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1. Which two options can you use when writing a new policy? (Choose two.) A. Existing default policy B. Existing predefined policy templates C. Copy policy from an existing audit node D. Import policy from another policy manager Answer: AB 2. What are three issues in today's security invironment? (Choose three.) A. Complexity of tools B. Quantity of solutions C. Security information overload D. Quantity of security tools and vendors E. Easy availability of network scanner tools Answer: ABC 3. What does eTrust WorldView provide? A. Redirection of log messages B. Guaranteed delivery of messages C. Machine-to-machine communication through TCP/IP D. Client/server access to the Common Object Repository Answer: D 4. When creating a rule with the eTrust Audit Rule Wizard, what should you do after you establish a rule to collect all events from the target, where the events will be created? A. Select an action of collector B. Associate the rule with the audit database C. Specify the table collector to store the audit data D. Specify the name of the audit database machine Answer: A 5. For eTrust SCC scheduled or batch reports, which three file types are supported? (Choose three.) A. XML B. RTF C. CSV D. DOC E. HTML Answer: ACE 6. The iRouter serves as a bridge between which two items? (Choose two.) A. iControl

B. iGateway C. iRecorders D. Action Manager E. Native Audit Router Answer: CE 7. Where does the eTrust SCC World Interface reside? A. On agent machines only B. On the eTrust SCC server only C. On the eTrust SCC server and agent machines D. On a machine separate from the other components Answer: C 8. Which statement concerning the Viewer is true? A. The Viewer is a component of Data Tools. B. The Viewer is a component of the Reporter. C. The Viewer is a component of Policy Manager. D. The Viewer is a component of the Collector database. Answer: A 9. Changes to which two settings could improve the performance of the Action Manager? (Choose two.) A. MaxNodes B. SleepTime C. MaxFileSize D. MaxFileNum E. MaxActionTime Answer: BE 10. Which statement about the eTSAPISend Utility is true? A. The -dat option is required. B. eTASPISend.exe sends SAPI Audit policy to the Audit clients. C. eTrust Common Services must be installed to use eTSAPISend. D. eTSAPISend.exe lets you send messages and events to an eTrust Audit router. Answer: D 11. Which two statements about eTrust Audit are true? (Choose two.) A. eTrust Audit supports central control of security policies. B. eTrust Audit allows correlation of events that occurred on different hosts. C. eTrust Audit ranks people and machines by the amount of anomalous behavior in which they engage. D. eTrust Audit remotely invokes Computer Associates or third-party management consoles to prevent

attacks. Answer: AB 12. Which three environment variables must you set to trace the PI Agent process? (Choose three.) A. SET CA_DEBUG=ON B. SET OBTRACE=PRINT C. SET PI_AGENT=DEBUG D. SET COMTRACE=PRINT E. SET COMTRACE=DEBUG Answer: ABD 13. Which two functions are performed by an iControl? (Choose two.) A. Validating events B. Loading iSponsors C. Extracting log events from devices D. Routing events to a remote iControl E. Providing configuration data to iSponsors Answer: AD 14. What is the management interface component for eTrust Audit? A. Redirector B. Data Tools C. Policy Manager D. Action Manager Answer: C 15. Which two options best describe a product interface profile? (Choose two.) A. An interface to third party products B. An interface to other eTrust products C. An interface used for rendering in the web browser D. A template used to customize the appearance of eTrust SCC Answer: BC 16. Which three types of reports can you create using eTrust 20/20? (Choose three.) A. Security trends B. Failed logon trends C. Evidence collection D. Regulatory compliance E. Resource access violations outside standard deviation Answer: ACD

17. What is the event source for the Viewer? A. Audit nodes B. Action Manager C. Security monitors D. A Collector database E. All Data Tools components Answer: D 18. Which item is required on each eTrust Audit client? (Choose one.) A. Router B. Viewer C. Recorder D. Action Manager Answer: C 19. The "bells" in the Policy Manager turn which color when a rule is activated on a policy? A. Red B. Blue C. Green D. Yellow Answer: A 20. Which two operations does the eTrust World Agent perform when the status of a product changes? (Choose two.) A. Synchronizes the config files B. Writes the new state to an XML file C. Defines a new node to eTrust SCC D. Communicates the new state to the Manager E. Prevents the state change from occurring if it is contrary to policy Answer: BD 21. Which functions can you perform using NT Policy Properties in the Policy Manager? A. Create groups B. Run applications C. Create passwords D. Audit critical objects Answer: D 22. Which two events cause eTrust World Agent files to be synchronized? (Choose two.) A. Hourly

B. At startup C. When an event is logged D. When directed by Unicenter E. When the Manager sends a Change Notification Answer: BE 23. Which three databases can be used for the Collector database? (Choose three.) A. Oracle B. Access C. Paradox D. Datacom E. SQL Server Answer: ABE 24. Which three actions does the eTrust Audit Post-Collection Utility allow you to perform? (Choose three.) A. Prune the Collector database B. Merge multiple table collectors C. Archive audit data older than 30 days D. Create digital signatures on selected events E. Create queries based on event-specific fields Answer: ADE 25. What are two functions of eTrust Audit Services? (Choose two.) A. Call up stations B. Identify intrusions C. Generate action alerts D. Collect and forward audit data Answer: CD 26. Which two statements concerning the eTrust SCC Portal service are true? (Choose two.) A. It resides on the eTrust SCC server. B. It serves as the eTrust SCC web server. C. It resides on eTrust SCC agent machines. D. It uses its own messaging rather than QUEs and SAF. Answer: AB 27. What are three parts of the eTrust Value Proposition? (Choose three.) A. A secure foundation for on-demand computing B. Web-based administration using Java and XML C. Outsource security management to a single vendor

D. Complete security management from a single vendor E. Open and flexible technology, providing investment protection Answer: ADE 28. Which three types of security information management are covered by eTrust Security Command Center? (Choose three.) A. Risk Management B. Asset Management C. Threat Management D. Identity Management E. Access Management Answer: CDE 29. With respect to Product Interface Profiles, which two items reside on the eTrust SCC server? (Choose two.) A. iGateway B. Product Interface Component Agent C. Product Interface Component servlet D. Product Interface Component profiles Answer: CD 30. Where does the eTrust World Manager reside? A. On agent machines only B. On the eTrust SCC server only C. On the eTrust SCC server and agent machines D. On a machine separate from the other components Answer: B 31. Which three events types of eTrust Audit Events can you configure the Audit Log Viewer to display? (Choose three.) A. A limit for the number of records retrieved B. The language used to display the column headings C. The time zone used to display the event's time information D. How frequently the eTrust Security Command Center will request updates from the eTrust Audit database E. Whether or not fields specified in the Admin Filter appear disabled when users try to modify the criteria, or whether those fields do not appear when users try to modify the criteria Answer: ADE 32. Which rights to the Portal database should the portaldba user have?

A. db_owner B. SysAdmin C. ServerAdmin D. db_datawriter E. db_securityadmin Answer: A 33. What is the event source for the Security Monitor? A. Audit nodes B. Action Manager C. Security monitors D. A Collector database E. All Data Tools components Answer: B 34. Which two statements about eTrust Audit Administrator are true? (Choose two.) A. eTrust Audit Administrator is the Web-based user interface for eTrust Audit. B. eTrust Audit Administrator maintains its user account data in a secure, encrypted files. C. eTrust Audit Administrator is the management tools that lets you define new Audit Viewer profiles. D. eTrust Audit Administrator is an Audit Management tool that lets you perform the same policy management functions as the eTrust Audit Policy Manager. Answer: AD 35. Which eTrust Audit component serves as a filtered message forwarder? A. Router B. Recorder C. Action Manager D. Distribution Agent Answer: A 36. Which statement is true concerning the eTrust SCC architecture? A. The PIK agent and PIK servlet are both found on managed systems. B. The PIK agent is found on managed systems and on the web server. C. The PIK agent and PIK servlet are both found on the eTrust SCC server. D. The PIK agent is found on managed systems and the PIK servlet is on the eTrust SCC server. Answer: D 37. Which component executes eTrust Audit policy? A. Router B. Recorder

C. Redirector D. Action Manager Answer: A 38. Which three statements about eTrust Security Command Center Table Collectors are true? (Choose three.) A. Table collectors are defined in the Audit Administrator interface. B. A table collector allows external reporting tools to access the data. C. A table collector acts as a database that sorts and filters event data. D. Table collectors can be customized on demand as security conditions change. E. A table collector is a custom table for focused event storage and viewing, customized reporting, and post-collection analysis. Answer: BCE 39. Which part of eTrust World uses the eTrust SCC Product Interface? A. eTrust Audit Integration Kit B. eTrust Admin Integration Kit C. eTrust Directory Integration Kit D. eTrust CA-ACF2 Integration Kit Answer: D 40. What is the function of the Action Manager Service? A. It manages a table of correspondence between ports and registered services. B. It provides criteria for bringing audit records into the local audit file from Windows. C. It traps SNMP messages sent to a Windows machine and then passes them onto the default router. D. It reads events from queues where actions were placed and performs the actions defined for each event. Answer: D

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