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Daniel Bo*ero                                      

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Ar5st’s Statement  

Daniel Bo*ero,  graduated  from  the  Na5onal  School  of  Fine  Arts,   Buenos  Aires.  He  earned  his  Master’s  Degree  at  the  Academia   Italiana  di  Belle  Ar5,  Lucca,  Italy.  From  1986  to  1990  Bo*ero   resided  and  worked  in  Paris.  Since  1990  he  has  lived  and  worked  in   New  York.  Bo*ero’s  work  has  been  shown  throughout  the  world.   His  pain5ngs  are  featured  in  the  corporate  collec5ons  of  Ci5bank,   Xerox,  Avon,  Merrill  Lynch  and  JP  Morgan  Chase  Bank.  His  artwork   is  featured  in  many  private  collec5ons  including  those  of  Senator   Hillary  Rodham  Clinton,  Dan  Marino,  Gloria  and  Emilio  Estefan,  Al   Pacino,  Steven  Segal  and  Oscar  de  la  Hoya.  The  ar5st  has  exhibited   at  Ft.  Lauderdale  Museum  of  Art,  Ft.  Lauderdale,  FL,  Museum  of   La5n  American  Art,  Laguna  Beach,  CA,  Museo  de  Arte  de  Ponce,   Ponce,  Puerto  Rico  and  Cultural  Center  Recoleta,  Buenos  Aires,   Argen5na,  Museo  de  Arte  Moderno  de  Santo  Domingo,  Dominican   Republic,Time  Warner,New  York  City.    Bo*ero’s  pain5ngs  are  also  featured  at  both  Sotheby’s  and   Chris5e’sauc5on  houses,  New  York.  NY.  



It  is  a  divine  privilege  to  slip   into  the  moments  of   unpremeditated  crea5on  that     bring  me  face  to  face  with  the   unknown.  When  I  am   pain5ng,  my  brush  strokes     against  the  canvas  are   searching  for  an  answer   between  unconscious  and     rhythmical  movements.     I    step  back  for  air  and  space.   The  essence  of  crea5on  runs   for  my  arms...  my    en5re   body...  my  soul…  In  the   background,  there  is  the   music...  the  dancing    light...   darkness...  sensa5ons  that  run   through  my  flesh...  spaces...   scents...    instruments  of  my   passion.  All  these  blend  in  an   enchan5ng  symphony.     When    it  is  over,  I  am  leZ  with   no  recollec5ons  of  how  it   happened.  And  yet,  I  find     myself  confronted  with  a   finished  crea5on,  wai5ng  to   be  shared  so  that  it    might   become  the  source  of  new   and  deeper  inspira5on.     My    restless  longing  for  all   that  is  crea5ve,  intui5ve,   sincere  and  harmonious    leads   me  to  a  place  that  transcends   conven5onal  reality.    

"A Tribute"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   38"  x  48”  

”Creating Your  Own  Atmosphere"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   66"  x  66”  

"The Strong  Bond  Of  Love"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   34"  x  32”  

" Dreams"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   50"  x  60”  

“See$You$in$The$Other$Side”$ Mixed$Medias$on$Canvas$ 66”$x$66”$

"Sharing Our  Time"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   86"  x  70”  

“xy” Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   66”  x  54”  

“Travelling To  You”   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   50”  x  60”  

“Poder Escondido”   Mixed  Media  On  Canvas    52"  x  66"                                               “Travelling+To+You”+ Mixed+Medias+on+Canvas+ 50”+x+62”+ +

“Eternal Space”   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   54”  x  60”   “Eternal)Space”) Mixed)Medias)on)Canvas) 54”)x)60”) )

  “Mystical  Birth”   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas      55”  X  66”      

“Astral Wave”   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   54"  x  66”    

 “Offering  My  Support    To  You”      Mixed  Media  on    Canvas        56”  x  66”          

“Reaching to  share”                                              Mixed  Media  on  Canvas                                                96”  x  70”  

Oleo on  Canvas   18”  x  12”    

Mixed Media  on  free  Acid   Paper   20”  x  16”      

"Sharing The  Journey"   Mixed  Media  on  Canvas   86"  x  92”  

Oleo on  Canvas   18”  x  12”    

Mixed Media  on  free   Acid  Paper   20”  x  16”  

“Bo$ero, then,  is  what  Baudelaire  called  a  poet  painter,  that  is,  a  painter   who  uses  the  medium  to  convey  the  poetry  of  his  emo9ons,  indeed,  of  his   temperament.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -­‐Donald  Kuspit   Buenos  Aires  


New York  

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Daniel Bottero graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires. He earned his Master’s Degree at the Academia Italiana di Belle Arti, Lucca, Italy. From 1986 to 1990 Bottero resided and worked in Paris. Since 1990 he has lived and worked in New York. Bottero’s work has been shown throughout the world. His paintings

are featured in the corporate collections of Citibank, Xerox, Avon, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase Bank. His artwork is featured in many private collections. The artist has exhibited at Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Museum of Latin American Art, Laguna Beach, CA, Museo de Arte de Ponce, Ponce, Puerto Rico and Cultural Center Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bottero’s paintings are also featured at both Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses, New York, NY. Read more about the artist at

Artist’s Statement

Sharing the Vision, 86” x 82”

It is a divine privilege to slip into the moments of unpremeditated creation that bring me face to face with the unknown. When I am painting, my brush strokes against the canvas are searching for an answer between Daniel Bottero book available at unconscious and rhythmical movements. I step back for air and space. The essence of creation runs for my arms… my entire body… my soul…. In the background, there is the music… the dancing light… darkness… sensations that run through my flesh… spaces… scents… instruments of my passion. All these blend in an enchanting symphony. When it is over, I am left with no recollections of how it happened. And yet, I find myself confronted with a finished creation, waiting to be shared so that it might become the source of new and deeper inspiration. Our past, our present and our future all influence my paintings. Yesterday, today, my life, New York, new encounters, loves, dreams, loneliness, strange noises and sorrows. Each painting I create is an essential part of my inner being. My work speaks many languages, communicates on several levels at the same time. A unique psychological interaction between reality and fantasy, one that transports the observer into a dreamlike encounter with the sublime. And on these journeys, I am with them always! It is just me and this is my world! Welcome! — Daniel For information visit or For acquisition information email:

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DANIEL BOTTERO: Painting A New Picture In Palm Beach

JULY / AUGUST 2011 Five Dollars


The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden & Gallery October 1-25 "The Love of the Poet" Opening Reception Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sharing the Journey, 86” x 82”

Media Kit | Daniel Bottero  
Media Kit | Daniel Bottero