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The unification of Italy -when Italy was born-


(to Resurge, to rise again) 

was the political and social process that unified different states  of the Italian peninsula into the single nation of Italy.

Following the defeat of Napoleonic France and the Congress of Vienna (1815)  in  Italy  there  were  different  independent  governments,  either  directly  ruled  or  strongly  influenced  by  the  prevailing European powers, particularly Austrian Empire with the  Habsburgs.




Spanish Bourbon dynasty


There were some revolutionary groups  wanted Union of Italy   Carbonari (coal-burners)  a secret organization formed in  Southern Italy early in the 19th century and inspired by the  principles of the French Revolution  Giovine Italia (Young Italy)  created by      Giuseppe Mazzini

The battles for Freedom:    1848    :  First Italian War of Independence    1859       1860

against Austria :  Second Italian War of Independence:

Some territories were made free !!!

  1860

: Giuseppe Garibaldi gathered about a thousand volunteers     to set the Southern Italy free –  “The Expedition of the Thousand” or “of the Redshirts” “La spedizione dei Mille”

against Borbons

Southern Italy was made free !!!

Hungarian and Polish troops  helped The Thousand of  Garibaldi !

All freed territories joined under the Kingdom of Sardinia

17th March 1861

: The Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed

under the king Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy

Only Venice and Rome were not included in the new state 

They were added in 1866 and in 1870

Italians at last had their own Country With a Parliament With a capital City: Roma With an official Constitution: “Lo Statuto Albertino”

March 17th 2011 Celebrations:

 The President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano will visit  “Altare della Patria” and the “Pantheon” (in Rome), where is Vittorio   Emanuele II’s tomb. 

 All the regional capital cities will raise a commemorative     flag in the same moment. 

  Special Tv Programs and Shows 

 “Tricolour arrows” (Frecce Tricolori)  show in               Rome

 “White Night” in several Italian cities

 Pop Music Concert in Piazza del Popolo   (Rome)

 Classic Music Concert with Riccardo Muti in the Chamber

 Students won’t go to school

But during the previous days there’ll be some Celebration  in each school …

Strong link in Europe for a movement for freedom against regnant Thrones  Mazzini and Kossuth were members of the same        European Committee and they discussed about freedom   Garibaldi and Kossuth met several times                                                 

The unification of Italy  

The unification of Italy

The unification of Italy  

The unification of Italy