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Anyone that tell you that you can pick up a girl thanks to one funny status or pick up line is lying to you. You might pick her up because of something else in you that got her attracted, but just because of one funny line? No. The exact same "line" can work for one guy in one occasion and might not work for another guy. The is no magic bullet for picking up girls on Facebook, you can learn it, but let's face it - there is not quick and easy solution. But if you arm yourself with the proper knowledge, the sky is the limit. Then and only then you could basically have an endless supply of beautiful girls chilling on Facebook waiting for you to come online. Here are 3 essential tips that will get you started, and NO - they are not "lines", since "pick up lines" don't work and will only get you one thing, and that's - ignored. Anyway, here are 3 essential tips to get you started (and laid) with the girls that you REALLY desire. First of all, stop poking chicks. Poking girls on Facebook is like begging them to give you some attention. It screams "LOSER" all over her screen, and then she ignores you. On rare occasions it's OK to "poke" someone you already have good relationships with, but in general, it just screams for attention. Cool guys don't need attention, they already have enough of it. Even if you are not considered "cool" right now, behave as if you were and you will become. Second, stop running after girls and boring them with stupid questions. Too many of you guys are stalking women, begging them to go out with you on a date, or give you their numbers. Stop doing that. It only shows how desperate you are and how much you need them. Women on Facebook will treat you how they think other women are treating you. If you act as if you don't get any attention, and you NEED theirs, then they won't give you any of it, since it's not attractive at all. It only shows weakness. Third, stop searching for "Facebook pick up lines" - you don't need a pick up line. A pick up line won't help you get the girl that you like. On the contrary, it might even destroy the little chances you had with her. OK, then, "how do I get her?" I can hear you ask? Change. Change yourself on the inside first. Find out what are girls on Facebook really searching for, what attracts them, what makes them run after you and make it EASY for you to pick them up. You can do that, all you need is the right information and some practice. Use your brain for a change and observe what really works. The guys that are successful at picking up Facebook chicks don't bore them to death by liking and commenting on all their pictures. Tony

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==== ==== Facebook Dating Secrets ==== ====

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