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The story of the brand name A. Viryent begins with the family tradition of manual shoemaking. It stems from an old shoemaker’s workshop, where handmade shoes are being crafted since 1919.


“The idea of naming the brand “A. Viryent” originates from my family tradition of manual shoemaking. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Bartholomey Viryent, one of Napoleon’s soldiers, came to Slovenia. The first of his grandchildren became a cobbler and in 1919 passed on the secrets of the cobbling trade to his son Jakob Viryent, my great grandfather. Jakob then, in turn, passed the knowledge gained to his son Rado, my grandfather. Rado Viryent completed the school for cobblers in Maribor and proceeded to make handcrafted shoes for many decades, all the while meticulously perfecting and honing his skills. It was in my grandfather’s workshop, under his careful guidance where I learned the art and craft of handmade shoemaking. Combining my family’s rich tradition with the knowledge gained while studying at the Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (where I graduated in November 2004), I started a company of my own. The name “A. Viryent” is therefore as much a tribute to my family and my grandfather in particular, as it is a contemporary lighthouse whose radiance promises unique and thoughtful shoe craftsmanship of the highest quality.”

Alja Viryent



A. Viryent sandals with crystal medallions with Idrija Lace.


A. Viryent Company Philosophy

• We offer you dream custom-made shoes, in which you will feel like you are walking on clouds even with dizzyingly high heels. • We manufacture custom-made shoes of all sizes, shapes and colours; from the smallest to the largest, with heels of all heights. • Wearing A. Viryent custom-crafted shoes, constructed entirely from fine high-quality leather, prevents your feet from perspiring.



A. Viryent Company Philosophy

• Place your order for custom-made shoes with your assigned personal designer, who will meet you at one of our locations or visit you at your home or office. • Measurements of your feet are taken on the day of your first visit. • Talk to your personal designer about the kind of shoes you would like to have, and for what occasion. • All our personal designers are professionally trained to help you make a decision on the kind of shoes you would like to wear, providing advice on the fitting model, shape, colour and material. • We will manufacture your personal last, because the shape of the last plays an important part in comfort.




A. Viryent Company Philosophy

• A. Viryent custom-made shoes are fashioned entirely by hand and of fine leather, making them softer and thinner, but also durable. • Depending on the customer’s feet and shoe care A. Viryent custom-made shoes can be worn for many years. • A. Viryent unique shoes convey each customer’s personal touch, because they are made especially for her or him. • Crafting shoes manually also maintains the tradition of handmade shoemaking and, furthermore, contributes to the preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage.




A. Viryent Company Philosophy

• Ordering new shoes for returning customers is very easy. Describe your wishes to your personal designer by phone or by e-mail, and receive your new pair of hand-crafted shoes by mail.



The Process of Making Shoes by Hand

Feet measurement While the customer stands on a sheet of paper with feet hip-width apart a contour of his or her feet is outlined with a pencil held at an angle of 90°. If desired, some points on the contour are marked. Measurements of the volume of the legs are taken: circumferences of the customer’s toes, instep, heels, ankles, calves and circumferences below the knee and at the height of the toes, instep, folds and calves.


The Process of Making Shoes by Hand

Before the shoemaking process begins: • • • • •

cardboard for templates is cut; skins are cut with a shoemaker’s knife (uppers, lining, footbed and leather soles); the edges of the uppers are thinned out; adhesive is spread on the lining that is stuck to the uppers; uppers are sewed on the lining (canting).

Suitable lasts are chosen before the shoe can be made. Wooden lasts are the usual choice for handmade shoes, while lasts for mass-produced shoes are made of plastic.



The Process of Making Shoes by Hand

Making shoes by hand: • • • • • • • • •


the insoles are designed and attached to the last; uppers are manually stretched to the last; the heel part and the tip is manually crafted; the shoes are left on the last over night in order to maintain their shape; the soles are glued or hand sewn to the insole; the soles are designed; the shoes are taken off the last; redundant studs inside the shoes are removed; the heels are attached.



The Process of Making Shoes by Hand

Finishing touches: • footbeds are inserted; • the sole edges are painted.


Idrija Lace Collection

The oldest written source revealing the existence of this craft in Slovenia dates back to 1696 and speaks of lace and lacemakers from Idrija. Bobbin lace was named after bobbins - specially designed wooden sticks on which thread is wound. Lace is created by crossing and interweaving the bobbins.



Idrija Lace Collection

When designing shoes with Idrija lace, Alja Viryent gets her inspiration from Slovenian cultural heritage and the centuries-old Slovenian tradition of making Idrija bobbin lace. The idea for shoes with Idrija lace originates from a desire to merge both modern as well as traditional Slovenian cultural heritage of unique shoe design.




Idrija Lace Collection

With one of her most special shoes, Alja tried putting the distinguished Idrija lace together with Swarovski crystal stones, thinking bobbin lace could be an innovative element in footwear design, since Idrija lace had never been used in this way before. When lacemakers were crafting the lace by crossing and interweaving the bobbins, they put Swarovski crystal stones into the lace. The heels are dipped in 24-carat gold.


Idrija Lace Collection

When crafting shoes adorned with Idrija lace, Alja experimented to see how lace works on shoes. Designing such unique footwear was a great challenge as she had to make precise patterns for the uppers so that the bobbin makers could create the lace in traditional patterns.



Idrija Lace Collection


Guided by the belief that Idrija lace – Slovenian heritage of the past – represents a challenge for the future, the Municipality of Idrija protected the name ‘’Idrija lace’’ with the The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) as a geographical indication.


Unique Wedding Shoes

Do you already have your dream wedding dress and have turned every shoe shop upside down trying to find fitting shoes? Shoes without heels, with low heels or with dizzyingly high heels of colour and style that matches your wedding dress? Look no further, because your dream wedding shoes are here.




Unique Wedding Shoes

Treat yourself with our dream custom-made wedding shoes and feel like you are walking on clouds, despite their dizzyingly high heels. Due to their timeless design, elegance and comfort, you can wear them on many different occasions after the wedding.


A. Viryent sandals with silk roses. 38

Women’s Custom-made Shoes

Your A. Viryent custom-made shoes, made specially for you and shaped to your dimensions, fit your feet like slippers, allowing you to wear them during the entire day and night.






Men’s Custom-made Shoes

Tired of exhausting shopping trips in search for the right shoes for you? Our shoes come to you.



A. Viryent shoes made from ostrich leather. 46

Men’s Custom-made Shoes

Order your custom-made shoes in our showroom, in your office or from the comfort of your home, and save time and nerves.


Men’s Custom-made Shoes

Wearing A. Viryent custom-crafted shoes, constructed entirely from fine high-quality leather, prevents your feet from perspiring.




Unique Fashion Accessories

Order luxurious accessories, uniquely designed to go with your custom-made shoes, fitting their colour and style.


Unique Fashion Accessories

A. Viryent produces the following accessories for our clients: unique shoe jewellery, unique handbags, belts and wallets.



A. Viryent Shoes and the Environment

The base material from which A. Viryent shoes are made of are different kinds of leather (bovine, veal, goat and sheep leather), which is a natural resource. The leather is produced in the EU, meaning its production is subject to strict rules and regulations. Animals are not killed for leather, but their skin is a by-product of consumption and processing of the meat industry. Because leather is a natural material, it is easily absorbed and processed by nature when it becomes waste.


A. Viryent sandals with Idrija Lace named “Water”.


A. Viryent Shoes and the Environment

Due to its high energetic value, leather entering the waste recycling process is suitable for incineration, hence becoming renewed energy. Plastic shoes, unsuitable for burning because they generate dioxins, remain undegraded in nature over centuries, thus becoming a slow and silent pollutant of our planet.




A. Viryent Shoes and the Environment

Manual shoemaking helps preserve our climate and prevents environmental pollution. As the majority of the manufacturing process is done by hand, hand tools and footdriven machines, environmental pollution due to excessive use of energy is prevented. A. Viryent custom-made shoes are of high quality and are very durable, so they can be worn for a longer period of time. This reduces the waste coming from ragged shoes, and implements the Council Directive on waste management, planning and waste reduction and prevention. The company takes full responsibility for all used A. Viryent shoes that will be used in the recycling process as renewed energy.



A. Viryent Company’s Vision

The vision of the brand A. Viryent is to become a globally recognizable brand of handmade luxury shoes, a synonym for tradition, individual approach, comfort, quality, modern design and the best example of corporate social responsibility. The company’s vision is to have a traditional workshop for custom-made shoes with a steadily growing number of highly skilled shoemakers, dressmakers, tailors and designers. It is our vision to become the maker of luxury unique handmade shoes, made of the finest natural materials, of contemporary design, with a personal touch of their wearer, ergonomic, adjusted to feet and suitable for every occasion.


A. Viryent Company’s Vision

We focus on the creation of luxurious shoes for special events such as weddings, Communions, proms, gala balls or festive parties. Our vision also includes an advanced development department with top designers, capable of developing new state-of-the-art shoes. We would like to offer our customers a whole range of unique luxury accessories in colour and style matching the shoes (precious jewellery, handbags, belts, purses, etc.). The company’s major attention goes to service, the idea of unique, custommade shoes, and the process from the order to the delivery to the customer.


A. Viryent sandals with hand-sewn 90 black Swarovski crystal stones. 63


A. Viryent Company’s Vision

Our vision is to pay personal visits to all of our customers located world-wide to establish an individual, personal approach. Our company’s approach to corporate social responsibility is exemplary, and we tend to reduce the impact on the environment associated with waste. Our company actively engages in charity events to help people, particularly children in need of special, orthopaedic footwear. Our advantages: • extensive experience in working with clients, • communication skills, • ability to identify individual needs, • fashion trend awareness, • understanding and knowledge of the formal dress code.


Ms. Alja Viryent, Shoe Designer, CV



born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe on December 10th


finishes high school in Ljubljana


enrolls in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Department of Product Design


November; designs shoes for Miss Slovenia, Ona magazine competition, shoes presented at Miss World Finals in London


February; exhibition to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Department of Design: Shoes and the meta-subject (Project for the subject Product design 1, mentor Prof. Fabio Smotlak)


October; BIO 17th - Biennal of Industrial Design; wooden toy called pony-handcart (KonjiÄ?ekvoziÄ?ek) (Project for the subject Product design 2, mentor Prof. Vladimir Pezdirc), International Good Project Award


November, designs shoes for Miss Slovenia, Ona magazine competition, shoes presented at Miss World Finals in London

A. Viryent boots with Idrija Lace, permanent collection of the Idrija City museum.


October, November; twelve pairs of shoes for Supermodel Slovenia; shoes presented at the Supermodel Slovenia selection on TV Slovenija 1


November, shoes for Miss Slovenia, Ona magazine competition, shoes presented in Ona magazine


November; graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design with the diploma paper titled Contemporary Shoe Design, mentor Prof. Vladimir Pezdirc


May; establishes own company, A. Viryent, for unique shoe design and production


April; holds first independent exhibition: Shoes in the City, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana


October; 38. Fiera Linea pelle in Bologna; Boots with Idrija Lace


October; Gala dinner Fashion show at Hotel Lev, after the conclusion of the 54th FCEM World Congress (World Association of Women Entrepreneurs) In Slovenia




November; Fashion show Zlatna igla, Zagreb; presents a new collection


May; shoes with silk roses exhibited at Grand Hotel Palace in Portorož during the Festival of Roses Porto Rose


June, member of Lions Club Ljubljana Iliria


June; shoes for Miss Slovenia, Elle magazine competition; designs shoes for the Miss Slovenia winning creation


June, July, August; XXVI. Idrija Lace Festival, “Creativity in Lace Exhibition: Boots with Idrija Lace and “Water” Shoes”


September; Boots with Idrija lace become a part Idrija City Museum’s permanent collection


October; Fashion Show in Gorizia (ITA) at the end of the “INTRECCI NATURALI” project: Shoes with Idrija Lace “Water”


November; “Shoes with Idrija Lace, The Present Embedded in Tradition”, independent shoe exhibition prior to Slovenia’s holding of the EU presidency, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium


December; Hollywood star Ben Affleck visits Slovenia and becomes the owner of a pair of shoes with black Idrija lace

Ms. Alja Viryent, Shoe Designer, CV


March; “Shoes with Idrija Lace, The Present Embedded in Tradition” independent shoe exhibition at the Kresija gallery, Ljubljana


May; shoes with roses and Idrija lace exhibited at Grand Hotel Palace Portorož during the second Festival of Roses Porto Rose


June; UNICEF Baby Doll charity event, Helena Viryent becomes the most expensive doll sold in Slovenia


June; Shoes with Idrija Lace, The Present Embedded in Tradition”, shoe exhibition, Small gallery at Castle Gewerkenegg, Idrija


March; GTH, the first mass produced collection in collaboration with Alpina d.o.o.


March; Shoe Design Course, ALUO, Department of Design, Ljubljana


June; Lions Club Iliria Recognition for successful voluntary work in lionism


August to October; “Dance with Cinderella”, exhibition of unique shoes, Oton Župančič library, Ljubljana


December, Floral Shoes, charity auction commemorating the 90th anniversary of handmade shoemaking family tradition


Ms. Alja Viryent, Designer of the Shoes, CV



January, unique shoes for the “Slovenian of the Year” award, decorated with 90 black Swarovski crystals in honour of the 90th anniversary handmade shoemaking family tradition


June, UNICEF Baby Doll charity event - Francesca Viryent


The ambassador of Peugeot Slovenia


August; shoes for Miss Slovenia, Bella Donna magazine competition; designs shoes for the Miss Slovenia winner creation, designed by Diana Kotnik Lavtižar

A. Viryent shoes with black Idrija Lace, owned by Ben Affleck. 71

A. Viryent, d.o.o. Unique shoe art & production Vransko 131, 3305 Vransko, Slovenia Phone: +386 41 795 055 E-mail: You are kindly invited to the A. Viryent online shop, where you can order unique, handmade shoes and uniquely designed luxurious accessories from different A. Viryent collections.

Catalogue design: Visual Ana Vedlin s.p. Photos: Jaka Vinšek, Miloš Horvat Print: Gorenjski tisk storitve d.o.o.

A.Viryent Catalog  

A.Viryent Catalog