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Well, it has been a long hard road(not to hell but nearly) and here is the first issue of BOUE. We are three fans of sludge stoner & heavy rock’n’roll, who live in Spain and France. We used to meet in London, Poitiers and Barcelona going to gigs and talking about bands. Although our English is not so good we decided to contribute to this scene with a common fanzine. After that we agreeded to call the fanzine ‘BOUE’ which means sludge in French. This is just the first issue, so, for sure there will be some mistakes but we have spent a lot of time and effort to do the best issue that we could. We have already received a lot of support from the bands who have helped us with the news and interviews, so this has given to us a lot of energy to start a second and better number. We hope you enjoy it and may the force be with you!

BOUE: news, reviews, shows reviews, ...

Big thanks to the bands interviewed(Grief, Mentat, Adrift, The Sword, Sweet Cobra and Moloch), Kairos for the transcription and correction, all the bands for the news and their interest, Eric(Grief) for his drawings, Thor and Miqui for their illustrations and people who have shown interest in us...



Raquel, Seba & Isaac. TOP 10 - ISAAC


1 - Muletrain: Crashbeat 2 - Mastodon: Crack The Skye(promo) 3 - Kylesa: Static Tensions(promo) 4 - Trap Them: Seizures In Barren... 5 - Moho: Chotacabra 6 - Adrift: Monolito 7 - Wolves In The Throne Room: Two Hunters 8 - Nadja: Touched 9 - Black Mountain: In The Future 10 -Year Of No Light: Nord

1 - Grief: ‘A live’ and in live 2 - Sweet Cobra: Forever 3 - Electrozombies: He Visto 4 - Grave in the sky: Cultery Hits... 5 - The Sword: Records & in Live 6 - Headache: V/A ‘Crushers Killers Destroyers II’ 7 - Outlaw Order: Dragging Down... 8 - Blacktusk: Passage Through... 9 - 16: Bridges To Burn (review next issue) 10 - Eyehategod: all of them forever!

TOP 10 - RAQUEL 1 - Kylesa: Time will fuse its worth 2 - Adrift: Monolito 3 - Wolves In The Throne Room: Two Hunters 4 - Minsk: Out of a center which is... 5 - Melvins: Nude with boots 6 - Sweet Cobra: Praise 7 - Black Tusk: Passage through... 8 - The Sword: Gods Of The Earth 9 - Akimbo: Navigating the bronze 10 - Doomriders: Black thunder

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playing at the ATP stage in the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.

PELICAN are recording a new EP that will appear in May/June on Southern Lord records, with the special guest of Dylan Carlson from Earth. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, after releasing the Malevolent Grain EP, are releasing on March their new album on Southern Lord. SUNN O))) will appear in May at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. EARTH are playing across Europe at the end of March and April. New album of KYLESA ‘STATIC TENSIONS’ out. The Lp will be released by 20 Buck Spin rcds( ISIS, the 5th May it will be the release date for their anticipated new album,‘WAVERING RADIANT’ in Ipecac Recordings. Produced by Joe Baressi(Tool, Queens of The Stone Age), will see a limited edition vinyl version released on 21st April. Tool’s Adam Jones contributed guitar to two songs from the new release. Relapse are releasing the first two EP’s of BARONESS. NADJA are touring across Europe till April. 24 & 25 July in Alicante there will be a festival with bands as WITCHCRAFT, COLOUR HAZE, VIAJE A 800 and more acts to be announced. SLEEP are rumoured to be

MOHO is writing new stuff and currently playing in Spain. New album of THE HAPPINESS PROJECt in May in Astoria Rcds. ‘WITH ECHOES IN THE MOVEMENT OF STONE’ will be the new album of MINSK. It will be released this summer on Relapse Rcds. The singer of YEAR OF NO LIGHT Keyb Julien has left the band, the remplacement are Shiran of Monarch at the third guitar / voice & Mathieu from Aeroflot at the second drum kit/ electronics. They’re planning to record before summer new songs with the new line up. Also from the 29 April till the 3rd of May they are touring in Spain. During the next months we could see THE SWORD as supporters of Metallica in the European tour. ALDEBARAN will record their new album with Billy Anderson (Eyehategod,Sleep, Melvins, etc.). In the Spring/summer of ‘09 it will be two new split 7”s out, one with Unearthly Trance on Raven’s Eye Records, and one with Zoroaster on Kreation Records. ‘WE THE BEAST’ will be the new EP of FISTULA recorded at Rock Solid in Cleveland by Carl Holt. Nate Linehan from Anal Cunt and Insult play drums on it. The vinyl will come out on Plague Island Rcrds. & the Cd will come out on Choking Hazard. Jeremy Wilson is the new drummer of Fistula and they have ten songs prepared for the next full length called ‘BAD CREDIT AND DEAD FRIENDS’,also on Plague

Island too. Fistula also have recorded ‘Dead in a Ditch..Suit & Tie guy(intro)’ a DRI cover for The Clone comming out on Blind Date records. that is going to be sick! HULL has finished to record their new album, expected to be out around May. Artwork by Josh Graham (A storm of light, Red Sparowes...). New album on activity of SWEET COBRA, release date TBA. It will be tracking by Sanford Parker (Pelican, Minsk, Millions, Rwake) and mixed by Kurt Ballou(Converge) in March of 2009. For the impatients, in early spring we could find new songs in a 12” titled ‘BOTTMFEEDER’ on Seventh Rule Records, It will feature 3 unreleased songs on one side, and an etching by Sweet Cobra Bassist/Singer Botchy Vasquez on the B side. Also SC are planning for splits with Milwaukee’s Get Rad & Boston’s sons of thunder Doomriders. SC will be doing some shows at the end of April with Russian Circles in the States. DOOMRIDERS are currently recording a new Lp at Godcity studios to be released later this year on Deathwish Inc. Two new vinyl EP’s of MOSS within the coming months‘TOMBS OF THE BLIND DRUGGED’ released by Rise Above on 10” and ‘ETERNAL RETURN’ will be released by Fuck Yoga/Superfi Records on 12”. Later in the year, Rise Above will release the ‘TOMBS OF THE BLIND DRUGGED’ CD, which will consist of both ep’s. THOU has recorded nine new songs and a few covers in December for the split 12”s with Mo-

loch, Salome, Mohoram Atta, and The City is the Tower, plus a 12” EP and a song for Blind Date’s hardcore / sludge tribute compilation. They’re also working on new songs for the next full length. Aswell Thou will be in August surrounding the Fuck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles.

- RUE has added a second guitar player and are now a 5-piece, currently working on writting a new full-length. - THE UNCLEAN(current/former members of RUE, SOFA KING KILLER & FISTULA) are finishing up the recording of their debut LP, recorded with Sanford Parker.

LORDS have a new bass player, Brian Davie. ‘SWORDS’ has been re-mixed and re-mastered and will be re-released on vinyl in May by Challenge The Throne ( and ‘FUCK ALL YA’LL MOTHERFUCKERS’ will be released on vinyl by Hawthonre Street Rcrds. (www.hawthornestreetrecords. com). In June 2009 they will be touring in Canada and plans to return to Europe later this year.

DEVIL’S SON-IN-LAW are currently rewriting old material and writing new material.

Next full length record of BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS scheduled for late 2009 but if you want new stuff, Roadburn Records and Denovali Records will release a 12” with Kodiak in summer. B.SON will be touring in April and September in Europe. BASTARD NOISE ‘OUR EARTH’S BLOOD IV’, is the new release which contains VOLITION with bands as: Merzbow, Bizarre Uproar, Jay Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Goverment Alpha, Guilty Connector and many more, a 5 CD box set that you can already order! ZANGIEF, in the next months, will release an E.P. featuring 4 or 5 songs. New releases in SHIFTY RECORDS: - SLOTH ‘XV’ 15th. Year Anniversary LP(100 copy press!). - MACH II (members of BOULDER & MIDNIGHT) have finished to record their debut LP.

‘AMARILLO ABISAL’ is the first LP of MENTAT released in a double vinyl record by La Crisálida records. PLANKS will record a 7’’ taking part of the 4x7” single-club edition by Narshardaa rcrds. with bands as Now-Denial, Shokei and Idle Hands. We will find on it an old song, new one and a cover version of ‘Debonair’ by Afghan Whigs. They will record a new full LP but they still looking for a label... Anybody interested?Also, Planks plans a tour on Scandinavia. HABSYLL plans a split 7’’ with Austrasian Goat, a split LP with Aun on Endtyme records and a cover of Kraftwerk(Heavy Metal kids) for a compilation LP on the German label Blind Dtae rec. MODUS OPERANDI RECORDS will put out the new LP ‘THE BATTLE OF THE OLD CRAW’ by Serpent Throne. Check their distro on, there’s a good records sale. CAPRICORN has recently split, R.I.P. SAMOTHRACE will recording a new ful-length and possible split release on their own label, 20 Buck Spin records. As well they plan a split with THE ROLLER on I’m Better Than Everyone records.

16 has released a new album called ‘BRIDGES TO BURN’ on Relapse rcrds. CHINGALERA’s second record ‘DOSE’ is now available in vinyl at:, the two record set includes guest vocals from Kieth Morris of the Circle Jerks and Pete Stahl from Goatsnake!They’re also recording their third record with Sylvia Massy, the release will be before summer. SOFA KING KILLER are recording a new album and re-releasing some stock of old stuff : - Split CD with Leechmilk (Teepee Records, NYC 2002). - Lust Crime and Holiness ep (At A Loss, Denver 2003). - Midnight Magic: For Those Who Love to Live (Retribute Records, London 2004). Coming soon the first album of AGUIRRE called ‘CALVAIRE’ at Alerta Antifascista, Blind Date Rcrd and Exutoire Rcds. Aswell, they’ve recorded a cover of ‘Like Weeds’ of His Hero Is Gone for a compilation called ‘CLONE - PLAY SLOW DIE FAST’ relased by Blind Date Record. On April Aguirre plans a tour in France, Germany, Poland and Denmark. Los Angeles, California-based three-piece black funeral doom act WELTER IN THY BLOOD will have its album ‘THE TRANSFERENCE OF MISERY’ released via the Dutch labels Totalvernichtung(CD) and Todesstunde(LP). SAVIOURS are currently writing their new album, planned to be recorded in Los Angeles after the European tour in April and May(we could see them in Roadburn festival in Holland as well as a bunch of other shows).

I remember around three years ago, I found by internet an american radio programme (sorry, I forgot the radio name) and it played songs of ‘Praise’, the first album of Sweet Cobra. I thought when I listened them for the first time: ‘Fuck what it is this fucking band’, so after that, I became a fan and got the records. Last year Sweet Cobra made a new record, so when we decided to make this fanzine, I thought immediatly to do an interview of them. ‘Forever’ their second album is just simply fucking amazing. BOUE: Hello guys here in Europe few people know Sweet Cobra, can you present your band and yourself? S.C.: Sweet Cobra is Botchy Vasquez-Bass and Howls, Jason Gagovski-Skins, Robert Lanham Jr. Guitars, Matthew Arluck-Guitars and screaming in the backround. BOUE: For me Sweet Cobra is a mix of punk crust and ‘heavy’ hardcore, like a mix between Unsane and Tragedy. Do you agree with my description and how you describe your music? S.C.: I think if someone was to ask what we sounded like, I dont think that is too far off. We all listen to all kinds of music, really. I know that sounds cliche, but we’re really all over the mapfrom AC/DC to Celtic Frost to Refused to Wilco, and all the good shit in between. BOUE: What’s your references, what’s the band you still listening forever, never and ever? S.C.: You mean all time faves?!?! Wow, thats a tough one. I’m gonna say, collectively Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Failure, Jesus Lizard, His Hero is Gone, Slayer, EYEHATEGOD, Bolt Thrower... Shit, this is just the weeee tip of the iceberg. BOUE: I’ve known your band by random from internet, but before that, I’ve never heard about Sweet Cobra. So, I guess there are a lot of really good bands playing in the States that we’ve never heard in Europe. What do you think about that? Can you tell why? Do you know some band from Europe?

S.C.: Yeah, too many bands out there!! ha. I don’t really have an opinion on that. I think its cool that people are finding creative outlets, but its gets kinda diluted. Bands from Europe? Sure-Rotten Sound, General Surgery, Jesu, etc...Too many to name, but Jason and Mat keep up on bands. BOUE: Your last album « Forever » is really great! What do you think about it? S.C.: Creatively, I think it was a great batch of songs. Most were written as band, months and years before we recorded, as opposed to “Praise”, where some of the songs were written in the studio. Albeit “Leviathan” was written almost on the spot, its one of the strongest songs on “Praise”, so... I think as far as the recording went, we kind of felt as though we would have more help getting sounds at Electrical, but its a very “hands off” type of situation with the guys there. So it was like “set up and play”. Overall, I think we’re satisfied. BOUE: How was working with Greg Normann? This guy is a great reference. S.C.: Great guy. He was patient and worked with us as far our schedules went. We did all the vocals and some guitar stuff at his home studio, which is all analog, and shares a kinship with some of the equipment. BOUE: Why your choose of Hawthorne Street rcd. and no your old label Seventh Rule rcd.? Can you say something about Hawthorne Street rcd. and Seventh Rule rcd.? S.C.: Our drummer Jason does Hawthorne Street, so it was just a natural decision for us to

go there for the next record. We wanted to spend more time recording and not feel as rushed as we have in the past. Seventh Rule was down sizing their budget as they were doing a bunch of other projects around the same time. Besides, we put a lot of our money into the sessions as well. We LOVE Scott and Cara from Seventh Rule, and they will be putting out a one sided 12” with 3 unreleased songs from the “Forever” sessions in late Oct. We’re all still good friends, and will obviously be working with them in the future. They have done so much for us.....Thanks guys!! BOUE: The artwork of « Forever » is really beautiful, and I know it is Jason, your singer bassist, who did it. Can you say something about his artwork? S.C.: Actually Botchy, our bass player/singer did all the illustrations. Jason, our drummer, did the layout. Botchy is an amazing artist-the guy draws, plays guitar/bass/violin/banjo/piano, etc. His work has always identified Sweet Cobra, so you’ll be seeing his work on all of our output-flyers, posters, record covers, etc. Almost all our production is done by us-printing posters/flyers/cd-lp covers, layouts, t-shirt printing and design, etc. BOUE: Who write the lyrics? Can you talk about it? S.C.: We all write the music. Some of the songs are brought to the jam space done, some start out as riffs, or just chunks of ideas. We then just plug in, turn up, and jam till something starts to take shape! The lyrics and vocal parts come last. We usually have songs done and all worked out before one of us come up with a concept for lyrics. Sometimes we end with too many song ideas, and have to stop and remember what song we were working on. It’s a odd place to be, having too many song ideas!! BOUE: Between « Praise » and « Forever » Neeraj Kane (play aswell in The Hope Conspiracy) left the band, could you explain the reason?

S.C.: He had too much on his plate and just wanted to concentrate more on his other projects. He’s a good friend. We’ll be putting out a comp of un-released Neeraj era demos called “Neeraj Days Re-visited”. BOUE: I know almost all of you play in others punk hardcore bands like Suicide Note, Old Devil Moon, Stabbed by Words... Can you say something about your side project ? S.C.: Jason does Suicide Note, Old Devil Moon, Stabbed by words. Botchy plays drums in the Killer, has his own folk/bluegrass thing called Tanglefoot. Mat plays bass in Stabbed by Words and Clocked Out, and Grumpy skates his little ass off all day and night!! We’re all just music junkies, and when Sweet Cobra has down time, we need to to fill it with... More music!! BOUE: Sweet Cobra is from Chicago, can you say how is the « rock’n’roll » scene there, about bands, places to play, fanzine, public...? S.C.: Chicago is a great musical hub. It’s almost right in the middle of the US and EVERYONE comes thru town, so you get so many opportunities to see/play amazing shows. There has always been a lack of good, consistent all ages venues, but now there are a lot of basement/ DIY places putting on shows, so the need for the typical “rock club” scenario is becoming archaic. We try and play all ages/DIY places and other venues that are there to support music,art, and the like. As for bands, there’s no kind of competition amongst the ranks. Indian, Yakuza, Party Downers, we all go see and support each other. It’s the typical Midwest vibe. Down to earth and family like. BOUE: Are you involved in some kind of alternative politic or ecologic project, like social spaces, Food Not Bombs, bike punk or vegetarianism by exemple?

S.C.: Not directly but we play benefits whenever possible and try and give as much as we can to those types of causes. BOUE: What is your opinion about the elections in U.S.? Do you think that someone like Barack Obama can change something for the social situation in the States and the war in Irak or it will be the same shit? S.C.: Change is inevitable. Another four years of war for oil has to end. I think Americans are waking up to the fact that the last 8 years have been the worst in US history as far as the Government is concerned. And you have to askWhere is anger? Where are the riots? The youth rising up and not taking shit? It just shows how complacent we are as a country.... BOUE: I hope to see you playing in Europe, have you got a project to do a tour in Europe? S.C.: We’d love to, but schedules are an issue. We all work, or have families, etc. We are working on it, so stay tuned.

BOUE: Today bands like Kylesa, Akimbo, Torche... start to be more and more famous, before of it, these kind of bands were more underground. One example, I remember to see Kylesa in London and we were around 30 people and one year later the gig in London was sold out. How do you explain this change? Do you think is because people start to know more this kind of band or is just a fashion effect? S.C.: Well, Neurosis has been around forever and no one cared about them on a big scale, but now you have all these sound-alikes that are getting popular. The Melvins, too. I can’t really explain it, but as far as us being concerned about it being a trend, we just do what we do. If people dig it, awesome. Not to speak for them, but I think that’s the attitude Neurosis and the Melvins have....They HAVE to do this type of music. It’s their release. BOUE: What are your projects with Sweet Cobra in the next months?

S.C.: We are writing our 3rd record to be released on Black Market Activities on cd and Hawthorne Street on lp. No release date yet, but we’re looking to record sometime in November. Also, we have the 3 song “Bottom Feeder” ep due out in late October/Novmeber. Also, playing locally and around the midwest.

S.C.: Thanks for the interview. Hopefully we’ll see you in Europe in 09!! THANKS!!!

BOUE: To finish, do you want to say something more?


BOUE: Thanks a lot for the interview, I hope we could have soon the pleasure to see you touring in Europe. Thanks again and good luck in all your projects.

SWEET COBRA is: Botchy Vasquez - Bass & Howls Jason Gagovski - Skins Robert Lanham Jr. - Guitars Matthew Arluck - Guitars & Background ‘Screams’ DISCOGRAPHY - Praise (Seventh Rule rcd.) - Forever (Hawthorne Street rcd.

Adrift is a band that starts to have a name in the Spanish scene. Even is not a new band we are very impressed about their music and I can say that is one of the best bands I’ve listened in the last year. For those who still don’t know them or want to find out more about Adrift, here you will have the opportunity to know them. BOUE: To start, could you introduce to the people who still don’t know Adrift? ADRIFT: Adrift is a band of Madrid which consists of four persons that play together such a long time ago, and which the main thing for them, it’s to enjoy the maximum of what they do. BOUE: It’s almost nine years that you are in the Spanish scene but now it’s when people talk about Adrift..., could you explain shortly how Adrift started? ADRIFT: The band was formed in October of 1999. It started when Jorge met by chance of the life Dani and they had quickly good connection, and also in musical tastes. They felt to do something different. Jorge and Jaime(brothers) were also thinking to do something together, so the occasion was perfect. Two weeks after knowing us we were already playing together. We started a bit from zero because all except Dani haven’t any experience in bands, so, we started to do what we could. The first three years Fito played the guitar, who recorded “Cogito ergo actuo” with us, but he left the band. After that, Macón joined us, we knew him because he played in Sou Edipo and we had a lot of trust on him, so it is till now. BOUE: I think that nowadays is very difficult to classify what kind of music play each band. What description has the music of Adrift? ADRIFT: This question is really complicated because even us we don’t know how to define us, we’ve tried not to centralize us in one style or concrete label. It’s obvious that the base of our music has connection with the metal or the rock more extremist but trying to do it in a way more intense. BOUE: Bands like Neurosis, Isis, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Sunn O))), Tool, etc. have influenced you. Do you all agree with the same bands? ADRIFT: There are a lot of bands that we have in common and that we share, as you said in the question, but one of the good things that we have, it is that every one have their own tastes and preferences which makes that the band gets rich. Also, every one of us, we come of different musical styles, relating to the youth (I think that is a period that marks a lot the musical taste). We think that this is one of the main reasons that make difficult to us to fit what we do. BOUE: I’ve read that Scott Kelly of Neurosis has played your music in his radio programme, what did you feel when one of the bands who you are fan is interested in you? Have you got the honour to meet them? ADRIFT: So imagine that one day you arrive to work, you receive a mail with a link and you see that one guy that you admire and that he has been a referent and an important influence for you, he has taken the time to listen your music and also to play it in his radio programme.

It had been a great happiness and a satisfaction to see that the things you are doing has repercussion and it’s value. Jaime met them in France when Neurosis played in Hellfest, he was the driver of Moho, but it was only because Iñaki (bass player & singer of Moho) introduced him. BOUE: In 1999 I had the luck to see Neurosis in Barcelona; we were only 30 persons(or less…) in the gig. If today Neurosis comes to play, I’m sure that the number of people who will go to see them it will be higher… As Jorge said in the concert of Santfeliufest, it was the first time that you played in front of so many people. I’m sure that from now on, it will be more than 40 persons in your concerts, ...maybe Adrift will be the next “Spanish Neurosis band”… I think that as happened to Neurosis, it’s possible that Adrift it is already or can be an icon for a lot of bands, what do you think about? ADRIFT: I’m not so sure about this, lol. We are conscious that the music that we play is not for a big number of public but it’s true that everyday there are more people interested in it. Speaking about a “Spanish Neurosis band”, it will be too pretentious. The quality of music that Neurosis plays and above all in live, they’re the only ones who can have it (in my opinion, it’s the best that I’ve ever seen in a stage). By the way, if we arrive to be an influence for somebody it will be a real pleasure for us. The thing that we like it’s arriving to the people with our music and that they enjoy listening our music or watching us in live. BOUE: Your last album “Monolito” is amazing, for not saying brilliant… What do you think about your last album and which differences you find with your previous album “Troya”? ADRIFT: I think that we’ve done a big step in relation to “Troya”.Starting with the production of the album, which is recorded by tracks and in a way more calm, also this is because we had one week for recording it if we compare with “Troya” that is recorded in a live session (that it doesn’t mean to have it’s charm too). Besides it’s too many time of the recording of “Troya” and more the songs that compose it. We’ve learned in all this time and we’ve known more between us when the songs has being turned out (in our opinion) better and with more identity. Also with the time we’ve better found our sound and that you can listen in the new album.

BOUE: “Monolito” has been produced by Carlos Santos (Ictus, Another Kind of Death). How has been working with him? ADRIFT: The truth is that it was a week really good and productive. All was perfect and he understood what we wanted. In the beginning we had the fear of sounding as the typical metal record but Carlos quickly knew what to do and we both enjoyed of the work that we were doing. Besides this, Carlos is a worker and very perfectionist, which it was good for us because sometimes we lose some details and it’s always good that somebody see it. BOUE: The master of the last album has been made by Peter in de Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Meshuggah, Marduk, Nasum, Nine,…) in Sweden, concretely in Tailormaid studios. Have you obtained the result that you wanted? ADRIFT: The master was the end of the recording but even without this master it sounded good. What this master made it was to grand it and put all the frequencies in its place, it’s like magic! You send the mix to Peter and he returned it with a brutal sound and good quality. Until now we aren’t conscious of what it could do a good professional master, even it’s expensive has been worthwhile. But it’s true that without a previous good mix, there aren’t miracles. BOUE: It calls my attention the titles of your songs, specifically ’Falling Towers’, is it dedicated to the disaster of 11/09/01? If it’s like this, what do you want to transmit in this song? ADRIFT: I knew that somebody would ask me this question, lol. The lyric isn’t inspired by this specific event but it has something to see with it because the lyric talk about it, about Powers that are destroyed and which with their debris starts a new life. But in fact it’s that the lyrics aren’t inspired in this event. BOUE: This year has been edited “Monolito” in Underhill rcds., which was your reaction with the new that Underhill rcds. has finished their activity? Who will be in charge of the distribution of it? ADRIFT: The closing of Underhill Rcds. was a bad new, also because we were in the middle of the launch of the album. They are one of the discographics more important in Spain inside the underground or how you want to call it.

There are not so many people that spend such a long time in his life fora cause like this, such editing records of the bands that you like and doing with seriously and constancy. The edition it was already done when Edu announce the end of Underhill rcds. but Edu hasn’t closed yet, the promotion and all that he has planned it continues how we’ve previous talked. BOUE: Jorge makes the artwork of Adrift, personally I like a lot. Could you comment something about his artwork? ADRIFT: This is a question for me… To start I’m glad that you like, the illustration and the Graphic design are my passions, which I enjoy a lot (and also helps me to eat). I like working with things related to music and which I feel more identified with what I do and it’s easier for me. Little by little I have been building the image of the band. As the same as I’ve evolutioned as a musician in all this time I have also learning a lot about drawing and design (you could see it in “Ergo Actuo” that I made six years ago and you can judge by yourself, lol). I have to say that it’s hard to work for my own band because you try that all it will be the best possible and you think the things too much, but by another hand I understand better and I know what we want to transmit in the designs. BOUE: You’ve played with great bands like Moho, Another Kind of Death, El Paramo, Moshka, Looking For An Answer, PG99, Cult of Luna…and if I’m not wrong in Spain. Have you ever played outside Spain? Will it be an international tour soon? ADRIFT: At the moment we haven’t gone outside Spain and the truth it’s that it’s the time to do it! For professional reasons it’s a bit difficult to find the time to do it, but we are planning to play next year in some places of Europe. BOUE: In France, bands like Moho are a great icon of the Spanish scene, are you interested in any French band? What Adrift thinks about the French scene? ADRIFT: We don’t know a lot about what is happening in France but we know some good bands that we like a lot as Monarch!, Mira Lee, Comity o Gâtechien which I’ve seen them yesterday in Madrid and I was fascinated with the bass player, incredible! BOUE: To finish, which are the future projects in the next months for Adrift? ADRIFT: Playing as possible and starting to do new song for next album, because even “Monolito” it’s fresh, we last a lot to do new songs and we’d like not to delay a lot with the edition of next album. Raquel

BAND MEMBERS Jorge: Guitar/vocal Dani: Bass Jaime: Drum/Bandana Macon: Guitar DISCOGRAPHY - Cogito Ergo Actuo (first demo cd, auto edited 2002). - Ustero (7� edited by La Idea 2004). - Troya (MCD edited by The Other Light 2005). - Waterloo (Split with: Moksha, Another Kind Of Death and Moho,Underhill 2006). - Monolito (Underhill 2008).

The Sword is a band from Austin, Texas. They got together in 2003 releasing one of the best debut albums of all times. The Swordsmiths, as they call themselves, has released two albums in 5 years and they have shared stage with bands like Black Cobra, Saviours, High On Fire and now they are supporting Metallica on their world tour. Ladies And Gentleman it’s a proud to present you such a great band, The Sword!!! BOUE: How The Sword started? And if you’ve played in another bands before forming The Sword? THE SWORD: J.D. was ina band called Those Peabodys, Bryan was in Pirates of Darkwater, I played in Sea of Thousand, and Trivett was in Boss Martians. We knew eachother from playing shows together and going to parties around Austin, and J.D. told us about and idea he had to start a band called The Sword. We were all into it, so we quit our respective bands and haven’t looked back since.

THE SWORD: Thank you for saying so. Age of Winters was very easy to record. We had all of the songs ready to go and the tracking only took a few days. We spent a very long time mixing it and we’re very proud of the way the album turned out. The writing process is always finished by the time we record, except for guitar solos, which are sometimes improvised.

BOUE: The Sword has been labelled as stoner rock, do you fancy that label?

THE SWORD: Thank you for saying so. Age of Winters was very easy to record. We had all of the songs ready to go and the tracking only took a few days. We spent a very long time mixing it and we’re very proud of the way the album turned out. The writing process is always finished by the time we record, except for guitar solos, which are sometimes improvised.

THE SWORD: Stoner rock is usually kind of muddy sounding and a little on the sloppy side. We’re more of a boiled down, concentrated form of crisp and tight weed metal.

BOUE: Apart from touring in small clubs, you have shared stage supporting bands like Metallica in big stadiums, do you enjoy that kind of tour?

BOUE: Reading your lyrics, and seeing the artwork for your two records, we can see that you like fantasy books and imagery, could you recommend us some books or comics of that kind?

THE SWORD: It’s definitely different. Seeing the show Metallica puts on makes you say “Wow, these are the big boys.” When we tour small clubs, we never have more than 3 guys working for us. Metallica has over 100! But no matter the size of the place, 500 or 50,000, our set is always punishing.

THE SWORD: George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” is a fantastic place to start. H.P. Lovecraft also paints some really grisly pictures with his words. J.D. is really into Dune and I play lots of Final Fantasy games. I haven’t read comics in a long time, but Sandman and The Preacher were my favorties. BOUE: For me your first record was the best record I’ve listened for a long time, was it easy to record it? and how do you do when you go to the studio? You have ideas or just start jamming and see what happens?

BOUE: Could you tell us which are your influences? Musically and not musically... THE SWORD: The new Metallica album is really great. I’ve also been listening to lots of Dio and Skid Row lately. I’m also a fan of old Motown stuff and funk and soul music. Being from Texas, I love the old county and western greats. Reading always helps me expand my mind to places it might not have reached otherwise.

BOUE: Are you happy with the situation of the band right now? Don’t you think of signing to a big label like Relapse and get more known? THE SWORD: Relapse is really small beans. We had to turn down their offer for our first album because we didn’t think they had our band’s best interest in mind. Kemado has been very good to us, but yes, the thought of jumping to something bigger has crossed our minds. But we are very happy with the current state of things with The Sword. We keep working hard and it keeps paying off. BOUE: How do you see the rock scene right now? Could you tell me about new bands you’re into? THE SWORD: Rock is doing great! So many people just want to keep the spirit alive and it feels good to get so much positive feedback from our fans. There are some rad new bands coming out of Sweden, Witchcraft & Graveyard to name a couple. There is an awesome band called Saviours that is on our label, they are definitely worth checking out. Torche is a band with kind of a different flavor of music, but it’s still incredibly heavy. BOUE: How is the reaction of the people been with your last album? Are you happy? THE SWORD: I know some people were disappointed with it but I’ve had tons of people tell me how much they love it. There’s a lot of terrible bands putting out terrible albums these days and it feels great to be able to give people some solid tunes to live their lives to. Isaac

THE SWORD IS: Kyle Shutt (guitar) Bryan Richie (bass) Trivett Wingo (drums) J.D. Cronise (guitar and vocals)

DISCOGRAPHY - The Sword (Demo 2004). - Freya EP (Kemado 2005). - Age Of Winters (Kemado 2006). - Sword/Witchcraft (Split 12”, Kemado 2007).

- Gods Of The Earth (Kemado 2008).

SPAGHETTI WESTERN The wind blows, the city is deserted and everyone stays behind their windows sweating with fear. You cross the cemetery where the strangers used to die. Three horsemen arrive at the main street where the smell of death is all around. Another man is coming up the opposite side, he drags with him on his troley three coffins. When the horsemen are close enough, one of them asks ‘for who are the coffins?’. The man calm replies with a smile ‘It’s for you sir!’ and shoots them like it was nothing. This is more or less the beginning of a western called ‘ANY GUN CAN PLAY’.

Almost all of us have seen the western of Sergio Leone with the really long scenes, the close-up eyes to eyes, gun to gun and heard the intense music before the action. We all know the solitary cowboys played by Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. But even though Sergio Leone made some of the best Spaghetti westerns, he was not alone. As for the best directors, usually fans of Spaghetti western talk about the three Sergios: Sergio Leone, Sergio Solima and Sergio Corbucci. Sergio Leone only made 5 westerns : ‘Fistful Of Dollars’, ‘For A Few Dollars More’, ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’, ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ and ‘Fistful Of Dynamite’. And Sergio Solima only made three westerns: ‘The Big Gundown’, ‘Run, Man, Run!’ and the excellent ‘Face To Face’. But this was not the case for Sergio Corbucci who made a lot of westerns, one of the best is called ‘The Great Silence’. Also he created the character ‘Django’ who came to be one of the biggest Spaghetti western heroes and as a character was copied many times, even today with ‘Sukiyaki Western Django’ produced by Takashi Miike in collaboration with Quentin Tarantino.

The Spaghetti Western appeared with ‘Fistful of Dollars’ by Sergio Leone. Before this Italian directors like him used to make Peplum movies but the style was getting boring and people started to be tired of the genre. It happened similarly to the American Western form in the 50’s but in 1966 ‘Fistful of Dollars’ brought a new style of Western and these kind of movies were very successful. After that a lot of italian directors tried using this new Western style with the hope of having similar success, therefore you can find a lot of copies or imitations of Clint Eastwood. The Italian western went down well in some European countries, Japan, USA... and became to be known as the Spaghetti Western. To get a rough idea of the scale, in almost 10 years around 700/800 westerns were filmed and produced in Italy and the rest of Europe. I can only claim to know the tip of the iceberg. The Spaghetti Western is type of exploitation style movie, almost all of these movies are rare to find today. Generally the budget was low, they used to use the same material between movies for the sets, guns, clothes, ... The movies were recorded often in the south of Spain but also in Yugoslavia and other European countries.

The context of popular Italian cinema in the 60s included a lot of these directors and actors shooting different exploitation style films, Horror movies, Gaillo, Post Apocalyptic, Peplum(before), Canybalism, zombies, crime(Police mafia...), Erotica/Porn etc... But the Italian western took the most important place in popular Italian cinema. That is why you can find some westerns createded by directors better known in other genres. For example, Lucio Fulci was popular for horror and zombie films but also made some westerns, like ‘Massacre time, 4 of apocalypse, ...’ or Enzo G. Castellari who made post apocalyptic movies ‘The Bronx Warriors I & II, The New Barbarians’ or crime movies ‘Street law, HIigh crime, Day of the Cobra’ but he also made a lot of good westerns like ‘Keoma, Any gun can play, ...’. Even the great Mario Bava(the inventor of Giallo) tried the western with Roy Colt and Winchester Jack.

Only talking about Sergio Leone in the Spaghetti Western, is like only talking about Eyehategod in a sludge fanzine. Apart from the three Sergios there are also other good directors like Enzo G. Castellari(Keoma, Any gun can play), Duccio Tessari(Return Of Ringo), Ferdinando Baldi(Blindman, Forgotten Pistolero, Texas Adiós), Tonino Valerii(Day Of Anger, My Name Is Nobody), Damiano Damiani(A Bullet For The General), Michele Lupo(Ben And Charlie, California), Giuseppe Colizzi(Ace High), Giuliano Carnimeo(Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming), and many more... Ironically the biggest name that many people know from the Spaghetti Westerns is Clint Eastwood but he only acted in three Italian westerns. Of course Lee Van Cleef is really popular for playing in many of them and lot of good ones, including Sergio Leone‘s movies such as: ‘Day Of Anger, The Big Gundown, Sabata, Death Rides A Horse, The Grand Duel....’ . These two actors are Americans but the Spaghetti Westerns also had a lot of great Italians actors and from other parts of the world such as Toms Millian, who was from Cuba. The most popular of them are: Franco Nero aka Django, Giuliano Gemma aka Ringo , Terence Hill, Clause Kinsky, Gian Maria Volonte, Anthony Steffen , Tomas Millian (Face To Face, Compañeros, Run, Man, Run!), Eli Wallach, William Berger, Gianni Garko aka Sartana, George Eastman... Some French actors or personalities also played occasionally in Italian Westerns like Jean Louis Trintignant in the ‘Great Silence’ and Johnny Hallyday in ‘The Specialist’.

Even though in most Italian Westerns the heroes or anti-heroes are men, the women also take an important role. Women characters are sometimes victims, wives or girlfriends but they were not always submissive, they could be strong women or even gangsters. We can mention the excellent Claudia Cardinale, Nicoletta Machiavelli in ‘Face to face’ or Martine Beswick in ‘A Bullet For The General’.

What are the differing characteristics of the Italian Western and the American Western? In the 50’s & 60’s the Hollywood produced American westerns Held up traditional American values through portrayals of their heroic cowboys. These films pitted the conflicts between Cowboys and Indians or the Sheriff against outlawed and clearly ‘bad’ Americans. The heroes were perfect and polite - the model American citizens, they were strong, courageous and good looking, they were never dirty and were consistently clean shaven, even after several weeks riding on their horses. They managed this without a washing machine or a razor. Their fights were normally with fists and occasionally had shootouts but this was more often reserved for killing Indians. Ultimately the American westerns became to be boring. After this, the Italian Westerns produced something very different, you could find dirty heroes(several weeks worth of beard and filthy clothes), nihilists, thinking only about dollars and a good occasion to shoot. The Spaghetti Western was simply more credible but alsooften had more of a surrealist aspect than the American predecessors, developing further in the imagination with unusual characters. We are in the cinema! The reference point for the Italian Western is not really from the American westerns, but more from the Japanese Samurai movies where you could find a similar kind of hero who comes from nowhere, without a name, a skilled fighter and always solitary. When Sergio Corbucci directed Franco Nero (who previously acted in many crime movies) to play ‘Django’. Sergio told him to forget the American Western and watch some samurai movies as reference for his character. Another reference point for Italian westerns was Italian comics, where there were a lot of cowboys, heroes,etc. The idea for the scene in ‘Django’ whith the dragged coffin in the beginning had in fact come from an Italian comic, but when Corbucci started the movie with this idea he didn’t yet know what he would put in this coffin. The Spaghetti Western it a particular style of western. The recipe to make a good Spaghetti Western it was having a solitary hero without a name or only a surname, who shoots really fast and good, with a look of revenge. After this the script needs some Mexican gangsters and poor partners. Add thousands of dollars hidden somewhere, one or two girls and lot of shooting with one or two scenes of fists fights. Then the talent made the rest.  

The Zapatista Western : The Italian Western is not only the solitary cowboy looking for his revenge, there’s also the political Western called the Zapatista Western. In most of the political movies you can find examples of scripts that are about a rich-powerful owner who represses the poor by violence and exploits them. In the film, ‘Mannaja‘ you see the miners on strike and the guards against them shouting to the miners without scruples to the workers... Like the police did in the 70’s to the Italian activists at the demonstrations ( To come back to the Zapatista Western, they utilized the Mexican revolution as a subject and exaggerated more directly the political message. But the politics are not directly in the script, it’s shown through the characters. ‘Face to face’ of Sergio Sollima is the perfect example, the story retraces the meeting of two persons completely opposites, this opposition interfaces with the characters, it makes to change them opinion of the life and revert the situation.. In this story Sergio Sollima wanted to express a true story that happened in his life. When he was young, before the Second World War when Mussolini took power, he joined the resistance party, but he knew a girl who was fascist and she reported him to the police. Fortunately his mother saved his life hiding him. After that, the same girl became communist but he never wanted the revenge, he just understood that she had been influenced and was innocent. She grew up and understertood...

The Zapatista Western had its own recipe too, it was often a foreigner who came to Mexico in the time of revolution to make business or look for the revolutionary archetype. Later he meets a Mexican guy who often needs stealing to survive. The situtation ends them up leading the revolution, and the adventure starts.... Often the bad is an American mercenary who manipulates the Mexican army against the heroes because they run after the dollars. At the end the characters changed and they got really involved in the revolution. See ‘A Bullet For The General’, ‘Compañeros’, ‘Fistful Of Dynamite’, ‘Run, Man, Run!’, ‘Tepepa’,...

The Zapatista Western is full of ideals, messages and political reflexion. For me the best is in ‘Fistful Of Dynamite’, when Juan (the Mexican) tells John(ex-IRA member) that the revolution is bullshit because at the end it’s the ‘bourgeoisie’ and the politicians who take the power and nothing really changes for the poor people. Or in ‘Tepepa’, when the main character gives his weapon to the general and asks him: “...finally, what it will change now?”. If we look back in the history, French revolution is a perfect example of what these movies contemplate, French people fighted against the King because the wealth was for the ‘Bourgoisie’ and the poor continued to be poor. These movies make to understand to the spectator, the human values and the fight for having a better life with justice and without violence, although these movies are really violents. The Comic Western : For me the Italian comic Western killed the Spaghetti Western, even though there are some good films. We all know ‘My name is nobody’ and the ‘Trinita’ series with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

The comic style was successful when the classic style started to tire the public but this success didn’t last too long. Towards the end a lot of directors made comic Westerns mixing it with the Mexican revolution and other styles. Also they brought a touch of modernity(like in the Zapatista Western) where you can see the first car or motorbikes. Apart from the classic ones, personally, I like ‘Ben & Charly’ by Michele Lupo in which there are really funny parts. Also ‘Beyond the Law’ which is not really a comic Western but has good funny parts and is not stupid.

The Western music: Of course we can’t speak about Spaghetti Western without speaking about music. The most popular composer Ennio Morricone realized the music for the best Westerns, the list of his music is too long, he was a good friend of the three Sergios as well as the other best directors. But he was not the only one who made amazing music for westerns. There was also Bruno Nicolai (Adios Sabata’, ‘Apocalypse Joe’, ‘They Call Him Cemetery’), Luis Enriquez Bacalov(‘Django’), Guido & Maurizio De Angelis(‘Keoma’, ‘Mannaja’), Marcello Giombini(‘Sabata’), Francesco De Masi(‘Any Gun Can Play’), Gianni Ferrio(‘California’), and many more... All of these composers are also great and sometimes they used the same music between different westerns, especially in the ‘Django’ series. (Mp3 and infos in : In the middle of the 70’s the Spaghetti Western began to die up but some directors tried to preserve it, for example Michele Lupo who in 1977 shot ‘California’ or ‘Mannaja - A Man Called Blade’ by Sergio Martino. After that in 1987 Nello Rossati made ‘Django Strikes Again’ but this movie was not successful.

In the present we can see Quentin Tarantino who has recently collaborated in ‘Sukiyaki Western Django’ in 2008 and who was really influenced by the western style in ‘Kill Bill’. The Spaghetti Western had a big influence on the cinema of today and the American Western had also taken some of the Italian touch especially with the Clint Eatswood Westerns.

I can speak for hours about the Spaghetti Western, but it’s not so easy to write in English for me. So, if you are really interested in this topic, there exist some books and web sites where you can find a lot of movie title, reviews, trailers, etc. Below there are the titles in English but almost all of them had different titles in different countries. Follow the aka... SOME MOVIES (in alphabetical order): ‘$10,000 Blood Money’; ‘32 Caliber Killer’; ‘A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die ‘; ‘And For a Roof, A Sky Full of Stars‘; ‘And God Said to Cain’; ‘And Now... Make Your Peace With God’; ‘Any Gun Can Play’; ‘Arizona Colt’; ‘Arizona Colt Returns’; ‘Bandidos’; ‘Beyond the Law’; ‘The Big Gundown’; ‘Blindman’; ‘Boot Hill’; ‘A Bullet for Sandoval‘; ‘California’; ‘Cemetery Without Crosses‘; ‘Cjamango’; ‘Clint the Stranger’; ‘A Coffin for the Sheriff’; ‘Day of Anger’; ‘Death is Sweet from the Soldier of God’; ‘Death Rides a Horse’; ‘Death Sentence‘; ‘Dig Your Grave, Friend, Sabata is Coming’; ‘The Dirty Outlaws’; ‘Django’; ‘Django Kill, If You Live, Shoot!’; ‘Django Strikes Again‘; ‘Django the Bastard’; ‘Drummer of Vengeance’; ‘Duck, You Sucker’; ‘Face to Face’; ‘For a Few Dollars More‘; ‘Four Dollars of Revenge’; ‘Four of the Apocalypse’; ‘The Grand Duel’; ‘The Great Silence’; ‘Hate Thy Neighbour‘; ‘The Hills Run Red’; ‘I Want Him Dead’; ‘If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death’; ‘It Can Be Done, Amigo!’; ‘Jonathan of the Bears’; ‘Kid Terror of the West’; ‘Man Called Apocalypse Joe’; ‘Mannaja: A Man Called Blade’; ‘Matalo!’; ‘The Mercenary‘; ‘Minnesota Clay’; ‘My Name is Nobody’; ‘Navajo Joe’; ‘No Room To Die’; ‘One Damned Day at Dawn... Django Meets Sartana!’; ‘One Silver Dollar’; ‘A Pistol for Ringo’; ‘Pistoleros’; ‘Price of Power’; ‘The Return of Clint the Stranger’; ‘Ths Return of Ringo’; ‘Run, Man, Run’; ‘Sabata’; ‘Sartana Kills Them All’; ‘Seven Dollars on the Red’; ‘Son of Django’; ‘The Stranger and the Gunfighter’; ‘A Stranger in Town’; ‘Take a Hard Ride’; ‘Taste For Killing’; ‘Texas Adios’; ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’; ‘They Call Him Cemetery’; ‘They Call Me Hallelujah’; ‘They Call Me Trinity’; ‘Today It’s Me... Tomorrow It’s You!’; ‘Two Faces of the Dollar’; ‘The Ugly Ones’; ‘W Django!’; ‘Wanted’, ‘Yankee’. SOME DIRECTORS: Enzo G. Castellari (‘Keoma’, ‘Any gun can play’), Duccio Tessari (‘Return Of Ringo’), Ferdinando Baldi (‘Blindman’, ‘Forgotten Pistolero’, ‘Texas Adiós’), Tonino Valerii (‘Day Of Anger’, ‘My Name Is Nobody’), Damiano Damiani (‘A Bullet For The General’), Michele Lupo (‘Ben And Charlie’, ‘California’), Giuseppe Colizzi (‘Ace High’), Giuliano Carnimeo (‘Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming’).

SOME ACTORS: Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef, Gian Maria Volonté, Charles Bronson, Franco Nero aka Django, Giuliano Gemma aka Ringo, Clause Kinsky, Terence Hill aka Trinity, Anthony Steffen, Tomas Millian aka Cuchillo, Eli Wallach, William Berger, Gianni Garko aka Sartana, Robert Woods, Bud Spencer, Tony Anthony, Henry Fonda, Peter Lee Lawrence, Fabio Testi, Richard Harrison, George Hilton, Frank Wolff, John Ireland, Leonard Mann, Gordon Mitchell... SOME ACTRESSES: Claudia Cardinale, Martine Beswick, Rosemary Dexter, Dana Ghia, Rosalba Neri, Loredana Nusciak, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Elisa Montés, Rada Rassimov, Linda Veras, Susan George, Hélène Chanel... SOME BOOKS: ‘Il était une fois... le western européen’ by Jean-François Giré, edited by Bazaar et Compagnie( (only French). Fuckin’ bible that you have to get if you read French! ‘Spaghetti - Heroes: Django - Sartana - Ringo’ [Book + DVD] (English). (I’ve never had this book in my hands but I would like to). ‘Western All’’Italiana’ - Vol. 1 / Vol 2 / Vol 3 (Italian / English) Look good book, big format with black & white pictures, but a lot of italian texts and few in english. Also it’s an expensive book. ‘Western Spaghetti, Film & Comics’ + DVD (Le dernier face à face / Face to face) (only French). Really good book about Spaghetti Western univers and the relation with the western comics. Cheap and contains good movies but it’s only in French. ‘Saludos Hombre (Run, Man, Run!)’ DVD + ‘Western Spaghetti’ of Sergio Solima (French). I haven’t this book yet, but I will not wait long time... Look amazing ! And more again, check... SOME WEBSITES: Seba

It was almost to month I waiting and preparing this moment, Grief in gig in Poitiers. It was as well one of my dream to see them in show and to speek this them. Then I perpared some questions for a ‘Boue’ interview, but beleive me writing Grief question was not easy, spécialy when you are fan. So after they take a break from them trip to come in Poitiers, I asked to Eric and Jeff (the two original member of Grief) if they want make a interview for ‘Boue’. ‘Yes no problem, let’s take some wine and sit there at the table’ Thanks to them and all Grief for this awesome gig! I pushed play in my magnetophone... BOUE: Hi! Good to see you again. So why this reformation? Eric: We talked about this tour in the summer, to come over to Europe, and we were able to get it together , we got Ray to play drums, and John was with us when we got back together in 2005. BOUE: What was the reason of the split of Grief in 2005? Eric: We were all sick of each other, ha ha. BOUE: Are you enjoy of your tour in Europe, I think is the first time you come here with Grief, What you thinks about european scene? Eric: Good so far, we’ve had a good time since we got here. BOUE: Is the first time Grief come here? Eric: It the first time Grief has come here. BOUE: Have you in project to make a new album? If yes, will you still produce it with Bill T. Miller? Jeff : Bill doesn’t really record bands anymore. I see him every now and then, he’s got his own little projects that he does, and he doesnt really do any outside recordings. I talked to him about recording my other bands a couple years ago, and he was jus like ‘’ah, i just do my own thing now’’. If we make a new record it wouldn’t be with Bill. unless he wanted to do it but i guess we would ask him. I will...

Eric: He’s done all Grief recording before, so we will ask him because Grief is almost one of his projects. He might do it, we havent asked him yet. We don’t know... BOUE: So you have project to make a new records? Eric: We have some new material. But we spent most of this summer rehearsing with a new drummer, so we worked on what we could play live. BOUE: You don’t have the same line-up than before, so how do you feel with the new Grief ? You think Grief can take a new progression in the music? Eric: The new guys are a bunch of Fags! (haha) Jeff: I would like to thinks so, you can’t just play the same, you know. Even the records from the first one to the last one, progresed as they went along. The early stuff is just really simple, but, i did alot more with guitar work later on Eric: Better orchestration.... more intricate. BOUE: Now you have signed to Southern Lords records, who are a great reference about sludge, how you feel to sign in this label, are your feeling? Jeff: We not technically signed to Southern Lord , we did just a one off live record, it was just one time.

BOUE: Yes but also this one with the compilation of ep’s? Jeff: Oh they did that also. And then they did the live record two years ago but we’re not signed to any label. BOUE: Yes okay. Jeff: Those are just kind of like one of things, you know. Eric: One time deal! BOUE: So what happen about your old record labels, Pessimiser Theologian and Grievance, they still exist or not ? I think Grievance records was yours ? Eric: Grievance records was prety much the self published stuff. Jeff: Yeah, We put out some of the early stuff ourselves and just called it Grievence records but... Pessimiser Theologian ... err Eric: Theologian just keep the records they have out in print but they dont put out any new stuff. Jeff: I don’t think it’s a very active label anymore. I’ve lost touch with those guys... but I got a message from Chris (pessimiser) just last week , first time I got in contact with him in years. Probably eight years, seven years. So i don’t really know whats up with that. BOUE: Eric, you draw the artwork of Grief almost from the beginnig? I think this art reflect good the music of Grief, insane, diabolic, mystic, depressive... Do you agree with me and can you say something more about your work? Eric: I do a lot of different kinds of art but the Grief stuff I always do while listening to the recording. just prety much sink myself into the music. Just paint whatever comes with it. So yes it reflects Grief. A lot of it was done while on

a lot drugs too.(ha ha ha) Jeff: Shocker! BOUE: Do you do some artwork for other bands? Eric: I’ve done art for some other bands, I did the picture disc for Noosbomb. I just did some art work for Fistula’s new album. ‘Burdened by Your Existence’ LP. I do artwork for zines... I don’t really wanna talk about my artwork. BOUE: Okay. BOUE: Grief play music that is more heavy, slow, and depressive than most bands manage. What do you express through this music? What do you want to say to people? Eric: Your not the only one who’s life sucks. (ha ha ha) Jeff: I just like it because I just like angry music you know. I just like to write heavy songs. BOUE: Your text is depressive, some of them talk about the hurt of life commited by the human being? Can you explain something more about this subject and who write it?

Jeff: I don’t put a whole lot of thought into my lyrics. Its just kinda ... writing off my anger, I mean most people are assholes for the most part.... Not everybody but you know what I mean.......... People suck....

Now its... i dunno... It just caught on I guess.

BOUE: Okay so some lyrics sound like a good ‘fuck you’, that’s really good. BOUE: (For a joke) What’s your relationship with life?

BOUE: I remember Monarch playing in a festival about 6 years ago, there where a lot of people at this festival but they only play to 10, and people going away saying it’s too slow for me.

Jeff: I like my life, I’m a happy person, ironically for the most part

Jeff: he he... Yeah, everyone used to yell ‘’play faster, play faster’’

Eric: I hang out with my dogs.

BOUE: And today lot of people come to see Monarch.

BOUE: Grief is one of the first bands playing this kind of music also bands like Noothgrush, Corrupted. In the 90’s, this music was really underground and more diy. Today the sludge and heavy music is more popular (Black Cobra, Kylesa, Minsk, High on fire...) what do you think about the evolution of the sludge? Jeff: I think its great you know, it just funny because when we started it in the early 90s no one cared. we played shows all the time, there would be about 20 people, you’d be playing for a couple of your friends and your girlfriend.

BOUE: You know Monarch from france? Jeff: I heard about them. But i don’t know them

Jeff: Yeah, Its funny how that works. BOUE: So I know you also play in Noosebombs, some of you have some other side projects? Jeff: Yeah, Noosebombs right now is kind of taking some time off, a lot of the other guys are involved in other bands so... that band kinda got pushed aside i think because of everything else going on. I’m not saying it won’t come back but i dunno. We never know. Me and John, the other guitar player, are in another band called Slugpuncher...

with our band. And he’s into that whole scene... so.... And John, yeah, when Terry left i was already in another band with John and is good friend of mine and a great guitar player... so he just kinda slipped in. Eric: I think this is the best wine I never had! (Laugh) (It was ‘vin d’épine’) ................glug glug glug................. BOUE: It my father making this wine he knows really well this recipe. Eric: I don’t usually drink but i could down this whole fucking bottle (ha ha ha). BOUE: Oh yeah I heard. Jeff: It’s not as slow as Grief, more mid tempo, but in the same category I guess, and then I also play in another band call Morne which has a heavy kind of like Amebix, Neurosis, feel to it. I just joined that band like six months ago. It’s good though, I got a lot going on - kinda busy, ha ha... it’s nice to be here(on tour) where I only have to play in one band(ha ha). BOUE: Me to Eric: Do you play in another band? Eric: I have a project call Tatterdemalion but its not really a band its just me and one or two other guys fucking around, sometimes I play drums, sometimes I play guitar, sometimes I play bass we switch around. Its mostly just folk punk bullshit. Just improvisational. BOUE: You have a new drumer and new guitarist to, they play in a band before? Jeff: Yeah! The drumer Ray, he plays in the band from Rhode Island called Sin of Angels, it ‘s similar to Grief real kind of slow heavy stuff so thats why, he lives about an hour from where we live and he’s a good friend of us so he was the right person to ask. He was already familiar

BOUE: What’s your holy drug and holy alcohol? Eric: I’ve done just about everything but i like mostly Pot (weed), Painkillers, and Coffee. Jeff: I mostly just smoke and drink beer.... I’m not as young as I used to be. BOUE: The same question about your holy band? Jeff: Probably.... A load of stuff I listen to is alot of like old rock’n’roll like AC/DC and Kiss, are like 2 of my favourite bands. Deep Purple stuff like that, Jim Croaky? BOUE: I don’t know... Jeff: OH! come on dude!... He ‘s dead he’s got a big mustache, ha ha I listen to acoustic, punk rock, I like old rock kind of stuff, I mean, I play in enough crazy bands... so when I listen to music I like to just chill out a little. I don’t listen to much crazy metal anymore. Eric: I think my favourite band is Rudimenty Peni - old Anarcho punk band, I like old Alice Cooper too, the really old stuff 1969 to 74 or whatever, I like all kinds of music really, I listen

to soundtracks, and I like Tori Amos... Well, old Tori Amos anyway...Classical music too or heavy bands, I like a lot of 80’s metal...

GRIEF is: Jeff Hayward - guitar/vocals

Jeff: Yeah! Judas Priest.

Eric Harrison - bass/vocals/art

Eric: Yeah! and old Slayer.

John Heidenrich - guitar/vocals

BOUE: In Barcelona there is a place which it’s a show called AntiKaraoke and people come there and sing songs of bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metalica, ... It’s amazing, and people they go get really crazy... Like Judas Priest too, with a false guitar. (Laugh) BOUE: So good luck for the tour and any last words before the show or the collective suicide of tonight? (Laugh) Jeff: Last words .. well...I guess as far as this whole tour is goin its just been crazy being here. Its been 17 years since the band started, i thought we would of been here in the mid 90s, its good to be here having fun, few more weeks to go, hopefully it all goes nice and smooth... Eric: Où est le Hashish? (Laugh) Jeff: Question of the day! Thanks Eric and Jeff for mumbling so much it was practically impossible to transcribe what you guys said!!! but we managed! Seba and Kairos

Ray McCaffrey-drums DISCOGRAPHY - Grief 7” (Grievance Records) - Dismal 12” (Grievance Records) - GRIEF/13 7” (Grievance Records) - GRIEF/Dystopia 7” (Life Is Abuse Records) - Dismal CD (Common Cause/Grievance) - GRIEF/16 7” (Pessimiser Records) - Come To Grief CD (Century Media) - GRIEF/Suppression 7” (Bovine Records) - GRIEF/Soilent Green 10” (Pessimiser Records) - GRIEF/Corrupted 7” (HG Fact) - GRIEF/V.A. - Heavy Hardcore HEADROOM Comp. CD (PEFE - ExtraTerrestrial Discs) - Miserably Ever After-CD/LP(Pessimiser/Theologian) - GRIEF/16 10” (Pessimiser/Theologian) - Torso CD/LP (Pessimiser/Theologian) - GRIEF/V.A. - He’s No Good To Me Dead - Split Comp. CD (Game 2 Records) - ...and man will become the hunted -CD (Pessimiser/ Theologian) - Turbulent Times CD (Southern Lord) - Alive CD (Southern Lord)


In December of 2007 I had the pleasure to know by chance a valencian band called Mentat in the Be Cool Club of Barcelona. After this discovery, I’ve read about Mentat and I was surprised because they aren’t a new band (they started to play in the middle of 1998). During all these years it has been some changes in the members of the band for differents reasons but they will explain us this and more about them in the following interview. BOUE: Hi!, could you introduce Mentat and now who belongs in the band? MENTAT: Right now the group is made up of Marc Celma (drums, piano, samples), Pablo Peiró (bass, electronics, vocals), Daniel Roig (live visual projections), and Javier Vivó (guitar, vocals). Two of our friends helped us in this last recording, as well as in our two Ep’s: Fernando Vilella, former member of the group, on oboe; and Enric Cullell on horn. We would like to be able to count on them for our concerts, but it is difficult due to professional reasons. BOUE: Since the beginning of Mentat in 1998 until 2006, Mentat has only edited one demo. In 2006 it seems that the band starts again seriously with the edition of your first EP. Could you comment something about what happened in these 7-8 years? MENTAT: Well, we actually never edited that recording and we are thinking of doing it soon, along with a concert from 2003. After this period our friend Quique Martínez passed away. He was also our bass player, and we almost abandoned the project. Pablo, who played guitar with us, switched to bass. After that, our make up underwent several different changes. Also, the economical factor is always crucial: in our case, up to now, whenever we have been able to record our work, the songs included in the recording were already around two years old. BOUE: How you define your music or which bands has influenced you to obtain the current sound of Mentat? MENTAT: It’s hard to define our music from our own perspective and in few words. We like experimenting with rhythm and melody,intensity,

density, power, harshness and even noise or textures. We love disturbing and obscure passages and atmospheres as well as epic moments. We see Neurosis’ work as huge, amazing in every sense--especially starting from their ‘Enemy of the Sun’ (1994). They are our main reference. We are also influenced by some classical music composers, specifically some romantics and Post-romantics like Brahms and Mahler, as well as other contemporary authors such as Penderecki or Gorecki. Another source is the electronic music of several groups from the label ‘Cold Meat Industrial’. We are interested in the work of metal and doom groups like Corrupted, Monarch!, Noothgrush, Today is the Day, Black Cobra; also bands like Amber Asylum, Dead Can Dance, Godspeed You! Black Emperor; and classical bands like Black Sabbath and The Cure, among many others… BOUE: Last year it was published the song ‘Vestigios de una derrota’ in the compilation ”Mundo submarino: veinte nuevas bandas valencianas”. Don’t you mind that after ten years of the existence of the band, Mentat is considered as a new band? MENTAT: We’re not bothered about being labelled like that. We are actually grateful for having our demo taken into consideration. But your statement can actually give you an idea about what things are like around here. More specifically, things here basically work like this: if you don’t pay, you don’t play (or you play very little), and if you don’t say what the people responsible for the ‘specialized’ media want to hear (often one and the same; or are linked to the three or four clubs in the area), your group just doesn’t exist. So we prefer to play outside our city, although it makes us sad.

BOUE: Also, in the same year it’s published your second EP “Inerte” edited in Parade rcds. I know that Parade rcds. has finished their activity, nowadays who distributes your EP?

the others. This is very important to us: every aspect needs to have the approval of the whole group, since there’s not sense in participating in a project and not feeling identified or fully satisfied with it.

MENTAT: That’s right. We also take care of that. But Carlos Villena (‘Parade Records’) told us that he still has copies to sell through his new project ‘Mantricum Records’, and that it is also available in several catalogs: ‘Underhill’, ‘Hydra Head’, ‘Crucial Blast’ and ‘Relapse’, although we haven’t checked it out for ourselves. We know that some copies have got to Japan through Corrupted; ‘Trabuc Records’ and ‘Discos Buen Pony’ also distribute it.

BOUE: Which valencians bands suggest Mentat?

BOUE: In august’08 Mentat is supposed to have recorded their first album in Rockaway studios in Castellón, have you finished to record it? Any new of when we could have in our hands your new record and who will edite it? MENTAT: We finished the mix on September 19th.,we still have to master it and keep working on the design. We don’t have a label yet, and we would like to make a vinyl record edition too, so we don’t know which formula we will use on this time. We’re studying several possibilities and we would like the vinyl edition to be the first reference in the catalog of ‘La crisálida’, a new label in which Pablo, our bass player, is involved. We can’t talk about the release date yet, but we would like it to be as soon as possible, before the end of 2008. In any case, we think it’s turning out really well. BOUE: Your lyrics call a lot my attention, who is the guilty of these deepers lyrics and who is the designer of your EP’s? MENTAT: Well, Dani made all the images that go with our music, both the visual projections for our concerts and the design of our records, t-shirts, etc. Some other friends also helped us. I (Javi) am usually the one who writes the lyrics; but there’s always room for contributions from

MENTAT: There are many interesting groups in Valencia and area. Among the ones we know, we really like Trocotombix, Zener, Anne O, Derrota, Anti-playax... BOUE: You have been played with bands like Monarch!, what do you think about the european scene? Do you have in mind an european tour after the edition of your new record? MENTAT: We are looking forward to touring around Europe, and we would like to do it in the near future, probably next spring: as often as possible, as far as we can go… It’s hard to combine it with our jobs. We played next to Marybell and Monarch! in Euskadi this last year and we enjoyed it very much. They are all very nice people. It would be a great pleasure to play with them again, and even better if it’s in France. BOUE: Any comment to finish? MENTAT: Thanks for listening to our music and for interviewing us, and also for coming to see us in Barcelona. We also want to thank all the people who have been part of the group or that have lent us a hand when we needed it, especially to Chus G. Navajas, who has made a great effort and did an extraordinary job during this last recording. Raquel

MENTAT IS: Marc Celma (drums, piano, samples) Daniel Roig (live visual projections) Pablo Peiró (bass, electronics, vocals) Javier Vivó (guitar, vocals) DISCOGRAPHY - Mentat EP (2004 - 2006). - Mundo Submarino “Veinte nuevas bandas valencianas” (Compilation 2007). -Inerte EP (Parade rcds., 2007). - Amarillo Abisal LP (La Crisálida records, 2008).

Moloch it’s the band I know from Myspace (I know myspace is shit but it’s good way to listen and know bands, so sure are all fucked), then when I listened them it was a good surprise for me who are a big fan of Eyehategod. Moloch, is a sludgy and dirty noise as I like. Also they from UK, a country where I was living, and I’v never heard about them. So I decided to know who are Moloch... BOUE: What Moloch is, a Evil monster who cook on the grill some kids, a sludgy band to linch yourself , or a mark of condom ? MOLOCH: Moloch is a primal hate fuelled self loathing sludge band from Nottingham, England. BOUE: How a Moloch is composed and what is the story of the Moloch ? Also why this name for your band ? MOLOCH: Myself and Rob had been in HC bands before and just wanted to do something heavier and nastier. Something more cathartic and totally brutal. We got Craig and Dan in on bass and drums and Moloch was born. It’s a reference to the Man Is The Bastard song (which is a Ginsberg poem), the sacrificial idol in the film Metropolis, one of the key rebel angels in Paradise Lost, from the Roman/Greek/Canaanite myths, or from Watchmen, take your pick... BOUE: Which city in UK the Moloch come from ? MOLOCH: We are from Nottingham - home of Iron Monkey. BOUE: What’s the Moloch listening in this time? MOLOCH: At the moment I am listening to lots of Mark Lanegan, Thou, Rorschach, Breathing Fire, Cough, Fistula, Rot in Hell, Fleshpress, Dirty Three, Bone Awl, Warning to name a few. BOUE: Your have recently made out a 10’’ on Shifty records and Feast of Tentacles records with a version CD on Choking Hazard records out soon. Can you tell us what’s your impression back and what are the critics ? MOLOCH: All the reviews and feedback we’ve had has been pretty positive. We’ve have bands and labels geting in touch wanting to do splits and more records so we must be doing something right. We get a lot of Iron Monkey, EHG compasions which is cool but I dunno if thats a criticism or a positive. BOUE: Shifty Records is a good label reference for sludgecore (Fistula, Sloth, Noosebomb, Monarch,...), how you got contact with them to finally make this records out ? Have you more project with them ? MOLOCH: Shifty is an awesome label. One of my favourites and Gary is a good dude. It just churns out quality sludge record after quality sludge record. Gary got in contact with me (feast of tentacles) about trading and we got talking and decided to do a couple of split releases. My next release was the Moloch 10” so we collaborated on it and also did a vinyl version of the Rue LP together. We’d love to do another record with Shifty in the future but we havn’t spoken about anything as of yet.

BOUE: The Canadian label Choking Hazard records, they will make out the CD version of the 10 ‘’ and a compilation ‘Sludge Stranglers’ with a lot of amazing bands. Can you say something more about this label and your project with them ? MOLOCH: Steph got in touch after hearing the demo. He was really enthusiatic about It and wanted to release it (the demo will appear on the Stranglers comp on Choking Hazard Records). He has been really supportive so when he offered to to do a CD version of the 10” we jumped at it. Choking Hazard is a good up and coming label. BOUE: Why the split with ‘Seized’ is canceled and who are ‘Seized’ ? MOLOCH: Seized were a double bassed heavy sludge punk band from Canada. They had splits with Inertia Kills and the mighty Ire. They reformed then split again so the record never happened. Shame - they were a really underrated band. BOUE: Feast of Tentacles rcd is a label of one of you ? Can you present it and tell us what you released ? MOLOCH: All the bands I have released have been friends, it makes it more personal and involves you even more. I want to support people i know and believe in and thats what spurned FOT. I have run out of friends so i have had to start working with bands from further a field. Haha.

Here the releases: OCT1 - AOFR / Kamikazee 7” (Art done by John Baizley of Baroness) OCT2 - Kamikazee / Battletorn - thrash war tour cassette OCT3 - Braindead - priest killer 7” OCT4 - AOFR - Life is Cheap LP OCT5 - Braindead / Rot in Hell 7” OCT6 - Thou - malfeasance / retribution 10” (Not out yet - still waiting for the artwork to arrive from USA)

OCT7 - Moloch - st 10” OCT8 - Rue - st LP Up next

Cough - Sigillum Luciferi 2LP Thou / Moloch split LP Rot in Hell / The Process 7” Braindead / Mob Rules 7” Braindead LP (tbc) BOUE: You have in project a split 12’’ with Thou, can you say something more about this project and Thou ? MOLOCH: Thou are incredible. I traded with them for their first LP - Tyrant. Which blew me away. The have a great aesthetic. The sound, lyrics and art all work really well together. They are definately one of my favourite bands of recent times. We are really excited to be doing a split with them. Hopefully the split will be all done and recorded ready for a Thou / Moloch UK tour summer 2009. BOUE: Moloch can’t hide the influence of the sound southern sludge, like Eyehategod, Buzzov’en, Cavity, Green Machine... How you became into the sludge scene ? I read an interview saying you were come from the power violence and fast punk hardcore. MOLOCH: EHG, Cavity are big influences sound wise. We love dirty riffs. The HC/punk/sludge/ doom scenes seem to interweave in the UK. Well especially in DIY circles anyway. Even though we are a sludge band the majority of the gigs we play tend to be mainly HC gigs. Rob is in Braindead (UKs answer to infest!) and Craig was in Army of Flying Robots so we all have been involved in the DIY HC community for a few years. BOUE: How is the scene sludge in UK with amazing bands like Moss, Avatist, ... ? MOLOCH: There’s alot of good bands in the UK at the moment. Sludge / doom wise check out Volition, Pombagira, A Horse Called War, They are Cowards, Gruel, Hey Colossus.There’s also a plethora of great heavy Irish bands around at the moment - Slomatics, Drainland, Wreck of the Hesperus, Wretch, De Novissimus. Also people should check out Rot in Hell, Mob Rules, Brain Dead, The Process - all awesome HC bands. BOUE: Are you one of the lucky guys who have seen a show of Iron Monkey? If yes... how it was?

MOLOCH: No. The one time I was suppossed to see Iron Monkey supporting Unsane but they pulled out of the gig because Johnny broke his leg skating. Gutted. BOUE: In the ‘lyrics’ do you speak about : love, sex, drugs, alcohol or death ? Who write the lyrics in the band ? MOLOCH: I write the lyrics. They tend to solely concentrate on negativity. Some are inspired by movies (black water - inspired by rosemary’s baby), books (who is this who is coming - whistle and i’ll come to you - MR James) - But the lyrics are pretty ambiguous. As long as they convey the intensity and negativity of the music and vibe we are trying to create, that’s the main thing. BOUE: Can you say Moloch is a political anarcho DIY band or just a fucking DIY rock’n’roll band ? MOLOCH: We are just a DIY band - politics don’t really come into Moloch. BOUE: Are you involved beside your band in any political way like social center, squatting, food not bombs, animal liberation... ? MOLOCH: Afraid not. BOUE: I know some of you play in another band like Army of Flying Robots and Brain dead, have you other side project and can you speak about ? MOLOCH: Our new drummer henry is in Dead in the Woods and Craig has just joined them on bass. BOUE: Have you a tour project in Europe or somewhere else ? MOLOCH: We should be touring the UK with Thou in the summer of 2009 and we should be doing a small irish tour hopefully with Slomatics. We’d love to go to Europe - but we’ll see what happens. We are doing a 12” on Vendetta records (Germany) next year so maybe we’ll do a Euro tour to go with it. BOUE: I have live for a while in London and I felt in the Uk the diy scene is separately of the rest European scene. (Maybe you are more close of the US scene.) Do you agree with me and what do you think about that ? MOLOCH: We have made contacts and friends with people from all over the place so i don’t know if thats the case. I guess the UK scene is separate but it’s an island. It may be different if there wasn’t water between us and the rest. BOUE: In the haste to see a Moloch sacrifice in France, I let you to burn the end of this interview ? MOLOCH: Cheers for the interview. Feel the hate Seba

MOLOCH IS: Steve - guitar Craig - bass Henry - drums Braddock - vocals DISCOGRAPHY - Moloch 10� (Demo).

SWEET COBRA “Forever” (Hawthorne Street Rcds.) It’s hard to be objective when you make a chronic of a band that you like a lot. Basically SC is a mix between noise, crust, and something heavy (think a mix among Tragedy, Unsane, and bands like Torche or Kylesa). Anyway you can understand that, SC is fucking powerful rock’n’roll. This second album call ‘Forever’ is different than ‘Praise’, the first one who sounded more noisy. The songs of ‘Forever’ as ‘ Road born Orphan’ are heavy and powerful, melodic ‘Sider Scraper’ and a special big fuck in face with the d-beat of ‘Fucking Fertilizer’. The artwork is nice with all the lyrics inside. The shame it’s just a CD version.


THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “Tail Swallower And Dove” (Suicide Squeeze Rcds.) New album from this band from Seattle, released with Suicide Squeeze records and after two previous albums and two EP this album is in the same line

as their previous releases, but more direct, you´ll find everything that is usual in their sound, crunchy guitars and the voice of Steve Sneere. Ten tracks that it won´t dissapoint you.


Moho “Chotacabra” (Beat Genertion records and Alone rcds.) This is the third record of Moho with a strange title which means something like the crazy goat (I think this name comes from a Mexican legend...). This album is still on the Moho tradition, 8 songs of sludgecore with a rock’n’roll touch like Brainoil, only to name an exemple. Personally, I prefer the second album ‘He visto la cruz al revés’ which it’s more sludgy and heavy. But ‘Chotacabra’ is still also really sludgy and it’s also a great album. The artwork is poor and a bit bad, digipack for a CD with only one page. Few information inside it, just the essential, with the lyric of only one song without title. But Moho is Moho! So....


VVEREVVOLF GREHV “Zombie Aesthetics” (Relapse records) Debut album from some guys from The Faint (yes! The dance band!) but don´t get scared, this is the metal version, combining electronic with guitars and noises. You have a great album that will make you stay alert for the next round. Imagine Fantomas, Genghis Tron, Melt Banana and Agoraphobic Nosebleed all togheter and you will have an idea of their sound.


IRON MONKEY “Ruin by the idiots” (Live and unleashed) CD (Maniac Beast records) I found this CD two years ago in Leeds (UK), I thought it was not more stuff of them since the death of the singer, John Paul Morrow who died of a heart attack in the summer 2002. This CD it’s a commemoration for John, you can find inside the pamphlet memory text from the band members and Marvi, John’s brother. The artwork it’s nice, you can find band pictures, jokes and Eyehategod graphic style. About the music of Iron Monkey for people who don’t know this band, it was the fucking English answer of Eyehategod. So in this CD you have 4 songs of their first live and 3 songs of their last live. Between that,

you can also find a radio session ‘Slayed in Britain’ in 1999 with some new songs and not so news as ‘Cornucopia’ of Black Sabbath. Basically this record it’s really good for fans or people who already know the band. But If you have never listened IM, It’s better to get the stuff they had done before, specially the album ‘Our problem’ and the 10’’ ‘We have learned nothing’. Seba

Loinen. But me I got their CD recently, and I’m really happy about that. The music of Stumm it’s really insane and sludge doom, the voice remembers sometimes the voice of Jeff from Grief. The atmosphere is really heavy doom and gloomy like bands as Burning Witch, Moss, Monarch... The book CD is nice, the perfect image of their music, dark, insolit, and morbid. So if you like sludge get this record...


FUCK THE FACTS “Discorge Mexico” (Relapse records) This album is the first one with Relapse records, it is a masterpiece!!! The voice of Melanie Mongeon is brutal and she can fucking scream!!! 14 tracks that will make your brain explotes. Imagine Genghis Tron without the electronic and the beats!


RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Station”. (Suicide Squeeze Ent.) Great album from this american band from Chicago, more post rock Envy, Mogwai style with some elements of rock n´roll. Perfect to listen with the lights off... Some months ago we had the opportunity to see them in Europe touring with These Arms Are Snakes and for people who still didn’t know Russian Circles I’m sure this day they had a pleasant surprise...


STUMM “I” (Aesthetic Death records) This records of this Finnish band it’s a bit old (2005). Also, they released two splits, one with Taunt and the other with

NOOTHGRUSH ‘Erode the persone’ (Throne records and Chimères records) This is the chapter two of Noothgrush discography. Noothgrush it ‘s not one of this mythical gloom sludge band like Grief, Cavity, Corrupted, Gasp,... In the 90’s this kind of music was more underground than today and more diy, they made a lot of limited 7’’, splits with power violence bands, other sludge bands or diy compilation like the Reality serial LP. Noothgrush was not an exception and this CD is the part Two of this collection of 7’’ and compilations. You can find songs of the splits with Suppresion, Corrupted, Gaps, and songs from some mini records they’ve realised. Inside the CD you find the lyrics and informations about the songs. So if you like Noothgrush, you must have this record... Or die!


GRIEF “Alive” (Southern Lord) This CD it’s limited edition of 2000 copies, they released it specially for the european 2008 tour. It’s not a new album or rare stuff, it’s a live they made in Boston in 2005. The sound it’s really good, you fell really

the songs in live. The songs that you find in the record are from “Come to Grief” and “Miserably Ever After” which also includes the amazing ‘Polluted’ from “Torso” album. There is also one version of Saint Vitus ‘Angry man’ from ‘Miserably Ever After’ album. Anyway, it’s more or less the songs they played in live now. It’s a really good Cd for fans of Grief. The artwork is of Eric, the bassist. As well there is some god and funny pictures inside. Move your ass! Maybe it’s already sold out...


TOUNDRA “Toundra” CD (Arindelle Rcds/Red Chalk Rcds) Spanish band from Madrid (exmembers of Nacen las Cenizas) that release their first album, before released as a 12” record, where we find six songs that sounds as Pelican, Red Sparowes etc. A great new band that it won’t dissapoint you.

which it is just a fucking war declaration to George Bush and the States about their “War”. I bought in the show their Cd version because in the CD there’re more songs than the vinyl version (in the vynil you can find a split with C-utter). The CD has a good presentation, dark with a draw and inside there is the lyrics, it looks a bit as a crust style record. If you like sludge and angry crust you must to listen this record. Are you ready motherfucker...



THE SWORD “God of the earth” (Kemado records) If I forget the cover who are less beautiful than the record of befort, this album it’s fucking mamzing. Almost all the songs is are a stoner metal tube. It’s really a great pleasure to listen this record and also to see them in gig. Hahaha... But now, I can’t imagine a band like this to make tour with Metalica. I’m sure, after that all the Kids will sell the Metalica records to listen a good stoner metal like The Sword. They are no way...


ELECTROZOMBIES “He Visto” (Odio sonoro rcd / Corporation Fonographia Autonoma / Proyecto Sepulcro / Masapunk) I saw this band from Chile in a small squat in Barcelona, the gig was just fucking amazing. Electrozombies are two girls (Bass and drums) and a guy playing guitar. I’ve never seen before in a show a girl playing drums as she plays. She is slim but she beats the drums really strong and fast at the same time, that’s more than some guys I know. Electrozombies plays sludge heavy but with a perfect mix of d-beat crust. Their record it’s really great, I like specially the last song

HAWG JAW “Send out the dogs” (Throne records) Just the name of the album reflect the music of this band from Louisiane. They play a music really insane and angry with crushing riffs. Exactly like a wild dog seep in you, to eat your fucking flesh (don’t worry they will put your bones in the ground, the dog do usually that with a meal). Hawg Jaw sound is between Eyehategod and noisecore like Coalesce, with some good and original surprise in some songs. Just to inform their references, Gary Mader, guitar, used to play for a while in Eyehategod and now plays in Outlaw Order. About the version CD, the artwork is nice, writing hand, with good draw and pictures.

Personally I love this record and the mind of this band.


WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM “Two Hunters” (Southern Lord rcds) That album is perfect. Released on Southern Lord records, what we find here is four songs mixing the ambient of bands like Sunn o)) with black metal and the result is amazing, probably the best record of black metal you´ll listen in a long time. So don´t wait time and get your copy right now!


SCUL HAZZARDS “Let them sink” (Self recording) This CD look like a demo with a good presentation, but it’s their new album because they prefer to produce themselves their own CD. Also they’ve produced the nice vinyl version. Scul Hazzards are from Australia but now they are living in London. I’ve known this band because they played in my small city, Poitiers, and the show was great with a fucking good sound of bass which I like to listen all

the time. Scul Hazzards don’t play sludge or stoner, but their music is still down tempo and heavy. They play a kind of noise core like in the style of Amphetamine records with a good touch of rock’n’roll. This record is good but personally I prefer them in live.Scul Hazzards is a band to follow for people who like heavy noise rock.

it’s a good record for fans of Grief but also for those who like heavy music. I don’t know so much about their new stuff but sure it’s good to follow his band.



NOOSEBOMBS “Brain food for the braindead” (Shifty records) Noosebombs is a side project of Jeff from Grief with Randy Odierno who used to play bass in Grief. So you can imagine that Noosebombs plays down tempo. The songs are a bit similar as Grief but not so heavy, also it’s Jeff who sings in both bands. But even if they are close to Grief, when you listen Noosebombs, they are still different, they are more metal in the guitar riffs. This record is a bit all, now they have a second guitar player and put out other stuff what sound more speed and metal (see the myspace page). The cover is illustrated by Eric of Grief, it’s the style that you can recognize if you check his work with Grief. But inside the book is a bit poor, just double page with the lyrics. Then, sure

MELVINS “Nude With Boots” (Ipecac recordings) New album from these pioners of grunge,sludge,punk etc following the musical style of his predecesor a senile smile,they bring us 11 songs that easily grooves you on.maybe the sound is more comercial than they used to be but you can..t say they sell out,it..s a great album that you won..t get tired of listening.with the same line up,two drummers,bass and guitar(i think it..s the longest line up they had have) the two drummers(don..t forget that apart from dale crover,the other one is coady willis from the mighty murder city devils) makes the album sound more powerful than it should have been with just one drummer. released as always in those years in ipecac records the label from the one and only mike patton.hope the melvins continue releasing more albums like these one!!


El Paramo “El Paramo” (Alone records) First released from this madrid band,with members from adrift,sou edipo etc 7 songs that reminds you to kyuss,colour haze,karma to burn etc.7 instrumental songs from a really interesting band(also you should listen to adrift)maybe don..t sound so innovative these days with all this instrumental bands that are now,but this record will be on your ipod,stereo for a long time,just believe me also the artwork is very cool and colourful.give it a try.

the make-up of the songs in this record are a bit more hardcore than the first one and less innovative. Maybe because I had not the surprise of the ‘Sent out the dogs’. Anyway if you don’t know them, listen before their first album ‘Sent out the dogs’. For me,this album it’s better and also for its nice art cover.




Pig Destroyer “Natasha” (Relapse records)


HAWG JAW “Don’t trust Nobody” (Emetic records) This is the second album of Hawg Jaw released in 2006. I know it starts to be old but we ‘re not a magazine, just some losers fans. So, Fuck you! and like they say: Don’t trust me!. The title reflect well their music and their mind. They still sound like the first album really insane with the same sound Eyehategodian (It’s more scientist like this) and now close to Outlaw Order. But

What we have here is an experiment mainly from Scott Hill, just one song of 38 minutes talking about a girl called Natasha. Originally, it was released in the Terryfier album as a bonus track on Dvd version with high sound and now it’s released on Cd/12” version as limited edition with an incredible artwork(as always in Pig Destroyer covers). Don’t expect to hear grindcore or screaming voices, it’s 38 minutes of samples, whispers voices aka Neurosis, Melvins style, a big step from a band that means a lot and hope they get the credit they need. Do yourself a favor and buy it now! Isaac

BURIED INSIDE “Chronoclast” (Relapse) I know this record is old and I don’t know what this band is doing today. Perhaps they have a new album now but I listened so many times this record and essentially in my first time as a squatter in London. It was so hard for me to survive and squatting in this city with my shity english that I remember being on the roof of this old theater, staying all the day to keep the place and making resistance. In the top of this theater I had a really good view of London and I listened in the same time Buried Inside. With them in my headphones I felt like an invisible man, who makes a big fuck at all this city and burn all this fucking system. The cops first! BURIED INSIDE, had burn inside me a lot of emotion and rage... And today they still do the same everytime I listen them! Thanks !


MONARCH “Dead men tell no tales” (Crucial Blast)

Five minutes of review of Monarch with the smell of death in several miles around, it’s no way to escape because is the apocalypse and we all are gonna die at the end of this CD... But don’t worry with Monarch, the death is slow and dark, sludge and doom, really doom... So you have time to smoke a cigarette before, even the packet! Their music, and specially the voice of Emilie, lull and lead till the death, without realizing what’s going on. Also if one cd it’s not enough to kill you, you have another one to listen. About the art work, the box CD it’s beautiful, black canson paper with really good draw of Shiran (Guitar player). RIght now they are on Crucial Blast. Il y en as qui s’enmerde pas...


THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND “The beast must die” (Demo) Ouah! This sound they have! This record starts really doom and gloomy with a voice like black metal, screaming to let the place to a cavern voice and doom stoner riffs. They are influenced by band like Saint vitus, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Pentagram, Ufomammut, Electric Wizards and more... And we can know that

listening to them, but they have also their own sound, they aren’t only a copy like many bands. This record is the first demo recorded in 2006 but the curious is that they are from Poitiers (The city where I was born). The artwork of the CD is simple, there’s not liryc sheet and I’m not a fan of the cover draw. But about the music... Listen this band urgently and support them!


FLESHPRESS “Pillars” (Kult of Nihilow records) I think this is the last record from this Finnish band. Fleshpress is not a band that we use to listen, they’re still discreet. They play a fucking great sludge completly gloom, progressive atmosphere with some black metal influence. Anyway is hard to describe their music, all the songs are long with several parts but this record emerge you in the death and sad atmosphere. So if you like this kind of music, you will not be dissapointed. Also the CD box is nice and a beautiful object.It contains the lyrics to help you to understand the ‘Human Being suffering’.


DEATHSPELL OMEGA “Chaining the Katechon”

(Norma Evangelium Diaboli records:

Another band from Poitiers but they are a legend. I think they’ve never played in Poitier. Nobody there know really who they are. Also not all of them are from Poitiers, I know only rumours. But the true is that they are a misterious band and that It’s good for a Black metal band. And also they are a great reference in the Black metal ‘experimental’ scene. Anyway, I’m not a good specialist in the black metal. I bought this record because I heard a lot from this band and also because I thought they have a doom part in their music a bit like Gnaw Their Tongues (excellent Black metal band from Netherlands ), but I was wrong, this Cd have only one song of 22 minutes full of experimentation and ideas. It’s Black metal but we can aswell see some jazzy and noisy parts. Basically this song is good but you need several listenings. This album is good for fans and people initiated a this kind of black metal. The box Cd is a cardboard with good illustrations and a long text about the process of the hell verdict you are chained for...



“Dragging down the enforcer”

(Season of Mist records)

Outlaw Order is the new band of the people from Eyehategod, with Mike in the voice, Joe Lacaze in the drums, Brian Patton in the bass and Gary Mader in the guitar (also guitar player in Hawg Jaw). So you can imagine their music is similar to Eyehategod and Hawg Jaw in the guitar riffs, but even they play similar music and they are the same people, Outlaw Order is not a new Eyehategod. Outlaw order are less sludge, they are more punk hardcore and have an agressive sound. The duration of the album is a bit more than 20 minutes for 11 songs, so It is not really sludge. But the songs are still really good with their New Orleans sound. The CD is presented in a steel box with a pamphlet inside showing guns pictures. It’s nice and a beutiful object and a good record that make to enjoy for the Eyehategod fan and more of them... Seba

BURIED AT SEA “Gost” (Neurot Recordings)

Buried At Sea is from Chicago and this band starts to be one of the good references in the scene as bands like Minsk or Mouth of Architect. They have already released several records really sludge and gloom with long songs. This record for me It is one of the best they made, there is only one song of almost 30 minutes mixing gloom and progressive atmosphere who let express some angry screams and fucking rock riffs. This song is more post hardcore than the first record, I mean, before they seemed to me more doom than post hardcore. Here in this records the atmosphere hipnotize the listener like a post rock band can do. But the difference is Buried At Sea take you in the land of Gost then you will never come back.


CONSULAR “Don’t cross the swine” (Shifty records) I don’t know what they mean really with the name of the record? Don’t cross the pig??? But it remember me some movies title like ‘Don’t go in the wood’, ‘Don’t go near the park’, ‘Don’t do in the cellar’, ... so I like the title! About the CD artwork it’s a bit ugly and poor like you feel a bit disoriented when you open it for the first time: ‘Ah only that

where is the lirycs?’ But when you listen it you say: ‘That’s fucking great!’ Consular plays a kind of heavy hardcore down tempo really raging, powerful with fucking good guitar riffs. The shame is that this record has only 6 songs and it’s a bit short. Anyway, I would like to know more about this band. So, why not an interview in the next ‘Boue’...


GRAVE IN THE SKY “Cutlery hits China: English for the hearing impaired” (HCB records) It’s a bit difficult to make a review of this band from Israel. They are sure down tempo, but their music is a mix of a lot of things. It’s a kind of experimantal noise with drone and electronic parts mixing with black metal atmosphere(When I say black metal I think more about band like Gnaw Their Tongues and not Emperor). Grave in the Sky is atypical and sludge. I love a lot the songs of this record, the atmosphere is dark, cold and amazing. It’s just a torture trip between the death and all the dark side of your poor existence. Of course the artwork Cd is dark with a the minimalist style and a picture of

them making the silly. Anyway, even if their music smells the death to several miles around, Grave in the sky are still a fucking band playing fucking ‘rock’n’roll’. Get this CD urgently or die in your sky.


WEEDEATER “God luck and good speed” (Southern Lord Records) Weedeater has become one of the good sludge core reference. Their presence on Southern Lord is a good proof. Weedeater plays a down tempo with stoner riffs somewhere between Bongzilla and Eyehategod. This record doesn’t escape of the killer riffs of Weedeater. With 7 amazing sludgecore songs, heavy as I like. The record starts with a folk song, a bit bad for me specially for the voice and this ‘mandolin’ tune repeating is a bit anoying... But this song it’s short, Ouff! And to finish after 7 songs of torture we listen pleasure noise which is nice,it’s a wild piano tune... Anyway this delirious from Weedeater don’t distort the album which it’s actually good. Get it if you don’t have it...


WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM “Malevolent Grain” 12”EP (Self-released) Brand new vynil EP from this American black metal band that it’s also going to release their new album really soon.This Ep includes two new songs, the first one with the help of Jamie Meyers(like she did on their first record) leading the whole song with her beautiful voice and on side B we found what we know about WITTR: darkness, epic and black metal. There’s two versions of the EP, one normal with the cover and another of a limited edition of 700 copies that are just sold on their European tour last month and in their web site. Hope the new album will be as good as their previous recordings.


PENTEMPLE “O)))” (Southern Lord rcds) Limited vynil edition only in 180 grams of this doom/drone project that documents a live performance by Sunn O)) in Australia and Japan. The line up is Sunn O))) with Oren Ambarchi, Attila Csihar and their favouri-

te black metal artists: Striborg. All we listen here is just two songs, each one of 20 minutes long of just improvisations, and it’s the first time that Sunn O))) have recorded with live drums! so that makes that record something historical in the history of this band. If you wanna know how sounds, hurry up because it’s limited only to 3000 copies. Another masterpiece from Southern Lord records. Isaac

DISHAMMER “Vintage addiction” (Hell Headbangers records) Yeah cool! Just looking the CD booklet of Dishammer you will say: ‘I like the mind of this band’. This booklet contains erotic, porn and satanic pictures from movies, etc. The titles songs continue in the same mind of provocation (‘Pain in the ass’, ‘Smoke the death’) but when you read that they’re Raul & Iñaki(Moho) and Dopi(Machetazo) playing, you know for sure that it’s a great band. Dishammer is a kind of good D-beat metal crust with a rock’n’roll touch, something like Discharch, Motorhead and Hellhammer. Dishammer is another amazing band from Spain to follow... 666





Sala [2] Apolo, Barcelona, 01-Nov.’08

These two bands were presenting their new albums and if I have to choose a winner that night, for me it was the night for RUSSIAN CIRCLES. How a band can sound so great? The show was amazing, the best sound I have heard in a long time and the music was perfect, if you closed your eyes you could be teletransported to the moon... Sometimes it’s hard to understand how three guys can make you feel so good just playing some music. After that THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES played and even they did a great show, it wasn’t the same. The sound was not good, specially the vocals but the band gave their maximum and the audience gave a good response. The band played a lot of the new tunes of their new record. It was a good saturday night. Isaac

Estraperlo, Barcelona, 27th February ’09

I was really happy to see this gig, it was 3 or 4 years I didn’t see Moho in a show and these good sludgers guys from Madrid. After the hugs, speaking and some jokes, the show started with WARCHETYPE, they played better than the concert with Monarch (I mean, not so loudly than the other time) but even they have good riffs, their songs let me a bit cold. LORDS OF BUKKAKE started with their sludge sound with influence of Today is the day, but after two songs, I got bored. And for dessert, MOHO who just playing the first riffs was enough to kill myself. The sound was good, heavy with great rock’n’roll parts. Moho mix all the good ingredients to make always a great show. But even it was good, it wasn’t so crazy than the show they did in Nantes with Branoil... Seba



(Drone night between spanish bands and the drone mate from France, Monarch)

The night started with WARCHETYPE a band from Barcelona that were presenting their record after losing their singer. Now as a quartet they played almost an hour, with their electric wizard-style.Honestly I didn’t enjoy the show for the poor sound that makes you feel everything except enjoying the music. LORDS OF BUKKAKE was another local band that were presenting their new album released in Odio Sonoro Records. They played around an hour of their sludge doom ‘grasiento’... SUNSHINE PARKER played a set of 10 minutes! of drone beats that was just to pass time until Monarch came to the stage. This guy was unlucky because the club informed that they only could play 30 min. more because at 1a.m. they had to stop! What happen to the organizers??? MONARCH played only for 30 minutes and even having technical problems on vocals they did great. They played 2 songs, an old one and one tune from their new album Mer Mortre. Althought all the problems that were on that night, it was good and hoping we coud have more nights like this. Isaac

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Be Good Club, Barcelona. 09-Feb.’09

First time that Wolves were playing in Barcelona. After two weeks across Europe, it was our time to see if they could bring in live what we listen on the record and what we had it was beyond of what we thought at first. Even not having a good sound, the show was fantastic! There was not lights, just a few candles across the stage. They started with ‘I will lay down my bones among the words and roots’, and during the 20 minutes that the song last, there was nothing else in the world. The band gave everything they could and people gave everything they had, they continued with the songs of their new Ep ‘Malevolent Grains’ and finished the show with ‘Bastness and Sorrow’. But Wolves came again to the stage to give us a present playing another more incredible song to end better the show. One hour and 20 minutes of pure black metal and for being Americans it was great!!! Now we can say that there are good black metal bands apart from Norway!!! Isaac


Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (Fr). ‘22-Nov. ’O8

For us it was a lot of stress because we were organizing this gig and waiting it for several months. We were ready to start(apart from the nerves), so everything seem it was okay. The bands were happy of the welcome and specially for the food and the wine (see Grief interview). Around 8 p.m. the gig started, we were a bit disappointed because we expected around 100 people and it was only 64 people. But the good thing, and a big thanks to them, it was that people came from everywhere. Around twenty people came from Paris and some other from several cities from one or two hours around Poitiers, and finally few people from Poitiers. Anyway, the show started with TRAP THEM, as they did in Bordeaux, they started really powerful, but the difference was that the sound here was much better and a lot of people came only for Trap Them. So the atmosphere started to be good and the show was incredible great. After that GRIEF started, it was such a long time I didn’t see a gig like this. The sound was really perfect(thanks Fabrice) we did not need to wear ears protection, we listened all the instruments and the voice perfectly. So when you are fan is really amazing to listen the songs in live with the sound like this. The atmosphere continued being perfect, people were moving, smiling and enjoying of the event. And also a big thank to Grief for playing ‘Predator’ from the album ‘And Man will become the hunted’. I love a lot this song and they didn’t play it in Bordeaux, so I was really happy to listen this song in live. The gig was amazing for both bands! Thank you to GRiEF and TRAP THEM, and also for the Confort Moderne, people who help us and the great public which brought such a nice atmosphere. Seba

CHURCH OF THE BURNING SNAKE (US) has new two songs coming out called ‘DIE ALONE’.

DEAD IN THE WOODS will release a split 12’’ with Dietpills (from Leicester) on Black Box Recording(from Brooklyn), there will be an initial pressing of 200 limited colored vinyl version with silkscreened covers. Currently two members of Moloch are in the band. CRAWE from UK split up but they have two news bands Poison Dwarf and Anamalech. BLOOD OV... is planning to record soon a full LP or split LP. Waiting for more news! HKY from France has a new EP/CD released on Music Fear Satan rcd. You can also find it on tape(K7)in their own label Analog Profucion Rcd. MORNE are now recording new material and planning a European tour in August and September. Sidney band FATTURA DELLA MORTE will record in the next three months. Band to follow... EXOTIC CORPSE RECORDS from Melbourne have new stuff of HEIRS(Australian band influenced by Swans, Godflesh and Portishead). Their new album is called ‘ANCHERA’, recorded by Neil Thomason. HEIRS will be touring in Australia, Japan and Europe starting in August. ROMAN SHOWERS from UK will be recording their demo/ep very soon. Following & supporting this amazing band...

((THORLOCK)) (US) has recently released their first CD(selftitled) on Save Your Self records. VORVADOSS will record a 7’’ split with Raw Radar War (Ex Milligram). DUSKBURN, amazing Croatian sludge band, will have soon a new album called ‘SOLDERING THE SEVEN STREAMS’. Need help for promotion and distribution... ELECTROZOMBIES are planning an European tour next Autumn and do a split CD with Hellborm Messiah from Germany. PAGANUS will record a new album this year, the new songs differ from the old ones but with the Paganus touch! New album of BLACK RAINBOWS soon. Also, they will participate on the STONED HAND OF DOOM FESTIVAL 2009 edition in Rome. ORTHODOX (Spain / Southern Lord rcd ) has recently recorded a new album, it will be out soon. BLACKTUSK will have several split release coming with Holy Mountain (7’’ on No Idea rcd), ASG (10” on Hyperrealist records), Fight Amputation (7” on Brutal Panda Records). All splits songs will be recorded by Philip Cope (Kylesa) and all the cover art and layout will be done by John Baizley (Baroness). BlackTusk’s new full length album will be released this year on Hyperrealist records. Also they are contributing to the Buzzov-en tribute on Sleepy Village Records playing ‘Toe Fry’.

HAWG JAW has writen 75% of their 4th LP. THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND (doom from Poitiers -FR.) have a new album called ‘BLOOD FOR THE BLOODKING’ on Emanes Metal Records. The Lp version coming out soon. THE DEVIL AND THE SEA (Louisiana) has a 10’’ with 4 new songs on The Path Less Traveled Records limited at 666 exemplars. Also they have a 4-way split w/ Thou, Haarp and A Hanging on a 12” gatefold album on I’m Better Than Everyone Records around August/September, also planning a split with I Klatus (featuring Lair Of The Minotaur and Yakuza members) for the end of this year. And some tour around the States. RAMESSES (UK) will release on this year a double LP called ‘MISANTHROPIC ALCHEMY’ on Mantricum Rcds, a split 10’’ with Unearthly Trance(NY City)on Future Noise Rcds and a CD/double LP on Feto Rcds called ‘TAKE THE CURSE’. MODUS OPERANDI RECORDS will put out ‘THE BATTLE OF THE OLD CROW’ by SERPENT THRONE on vinyl soon. CROWE are not together any more but they have two new bands Poison Dwarf and Anamalech which are planning releases and gigs this year. CONSULAR are finishing their second album called ‘CREEP’, coming out soon. Also it will be another US tour for the summer during two or three weeks. ...

Boue #1  

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