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PEV004 Han, Jiahong* - Berger, Brent - ricigliano, vincent - Shepherd, Kelly Tong, Jingjing - Thompson, Veronica - Lim, Aedric - Howarth, Dianella Phylogenetics and expression of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in Goodeniaceae HYBRIDS AND HYBRIDIZATION

PHH001 Pretz, Chelsea* - Smith, Stacey Hybridization and gene flow among tomatillo (Physalis) species in the Southwestern Region of North America MOLECULAR ECOLOGY

PME001 Sharpe, Samantha Lipson - Johnson, Loretta C.* - Bello, Nora - Galliart, Matt - Parrish, Olivia Rapid evolution in a disturbed environment: evolutionary response of native grass Andropogon virginicus to heavy metals in an abandoned mine site.

PME002 Garza, Elyssa* - Hawkins, Angela - Pepper, Alan Genome comparison of two Caulanthus varieties to identify possible loci contributing to serpentine tolerance MYCOLOGY

PMY001 Sehar Afshan, Najam Ul* - Ishaq, Aamna - Niazi, Abdul Rehman Khalid, Abdul Nasir Aecidium Jasminicola, a new pathogen for Jasminum sp. in Pakistan?

PMY002 Niazi, Abdul Rehman* - Sehar Afshan, Najam Ul - Ishaq, Aamna Sphaerophragmium, a new holomorph for Uredo dalbergiae? and a common pathogen of Shisham tree in Pakistan

PALEOBOTANY PPB001 Friedman, Virginia* - Lambert, Joseph B. - Nguyen, Truongan V. Late Cretaceous amber in Texas: A preliminary study

PPB002 Centeno, Naylet* - Estrada-Ruiz, Emilio - Porras-MĂşzquiz, HĂŠctor Late Cretaceous angiosperm leaves from Olmos Formation (upper Campanian), Coahuila, Mexico

PPB003 Harper, Carla J* - Krings, Michael - Taylor, Thomas N - Taylor, Edith L Does size matter? A minute chytrid-like organism from the Rhynie chert -87-

2017 program book  

The Program Book for Botany 2017

2017 program book  

The Program Book for Botany 2017