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Dear Friends,

As we look back at the 2018-2019 school year, we are filled with a tremendous sense of gratitude. Always guided by our mission, the Boston Prep community demonstrated growth and a continuous drive for improvement. As a result, our middle school students, high school students, alumni, and faculty reached impressive heights. • As the school year began, we welcomed 525 students in grades six through twelve, our largest total enrollment yet, bringing us closer to our full capacity of 700 students.

• Fifty-seven students graduated from high school in June, and for the ninth consecutive year, 100% of our graduates earned acceptance to four-year colleges, with 100% choosing to enroll in college this fall.

• Our alumni continued to succeed in college, earning bachelor’s degrees at a rate four times their peers from low-income backgrounds nationally. • We were granted our fourth charter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, enabling us to continue serving Boston’s youth for another five years. • We expanded teacher voice, welcoming two team-elected teachers to the Board of Trustees.

Our school is built upon the integration of rigorous academics, intentional ethical development, integrated supports, and data-driven decision-making. While we believe that each of these elements are critical, we also believe in the transformative power of small moments shared by members of our community. Small moments, when accumulated over time, make a big difference.

Often, the most impactful moments are those that are unplanned—like the moment a student bumps into the Assistant Principal, heartbroken following rejection from the National Honor Society, and receives the encouragement he needs to turn rejection into an opportunity for growth. While we cannot plan for these types of impromptu moments, we can create a community in which each and every small moment is treated as an opportunity to uplift, support, and encourage one another. That is why we have built meaningful rituals into our culture—rituals such as shaking hands with each student every morning and celebrating, as an entire school, each senior’s first acceptance to college. These small moments, and countless others, build community. They demonstrate to individuals that they are known, valued, and supported. When people are surrounded by others who believe in them and recognize the potential that lies within them, the opportunity to fulfill that potential grows exponentially. Together, Boston Prep students and faculty invest daily in both the planned and unplanned small moments that strengthen the power, confidence, and capability within each of us, enabling us all to achieve big outcomes.

We are deeply grateful that you have chosen to be a part of the Boston Prep community. We are stronger with and because of you. Together, we will continue to work to be a different kind of school—a school that ensures all students have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. With deep gratitude,

Tamara Olsen Chair, Board of Trustees

Sharon Liszanckie Executive Director

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All families begin their journey with Boston Prep in a similar way—with a phone call. “Your child has been

selected in the open lottery, and we’re excited to offer you a seat at Boston Prep,” the voice on the other end of the line says. In that moment, families are empowered to make a decision about which public school will

best serve the unique needs of their child and support their success. Year after year, Boston Prep’s students demonstrate that with hard work and determination, they can achieve at the highest levels. 2018-2019 DEMOGRAPHICS ETHNIC DIVERSITY




Middle School MCAS Student Growth Percentiles (SGP)


Boston Prep middle school students LEARN MORE, FASTER than their peers. 90 70

70 50


Average annual learning progress demonstrated across MA

62 50



30 10






Boston Public Schools

Boston Prep

High School MCAS



Percent of students scoring Meeting or Exceeding Expectations



By high school, that growth enables Boston Prep students to








90 70













Math Next Generation Exam



52 45

88 74 59


ELA Next Generation Exam

Boston Public Schools

Science Legacy Exam

Boston Prep

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Boston Prep alumni are demonstrating

What’s possible Boston Prep alumni continue to shine as leaders after high school

graduation. They remain strongly connected to Boston Prep through the Persistence Project, our unique program designed to provide

support to alumni in order to help them overcome common college persistence challenges and successfully earn a bachelor’s degree.

Chantalle UMass Boston ‘19

Steven Salem State University ‘19

Mardoche Simmons College ‘19


BOSTON PREP GRADUATES SUCCESSFULLY EARN BACHELOR’S DEGREES AT A RATE 4X THEIR PEERS FROM SIMILAR ECONOMIC BACKGROUNDS. However, we will not be satisfied until our students graduate college at the same high rate as their peers from

our nation’s wealthiest communities.

Sondia UMass Boston ’19

Boston Prep Classes of 2011-2013 U.S. average Low-income average High-income average

51% 35% 13% 62%

* Comparison data provided by the Pell Institute






COLLEGE ENROLLMENT 100% Boston Prep Class of 2019


of graduates were accepted to

U.S. average

four-year colleges for the




78% High-income



Boston Prep Classes of 2014-2019


on track to earn a degree

Boston Prep alumni are working hard at colleges around the country, including those listed here, building bright futures. Oluwakemi University of Chicago ‘23

American University

Lafayette College

Bentley University

Northeastern University

Bates College

Mount Holyoke College

Boston College

Northwestern University

Bowdoin College

Rhode Island College

Brandeis University

Smith College

Bridgewater State University

Tufts University

Bucknell University

University of Chicago

Denison University

UMass Lowell

Brown University

Dartmouth College

Union College

UMass Amherst

Framingham State University

Wesleyan University

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POWER MOMENT Communities are built through a million small moments—moments that bring people together, moments that uplift and empower, moments that help people find shared commonalities while celebrating differences. At Boston Prep, we know that small moments make a big difference. That is why we intentionally invest in unique Boston Prep rituals—small moments that together build a powerful school community. These rituals help us ensure that as students walk that long and hard road to success, they feel our powerful community walking alongside them.

ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 7


POWER Handshake OF a

“It might sound unusual for a high schooler to choose to

wake up earlier than they have to to come to school, but I do

every day. When I get to school, someone is always waiting for

me, truly happy to see me. It’s a sign that it’s a new day, a chance to start over and to do better and be better than the day before. It erases any tension and any stressors, and I wouldn’t give that special moment of connection up for anything.” Cheyenne, Grade 10


Every morning at Boston Prep,

each and every student is greeted at

the front door with a smile and a handshake. Every morning? Yes, every morning. Even—and especially— on those dark mornings, riddled by rain, snow, and subzero temperatures, before the sun has risen.

Every student? Yes, every student. Even—and especially— the students who made some poor choices the day before. “Getting a warm welcome to school every morning makes me feel special. That little piece of joy when I first walk in helps me start every morning on a good note.” Shaniya, Grade 7

ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 9


POWER cowbell OF a

“When I was younger, watching other students

being celebrated when they were accepted to college

inspired me. When it was finally my turn to ring the bell, I was

nervous. But as soon I started ringing the bell, I was overwhelmed by the support and cheering from my classmates and teachers. In that moment, I felt the true power of community. I will always have a strong support system and a crowd of people on my side at Boston Prep, even after high school.� Mohammed, Boston Prep Class of 2019 Bentley University Class of 2023


From the first day of sixth grade, our goal is clear; we aim for all of our students to graduate from a four-year college.

A student’s first college acceptance is a monumental step

toward that goal. Therefore, we celebrate each senior’s first acceptance to college in grand style—with the ringing of a cowbell.

“The moment I was accepted to college, it was unbelievable. Ringing the cowbell made everything so real. I was

overwhelmed with joy at the amazing showing of support

from my teachers and peers. Finally, in that moment, I knew I belonged on a college campus.”

Joanna, Boston Prep Class of 2017 American University Class of 2021

ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 11



Faculty members tell their stories as one way

to build stronger relationships with students. As part of a tradition entitled “Why I Teach,� teachers take on

the role of storytellers, sharing a piece of themselves with their students. Teachers share the often deeply personal, powerful life events that led them to choose the teaching profession.

The result is often a deeper appreciation and stronger connection between students and teachers.


“Why I Teach”

Eric Tabb, High School Assistant Principal I teach because of Chitho. People on the street called him “Bundles.” Before I even knew what a mentor was, I was a mentor to Chitho. He was like my little brother, and I made it my mission to keep him out of trouble. But when I went to college, our conversations changed from, “How’s school?” and, “Are you trying out for basketball?” to him telling me about his new gun. Disappointed, but knowing there was not much I could do from school, all I could say was, “Be safe.”

Chitho got wrapped up in the streets and landed himself in jail. When he was released in the summer of 2015, despite the fact that he was now taller and stronger than me, he still looked up to me. We met up one day in my old neighborhood, sat on some benches, and talked for hours. He told me that he wanted to change, to be done with the streets. Two weeks later, he was murdered. He had taken a girl on a date. An old street rival noticed him, waited outside, and shot and killed him in the restaurant parking lot. When Chitho finally wanted out, it was too late.

So the reason I teach is to show all of you that there is a better way. The same guys I saw on the corner when I was in middle school were out on the same corner when I graduated from college—at least those who hadn’t been taken by street violence. I tell you this story to show you that I know. I know that there are a lot of obstacles out there. I know that street life and fast money can seem appealing. But I also know the reality—it’s not worth it.

And I want you to know that I’m a part of your team. Your clique. Your gang. I’m here to help and support you in whatever way you need. I teach for Chitho. And I teach for you. All of us, as teachers in this school, we teach for you. Always remember that.

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The reports that follow are audited statements.





JUNE 30, 2019

JULY 1, 2018 – JUNE 30, 2019


DOE Per-Pupil Revenue Grants Revenue

In-Kind Transportation and Pension Program Fees

Private Revenue Total Income


Current Assets



Prepaid Expenses and Other


Fixed Assets, Net

9,422,208 698,202



Accounts Receivable

Total Current Assets Security Deposit Total Assets

Salaries, Benefits & Related



School/Student Expenses


Accounts Payable

Capital Lease Obligation

Professional Fees & Recruitment In-Kind Transportation

General & Administration






1,656,527 260,674


Total Expense

Net Ordinary Income

Other Income/Expense




Other Income

Grants Released from Restriction Changes in Net Assets






Accrued Expenses

Total Liabilities Equity

Net Assets

Total Equity

Total Liabilities & Equity




2,194,806 653,746 4,697





695,684 2,157,565 2,157,565 2,853,249

“When I’m overwhelmed, stressed about any number of things, inevitably a student pops by the classroom to say hello. They have no goal, no ulterior motive; it’s simply a greeting, an offering of compassion and connection. Suddenly, in that moment, joy fills me, my head clears, and I am reminded of what is important in this work and why I love this school.” Bruce Kapteyn High School ELA Teacher

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Anonymous Boston Schools Fund Gordon & Wendy Cromwell John Garber Jeff Hawkins Steve Kadish & Linda Snyder Elizabeth Liszanckie Massachusetts DESE Barry Meade Frances & Ben Moyer Harry & Susan Newton Tom & Beth Sorbo Brian Spector Carol Taylor & John Deknatel Arivee Vargas & Trevor Rozier-Boyd


Anonymous Kevin & Kathleen Beatty Charles Hayden Foundation Cove Hill Partners Garth & Lindsay Greimann Derek Kaufman & Leora Horwitz Kirkland & Ellis LLP MFS Investment Management Claire Newton & Ted Maloney Tamara Olsen Tim & Lynne Palmer Shippy Foundation Wellington Management Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 Richard & Carla Benka John & Lynn Bogle Rick & Nonnie Burnes Patricia Cherney Citizens Bank Tamar Dor-Ner & Dan Krockmalnic KPMG Liberty Mutual Foundation


Support is for Boston Prep and the Preparatory Foundation, Inc. from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions.

Linde Family Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Georgia Murray & Mark Maloney Mark Nunnelly PwC Ropes & Gray LLP Eric Silverman Snapdragon Book Foundation Carol Taylor & John Deknatel Henry & Ann Trentman

$5,000 - $9,999

Axiomada Bain Capital Children’s Charity Kevin Callaghan Clinton H. and Wilma T. Shattuck Charitable Trust Gordon & Wendy Cromwell Esther B. Kahn Charitable Foundation Lilli Gordon Paul & Amanda Gordon Grandin Family Foundation Bill Irving Jesse Bayer Foundation Andrew & Tamara Kaplan

Kevin & Amanda Kavanagh Kevin & Rebecca Koslosky LEK Consulting Longfield Family Foundation Brian & Alison Mackey Harry & Susan Newton Tom & Beth Sorbo United Way W.T. Rich

$1,000 - $4,999

AllianceBernstein Arimann Building Services, Inc. Joe Basile & Maureen Sweeny Joan Benzie Jeremy & Sarah Benedict Anne Marie & Cyril Bernard Telis & Wendy Bertsekas Jason & Heather Brady Michael Bufano Jackie & Michael Burkett Abel Cano William Clark & Family Kyle Corkery J. Taylor Crandall Kevin & Claudia Cronin

Michael & Emily Damiano Nancy Donahoe Robert Doran Michael & Kate Duffield Stella Dubish & Bryan Ennis Charles Farber Fish Family Foundation Mary Waters Frew & Brian Peterson Jeff & Tania Garr Christopher Gordon John & Anne Grandin Grossman Family Charitable Foundation Priscilla Guerrero Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Greg Henning HR Knowledge Thomas & Rachel Huff Insource Services, Inc. Jude & Mary Jason Joshua & Marian Johnson Steve Kadish & Linda Snyder Elea Kemler & Alan Hurvitz Seth & Beth Klarman Debbie Krause & James Schuster Josh Langsam Sharon Liszanckie & Robyn Holzman Cristina Lopez & Dave Schor Howard & Judith McCue Scott McCue & Kate Murray Chris McKown & Abigail Johnson Preston & Susan McSwain Barry Meade Michael Newton Nike Daniel O’Connell Robert Pape Anders & Anna Peterson Donald & Pamela Peterson Sally Peterson & John Stone Susan Peterson & Charles Haney Prio Wealth LLP Andrew & Tara Quatrale Robert Radloff Paul Russell Ross Sherbrooke & Family Dominic Slowey Michael Stankavish & Amy Basile Roger & Mona Stephenson Thais Stiklorius Laurie Swett Mike Tonelli & Nicole Barsalona Jeanette Webster & Carlos Nobles Kate & Rich Whitcomb

$500 - $999

Cristal & Jill Balis Marissa & Jose Bisbe Adam & Kim Borchert Andy Bruns Kate & Jason Cincotta College Hype Steven & Betsy Giannoccaro Michelle & Carl Hediger Andrew & Meredith Hedin David & Susan Holzman James & Bess Hughes Loren & James Jarrett Gary Loveman Dan McNulty John Munson & Vivian Perez Pam Murray & Jay MacLaughlin Jonathan & Ali Nuger Danielle & Mike Pape Deborah Pierre Dan Price Carolyn F. Sax Michael Sperling Melissa Tansey Steven Tompkins Darren Torpey John Voith & Lauren DiCola Dave & Jennifer Wolff Nicole Zatlyn

$1 - $499

The Achieve Program Rachel Adams Shalaya Alexander Jose Alves Junilisis Aristy Matthew & Erin Aronson Laurie Bacon & Katherine Skrivan Nancy Bailey Andrea Baker Amy Balewicz Marilyn Bancroft Guyasha Barthelemy Berry Insurance Mike & Renee Biehl Will Bihrle Donovan Birch, Jr. Stacy Birdsell Meghan Blute-Nelson & Benjamin Nelson Tarik Bolat Monica & Gary Bracey Brian Honan Charitable Fund Verna Buckley & Dwight Dixon May Bumar Bruce & Patrice Buxton Bill Byrn & Linda Chadwick

Vivian Cabral Eileen Callahan & Francis Cash Matthew & Katie Cannan Ivelisse Caraballo Jay & Kate Carter Bill Catlin Erika & Benjamin Chaset Amelia Cheers Janelle Clervil Debra Cogan Jill Colley & Katie Braymiller Matthew Condit Marie Content Michaela Crowley & Ashlee Reed Thomas & Kara Crowley James Damon Sheryl Damon Melissa Danforth & Eamonn Travers Juan DeJesus Myrlande Dericiel Maria DiPietro Doree Dudak Genevieve Dusing Rob Ernst Farah Faldonie Lynn Feigenbaum Antonio Filleti Janie Fischbach Colin & Sarah Fischer Albert Fortier Alisha Frederick Susan & Alan Fowler Mona Fuller & Alvin Childs Annie Gaburo Gabriel Garza & Paloma DiazDickson Veronica Gentile Frank Gerratana James & Molly Gerrity Deborah Gray Tom & Susan Grignon Oscar & Julia Guerrero Manaswi Gupta Dorree Gurdak Madeline Hannigan Isabel & Trevor Hardy Rob Haselhurst Charlotte Holzman Mike & Laurie Hurley Monika Hyatt Sarah & David James Brittney & Andrew Jean-Louis Eric Jerman & Julie Kenerson Sharma Joseph Andrew Kalinowski Bruce Kapteyn Bruce Kapteyn & Jessica Taubner

Dara & Jared Kesselheim Brian & Courtney Kiley Amy Killeen & Tom Birmingham Dorlan Kimbrough Amy Chen Kulesa Anne Lang & John Talbot Andrea & Andrew Lavoie Adam & Amy Leamon Kellyann Leong Denaisha Lesley-Coburn Mia Lewis Natalie Branch Lewis Elizabeth Liszanckie Maureen & Jaime Lopez Paul Lyons Justin MacDonald Mary Mackay Gary Madison Ellen Maloney Kit Murray Maloney Dana Mahadeo & Randi Shand Robby Marren Tyler & Sarah Martin Beatrice Masters Edwin Maynard Faries McCree Anne McManus Ian & Leah McMillan Chris McVety Jerry Meade Simone Medilien Roger Melick Isaacson Michel Julie Lee Miller Matt & Liza Mone Giovany Morales-Ramos & Azucena Ramos-Morales Sarah Morrison Pivel Morton Yavin Muller & Yuejuan Weng Teresa & Ulisse Occhiolini Shanna O’Berry Brian O’Connor Priscilla O’Reilly Robert & Carolyn Osteen Matthew Ostrow Kevin Ouellette & Janice Nieves Bonilla Adebayo Owolewa Mat & Taryn Paisner Somie Pak Panda Cub Academy Cynthia Paris Molly Parshley Thomas & Briana Parshley Jennifer Pinck Josh & Lynne Plavner Chip & Maisie Pollard

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Melissa & Michael Potter Matthew Ranzinger Yvonne Riggan Jovinson Ripert Noah Rosenbaum & Michelle Vidal RTN Federal Credit Union Jannel Satterwhite-Williamson Andrei & Liliane Schor Nancy Schulman Robert N. Shapiro Vanessa Shiu Tara & Brian Shuman JuDana Smith Danielle Smogard Kristin Stead Jacqueline Story Stephenson & Michael Stephenson Studio G Architects Elaine & Sal Tagliareni Sean & Lauren Talbot Tahira & Andre Thomas Kareema & Wallace Thompson Liz Ticcioni & Craig Noto Stefany Tomlinson William & Rebecca Torrey Teresa Valerio & Stephen Boris Arivee Vargas & Trevor RozierBoyd Vincent & Karen Vicario Hannah Walford Jennifer Walter Jim Washington Aziza Wilkerson

Lauren Willis & Alex Gomez Ariell Wills Barney & Erica Wolff Mindy & Kayron Wright Don Zambarano Erica & Jeff Zieba

In-Kind Gifts

Aquitaine Dedham Joe Basile & Maureen Sweeney Berkshire Partners Donovan Birch, Jr. BlueHive Blue Man Group Bose Corporation Boston Harbor Distillery Brigham and Women’s Hospital BRIX Wine Shop Bully Boy Distillers Canaccord Genuity Carmelina’s City Tap House Cramer Gordon & Wendy Cromwell Dana Farber Cancer Institute David Yurman Department of Public Health Dona Habana Facebook Fairmont Copley Plaza First Aid Beauty Flour Bakery + Cafe Foley Hoag


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Christine Pape & Robert Rizzi Danielle & Mike Pape Parlor Ski Co. Anders & Anna Peterson Red Sox Foundation Roche Bros. Marc Shulman Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center Paul Silvia Tom & Beth Sorbo Strategies for Children Swan Boats of Boston Total Wine & More Wachusett Mountain Herb Wagner Wellesley College Department of Neuroscience WeWork Winbrook Worden Hall York Harbor Inn

Toast Committee Donovan Birch, Jr. Jada Burke Jackie Burkett Abel Cano Amelia Cheers Gordon Cromwell Jessica Dawn Juan DeJesus Molly Gerrity

Priscilla Guerrero Rachel Huff Andrew Kaplan, Chair Kevin Koslosky Sharon Liszanckie Ted Maloney Scott McCue Giovany Morales-Ramos Claire Newton Tamara Olsen Danielle Pape Anders Peterson Gary Prado Jovinson Ripert Kelly Rux Tara Shuman Tracy Simoneau Tom Sorbo Michael Stankavish Jacqueline Story Stephenson Ariell Wills Mindy Wright

Board of Visitors Andy Alisberg KachĂŠ Boyd Amelia Cheers Bill Clark Gordon Cromwell Mark Culliton Katie Everett Malcolm Gauld John Grandin Priscilla Guerrero Robert Lewis, Jr. Scott McCue Claye Metelmann Blake Poole Jovinson Ripert Callie Slocum

Board Of Trustees

Amelia Cheers Secretary, Residential Program Director, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services Priscilla Guerrero Trustee, Assistant District Attorney, Office of the Suffolk County District Attorney Sarah James Trustee, Ph.D. Candidate, Government Social Policy, Harvard University Josh Johnson Treasurer, Principal, Berkshire Partners Andrew Kaplan Vice Chair, Principal, Bain Capital

Jermaine Myrie Trustee, Chief External Affairs Officer, uAspire Claire Newton Trustee, Chief Operating Officer, Axiomada Tamara Olsen Chair, Partner, Bain & Co. Marilyn Onwunaka Trustee, Teacher, Boston Prep Cynthia Paris Trustee, Superintendent, Lawrence Public Schools Blake Poole Trustee, Vice President, AllianceBernstein Jonathan Talley Trustee, Facilities Supervisor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Trial Court Arivee Vargas Trustee, Head of Global Assurance and Anti-Corruption Program, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Ryan Vermette Trustee, Teacher, Boston Prep Jim Washington Trustee, Director of Admissions for Strategic Initiatives, Dartmouth College

The Preparatory Foundation Directors

Jeremy Benedict Director, Chief People Officer, Access Information Management Bruce Buxton Director, Former Headmaster, Falmouth Academy Bill Clark Incoming President, Senior Managing Director of Leadership Giving, Dartmouth College Tamar Dor-Ner Director, Partner, Bain & Co. John Grandin Outgoing President, Fundraising Consultant Charlotte Johnson Director, Vice-President, Scripps College Scott McCue Director, Dean, Sposato Graduate School of Education Preston McSwain Director, President and Founder, SJM Fiduciary Advisors, LLC Carolyn Osteen Director, Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray, LLP Tom Sorbo Director, Adjunct Professor, Providence College Carol Taylor Clerk, President, cmt Associates

ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 19

OUR FACULTY Amy Abair Social Worker, B.A., Pine Manor College; M.S.W., Boston College Diana Abraham Middle School Math Teacher, B.S., University of Maine Rachel Adams Assistant Director of Middle School Support Services, B.A., Tufts University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Tony Alexandre Alumni Counselor, B.S., Framingham State University Laurie Bacon ELA Department Chair, B.A., Pitzer College; Ed.M., Harvard University Durante Barringer High School History Teacher, B.A., Bard College; M.Ed., Boston College Ariel Becker High School Math Teacher, B.A., Princeton University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education David Berkley High School History and Ethics Teacher, B.A., Dartmouth College Tess Bernhard High School Science Teacher, B.A., Princeton University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Katherine Bernier Data Analyst, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst Kevin Black Middle School ELA Teacher and Literacy Coordinator, B.A., Providence College; M.M., New England Conservatory David Blitzer High School ELA Teacher, B.A., Williams College Mary Catherine Boehmer ELD Coordinator and Teacher, B.A., University of Mississippi; M.A., Columbia University Katie Braymiller High School Science Teacher and Director of New Team Support, B.S., SUNY Geneseo; M.Ed., Boston College Carolina Brito High School Principal, B.A., Columbia University; M.A., Harvard University Danielle Buskey High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Framingham State University; M.Ed., Framingham State University Jada Burke Paraprofessional, B.A., Saint Anselm College

Bradley Burns High School History Teacher, B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Brandeis University Mykel Cajuste Operations Associate Eileen Callahan Chief Academic Officer, B.A., Fordham University; M.A., Fordham University; M.Ed., Harvard University Aaron Canto Director of the Persistence Project, B.A., Boston College Ryan Caswell Middle School Math Teacher, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Nereida Cheney Middle and High School ELD Teacher, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston; M.A., Simmons College Christian Clark Middle School ELA Teacher, B.A., Grinnell College Shawna Conaghan Reading Specialist, B.S., Salem University; M.Ed., Lesley University; Reading Specialist Certificate, Lesley University Kelly Crockett Front Office Manager, A.S., Victor Valley College; A.A., Victor Valley College Johanna Crowley Middle and High School ELD Teacher, B.S., Wheelock College; M.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston Michaela Crowley Director of Human Capital, B.A., Boston College; M.Ed., Boston College Ryan Cutillo Paraprofessional, B.A., Suffolk University Monique DeBarros Director of Support Services, B.A., Boston University; M.S., Simmons College Juan DeJesus Technology Associate, A.A., ITT Technical Institute Sarah Dewey College Counselor, B.A., St. Michael’s College Samantha Diaz Psychology Intern, B.A., Siena College; M.A., St. John’s University Gabriela Diller Assistant Director of High School Support Services, B.A., Boston University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education


Inclusive of all faculty from both the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years Leeanne Dillmann High School Math Teacher, B.S., Emerson College Julie Driscoll Occupational Therapist, B.S., Boston University; M.A., University of Southern California Julie Duran Interim High School Principal, B.S., Boston University, M.A.T., Boston University Meghann Estrada Middle School ELA Teacher, B.A., Indiana University Kimberly Ferreira Middle School ELA Teacher, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Lowell Bermely Ferreras High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Colby-Sawyer College Jenna Finnis Middle School Support Services Teacher, B.A., The College of New Jersey; M.A., The College of New Jersey Fina Fontes Pre-College Counselor, B.A., Northeastern University Patrick Foran Artistic Enrichment Teacher, B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art and Design Annie Gaburo Middle School ELA Teacher, B.A., Colgate University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Magdalena Gaillot Instructional and Operational Support, B.A., Providence College Gabriel Garza Psychologist, B.A., Williams College; M.S., University of Massachusetts, Boston; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Boston Opal Gayle High School Spanish Teacher, B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.A., St. Louis University William Geddes High School Science Teacher, B.A., College of the Holy Cross Justine Gillis Paraprofessional, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston Emily Goetz High School Latin Teacher, B.A., Vassar College; M. Ed., University of Saint Joseph Malorie Golafaie School Nurse, B.S.N., Howard University Horita Graham Middle School Support Services Teacher, B.S., Rhode Island College; M.A.T., Johnson and Wales University

Margaret Gregory Middle School Dean of Students, B.A., Bennett College; M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Boston Annemarie Grimaldi High School ELA Teacher, B.A., University of Portland; M.Ed., Harvard University Karina Halloran High School Math Teacher, B.A., Boston College; M.A., Boston College Ji-Young Ham Middle School Math Teacher, B.A., Smith College; M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania Jonathan Harlow High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Harvard University; M.Ed., Boston University; C.A.G.S., Boston University VaLonda Harris High School Dean of Students, B.A., Harvard University Marquisse Henry Physical Fitness Enrichment Teacher, B.S., Franklin Pierce University Shemere Johnson Paraprofessional and Instructional Support Teacher, A.A., Bunker Hill Community College Shauna Jordan Instructional and Operational Support, B.A., Harvard College; M.A., Emerson College Peter Kaplan Middle School Math Teacher, B.A., Harvard University; M.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Bruce Kapteyn High School ELA Teacher, B.A., Boston University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Charles Kenyon High School History and Ethics Teacher, B.A., Bates College Reed Kuivila High School Math Teacher, B.A., Dartmouth College Natalie Lapointe Middle School Science Teacher, B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.Ed., Boston University Andrea Lavoie Middle School History Teacher, B.A., Providence College Jessie Mae Leger Instructional and Operational Support, B.S., Salem State University Danny Levin High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Yale University

Maya Levine High School Latin Teacher, B.A., University of Pennsylvania Michael Lester Middle School Assistant Principal, B.S., Tuskegee University; M.Ed., Simmons College Sharon Liszanckie Executive Director, B.A., Northwestern University; M.B.A., Harvard Business School Bobby Looney Middle School Math Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director, B.S., Boston College; M.Ed., Boston University Cristina Lopez Middle School Principal, B.S., Boston College; M.Ed., Arizona State University; M.Ed., Research Institute for School Leadership Madison Lund High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., St. Lawrence University; M.Ed., Lesley University Tyler Martin Director of Finance and Facilities, B.A., University of Maine; M.B.A., Northeastern University Victor Martinez-Diaz Physical Fitness Enrichment Teacher, B.A., Westfield State University Natalie Ma Speech Language Pathologist, B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.A., MGH Institute of Health Professions Zoe Masters High School Science Teacher, B.A., Princeton University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Chastity Mathurin Middle School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Providence College; M.A., Boston University Courtney McColgan Instructional and Operational Support, B.A., College of the Holy Cross Sarah Mejia Psychology Intern, B.A., Santa Clara University; M.A., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Avi Mendelson Middle School History Teacher, B.A., University of Michigan

Ali Milbry Middle School History Teacher, A.A., Bunker Hill Community College; B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst Lisa Moskowitz High School Reading Teacher, B.A., Virginia Tech; M.A., Simmons College Kate Murray Science Department Chair, B.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A., Columbia University Teachers College Caitlann O’Dell Middle School Science Teacher, B.S., University of Pittsburgh Daniel O’Donnell Middle School Math Teacher, B.S., Lesley University Rosemary O’Neale Facility and Food Specialist Marilyn Onwunaka Middle School Science Teacher, B.A., Boston College; M.A., Boston University Kevin Ouellette High School Latin Teacher, B.A., Boston University Danielle Pape Director of Grants and Communications, B.S., Vanderbilt University; M.Ed., Vanderbilt University Greg Passineau High School ELA Teacher, B.A., Stonehill College Melissa Perez Middle and High School Support Services Teacher, B.S., Boston University Anders Peterson Director of Development, B.A., Wesleyan University; M.Ed., Harvard University Sorilennis Ramirez Front Office Manager, Diploma, Instituto Teologico Asamblea de Iglesias Cristianas; Diploma, Escuela de Ministeros Asamblea Iglesias Cristianas Jonathan Redaelly Flores High School Math Teacher, B.A., University Of California, Los Angeles Ryan Rondorf High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., James Madison University; M.A.T., James Madison University

Jessi Rosinski Middle School ELA Teacher, B.M., The Hartt School, University of Hartford; M.M., New England Conservatory, M.B.A, Babson College Madelyn Ruizdeporras Family and Enrichment Coordinator Kelly Rux Middle School Math Teacher, B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison; M.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison; M.A., Boston University Hassah Saleh Technology Specialist Ryan Shannon High School Math Teacher, B.S., Valdosta State University; M.A.T., University of Georgia Cody Sharma High School History Teacher, B.A., Rice University; M.Ed., University of Houston Ashley Sharpe-Porter Coordinator of Partial Inclusion, B.A., Spelman College; M.Ed., Boston University Vanessa Shiu High School Director of Systems and Operations, B.S., Stanford University; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Tara Shuman High School ELA Teacher, B.A., Bowdoin College; J.D., Suffolk University Law School Danielle Smogard Middle School ELA Teacher, B.A., Carleton College; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Emily Solup High School Support Services Teacher, B.A., Emmanuel College Brandon Springer History Department Chair & High School History Teacher, B.S., University of Colorado; B.A., University of Colorado David Stack Instructional and Operational Support, B.S., Tufts University Jacqueline Story Stephenson High School ELA and Lead Language Teacher, B.A., Georgetown University; M.S., The Johns Hopkins University

Stephen Swiech Technology Manager and Engineering Teacher, B.A., Towson University; M.S., Loyola University of Maryland; M.Ed., Loyola University of Maryland Eric Tabb High School Assistant Principal, B.S., Virginia State University Stefany Tomlinson High School Assistant Principal, B.A., Spelman College; M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst Lucie Torrey Middle School Director of Systems and Operations, B.A., Middlebury College; M.E.T., Sposato Graduate School of Education Emma Turi High School History Teacher, B.A., College of the Holy Cross Alec Turner Middle School History Teacher, B.A., Quinnipiac University; M.A.T., Quinnipiac University Graham VanderZanden Director of Strategic Projects, B.A., University of Washington; M.P.P., Harvard University Ryan Vermette Interim Math Department Chair & High School Math Teacher, B.S., Bentley University; M.S., The Johns Hopkins University Vanessa Walker High School Science Teacher, B.A., Boston University Carly Williams Middle School Support Services Teacher, B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst Ariell Wills Middle and High School Support Services Teacher, B.S., Wilberforce University; M.A., Antioch University David Wolff Psychologist, B.A., Cornell University; M.S., Kent State University; Ph.D., Kent State University Mindy Wright Career Counselor, B.A., Colby College; M.Ed., Boston College

Small moments make a big difference.

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Annual Report 2018-2019: The Power of a Moment  

Learn about the achievements of Boston Prep, a charter public school, over the past year and the ways in which our community invests in smal...

Annual Report 2018-2019: The Power of a Moment  

Learn about the achievements of Boston Prep, a charter public school, over the past year and the ways in which our community invests in smal...