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JANUS et Cie is celebrating 40 years of craftsmanship and superior design in outdoor furniture. The Hatch Collection, designed by Michael Vanderbyl, blends marine craft technique with modern sensibility— the pieces would be right at home on any superyacht or snazzy poolside environment. The Janice Feldmandesigned Konos Collection also caught our eye for its commitment to sustainability.

Linara by Romo is best described as a journey of color. A beautiful medium of inspiration, the palette includes over 360 shades of their iconic brushed cotton linen. That’s practically one for every day of the year, ranging from bold primaries and soft pastels to timeless neutrals. Linara stands out as a go-to fabric that offers style and versatility along with practicality and durability. And it’s washable!

Schumacher has launched the Vogue Living collection through a licensing partnership with Condé Nast. Together the brands will release a collection of approximately 50 products, both fabrics and wallcoverings, that bring the world of fashion into the home.


“In collaborating with Dara Caponigro and her team on this exciting project, we looked both to evocative prints and textiles in Schumacher’s remarkable historic archive, and to the work of some of the great Jazz Age Vogue illustrators, elements of which we have worked into innovative new designs, treatments, and color stories,” said Hamish Bowles, Vogue’s International Editor at Large. “In doing so, we created a collection that pays homage to some of the great tastemakers whose instincts for fashion, style, and interiors has shaped the look of Vogue through the decades.”

ID Boston Vol. 10  

The magazine of Boston Design Center.

ID Boston Vol. 10  

The magazine of Boston Design Center.