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James Bould – Year 2


Name of exam/module Endocrinology Module In-course assessment (short answer questions)

Grade – A

Reflections I was pleased with the result of this exam as I believe it reflected the work I put in throughout the module. This was the first time I had completed an exam of this type during the course so far. This style of exam (short answer questions) required concise answers and a clear understanding of the biology and underlying mechanisms of the endocrine system. I found this type of exam suited me well although I did not enable me to demonstrate some of my more in-depth knowledge of some areas. During this module I had regularly reviewed the material which I had been learning which I believe made revision much easier.

Actions This exam has prepared me for further exams of this type in the future. With the result I achieved I am confident that I have a good understanding of the key concepts of this module. By going back over material from this module during the year at relevant points in other modules (ie reproduction and GI) revision for the summer exams should be made easier.

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Portfolio - Endocrinology reflection  

Exam result reflection for endocrinology module, year 1.