into a small room and told to take off your

clothes, lights go off and eyes blindfolded with a black cloth… then called out one by one. When this is removed you are greeted with a skeleton which is then placed in a coffin as a key element of their rituals. These acts among other things are done you then swear over a Bible, not to reveal any secrets of the Lodge. B.K. Ashley disclosed that if anyone revealed the secrets of the Lodge his body would be cut up and thrown into the sea. Being aware of this he said when he took the decision to question aspects of their worship, he was well prepared as a karate expert to launch his attack if those holding the sword came towards him. Thank God for him his objections only resulted in a big quarrel. That was his last meeting, as he never returned. B. K. Ashley is now a deacon of the Brown’s Town Baptist Church. Please send us your comments.

Editor in Chief: Sophia Williams Editors: Hyacinth Brown, Dorrett Campbell Other Team Members: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick, Sylvia Kelly, Carla Wilson-Redden, Francine Dallas, Simone Hull-Lloyd, Verna Edwards, Ricardo Holness, Claudette Reid, Duvaughn Dick, Petrona Faulknor, Lorna Fraser

Boulevard Baptist Church

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