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Until recently, blogs were used simply to voice one's opinion on various subjects and discuss common matters of interest. But today these blogs are capable of spinning a little income on the side. A look in to the various means and ways to generate money from a blog: Set up Your Blog as an Advertising Medium for Related Products and Services If the traffic to your blog is high, that means there is something meaningful and interesting in the content contained in it. Make use of this popularity by giving some space in your page to AdSense or BlogAds. Best thing is, you get to choose the ads that you want to see displayed on your page. They could be related to the content given in your blog. For example if the blog discusses fat loss information, then ads featuring fat loss equipment and aids would certainly interest readers and at least some of them are bound to click on them. You get a commission on the basis of the number of hits on these ads. Some advertisers even pay for the mere placement of their ads on your blog. Promote Your Own Business through Your Blog It's an accepted thing that blogs are a platform to express one's thoughts and feelings. But you can place your content in such a way is that it reveals certain specific skills and abilities that you possess. Suppose you are a doctor and you write about a particular medical condition, there's no harm in mentioning the special course of treatment that you follow in curing the disease. This is sure to capture the attention of readers who would somehow try to find you or recommend you to others who need such treatments. Thus there is a definite increase in your patient flow which is actually an indirect advantage from your blog. You can also promote such services like copy writing, editing, seo services etc that you do through your own writing skills demonstrated on the blog. Bringing in Affiliate Programs You could enter into a deal with major sites like whereby you allow the setting up of affiliate links to their site. Suppose you mention a particular book in your blog as a casual phrase. This book could have an affiliate link which when licked on would go directly to the Amazon site where more information is delivered. If the reader actually purchases the book, then you are certainly in for a fair share of commission. Inform Your Existing Clientele of Updates and Additional Services For those who consistently read your blog page, all the updates and added services to your business would be of great interest. Let them know the range of products that you have or services you are capable of. Thus those who were using you for a specific purpose may latch you

in for related tasks as well. Again there is an increase in returns coming in through blogging though indirectly. You need to spent some valuable time on blogging in order to take advantage of its money making potential to the hilt and always look out for more opportunities to 'grow' your blog.

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==== ==== Money Maker Machine ==== ====

Blogging Is A Money Making Medium  

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