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RESUME Miss Maha BOUCHHIWA Born in september 10th 1993 E-mail : Mobile : +216 50 74 88 17 Adress : Sidi Kbir, Zarzis, 4170, Tunisia Arabic : native language French : fluent spoken and written English : fluent spoken an written Spanish : proficient level Turkish : proficient level

EDUCATION 2018/2019 2017/2018 2016/2017 2013/2016 2012/2013 2008/2012

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School of Architecture at Tunis, Tunisia - Professional Internship (minimum period of 8 months), School of Architecture at Tunis, Tunisia - 5th Year Architecture Diploma School of Architectyre at Tunis, Tunisia - 4th Year Architecture Diploma School of Architecture at Tunis, Tunisia - 1st Cycle Architecture Diploma College of Human and Social Sciences of Tunis - Preparatory Class of Fundamental English Pionner School of Medenine - High School Diploma in Mathematics

currently working for Y.S. CABINET ZARZIS

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2019 ( 2 months) : Yassine Souei Architecture, Zarzis, Tunisia -current trainee Diwan Accommodation, Ras Jdir, Ben Guerdan : Developped preliminary designs : plans, sections and elevations realisation Lumion renderings, attending meetings Chamakh High School, National Contest: Developped elevations and 3D modeling 2017 ( 2 months) : VISIO Architecture, Port Louis, Mauritius - Intern in Architecture Hotel Project Le Palmier : Design, Rendering Graphic on Photoshop Site Visits : SK Group, Port Louis Theater Project Introduction to the Notion of Tropical Architecture 2016 ( 2 months) : A2D Architecture and design Agency, Tunis, Tunisia- Intern in Architecture Visiting construction sites : Cultural Center of Tunis, Collective Social Housing, offices El Euch Building : Developped sections and plans 2015 ( 1 month ) : Archi Frame, Tunis, Tunisia - Intern in Architecture Commercial Building : Developped sections, plans and 3D modeling Bank El Amen, Nacer 2, Offices Interior Design : Developped plans and 3D modeling 2014 ( 1 month) : H.M Office, Zarzis, Tunisia- Intern in Architecture Villa Souihel : Hand Sketching: plans, sections ans elevations ARCHITECTURE SKILLS 2D Drawing Presentation 3D Modeling 3D Rendering

: Hand drawing : Photoshop : Hand Drawing : Lumion

, Autocad , Indesign , Revit , V-ray

, Revit , Illustrator , Sketchup

INTEREST Vernacular Architecture , Painting, Sports, Travelling, Photography



[04-17] Worship and Culture Center of Sidi Yati, Graduation Project Djerba, Tunisia [18-27 ] Urban Stay Bizerte, Tunisia [28-35 ] Intervention on the National Museum of Carthage Tunis, Tunisia [36-43] Design of a residence for architecture students, Sidi Bou Said Tunis, Tunisia [44-47]

Aquatic Complex Tunis, Tunisia


Artworks and sketches




Worship and Culture Center, Sidi Yati

September 2017 - November 2018

Heritage is the intergenerational communica-

Despite its value as a component of identity, the

tion tool that forges awareness and a sense of

Ibadite heritage is likely to be forgotten for lack

belonging that determines identity. The subject

of transmission of information and knowledge,

of heritage arouses the interest of all, everyone

hence a requirement for the rehabilitation of

responds in his own way, for the same outcome;

this heritage.

which is the safeguarding of the inheritance,

One of the most remarkable Ibadite inhe-

thus giving it a new life for a coherent continuity

ritances is the Sidi Yati mosque, a heritage

of the chronological frieze.

whose negligence engenders the loss of ma-

But how to revive an authentic space without

terial and immaterial values. It is therefore with

denaturing it?

the aim of renewing the mosque that our pro-

A general question that touches any space

blematic is inserted, in order to rehabilitate the

with heritage. Among them, the island of Djerba,

mosque, restore its true value and revive its

the sweet island located southeast of Tunisia.

soul. An intervention that will take into conside-

The story of Djerba is seen as a richly colored

ration the Ibadite principles in order to perceive

puzzle, because of the diversity of its events and

them in their interiorities, to understand their vi-

its evolution. A puzzle that seems incomplete, in

sion of the world and aims to value the Ibadite

view of the lack of interest that has suffered a

vernacular architecture of Djerba.

part of its history, Ibadisme, and reflected in the dilapidated state of his works.



Urban context Sidi Yati is a site that represents a strong spiritual connotation. Apart from the mosque on which we will make the intervention, the site contains other mosques, a zaouĂŻa and a cemetery.

Djerba Island



The state of the place

The stairs inside the prayer room lead to the roof overlooking the sea, it was used previously to monitor the coast. The walls are tagged with black graffiti.


7 1: prayer room 2: funeral room 3: Annex 4: Annex 5: Portal 6: Matbakh (kitchen) 7: Majel (water well )

1 3

7 6






Map of the mosque

The mosque is central to the interven choice of positioning underground spa tended not to conceal and hide the pre the mosque which is the main monume

7 The idea of ​​the project is to highlight and synthesize the spirit of Ibadism through architecture. The approach involves an immersion in nature, the awakening of a sensory and physical proximity to the site but also the stimulation of the occupants to meditation and spiritual introspection. A rehabilitation of the mosque is necessary to revalue and enhance it. To do so, our study was conducted in close consideration with the context and the environment in which it fits. Thus we have been able to take advantage of the topography of the site and preserve its landscaped timbre through the studied exploitation of the unevenness. Also in this process of working with the field we have valued the existing and untapped wells.


We chose the hill of Sidi Yati as the site where we will integrate the project given the importance of returning to the sources to enrich and have a mystical touch to the architectural space on the one hand, and on the other hand, this site can be considered as a kind of meditation perfectly ibadite.

and harmony


ntion. The aces is inesence of ent.

Ground floor plan


18 17 17 16 15


11 10

1- reception 2- virtual heritage gallery 3- craft hall 4- w.c 5- office 6- deposit 7- documentation room 8- patio 1 9- boutique 10- boutique 11- w.c 12- basin 13- patio 2 14- tea room 15- preparation 16- deposit 17- office office 18- terrace



12 9




Level -4 plan

The project is based on the concept of a sensory journey, that is to say that the visitor will have to experiment throughout his visit different worlds different sensations and different atmospheres. The common point between each piece is the way the message of Ibadi’s theology is conveyed.






Sobriety and environment

transformation of the square into rectangles We chose to work per unit: Multiplying in relation to the mosque the width or the length, to give us the rectangular form above.

11 11

View on patio 1


The visitor is invited to follow a sensory journey that leads from a ramp to one of the entrances, the meditation space can be crossed by this path without any door to push

Level -8 plan

meditation space

Section C-C

Inside the meditation space, the visitor can stop and sit on a chair, once seated, the rigidity of his record requires to stand very straight, in a solemn and framed pose. This invites refocusing on oneself; the gaze then goes straight through the glazing implanted in the water

North-East Elevation


Section B-B

Section A-A

The spiritual symbolism is translated through architecture, no matter where we are, this science always has a link with the human being, if only by its relation to the scale and, by this one, it evokes various sensory dimensions. As the volumetry, the shadow and the light show, materials, textures and colors and mainly the natural elements. In terms of functionality these different aspects are translated by the presence of a guided route animated by architectural scenes alternating between buried and semi-buried events. The latter is linked by tunnels and themed walkways. The current project fits into the ideology of keeping it hidden from the old and reincarnating the dynamism of the new.

14 14

Section D-D

15 15

Natural light pays particular attention to space. Its diffusion will be done inside as this light will be charged symbolically with a divine manifestation. Concretely, this physical element will become an architectural component thanks to a staging by means of architectural and plastic devices like the chiaroscuro contrast and some materials with their physical properties such as reflection and transparency, skylights, the interstices, .... This path encourages to connect the different buried parts and will represent a stroll of the soul towards the divine knowledge. The articulation of the project will be done in part around an underground patio representing Ibadite worship stations. Each space will be assigned a worship function in relation to the designated Ibadite station. This attribution implies a material and spatial specificity.



Urban Stay, Bizerte February 2017 - June 2017

the aim of this project is to design living

Emptiness and fullness are spatial manifes-

spaces that merge architecture and urban,

tations found everywhere in the house, in

and bring a piece of intimacy to the public.

the street, and in the city. It is emptiness

Therefore we will try to think of an urba-

that defines the full and vice versa. The

tectural project that will house the activity

void is full of activities, just like the full. The

of urban stay in its variety and which will

full is full of emptiness, and emptiness is

tend to erase and make less brutal the limit

empty to be full.

between intimacy and externality, in order

this duality generates the permeability

to be able to live the outside in the comfort

of space, which makes it porous, and its

of the inside, and the inside in the opening

openness to the environment. Vacuum

of the outside.

is structuring space, it is a free field with

The approach of our work is to start with

distinct features. The alternation between

an overall analysis of the general context of

full and empty allows to ventilate the lived

the city of Bizerte. We will encircle with an

space, generating a wider field of sociability

urban analysis of old port passing through

and living together.

the colonial city to close with our intervention site located in the area infront of ​​the new port.






map of Tunisia


a multiple use development


strian crossing

passage of vehicles

passage of vehicles

a modular white grid-like structure built in relation to the heights of neighboring buildings.

omote community activities by examining the city’s right air


North-West Elevation

Section A-A





access A



Ground Plan

Panoramic view




3 2



Cubic surfaces serv nity functions to enco between visitors and en their culture together.

1 2

North-East Elevation

ve many commuourage interaction nable them to share

25 25

South-West Elevation


Section B-B

South-East Elevation

27 27

Intervention on the National Museum of Carthage September 2016 - January 2017

This archaeological museum is located on

It would be necessary to find an interme-

Byrsa Hill in the heart of the city of Car-

diate way, in order to reconcile the power

thage in Tunisia. It is one of the two main

to protect what represents our past and to

archaeological museums of Tunisia with

radiate it. Through this project, we aimed

the National Museum of Bardo. Located

above all to broaden our knowledge on the

near the cathedral Saint-Louis of Carthage,

theme of the history of Carthage, its civiliza-

in the premises formerly occupied by ‘ les

tions and to better identify and recognize its

pères blancs ‘, it allows the visitor to realize

existing vestiges and in this case to better

the extent of what were the facilities of the

protect our heritage.

city in the Punic and Roman era.

As part of this intervention, we propose the

It is undeniable that carthage and its his-

rehabilitation of one part of the museum

tory exert a certain fascination on human

and the demolition of another to place a try

beings. However, another reality is hidden

of a new architecture.

behind the postcard image of this place.

We will try to identify through our interven-

Therefore, one may be led to question the

tion the rich architectural vocabulary of the

legitimacy of his heritage today, if he always

Carthaginian civilization and we will also try

returns the image of power and wealth or it

to project a contemporary image of the mu-

is more than decomposable, a myth

seum complex via its image and its functional organization.


29 29

Site Analysis 1 Rue Mendes France 2 Amphitheater Street 3 Villa Didon 4 Museum of Carthage 5 Cathedral 6 Punic District of Byrsa

1 5

2 4



The land is located on Byrsa Hill in the heart of the city of Carthage, a location

Location plan

that tells the story of what the city’s facilities were in Punic and Roman times.

The highest point of the hill

Topographic Section A-A

Very timid openings despite beautiful archaeological views Topographic Section B-B

South-East view on the ruins


View from the square on the cathedral





Ground floor Plan


Information and exhibition

The ruins

Even if you are at a plant area of ​​900m² near the museum, you can not enjoy this green space because of a fence that not only separates the museum of greenery, but also detaches other historic monuments of the site.

1St floor Plan

2Nd floor Plan

Section B-B

Section A-A

South-east elevation

South-west elevation

North West elevation


The graphic elements

Project model

B Our intervention will be motivated by the


wish to restore the blazon of carthage.

Ground Floor Plan

The will is to reappear on the surface the spirit of the place both in terms of landscape and historical dimension, all in a more contemporary and contemporary


Tribute and shift will be the keywords of this motivation










1St Floor Plan

Program: Reception area Shops Interpretation center Roman exhibition Cafeteria Auditorium Multipurpose room Punic exhibition

Section B-B

Meeting room Offices

2Nd Floor Plan

33 33


Section A-A

Section C-C

South-West elevation

South-East elevation


Interior of the exhibition halls

35 35

Design of a residence for architecture students, Sidi Bou Said February 2016 - Juin 2016

The better-off students will have the

This forces them to rent from homeowners

chance to rent an apartment or live in a

in the nearby residential area at imagina-

collocate, the others will be forced to go

ry prices. Hence the need for a university

through the test of finding a university ac-

home to solve the housing problem and the

commodation. In addition to having to do

suffering of students.

with a limited budget, students have special

Just next to the university, there is a vir-

needs that are defined in particular by the

gin land that belongs to the state, a lot big

nature of their studies. In fact, the spatial

enough to answer our needs and which will

quality needs are not the same for an ar-

solve the problems of the hierarchical dwel-

chitecture student as for a law student for

lings because the residents of sidi bou said

example. Coming to the students of archi-

take advantage of the absence of a univer-

tecture in Tunis, Sidi Bou said, which is the

sity shelter to benefit the students in archi-

only state university of architecture in Tuni-


sia (my university) The university of architecture is located in a prestigious area, Sidi Bou Said, the Tunisian capital next to a residential area far from the center of the city and devoid of any accommodation for students.


37 37

Situation plan

Project idea

Ground plan Nesting represents all connections between the occupants of space, the arrangement of the volumes represents the union and the living-together.

Conceptual choices Separate functions; Dedicate the main-street portion of common activities and the interior portion of dwellings. Create indoor plots support usability Dégager la vue sur la foret, la mosquée et la cathédrale


Detail of an entity

Ground floor plan

Mezzanine detail

39 39

First floor plan


Second floor plan

Plan type room 2

Third floor plan

plan type room 2 mezzanine

Plan type room 3 41 41

Fourth entity plan


Section A-A

Section B-B

*This accommodation has been designed for ENAU students (National School of Architecture and Urbanism) composed of 120 single and double rooms, workshops of carts and models. It is equipped with a reception, large kitchens, a restaurant, a cafeteria and spaces for meeting and exchange. *The creation of plots inside the project ; friendly spaces, and can host different events. *The idea of ​​nesting volumes leaving open and covered spaces to move from the shape of fullness and emptiness to the porosity of space in collective housing.

43 43



Access Flux The passages

Aquatic Complex

November 2015 - January 2016

Vehicular passage Pedestrian pathway

*In this exercise we are supposed to design a complex of pools (sport leisure) using his assets to develop a methodology that addresses both sensitive and technical approaches. We are supposed to use our observation as a tool for analyzing the complexity of the site. It is also used for

Site Topographic section

the representation and imagination of architectural objects through geometric, plastic, functional and structural formatting of a specific program. This project is made in a plot of about 15000 m² at the edge of the sea. *The ground is sloping, hence the need for groundwork. Analytical reading --> Intentions of the field --> Dynamic movement accentuated by the full empty ratio.

Ground plan

* The correct orientation of the pools *Fragmented structure * Several points of view, proximity * Centrifugal, articulated volume, discontinuous * Resulting shape, expandable, organic


West Elevation


+1 +2 +4 A


1 Reception 2 Administration 3 stores 4 W.C 5 Coffee 6 Buvette

11 12 7 Sports Basin 8 Fitness center 9 Reception

10 9




10 Cloakrooms 11 Traffic core 12 Massage 13 Jacousie 14 Doctor's Office


+7 6 +4





3 1

+8 Level Plan





15 Deposit 16 Maintenance staff 17 Technical room 18 Changing rooms 19 room chause 20 Warm room 21 Cold room 22 Area served 23 Reception 24 Sauna 25 Tea room

25 A



20 18



21 19 17



+4 16 +4 Level Plan


+4 A

Section A-A

45 45





2 +12 Level Plan

1 Coffee 2 Preparation space 3 Restaurant 4 Terrace 5 Technical area


Section B-B

North Elevation



+1 Level Plan

Project Views


A glimpse on my hand drawings...














61 61



E-mail : Mobile : 0021650748817 Adress : Maha Bouchhiwa, BP 521 4170 Zarzis, Tunisie


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Architecture Portfolio  

A sum-up of my grad and undergrad work

Architecture Portfolio  

A sum-up of my grad and undergrad work