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September 2013

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You’ve Got a Friend in Riley George


Get Your Shine On!


Things I Wish I Knew in My First Year


First Year Council


Business Banquet: Through the Eyes of a First Year


Etiquette 101: What the Fork?


Mock Interviews


I”m Going to Need You to Calm the @#$% Down


The Ted Rogers Management Conference






MIS: The Secret Major


Asper Alumni with Warren Pinto


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Commerce Students’ Association 3

You’ve Got a Friend in Riley George Students of the Asper School of Business: Welcome! My name is Riley George and I am your 2013-2014 Commerce Students Association (CSA) President. September can be a time of mixed emotions. The cabin lifestyle has ended, free time quickly dwindles, and the routine that comes with a summer job will be disrupted and replaced by abnormal class schedules. But don’t fear, all is not lost. September also presents an opportunity that is unique to university students. Learning can begin again with fresh perspectives gained, professional development events start up in abundance, Commerce Socials begin throwing parties again, friendships are re-kindled and new ones will surely be made. In every aspect of the Asper student experience, the CSA is here to serve you. The CSA is comprised of a 50-person student council who have been busy all summer planning over 60 events and services that The Commerce Students Association with Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon are tailored to the life of a Athletica, at the IDEA dinner business student. Our goal is to make coming back to school and walking the halls of the Drake Center a positive experience for everyone. With that said, what good is planning events if no one attends? Although I know it is tough to put yourself out there, I promise you that the benefit will be returned ten-fold. The true Asper experience is only achieved when learning goes beyond the classroom. If you would like to attend an event but feel uncomfortable, or have no one to go with, call me, email me, page me or send a carrier pigeon my way (insert classic Toy Story song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”). I hope all of you have an incredible year and I welcome all of the students who are new to Asper, I look forward to meeting you. Riley George CSA President 204.297.8019 (doesn’t actually have a pager) (not sure how to send a carrier pigeon)


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Shinerama 2013

Get Your Shine On! By Carah Campbell

The largest charity event of the year is coming up soon! Shinerama is Canada’s largest student-run charity campaign, with over 65 universities and colleges coast to coast participating. The University of Manitoba has been involved with Shinerama for the past 27 years, and we plan on making this campaign the best one yet. Past committees have come up with genius ideas to raise funds for Shinerama, and this committee is no different. Our fundraising goal for 2013 is $40,000. The committee has been working hard, and we are certain we will not only reach, but surpass this goal. The largest of all the Shinerama campaign events is Shine Day, which is scheduled


for Wednesday, September 11th. On this day, approximately 400 student volunteers go across Winnipeg to shine shoes and collect donations for the campaign. It is a great opportunity to make a difference in your community, network in your faculty, and score a super cool t-shirt. All proceeds collected on Shine Day, and throughout the entire Shinerama campaign, go directly to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. For those of you who don’t know what cystic fibrosis is (or need a refresher), here are some facts about the deadly disease:

• Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that causes mucous to build up in the lungs and digestive tract • CF is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults (every 1/3600 births) • Large quantities of digestive enzymes (average of 20 pills a day) must be consumed with every meal and snack. • There is currently no cure for cystic fibrosis

As grim as a cystic fibrosis diagnosis may be, it has improved immensely in the past 49 years. For every year that Shinerama has been active, the life expectancy of someone with Cystic Fibrosis has increased by ten months. In 1964, when Shinerama was first started, a CF patient wouldn’t have been expected to live past toddlerhood. Today, CF patients can live well into their forties. A large portion of this success is due to the millions of dollars than Shinerama has raised for Cystic Fibrosis research and treatment. The committee has been hard at work all summer to achieve our goal. Perhaps you’ve seen us at the Red River Ex, the Osborne Canada Day Street Festival, or Super Spike. Maybe you’ve heard about or attended one of our amazing events such as our Bud, Spud and Steak, soccer tournament, or golf tournament. We’ve been busy, but the biggest event of the year is yet to come. Shine Day, as mentioned earlier, is by far our largest fundraising push of the entire Shinerama campaign. We do everything from shining shoes to washing cars (as well as everything in between) in exchange for funds for Shinerama. On Shine Day you will see students on campus,

downtown, and everywhere in between helping fight the deadly battle that is Cystic Fibrosis. (And trust us. With the bright orange Shinerama shirts, they’ll be hard to miss!) However, the committee can’t do this all on our own. We need your help! Shine Day is a great way to get involved with your faculty. During Buddy Day and Frosh Week, keep a lookout for people wearing those bright orange Shinerama t-shirts. They will be able to tell you more about activities that will be happening on Shine Day. Signing up to volunteer on Shine Day gives you more than a fun experience, networking, and a great t-shirt; it gives you the amazing feeling of knowing you have made a positive impact on many lives. Because of you and your fellow volunteers, more lifesaving research can be done on this deadly genetic disease. And hopefully, one day we can say that CF does not stand for cystic fibrosis, but for cure found! For more information about Cystic

Fibrosis and this year’s Shinerama campaign, please visit umanitoba. ca/Shinerama. There you will also find a donation button, as well as a link to sign up and volunteer with us on Shine Day! You can keep up with us on social media as well! Please follow @uofm_shinerama on Twitter, Shinetoba on Instagram, and add Shinerama Umanitoba on Facebook. You will be able to hear about events, great volunteer opportunities and contests, and see pictures and videos from the campaign. Remember to Get Your Shine On for Cystic Fibrosis!


“Things I Wish I Knew in My First Year” “You can make it all the way from Asper to Science without going outside in the middle of winter.Use the tunnels wisely!” - Riley

“Corporate finance, financial accounting, and managerial accounting ARE as hard as everyone says. Stay on top of them” - Chris

“That I actually had to read the textbook and do the assigned questions.” - Mohammed

“Don’t feel like you need to know what major you’re going to do - chances are, you’ll change your mind at least seven times.”- Dorian

“I had no idea we had 100 pages of printing until probably the last week of school...Free printing gone to waste!” - Kelsey

“Be prepared in the FIRST year if you want to do Co-op, or you will find everything is too late when you are ready to start.” - Echo

“If you don’t like coffee, start liking coffee.” - Tyler

“Procrastination is the theif of time.” - Chad

Do not study at the tables on the third floor if you actually have work to do.” - Scott

“The name cards may seem cheezy, but unless you want your prof to refer to you as ‘carrottop’, or ‘cutie-pie’, you better you them.” - Ally

The First Year Coucil  So, let me guess, you’re freaking out because you’re late for class. You’re wandering aimlessly around the Drake Center because you can’t find the fourth floor and don’t recognize many faces. You’re completely confused about the difference between CSA, UMSCO, UMMA and UMAC, and don’t have a clue what JDC West sports tryouts are. In other words, it’s your first year at Asper. First and foremost, welcome to the best four, five or ten years of your life! The Asper School of Business is an amazing, nationally recognized establishment that lives by the motto: work hard, play harder. You’ll soon realize there is always something going on in Asper. Whether it’s promoting a charity campaign, an upcoming Commerce Social or preparing for my personal favorite event, the Business Banquet, Asper combines work and play better than any other faculty around. There are a million-and-one ways to get involved, and just because it’s your first year doesn’t mean you have to miss out! After I attended the first year luncheon - for which I was one of the only people who didn’t own a suit - I was super nervous for the first day of school. Walking into Buddy Day and seeing the over 20 different booths set up, I knew that the best way to meet

new people would be to sign up for things; so of course I signed up for everything possible. This actually isn’t a bad thing to do because it puts you on the groups’ email lists to keep you in the loop about upcoming events. I never answered over 80% of those emails, but decided I wanted to do one extra-curricular in my first year, so tried out for the JDC West team. When I made that team I figured I had time to do one other thing, so I chose the only other thing that really drew my attention, the First Year Council. The First Year Council (FYC) is a group of first year Asper students who represent all the first year students in Asper. There are two First Year Representatives who are voted in by fellow first years, followed by a committee of eight people who the Reps select. These position include two social cochairs, two charity co-chairs, two fundraising co-chairs, a finance chair and finally a photographer/ IT chair. I chose to run for the Rep position and was selected; so much for having a rather quiet first year! But soon enough I realized how much more fun school can be when you’re

By Austin Coombes

involved. I met amazing people, had experiences I would never have had otherwise, and overall had a ton of fun! The coolest part about the FYC is that it’s the first time that most students get complete control over events. The social cochairs put on the annual Get Lei’d Social, and the charity co-chairs hold events with the Boys and Girls club of Winnipeg. And these are just two events of many! Bake sales, fundraising events, buck a sucks, the possibilities are endless! My FYC has become like second family to me. Each person left a lasting impact on my life. Without this experience, I would have never been able to develop as a person, or been selected to lead the largest post-secondary fundraiser in the nation. Most importantly, I learned that the Asper motto of work hard, play harder is 100% true! I strongly recommend taking part in the FYC. I command you to sign up and kick butt! Stay awesome you beauts!


Business Banquet: Through the Eyes of a First Year

By Sohni Tappia

Walking through the doors of the Drake Center on Buddy Day, I had no idea what to expect. I only knew two people in the whole faculty and it was just my luck that they were nowhere to be found. After a morning of presentations and icebreaker games that never really seem to work, our orientation group was brought to the craziness of the third floor. Instead of the usual calm (ish) studying environment, the tables were set up tradeshowstyle and there were more papers and pamphlets flying at my head than I could count. Commerce socials, student action groups, Asper committees, wine and cheeses: did anyone here even go to class? I was so confused! Suddenly one very large, intriguing poster caught my eye. Yes, posters ARE intriguing when you are a marketing major. I wandered over and suddenly found myself in the middle of an extremely enthusiastic spiel about Asper’s “largest, most exciting networking event of the year.” Unfortunately, being the newbie I was, I couldn’t quite appreciate the network building aspect of the night. However, as soon as I heard that there was a four-course meal with dessert and that the evening would continue at Boa Lounge after dinner, I was sold. Finally, the day of the event had arrived. My best friend and I slipped into our pointy black heels – super unique, I know – and we were off. Being the overexcited first years that 10

we were, we were among some of the first guests in the general reception room. A smooth jazz band was playing in one corner as the room filled up with Asper alumni, fellow undergraduates, and business professionals from all over Canada. It was here that we got our first taste of what this mysterious idea of “networking” was when a lady who had been attending the banquet for years stopped to talk to my friend and I. She talked to us about her time as a student and asked us questions about the careers we were pursuing. We even ended up

taking her business card before we parted! Words cannot describe how cool I felt for the rest of the night. The dinner consisted not only of a gourmet meal and some fabulous Jacob’s Creek wine, but two speakers that talked about their experiences in the business world and how they got to their respective points of success. It was inspiring to hear what drives individuals to continue striving to be the best they can be, and that sense of motivation was a great feeling to leave the Convention Center with. As for the after party, well, that’s a whole other article! All in all, the Commerce

Business Banquet proved to be my favorite event of the year, and something I am looking forward to attending for the years to come. You have the opportunity to meet leaders and professionals from the Winnipeg business community and many awesome people that you have not yet met in Drake. Even if you’re just looking for an excuse to show off that fitted suit or snag a cute dress from Le Chateau, that is reason enough to come out! Everything from the elegant lighting throughout the banquet hall to the perfect balance of floating cranberries in each water glass adds to how meaningful the evening has been for almost the last half-century. It really is something you’ll want to experience during your time at Asper. Keep your eyes out for the BB47 team during the first few days back to school, our promo week in October and ticket sales in November. This year’s banquet is taking place on November 14, 2013 and on behalf of our whole committee, I am sincere when I say we can’t wait to see you there! Feel free to hunt down the event co-chairs, Amy Guenther and Madison Nickel, in Room 144 if you have any questions or concerns, or just need some advice on how to slip your business card to the potential future employers you will meet. You are in for a great year, my friends!

Have you ever sat down at a dinner table and looked around to see which fork people were using? Well, follow one simple rule of thumb: start with the outside, and with each new course, use the next utensil, moving inside toward your plate. Realistically reaching for the wrong wineglass or swiping at your neighbors roll isn’t going to cost you your job. But, when you’re surrounded by 17 pieces of tableware and trying to act sophisticated, realizing you’re the only person without a napkin on your lap, or that you’ve used your neighbor’s water glass, is just the kind of thing you want to avoid at a business dinner. Networking is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of being in business. Whether

Mock Interviews Even for the most outgoing of people, interviews can be nerve-racking. You could be the best candidate for a job, but if you can’t bring it in an interview, you’re out of luck. When it comes down to any skill in life, practice makes perfect, and interviewing is no different. Interviewers are impressed with interviewees’ poised manner, well-prepared

By Daria Lukie & Ashton Dewar

you’re going to a lunch with your peers, recruiters, clients or for a school dinner, you need to make sure you behave appropriately. Below are some of the basics, test your knowledge to see how etiquette savvy you are! 1) Always remain ___ until the host of the table sits down 2) Solids on your ___, liquids on your ___ 3) Break off and butter ___ piece of bread at a time 4) Eat soup with the spoon facing ___ you – don’t slurp! 5) If finished, place the knife and fork down side by side with handles at ___o’clock Join us at the Etiquette Evening, October 17th to learn the

ins and outs of proper business behaviour. Successful companies recommend etiquette lessons for their employees; why not get a head start while networking with local business professions from many well-known companies? Happy Networking, see you in October!

1 - seated, 2 - left/right, 3 - one, 4 - away from, 5 - 4

Etiquette 101: What the Fork?

By Daria Lukie & Ashton Dewar answers, and proper interview etiquette. As you’ve been told, first impressions mean everything, so why not prepare that first impression to give you the best chance at landing your dream job. Mock interviews are a three-day long event held in early October and late January. You can sign up for interviews three weeks prior, so keep an eye out for the posters around Drake! But what are the mock interviews you ask? They are an exercise that simulates a real interview, providing an invaluable experience for the candidate. It helps you learn what to expect in a job interview and improve your self-presentation. The interviewer will provide constructive feedback

on all aspects of the interview process from your professional appearance to your handshake. They generally last about an hour; 30 minutes of authentic questions from actual employers and the remaining time to talk it out. Mock interviews are a safe place to practice interview skills to gain confidence and experience. And here’s the best part, real Winnipeg companies conduct the interviews just as if they were hiring at their firm. Last year we had companies such as Hydro, Investors Group and Great West Life participate. There is something for every major. Sign up for a company of your choice and get the upper hand!


I’m Going to Need You to Calm the @#$% Down, Sir/Ma’am, and Apply to RMBS

By André Cadieux

Did I add symbols in the title to get your attention? You bet your @$% I did. But there’s more to it than that. We all want to be insiders: to be one of the few people privy to exclusive and hilarious jokes or experiences. For quite some time, the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar (RMBS), Canada’s longest-running studentorganized business conference, has been one of the “insiders” of the Commerce Students’ Association (CSA), reserved for the CSA’s executive council. That is, until this past year.

scenery was definitely one of the highlights, as was the amazing food served at the conference. I mean, the three or four course meals they served were one thing, but after a late night of “socializing”, to walk into a room with seemingly endless rows of buffet tables, you’d think you were in paradise. However, the conference was much more than that. I met some of the greatest

Cheers To Liberty! Your 2012-2013 CSA initiated the first ever Commerce Students’ Association Conference Program, making conferences like RMBS and the Ted Rogers Management Conference available to all Asper Students who apply. I was one of the fortunate students to be selected to attend RMBS, and boy am I ever glad I applied!

#TheGunShow – What Is RMBS? With my esteemed Asper colleagues, Peter Parboji, Elizabeth Fahlman, and Keri “The Gun Show” Guenther, we embarked on a one-week magical journey at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta. The 12

people at RMBS, and am proud to call them my friends. We were exposed to fantastic speakers like Angus Watt from National Bank Financial, and Jared Smith, the U of A’s own version of Jerrod Falk. In addition, there was scavenger hunt, a case competition, a shinny hockey tournament, themed hospitality suites in the evening, a heated outdoor pool overlooking the mountains, our own lodge (motel style), and many more interactive sessions. Add all that up and you, sirs/madams, have the week of a lifetime.

Do You Have What It Takes? Are you outgoing, smart, and ambitious? Do you have a continuous desire to improve yourself and the people around you? Can you be a great ambassador and represent for the Asper School of Business and the province of Manitoba? Can you write an article like this one and use social media to expand and relay these conferences to other students? Are you willing to have most or all of the conference subsidized by the CSA? Did you read far enough into this article to read that last sentence? Subsidized: it’s a thing you want, don’t ask questions! If you answered yes to all of these, you have to go to RMBS. Not should, have to. It’s fate. If you answered no to one or more of these, then you have to do this anyways. It’s for your own good. Check @Asper_At_RMBS on Twitter for our not-so-live tweets from the conference. Visit for more info on the conference. Wait for CSA announcements during the fall term or search “Asper conference program” on Google to access last year’s application information. MANITOGA OUT.

The Ted Rogers Management Conference: An Irreplacable Experience

By Amy Guenther

I’ve always been told there is conference. The theme of this no better way to make the most of year’s conference was “The your university experience than Difference a Decade Can Make” to get involved. This and focused on the advice holds true for changes we’ve seen in Asper, and although business over the last there are numerous 10 years. opportunities to Throughout be involved within the conference, we the school, such as had the opportunity student groups or the to hear inspiring Commerce Students’ speakers such as Association (CSA), John Betts, CEO the concept of being of McDonald’s involved expands Canada, Kirstine much further, Stewart, from CBC, beyond our Asper Tony Lacavera, community. Chairman of WIND Multicultural evening In March 2013, Mobile, and Arlene I had the opportunity Dickinson, CEO to represent Asper at the Ted of Venture Communications Rogers Management Conference and a ‘dragon’ on TV’s Dragon’s (TRMC) in Den. The Ted Toronto, Ontario. Rogers School of Through the Management is CSA’s Conference closely connected Program, Aaron Yanofsky and to many high calibre business myself were chosen as external professionals, making the delegates for the three-day TRMC a very prestigious event and giving us the privilege of meeting them.

Gala evening at the Arcadian Court

Even beyond the amazing speakers, the conference offers unforgettable experiences. You are able to meet students from across Canada, participate in social events, compete in a mini

case competition, and attend a spectacular gala evening in the presence of distinguished professionals like Harry Rosen. Personally, the highlight of the conference was being able to meet and interact with Teriano Lesancha, the first woman in her village in East Africa to graduate from university. Together, we discussed ways to improve her village through sustainable business, and brainstormed ideas to set up a company for local women to sell traditional Maasai jewelry. I highly recommend looking into the CSA’s Conference Program. Attending an external conference is an irreplaceable experience, and the TRMC was one of the best highlights of my university career!

Meeting John Betts, CEO of McDonald’s Canada 13

January 8-11, 2014 University will teach you a lot through textbook readings, lectures and exams…but how do we learn by having fun and incorporating our knowledge? If you are looking for a challenging and worthwhile opportunity, you cannot miss the Manitoba International Marketing Competition and Conference (MIMC). In this event, you will learn how to work in teams to solve marketing based simulations while competing with undergraduate students on a national and international level. Universities from all over the world such as Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, and many more have participated in this one-ofa-kind event. So, what does it consist of? First of all, teams of 3 to 5 students are formed to compete against one another in an 8-week online simulation. The top teams from each industry will then come to Winnipeg for the final round. From the preparation stages to the final presentation, students are pushed to apply their knowledge and creativity to make this an unforgettable experience. On top of the competition, this event also includes a two-day conference that can be attended by not only the students in the competing teams, but by every student interested in attending. This conference is filled with marketing professionals

who inspire and equip the upcoming generation of business leaders and will provide marketing students and delegates and international networking opportunity. Now, all this sounds like a great time (and believe us it is), but what if you’re not a marketing major and have no interest in marketing? Well then, to all you finance/actuarial/math students, we all know you’re on Facebook and social media anyways. Marketing is becoming more predominant in today’s society with the integration of different social mediums. This conference will give you a taste of what marketing means in today’s society, without you having to take the 5 required courses to become a marketing major. This event is to help everyone with varying interests in marketing utilize these techniques and get inspired. University will provide you with many opportunities to get involved and grow the future business leader in you; but the choice is yours to take the risk and accept the challenge. Whether it is participating in the competition or attending the conference as a delegate, we hope that you will join MIMC and enjoy what this coming year will bring your way.

GET INVOLVED! This year, if you find yourself wanting to take a step forward in university and get more involved, come try out for the U of M’s competing team in the competition. The University of Manitoba Marketing Association’s President Khrystyna Prokopovych will be hosting the try-outs shortly. If you’re interested contact her at:, or send her a Facebook message. If being on a team is too much for you this year (because we all know taking 5 courses is overloading your plate), come join in the two-day conference. You’ll get a chance to participate with leading professionals, and yes, probably most of your professors as well. Contact Jayd Christie at, or Quinn Kirkpatrick at Keep your eyes open for posters and more event details in the coming school year! 14

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STAGs, STAGs, STAGs Extra-curriculars, particularly in Asper, can be overwelming. How many do I join? Which ones do I join? Does it have to match my major? There are so many possibilities, many people decide to just opt out of them entirely. But these people are missing out! Students Action Groups (STAGs) provide experience, knowledge, and most importantly fun. Hopefully this guide will help you choose which STAG best fits you. Visit or for more information on University of Manitoba Student Groups. AIESEC

AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization, operating in 113 countries. Our vision is to create peace and fulfill students’ potentials by offering unique international opportunities and leadership experiences. We send students and graduates abroad for work and volunteer exchanges, as well as receive interns from other countries to work in businesses here in Winnipeg. AIESEC continues to provide exchange participants with ongoing support throughout their term abroad. Participating students will gain invaluable experience and make relationships with international students and businesses that last a lifetime. Fact #1: Professor Edward Bruning, currently teaching marketing in Asper School of Business, is an alumni of AIESEC and he went on an exchange to Finland when he was in AIESEC. Fact #2: We have Aleid Haenen from the Netherlands, Vanessa Pisciotti from Columbia, Manuel Guerra Dominican Republic as our interns. This year, Caio from Brazil and Boris from Montenegro are confirmed coming here to work for an entire year. Check out our website for upcoming AIESEC information sessions in Drake. Facebook: AIESEC-Manitoba Website:

AIMS (Association of International Management Students)

AIMS makes the exchange experience for international students an unforgettable one. AIMS members have the opportunity to meet, assist, and hang out with students from around the world. Through participating in AIMS events, members get to learn about other cultures, about their own culture, expand their international network, and create friendships that last a

lifetime. “International Business? Diverse cultures? Foreign languages? If you’re interested in anything international, AIMS is for you. We are a group of Asper students interested in meeting new people, broadening our horizons, and expanding our international network! We can’t wait to show this year’s exchange students the best time at Asper and in Winnipeg!” –Carla Janzen, VP Fall Buddy Coordinator 16

ASBAA (Asper School of Business Accounting Association)

Aside from the CSA, ASBAA is the largest and most recognized student group within Asper. We are committed to the growth of our members and we strive to aid them in their pursuit towards a career in Accountancy. Not only will there be plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow students as an ASBAA member, but we also work to create opportunities to network with accounting professionals. You can find info about our upcoming events at and be sure to stop by 121 Drake Centre and say hi! “My involvement in ASBAA this past year has not only helped me grow professionally, but has also given me the opportunity to meet many amazing friends and to network within the business community. With that, I look forward to seeing you all out at our awesome events!” – Victoria Shaski 2013-2014 ASBAA President

JDC West

JDC West is Western Canada’s premier case competition and conference. This school year, 13 western business schools will congregate in Regina, SK in January, 2014 to compete to be the “Best Business School” in the West. JDC West involves competitions in athletics, academics, debate, charity and overall spirit. Each year, Team Toba gathers the brightest, most athletic and charismatic Asper students to represent Asper at what can be considered the best weekend that post-secondary education has to offer. Team Toba will be recruiting in September for 2 debate team spots, 6 sports team spots (the sports this year are Floor Hockey and Tchoukball) and 1 spot for the Business Strategy team. Please email the Co-Captains: Emily Ashley ( or Andre Cadieux ( for more information.

MISA (Management Information Systems Association)

The Management Information Systems Association (MISA) is a student run MIS-focused group at the Asper School of Business. MIS is a dynamic field focusing on the communication between business and technology and is continuously evolving with accelerating career opportunities. MISA is open for membership to any interested student. Regardless of your major, leveraging technology has never been more important in today’s workplace and we hope you will join us for an exciting school year! “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” – Bill Gates

UMAC (University of Manitoba Actuarial Club)

If I was to summarize UMAC in two words, they would be: “Purely Awesome.” Throughout the year, UMAC creates a variety of opportunities for its members to interact with leading figures in the actuarial community. We support you through tough actuarial exams, so you never feel like you’re going through it alone! Our Study Manual Exchange Program, Speed Interview Session, and Mentorship Program, will give you the preparation you need to pursue an actuarial career. UMAC also hosts a variety of social events for its members, like bowling, karaoke, and poker nights, as well as an annual Christmas party. UMAC is all about making University a great experience for its members. If you’re planning on pursing an Actuarial Degree, UMAC will make you one step closer to a successful future! 17

UMHRA (University of Manitoba Human Resources Association)

UMHRA provides human resources students with meaningful learning and career opportunities, as well as the opportunity to build a network with human resource professionals. The UMHRA executives take pride in creating an open environment where experiences and knowledge are shared amongst members. So why should you become an UMHRA member? • Access to monthly meeting with networking, social opportunities, and free pizza and drinks! • Exclusive benefits for the highly anticipated 9th Annual Wine and Cheese! • Opportunities to attend HR conferences and other professional development events! • Free membership with the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba! “As a student at the Asper School of Business, the opportunities available to me in regards to skill development and personal growth are exceptional. UMHRA is an excellent example of exactly that, a student group filled with members who care about their success and the success of their fellow students.” – Devan Cronshaw, Director of Marketing

UMIG (University of Manitoba Investment Group)

UMIG is a student-based organization within the I.H. Asper School of Business that provides its members an engaging experience to advance their knowledge of the financial industry and prepare them for a career in finance. UMIG is open to the entire University, and students with any level of investment experience are encouraged to join. Whether you have no investment experience, or are a financial expert, UMIG has something to offer you. Don’t miss out on the exciting events that we have planned for the year! 2013 / 2014 UMIG Events: • The 4th Annual UMIG Stock Market Challenge sponsored by Great West Life - compete for real cash prizes as you develop your investment skills! • The 5th Annual UMIG Wine and Cheese - network with industry professionals and other students! • The New York Finance Trip - compete for the chance to experience the world’s financial capital! • Presentations by Guest Speakers - gain valuable knowledge and learn from industry experts! • Monthly Member Meetings - work together with other students to build a group portfolio! To learn more about UMIG, check out or e-mail

UMMA (University of Manitoba Marketing Association)

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! As one might expect, the main purpose of the UMMA, is marketing. Whether you are talking about a multinational corporation, Crown corporation, small business, not-for-profit group, or an aspiring start up venture, every business uses marketing on a daily basis. UMMA exists so that students can experience marketing beyond the classroom through attending our various events and information sessions. Held every few weeks and open to all U of M students, these info sessions and special events provide our members the chance to expand their knowledge of the field and network with marketing professionals. UMMA is also proud to join forces with Manitoba International Marketing Competition & Conference (MIMC) held in early January. We will be selecting a team of four to five students to represent University of Manitoba, and compete in an 8 week online business simulation against international teams. If you have any questions about these events, feel free to email us at, and follow our Facebook page to be informed of more great marketing opportunities! 18

UMSCO (University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization)

UMSCO is a student run organization that operates out of Asper. Its main purpose is to provide info about study resources and future careers to students interested in the Supply Chain and Logistics field. It is an ever-growing industry and quickly is becoming an essential part of every business. UMSCO provides the chance to expand your student network and the opportunity to network with guest speakers and external representatives at meetings and the annual meet and greet. Talk to us in room 121 Drake Center. “My experience with UMSCO helped me to grow in love with the niche industry that is supply chain and logistics. Through my time spent volunteering with UMSCO many professional avenues opened up for me and through networking I was able to secure my current logistics management job with Bison Transport” - Chipalo Simunyola, Asper School Grad with major in Supply Chain Management

CSA (Commerce Students’ Association)

The CSA is all 1600+ students at Asper, the CSA Council is a student-run organization that serves these students. The Council acts as a link between the students, faculty, and members of the business community. There are 7 executive members and 43 internal members, all dedicated to planning 60+ events that allow for professional development, networking, and fun. Our motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard”, and we strongly encourage every student to GET INVOLVED to make the most of your Asper experience. Visit

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MIS: The Secret Major Last summer, I was sitting in a cold classroom in the Drake Centre waiting to take my first MIS 2000 class, and had absolutely no idea what management information systems was. Like many other business students, I had never heard of MIS before coming to Asper. I didn’t know what it was and I definitely didn’t plan to major in it. And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I was going to learn much in the introductory MIS class either. Yet, here I am a year later and not only am I majoring in MIS, but I am President of MISA, the MIS student group at Asper.

like a huge pile of nothing. So, what do I really mean? Well, MIS is about connecting, studying, and understanding two unrelated groups – say programmers and business executives – and finding the connecting relationship between the two. The MIS professional is the middle ground, the liaison, and the link between these two groups and their

So what changed? Part of it was perception. At first, I thought MIS was this foreign topic that focused on hard technology and belonged to the computer science-type. But, once I took a good look at what I was learning, I realized that I was dead wrong. MIS isn’t about computer techniques or algorithms; it isn’t even really focused on technology. Fundamentally, MIS is about relationships.

What kind of relationships? I can understand how saying MIS is about relationships sounds 20

communication with each other. Essentially, you are the crutch that supports every business function. This role is so important that many businesses have created a new job to fully grasp these concepts – the Business Analyst. Also known as the Systems Analyst, or the collaborative and not-so-creative Business Systems Analyst. This job is about analyzing the fundamental relationships within the business and creating ways to maximize them. Type “Winnipeg business

By Heidi Deras

analyst jobs” into Google and you’ll see first-hand just how fast this MIS job is growing. I guarantee you, this area is literally exploding and the demand for qualified business analysts far exceeds its short supply. MIS is the study of people, organizations, technology, and the relationships among them.

Well if MIS is so important, why isn’t anybody majoring in it? I’ve heard people call MIS the secret major. No one majors in it, so no one knows what it is. And when you do hear of someone majoring in it, you dismiss it because it’s just that rare. “Oh you’re an MIS major? Well then, what’s wrong with you?” Part of what MISA has been trying to do in recent years is break the misconception that MIS is about hard technology. Often, the technological aspect of MIS turns people off from the major. They think they need to know computer science or that MIS jobs will be outsourced away in ten years. While technology is certainly involved in MIS, their thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, an IBM consultant once told me that while their programmers were

being outsourced, their business analysts would always have a safe job since their face-to-face communication was too valuable to be replicated or replaced overseas.

What about MISA? Over the last two years, MISA has been trying to increase its visibility among Asper students by diversifying its meetings. Last year we hosted two Hub nights, a movie marathon, a Google and Linked In tutorial, and we threw in a few MIS speakers too! So far, I’ve found this has worked in increasing MISA membership and MIS recruitment. I hope to follow this pattern in the coming year, and am in talks with a few other student groups to make some great event collaborations

with MISA as well. In October, we hope to have our annual MIS Round Table. This event brings together real MIS professionals and students together in a casual setting to answer any MIS-related questions. If you ever wanted to learn what MIS is really about from business professionals, this is the event for you! In January, we will also be having our annual networking event, BizTek 12.0, where corporate representatives from a variety of companies will be attending. Spoiler alert: they want to hire MIS students. In fact, MISA members who graduated in May 2013 already have jobs at some really great firms because of BizTek. These companies recognize the great MIS program at Asper and are truly excited to meet MIS students.





Regardless of your major, I hope you decide to get involved with MISA. The opportunities I’ve had because of MISA – whether it be networking, workshops, tutorials, or the friendships I’ve made – are truly invaluable to my life as a student and future career. So I encourage you to get involved! You might be surprised at just how much you might like MIS and MISA after all. If you have any questions regarding MISA or even an MIS assignment, feel free to shoot me an email. We’re here to help! MISAManitoba

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Supporting Our Communities

Illustration by Katrina Barkwell

Asper Alumni Starting from the beginning, how did you first decide to attend Asper? How did you decide on International Business as your major? My academic interests were inspired by a one week youth forum in Ottawa that I participated in during high school called “Encounters with Canada”. There, I was exposed to such a refreshing and diverse group of personalities, ideas, and worldviews compared what I was used to in my somewhat sheltered life. I met some people who really changed my life and are still some of my closest friends. With them, I was exposed to the wonderful world of International Business. The overwhelming positive outcomes of that event motivated me to learn more about International Business and continue to experience that diversity in my career. The first item that popped up when I searched “International Business” online was the Asper School of Business. Clearly, it was a sign from the Divine Spirits of the Internet that I should apply. It was local, relatively affordable, and I could still be geographically close to my family. Asper became the best option for me to study what quickly developed to be my passion. 22

with Warren Pinto

What did you most value about your experiences at Asper? Getting involved created the most valued experiences I had in my undergrad. Initially, I wanted to get involved just to better my chances at winning the ‘war on unemployment’ but the more involved I became, the greater my network got within Asper, and the better I did with managing my priorities overall. The friends I made during my endeavours with the STAGs and CSA have lasted longer than I ever imagined. And, to be honest, being involved also made the Asper degree easier. When it came to group projects, it was greatg to already have a few friends in your class who had proven they could work well. I was lucky to avoid otherwise negative group project ordeals that tend to be a staple in the Asper experience. Getting involved was singularly the best decision I made at Asper, and gave me some of the best laughs and friendships I never expected to have.

What is your best memory of Asper? And by best I do mean craziest.

As much as I would love to mention my craziest moment at Asper, I have a sneaking suspicion it would follow me for the rest of my life to have it published in print. We’ll just leave it at that. However, I can say some crazy moments definitely happened at AIMS Integration Weekend! It’s a bi-annual retreat the Association of International Management Students (AIMS) organises for exchange students and Asper students alike to get to know each other. There’s just something about having people from around the world teach you Mexican drinking games, Dutch pick-up lines, celebrating intense Japanese costume parties and giving an impressive quantity of Fireball punishment shots to French people caught not speaking English. Needless to say, those people defined some of the crazier times in my undergrad and have given me great memories and I still regale with them when I meet them in their home countries!

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to any Asper student? Create your own definition of success. Once you have a solid definition of success for you and you alone, it’ll be much easier to make the most out of your experiences at Asper. A fair

amount of us are in university for a career. To have a career you are excited about and proud of, it would be wise to understand what makes you feel successful so that you can siphon your energies towards that. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of soul searching and asking people around you “what does it mean to be successful to you?” When I posed this question to my classmates and employers, it helped me learn what I did and didn’t want in my life. Everyone I admire has three things in common: they are skilled, know how to apply their skills, and are confident in doing so. These three things really helped me create my personal definition of success, and that has helped me feel satisfied and uplifted by my personal and career-related personal decisions.

What have you been up to since graduating and how did you decide on that path? I found full-time employment before I graduated, so I completed the last leg of my degree through distance education and evening classes. I was working in retail marketing and got to be waist deep in quantitative strategic retail management at a larger Canadian company. My job was definitely engaging and pushed me quite a bit, but I still had a nagging feeling. I wanted what I originally set out to do when I started my International business degree: to be exposed to a diversity of personalities, ideas, and worldviews. I

did some research, and realised I could achieve that in academia. Thus, while I was working, I wrote the GMAT, got a second parttime job as an ad-hoc researcher at Asper, and applied for graduate degree programmes across the country. I was fortunate enough to get into a few schools, and now here I am in my final year at the University of Guelph doing my Masters of Science in Marketing & Consumer Studies doing research with neoliberal branding in strategic retail management.

How is the academia option of business different from the industry option and would you recommend it? Studying business through an academic lens is one of the most inspiring things I have ever done in my career. I have learned so much on how to understand businesses overall, how they interact with their stakeholders and consumers, and really answer “why” something in business is happening as opposed to learning “how” to resolve it. Academia is very similar to entrepreneurship in the sense that you are your own boss; you do your own research on your own time, and you can work with as many or as few people you want to achieve your goals. I would recommend

it for anyone who is passionate about learning, can work effectively and independently, and is a strong communicator (particularly handy when lecturing undergrads). It can be a very promising and rewarding career with drive, flexibility, and diligence. It’s also not too shabby financially!

What advice would you give to a student interested in business academia? Talking to your professors is a great place to start. Some of them were in my shoes just a few years prior so I found they were my greatest resource for getting my foot into the door. I would also heavily encourage students to talk to the Career Development Centre. I don’t think I would have been this comfortable in my career now had I not visited them as often as I did while at Asper. They helped me realise that academia was an option for me aside from industry and gave me some great contacts. Asper students in particular have a really good skill set, and I find a lot of that is based in a strong curriculum. Many of the skills I developed, acquired, and honed at Asper ended up being my greatest assets for my Masters and have lead me to some of my greatest achievements in my academic career!


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