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There are some surfers out there who don't have to do any other extracurricular activities to stay up on their surfing skills. However, if you are like a majority of people, then there are certain things you can do that will develop your surfing skills, even when you are not actually in the water. Performing some of these techniques is essential for most surfers to stay fit and ready for the waves. Building Endurance Surfers need endurance, which is simply all there is to it. Everyone who has ever surfed, even once, knows that after about 5-minutes every part of your body is sore. Performing endurance exercises out of the water such as cycling, weight lifting and running will help build your endurance. You can also employ other endurance building techniques such as spin classes or long distance running. Upper Body Strength Having good upper body strength is essential for surfers, as they use their arms and chest muscles almost relentlessly during surfing sessions. Performing any number of strength building exercises that focus on your chest, shoulders, arms and back will help you develop your strength and endurance in the water. Rowing Want to employ a surfing skill that will build your arms, back and stamina at the same time? Try rowing. Rowing is an intense workout that will leave your arms and back burnt. This is a good thing, as you need all the strength you can get for paddling into and out of the waves. Balancing Exercises Good balance is an essential part of any surfer's surfing skills. You have to have extraordinary balance while in the water. This balance not only helps you get up on the board, but also allows you to maneuver the surfboard on the wave properly. Try doing some exercises that help you with your balance. Any exercise with a balance ball is good. Even better (if you have the patience) is Yoga and/or Pilates. Both of these will seriously develop your balance. Running This may seem old fashioned, and it probably is a bit, but a good daily run will help work and build almost every muscle in your body. Not only that, but it will build some much needed stamina,

which you can use while in the water. The longer the run the better, but don't overdo it, as there is usually a limit for everyone. Developing your surfing skills is an ongoing process that needs to be kept up with. If your surfing skills are continually developed, then you won't find yourself in some sort of predicament in the water that you can't handle. Endurance and strength surfing skills may also come in handy should you get caught in a current, or have to help a fellow surfer.

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==== ==== Total Surfing Fitness ==== ====

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