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Nico - Pender, Richard - Howarth, Dianella Duplication and expression of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in Campanulaceae 10:45


Berger, Brent* - ricigliano, vincent - Savriama, Yoland - Lim, Aedric Thompson, Veronica - Howarth, Dianella Geometric morphometrics reveals shifts in flower shape symmetry and size following gene knockdown of CYCLOIDEA and ANTHOCYANIDIN SYNTHASE

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM SY5 Symposium Big Data and the Conservation of North America's Flora Chair: Anne Frances

Sundance 5

8:00 SY5SUM Owell, Peggy - Frances, Anne* Big Data and the Conservation of North America's Flora 8:00 Introduction 8:15

SY5002 Frances, Anne* - Oliver, Leah - Treher, Amanda Using data from the Natural Heritage Network to analyze trends in plant conservation


SY5003 Knapp, Wesley* - Frances, Anne - Weakley, Alan - Naczi, Robert Gann, George D. - Poole, Jackie - Baldwin, Bruce - Clark, John Gluesenkamp, Daniel - Heidel, Bonnie - Kennedy, Kathryn - McIntyre, Patrick - Miller, James - Mishler, Brent - Moore, Gerry - Noss, Reed Olmstead, Richard - Roth, Daniela -Singhurst, Jasont - Strong, Anna Vascular Plant Extinction in North America north of Mexico; what have we lost and what can we learn?


SY5004 Weakley, Alan The role of systematics, taxonomic concepts, and databases in conservation



10:15 SY5006 Maschinski, Joyce M* - Clark, John R - Heineman, Katherine Integrating plant conservation data at multiple scales to inform plant conservation recovery priorities 10:45 SY5007 Gann, George D. Scaling down and re-scaling up, using a comprehensive regional conservation approach to enhance national and international plant conservation strategies – a case study from South Florida 11:15 SY5008 Edwards, Fred* - Owell, Peggy Connecting landscape scale ecological restoration with plant conservation -113-

2017 program book  

The Program Book for Botany 2017

2017 program book  

The Program Book for Botany 2017