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by botgirl questi

hey can i share a mind-blowing realization i had today?

sure. What's up?

you're familiar with the concept of breaking the fourth wall, right?

uh huh. it's when you interrupt an audience's suspension of disbelief by disrupting their immersion in a narrative work, such as a play, a movie or even a comic.

That's right! in a way, getting lost in a story is like being immersed in a virtual world. you start off quite aware that you're sitting in a chair and viewing a screen or a page. but in a matter of moments you can almost completely lose awareness of your body in the physical environment.

until the fourth wall comes down and we wake up from our temporary amnesia.

I've always thought of the fourth wall as being a barrier between two worlds:

an imagined world of fiction;

and a physical reality.

hey, look at all those people out there! I totally forgot that i was a fictional character.

that's right. i just broke the fourth wall by calling your attention to the audience. now here's where my crazy new insight comes in.

is everyone ready?

there's more than one fourth wall!

in fact, i believe there are an infinite number of fourth walls we can discover.

pretty cool, huh?

Fourth Wall