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The Permanent Fund for Boston is Greater Boston’s endowment and the most flexible fund held by the Boston Foundation, giving our staff and board members the crucial resources they need to respond to the most pressing issues facing our community at any point in time. It is made up of hundreds of separate funds that are either Unrestricted or Field of Interest Funds. The following funds are either totally unrestricted or directed to a general issue or area of concern. Many of these funds were established by families or organizations to honor loved ones or treasured colleagues by naming the fund after them. The year the fund was established is listed in parentheses and new funds are bolded. Emily Tuckerman Allen Fund (2006) Anonymous Fund X (2018) Area IV Fund (2015) Geno A. Ballotti Fund (1985)

The Karoff Fund for Leadership in Philanthropy The Karoff Fund for Leadership in Philanthropy was established in 2017 to honor Peter Karoff, who was a pioneer in the field of strategic philanthropy. He founded The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), which now is under the umbrella of the Boston Foundation and a leading influence in the world of philanthropy. The fund is being used to support and disseminate research, writing and other projects that inform, inspire and support the next generation of philanthropic leaders.

Irene W. Bancroft Fund (1997) James R. Bancroft Trust Fund (1985) Harriett M. Bartlett Fund (1988) J. E. Adrien Blais Fund I (1968) The Barry Bluestone and Marry Ellen Colten Legacy Fund (2017) Franklin S. & Cynthia B. Browning Fund (1989) Frank B. & Watson G. Cutter Fund (1984) James Dean Fund (1947) Katherine E. Dooley Fund (1998) Herbert and Lucy Fields Fund (2009) Edward Glines Fund (1939) Rev. Ray A. Hammond Fund for the Neighborhoods of Boston (2010) Nathaniel Hooper Fund (1939) Grace A. Jacobs Fund (1989) Karoff Fund for Leadership in Philanthropy (2017) Michael B. Keating Fund for Justice and Social Equity (2016) Thomas F. Lambert, Jr. and Elizabeth Branon Lambert Fund (2007) Polaroid Fund (1997) Ruth M. Reiss Memorial Fund (1997) Samuel H. & Lizzie M. Robie Trust Fund (1983) Walter J. & Marjorie B. Salmon Fund (1999) Robert Wadsworth Fund for the Future of Boston (2008)


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