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Engineering & Construction Company (Arête) is an indigenous Nigerian company managed by a team of Nigerian and foreign engineers specializing in areas of heavy industrial and large scale civil engineering works such as high-rise buildings, factories, stadia, highways and bridges, airstrips and hangars, helicopter bases, port, jetties, oil terminals, commercial parks and housing estates. Established in 2010, the firm is managed by engineers with over 10 years of work experience in civil engineering projects both within and outside Nigeria. These engineers have successfully completed projects within Nigeria and the United States of America for both private and public sector clients. Arête Engineering & Construction Company performs engineering and geotechnical surveys, front-end engineering, engineering designs, project planning, project development, project management, procurement and construction services.

with Interworks Engineering Limited, a firm of engineers and constructors providing engineering and construction services in the fields of civil engineering, warehouses, steelworks, roads and bridges, drainages, complete water treatment systems, utilities and distribution. Interworks Engineering Limited is a subsidiary of Intecon Partnership, an engineering consultancy firm which was founded in 1976 and has extensive experience in front-end engineering and design, geotechnical surveys and soil analysis, environmental impact assessments, project planning and project management. Arête also has arrangements with other international firms, whose services and expertise are brought to bear on behalf of our clients, on an as needed basis. Arête Engineering & Construction Company has competent people that are deployed to client projects on an as needed basis.

We work closely with other firms to create consortia whenever

we determine that such an arrangement would be in the best interest of our clients. We may form a consortium with leading architectural firms, finance houses, estate managers, electrical engineering firms, equipment manufacturers and other experts when such an arrangement provides cost savings, reduced project timelines or other efficiencies to our esteemed clients. For example, Arête has a Memorandum of Agreement


project team is carefully selected to optimize the development of the team members, minimize the personnel costs charged to the project and ensure that the work is completed in line with our business principles, which are as follows, »» Clients’ interests always come first. »» Our services are provided in a professional manner at all times. »» We earn our clients’ trust and keep their secrets. »» Our professionals perform their work with integrity and honesty. »» We work in teams, both within the firm and with our clients. »» Our work must create measurable value for the client and our firm. Arête offers excellent engineering and construction solutions to our clients and we deliver our solutions in line with the agreed timeframe, quality, specification and standard. We also fulfill our commitment to our employees and communities in which we operate.

SERVICES Arête Engineering & Construction Company offers the following services with respect to office buildings, functional buildings, residential facilities, roads and bridges, railways, dams, plants, factories, oil and gas facilities, power stations, among others. Engineering and Design Arête’s design and consultancy capabilities are available in-house on all projects. Arête has well trained and experienced engineers who are very conversant with industry standards and codes such as BS, AS, IEEE etc and draftsmen who are very experienced and have participated on several projects for the private and public sector clients. Our capabilities includes survey works comprising highway surveys, topographical surveys, cadastral and aerial surveys, establishment of GPS primary controls as well as hydrographic and bathymetric surveys. Our drafting office is equipped with 12 No. Pentium Desktop computers, DeskJet printers, HP Plotters, and our field engineers are provided with Pentium pro computer notebooks with fax and email capabilities to facilitate spot designs and other site operations. We also have software like ‘STAAD-III’, ‘HOLEBASE’, WinCIVIL, SUPERSTRESS, ‘SCALE’ and AUTOCAD Release 14 and 2000.

Construction Services Arête, through the use of sophisticated construction management tools, provides firstrate construction capabilities to clients throughout Nigeria, no matter the location. Our professionals extensive local and international experiences on infrastructure projects is a key asset that allows us to provide construction services that conform to both national and international standards of quality. Arête extensively uses technically sound locally hired labor to accomplish each project. With a fully integrated construction concept, Arête can deliver a project from conception through construction in the tradition of the “master builder”. With design and construction becoming more complex and interdependent, this EPC aspect of Arête capabilities is particularly attractive to clients whose needs are quite complex. Facilities Maintenance Arête offers world class facilities maintenance services, which covers remodeling, rehabilitation, furnishing, installation, partitioning, re-painting, re-tiling, landscaping, and modernization of existing buildings. We resurface, rehabilitate and expand existing roads and highways. We also evaluate and reinforce the structural integrity of existing bridges. Our services also cover customized procedures agreed with the client, such as maintenance of curtain walls, transparent wall cleaning and heavy equipment installation and maintenance.

SERVICES Project Management Our concept of project management is rooted in the preplanning of all parts of an assignment. Arête has a staff of expert project management and control specialists who utilize state-of-theart information technologies to establish project “baselines” and monitor progress and performance against those baselines. Using organisational tools and pre-project planning concepts, our staff uses their expertise to define a highly organized project control approach, system methodology and techniques for monitoring and control throughout the life of a project. Arête project management activities include interdisciplinary estimating, integrated cost/schedule reporting and variance analysis, work engineering, material tracking, identifying scope changes and updating baselines. We often use automated systems for status reports, performance measurement, and prediction of potential schedules. They include PRIMAVERA, TIMELINE, and MICROSOFT PROJECTS.

Procurement Arête acquires engineering materials and equipment for clients with the objective of ensuring that their total cost of ownership is minimized and that the materials and equipment are in the right quality and quantity, delivered at the right time to the right place and from the right source Our procurement process involves information gathering, supplier contact, bidding, bid evaluation, negotiation, contract preparation and performance monitoring.

Environmental Services At Arête, we provide our clients with our in-depth experience and expertise in environmental engineering services. We conduct environmental impact assessments, environmental impact statement, soil and ecological studies, waste management studies, analysis and reporting. We also provide restoration and remediation services on contaminated or disturbed facilities. We have the capability to handle oil and gas projects, landfill projects, erosion control projects, dredging, underground tank treatment and exposure management.

Project Development For clients’ that have not clearly distilled their engineering and construction ideas and concepts, Arête works with experts to conduct feasibility studies, market research and detailed analysis to enable them arrive at a sound project, which will meet their requirements. This service is applicable for mixeduse commercial and residential developments, shopping and office complex, toll roads, commercialized public parks and gardens, and other critical infrastructure such as dams, power plants, pipelines and industrial parks.


aims to provide a quality service with good value for money and the ability to give assured performance and delivery, and continually strives to seek ways of improving that service. It has a number of programmes in force to monitor and measure its performance and the client’s requirements. Client satisfaction is the prime goal of all our employees which can only be achieved by their professionalism and dedication to meet the needs of the client. We also continue to look for improvement in our services and those of our subcontractors to ensure that they meet with our quality requirements.

Arête has the methodology for BS 5750/ ISO9000 in force and is currently working with a consultant to achieve creditation. Arête operates under a standard policy of Total Quality Management TQM) outlined in our “Quality Assurance Manual”. The directive of this manual mandates that a Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan be specifically designed for each project.

Quality Assurance is the plan, which sets up the system by which project quality will be maintained. This plan is the policy for implementing and administering quality on the project. Project Procedures are the means and methods, which are followed to ensure the project work, will be performed in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plan. Project Criteria are the standards all technical work will follow to ensure standard, consistent design decisionmaking. The project criteria will be established at the beginning of the job by the Project Manager in conjunction with the Project Engineers and Architects in each discipline. The Project Criteria is the guidebook for all design work to ensure uniformity of design and construction; this document is extremely important for all phases of the work including design, construction and future renovations or modifications. Quality Control is the part of the Project Procedure which describes the exact reviewing and checking methods for each of the various works tasks. Subcontractor Quality Control will be maintained by requiring each

subcontractor to prepare and implement their own Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manual. This manual will be reviewed and approved by the Arête’s Quality Assurance Coordinator to ensure compliance Arête Engineering & Construction with the Project Quality Assurance procedures. Periodic audits will be conducted of each sub’s work to ensure the work is proceeding according to the Quality Assurance Plan. The essential parts of the Arête’s Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Plan include the following:

• Quality Assurance • Project Procedures • Project Criteria • Quality Control • Subcontractor Quality Control • Documentation.


pursuance of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1975, the following policy his adopted by ArĂŞte. It shall have the effect on every person employed by the Company and each employee shall accept his responsibilities in accordance with the act, the regulations controlling the industry and this Safety Policy as far as it is reasonably practical. The aim of this policy is to prevent as far as it is reasonably practical accidents and dangerous occurrences that might put at risk the health, safety and welfare of all personnel including the general public and others not

In pursuance of the Environmental

Protection Act 1990, The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991, and The Controlled Waste Regulations 1991, the following policy is adopted by ArĂŞte. It shall have the effect on every person employed by the Company and each employee shall accept his responsibilities in accordance with the act and regulations controlling the industry and this Environmental Policy as far as they are reasonably practical.

employed by ourselves. It also aims to achieve and maintain a high accident free record throughout our operations. The Company recognizes and accepts its responsibilities under the health and Safety at Work Act 1975 to provide safe and healthy working environment for all its employees as far as it is reasonably practical and to make the health, safety and welfare of its employees a matter of prime importance and consideration. The Company expects the full co-operation of all employees in fulfilling this policy and in promoting health and safety at

The aim of the policy is to ensure as far as it is reasonably practical the correct and safe handling of any products, materials and services which might endanger or cause harm to the environment. ArĂŞte recognises its responsibilities for the protection of the environment throughout its business activities and seeks to meet the highest environmental standards. These standards embrace all the products, materials and services we supply to customers, working conditions for employees, relationships with the community in which we are located

work. Management at all levels will be responsible to ensure that the aims are identified as far as is practical. We review this policy from time to time.

and all activities which we carry out. The policy focuses on the improvement of our awareness of environmental care and protection, identification of our responsibilities and the correct procedures in handling or using any such products, materials or services. All our people are responsible for ensuring that the aims are identified as far as is practical. We will to review this policy from time to time.

MANAGEMENT Tunde Adefolaju - (Managing Director/Chief Executive)


is a result oriented project manager with a decade of diversified experience in engineering design, procurement and construction management. He has demonstrated his multi-disciplined versatility through his outstanding track record of coordinating trades, onsite construction supervision, and creating positive rapport with architects, engineers, local officials, vendors and clients while maintaining costs. Tunde has worked for the Cook County of Illinois as project/ highway engineer where he led the engineering and construction of major highways in the greater Chicago area. He has also worked as a project engineer for a Fortune 500 retail company, where he was responsible for leading the teams that performed

the engineering, procurement and construction of over 50 stores and office buildings. He is adept at estimation and job costing, structural analysis and design, construction planning and scheduling, safety and compliance, vendor and materials management, project management and front end engineering. Tunde has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA and an M. Sc. in Construction Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois, USA. He has also holds certificates in Structure Info and Management Systems and Highway Engineering Principles from the Illinois Institute of Transportation and a certificate in Paving with Hot Mix Asphalt from the Cook County Highway Department.

Tope Borishade -


is a finance and accounting professional with extensive experience in the finance, oil, gas, power and real estate industries, and an in-depth understanding of corporate finance, project finance, capital markets, privatization, advisory, private equity and venture capital transactions. His global business network and international transaction experience span Brazil, China, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America. At various times, Tope has worked in Privatization at the Bureau of Public Enterprises in Abuja, in Assurance and Advisory at the Chicago office of Deloitte & Touch LLP, in Corporate Finance


and Advisory at Zenith Capital in Lagos, and in Corporate Finance at the Chrome Group; an oil and gas conglomerate. Tope holds a B.Sc. in Accounting from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and an MBA from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business of DePaul University in the United States of America. He qualified as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1999 and 2003, respectively. He has also participated in Executive Education programs at the London Business School and Euromoney Training U.K. He enjoys reading and travelling.

Bode Aladeojebi - (General Manager)


has been involved in the design and supervision of various challenging projects including buildings, roads, airstrips, from pre-engineering studies viz survey and geotechnical investigation through construction stages to commissioning. He has worthy experience on projects across the length and breadth of Nigeria and is conversant with engineering standards and codes requirements on projects. At various times, he has worked as a project manager, project engineer, site agent, resident quality assurance/quality control engineer and project supervising engineer for clients including

international oil companies, state governments and federal ministry of works. He holds an H.N.D. in Civil Engineering (Structures Option) from the Ibadan Polytechnic, a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Highway and Transportation Option) from the University of Ibadan and he is a Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. He is presently working towards an in Highway and Transportation Engineering from Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt.

PEOPLE AND Arête Engineering & Construction Company has competent people that are deployed to client projects on an as needed basis. Each project team is carefully selected to optimize the development of the team members, minimize the personnel costs charged to the project and ensure that the work is completed in line with our mission statement and business principles. Our people include the following:









Sie Superintendants


Administrative and Logistics


Equipment Operators and Maintenance Staff


RESOURCES In order to ensure that our people can deliver on our commitments to our numerous clients, we provide them with access to adequate equipment and facilities, such as the following: ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ ÒÒ

Cranes Asphalt Pavers Asphalt Plant Facilities Plate & Poker Vibrators Rollers Thales Promark 3 Differential GPS Sokkia 330R Total Solutions Wild Theodolites Wild Automatic Level Instruments Rotary Drilling Rig (Mounted on all-terrain buggy) Failing 1500 Rotary Drilling Rig Motorized Dando 2000 Shell & Auger Rigs Motorized Pilicon Wayfarer Shell & Auger Rigs


20 ton cone Penetrometer Testing Rig 4WD Landrovers & Hilux Pick-up trucks Concrete Mixers Water Pumps CAT Backhoes Mack Tipper Trucks Laboratory Equipment for Soil Test and Concrete Work Low Loader Quarry Facilities Site Camps Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Dumpers

PAST PROJECTS Examples of engineering and construction projects on which Arête’s engineering team has worked on are presented below:






Rehabilitation of Skokie Highway in Glenview, Illinois


Cook County of llinois


Reconstruction of Elmhurst Road Elk Grove Village, Illinois


Cook County of Illinois


Asphalt Overlay Project of Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, Illinois


Cook County of Illinois


Construction of laboratories at Hospital in Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital


Extension/expansion of I 355 Highway from I-55 to I-80


Cook County of Illinois


Construction of shops and offices for Fortune 500 Company


Walgreens Inc.


Rehabilitation of High Rise Building in Cincinnati, OH


Taricel Inc.


Ibadan Emergency Water Project (Civil Works)


9 10

Construction of Administrative Building for Nigerian Police HQ, Oshogbo Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Portable Water Storage Tank and Treatment Unit at Bonny River Terminal

N71M N88M N52M

Oyo State Government/ Ondeo Degrmeint Nig Ltd Ministry of Police Affairs, Abuja Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited


Laying of Portable Water Pipe Network on Bonny Island

TSKJ Nig Ltd


Construction of concrete roads, utilities area and associated works N150M Isolo, Lagos

Promisador Nigeria Limited


Infrastructure Development of Factory Site


Promisador Nigeria Limited


Construction of Duct Banks at Bonny Island


Bonny River Terminal


Fire proofing of Structural Steel Members


JGC Nig. Limited


Construction of Underground drainage system/road pavement


Enron IPP Project


Construction of open and close drains


Bonny River Terminal


Low Cost Housing Estate in Ereme, Ogba L.G.A.


Rivers State Government


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