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Portfolio Tatjana R端egsegger


How do I see myself?

To be asked how one sees oneself by a complete stranger... and answering it honestly.

25, freelance graphic designer - this hateful world is making her very angry - she puts people before everything and has no tolerance for people who don’t

33, building worker - sometimes wishes to have studied more - considers himself to be an extremely loyal person

24, student - finds himself a bit trapped in this show-off society - trying to find his own direction

51, ex-hairdresser now spending his days on the dole - lost his trust in the government and people - tries to warn young na誰ve people from the government



froidevlle is the village in which my grandparents lived and where I spent most of my holidays. i always liked the different word games you could do with the name. ‘village of joy’ in german, ‘cold of the village’ in french. and somehow on days when it hailed, this exact atmosphere comes up.

LIVE through a lens

live through a lens is a word game between ‘life’ and ‘live music’. during my internship year at the venue papiersaal in zurich i worked on a project, photographing every band before, during and after the concert. i then chose 7 pictures to portrait the band as a whole. the following selection is taken from different artists.

Nils Frahm 2010 -2011

Congrats, it’s a scene!

uncertain future. testing own sexual boundaries. lost. desperately nostalgic about times never known. generally broke, but always dressed to kill. romantic to the point that music is its core.

don’t worry mum. t’s only music.

Portraits “If you are making a portrait, first of all it is important to be sure your subject is at ease with you, that he/she trusts you. When there is trust then there is a dialogue between the photographer and the subject. The subject gives something of himself/herself and the photographer captures that moment of intimacy. It is also important to “harmonize” with the subject, to try and bring out the soul of the subject. Too many photographers insinuate themselves into the picture; they think that they are more important than the person they are photographing. Wrong…!!! If you have trust, if you have harmony, then you will be given “coincidence.” Your eyes and your heart must be open wide, then you will notice “coincidence.” Being a good photographer is so much more than knowing how to operate the machine.” - Baron Wolman in an E-Mail 2005

(Life, LIVE) Imagine being a musician, sound or lighting engineer, manager or promoter on the road. You will instantly think of travelling the world, meeting amazing people, boozy nights, fun times living your passion. A lot of this is true, but working with bands I realised it wasn’t all that glamorous. Being on the road is not all that much different from any day-today job. You get in, wait hours, do your thing, pack up and you’re off to a 13 hour ride in a minivan with 10 other people, heading to the next city where you do the same shit all over again. This can take from a couple of days right up to a matter of years. It’s a day-to-day job in a bubble. A bubble you can’t really escape, because you love it. You’re tired of waiting around at airports, customs, waiting to get in, to soundcheck, to finally make your way to the stage. But then comes that moment when you feel like everything really is possible, and you make the audience feel the same way. The moment when you’re reminded why you’re actually putting up with all the rest. I found this fascinating and it made me want to show what wasn’t necessarily obvious to the public: that touring is hard work by dedicated people who have decided to follow their passion, even though most of the time it’s not going to pay their rent. This project is an ode to all those crazy people who’ve decided to live their lives in this weirdly extraordinary bubble.

tatjana rüegsegger, zurich/paris - 1989 education 2002-2004 2 years of secondary school a, wallisellen 2004-2008 gymnasium ns profile, oerlikon 2008-2010 communication & information diploma, fms zürich birch 2010-2011 final paper in information & communication “congratulation, it’s a scene!”, fms zürich birch awards shortlisted for the nme music photography awards 2011, category portrait solo exhibits may 2011 ‘it’s alright mum, it’s only music”, famous ape, viadukt, zürich january - february 2012, (life, LIVE), ziegel oh lac, rote fabrik, zurich works 2007 froideville, ch 2008-on going, portraits 2009 dancers. 2007-2011 it’s alright mum, it’s only music, series of 40 portraits 2009-2011 congrats, it’s a scene! 2010-2011 live through a lens, series of 7 photos per band playing at the papiersaal 2011 talk, series of 35 photographs 2011 how do i see myself? 2012-2013 (life, LIVE), book project of 208 photographs 2014 documenting the life of a dancing couple in real life and at the opera house zurich work experience 2007-2010, musiceditor for the online magazine 2007-present, freelance photographer and journalist (e.g. rockstar magazin) aug 2010, official photographer for the zurich openair and editor of the official festival newspaper 2010-present, photographer for european rock-photography agency 2010-2011, internship at concert venue papiersaal in zurich, pr, own photography project on the side (LIVE through a lens) jan 2011, photographer at one of a million festival baden sept 2011 - jan 2012, internship at fotomuseum winterthur december 2011 - present, promotion, production & documentation one of a million festival feb 2012 - present, pr & production at concert venue papiersaal

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