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Partial Mueller report Was there collusion, conspiracy or crime? Of course not, didn’t need to be. The Russians interfered to help Trump. Putin admitted he wanted Trump to win. All Trump did was stand by and watch it happen, simply co-operate and not get in the way. Trump is right, the partial Mueller/ Barr report is “Total Bullshit.” Ted Cackowsky/Broomfield

Bobcats, etc.

In allowing a greatly expanded hunting and trapping of bobcats, their fur currently a prized item in the fashion industry, Colorado Parks and Wildlife continues its regard of wildlife as a revenue resource and commodity to be harvested. There are some who hunt and fish for food, but there remains a massive swath of male ego in hunting success and trophy taxidermy. Catch and release fishing, similarly considered a “sport” requiring skill, is more truthfully the torture of living beings for fun. Our human psyche is indeed a strange presence on the earth. Robert Porath/Boulder

How can a woman do such a thing?

Many women around the country are in shock after Alabama’s female governor signed the most stringent abortion legislation since Roe v. Wade yesterday, effectively banning all abortions — even for incest and rape — and making performing an abortion a felony. She was just defending Alabamians’ deeply held belief, Gov. Kay Ivey said, “that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.” As a rabbi, I call this into question. Is this the way we honor sacred life? By putting women’s lives at risk? The statistics tell us that when reproductive rights are diminished, women suffer. What do we do with this? We fight it, of course. Money and support are pouring in to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, the Yellowhammer Fund and others as advocates vowed swift legal action. Each of us needs to get behind the fight. Why do people — in this case, women — vote against their own selfinterests? One way to understand this is by understanding the psychology of trauma, which I have observed in my 8


MAY 23, 2019


years of counseling patients. One of the repercussions of long-term discrimination is internalizing the violence we have experienced. After centuries of being a second-class citizen, it’s easy to identify with our aggressor, believing that we are indeed shameful, deserving of cruelty. We see this with children who are abused, prisoners of war and women who believe that their bodies belong to men. It’s a kind of survival instinct, to align with the ones in power. But it means that the trauma of discrimination has seeped deep under our skin and into our psyches. As restrictions on our reproductive freedom intensify, we can remember that the fight for control of our bodies is the fight of our lives. As Gloria Steinem says, “Democracy begins with each person’s control of his or her own body. Without reproductive freedom, there is no democracy for America[n] women.” Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD/ Congregation Nevei Kodesh in Boulder

Danish wrong on lithium mining

In “The Coming Lithium Wars,” (Re: The Danish Plan, May 9, 2019), Paul Danish vents that if some environmentalists oppose access to desert areas for lithium exploration, then all people concerned about global roasting must not think the problem is really any threat. Danish’s broad-brush dismissal of the sincerity of millions of Americans who understand and respect science and care about their country and their environment, based on a single data point of opposition by some individuals to mining in sensitive environmental areas, is a breathtaking example of illogic. Danish should know better. As a scientist, I see climate change as the single biggest threat to democracy in the short run and to our planet and humanity in general in the long run. I’m for whatever gets us away from burning carbon. I therefore support nuclear power as one solution. The fact that my position is an outlier relative to most environmentalists in particular and most Americans in general does not make me jump to the erroneous conclusion that my fellow citizens don’t really believe that we are looking straight down the barrel of the worst single crisis for our species in the last 100,000 years. I’m sure Danish, as a scientifically wellBOULDER WEEKLY

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