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Philanthropy Report 2014

Max’s story. . .......................................... 2

Donor recognition............................ 22

Estates and Trusts............................. 45

Financial information & hospital highlights............................ 4

Children’s Heroes. . ........................ 23

Tributes.............................................. 46

Signature Society: Named Endowed Funds............... 24

Foundations...................................... 48

Donor stories....................................... 6

Children’s Circles of Leadership.. 30 Circle of Care. . ......................... 30 Circle of Promise..................... 33 Circle of Courage.................... 34

Corporations..................................... 50 Matching gifts.. .................................. 53 Gifts-in-kind. . .................................... 54 Associations...................................... 54

Circle of Hope......................... 36

Boston Children’s Hospital League................................ 55

Legacy Circle........................... 42

Community fundraisers. . .................. 56 Volunteer leadership.. ....................... 57

Once isolated due to “bubble boy” disease, Agustin Caceres today enjoys comfort in the arms of his dad (cover) and his doctor, Sung-Yun Pai, MD. Agustin was born with X-linked severe combined immune deficiency, which killed the Caceres’ first-born son. Searching for hope for a normal life, Agustin participated in a new gene therapy trial at Boston Children’s. Today he’s cured, and travels to Boston Children’s from his home in Buenos Aires for annual check-ups.

When kids like Max and Agustin are sick, families unite. Neighbors lean in. First grade teachers and old college friends reappear. They’re joined by a team of doctors, nurses and people like you. The people they may never know by name, but are thankful for, all the same. Just as we’re thankful, too. You make our mission possible—thank you.

2 | Max’s story

Max’s light shines on thanks to you Nowhere to turn. Max’s parents took him to the local

parents, Chuck and Kim Omphalius, packed their bags

hospital, the big city hospital, and all doctors could say

in Poughkeepsie, NY, for a two-week stay. Three days

was they’d never seen anything like it. Max, 9, had a

later, Max was well enough to head home. Five weeks

cyst in his heart. These cysts normally dissolve on their

later, he rejoined his team on the soccer field. “Max is

own—but not for Max, whose cyst had grown to half

like a candle that lights up a room,” says Chuck, Max’s

his heart’s size. Wait and watch, they were told. That

dad. “More than just a light, because candles have

wasn’t good enough. All roads pointed to Boston

warmth, too. He has a motor that doesn’t stop. I was

Children’s world-renowned cardiology department.

concerned he’d come out of this experience afraid.

Doctors recommended surgery…an open-heart

What if his flame goes out? It didn’t. He hasn’t changed

surgery that would require stopping Max’s heart, and

one bit. He’s even more of a beacon.” Chuck credits

implementing a heart-lung machine to keep him

Max’s miraculous story to the strength of his son—

alive while surgeons did their work. Max would be the

and the strength of their community, both at home

youngest patient ever to undergo the surgery. Max’s

and in Boston.

“To know people are out there giving to complete strangers—it gives you faith in humanity. We benefited from that, and want to be part of it.” —Chuck Omphalius, Max’s dad

Max’s story | 3

From updates every halfhour from the operating room, to round-the-clock care, “if you could plan what professionalism and compassion should be under those circumstances, you guys have it down,” Chuck says.

When Max missed Touch-A-Truck Day, the local fire department made Max an honorary fireman.

“Max It Out” bracelets were sold to help with expenses. But once bills were paid, Chuck and Kim made a donation to the hospital.

Developing countries often lack resources to care for critically ill kids. Through on-site seminars, mission trips and web education, we’re helping create sustainable health programs to care for kids like Max around the globe.

4 | Source of Funds

Together, we raised $119.1 million to support hospital programs, promising research, and care for children in our community and around the globe. $3.5M Bequests 44 gifts were left to us from donors’ estate plans.



Individual Giving


61,192 donors are part of our giving community.

More than 300 corporate foundations, event sponsors and cause-related marketing partners supported us. Cause marketing raised over $5 million in consumer donations, $1 at a time.

Source of funds


Boston Children’s & Community Events We hosted or supported more than 400 events, from walks and galas to community fundraisers.

$26.4M Foundations We received 270 gifts and awards from foundations.

Use of Funds | 5

$68.3M Research


1,400+ researchers are advancing the understanding of disease, treatments and cures with help from philanthropy.

Children’s Fund Gifts support areas of greatest need, including innovative technology and services for the entire patient family.

A few highlights: Cardioport, with better access than a catheter, may revolutionize minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

A wristband using motion and sweat sensors to detect onset of a seizure protects epilepsy patients at risk of sudden death from seizure while sleeping.

$28.3M Patient care, medical training and community health


of funds

Some highlights: Treated 605,275 patients from all 50 states, and 2,180 international patients from more than 100 countries. Trained 599 residents, fellows and interns as Harvard Medical School’s primary pediatric teaching hospital. Reached 968 kids through our obesity program; plus 1,500 kids, and 165 teachers and parents with our in-school mental health program.

$2.4M Designation pending

Improved understanding of brain disorders. “Deep sequencing” identifies hardto-detect mutations affecting a small percentage of cells in studies of autism and epilepsy.

HealthMap, a web-based program that scours big data, led the Centers for Disease Control’s efforts to track the worst Ebola outbreak ever.

6 | Individuals & Foundations

Grateful parents. Selfless siblings. Committed companies. Their stories are all here. Behind these stories there are thousands more. Each unique—but all united by invisible threads tied back to Boston Children’s Hospital. It’s your generosity that drives us—propelling innovative care and groundbreaking research. Getting us closer to cures. Meet just a few of the amazing people and organizations united in support of Boston Children’s Hospital.

Individuals & Foundations | 7

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith paving the way to discoveries through innovation Richard and Susan Smith

more scarce, yet there’s never been so much promise:

and their family founda-

the convergence of Boston Children’s groundbreaking

tion’s brand of committed,

research and talent with stunning new technologies.

creative philanthropy has

“We’ve used gene therapy to cure rare immune

impacted Boston and

disorders,” Fenwick says. “We’ve brought two drugs

beyond—in urban educa-

discovered through stem cell research to clinical trial.

tion and in how health-

We’re leaders in telehealth, making medical expertise

care is delivered. With a

available to every corner of the globe. And we’ve only

$15 million gift to Boston

just begun.” The Smith gift will ensure that promise is

Children’s Hospital’s

fulfilled. “Our gift recognizes the hospital’s research

President’s Innovation Fund, they’ve cemented their

powerhouse and its potential to transform the medical

legacy of visionary philanthropy, while furthering the

field in Boston and around the world,” says Richard

hospital’s legacy of transformative medicine. The Smiths’

Smith. “We wanted to support this unique moment in

generosity marks the largest gift to innovation in the

pediatrics and in Boston Children’s history by giving

hospital’s history, and an unprecedented opportunity

Sandi Fenwick and her leadership team the ability to

for President and CEO Sandra Fenwick and her faculty

underwrite projects and ideas that can’t be funded any

leaders to turn ideas into action. The gift couldn’t come

other way.”

at a more critical time. Research funding has never been

The Richard A. and Susan F. Smith President’s Innovation Awards fund our most promising projects. In its first year, there were 30 submissions, with three projects selected:

Developing injectable oxygen gas microparticles— getting oxygen quickly to the bloodstream to buy precious time in lifethreatening situations.

Using zebrafish— genetically similar to humans—to rapidly screen new drugs; this project tests for anti-epileptic drugs.

Creating online tools that allow physicians to monitor patient progress, response to medicine and more, all remotely, eliminating gaps between medical visits.

8 | Individuals & Foundations

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation supporting women’s health When a $3 million gift from The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation launched the Boston Center for Endometriosis, the world’s first teenthrough-adulthood endometriosis program, it meant hope for millions of girls and women who suffer from this painful, chronic disease. A recent $2.5 million gift will help to ensure this work continues. This joint venture of Boston Children’s and Brigham & Women’s Hospitals is led by Boston Children’s Chief of Gynecology, Marc R. Laufer, MD. The Center’s Women’s Health Study provides researchers with unique opportunities to better understand endometriosis across a woman’s lifespan. With 675 participants enrolled, clinicianresearchers can now gain a deeper understanding of the condition, develop new treatments and work towards a cure for girls and women everywhere. Above: Boston Children’s Chief of Gynecology Marc R. Laufer, MD, director of the Boston Center for Endometriosis, and Richard E. Marriott, chairman, The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation.

Individuals & Foundations | 9

Gloria and Chuck Clough Foundation improving access to mental health through training Children growing up in urban

will be delivered to 10 elementary and K-8 schools—

areas are some of the most in

schools that had limited or no mental health support

need of high quality, accessible

previously. School administrators, teachers, nurses

mental health services. They

and other staff will learn about behavioral support

face multiple factors that put

for students, behavior and crisis management in the

them at greater risk for

classroom and more. And beyond monthly training,

behavioral health problems,

Boston Children’s clinicians will provide consultation for

including living in areas

each school. “My goal is that mental health diagnosis

with high rates of poverty,

and treatment will be available to kids in Boston the way

family stress and violence. Students’ struggles are

care is available if they have a broken arm. It would be

often displayed in the classrooms of the Boston

fixed. We want that for mental health,” Clough says.

Public Schools—disrupting teaching and learning. Yet

“I see this gift as transformational—it’s an investment

there are only 54 school psychologists and six social

that can affect a lot of lives.”

workers for over 57,000 students in the district. Enter Boston Children’s Hospital’s Training Access Project (TAP), made possible by a $2 million gift from Chuck and Gloria Clough. TAP is an extension of Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnership, a program that delivers direct clinical, consultative, crisis and case management services in schools, helping 2,000 kids a year. TAP’s goal is to reach students earlier by putting tools in the hands of teachers. “In the business world we understand the power of leverage,” says Chuck Clough, chairman and CEO of Clough Capital Partners, LP. “If you teach two people, they can teach two people. You see how the effectiveness can be multiplied.” In a pilot, a series of five training programs

10 | Individuals & Foundations

The Reece Family giving annually with gratitude Patricia Reece’s 25th birthday was celebrated with a

who fought to save Patricia’s life. Their strategy included

home-cooked dinner with family at their Westwood, MA,

a novel heart-lung bypass procedure called ECMO,

home, and an annual gift to Boston Children’s. That gift

that helped Patricia’s heart and lungs rest and heal.

is part of a 24-year tradition that started with Patricia’s

Three months later she went home for the first time.

birth, when she was diagnosed with a condition called

“Children’s Hospital is, and always will be, a special

congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The family’s heartache

place to our family,” shared Patricia’s dad, Ron. “A place

was doubled with the untimely passing of Patricia’s aunt,

with leading edge medical technology and caring and

Julianne Kelly, just weeks earlier. An entire community

supportive staff. Janice and I feel blessed every year that

embraced the family through a difficult journey. There

we can make a donation. Our hope is that in some small

was Rose Linsler, the nurse they still stay in touch with,

way, we can help other families have positive outcomes

and surgeons Jay Wilson, MD, and Craig Lillehei, MD,

and happy memories.”

Top left: Patricia as a patient. Bottom left: Patricia with Rose Linsler, a nurse the family relied on 25 years ago; they still keep in touch. Right: The Reece family—Thomas, Janice, Kathryn, Ron and Patricia.

Individuals & Foundations | 11

Phyllis Newton gives back with a planned gift In the early 1990s, Phyllis Newton

Boston Children’s Hospital as the remainder beneficiary.

wanted to sell the Needham, MA,

“I’ve been very lucky in my life,” she explains. “It was

building that housed her successful

important to me to help those who can’t help them-

employment agency. She was

selves—especially sick children.” Newton benefited also,

delighted at how the property had

receiving regular income generated by the trusts for 20

appreciated over the years, but

years. When the terms ended, the trusts’ assets—now

shocked at the potential tax owed after the sale. “When

worth more than $475,000—went to Boston Children’s.

I saw the estimated capital gains tax bill, my frugal nature

Last year she decided to fund another trust for the

rebelled!” she recalls. She learned about an estate

hospital. This time, she designated a younger family

planning vehicle called a charitable remainder trust.

member as the income beneficiary, instead of herself.

Newton made a generous gift to the hospital while

“Let’s face it, I’m not going to be around forever,” says the

avoiding some of the capital gains taxes by placing her

91-year-old. “I’m happy knowing I can continue to help a

building, plus a second property, into trusts, naming

loved one after I’m gone—as well as Boston Children’s.”

Aidan Cotton benevolent birthday boy

Aidan Cotton is a generous guy—“amazing,” according

celebrated her birthday in the very same way—

to his 6-year-old sister, Hannah. So when a friend cele-

supporting the place that takes her fear and pain away.

brated a birthday and asked for charitable donations in lieu of gifts, Aidan was inspired. For his 9th birthday, he asked that donations be made to the hospital’s Department of Rheumatology, where Hannah is treated for juvenile arthritis. He raised $690. “There aren’t words to describe how proud I am of Aidan for his selflessness, compassion and empathy toward others,” Aidan’s mom, Heather, says. Inspired by her big brother, Hannah Aidan, in red, celebrated his birthday with friends, who made donations to the hospital in lieu of gifts.

12 | Corporations

Corporations | 13

Corporate Giving how powerful partnerships are making a difference Technology that’s changing medicine The beauty of

Keeping kids in the city safe No surprise, but insurance

smartphones is the tools they deliver well beyond

companies are all about safety. It’s why Liberty Mutual

making a call. The variety and volume of apps—

has found a partner in Boston Children’s Hospital. With

800,000 for the iPhone—is made possible by an

a $150,000 gift, Liberty Mutual supports our Injury

application program interface that allows developers

Prevention Program, providing inner-city families with

outside of Apple to play in its sandbox. Kenneth Mandl,

the tools—from safety helmets to car seats—to keep

MD, MPH, director of the hospital’s Intelligent Health

their kids safe, and the “how tos” to make them

Laboratory, is doing just that with electronic health

effective. Programming happens throughout the

records. Building an interface that will allow develop-

hospital and in the community—at Martha Eliot Health

ers to create apps running on the web, local intranets

Center, a hospital-run clinic in Jamaica Plain, as well as

or mobile devices, his SMARTHealthIT is changing the

schools and Head Start programs in Boston, Roxbury,

delivery of medicine. The project recently received $1.3

Dorchester and surrounding neighborhoods.

million in philanthropy from several funders including The Advisory Board Company, Eli Lilly, HCA Healthcare,

Helping families in crisis Behind the new Hale Family

Premier Inc., CentrosHealth, Polyglot, Surescripts and

Center for Families stand many generous individuals

Vecna. Just one example of the program’s power: the

and companies committed to providing wraparound

hospital’s cardiologists and nephrologists needed better

services that keep families whole during crisis. With a

tools to monitor blood pressure in children—visual-

generous philanthropic gift, Digital Federal Credit Union

izing it over time and making adjustments for age. In

joined the Hale family and others to strengthen this

six weeks, Mandl’s team created an app—just what the

support. A portion of the funds also supported a Patient

doctors ordered—and it’s now being used hundreds of

and Kids Fund for low-income families in our Primary

times each week.

Care Center.

Each year, more than 10,000 families rely on the Center for Families as a life line. This hub helps families with their most urgent needs— temporary housing, food, transportation, and basics like a crib or car seat—that might break a budget. With 5,000 square feet of new space in our lobby, we’re reassuring families that we’re there for them.

14 | Cause Marketing & Events in the Community

Cause Marketing Grateful employees, customers and companies give back Dunkin’ Donuts Moments after the Boerickes’ first-

support when we need it the most. They remind us that

born son Hans arrived, he was whisked away. Hours

we can do this because Hans can do this!” Boericke,

later, nurses returned

a Demand Planning

empty handed.

Manager for Dunkin’

Meredith Boericke

Brands, was delighted

heard only “spinal

when the company

cord, neurosurgery,

launched Iced Coffee

Children’s Hospital.”

Day, with $1 of each

Enter neurosurgeon

purchase benefiting the

Joseph Madsen, MD,

hospital. Last year, 1,000

who performed a

Dunkin’ locations raised

delicate, life-saving

more than $431,000.

surgery to remove

“I’m proud to be

a mass of fat from

associated with a brand

Hans’ spinal cord.

that is willing to donate

Over Hans’ life,

so much money to such

Madsen’s been

a great cause and one

joined by countless

in which I, personally,

clinicians from

have such a big stake.”


Boericke attributes

urology, orthopedics

Dunkin’s success to the

and gastroenterology Hans, left, with his brother Eli.

city of Boston and its

who compassionately, tirelessly and tenaciously care

love for her brand’s donuts and coffee. And she sees

for this little boy. “They have truly empowered us to

the company’s support of Boston Children’s—another

raise a disabled child,” Boericke shares. “They give

beloved Boston institution—as a way to say thank you

us the confidence, the know-how and the unending

to its customers.

Cause Marketing & Events in the Community | 15

Party City Turning double

“Everyone has someone they know who’s been at Chil-

digits should mean double

dren’s and that’s because it’s one of the best hospitals in

the fun, but not if you’re too

the country,” Kelly says. “And here it is in our backyard.

sick to leave your hospital

I think we all take for granted how fortunate we are,

bed. Here’s where the Party

to have these hospitals around us. We forget that they

Cart can help—a party on

need help, they need support, too.” With Kelly and her

wheels tailor-made for

team’s commitment, and the generosity of their

patients at Boston Children’s

customers, Chico’s in Wellesley increased last year’s

by Party City. The party supply chain—593 stores

donation by 400 percent.

strong—signed on to host an annual fundraiser for Boston Children’s, donating $172,538 from its May 2014 event. Filled with noisemakers, hats, yo-yos, stickers and more, the cart was wheeled into the guest-of-honor’s room, where newly-crowned 10-year-old Gabbi loved creating goodie bags for herself and her sister. It’s these extras—made possible by philanthropy—that help us holistically care for kids and their families. Chico’s For Chico’s store manager Kelly Goodwin, the store’s annual fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital isn’t a mandate from the corporate office—it’s a personal endeavor. As an infant, her son Bryan contracted a life-threatening virus and battled gastrointestinal issues. Bryan was a hospital frequent flier in those early days—today he’s a sophomore in high school. As Goodwin shared Bryan’s success story with staff and customers—they, in turn, shared theirs.

Chico’s fundraiser is part of our association with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Retailers including Walmart Stores, Inc./Sam’s Club, Rite Aid Pharmacy, IHOP, Costco, Circle K and others helped raise $3.2 million for the hospital.

16 | Cause Marketing & Events in the Community

The Elliott and Boudreau Families putting Christmas cheer into community fundraising The Elliotts of Danvers,

gratitude into something good, the families chose

MA, love Christmas—and

Boston Children’s as their official charity. From Thanks-

Christmas lights. They soon

giving through New Year’s Day, their Danvers lawns are

found that everyone else

ready for visitors. Some drive by, while others get out

does, too. They started

to explore the details: a waterfall, tiki hut, flamingos

their holiday decorating

and more. Contributions are dropped into a locked

nine years ago, with their

mailbox—typical weekend nights can garner up to $300

neighbors, the Boudreaus, getting in on the fun. “As

in donations. And the first Saturday of December is the

the display grew, we had a lot of visitors,” explains

real celebration—photo ops with Santa, hot cocoa and

Christine Elliott. “People would open their wallets, and

cookies—all for a gift of any amount to the hospital.

we were embarrassed by it—it’s not why we do the display. Christmas, and Christmas lights, bring out the best in people.” Feeling an obligation to convert that

Shawn Elliott (above left, afraid of heights) and Glenn Boudreau (above right, a roofer) are a perfect match, and the brains and brawn behind the display.

The installation takes place over three weeks, with the official lighting on Thanksgiving night. After the holidays, everything gets stored in the basement—Christine Elliott describes it as “the world’s largest Jenga display.” Fundraisers organized by people in the community provide essential support to hospital programs. Read about more community fundraisers on page 21.

Cause Marketing & Events in the Community | 17

Boston Children’s Hospital League Big top, big fun, big dollars raised When longtime hospital friends gathered “Under the

President Julie Marcus and event co-chairs Rachel Gilli

Big Top” on November 15 at Boston Children’s Hospital

and Lauren Rosen, made this event a success, raising

League’s gala, fire eaters and tightrope walkers didn’t

$664,000 for the hospital. And before the circus left

steal the show. Instead, guests were moved by the real-

town, there was one big surprise left: one generous

life courage of Liam Talbot. Liam, 17, was born with

couple bid on and won the “Run Away and Join the

chronic arsenic poisoning, which caused irreversible

Big Apple Circus©” auction item, and donated it back to

damage in all his organs. Today, he relies on the exper-

Liam. On Liam’s return to the big top, he’ll get to take 20

tise of several hospital departments, with more than 150

friends with him, enjoy the VIP treatment, and will serve

medical appointments each year. His inspirational story,

as ringmaster for the night.

and the commitment of League

18 | Events

Most of our events benefit the Children’s Fund, supporting the hospital’s areas of greatest need— and greatest promise—in care, research and community health. Events show that you can do what you love—from doubling down to dancing the night away—and support kids, too.

Events | 19 MAY 12


Ben Fischman Brad Gerstner


JULY 15 + 16




volunteers fielded

Founding Chairs:

Tony DiNovi David Fialkow

259 teams


Poker professional Annie Duke, pictured above with tournament winner Addison Marsh.


calls from generous listeners








new DreamMakers, monthly donors








20 | Events SEPTEMBER 18



boston investment conference

L to R: Gala Chairs Cristina Bozas, Monica Neuman, Albie Álvarez Cote, and Carolina Alarco pose with the evening’s esteemed emcee, John Quiñones.

Committee Chair Josh Gold; Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD; Boston Children’s Hospital President and CEO, Sandi Fenwick; and Committee Chair Matthew Sidman



guests, the largest Latino fundraiser in New England



raised to benefit hospital programs serving local and international Latino patients

attendees, a sell-out crowd



in commitments benefiting translational research:

We honored Red Sox star Mike Napoli (above) and Corey Griffin, in memory, with Champion Awards for their commitment to kids.


Sam Byrne, Ed Maher, and Steve Samuels Presenting sponsor:

3-D printing enabling surgeons to view exact models of a child’s brain before surgery.

1,300+ attendees nearly






(run any race, any city)

Boston Marathon® Boston’s Run to Remember New Balance Falmouth Road Race Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival TCS New York City Marathon




patient partners





events organized out in the community, including (clockwise from top left): One Mission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off Yoga Reaches Out

Elite runner Meb Keflezighi provided inspiration at our Boston Marathon® pre-race reception. He then went on to win the race.

Corey C. Griffin NHL Alumni Pro-Am HAIRraising

22 | Donor recognition

We recognize those who generously donated $1,000 or more in outright gifts of cash, securities and property in calendar year 2014. All gifts are calendar year, with the exception of Children’s Heroes, which recognizes cumulative lifetime giving. Thank you!

Individuals | 23 Children’s Heroes Boston Children’s salutes our donors who have made gifts or pledges of $1 million or more, cumulatively, over their lifetime.

Boston Plastic & Oral Surgery Foundation, Inc.

Boston Pediatric Neurosurgical Foundation

Thomas Morgan Rotch, Jr. Memorial Fund

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Mrs. Johnnie C. Breed

The Justine R. Rudnick 2005 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Denise and David Bunning

Children’s Hospital Department of Medicine

$10 Million and Above

Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Sports Medicine Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation, Inc.

CIBC World Markets

Anonymous Douglas and Diana Berthiaume Boston Children’s Heart Foundation, Inc. Boston Children’s Hospital League Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry Children’s Hospital Neurology Foundation, Inc.

CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation, Inc. The Department of Laboratory Medicine

Drs. Richard D. and Mary D. Scott The Sharon Sanatorium Alfred A.* and Gilda K. Slifka

Thomas K. Cory Trust

The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; John and Amy S. Berylson and James Berylson; Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block; Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez and Andrew Knez

Credit Unions

James M. Stoneman Charitable Fund

Deanna and Tony DiNovi

Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation The Corkin Family

Louise Ines Doyle 1995 Trust

Paul and Sandra Edgerley

The Swahnberg/Novotny Donor Advised Fund at The Boston Foundation

The Dyson Foundation

The Ellison Foundation

The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation

Egan Family Foundation

Fannie Hall Fegan Trust

James and Margaret Wade

The Ellison Medical Foundation

The First Years, Inc.

John and Ann Webster


Estate of Grace Lillian Fish

Yawkey Foundations

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Cathleen and Robert E. Griffin Jr.

Joel Groethe and Katharine Anderson Groethe

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

$1,000,000 to $2,499,999

The Klarman Family Foundation

Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr.

Grousbeck Family Foundation

Eric and Catherine Kobren

Joe Andruzzi Foundation

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Karen and Rob Hale

David H. Koch

Anonymous (8)

The Manton Foundation

Kohl’s Department Stores

Jonathan and Patti Kraft

AUism Charitable Foundation

Dick and Sara Page Mayo

Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine

Roy and Virginia MacDowell

Autism Consortium, Inc.

Nutrition Science Initiative

The Linde Family Foundation

Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation

Barbara and Edward Shapiro

Mix 104.1 Boston

Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus

James Smith and Gail Federici-Smith

New Balance Foundation

Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith

The Peabody Foundation, formerly New England Peabody Home for Crippled Children

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

The Simons Foundation

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates, Inc. Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. CHMC Surgical Foundation, Inc. Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Charles H. Hood Foundation Karp Family Foundation— Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp

Walmart Stores, Inc./Sam’s Club The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation

Robert and Dana Smith $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation

Robin and Marc Wolpow

$2,500,000 to $4,999,999

Edward P. Marram and Karen K. Carpenter

Bruce and Jolene McCaw Donor Advised Fund at the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Charles Bancroft Trust Bank of America Charitable Foundation Katherine A. Batchelder Estate John and Karine Begg The Benderson Family C. Hunter Boll and Pamela Tanner Boll

Dan and Annette Nova

Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc.

Jim and Kim Pallotta

Phyllis Miller Brewer Michael and Lisa Bronner

The Lee and Penny Anderson Family Foundation

Anonymous (5)

Anonymous (2)

Autism Speaks, Inc.

The Radley Family Foundation— James and Gail Radley

Anita and Joshua Bekenstein

Steven and Deborah Barnes

Rite Aid

Nancy S. and Robert W. Anthony

Bill and Ann Bain

Don and Lynne Bulens The Burnes Family *


24 | Children’s Heroes continued Estate of Evelyn C. Byng

New England Development

Sunshine Charitable Foundation

The Cathedral Fund

Gordon Brothers Group, LLC

The New York Stem Cell Foundation

Surdna Foundation

Children’s Hospital Department of Cardiac Surgery

Michael and Christina Gordon

Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund

Barry and Amy Sylvetsky

Thomas and Jeanne Hagerty

Children’s Hospital Department of Dentistry

A. Francis Hayden Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen

The William Randolph Hearst Foundations

Costco Wholesale Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation Everett L. Cuneo Trust Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts, Inc.

John W. Henry Family Foundation

Stephen E.* and Catherine Pappas

Charles H. Hood Fund

Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Johnson Family Trust Helen Steel Jones Estate Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation

CVS Health

The Kresge Foundation


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Dorothy and Spiro Latsis

Bob and Rita Davis Family Foundation

Cynthia and Seth Lawry

Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation

Legal Sea Foods

Digital Equipment Corporation

The Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal Family Foundation, Inc.

Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research

Caroline C. Levine Charitable Foundation

Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie

Laraine and Jeffry Levy

John and Pamela Egan

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

April and David Fellows and Family The Fireman Family— Lori and Dennis Baldwin, Penny and Dan Fireman, Stephanie and Adam Rogers, and Phyllis and Paul Fireman

Estate of Vera M. and John D. MacDonald Drs. James and Valerie Mandell Tristin and Martin Mannion Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund Kevin and Kate McCarey

Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation

The McGrath Family

The Roy & Lynne Frank Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Joseph C. McNay

The Joshua Frase Foundation

Robert C. Merriam Estate

The Tommy Fuss Fund

Vicki and Fred Modell

Keith and Debbie Gelb

Ambrose Monell Foundation

Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation, Inc.

Jim and Lisa Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S.T. Gimbel

Lee and Laura Munder

Dorothy and James Goodman

New England Acura Dealers

Peter Goodman

Linda and Timothy O’Neill Orchard Foundation

George and Nancy Kidder

Shoshana and Daniel Farb

One Mission

Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú

Randi and Joel Cutler

The Family Inn Foundation

Joe, Kathy, Kate and Casey O’Donnell

Mead Johnson Nutrition

John Butler Mulliken Foundation, Inc.

Louise H. Parsons Estate Amelia Peabody Foundation John W. Peckham Estate G. Gorham Peters Trust Harry M. Pethybridge Trust

Tayebati Family Foundation Beth and Anthony Terrana Thrasher Research Fund Ann and Andrew Tisch Laurence A. and Wilma Tisch Philanthropic Fund Clara Trowbridge Estate Trust Family Foundation The Samara Jan Turkel Foundation The V Foundation for Cancer Research William and Elissa Warner Catherine M. Williams Estate Judi and Edward E. Zuker and Family

Mary Pierce Trust Prostate Cancer Foundation Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Carol and Stewart Rahr Anna and Neil Rasmussen Rembrandt Foundation Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation The Rubin and Epstein Family— Lauren E. and Mark H. Rubin, Arlene and David T. Rubin, and Eunice* and Arthur J. Epstein The Saul Family Ralph Schlaeger Charitable Foundation Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation The Sidman Family Ann Simione Estate Barbara and James J. Skeffington and Family Benjamin and Christine Sloss Irma and Aaron Spencer Dr. Timothy A. Springer St. Baldrick’s Foundation St. Giles Foundation

Signature Society: Named Endowed Funds Placing your name, or that of a loved one, on an endowed fund at Boston Children’s endorses what matters most to you. The following have joined our Signature Society— honoring someone, or something, important in their life—by creating a named endowed fund. Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School Professorships The highest academic honor bestowed on faculty, these endowed professorships support Children’s scientists and clinicians. Income from professorship funds sustains vital research, clinical care and training, and represents a lasting partnership between benefactors and chair incumbents. New for 2014 Mary Ellen Avery Professorship in Pediatrics Established through the generosity of Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates, this professorship will support an academic leader and/or scientist in the Department of Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Stratford Foundation *


Individuals | 25 Previously Established Professorships

Charles A. Janeway Professorship

New for 2014

Medicine Critical Care Chair

Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Professorship

John A. Kirkpatrick Professorship

Bulens Capozzi Chair

Julia Dyckman Andrus Professorship

William E. Ladd Professorship of Child Surgery

Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a chair in medicine critical care.

William Berenberg Professorship

Latham Family Professorship

Established by the Bulens Family Foundation to support research in the department of cardiology.

T. Berry Brazelton Professorship

Longwood Professorship in Pediatrics

Denise and David Bunning Professorship in Allergy and Immunology

Sir Edwin and Lady Manton Professorship in Pediatrics in the field of Genetics

Aldo R. Castaneda Professorship in Cardiovascular Research

Alexander S. Nadas Professorship

Children’s Hospital Boston Professorship in Pediatric Immunology

Charles Nowiszewski Professorship in Cancer Biology

Harriet M. Peabody Fund

Concordia Professorship in Pediatrics

Leila and Irving Perlmutter Professorship

Patricia A. Donahoe Professorship Egan Family Foundation Professorship in the field of Transitional Medicine Egan Family Foundation Professorship in Pediatrics in the Division of Emergency Medicine John F. Enders Professorship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Alan B. Retik Professorship in Pediatric Urology Fred S. Rosen Professorship in Pediatrics Thomas Morgan Rotch Professorship in Pediatrics Mary Deming Scott Professorship Clement A. Smith Fund in Pediatrics Robert and Dana Smith Professorship*

Leland Fikes Professorship in Pediatric Medicine

Asa and Patricia Springer Professorship in Structural Biology

Judah Folkman Professorship in Vascular Biology

James and Thea Stoneman Professorship in Vascular Biology

James L. Gamble Professorship in Pediatrics

Robert A. Stranahan Professorship

George P. Gardner and Olga E. Monks Professorship in Child Psychiatry Robert E. Gross Professorship in Pediatric Surgery

S. Burt Wolbach Professorship of Pathology * Held with Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Grousbeck Professorship in Pediatrics

Boston Children’s Hospital Chairs

Warren E. Grupe Professorship in the field of Nephrology

The highest clinical and/or research honor bestowed on our physician, scientist, nurse and clinical leaders. Income from these chairs helps advance the work of the chair incumbents in their respective fields to advance the hospital’s mission. By endowing chairs, benefactors are linked to the world-changing pursuits of the professionals they support.

John E. Hall Professorship in Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery W. Hardy Hendren Professorship in Surgery Frederick W. & Jane M. Ilfeld Professorship in Orthopedics Franc D. Ingraham Professorship in Neurological Surgery

Established by the Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation and the Weitzman Family to support clinical and teaching efforts in the department of radiology and vascular anomalies center.

Catharina Ormandy Professorship

Commonwealth Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine

Bronson Crothers Professorship in Neurology

Patricia E. Burrows Chair in Interventional Radiology and Vascular Anomalies

Developmental Medicine Chairs Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support two faculty members in division of developmental medicine. Endocrinology Chairs Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates to support the work of three faculty members in the division of endocrinology. Gastroenterology Chairs Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support the work of two faculty members in the division of gastroenterology/nutrition. General Pediatrics Chairs Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support the work of two faculty members in the division of general pediatrics. Infectious Diseases Chair Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a faculty member in the division of infectious diseases. The Mayday Fund / Louis Herlands Chair in Pain Systems Neuroscience Established by The Mayday Fund, Louis Herlands, PhD and the CHMC Anesthesia Foundation to support pain neuroscience research in the department of anesthesiology.

Neonatology Chairs Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support two faculty members in the division of newborn medicine. Program for Cellular and Molecular Medicine Chair Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates to support a member of the faculty in the program for cellular and molecular medicine. Pulmonary Chair Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support faculty member in the division of respiratory diseases. Sporing Carpenter Chair for Nursing Established by Eileen M. Sporing, MSN, RN and a bequest from the Martha M. Carpenter Trust to advance the practice of nursing and interprofessional practice at Boston Children’s Hospital through the support of clinical inquiry including educational initiatives, scholarships, research and innovation. Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support the work of the vice chair in the department of medicine. Wade Family Chair in Clinical Child Psychology Established by the Wade Family Foundation to support a senior clinical psychologist in the division of developmental medicine. Weitzman Family Chair in Surgery Established by the Weitzman Family to support surgical innovation and research.

26 | Signature Society continued Pediatric Neurosurgical Innovation Chair

Emergency Medicine Investigatorship Fund

Harvey Levy Chair in Metabolism

Pediatrics/Developmental Medicine Chair

Merton Bernfield Chair in Neonatology

Samuel E. Lux IV, MD Chair in Hematology/Oncology

Plastic Surgery Chair

Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a researcher in the division of emergency medicine.

Donald Berwick, MD Chair in Pediatric Quality and Outcomes

Rose Zimmerman Mandell Chair in Innovative Urological Technology

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Chair

Edward P. Marram Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering

Previously Established Chairs

William E. Ladd Chair in Surgery

Anesthesia Chair in Pediatric Simulation

William G. Lennox Chair in Epilepsy

Charles F. Barlow Chair

Chair in Pediatric Surgery Edwin Cohn Chair Congenital Heart Disease Chair John F. Crigler Jr. Chair in Pediatric Endocrinology Critical Care Anesthesia Chair Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery Chief Chair Leon Eisenberg Chair in Psychiatry Emergency Medicine Chair Endocrinology Chair Endocrinology and Bioinformatics Chair Christopher K. Fellows Family Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery Judah Folkman Chair of Surgical Research Donald C. Fyler Chair in Pediatric Cardiology

Robert Masland Jr. Chair in Adolescent Medicine Sara Page Mayo Chair in Pediatric Pain Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Psychiatry Chair Psychiatry Education Chair Radiology Education Directorship Reconstructive Urologic Surgery Chair David E. Retik Chair in Urology Richard M. Robb Chair in Ophthalmology Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric Developmental Medicine

Trevor McGill Chair

Senior Surgeons’ Chair

Francis X. McGowan Jr. Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

Barbara and Edward Shapiro Chair in Critical Care Medicine

Kenneth McIntosh Chair in Pediatric Infectious Disease

Harry Shwachman Chair in Pediatric Gastroenterology

Jeffrey Modell Foundation Chair in Pediatric Immunology Research

Laurence J. Sloss, MD Chair in Cardiology

Neonatal Neurology Chair

Springer Family Chair

Nephrology Chair

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Chair

Neuro-Ophthalmology Research Chair Neuro-Otology Research Chair Neurocritical Care Chair Neuroscience Research Chair (5)

Vascular Anomalies and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Chair Joseph Volpe Chair in Neurology

Louis Joseph Gay-Lussac Chair in Laboratory Medicine

Oberg Family Chair

Wade Family Foundation Chair in Developmental Medicine

General Pediatrics Chair

Joseph O’Donnell Family Chair in Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Webster Family Chair in Neurosurgery and Neuroengineering

Linda and Timothy O’Neill Chair in Psychology

Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Chair in Surgery

Ophthalmology Foundation Chair

Mary Ellen Beck Wohl Chair in Pediatric Pulmonology

Genetics Chair (2) Park Gerald Chair in Genetics Richard Grand Chair in Gastroenterology Thorne Griscom Chair in Radiology Warren Grupe Chair in Nephrology Gerald B. Healy Chair in Pediatric Otolaryngology Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida Chair Infectious Diseases Chair Informatics Chair Tommy Kaplan Chair in Cardiovascular Studies Kobren Family Chair for Patient Safety and Quality

The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Fund for Extraordinary Needs Established by Lori and Dennis Baldwin, Penny and Dan Fireman, Stephanie and Adam Rogers, and Phyllis and Paul Fireman to support the extraordinary needs of the hospital’s most vulnerable patient families. Roy and Lynne Frank Family Fund Established by the Frank Family to support the work of Steen Hansen, PhD, MD in mucosal biology. Gastroenterology Investigatorship Fund Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates to support a researcher in the division of gastroenterology/nutrition. Hematology/Oncology Investigatorship Fund Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a faculty member in the division of hematology/oncology. John T. Herrin Pediatric Nephrology Award Fund

Wolpow Family Chair in IBD Treatment and Research

Established by Dr. Ghaleb H. Daouk, with contributions from the department of urology and members of the division of nephrology, in honor of Dr. Herrin’s service and excellence in innovative clinical care and post graduate medical education, to support the work of international medical graduates.

Ophthalmology Foundation Professor Chair

Named Funds

Asha Hilton Memorial Lectureship Fund

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Chair

Cohen Family Garden Fund

Pathology Chair (2)

Established by Laraine Levy to support and enhance the Cohen Family Garden, an outdoor space for hematology/ oncology patients and families.

Ophthalmology Foundation Clinical Scientist Chair Ophthalmology Foundation Faculty Chair

Pediatric Anesthesia Chair Pediatric Emergency Medicine Chair Pediatric Neuroanesthesia Chair

New for 2014

Established by Nina Ghosh to support an annual lectureship in neuro-genetics. Immunology Investigatorship Funds Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support the work of two researchers in the division of immunology.

Individuals | 27 Infectious Diseases Investigatorship Fund

Robinson Family Research Fellowship Fund

Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a researcher in the division of infectious diseases.

Established by Jennifer and Jeffrey Robinson to support research in the cleft lip and palate program in the department of plastic and oral surgery.

International Scholars in Urology Fund

R. Michael Scott, MD Research Fund

Established by the Children’s Urological Foundation to support international travel and collaboration.

Established by Ocean Capital Investments, Anne C.I. Oxley and John K.F. Irving to support neurosurgical research in areas including, but not limited to, brain tumors and cerebrovascular disease.

Milagros para Niños Fund Established by the Milagros para Niños Council to support Latino patients and families at Boston Children’s Hospital. Nanji Myelodysplasia Research Fund Established by the Nanji Family to support myelodysplasia research in the department of urology. Nephrology Investigatorship Fund Established by Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support a faculty member in the division of nephrology. Stuart J. Novick Fellowship in Child Advocacy Fund Established by colleagues, friends and family, in honor of Stuart (Skip) Novick’s commitment and contributions to Boston Children’s Hospital, to support recent law graduates and attorneys transitioning to health care practice in the area of child advocacy.

Stem Cell Investigatorship Fund Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates to support the research efforts of a faculty member in the stem cell program. Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation Extraordinary Needs Fund Established by the Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation to support extraordinary needs of the hospital’s patient families. Urology Basic Research Fund Established by the Children’s Urological Foundation to support the research of surgeon scientists in the department of urology. Urology Clinical Research Fund

Amos’s Fund Andrus Student Research Fund Anesthesia Fellowship Fund Anonymous (6) Ansley’s Heart Fund Mary Ellen Avery Investigatorship Richard M. Banash Fund Barber Family Fund Susan Baril Memorial Fund Basic Research and Education Fund Frank A. Bayrd Fund Tara Bean Brain Tumor Research Fund Josh Beckett Strikeout Cancer Fund for Kids Belfer International Child Mental Health Lecture Bell Family Fund

Ashley and Paul Bernon Developmental Medicine Center Fund Ashley and Paul Bernon Fund for Patient Family Housing Leonard and Jane Holmes Bernstein Fund Berthiaume Fund for Fetal Care

Abbott-Batchelder Fund

Kenneth D. Blackfan Research Fund

Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatric Associates to support the research efforts of two faculty members in the program for cellular and mollecular medicine.

Adam’s Centronuclear Myopathy Fund

Dr. Benjamin and Mary Blesoff Fund

Adams Family Fund

Peter Blum Eye Research Fund

Adams Fund for Allergy Research

Jacob Neil Boger SIDS Research Fund

Adolescent Medicine Directorship

Rheumatology Program Fund

Adolescent Medicine Fund

Boll Family Fellowship in honor of Dr. W. Hardy Hendren

Established by the Orchard Foundation to support the clinical and research efforts of the rheumatology program director.

Advanced Training Fund in Pain Treatment

Lloyd Alpern—Dr. Rosenthal Physical Therapy Fund

Philip and Janet Cady Fund Frank P. Cammisa Child Advocacy Fund Christina Capozzi Fund Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Research Fund Cardiac Surgery Foundation Research Fund Cardiac Transplant Fund Cardiology Basic Research and Education Fund Cardiology Cardiac Transplant Research and Education Fund

Cardiology Clinical Research Fund

Previously Established Funds

Aerosmith Fund

Burnes Family Research Fund

William Berenberg General Pediatrics Fund

Biotechnology Research Fund

Program for Cellular and Mollecular Medicine Investigatorship Funds

Richard Donald Buka Fund

Cardiology Cardiovascular Genetics Research and Education Fund

Berthiaume Fund for Genetics

Established by the CHMC Anesthesia Foundation to support work in progeria syndrome.

Thomas J. Buckley Fund

Benderson Family Fellowship Fund

Established by the Children’s Urological Foundation to support clinical research of surgeon scientists in the department of urology.

Progeria Syndrome and its AgingRelated Disorders Fund

CJ Buckley Brain Cancer Research Fund

Berthiaume Fund for Vascular Anomalies Bilezikian Family Foundation Fund for Patient Family Housing

Henry Goddard Bradlee Memorial Fund Bramley Family Media Center on Media and Child Health Fund John F. Brooke Endowment Fund

Cardiology Electrophysiology Research and Education Fund Cardiology Inpatient Research and Education Fund Cardiology Outpatient Research and Education Fund Cardiology Training Fund Cardiovascular Clinical Outcomes Fund Cardiovascular Surgery Translational Research Fund John A. and Eileen Carr Fund Theresa D. and Abraham B. Casson Fund Catholic Chaplaincy Fund Center for Viral Hepatitis Fund Center on Media and Child Health Fund Chaplaincy Fund Robert E. Charm Fund Childhood Liver Disease Research Fund Children’s Cardiology Teen and Adult Resource Room Fund Children’s Eye Pathology Fund

28 | Signature Society continued Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates Investigator Lab Support #1 Fund Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates Investigator Lab Support #2 Fund Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates Investigator Lab Support #3 Fund Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center Innovation Fund Children’s Sports Injury Prevention Fund

John F. Crigler Jr. Fellowship Fund Allen C. Crocker Fellowship Fund CSF Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke Program Fund Isabel Curren Little Hearts Fund Cutler Family Fund John Davies, MD Memorial Book Fund Davis Family Innovation Fund in the Department of Urology Dentistry Faculty Development Fund Department of Medicine Directorship

CHMC Otolaryngology Foundation Fellowship #1

Department of Medicine Fellowship Fund

CHMC Otolaryngology Foundation Fellowship #2

Department of Medicine Programs Fund

William H. Claflin Jr. Fund

Developmental Medicine Center Fund

Corley Ann Clark Fund

Developmental Medicine Fund

Mary Caroline Clavin Fund for Epilepsy Awareness

Gerard Dewan Memorial Fund

Gretchen Clifford Research Fund Clinical and/or Laboratory Research Fellowship

Paul A. Dobuler Memorial Immunology Research Fund Lilly Douglas Fund Elizabeth H. Doyle Fund

Fischman Family Fund for Patient Family Housing Jeffrey N. Fishman Fund Dr. Steven Fishman Vascular Anomalies Center Fund Helen E. Fitzgerald Nursing Education Fund Fleisher Family Fund Gary R. Fleisher, MD Fellows’ Education and Research Fund Folkman Symposium Fund in Vascular Biology

Myra D. Fox Child Life Fund Freedman Research Fund Sarah Fuller Foundation Deaf Children Fund Jeff and Mary Furber Fund J. Roswell Gallagher Fund James L. Gamble Research Fund Gender Program Fund

Kara Catherine Duclos Foundation Fund

Genetics Endowment

Mark and Susan Cocozza Fund

Dorothy and Howard Dulman Fund

Cohen Family Fund

Mary Jo Dunleavy Fund for Myelodysplasia

Tucker Collins Lectureship Arnold H. Colodny, MD Lectureship Fund Community Psychiatry Endowment Fund Congenital Heart Collection Fund Christopher Connolly and Marjorie Liner Fund

Matthew Eappen Fund Paul and Sandy Edgerley Family Primary Care Center Fund Education Fund in the Department of Medicine Endocrinology Fund Farb Family Fund for Cardiovascular Research John Wells Farley Memorial Fund

Hematology Oncology Directorship Hematology Oncology Fund Hemophilia Patient Support Fund W. Hardy Hendren Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery Hepatology Research Fellowship Fund

Laurie Hickey, MD, MPH Memorial Fund

Drew’s Team “Beat CF” Fund

Philip W. & Bella Cohen Family Resource Fund

Malcolm Hecht Jr. Nursing Lectureship

Nancy and Neal Foster Research Fund

Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation CHNP Fund

Dunlevie Family Fund for Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Jeffrey and Christa Hawkins Fund

Herrmann Family Research Fund

General Cardiology Research and Education Fund

Herbert and Sylvia Cohen Fund

William E. Harmon Visiting Professorship in Pediatric Nephrology

Fondriest Family Fund

Clinical Genetics Fund

Hadassah Eugenie Cohen Fund

Hale Center for Families Fund

Genetics Research Endowment Fund Mia, Julia, Maria and Todd Giatrelis Family Fund

Eric Hill Fund The Tekla Huvos Foundation Dr. Charles A. Janeway Fund Tommy Kaplan Cardiovascular Fellowship Fund Beatrice Karp Fund for Macular Degeneration Research John Barry Keane Reading Room Fund John F. Keane Fund Kent Street House Fund Douglas A. King and Claire R. King Fund Kobren Lab of Cardiovascular Genetics Fund

Assunta and Edward Gilbert Fund

Koch Family Motility Research and Treatment Fund

Global Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida Program Fund

Daniel J. Kostis Memorial Fund

Blanche I. Goell Research Fund

Kozlowski Fund for Cardiac Family Care

Susan Ellen Goldberg Fund Monte and Rita Goldman Fund

Bryce and Eileen Kramer Family Fund Kyleigh’s Cure Fund

Stuart J. Goldman Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Development Award Fund

Laboratory Medicine Advancement Fund

Annie Gorman Fund

Laboratory Medicine Clinical Chemistry Advancement Fund

Richard J. Grand, MD Fellows Education Fund

Clive W. Lacy and Mona M. Lacy Fund

W.T. Grant Fund

Langer Family Fund for National Marathon Program

Corkin Family Fund for Patient Family Housing

Sandra and Geoffrey Fenwick Family Fund

Anne and Marc Costantini Fund

Frank M. Ferrin Fund

Greer Family Cardiology Fund

Dr. Ramzi S. Cotran Fund

Frank M. & Mary T. B. Ferrin Fund

Crawford Family Fund

Fetal Anesthesia and Surgery Research Fund

John R. Grey IV Cardiology Fellowship Fund Grossman/Olmsted Family Fund

Dorothy and Spiro Latsis Neurofibromatsis Fellowship Fund Laughter and Smiles Fund in Patient Services

Individuals | 29 Peter Lehner Family Clinical Research Fellowship in Rheumatology Berthe L. Lemieux Fund Barry L. Levine Fund for Patient Family Housing Linde Family Nursing Career Lattice Program Fund

Catherine McLaughlin McNally Fund

Parents of Galactosemic Children Fund

Melendez/Beauchamp Family Fund

Patient Care Support Services Fund

Memorial Nursing Fund

Patient Monitoring Innovation Fund

Robert C. Merriam Fund

Evelyn C. Payne Fund

George Von L. Meyer Fund

Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Initiative Fund

Micah International Fund

Ann Logan Littlefield Fund

Rafaele Ann Michelman Fund for LKS

John and Joyce Lofgren Endowed Fund

Alexandra Jane Miliotis Oncology Nursing Support Fund

Michael S. Lorber Fund for Patient Family Housing

John D. Mineck Fund for Patient Family Housing

Loring Family Fund

Mood Disorders Fund

Paul K. Losch Fund

John Butler Mulliken, MD Plastic Surgery Fellowship Fund

Fred Lovejoy Residency Innovation and Education Fund

Musculoskeletal Imaging Fund

George and Margaret MacRae Medical Fund

Ethel A. and Dr. Philip Mysel Fund

James Mandell and Sandra Fenwick Fund

Maci Nardozzi Fund

Valerie and James Mandell Fund

Margaret Lamont Naylor Memorial Fund

Mannheim Family Fund James and Rebekah Mannix Treat Train Fund

Mary Wyman Nagle Fund

Harriet L. Needleman Speech & Language Fund Craig P. Nelson Fund in Nephrology

The Manton Center Fellowship Fund

Judith Nelson Fund for Families

The Manton Center Gene Discovery Core Fund

Philip Nelson Fund for Family Services

The Manton Center Innovation Fund Marcus Fund for Developmental Medicine Center Stephanie M. & Franklin J. Marryott Fund Mayo Family Motility Center Fund Richard and Sara Page Mayo Fund for Gastroenterology Richard and Sara Page Mayo Fund for Newborn Medicine

Nephrology Recruitment Fund Neurology Junior Faculty Research Fund Neuroradiology Imaging Fund New Horizon Fund Newborn Medicine Education Support Fund Nursing Appreciation Fund One Mission Fund

Mayo Pain Center Fellowship Fund

Ophthalmology Foundation Advancement Fund

Mayo Pain Center Research and Training Fund

Orphan Disease Research Awards for Emerging Scientists Fund

David and Elizabeth McCarthy Fund

Orthopaedic Fellow Education Fund

Emily McCormack Fund

Orthopaedic Surgery Advancement Fund

Charles Tower McDonough Fund Trevor McGill Fund Rita McGonnigle Fund

Nicholas Owens Memorial Fund Stephen E. & Catherine Pappas PACT Fund

Phronsie Pepper Fund Ina Sue Perlmutter Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research Robert & Veronica Petersen International Observer Fund Plastic Surgery Fund Amy and Jonathan Poorvu Endowment Fund Potel/Blum Family Fund Potel/Blum Primary Care Fund Brenna J. Clancey Pound Research Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Powderly Family Fund Mattina R. Proctor Trust Fund Pulmonary Hypertension Fund Quinto Larsen Family Fund Joshua Ryan Rappaport Surgical Fellowship Fund Raymond Family Fund Ed Redstone Fund Abigail Faith Remis Visiting Professor Fund Research Training Fund in Surgery Respiratory Diseases Investigatorship Alan B. Retik Professorship in Pediatric Urology Max Reveliotty Fund T.J. Reynolds Research Fund Rheumatic Fever/Heart Fund Riehl/Horne Family Fund Anne S. Robbins Chaplaincy Fund Robb-Petersen Lectureship Fund The Robinson Family Fund Robotic and Innovative Technology Fund Fred S. Rosen Fellowship Fund Dr. Robert K. Rosenthal Cerebral Palsy Fund in Orthopedics

Jacob and Grace Rubin Pediatric Fund for IBD Research Ryan Family Fund Eitan Salka Fund Susan Saltonstall Fund Constantino Savignano Fund for Allergy and Asthma Research Carol Sayles Memorial Fund for International Patients Ralph T. Sayles Fund George H. Scanlon Family Fund for Patient Family Housing Ralph Schlaeger Fellowship in Neuroimaging School of Nursing Alumnae Association Scholarship Fund Richard and Mary Scott DevelopmentBehavioral Pediatrics Fund Serafini Family Fund Joseph and Ruth Shankman Fund Sharon Sanatorium Cardiology Fund Sharon Sanatorium Fund Richard E. Sherbrook Fund Dr. Shillito Fellowship Fund Stephen Shusterman Education Fund Skeffington Family Fellowship in honor of Donald C. Fyler, MD Robert Smith Faculty Development Fellowship Fund Sam and Norma Smith Fund Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation Fund Sports Medicine Fund Norman Y. Stein Music Therapy Fund Stone Family Fund Roger & Susan Stone Family Fund Ferdinand Strauss Memorial Fund Edith Eustis Sturgis Fund Sudden Unexpected Death in Pediatrics Program Fund Surgery Fund for Innovative Research Surgical Advancement Fund for the Department of Surgery Swahnberg/Novotny Fund

30 | Signature Society continued Barrett Edward Tallman Memorial Fund Philip, Kathleen and Juliana Taymor Fund Max Tennis Fund

Sibylla Orth Young Fund for Student Aid

Yen H. Tow Memorial Fund Samara Jan Turkel Center for Pediatric Autoimmune Disease Fund Tyler Foundation Fund for Extraordinary Needs Harold and Anna Snider Ullian Neonatal Research Fund Harold and Anna Snider Ullian Orthopaedic Fund Urology Advancement Fund Urology Basic Research Fund Urology Education and Clinical Research Fund Blake Morgan VanDernoot Fund Variety Club of N.E. Fund

Barbara and Edward Shapiro

$250,000 to $499,999 Children’s Circles of Leadership Children’s Circles of Leadership is a society recognizing individuals who annually give $1,000 or more to Boston Children’s Hospital. Donors who make gifts to the hospital in their will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan or life-income gifts are welcomed into Children’s Legacy Circle. Circle of Care The top level of philanthropy among Children’s Circles of Leadership is Circle of Care. Individuals and family foundations who make annual gifts of $10,000 or more are welcomed into Circle of Care. Donors also become members of an honorary society of 27 participating children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment Fund

$1 Million and Above

Wallace Cardiac Research Library Fund

Anita and Joshua Bekenstein

Mathew Ian Wayne Neurologic Research Fund

Douglas and Diana Berthiaume

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Annenberg Foundation Steven and Deborah Barnes Denise and David Bunning Ana Paula Carral and Elmer Franco Hernandez Paul and Sandra Edgerley Egan Family Foundation The Tommy Fuss Fund Cathleen and Robert E. Griffin Jr. The Hearthstone Foundation Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. The Klarman Family Foundation Donna and Thomas J. May Ambrose Monell Foundation Ocean Capital Investments, Anne C.I. Oxley and John K.F. Irving The Radley Family Foundation— James and Gail Radley

Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Fellow Fund in Vascular Anomalies

The Roy & Lynne Frank Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Carol A. Wendell Music Therapy Fund

Karen and Rob Hale

Robert and Dana Smith

Carol A. Wendell Paw Prints Fund

Karp Family Foundation— Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp

Sunshine Charitable Foundation

Carol A. Wendell Stem Cell Kidney Regeneration Research Fund Wernick Family Fund for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nancy C. Wharton Chapel Fund Sherman Whipple Fund

James and Margaret Wade

The Corkin Family Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation Randi and Joel Cutler Elizabeth Daley-Ullem and Scott Ullem Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation Shoshana and Daniel Farb The Fireman Family— Lori and Dennis Baldwin, Penny and Dan Fireman, Stephanie and Adam Rogers, and Phyllis and Paul Fireman Keith and Debbie Gelb Dorothy and James Goodman Michael and Christina Gordon Grousbeck Family Foundation Alonso de Garay Gutierrez The Hamel/Simas Family Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation Klarman Family Foundation Program Brian J. Knez David Kostin and Laura Franco The James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation Nadeen G. and Ronald Paul Lafleur Cynthia and Seth Lawry The Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal Family Foundation, Inc. Laraine and Jeffry Levy

$100,000 to $249,999

Richard A. and Susan F. Smith

Kathryn and Ajay Agarwal

The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation

Louise Albert Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr.

The Mannheim Family Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus

Joe Andruzzi Foundation

Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc.

Anonymous (5)

Kevin and Kate McCarey

Nancy S. and Robert W. Anthony

Elise and Brendan McCarthy Vicki and Fred Modell

Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine

Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation— George B. Handran and U.S. Bank, N.A. Co-Trustees

Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Deborah and John Buehler

$500,000 to $999,999

Jeffrey and Marla Wolk Developmental Medicine Fund

Anonymous (3)

Work-Family Balance Fund

The Sidman Family

Benjamin and Christine Sloss

Richard S. Wolfman Family Fund

Wolpow Family Fund

Anna and Neil Rasmussen

Rembrandt Foundation

Simeon Burt Wolbach Research Fund

Wolpow Family Center for IBD Fellowship Fund

Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation Rita Conroy and Brad Lerman

Zuker Family Fund for Patient Family Housing

Caroline Draper Thayer Memorial Fund Tisch Families Fund

The Saul Family

Rafic and Jill Dahan Charles H. Hood Foundation

Don and Lynne Bulens

Karen and Farhad Nanji Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis Mr. John W. Newton Joe, Kathy, Kate and Casey O’Donnell

Individuals | 31 Orchard Foundation

Sandra and Gerald Fineber

Jeanne M. and Joseph P. Sullivan

Jacobson Family Foundation

Erica and Ted Pappendick

Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation

Barry and Amy Sylvetsky

Nancie M. Julian and William D. Forrest

Bianca and Craig Peskin

Fernanda Gamboa and Gabriel Holschneider

Tayebati Family Foundation

Jay Keefe

Teresa Townsend and Keith L. Hayes

Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone

G. Gorham Peters Trust The Rainwater Charitable Foundation Jennifer L. and Jeffrey M. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Samuels Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation Gordon and Jane Slaney Alfred A. and Gilda K. Slifka *

Gail S. and Adam Slifka

Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S.T. Gimbel The Goldrich Family Foundation Peter Goodman Leo Guthart Shohreh Hashemian and Dr. Hashem M. Hashemian

Charlotte and Herbert S. Wagner III David M. Watnick Edwin S. Webster Foundation Helen E. and Wilton W. Webster Susan and Paul Weisman Kelly A. and Jeffrey S. Woolbert

$25,000 to $49,999

Amy and Brett Kozlowski

Nancy Adams

Anne and Michael Krupka

Anonymous (6)

Gitta and Saul Kurlat

Carol and Michael Antino

James A. La Vea

Leslie S. and Howard C. Appleby

Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation

The Benderson Family

Stephanie and Brian Spector

The Family of Katie Lynch

James M. Stoneman Charitable Fund

Bihua Chen and Jackson J. Loomis

Stephanie and Matthew D. Magee

The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation

John and Stephanie Connaughton

Marriott Daughters Foundation

Team Jack Foundation

Kerridan S. and Michael Crowe

Jasmine and Paul Mashikian

Benjamin C. Warf, MD

Jack Cumming

The McCance Foundation

William and Elissa Warner

Thomas Daly

MeLampy-Lawrence Charitable Trust

Robin and Marc Wolpow

John and Catherine Dougherty

Pamela E. Miller-Hornik and David M. Hornik

Dorothy and Howard Dulman Fund

Judi and Edward E. Zuker and Family

Jim and Lisa Mooney $50,000 to $99,999

Mick and Tiffany Mountz

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Abele

Stephen and Kristin Mugford

Dr. Waleed Al-Herz

Mark Nunnelly and Denise Dupre

Anonymous (3)

Tim and Lynne Palmer

Michelle and Bob Atchinson

The Peery Foundation

Dewey and Margaret Awad

The Perkin Fund

Eleanor R. Belknap

Mr. Charles W. Pingree

Dr. Jane Holmes Bernstein

Jonathan and Amy Poorvu

Greg and Tara Ciongoli

The Rehma Fund for Children

Brenna Clancey-Pound Charitable Fund

Geoffrey and Laura Rehnert

Thomas Copeman and Melissa Ciana

Elizabeth and Michael A. Ruane

Rachel C. and Travis M. Rhodes

Jonathan and Margot Trotter Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Soviero

April and David Fellows and Family

Margaret R. and Edward M. Strauss

Bryce and Eileen Kramer Stephen P. Langer Leaves of Grass Fund Karen M. and Charles T. Liamos Carole A. and T. Barrett Lindsey

Michael Izak

The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; John and Amy S. Berylson and James Berylson; Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block; Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez and Andrew Knez

Jonathan and Patti Kraft

Lori and Gillis Cashman

Ben and Wendy Fischman Steven and Nancy Fischman Sara and Peter Fleiss Lawrence and Sheila* Foley John and Gretchen Fox Gifford Family Foundation Betsy Gillin John B. Goldham Jill Goodman Sarah and Josh Greenhill Jay and Marni Grossman Kathryn A. Hall Terry and Tom Hamilton Rasha and Abbas Mohammed Hassani Kimberly Hsu-Barber and Jeffrey S. Barber

Jessica and Joshua Lutzker Tristin and Martin Mannion Ihab and Elizabeth Massoud Dr. William D. and Marsha L. Mauch Thomas Melendez and Aixa Beauchamp John D. Mineck Foundation John M. Muresianu and Patti Satterthwaite Mark and Mary Nomellini and their children—John, Emmett, Mark Jr., Mary Arlene, and Pierce Karen O’Malley and Michael A. Feldman William O’Malley Harry M. Pethybridge Trust Nancy and David Potel Mr. and Ms. Thomas C. Prendergast Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Jenny Pyle and Ben Nye Peter Riehl and Allison Horne Jane and Michael J. Roland Stanley Rosenzweig and Lauri Union Matthew and Susan Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Savignano Schoen Family Foundation Sharon and Joel Schwartz Drs. Richard D. and Mary D. Scott Alissa C. and John A. Sebastian Hugh A. Simons Philip and Kathleen Taymor— The Taymor Family Foundation



32 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Colleen M. Burns

Geoffrey and Sandra Fenwick

Mary J. and Brian Hogan

Drs. Jordan Busch and Nancy Corliss

Ferguson Family Foundation, Inc.

Bradley A. Jabour

Katie and Michael Byrne

Nina and David Fialkow

Donna Jeffers

Meredith and Gregory Cafua

Donna S. and Jeffrey A. Field

Ms. Mimi Jigarjian

Margaret and Arthur G. Caputo

Reva and Eric B. Fischman

Betty and Stephen Kahn

Paolo Carfagnini

Joseph and Eva Flaherty

Clare K. and David M. Kaplan Jr.

Kathleen and Josh VanDernoot

Shirley C. Caris Family Foundation Kevin D. Carr

Gary Fleisher, MD and Jan E. Paradise, MD

Ed Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ward

Robert and Kylie Trewin in loving memory of Cooper Trust Family Foundation The VanDernoot Family— Richard and Polly, Kathleen and Josh VanDernoot, Nicole and Jared Hirsch

Matthew B. Winthrop*

Patricia L. and Daniel S. Carr Heather A. and Christian J. Carrillo

$10,000 to $24,999

Ronni J. and Ronald G. Casty

Leslie L. Alexander

Neil Chervin

Alpern Family Foundation

Jessica and William Christ

The Andy Fund

Peter and Julie Clay

Anonymous (10)

Christina and Tim Cohen

Melora and Andrew Balson

Margaret M. Collins Charitable Trust

Bartol Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Richard and Janet Conley

Mandy Bass and Dr. Jeffrey Bass

Christopher Connolly and Marjorie Liner

The Bassick Family Foundation Chuck and Kerri Bean

Jessica and Christian Connors

The Behrakis Foundation

Anne and Marc Costantini

The Bell Family

Frank A. Crowley Family

The Bennett Family Foundation

George Q. Daley and Amy C. Edmondson

Theodore and Cynthia Berenson Susanna Berger* Ashley and Paul Bernon Steven M. and Ann C. Berzin Aneel Bhursi Chris Bierly and Margaret Boasberg Nancy and Jeffrey D. Bilezikian Kristen Blair Michael Boudreau Global Cardiac Education Fund Bill and Gail Boyan Troyen Brennan and Wendy Warring The Bresky Foundation Phyllis Miller Brewer Jane Brock-Wilson Reverend and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner The Bufferd Family Fund

Wayne C. Davis and C. Ann Merrifield The Denoble Family Foundation Lillian A. and Setrak K. Derderian Tammy and Adam W. Devine Suzanne and Sean M. Doherty Alexandra D. Drane and Antonio Bertone David A. Duffield Bill Duhamel Rebecca E. Duseau Paul C. Edmunds Christina and Dwayne Ellison Drs. John and Jean Emans Fahrenkopf Charitable Lead Annuity Trust William Farrell Janice and Jerald Feldman Tom and Barbara Feller

Kristin Forbes and Steven Calhoun Allegra C. Ford-Thomas Foundation Foye Family Jacqueline and Terry J. Francona Charlotte and Harold S.* Frank Tracy and Matt Friedman Linda and Michael Frieze

Johanna and Marshall Kiev Carolyn and Clay Kingsley Bryan and Susan Koop Teresa Koster and Errin Siagel Alexander and Julia Krapf Steven and Karen Krichmar Emily Kroenlein and Rob Schlein

Jeff and Mary Furber

Victoire Keane Lang and Kenneth W. Lang

Michele Garvin

Josh Leavitt

GBL Trust (Labossiere and Brunaccini Families)

Elissa Levin and Christopher Davis

Anne and Charles K. Gifford Sr. Peter R. Gimbel and Elga Andersen-Gimbel Memorial Trust Gary and Mary Ellen Giulietti Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gliklich George and Susan Gorman John Grossman and Katharine Olmsted Richard Grubman and Caroline Mortimer

Renee and Matthew Levin Maria M. and Dr. James Levine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Little Dr. Harvey F. and Pamela C. Lodish Michael S. Lorber Ian and Isabelle Loring Ellie and Phil Loughlin Louis Foundation Irrev Trust Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr.

The Hanson Family

Lynnette M. Lowrimore

Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation

Scott and Jo Lysko

Mr.* and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch

The MacPherson Fund, Inc.

Karl Hawkes

Elaine and Timothy D. Mann

Jeff and Christa Hawkins

The Mannix Family

Susan R. and Sprole W. Heaps

Mantz Foundation

Hearts of Promise

Alicia and Jeffrey Mantz

Celeste and Dr. Daniel Hedequist

Roy March

Mary and Joseph Hehir

Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation

Blair and Jackie Hendrix

Emma Louise Marrone Memorial Fund

Joan and Eugene D. Hill III

Gary and Karen Martin

Peri Hoffer-Hinden and Randy Hinden

The Elizabeth and Joseph Massoud Family Foundation

Kevin and Elizabeth Hoffman

Blair and Gordon MacInnes



Individuals | 33 David and Elizabeth McCarthy

Janice and Ronald Reece

Beth and Anthony Terrana

Burman Family Fund

The Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation

Kristen and Paul Reeder

Marshall L. and Barbara A. Tobins Family Charitable Foundation

Sam and Tracey Byrne

Catherine C. and Robert H. McMenimon Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McNamara M. Katherine Metcalfe and Langdon Wheeler Joan Mikula

Howard S. and Deborah M. Reef William and Mary Restuccia Alan and Lynn Retik Margaret Reynolds and William J. Mckee Jr. Paul Roiff

Polly and Ming-Hao Tsai Anne R. and Dr. Irving* Umansky Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Waters Laurie, Patrick, Michael and Bob Watson—L.P.M. Charitable Foundation

Wen Long Chen Sharon and Thomas J. Chisholm CJE Foundation Drs. Carey and Karen Clark Annette and Frank A. Coccoluto Mrs. Herbert V. Cohen

Susie and Scott Mulder

The Rubin and Epstein Family— Lauren E. and Mark H. Rubin, Arlene and David T. Rubin, and Eunice* and Arthur J. Epstein

Jessica and Charles Myers

Ruderman Family Foundation

Mike Napoli

Dr. Paul S. Russell

Dawn and Michael J. Nathanson

Enrique Salem

Mary Anne and Timothy P. Neher

Edward and Santa Sasena

Kathryn W. and Robert G. Windsor and Clair K. Windsor

John and Judith Nelson Family Foundation

George H. Scanlon Foundation

Arlene J. Wolk

Jim and Shirley Curvey

Laurie M. Scott

Drs. Laura Wood and Lawrence Quartana

Beryl David and Harry N. Gorin Foundation

John and Erica Wright

Kathleen and William DeLuca

Gabriella and Ned J. Yetten

Kristina R. and Arthur S. Demoulas

Suzanne and Alan Zaff

Vicki and Jonathan M. DeSimone

Sylvia and Paul Zurlo

Gladys DiBisceglia

Aiden Morris Neuromuscular Research Fund

Pamela and Scott Nelson Jessica Gifford Nigrelli and Andrew T. Nigrelli Michael and Kathleen Nilles Melissa and Benjamin North Soren and Caroline Oberg Barbara R. and Vania K. O’Connor Kevin and Vanessa O’Malley Thomas and Nancy O’Neill Foundation

Kathleen and Robert Shamberger, MD Maura A. Shaughnessy The Sherbrooke Family Kate and Raleigh Shoemaker Jennifer and Michael J. Skoler Candace Lapidus Sloane, MD and Barry R. Sloane Christine and Robert J. Small

Elayne and David Weener

Janet and John Conley

Laura and Kenneth A. Wernick

Connemara Fund

Wayne and Ellen Whippen

Kathy and John Connolly

Eileen and Kevin A. White

Ken and Susan Corliss

Geraldine A. Williams

Eve M. Corning Jeff Crisan

Circle of Promise $5,000 to $9,999

Jane C. and Brian L. Crowley

Dockendorff Family Charitable Gift Fund Douglas Drane Charitable Trust

James Smith and Gail Federici-Smith

Anonymous (7)

Deborah L. Edwards

Lesley Solomon and Derek Hibbard

Muffy and Paul Antico and Family

Julie and Richard Eiermann

Rebecca M. and Garrett J. Solomon

Apple Lane Foundation

Erickson Family Foundation

Dr. Samantha Spencer

Bailey Foundation

Winifred D. and Thomas E. Faust Jr.

Eileen M. Sporing

Christine L. Barensfeld

Beth and Richard Fentin

Katherine Harrison Pelson and Mark Pelson

Tracey E. Spruce and Trevor W. Barcelo

Matthew P. Beagle and Lisa M. Scopa

Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas A. Ferraro

Carolyn and Phil Perelmuter

Nicole Maria Stata and Joseph Deutch Schotland

Deborah C. Bean and Benjamin Starr

Janice Fiske

Tammy Beckwith

Suzanne and Fabian Fondriest

The Mark Bellissimo Family

Judith and Lionel Fortin

Cassandra and Michael Belmarsh

Adrienne L. Fricke and Andrew B. Loewenstein

The Osterman Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Otto Leslie and Erik Owens Heidi and Lewis Pearlson

Shep Perkins Janet and James Peterson

Norman Y. Stein*

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Prigmore

Roger and Susan Stone Family Foundation

Erika C. and Thomas W. Prigmore

Lynn Susman and Roger Pachter

Marcel V. Quiroga

The Swahnberg/Novotny Donor Advised Fund at The Boston Foundation

Zarin Rahman Gita Rao and Bhaskar Chakravorti Abbe Raven and Martin Tackel Fred and Jean Raymond

Zohar Ben-Dov Fred Bertino

Tamar and Kenneth Frieze

James Berylson

Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation

Alison Taunton-Rigby

Professor Stephen J. Blyth and Anita Gajdecki

Edward Garden

Philip and Kathleen Taymor

Eileen B. Brooks

Suzanne F. Gauron Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gearin *


34 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Frederick and Margaret Weyerhaeuser Foundation

Deirdre M. Giblin and David B. DuBard

Eric Levin and Michelle Fineberg

Anthony Provanzano Sr.

Mia and Scott A. Gieselman

Ann-Kathrin Lingk

Matthew Pullen

The Goldfarb Family Fund

The LJS Family Fund

Todd Quinto and Judy Larsen

Dennis Goldstein and Beth Kressley Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. John R.A. Lofgren

Lori N. and Andrew J. Reid

Scott Lopez

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Robb Robbins Family Foundation

Gomez Charitable Gift Fund

Roy S. MacDowell III and Todd S. MacDowell

Benjamin Gomez and Susan Cable

Stacy S. and Michael R. Mach

Roy and Carol Greenwald

Todd MacLean

Roy and Gail Greenwald

Paul Marchesiani

Tom and Jessica Bussgang Rosenbloom Fund

Deirdre and Corey Griffin

Kristin and Paul J. Marcus

Philip and Kim Rotner

Nicole T. and Kenneth J. Grinnell Jr.

Elaine K. and Philip W. Marks

Melanie and Daniel Rudoy

Robert L. Growney

Mayel Fund

Molly E. and Patrick T. Ryan

Yogesh Gupta

Leslie and Kevin McCafferty

Emily F. Schabacker

Melissa V. and Frank B. Hanenberger

Joseph McCluskey

Beth and Eric Schlager

Rosalin Acosta

Matt Harris

Allison M. McGann and Thomas J. Campbell

Lyn and Chuck Schwager

Thomas Hilt Allen Foundation

Edward Scollins

Michael Anderegg

Kathleen C. Sheehy

Kimberly Karole Anderson, MD

Joshua Siegel

William Anderson

Elizabeth F. Silverman and Jonathan J. Goodman

Anonymous (8)

Yvette and Peter Mulderry Deborah Lorraine and Jim Muntz

Sodhani Foundation

Helen F. and Ethan N. Arnold

Heather Korostoff Murray

Susan P. Stickells and Albert A. Holman III

Kathryn A. Arnone and Edward J. Heeney

Seth and Jennifer Stier

Mrs. Judith Bach

David and Pamela Stone

Jonathan Bailly

Edward Sullivan

Doreen Balcarek

Brendan and Kerry Swords

Andrew Barrett

The Margaret and Jack Tarver Foundation

George Beal Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Thorndike Jr.

Ashley Beale

Tyler Tumminia and Benjamin P. Cherington

The Tara Bean Foundation, Inc.

Kaia and Jonathan Goldstein Fund

Joyce E. Haseotes Salah Hassanein Antoine G. Hatoun and Andrea G. Levitt Theresa Hein David Hendry Charles H. Hood Fund The Igo Family Foundation, Inc. Anne and R. Blake Ireland Charles Izzo and Joan Reilly Cynthia and Andrew Janower Kathy Jenkins Michelle F. and Thomas H. Jennings Eric and Melanie Jozefiak Allen Kamer Andrea C. and Henry G. Kara Lynn and William Kargman Kasatkin Family Trust Nicole Israel and Josh Kaufman Michael and MaryFran Klein and Family Charles Kojabashian Daniel and Wendy Kraft Gordon Lawrence and Martha Andersen Lori Becker Leif and Frederic Leif John R. Levene Fund

Lydia and Nicolas Meyer-Turkson Phoebe T. and Dan Miller III Michelle and Geoffrey Millerd

Paul D. Murray Jr. Glen D. Nager and Amy F. Berger Joan V. Netland Novack Family Foundation Stuart and Katherine Novick Mike Offner Rowan T. O’Riley Family Foundation Lorri Simches Owades and Gordon D. Owades Jennifer and Victor E. Parker Catherine and Paul Parshley Ted Paschkis Dean R. Peasley Mr. and Mrs. H. Bradlee Perry

Kristen and Thomas S. Roberts Rosenberg Family Fund

Tom J. Tuton Anna S. Ullian Nancy and Carlo Valente Lisa and Richard E. Van Steenbergen Lisette S. Venier Charitable Foundation

Drs. Concetta T. and John Williams The Willow Fund Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust Frances S. Wolff and Sue Wolff Shari Wolkon Steven Zagoren Frank and Paula Zavrl Nancy G. Zimmerman and Andrei Shliefer

Circle of Courage $2,500 to $4,999

Drs. Essam and Eman Al Ansari

Abbie Benford Memorial Fund Brian Berube and Susan Wolff James L. Bills Karen and Ronald Binette David Black

Carol M. Vincent

Jennifer Berylson Block and Jonathan Block Charitable Fund

Karen A. and Christopher Poreda

Rebeca De Vives and Dr. Patricio F. Vives

Michael Boyle

Andrea G. and Eric S. Proser

John and Ann Webster

Bob Pfeifer and Devette Russo Laura and Robert J. Plumb III

Jared Brecher Ethel L. Brene

Individuals | 35 Erik Brooks

Amy and Jonathan P. Fine

Isaac and Jessica Kato

Bill and Kathy McCullen

Jennifer and Brooks B. Brown

Finkelstein Family Charitable Fund

Yonina Ron Kella

Dr. William Meehan

Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation

Gretchen S. Fish

Mr. Stephen P. Kelliher

Jane C. Melchionda

Michael Flint

Kristen Kenny

Eric Meltzer

Dr. Richard Forbes

John Khoury

Donald A. Miller

Nancy and Neal Foster

Scott E. Kilgallen

Victor Miranda

Janet Fox

Richard H. Kimball

David and Michele Mittelman

Patricia C. and Peter B. Foye

Kelly M. Konopa

Jean K. and Charlie Mixer

Richard Gerson

David Kunz

Damian Mogavero

Kayla Gessner

David A. and Ann E. Landry

Jane Moncreiff

Maria D. and Todd N. Giatrelis

Steven and Mary Ann LaPierre

James Morrow

Anne and Charles K. Gifford Sr.

Abigail Lash and Austin V. Shapard

Jennifer E. Mugar-Flaherty and Peter G. Flaherty II

Mr. John G. Carberry Michael D. Chang Joseph F. Clancy Pat and Chuck Clement Ann M. Cloherty and Dr. John P. Cloherty Dr. Christine Corley Isaac Corre Anna & B.W. Cosentino Charitable Foundation

Elizabeth P. and Charles K. Gifford

Kevin Leary

Katie Cosmas

Anna L. Furstenberg Giraldo

Dr. Eliza Lee

Eric Costa

James Giraldo

Joakim D. Lehmkuhl

Robert Crespi

The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation

Amy Lestage

Jon Cronin Helen and David Crowell Dave Daglio Erik & Marcela Danesh Charitable Fund Richard C. Del Bello Joseph P. DeMatteo Michael DeMichele Jeffrey Denneen Gianfranco Di Cicco Dr. David A. Diamond Ann F. Dinneen Deanna and Tony DiNovi Susan and Kenneth J. Dobuler, in memory of Paul Dobuler Dawn C. and Mark E. Donovan Lisa D. and Derek D. Doo Patrick Dowd Mrs. Clover M. Drinkwater Brian D. Driscoll Joseph Duncan Eichhorn Family Fund Katharine K. and Thomas B. Ellis Fleur Fairman The Favalora Family Charitable Fund The Festa Family

Brian Goldman Abe Gottlieb Family Philanthropic Fund James Grandberg Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Dr. Jonathon and Amy Grayson Ann M. Greene Sarah and Jonathan Guido Charles Haigh Jason Halio Eunice M. Harps Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hart Nancy J. and William Heffron Gregory P. Heyman Elizabeth and David Hirsh Mary and Donald Huber Loneve Humbert Tracee L. and John B. Hynes III Ruth and Glen Jackson

Leveroni Family Foundation Lisa and Stuart Lewtan Dr. Marilyn G. Liang Amy C. Lochhead Christine and Robert F. Long The Lucky Dog Too Fund Matthew Lugar The Lynch Family Kris Maeda Mary Ellen and Peter A. Maich Cynthia and Kevin C. Mairs Geramie and Jarett Malone The Andrew J. & Joyce D. Mandell Family Foundation, Inc. Cynthia and Kenneth Margotta Philip Marks Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Marson Martin Fund

John and Kathy Nealon Neff Family Donation Fund Sandra C. and William B. Newbold Una M. and Dr. J. Kevin Nugent Laura and Matthew Olton Shari Otsuka and Kenneth Gin Sam Anurag and Avanti Pandit JoAnn and Dan Passeri Madhukanta K. and Kishorkumar N. Patel Pamela Peedin and Paul S. Rebuck Billie P. and Anthony J. Perry Tami L. and Amos F. Pike Jr. David Prescott Naomi Priver John Purcell Todd Rapp Roger and Hannelore Reiser Marlene Reynolds Tina and Jim Richardson George Rizk Linda and Ron Roberts

Demond Martin

Daniel L. Romanow and Benjamin Andrew Zelermyer

Michael Josephson

Dr. Erin E. Maruska and Andrew J. Maruska

Samuel Rosenberg

David Kagan

Michael Mathis

Kenneth and Linda Rosenthal Charitable Fund

Yvette and Jonathan Kanter

Paul McAvoy

Dr. Simon Kasif

William McCarron

Dick and Mary Jalkut Timothy Jarry

Karen Roy Philip Ruedi

36 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Elvira J. Salem

Steven Urchuk

Jessica and David Aronoff

Sara and Michael Bernstein

Luisa Santiago

Naoko Dalla Valle

Karen and Dennis Arsenault

Anthony J. Bertolino, Esq.

Jane and Angelo Santinelli Family Fund

Thomas A. Van

Attenborough Family Gift Fund

Jordan Bettman

Samantha Santos and Fabio A. Collazo

Elisabeth Vanzura

Rene Averett

James Beville

Peter and Nancy Saperstone

Francisca Vasquez

Susan E. and John F. Averill

Marc Bibeau

Cindy Schlessinger and Jeffrey Ellowitz

Kathleen G. Volpe and Michael A. Shaner

Richard K. Avery

Petra and Cornelis M. Biemans

Kavita Baball

Barbara Ann and Jordan Birger

Steven J. Babcock

John Birkett

Elizabeth B. and Gregory C. Badger

Dr. Joyce Bischoff and Dr. Ellis J. Neufeld

Greig and Kristen Schneider Richard and Lisa Schwartz The Seyboth Family Charitable Fund Stacy R. and Jesse Sharf Leon Shaulov Brian and Liz Shortsleeve Charitable Fund

Liz Nelson Weaver Sam, Bea and Nathan Wilderman Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc. Gregg Wolfson Erin Zaldastani Aaron J. Zeigler

Siff Charitable Foundation

John C. Bailer Robin M. Bailey Robert Bainbridge Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker Family Foundation

Chester Black Roman S. Blanco Rob Blandford Jeanne and Christopher A. Bleck

Eileen Sivolella

Circle of Hope

Elizabeth Baldwin

Don and Marcia Blenko

Lesley Sklar

$1,000 to $2,499

Robert P. Ball

Gordon* and Marjorie Bloom

Danielle Spaulding

Dennis R. and Kristen Abruzzese

Ehrnest Ballagh

Benjamin and Amy Bloomstone

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stata

Jackie D. and Matthew S. Adams

Gayann F. and Peter F. Barbella

Sarah and Peter Blum

Afergan Family Charitable Fund

Susan Barber

Jill Boardman

Vikas Aggarwal

Jeffrey G. Barnett

Brian Bogardus

Kevin J. Ahearn

Jeanne-Marie Baron

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Boger III

Theodoros Akiskalos

Terese and Dennis Barous

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bogle Jr.

Ronald Albahary

Amy B. and Michael Jay Barry

Bonanno Charitable Fund

Bryce Albin

Patricia Barry and Christopher I. Campbell

William F. Bonk Jr.

Geoffrey D. Stein and April C. Stein Fund Scott Steinman Douglas Stevenson Cathleen C. and John L. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sullivan Hartono Susanto Lisa A. and Thomas R. Taranto Jr. Lee and Carol Tesconi Gregory Thomaier The John Thomas & Special Friends Fund Barbara Tilzer-Frankel and Jeffrey E. Frankel Mr. and Mrs. John J. Todd Ruthlein Toell Foundation Linda J. and Paul R. Topping Ms. Maria A. Trevisan and Mr. Steven N. Urchuk Jeanne C. and Richard V. Troy Jr. Ted and Kathy Truscott Macy and Andrew Z. Tubman Dr. William Turnbull Cheryl and Michael Umana

Christopher Alger Margaret J. Allen Marty and Tom Allman Mary Louise W. Almeida Barbara Hamilton Almy Iana Anastassova Angela and Brady Anderson Colin Anderson Charitable Fund John M. Anderson III Robert G. and Judith P. Anderson Fund Ellen K. and Jeffrey T. Angley Anonymous (45) Nancy L. and Bruce E. Anselmo Judy Applebaum and Richard Madigan Michael Appleton Georgia T. Argyrople and Family Kimberly and Joseph Army

Chris and Darcey Bartel Fund Julie and Matthew Bartlett Glenda Baugh and Jim P. Manzi Bayard Family Cristen Beard, DMD Aurora D. and Donald R. Beatty Kevin Beatty Mark and Diane Bechard Oscar Belaiche Phyllis and Leonard D. Bell Michael Bellefeuille Mr. and Mrs. John Bemis William Benjes Donald E. Bentley Fund Ethan Berg Marie and Paul M. Berman

Dr. and Mrs. Aleck Borman Christine C. and Matthew J. Botica Harry Botsivales Jennifer Bourgeois Tami Bourloukas Pamela and Leslie Bowden Alexis Boyle and Christopher Egan Lynn F. and Melbourne D. Boynton Cristina and Rodolfo Bozas James Brackett Julie M. and Joseph Bradley Robert A. Bralower Julie Brassard Tanya Breau Paula and Joseph Brecher Roger E. Breitbart, MD Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brennan *


Individuals | 37 Andrew Briggs

Marianne E. and Thomas R. Carabine

Denise Consolo

Claudia and Kevin S. Bright

David Carlstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Maurizio Contini

Amy M. and Tony M. Briney

Mary Carlucci

Thomas Conwell

G. Robert Bristow and Deborah Bristow Charitable Foundation

Kathleen B. Carr

Stephen Cook

Jennifer and Martin Carroll

James M. Cooper

John B. Carron

Lisette Cooper

Donna M. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooper

John & Ann Casey Fund

William W. Cooper

Cavanaugh Charitable Gift Fund

Heather Copelas

Erik Cetrulo

Joseph E. Corcoran Stacey Cornforth

Janet L. and Gordon J. Brown

Shelby M. and Miceal G. Chamberlain Jr.

R. Arthur Brown

William H. Champlin

Shelley S. Brown

Fay Chang

Mary Anne Correnti-Meyers and Dan Meyers

David Bruno

David Chapin

Kaitlin C. Coughlin

Kelly Bryan

Gary Chase

Karen E. and Robert L. Buckley II

Geoffrey and Stella Chasin

Margaret A. Coughlin and John M. Riley III

Captain and Mrs. J. Michael Buffington

Drs. Ming Hui Chen and Christopher A. Walsh

Brittany Broderick Naard Broeckaert Anne F. and Edward W. Brooke Helen A. and Michael R. Brophy Peter Brotchie Douglas R. Brown

Jonathan Bull Harvey H. Bundy III The Burke Family Trust June 2002 Thomas and Mary Burke The Burnes Family Burton Family Trust Erin and Paul J. Butera Gregory B. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cabot III Dale P. Cabot Carola Cadley Philip and Janet Cady Eileen M. and Joseph V. Cahill Caithness Foundation Michael A. Calawa Rebecca G. and Brian A. Caldwell Ellen and Richard Calmas Family Fund David H. Cameron Glen Cammarano Robert B. Campbell Richard Cantlalini Lisa M. and John S. Capone Thomas Caputo

Shawn Correia

Darling Family Charitable Annuity Lead Trust Michael R. Davin Phyllis M. Davis Richard and Gail Davis Maria V. De Greiff-Wakhloo and Dr. Ajay Wakhloo Richard R. DeAngelis James Deegan DEF Fund Lois and Ronald DeLuca Maureen A. and Robert P. DeMarco Robert DeMarco Michael Deneen J & K deP Jeanne and Michael DeSanto Roger E. Deschenes

Dorothy L. and Richard S. Coulson

Tom and Midge DeSimone

Lisa Courtemanche

Mark R. Desrochers

Heather and Jeff Chisholm

Beth Cramer and Joseph Struzziery

Pauline Smarsh Dessertine

The Naomi and Walter Chucnin Foundation

Beth Creager and Brian L.P. Fallon

Amy Devasto William E. Devine

Danielle and John Ciaccio

Genevieve Cremaldi and Brendan J. Fahy

Gina Ciampolillo

Michael Crespi

Olga M. and James J. Ciana

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cristofono

Mary A. and Paul S. Cincotta

Katherine and John Cronin

Christopher Clair

Patricia Cronin

Patricia F. and Dick Clancey

Susan Cronin

Paul Clancy

John F. Crook

Teresa M. and Gregory T. Clark

Heather Crosby

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cocozza

Mr. and Mrs. Gorham L. Cross

Lisa M. and Michael Cogliano

Karen J. Cullen and Dr. Robert F. Cullen Jr.

Judith and Daniel J. Coll Lou Anne and Paul C. Collins Peter Collins Mark Combs Sara A. Conahan Claudia and William Concannon Michael Conn Peter Connelly Eileen and John Connors

Dorothy Cullity Kathy and Dr. Michael J. Cunningham Tim Cunningham Mark Currie Susie Curry The Cutler Family Foundation, Inc. Cynthia L. Dabrowski M. Pearl and Frank D. D’Andrea Stephanie and David D’Angelo

Mike Dfiore Michael Diamond Elizabeth DiBattista Mr. and Robert A. DiMuccio Dr. Lei Ding Jean-Francois Dion Colleen D. and Christopher E. Dipetrillo Geraldine and Vincent J. DiPompei Mr. and Mrs. James S. DiStasio Michael Doheny Marie E. Dolan Mark P. Dolan Donahue Family Charitable Fund Will and Lori Donnellan Nancy F. and John T. Donnelly Dr. Michelle Donovan Robin S. and Gregg M. Dooling R. Michael Dorsch Judy and Jack Duda

38 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Rosalina Feliciano and William Y. Cheung

Elizabeth M. and Charles M. Garabedian

Christopher Felton

Cerise Garcia

Hensey Fenton

Jennifer A. Garczyk

Kara Duggan

Holly and Roderick Ferguson

Dozier and Sandy Gardner

Mary B. Dunn

Michael P. Ferris

Mr. and Mrs. R. Hartwell Gardner

Melissa A. and Michael R. Dunphe

Miguel Fidalgo

Adie and Richard Garfein

Annie Duong

Isabel and James Fieger

Marie L. Garibaldi

Daniel DuPont

William Finestone

Joanne Gasparotto

Glenn Durr

Karen and Jack Finnell

James Geary

Beth Ann Dworetzky

Daniel Fireman

Mauricia Geissler

Maureen Dynarski

John Fish

Rebecca Sue Gelman

Frank Eacobacci

Glenda and Bob Fishman

Daniel M. Gentile

Matthew R. Earley

Drs. Martha P. and Mark C. Fishman

Melissa Gerkin

Wesley and Virginia Eaton

Dr. and Mrs. Norton Fishman

Brad Gerstner

Jennifer L. Eckert and Richard A. D’Amore

Ruth J. Fitzgerald

Bill Getty

Fitzgibbons Family Fund

Thomas A. Gibb III

Joseph P. Flanagan

John Gibbons

The Flatley Darling Fund

Randi Gibson

Sarah K. and James O. Fleckner

Mark Giese

Florence Family Charitable Foundation

Rita and Kevin Gill

Raymond E. & Marie V. Fontaine Family Foundation

Michael Gillespie

Philip Duda Donna and John C. Duffy The Meghan K. Duffy Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Eckhouse/Popper Charitable Fund Lynne and Stuart Elfland Jim and Heidi Elliman Craig, Jennifer and Michael Emerson Ruth and Troy Emet Pamela J. England-Morgan and William E. Morgan Esta G. Epstein Nancy and Larry Epstein Susan and Jeff Esper Deborah R. Ethridge Pamela A. and Ronald J. Evans Rebecca Everson Michael and Laurie Ewald Barry and Adele Faber John A. and Mary M. Facey Charitable Fund Susan L. and David L. Fair Arleen Fallon Caroline and Carl Fantasia SD Fassler Charitable Fund Barbara P. and Frank Feger Fein Foundation Roberta and Jeffrey M. Feldman

Lina and Joseph M. Fonte Julia N. and Randy J. Forgaard Paula and Steven A. Forrest Amy and Brian Fox Richard Framil Kirsten A. and John F. Francini Jr. Cheryl Fraser Esther Freeman Linda Fuller Michelle and Joshua Fuller Terra Fuller Jacquelyn & Howard Furman Family Fund Philip and Michelle Galati Walter J. and Anne C. Gamble Patricia S. and Paul C. Gannon Julia K. and C. Mackay Ganson, Jr. Fund

Ilana Gotlib Paul and Melissa Gray Paul and Priscilla Gray Gift Fund John Grayson Great Island Foundation Denise M. and Lawrence G. Green Lillian E. and Arnold H. Greene Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Greenlaw Todd A. Greenquist Karen E. and Bryce Grefe The Grey Family Foundation Paul V. Griffin Jr. Maria E. Grimshaw Sean Grogan Daryl Groom Robert Grosskopf Jr. Patricia L. and Louis J. Grossman Matthew Growney Lorraine Cody Gryniuk Sarah Gurjal Joanne C. and Paul H. Guzzi

Bryan Gitomer

Rena E. Gyftopoulos and David R. Shepherd

Janet Jo and Dr. Thomas J. Giuffrida

Jonathan Haddad

Laurie J. Glader and Gary L. Ardell

Chris and Connie Hadley

Stacia and David Glancy

Francis Hahn

Carol A. and Martin A. Glazer

Scott Haig

Anne and Patrick Glynn

Richard G. Hajjar

Linda L. and Patrick A. Godfrey

Lani Hall

Josh Gold

Thomas J. Halligan Jr.

Ira Goldberg

Michael Halloran

Eugene and Beverly Goldfield

Adam Halpern

Brian Goldsmith

Jeremy Hammer

Judith M. Gonsalves

Brian Hanechak

Carlos Gonzalez

Yvonne Hanna

Mr. and Mrs. Luther S. Goodie

Martha R. and Eric W. Hanson

Connor Gordon

George Harkins

Mark S. Gordon

Kelsey S. Harrington Foundation, Inc.

Paul J. Gordon

Lionel Harris

Nancy R. and Jason Gorer

Mitchell E. Harris

Marjorie Gorin

Deirdre and John Hartz

Individuals | 39 Catherine A. and John F. Harvey

Dominique S. and Scott G. Hutzler

Peggy and Robert Keach

Whitney LaPointe

Ashley and Ari N. Haseotes

Candyce and Thomas M. Ihnot

Jean M. Keddy

David LaPorte

James W. Hawes

Robert P. and Jill M. Inches

Catherine R. and Patrick J. Keeley

Ginnette Larsen

Bob Hayes

Kate Ireland

Mary E. Keenan

Casper Latimer

Donna and Charles Hazard

Barbara A. Ito and Jonathan M. Katz

Marcia L. Keith

Christine Lattuada

Elizabeth P. Heald

Kathleen F. and Robert G. Ix

Ed and Kathleen Kelly

Troy Lau

Dr. Kerry M. and Sean M. Healey

Kurt Jackson

Mary Kelly

Sean Healy

Jeffrey Jacobowitz

Shirley C. and Christopher J. Kelly

Drs. Marc R. Laufer and Susan Rosenfeld-Laufer

John and Georgette Heerwagen

Ronald and Judith Jacobs

Frank and Joan Kenna

Pamela K. and Michael A. Henderson

Ross Jaffe

John Kerry

Netti Herman

Anne-Marie Jakobsen

Vance V. Kershner

Patricia A. and Dr. John T. Herrin

Maryann and Thomas Jalkut

John Kiernan

Herring Charitable Trust

Michael Jammen

Andrew Kiley

The Hertzberg Family Fund

Elizabeth E. and Daniel J. Jick

Anne B. Kimball

Nicole A. and James Hickey

Andre John

Scott Kimmelman

Patricia A. Hickey

Abigail P. Johnson and Christopher McKown

Christy L. and Kenneth King

Kristine Moyer Higgins and Robert F. Higgins

Christine M. Johnson

Michael Higgins

Janis Johnson

Rosemary H. Higginson

Allan Jones

Kurt J. Hiler and Susanne M. Hanson

Brenna and Richard Jones

Joan and Eugene D. Hill III

Emily N. and Ross M. Jones

Jordan Hirsch

Richard and Carol Joseph

Ellen and Steve Hoffman

Mrs. Carol A. Joy

Patti L. Hoffman

Mary and James J. Judge

Sean Holleran

Julien Family Charitable Fund

Kevin Holt

Deborah Kadish and Jan Rivkin

Monica Hoppe

Matthew Kadnar

Timothy Hoppe

Ali and Irv Kagan

Laura and Justin Houk

Johanna and Alvin Kagan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hovsepian

Anthony and Carol Kalliche

Everett and Dorothy Howe

Eileen A. Kamerick

Howland Family Foundation

Dawn and Michael E. Kane

Carl I. Hoyer

Henry P. Kanner

David and Linda Hoyt

Warren J. Kaplan

Jacqueline and Robert Hughes

George Karnoutsos

Dr. Bertram Hui

Deanna L. and David S. Kassenoff

Hunter Family Charitable Trust

Rob Katz

David Hunter

Daniel Kaufthal

Natacha and Justin Hupp

Sarah Kaull

Ilisa Hurowitz

Mary Kaye Fund

Douglas Kingsley Brian Kinney Sandi Kirshner Adam Kloczkowski Lora Knight and Dr. John R. Knight Erik and Sarah Knutzen Family Lindsey and Thomas Kolinski Jennifer Koons Linda Koski John D. Kostis Steven E. Kosto Beeneet Kothari Russell and Stephanie Kramp Rhonda A. and T. Gregory Kraus Selwyn & Marilyn Kudisch Fund Hannah Kuehler Michael Kuell Nilesh Kulkarni Mark Kulpins The Kulsick Family Charitable Fund Laura LaBash Leslie Lake Jeffrey & Nancy Lane Foundation, Inc. Lank, Chanowski, Gustin Charitable Trust

Hugo Lavallee Jennis A. LaVita Marc Lawrence Richard Lawther Catherine C. and Bruce J. Layman Julie and Clifford N. Leaf Lisa LeBlanc Dr. Elaine G. LeClair Elana and Steve Lederman Charles Ledley Henry and Mary Lee James B. Lee Mojgan Lefebvre Dennis Lehane Frances and Elliot Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Lemaire Phil Lembo Robert K. Lemons Jonathan Lennon Mary and Robert L. Lentz Michelle K. and David M. Lepore Michael Lerner Christine Leslie Ann Leung Howie Leung Donna and Mark S. Leventhal Becky and Mark J. Levin Renee and Matthew Levin Aviva and David Levine Marian D. and James M. Levine Geoffrey W. and Roberta Morse Levy Dorothy Ley Leslie and Bill Lichtman

40 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Katherine Lin

Thomas C. Markham

Linda and Jeffrey Meade

Robert Mugford

Piper K. and Norman U. Lind

Joan and Peter W. Marks

Arthur and Jeanne Meehan

Brooke Mulkerron

Jeffrey and Patricia Lines

Paul V. Martin

Phoebe T. Meehan

James D. and Martha Mungovan

Julie and Gabriel Ling

Peter and Deirdre Martin

Emily & Bernard H. Mehlman Fund

Brian Murphy

Sara and Robert Linnehan

Robert A. Martinec Daniel Martinez

Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Jennifer Melkonian

Brian J. Murphy

Fred and Sarah Lipsky Foundation John Liu

Mike, Mary and Alexander Martone

Jennifer Lohmar

David R. Masse

Robert W. and Carol A. Lord

Craig J. and Donna L. Mathias

Richard and Nancy Lubin

Abby Matzkin and Brett A. Gordon

Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation

Kathryn A. and Timothy J. Maul

Elisabeth A. Luick

Ross Mayer

Tracy L. and James B. Lyne

Sandra Mazzola

Ted Lyon

Josephine McAllister

The Cynthia M. Macarchuk Fund

Jeff McArdle

Donald A. MacArthur Jr.

Michael and Mary E. McArdle

Kati C. and Ronald K. Machtley

Dr. Shelley McBride

The William and Phyllis Mack Family Foundation, Inc. Malcolm W. MacNaught Fund Ariel and Christopher Maddocks Robert P. Magner Jr. Samantha Magner Meaghan Mahoney Peter and Kathryn Mahoney Xing Mai Max Malaret Mary Ellen Malloy R. Bradford Malt Ryan Mancini Charitable Foundation, Inc. John Manning and Jodi Petrucelli Ilana Manolson and David Lax Vikram Mansharamani The Marble Family Bill Marble Julie A. Margenthaler Karen Marinella Deborah D. Marini and Dr. Robert P. Marini June Mark

John F. McCabe Jr. Diane E. McCarthy Emily McComb James McDonough Joe McDonough Andrew McElaney Jean McElearney The David L. McElroy Revocable Trust Raechel McGhee Stephanie McGirr Bertha and Paul F. McGourty The McGuirk Charitable Fund Marie C. and Robert A. McInnes Kate S. Mckee Patrick McKee Helen S. and John J. McKetta Jr. Charitable Foundation

Barbara B. and Peter A. Merrigan Edward W. and Genevieve de B. Merrill Emily L. and Edward T. Metcalf Kirk Metcalf Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation John Metzner Liana and Ethan Meyers The Miller Family Charitable Fund Helaine Miller Minikes Charitable Foundation Ms. Rachel Moffett Anne Moffitt Janet Molina Bob Monahan William Mone Lois M. Monge Heidi and Jon Monkarsh Susan M. and Robin A. Monleon Gloria Monosson Leslie Moonves Gregory Moore Jeffrey Lee Moore Natalia and VJ Morgan Carol and John Moriarty Suzanne B. and David E. Morris Rachel A. Morrison Richard Morrison Paul Morrissey

Arthur and Linda McKinnon

David C. Morrow

Ted McNamara

Michelle J. Morway-Kelliher

Colin and Anne McNay

Harriet C. Moss and Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg

Ciaran McNelis Matt and Meredith McPherron Gift Account Karen and David McVicker

Dr. Alison A. Moy Anne and John Moynihan Jr. Brian Moynihan and Susan Berry

Ann M. Murray Bonnie Murray Janice Narey Sarah E. Narracci Paul Natalizio Dr. Terry A. Neill Casey Nelson John J. Nelson Joshua M. Nelson New Prospect Foundation Sarah B. and Jeffrey T. Newton Dr. Man Wai Ng Mina Nguyen Elisabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer Bill Nolin Beverly and Mike Nollman Christine R. and Timothy D. Noonan William J. Norkunas Melissa and David Norton Bradley P. Noyes Harry and Nikki Nudelman Monica Numa and Dr. William Numa Jolene J. and Richard J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. O’Brien Stephen and Cynthia O’Brien Stephen E. O’Brien Michelle O’Connor Brian Odell Jordan O’Donnell Oedel Foundation Andrea V. O’Hair Elizabeth O’Hara Edward and Deborah O’Hearn David E. O’Leary Katie M. O’Leary

Individuals | 41 Richard J. O’Leary

Albert C. Peterson

Melinda W. and William Reno

Lorin and Nanci Rydstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Oliver

Mark Peterson Nichole Peterson

Elizabeth T. Rhinelander and Peter W. Macewen

Matthew Sabel

Peter Oliver Bernadette and Lee Olivier

Daniel Picard

Ray W. O’Loughlin

Pickens Family Fund

One Beacon Charitable Trust

Dr. Daniel Pickle

Ford O’Neil

Joan M. Pierce

Robert M. O’Neil

D.A. Pike

Rachel M. and James C. O’Neill

Katie Pimentel

Esther and Abe Orlick

Robert Pires

Marcine and Dr. James C. Otis

Simon and Elizabeth Platt

Vernie* and Dr. Arthur J. Ourieff

Drew Pluhar

Greg Outcalt

Robert J. and Ann M. Poirier

Colleen and George Owens

Kathleen and Whit Porter

The Pacer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Posin

Lorraine M. and Robert L. Paglia

Seth B. Posin

Rebecca D. and Charles D. Pagliazzo

Osvalda M. Pereira and Dan Post

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Paley

John Poulack

Sharon S. Palmer

John R. Pratt

Michael A. Palmerino

Patricia Pratt

Eunice J. Panetta

Gretchen E. and Jason J. Price

Alejandro Paniagua

Mark Pritchard

Christopher G. Pape

Drs. Mark Proctor and Charlotte McKee

Jill M. and Thomas L. Pappas

Chris Prokop

Maggie Parant Memorial Fund

Prucher Family Charitable Gift Fund

Gail A. and Richard D. Partridge

Putnam Family Charitable Fund

Gail Pascarelli

Bernard Quinlan

Danielle S. Patkin

Elizabeth and James Quinty

The Peck Family

Jeanette Quirk

Steven M. and Laura Peck

Richard and Nancy Radville

Mr. Shaun F. Pedersen and Ms. Alexandra G. Abbott

Rae Family Charitable

Peter C. Pedro Jr. Lauren K. Pepe Margaret M. and David L. Pergola Edward Perkin Jared Perry Richard J. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Persons Drs. Robert A. and Veronica M. Petersen

John and Kathleen Ragan Eric Rasmussen Elizabeth Rath Beth and Steven Ratner Hillary H. and Dr. Jeffrey F. Rayport Rita and Norton Reamer Justin Reed Elaine M. Reese Judith W. and Eugene F. Reilly

Gustavo Ribeiro

Dr. Cynthia M. Sacco and James P. Stefanis

Sharon L. and Howard Rich

Robert L. Saghirian

Jean Richards

Steve Salhany

Caroline and Michael Rider

David and Susan Salk

Dan Riley

Luly and Maurice Samuels

Elizabeth G. Riley and Daniel E. Smith Jr.

Victor C. Saratella

Joanne J. and Thomas L. Riley Michael Ristaino Ann and Edward S. Ritchie Bob Rivers Brian and Janice Roberts Kaitlin and Samuel Robinson Suzanne J. and David A. Robinson Mrs. Marion T. Roche Dr. Mark and Beth Rockoff Andrea M. and Robert O. Roell Linda W. and Mike L. Rogers Janice V. and Bruce E. Rogoff Jacques Romano Al Rose and Amy Kyle Bruce Rosendahl Alan and Laura Rosenspan Dr. Robert and Esther Rosenthal Maureen M. and Kenneth R. Ross Louise C. and Dr. Robert R. Rossi Anthony J. Rotondi Frank G. Rourke Nancy J. Roy Adam Rubin Martha L. Capurso Ruggiero AnaCarolina Rupp Gina M. and Robert W. Russell Michael Russell Steven Russo Mary and Joseph Ryan Tom and Kathy Ryan Marisela and Michael Rybicki

Dr. Isabela Sardas Cyprien Sarteau Brian Sauvigne H. Thomas Scanlon Schechter Family Foundation Gretchen Schell Scherr Family Fund Denise and Marc E. Schmittlein Norman Schneider Tom Schneider Karen Schoch Peter T. Schock Stasha Schrader Audrey K. and Mark S. Schuster Linda R. Schwartz Tracy Schwartz Kate K and George F. Schweitzer Antonette Scott Victoria and Donald Scott Jacqueline Scully Dr. Theodore C. Sectish Ellen and Steven Segal Luigi Segreto II Ted Seides Victoria E. and John Serbalik Jr. Susann I. and Vincent F. Servello Janice and Giancarlo Sessa Arpan Shah Ellen R. Shain Molly K. Shannon Steven Shareshian Lauren Sharis *


42 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Susan and Paul Shaw Ken Shea Joshua Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Sherer Elaine L. and Charles E. Sherman Beverly Shihara David Shook Bryan Shumway Fradin Silberstein Foundation Derek Silva Alexandra R. and Jody Simes Dr. Esau M. Simmons The Kurt N. and Katherine L. Simon Charitable Fund The Jus and Kumud Singh Giving Account George W. Skogstrom Jr. Marjorie W. Sloper Charitable Foundation DJ Smith Family Foundation Mr. Jonathan E. Smith Kenneth and Tracy Smith Kim Smith Matthew and Elma Smith Stan V. Smith Taber Smith David M. & Hope G. Solinger Foundation, Inc.

Ray & Maria Stata Charitable Trust of November 1983 Suzanne E. and Stuart J. Steele Daniel I. Stein Kara E. and David J. Steinberg Kurt Stenhouse Stevenson Family Charitable Trust Laura E. Stiglin and Ralph C. Kimball Laura Anne and John W. Struzziery Kathleen M. and Silvio Stumpo Brian Sullivan Mark Sullivan Scott Sullivan Mrs. William H. Sullivan Jr.* Nila Surgi Ben C. Sutton Jr. James T. Swanson Dan Sweeney Marybeth Sweeney Diego Szteinhendler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Tarlow Sr. Alicia Taylor Morgan Tennent Sharon Theall David M. Thill Angela E. Thomas Anita and Scott Thomas

Hope Solinger

Tim and Kathy Thomas

Baker Sommer Family Fund

Bridget and Leif Thomsen

Chris Sommers

Geoffrey Thrope

Michel Sonnenreich

Magda Tisza

Abby Sosland and Mark Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Toland

Susan B. Soule and Dr. Donald J. McCrann

Elizabeth F. and David W. Torrey Truettner Family Foundation

Joan and Louis E. Sousa

Kristine and Joseph Trustey

William and Martha Southard

Carolina Tryjillo

Michael Sperling

Vasiliki M. Tsichlis

Scott M. and Laurene Meir Sperling

Mei Shan Susan Tu

Patricia and David Squire

Gary and Kathy Tureski

Chris St. Peter

David Turkington

Catherine and James Stanzler

Alison L. Tutlys

The Tyler Family Foundation

Richard Whitehill

Lisa Tyler

Carrie and Matthew Wieland

James M. Underhill

Gwain Williams and Ralph H. Griffin

Elizabeth and Gary Unger

Ann Wilson

Richard W. Valachovic, DMD

Gretchen E. Wilson

Carolina Vallucci

Phyllis M. and David P. Winslow

Richard C. Vancil Fund

Mark J. Winters

Jose Varghese

Arlene and Phillip I. Wizwer

Alberto Vasallo Jr.

Natalie W. Wolf

Alberto Vasallo III

Ginger and Walter S. Woltosz

Judith K. and Menno Verhave

Kimberly A. and Michael J. Wood

The Verrochi Family Charitable Trust

Perry Wood Family Trust

Jennifer and Stephen P. Vescio

Megan K. and Seth I. Woods

Jeanette Q. and Francesco N. Vigorito

Patrick J. Woods

Salvatore Viscariello

Fredia and Dr. Clifford Woolf

Julie and Dominic A. Visconsi

James Wright

Therese and Josef H. von Rickenbach

Elizabeth and Paul E. Wuori Sr.

Teresa A. and Aaron C. Von Staats

John Wyant

Kathryn S. and Peter T. Wagner

Steve Wymer

Martha and Rick Wagner

Thomas J. Wynn

Wendy and David Waldman

Steven Yanis

Jonathan R. Wallace

Alison and Eric Young

The Wallack Family

Dr. Gregory Young and Lori Murphy

Mrs. Jacqueline Walsh

John A. Yozell Family Fund

Stacy A. Walsh and Michael J. Skok

Markella V. Zanni and David W. Humphrey

Timothy Warren Mark Watson Wendy A. and Dr. William W. Watson Weafer Family Charitable Gift Fund Helen E. Weber David and Sharyn Weiner Kent Weldon Eric R. Wellmann

Eleni E. and Dr. Vassilis I. Zannis Gregory Zerzan Peggy S. and Robert C. Zeuthen Zhu and Xie Charitable Fund Tracy Zimmerman Burt and Sandi Zucker Philanthropic Fund Karin Zumtobel

Alison Wells and Scott Babka Kathleen Welsh and Dr. Gary Loveman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wendland Susan Werth and Bernard Silver Michael Wessels and Patricia Maher

Children’s Legacy Circle Supporters who make planned gifts and bequest intentions are welcomed into the Legacy Circle.

Lorraine V. and Robert V. Wheeler

Elliott M. Abbott

Peter White

Mason Addy



Individuals | 43 Mr. Blake P. Allison

John and Barbara Buckley

Norman L. Courey

Holly and Roderick Ferguson

Arne B. Andersen

Jonathan Buono

Marion D. Covich

Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas A. Ferraro

Anonymous (140)

Diane K. and Morton H. Burman

Gerald Cox

John Ferro

Georgia T. Argyrople and Family

Dale P. Cabot

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Crawford

Mr. Arthur F. Fiorenzano

Albert Auburn

Philip and Janet Cady

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Crigler Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Norton Fishman

Lewis B. Baer

Laureen B. Cahalane

Michael and Susan Curtin

Ms. Christine Fleming

Linda Mosse Baer

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Calderon

Jim and Shirley Curvey

Nancy and Neal Foster

Dr. and Mrs. William Baerg

Rebecca G. and Brian A. Caldwell

Frank D. D’Andrea

Sarah Foye

Mr. Christopher Baker-Carr

Irving and Victoria Canner

Jonathan and Margot Trotter Davis

Sophia Franco

Amy B. and Michael Jay Barry

Liora H. Cannon

Steven DeDominici

Robert A. Frank

Mary I. Barry

Mr. John G. Carberry

Maria DeLima

Mandy Bass and Dr. Jeffrey Bass

Paolo Carfagnini

Roberta B. DeNapoli

The Roy & Lynne Frank Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund

Athena T. Bassis

Ms. Belinda Cargill

Andrea R. Denison

The Tara Bean Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Nancy J. Carle

Jeanne and Michael Desanto

Nancy Beattie

Charles R. Carney

Nitin Dhayagude

Helen I. and Dr. J. Herman* Beckelman

James E. Casey

Mr. Reinaldo Diaz

Carol Beckwith

Kathleen A. Cetola

Mary L. DiCienzo

Dr. and Mrs. Myron L. Belfer

Sophia H. Chang

Ralph* and Edith DiPrisco

Eleanor R. Belknap

Eleanor M. Chenevert

Joseph and Roseann DiTomaso

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bell

Ms. Martha Chopko

Peter Benedict and Gina Perini

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Christopher

Susan and Kenneth J. Dobuler, in memory of Paul Dobuler

Susanna Berger*

Mr. Brian H. Chu

Barbara and Ernest Bernstein

George A.Z. Clark* and Marjorie E. Clark

Ms. Esther Bernstein Dr. Jane Holmes Bernstein Vito W. Bertolino* Daniel and Mary Berube Helene A. and Louis H. G. Bier Ms. Katrina Bland Wendy Bly Mrs. T.D. Boardman Howard Boden Margaret P. and Dr. Edwin A. Boger Claire J. Bogrette Mr. Daniel L. Bolton Joan F. Boyle Brian Bradford Phyllis Miller Brewer Stephen Brown Jackie Bryant Gurdon S. Buck

Jean M. Doherty John and Rebecca Dolman Edward C. Donnelly III

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Clarke

Joan Dowdall

Ruth M. Clinch

Mrs. Mary C. Drazy

Edith Cloke

Colleen M. and Frank P. Duffy Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cohen

Mr. Hunter Dunbar

Herbert E. Cohen

Matthew and Elizabeth Earley

Mr. Stephen E. Coit

Arnold* and Anna Edland

Mrs. Mabel Colburn

James A. Edwards

Mr. Mark E. Conley

Michelle J. Edwards

Warren G. Connell

Jacqueline E.M. Emery

Jessica and Christian Connors

Bradford M. Endicott

Thomas Conuel

Dr. Audrey E. Evans and Dr. Giulio J. D’Angio

William G. Conway Doris D. Cook Mark R. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooper G. Michael and Janice Costa Mr. Ken Cottrell

Friends of the Walk-Thalmologists Marjorie D. Fuller Ms. Irene M. Gaitley Walter J. and Anne C. Gamble Sergio and Sara Garcia-Rangel Marie L. Garibaldi Mr. and Mrs. Gustave J. Geisler Mrs. Doris B. Gessner Roslyn Gewirtz Mr. Charles Gignac Ms. Pamela Gignac Philomena and Sean P. Gildea Joan B. Glasser John B. Goldham George and Susan Gorman Dr. Estherann M. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Graham Robert Graves Judy Gray Davis C. Greene Drs. N. Thorne and Joanna S. Griscom Michael D. Groat Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis

Amy Fahrenkopf, MD

Dr. Joseph J. Gugenheim Jr.

Joe and Susan Fallon

William E. Gundy

Samuel and Marilyn Feinberg

Ms. Joanne Haas

Mrs. Max Feldberg

Cheryl Hajjar

Fred and Gwen Feldmesser

Rud and Judie Ham *


44 | Children’s Circles of Leadership continued Edith P. Hamburger

Mr. Dana Kingsbury

John D. Marsh and Joan S. Marsh

Mr. William F. Nisbet

Phillip R. Hardaker

Mr. David Kingsbury

Martha Marshall

Charlotte J. Noerdlinger

Alison S. Harris and Richard D. Harris

Rosalyn and Edward Klayman

James and Karen Maslow

Victor S. Noerdlinger

Fred Healy

Charles R. Kleinsmith

David Mason

Patricia C. Nojeim

Dr. Golnaz Heidari

Eric and Catherine Kobren

Kristen and James B. Masserio

Frederick Norris

Frances P. Hennigan

Mr. Dennis J. Kostis

Mrs. H. C. Matson

Louise C. Noyes-Balboni

Mr. Andrew Herman

Elaine K. Koziak

Ross Mayer

Karen O’Malley and Michael A. Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. John Herman

Ronald N. Kozlowski

Claire L. McAfee

Ms. Sima R. Osdoby

Morgan and Jonathan Herman

Bryce and Eileen Kramer

Cristen Janel McCarthy

Mr. Philip A. Otterson

Ann Hirth

Carl Kristenson

Sandy McCormick

Leslie and Erik Owens

Nancy Hoene

Katherine A. Kruschwitz

Joseph and Karen McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Hokin

Mr. and Mrs. Gleason T. Kuhn

Michael K. McDowell

Mr. Robert H. and Mrs. Dorothy A. Palenius

Charles H. Hood Fund

Saul Kurlat

JoAnn A. McGrath


Ms. Phyllis Kyle

Margaret B. McHugh

Arpi Hovagimian

Ronald Paul Lafleur

Patricia B. McLeod

Benjamin C. Hovey

Beatrice D. LaPlante

Sydney S. McMath Jr.

Carl I. Hoyer

Dr. Danielle Ledoux and Augustin Serino

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McNulty

Diann Inch Anastasia Inglis Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Ishkanian Mr. Robert Jewell Mrs. Denise Johnson James L. Joslin Betty and Stephen Kahn Mark S. Kamphaus Mrs. Katherine A. Kang David and Nancy Kaplan Brad Karalius Leonard R. Karp Simon Kasif Arthur Katz Ms. Dara E. Osdoby Katz Robert Keach James C. Keith John D. Kellogg Hoshang J. Khambatta, MD

Deirdre Leid Anne M. Lennon Ellie Letourneau Rita H. Lincoln Susan Linder-Bean Carole A. and T. Barrett Lindsey Thomas D. and Doris M. Linn James and Carolyn Lock Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Los Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr. Lynnette M. Lowrimore Eleanor Ludcke The Family of Katie Lynch Hilda S. and Edward MacLean Lawrence and Dorothy Maher Gregory and Margit Maklae Donna A. Malloy

Omar Khwaja

Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus

Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone

Ann C. Marenburg

Douglas A. King and Claire R. King William and Shirley King

Andrea M. Marlar Maria Marques

Mark A. Medlinsky Mr. Richard S. Melanson Mr. Robert W. Melbye Lyle and Anne Micheli Deborah Milkowski Joy Mixon Vicki and Fred Modell Christine Moeller Sharon Mongeon Lois Moore-Rogers, RN Edward P. Moran and Susan B. Moran Lucienne G. and Alfred E. Morin Sharon Beth Mosse Gregory L. Mowry Paul and Lisa Mullen Edwin and Elizabeth Murphy Martin Nahigian Dr. David G. Nathan and Mrs. Jean F. Nathan

Charles and Pauline Panagakos Ms. Almerinda Paola de Franciscis Chris and Bess Pappas Mr. Calvin Pardee Edward and Marcia Paszek and Family Ms. Dulce M. Pereira Mr. and Mrs. H. Bradlee Perry Mary E. Perry Roger A. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Perry Jr. Ogden E. Peterson Ms. Cynthia A. Pettit John M. Piantedosi Ms. Eileen M. Poirier Mrs. Suzanne Porter Juan C. Posada Mary L. Postizzi Tonya Prechek Beth A. Presson John T. Putnam Todd Quinto and Judy Larsen Stephen G. Rabinovitz Gloria F. Rabinowitz Robert G. Rains

Steven, Lauren, and Rachel Nevins

George* and Nancy Ramsden

Mr. John W. Newton

Mr. Leo Rando

Mrs. John T. G. Nichols

Elvin and Myrtle Rawlins

David and Sandra Niconchuk

Cindy and Matthew Remis

Christie Nigro

Mark J. Reuter *


Estates and Trusts | 45 Martin L. and Bernice P. Rich

John R. Silvio

Leslyn Anderson Thorne

Beverly M. Zawacki

Heinz and Jill Riehl

The Skeffington Family

Martin Todt

Frances Zunker

Daniel and Jill Rigoli

Barbara and James J. Skeffington and Family

Dolores Toomey Estate

Briane J. Ritchie Mr. Michael Roberts and Ms. Nicole Rawan-Roberts

Lynda J. Skerry Gordon and Jane Slaney

Jennifer L. and Jeffrey M. Robinson

Alfred A.* and Gilda K. Slifka

Helen P. Rogers

Barry and Candace Sloane

Richard Rohrbacher

Mr. William V. Sluskonis

Bill Rosa

James Smith and Gail Federici-Smith

Mr. Eugene V. Rose

Ms. Norma E. Smith

Melissa Rose

Ms. Sarah Smith

Florence R. Rosenberg and Howard P. Gerrin, Esq.

Pappu and Vimal Sodhani

Ms. Johanna Roses Nan I. Rosner Louise C. and Dr. Robert R. Rossi Theresa Rothwell

Norman P. Solari Dr. Alice Soref Robert J. Sotiros Virginia H. and Thomas D. Soutter Judy G. Spencer

Alan G. Tripp Ms. Amantha Tsaros Mrs. Robert E. Tucker Jackson Turner

Estates and Trusts Estate and trust gifts often represent a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to that will benefit generations to come. Thank you for your generosity.

Anne R. and Dr. Irving* Umansky Elizabeth Uptegraff

$500,000 to $999,999

Carlo and Nancy Valente

Estate of George Merrick

Susan E. Waisbren Ms. Anne Marie Walker

$250,000 to $499,999

Christine R. Walsh

Estate of John Shillito

Virginia L. Walsh Ruth Ward and Nelson J. Darling Jr.

$100,000 to $249,999

Liz Nelson Weaver

Estate of Barbara Frank

David and Sharyn Weiner

Trust Under Agreement of Evelyn Jenkins

William Thomas Spencer III

The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation

Patricia and David Squire

Wayne and Ellen Whippen

Estate of Ellen B. O’Brien

Norman Y. Stein*

Mr. David White

Susan M. Salt Trust

Mr. Douglas Stevenson

Jim White

The Laura E. Tabor Trust

Joseph D. White

Anastasia N. Troubalos Nominee Trust

Stuart Sargent

Reverend Alexander Stewart Jr. and Hilda H. Stewart

Melissa and Donald White

Estate of Richard Yakavonis

Norma and Roger Alfred Saunders

Shirley Stolfors

J. Patrick and Kathleen Scanlon

Anne and Galen Stone

Emily F. Schabacker

Ms. Jennifer L. Stone

Ms. Sophie C. Schmitter

Mr. and Mrs. Meade G. Stone III

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schneidman

David and Diane Stuart

Ms. Kornel Schoenstein

Mary E. Sunday

Martin L. Schoolcraft

Arvia Sutandi

Ruth A. Scully

Jacqueline L. Swanson

Mrs. Nancy S. Serafini

Ann S. Sylvester

Jennifer L. and Frank K. Seyboth

Michael D. Tancreti

Laura S. Shamp

Kelly Taranto

Jeanne E. Shaughnessy

Philip and Kathleen Taymor— The Taymor Family Foundation

Mr. Alex Roy Florence M. Russell Terrence K. Ryan Corey Salka and Lisa Orlick Salka Ms. Helen S. Sardellitti

Arlene Shea Mr. Edmund C. Sheahan The Sherbrooke Family Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Beverly Silverman

Phil Terpos Barbara A. Thav Mark Theall Ms. Phaedra P. Thomas-Kowal

Estate of Margaret R. Nicholson

Emmet J. Whitehead Ms. Peggy Wiley

$50,000 to $99,999

William Wiley*

Estate of Catherine A. Jaber

Emily Wilford and Arthur M. Johnson

Evelyn McElhiney

Catherine Wilson Mr.* and Mrs. William W. Wolbach

$25,000 to $49,999

Mrs. Frances S. Wolff

Martha M. Carpenter Trust

Susan Wolff

Estate of Beatrice Coleman

Richard S. Wolfman Family Foundation

Estate of Melvin J. Glimcher

Mr.* and Mrs. Laurence S. Wolk

Mary Jane Wilkinson Greenberg Trust

Ms. Eileen Wosteria

Estate of Samuel C. Newbury

Mardie Manness Wright

The Dorothy Pearlman Revocable Trust

Patchay Xiong

Estate of Lillian Purdy

Ms. Shanna Yarmovsky

The Estate of Esther Tate

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Yarze Mr. Douglas N. Young Mrs. Katharine Kavanaugh Zambetti *


46 | Estates and Trusts continued $10,000 to $24,999

Anthony Bellia

Leo Epstein

Dr. Alan M. Leichtner

Estate of Delia P. Frissora

Pamela J. Bittner

Matt Fates

Dr. Mark Libenson

John A. Houde Estate

Charlie Blair

Alex Feldman

Dr. Craig W. Lillehei

Mary Pierce Trust

Dr. Elizabeth Blume

Sandra L. Fenwick

Holly L. Lynch

Josephine Ragozzino Trust

Ryan Bonneau

Dr. Norton Fishman

Katherine Lyons

Estate of Florence Struck

Ariel Botta

Adam Foye

Dr. Joseph R. Madsen

Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust

Athos Bousvaros

Lucy Beth Fraser

Dr. James Mandell

Arlene J. Wolk 1998 Family Trust

Callie Brown

Jeffrey D. Furber

Maggie Mansfield

Zunker Family Revocable Trust

Camryn L. Brown

David Furtado

Sarah Marandos

Delanie J. Brown

Dr. Raif S. Geha

Marlee J. Marchand

$5,000 to $9,999

Landon J. Brown

Michael Gentile

Mason Marchand

Charles LaMont Post Charitable Trust

Naomi Buldini

Carolyn Gombosi

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Brennan Burnett

Sydney Greer

$2,500 to $4,999

Harry Carter

Ian Grossman

Tyler Richardson Memorial Trust

Nathan Carter-Ricci

Peter E. Guay

Anna Rose Chisholm

Alice L. Hagen

$1,000 to $2,499

Max Christ

Dr. Ellen M. Hanson

Estate of Virginia Bloom

Julia Chu

Gerald Harmon

The Stephen L. Brown Trust

Daniel Coccoluto

Susan Harris

The Burke Family Trust June 2002

Frank Coccoluto

Greg Healy

Lotta M. Crabtree

Dr. Alan R. Cohen

Kayla Healy

Estate of Henry D. Grew

Dr. Laurie Cohen

Bailey, Spenser and Claire Heaps

Estate of Emily Kentley

McLean Connor

Dr. Gena Heidary

Estate of Marsha L. Lewinstein

Toby Cook

Dr. John T. Herrin

Estate of Anne R. Ranhoff

Audrey Copeman

Tessa Horst

Katelyn Covell

CJ Houldcroft

Benjamin D. Curtis

Ethan J. Howe

Joel E. Cutler

Kim Hunt

Alexander D. Dahan

Noah Jakub

Paul Davis

Dr. Russell Jennings

Carter Demeo

AnaBella Kalish

In Honor of

Hloy T. Demetriades

Stephen R. Karp

Max and Eli Anderson

Liam Denneen

Dr. James R. Kasser

Skyler Rose Appleton-Supple

Peter DeSanto

The Kawasaki Team

Dr. Richard Bachur

Riley Donovan

Dr. Jennifer Kesselheim

Dr. Puja Banka

John Duncan

Jeffrey Adam Connolly Kilnapp

David Banks

Caroline Earley

Daniel J. Kostis

Donald Barr

Dr. Sitaram Emani

Ayush and Aryan Kulkarni

Dr. Jeffrey Bass

Dr. John B. Emans

Tom LaFond

Edward P. Bell

Aviva Epstein

Charles P. Lanzetta

Tributes Special individuals have inspired others to make a gift to Boston Children’s. Those honored or remembered with a gift made in their name are listed here.

Allan Martin Charlie Martin Alexandra Parish Martone Connor Maruska Dr. Gerald R. Marx Dr. John E. Mayer Dr. William Meehan Deysi Menjivar Jacob Meschke Dr. Michael B. Millis Wendy Mitchell Dr. Donna Morash Marty Morrissey Dr. John B. Mulliken Cameron Newbold Stuart J. Novick Sarah K. Oliver Nicholas A. Owens Mark Pangburn Bess Pappas Adam Donald Parker Justin Pelkey Karen M. Philip Dr. Mark Proctor Dr. Melissa Putnam Dr. Michael O. Rich Lindsay Roache Dr. Caroline D. Robson

Tributes | 47 Elena and Jonathan Rosman

In Memory of

Tabitha Feldberg

Matthew London

Joseph and Christopher Russell

Paul K. Babalas

Candice A. Fenton

Maryann S. Luba

Emily Ryan

Sharon Bayard

Richard Fitzgerald

Mary Luttrell

Alexander C. Sacerdote

Rosalie V. Bearce

Edward J. Fitzpatrick Jr.

Amy Lyons

Jennifer Sampson

Michael Berman

Dr. Moses J. Folkman

Jean R. MacNeil

Steve B. Samuels

Elizabeth Bieber

Richard F. Foy

Raymond Malpocher

Damien Savoie

Kimberly Stacy Birger

Arnold Garrison

Jacqueline R. Mansfield

Maria Stata Schotland

Katie Bitondo

Evan Girardi

Lauren Marquis

Dr. Michael Scott

Charles C. Boiardi

Phyllis Goldfield

Victor A. Marte

Dr. Robert C. Shamberger

John Bourloukas

Dr. Peter G. Gombosi

Marilyn McCormack

Edward L. Shapiro

Brad Bowden

Ann Elizabeth Gorman

Joseph E. McDonough

Laura Shippee

Kendra L. Bowers

Margaret M. Gorman

Bernard H. McGovern Sr.

Benjamin Shirley

Patricia Branowicki

Charles M. Grady Jr.

Travis Mears

Lynne Showers

Claire Brennan

Corey C. Griffin

Peter N. Miller

Hope L. Sidman

William Andrew Brennan Jr.

Irwin Hamin

Aiden Morris

Paula L. Sidman

Dr. Michael Bresnan

Claire Hanlon

Matilda Moses

Corbin Simas

Jacquelyn A. Brisson

Evi Haseotes

Blake Robert North

Xuxia Smith

Julian Calabro

Lois Hawkes

Paul William Nowak

Carolyn A. Snider

Brian A. Caldwell

Cindy Jane Henderson

Mary O’Malley

Matt Snowden

Nancy Cameron

Matthew Hobbs

John J. O’Neil

Andre Song

Paul Casey

Dr. John M. Horack

Karen M. O’Neil

Katie Song

David Cayton

Nancy I. Hoyer

Penelope Orphanos

Michelle Souris

Lily Chalko

Margaret R. Hurlbut

Shamus O’Toole

Eileen M. Sporing

Derek Chalmers

Cheraden M. Johnson

Vernie Ourieff

Crystal Stroh

Richard J. Chang

Kristin C. Kalliche

Stuart Owades

Dr. Robert Sundel

Agostino Cocozza

Sam Kassenoff

Nicholas A. Owens

Alyssa Sussman

Paul Contini

Hubert and Mary F. Keenan

Catherine Koufos Panos

Barrett Edward Tallman

Leyden Saige Cournoyer

Clyde Kershaw

Mark Paris

Amy Thieringer

Matthew Cox

Gloria E. M. Klint

Frank Pierro

Cara B. Thurman

Dr. Leonard Cronkhite

Kaushik Korrapaty

Abigail D. Poirier

Evan Turkington

Charles C. Curran

Daniel J. Kostis

Shelby L. Posin

Dr. Nicole Ullrich

Paul W. Davis

Kailyn E. Krishtal

Ethan J. Post

Gabriella Vigorito

Sophie A. Denison

Seymour Kushner

Amy Clare Potter

Dr. Patrick Vivian

Paul V. Devlin

Bernadette LaFollette

Frank M. Powers

Dr. Benjamin Warf

Daniel Doherty

Dr. Charles Lapidus

Joseph J. Pulgini

Robert J. Watson

Meghan K. Duffy

Marilyn Lapidus

Lillian and Marian Purdy

Dr. Jay Wilson

Henrietta Dumas

Dr. William G. Lennox

Fulvia C. Ragozzino

Natalee Rose Wizwer

Thomas Edson

Sarah Liamos

John C. Ramos

Evelyn Claire Elder

Faye Lichtenberg

Marissa Ramos

Jeffrey M. Eubanks

Sidney Lipsky

Kenneth J. Rennell

48 | Tributes continued Thomas C. Scherber

$500,000 to $999,999

William Patrick Schneider

Autism Speaks, Inc.

Pauline R. Seaman

Boston Children’s Heart Foundation, Inc.

Alex Sebastian Cheraden Shaffer Edward M. Sheehan Virginia Shepherd Graham C. Smith Norman Y. Stein Emily Pettit Sullivan Betty Tang Roger B. Thompson Cooper Trewin

Children’s Hospital Neurology Foundation, Inc. Ellison Foundation The Ellison Medical Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Charles H. Hood Foundation Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation One Mission The Simons Foundation

Isaac Turcotte Samara J. Turkel Thomas Urell Casey K. Walsh Lacey Warner

Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation— George B. Handran and U.S. Bank, N.A. Co-Trustees Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation CHDI Foundation, Inc. Children’s Heart Foundation The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation

J.L. Weil and G.R. Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation

Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation

The Goldwin Foundation $250,000 to $499,999 The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation American Diabetes Association

Good Samaritan, Inc.

$50,000 to $99,999

The Irving Harris Foundation

Advanced Medical Research Foundation

Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund Limited

Charlotte E. Webber

Cancer Research Institute

Ryan Whitney

Charles A. King Trust

Keira M. Wilson

Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc.

Laurence Wolk

CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc.

Suai Ting Wu

The Department of Laboratory Medicine

Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates, Inc. Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. CHMC Surgical Foundation, Inc. Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Nutrition Science Initiative

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research (DHFMR)

International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia

Boston Pediatric Neurosurgical Foundation

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

$1 Million and Above

Squadron Charitable Trust

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

Adeline B. Watnick

Foundations Foundations make a meaningful difference at Boston Children’s.

The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; John and Amy S. Berylson and James Berylson; Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block; Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez and Andrew Knez

Klarman Family Foundation Program William Lawrence and Blanche Hughes Foundation

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health

Food Allergy Research and Education

March of Dimes

Global Health Committee, Inc. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Melanoma Research Alliance

Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc.

The John Merck Fund

Ambrose Monell Foundation

G. Gorham Peters Trust

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Project A.L.S., Inc.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation

The Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

Rett Syndrome Research Trust

The Peabody Foundation, Inc.

Skoll Foundation

Allen Foundation, Inc. American Brain Foundation Autism Consortium, Inc. Bright Focus The Campbell Foundation The CART Fund, Inc. Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation Child Neurology Foundation Coalition to Cure Calpain 3 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Dravet Syndrome Foundation Duchenne Alliance Charles Engelhard Foundation Epilepsy Foundation Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Inc.

$100,000 to $249,999

Fondation Bertarelli

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Free to Breathe

ASN Foundation for Kidney Research

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

Foundations | 49 Heartstone Foundation Fund

CJ Foundation for SIDS

Jain Foundation, Inc.

Covidien Charitable Gift Fund

The Y.C. Ho, Helen & Michael Chiang Foundation

The Cute Syndrome Foundation

Boston Plastic & Oral Surgery Foundation, Inc. The Bresky Foundation

Bringing the Outside World Inside Foundation

Children’s Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry

Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Lifeline International, Inc.

Knights Templar Eye Foundation

Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation, Inc.

Legacy Heritage Fund Limited

Galactosemia Foundation

Lung Cancer Research Foundation

The Gerber Foundation

Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation

Gratis Foundation

CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation, Inc.

The Mayday Fund

Hermann Foundation, Inc.

Cure CMD

NASPGHAN Foundation

The Hoyt Foundation, Inc.

CYS Foundation

The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Fritz & Adelaide Kaufman Foundation

Network For Good

Wallace M. Leonard Foundation

Kendall Rose Davis Memorial Foundation

Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund

LGMD2I Research Fund

Paralyzed Veterans of America Pediatric Endocrine Society Pediatric Infectious Disease Society The Perkin Fund PKD Foundation The Plastic Surgery Foundation The Thoracic Foundation The Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education Three Butterflies SIDS Foundation Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance Uniting Against Lung Cancer Voices Against Brain Cancer Edwin S. Webster Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999 The American Society of Hematology

The Marfan Foundation Marigold Charitable Trust MBJ Foundation for SIDS MPN Research Foundation The NephCure Foundation NIDCAP Federation International, Inc. George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison Charitable Gift Fund

Decibels Charity Corporation Ebstein’s Anomaly Foundation Granite Steps Foundation Hearing Health Foundation The High Pointe Foundation Hope Funds for Cancer Research Mabel A. Horne Trust International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer

Hope Christian Community Foundation, Inc. M.V. Mayo Charitable Foundation McGladrey Charitable Foundation Mitchell Fund Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation National Headache Foundation Lizzie & Jonathan M. Tisch Fund John and Elizabeth Turner Foundation

$2,500 to $4,999

CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc.

Jason Lutz SIDS Foundation

Christy’s Courage

The Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation

Cloves Syndrome Community

Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

Miss America Organization

Combined Federal Campaign

Rally Foundation

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Hug Foundation of MA

Tyler Foundation, Inc.

Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc.

ING Foundation

Harry M. Pethybridge Trust The Pollinator Fund

Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Bezalel Fund

The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation

Constance O. Putnam Foundation

The Boston Foundation

Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy

Hess Foundation, Inc.


Perpetual Trust for Charitable Giving

Where There’s a Will There’s a Cure

Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, Inc.

The Kelcie Marie Green Research Fund

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

PCDH19 Alliance

Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc.

CHD Coalition

Federal Realty Investment Trust

American Endowment Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation

The Samantha J. Brazzo Foundation

Children’s Tumor Foundation

International Foundation for CDKL5 Research

United States—Israel Binational Science Foundation

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (NARSAD)

$5,000 to $9,999

Porpoise Fund

RE Children’s Project $10,000 to $24,999

Louis and Ida Selib Memorial Fund

Alex’s Team Foundation

The Shawkemo Fund

The ALS Association

Single Step Foundation

American Sleep Medicine Foundation

Thrasher Research Fund


Bess Spiva Timmons Foundation

BlackRock Foundation

Whitehall Foundation, Inc.

The Jacob Neil Boger Foundation, Inc.

The Tara Bean Foundation, Inc.

Cloves Syndrome Foundation

Mighty Max Heart Foundation, Inc. Louis & Lena Minkoff Foundation Nypro Foundation ONS Foundation SCS Foundation Fund The Jonathan R. Ullo Foundation The Verrill Foundation

$1,000 to $2,499 The Susan Chace Anderson Foundation Anonymous

50 | Foundations continued Bossidy Foundation

Mix 104.1 Boston

IHOP Restaurants

Elkus Manfredi Architects, Ltd.

The Lauren Beth Breslof Memorial Fund

Rite Aid

IIMI, Inc.

Equity Office Properties

Walmart Stores, Inc./Sam’s Club

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

The Goizueta Foundation, Inc.

Legal Sea Foods

Goldman Sachs & Co.

$250,000 to $499,999

Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.

Broad Institute

NDG Consulting

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., LLC

Dunkin’ Donuts

New England Development

Eastern Corporate Federal Credit Union

Olympia Sports


Panera Bread

Granite Communications, LLC

Putnam Investments, Inc.

New England Acura Dealers

RE/MAX of New England

Ocean Capital Investments, Ltd.

Roche Brothers Supermarkets

The Casey Girl Foundation, Inc. Combined Federal Campaign of South Hampton Roads 0897 Dart Group II Foundation, Inc. The Echo Foundation Endometriosis Foundation of RI The William H. Frist Foundation Viviana Sofia Gugliotti Foundation, Inc. Hawaii Pacific Area Combined Federal Campaign

Shields MRI

Hopkinton Country Club Charitable Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999

Learning By Giving Foundation, Inc.

Bain Capital Ventures, LLC (Boston)

MacDuff Charitable Investment Fund Myers Vitkin Foundation, Inc.

Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc.

Namaste Foundation, Inc. National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Suffolk Construction’s Red and Blue Foundation

Gucci America, Inc. Helse Bergen HF Hologic, Inc. Jefferies & Company, Inc. KPMG, LLP McLane Company, Inc. Meineke Car Care Centers Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. New England MCA/MSCA

Sun Life Financial

Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

SureScripts, LLC

Pepsi Cola North America

Burroughs Wellcome Fund


Pfizer, Inc.

Costco Wholesale

Whale Rock Capital


Peach Pit Foundation

Digital Federal Credit Union—DCU Eli Lilly and Company

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Soccer for Kids’ Sake, Inc.

Pearson Foundation Fund Provident Foundation Trust

Fidelity Investments

The Roke Foundation

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

S.E.A. Fund

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Sarah Sebulsky Foundation

HCA Healthcare, Inc.

Schwab Charitable Fund


George S. Troupe Foundation

Marriott Boston Hotels

The Payton Wright Foundation, Inc.

Party City Stuart Weitzman, Inc.

Corporations Local, regional and national companies support us in countless ways, from philanthropic gifts, to customer and employee engagement. $1 Million and Above New Balance Foundation

$500,000 to $999,999 Anonymous Kohl’s Department Stores Mead Johnson Pediatric Nutrition Institute

TD Bank North, N.A. $25,000 to $49,999 Abrams Capital Management ACE Hardware

Abiomed, Inc. Bain Capital Children’s Charity, Ltd. Bank of America BJ’s Charitable Foundation Circle K Comcast Corporation DCU for Kids Energi Insurance Services, Inc. First American Title Insurance Co. Genzyme, a sanofi company

Tower Three Partners, LLC Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Waters Corporation

Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP Alexandria Real Estate, Inc. Amica Mutual Insurance Company Analogic Corp. Anonymous

$50,000 to $99,999

Subway Restaurants

Biomed Realty Trust Cardinal Health Foundation CentrosHealth CHD Coalition Chico’s FAS, Inc. Comcast Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999 A.A. Will Corporation Alere Analytics, Inc. ALPCO Diagnostics Amgen Inc. Anonymous (2) ARE ND CR Longwood Ventures, LLC Atlantic Management Corporation Bank of America/Merrill Lynch


Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, Inc.

CVS Health

Bernstein Research

Dairy Queen, Inc.

BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.

Dellaria Salons

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Deutsche Bank

BMJ Group

Corporations | 51 Boston Bruins

One Stop Business Centers, Inc.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Divco West Services, LLC

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Pioneer Investments Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Alliance Data

The Druker Company, Ltd.

American Well Corp.

Eastern Real Estate

Anderson, Alex & Associates, LLC

ENE Systems

Arrowhead Advertising

Epic Systems Corporation Equity Residential

Redgate Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Corporate

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Athena Capital Advisors

Ropes & Gray, LLP

Atlantic-Brook House Realty, LLC

Salon Capri

Atlantic-Stetson Realty, LLC

Combined Federal Campaign Corporate

Senator Investment Group, LP

Avalon Law Offices, PC

Credit Suisse

Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, Inc.

Axcan Pharmaceuticals

Boston Properties, Inc. Boston Properties/ The Shops at Prudential Center The Boston Red Sox and The Red Sox Foundation BTIG, LLC The Caesars Foundation Claritas Genomics, Inc.

Deloitte and Touche USA, LLP Eastdil Secured, LLC Finard Properties Fisher Brothers Foundation, Inc. General Catalyst Partners Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Polyglot Systems, Inc. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP RCN Telecom Services

Shorenstein Realty Services, LP Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Skanska USA Commercial Development, Inc. Sorellina Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Goulston & Storrs

State Street Corporation

Great Wolf Lodge New England

Stilisti Salon

Greenberg Traurig

Strategic Benefit Advisors, Inc.

The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation

Synergy Financial, LLC

Interlock Industries, Inc.

TD Bank, through the TD Charitable Foundation

Jaco Environmental, Inc.

The TJX Foundation, Inc.

Kaseya Management, LLC

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Kidz B Kidz, Inc.

UCB Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Knighthead Capital Management

Verizon Foundation

The Kraft Group, The Kraft Family and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation

Waste Management

Kyocera The LiftEd Project Manulife Financial Marriott Vacations Worldwide

MFS Investment Management The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. Nicholas Michaels Spa Nutricia

Beacon Capital Partners, LP Beyond Beauty Biogen Idec, Inc. Biomarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. Biomed Realty, LP The Boston Company Asset Management The Boston Globe Boston Magazine Design Home Program Boston Salads & Provisions, Inc. Boston Scientific Corporation Brookfield Asset Management The Bulfinch Companies, Inc. C/W Design Group, Inc.

Fiduciary Charitable Foundation F-Squared Investments, Inc. G. Greene Construction Co., Inc. Garnet Construction Co., Inc. GE Capital Corporation Goya Foods, Inc. Great Clips Hemenway & Barnes Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. IKARIA InterContinental Insurance Brokers, LLC Invesco Real Estate isgenuity, LLC J & M Brown Company, Inc. J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. Janitronics Building Services Janssen RND, LLC Jonathan Metal & Glass, Ltd. Kenneth Wildes Hair Salon, Inc.

CambridgeSide Galleria

Keystone Professional Baseball Club, Inc.


Campanelli Associates Management Corp.

King Street Properties

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Cantor Fitzgerald Securities

Weil, Gotshal & Magnes, LLP

Capital Formation Group/ Marcel Quiroga

Wise Construction Corp. Workday Foundation

Mazda McDonald Electrical Corp.


F.L. Caulfield & Sons, Inc.

$5,000 to $9,999 The Abbey Group Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, LLC Aerogen, Ltd. AEW Capital Management, LP AKF Group, LLC

KnightSwarm Handelsbolog L&L Holding Company, LLC Latham & Watkins, LLP

Cerner Corporation

LPL Investment Holdings, Inc.

Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.

Lundbeck, LLC

Citizens Energy Corporation

Mass Electric Construction Company

Claragh Mountain Investments, LP

Mayer Brown, LLP

Colony Realty Partners, LLC

McCusker-Gill, Inc.

Conatus Capital Management, LP

The McKinnon Company

Courtesy Chevrolet


Cummings Properties, LLC

Murphy Electric & Industrial Control, Inc.

52 | Corporations continued The Music Emporium, Inc.

W.B. Mason



New York Life Insurance Company

Wellington Management Company, LLP

Dubois, Sheehan, Hamilton, Levin and Weissman, LLC

The Miami Coalition for a Safe & Drug Free Community, Inc.

Westfield Capital Management Company, Inc.

Eastern Bank

Morgan Stanley

Electromed, Inc.

Oxford Biomedica

Elite Hair Design & Day Spa

Polvora Advertising

Entravision Communications Corporation

Primrose School Franchising Company

Normandy Real Estate Partners Old Webster Street, LLC Oxford Asset Management USA Payette Associates, Inc. The PENTA Building Group, Inc.

Wynn Resorts York Capital Management (US) Advisors, LP

Prologis Foundation R.J. Kelly Co., Inc.

$2,500 to $4,999

Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

Raymond James and Associates, Inc.

ABC Moving Services, Inc.

Equity Office Properties

REIT Management & Research, LLC

Able Engineering Services

Faros Properties

Related Beal, LLC

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

FilmNation International, LLC

Robert W. Sullivan, Inc.

Affineco, LLC

Financial Education Institutes

Rockwood Capital, LLC

AGS Alpama Global Services USA

Forest City Enterprises

RR Donnelley

Angelo, Gordon & Co., LP

Foundation Care

Sanofi US

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP

Scales Architecture, Inc.

Bank of New York Mellon

Freedom Building and Power Service, Inc.

Scapa Group PLC

Be Styled


Bellco Glass, Inc.

Shawmut Design and Construction

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Sunoco/Aplus T Mobile Taconic Capital Advisors, LP TN Ward Company Turner Construction Company Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

The Standard Subaru of New England, Inc.


Greater Boston Hispanic Lions Club

The TJX Companies, Inc.


UGL Services Unicco Operations Co.

Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

United Latino Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Haley & Ward, Inc.

USA Gymnastics

Blue Sky Parking


Voya Financial

Boston Brace International, Inc.

Hines Interests Limited

Walton Street Capital, LLC

Bruegger’s Bagels

Hub Television Networks, LLC

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Chase the Cure, Inc.

International Strategy & Investment Group, LLC

Yasso, Inc.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Sloane and Walsh, LLP

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Steffian Bradley Architects

SCS Financial Services

Gois Broadcasting, LLC

Bliss Spa & Salon

Staples Foundation for Learning

Salon Eva Michelle

Giovanna’s Salon & Spa

SIDS Educational Services, Inc.

Stanley Elevator Company, Inc.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Tetra Tech, Inc.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

STAG Industrial, Inc.

Riemer & Braunstein, LLP

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP

Shire Pharmaceuticals Group

Southern Sun Asset Management, LLC

Research and Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

T&T Electrical Contractors

Bentall Kennedy US, LP

Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates

RDK Engineers

Genentech, Inc.

Sheffield Asset Management

Skelmir, LLC

Pulmonary Specialties, PC

Chem-Aqua, Inc. Cisco Systems, Inc. Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC Cooley, LLP Cornerstone Therapeutics CrossHarbor Capital Partners, LLC Crossmark, Inc. Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Verisk Health

Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts, Inc.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

Delta Dental of Massachusetts

Zurich American Insurance Company

Intrum Corp. John A. Penney Co., Inc.

$1,000 to $2,499

Kazilionis 2012 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Aaron’s, Inc.

Kiewit Companies Foundation Legacy Capital LeMessurier Consultants, Inc. Loomis, Sayles & Company, LP MAC Meetings & Events McDermott Will & Emery McNamara Salvia, Inc.

Aaron’s Ohtahara Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. Angelica Anonymous Applied Material AMAT Community Aptalis Pharma US, Inc. Arizona Sports

Corporations | 53 Arnold’s Gymnastics Academy, Inc.

Foothills Endurance Rehab

Moors & Cabot

Shepherd Kaplan, LLC

Atlantic Plywood Corporation

Fox Restaurants

Morgan Realty Partners

Sherin and Lodgen, LLP

Austin Liquor Co., Inc.

FTI Consulting, Inc.

Morgan Stanley

Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals

Beaucage Salon and Spa

G20 Spa & Salon

Mylan Specialty, LP

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Bellco Credit Union

GeneDx, Inc.

Naturopathic Specialists

SRA International Corporation

Bernardo’s Restaurant, LLC

Glen Ridge Country Club

New England Building Supply

State Street Matching Gift Program

Big Y Foods, Inc.

GLL Real Estate Partners, Inc.

New England Controls

Stryker Craniomaxillofacial

Black & Decker Corporation

Goodrich Corporation

Next Care

Stryker Instruments

The Black Whale, Inc.

Gould & Company, LLC

Nomura Securities International, Inc.

Tec-Mar Industries, Inc.

Blue Bella Salon

Gov Group

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Tekne Capital

Blue Hill Leshkowitz & Co.

Hamilton Hair Studio

O2X Summit Challenge

Tier Reit

BNP Paribas

Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.

Otis Elevator Company

Tridan Foundation, Inc.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

HC Studio

Pacific Mobile

Uno Restaurants, LLC

Boston Realty Advisors

Healthcare Revenue Strategies, LLC

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.

Upper Cape Anesthesia, PC

Breakaway Ventures


Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP

Vitaflo USA, LLC

Brookline Bank

Hygrade Ocean Products, Inc.

Pershing Prime Services

Vonage Marketing, Inc.

Brooksby Village, Inc.


Persona Hair Salon

W.J. Murphy Construction Co, Inc.

Buffington, Inc.

J.G. Tellier Realty Trust

The Peter Wingfield Fan Club

W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.

Burgin Platner Hurley Insurance Agency

Jade Salon

Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa

Wagamama, Inc.

James Joseph Salon

The PIMCO Foundation

Wash Depot Holdings, Inc.

Jamestown, LP

Pine River Fish Market

Write Right Now

John Paul Mitchell Systems

Plumbers’ Supply Company

Jones Lang LaSalle

Polycast Industrial Products, Ltd.

Juliana’s Salon

Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC

Katz Properties


Kent Newton Salon

RBC Capital Markets

Keystone Partners

RCR Scientific, Inc.

KGA, Inc.

Real Capital Markets

Koons Chevrolet

Renovation Service, Inc.

Lauren Craig Salon

Republic West Remodeling

LEGO Children’s Fund

Riccardi’s Restaurant, Inc.

Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program

Lord’s & Lady’s Hair Salon

Rockland Kiwanis Club

Amica Companies Foundation

Mario Russo

Ryan Companies


McGeough Lamacchia

Salon 234 Salon & Spa

Apple Matching Gifts Program

Microsoft Corporation

Salon Astante

Bank of America

Mitchell John Salon

Salon Marc Harris

Bank of America Foundation

MJ Insurance

San Tan Ford

MJJM Enterprises

The Sausage Guy, Inc.

The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership

Modern Trends Salon


The Baupost Group, LLC

Monaghan Medical Corporation

Shaw’s and Star Market

Biogen Idec, Inc.

Callahan’s Karate Studio, Inc. Castanea Partners, Inc. Century Bank The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Clear Title CoBank Coinstar, Inc. Colliers International Construction Management & Builders, Inc. Conviser Property Group, Inc. Crash Line Productions Curriculum Associates CVS Caremark Charity Trust Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Dover Automotive Service Edaville Railway Production Employees of WIMCO & WSBH Enterprise Bank and Trust Company Fallon Health Feile Restaurant & Pub, Inc.

Matching Gifts These companies embrace philanthropy by matching their employees’ charitable contributions, doubling a gift’s impact. Adage Capital Management, LP Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Center American International Group, Inc.

54 | Matching Gifts continued

UnumProvident Corporation

Associations Special thanks to these associations who’ve supported Boston Children’s Hospital.

Citizens Bank Foundation

The Walt Disney Company Foundation Matching Gift Program

$250,000 to $499,999

Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Credit Unions

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

TIFF Advisory Services, Inc.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Cisco Foundation

Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program Dell, Inc. E*TRADE Financial Matching Gift Program

$100,000 to $249,999 Digital Federal Credit Union—DCU

Patrice Bergeron

GE Foundation

Boston Athletic Association

General Electric Foundation

Boston Bruins Foundation

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Boston Cannons

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co.

Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc.

Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc. HP Employee Charitable Giving Program

The Boston Red Sox and The Red Sox Foundation CrossHarbor Capital Partners, LLC

IBM Corporation

Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks

Income Research and Management

Ecoventura—Galapagos Network

ING Foundation

Tobie Giddio

ITW Foundation

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

The Kraft Group, The Kraft Family and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies JP Morgan Chase Foundation LPL Investment Holdings, Inc. McKinsey & Company MFS Investment Management Microsoft Corporation Oracle Corporation PEPSICO Foundation Pfizer Foundation Pioneer Investment Management USA, Inc. Prologis Foundation ProLogis Matching Gift Program Qualcom Foundation State Street Matching Gift Program

Charleston RiverDogs

Shawn and Faith’s Marathon Run UMASS Dartmouth Dance Marathon University of Massachusetts Boston

$1,000 to $2,499 Archives Book Sale Bo Line Fundraising Event

Eaton Vance Management, Inc. eBay Foundation

American Association of Anatomists

Charlotte Troy Golf To Cure Rett

Extra Life Gifts-in-Kind These organizations’ donations of goods and services help us make an even bigger impact on the lives we touch.

$2,500 to $4,999

McLane Company, Inc. Mike Napoli Mr. and Mrs. Steven Samuels Marc Savard Shane Victorino Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Emmanuel College Dance Marathon Liga dos Amigos do Hospital de Santa Marta

Yurman Design, Inc.

CFCNCA City of Quincy Curry College Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church The Forsyth Institute

$25,000 to $49,999

Global Impact

MPN Research Foundation

Harvard University Hellenic Women’s Club

$10,000 to $24,999

Isaac Harris Cary Educational Fund

The Alberta Teachers’ Association

Lexington Knights of Columbus


Merry Melody Music Academy

Medical Staff Organization

Old Dorchester Post 65

The Menino Committee

Optimist Club of the Westbank

MFS Fund

The Peter Wingfield Fan Club

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity

University of New Hampshire Dance Marathon

Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa

Wheelock College Dance Marathon

Stoughton High School Associates

Rumney Marsh Academy

TJ’s Fundraiser

W.B. Mason Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc.

The Boston Sisters Convent

$5,000 to $9,999

The Trustees of the Funds of Bethesda

American Legion, Department of MA

UMASS Boston Dance Marathon

American Legion, Department of NH

United Way of Greater Nashua

Credit Union for Kids

United Way of Greater Plymouth County

Google, Inc. Employees Harvard College Dance Marathon Orlando Health Foundation World Federation of Hemophilia Zeta Beta Tau

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Westford Police Association

Boston Children’s Hospital League | 55 Weston Community Children’s Association, Inc.

Department of Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital

Zoe Young Cancer Fund

Gina M. DiMento and Geoffrey Turner Janet D’Orsi

Boston Children’s Hospital League League members and supporters raise essential funds for the hospital. Their largest fundraiser is an annual gala. Nancy Adams and Scott A. Schoen Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman & Guekguezian AE Events The Andrade Group Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Andrade Anonymous (2) Arlene and Roberta Fine Jewelry Ashland Trail Race Big Apple Circus Jennifer and Jeffrey Blecher David and Nicole Borden Boston Bruins Foundation Boston Magazine David J. Brisson and Family Drs. Roland and Elena Brusseau Dr. and Mrs. John Buehler Ronni J. and Ronald G. Casty The Catered Affair Diane and Michael Cavallo Cavanaugh Charitable Gift Fund Charlesbank Capital Partners Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. Nicole and Brian Clark Club Med Richard Cohen Couto Companies Management Crazy Foam International The Helen D’Alelio Family Foundation Stacey and Bruce Danziger

Jefferies, LLC Susan and Neal Karelitz Lori and Stewart Karger

Mary B. Dunn Charitable Trust

Karp Family Foundation— Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp

DuVine Adventures

Marci L. and Jeffrey S. Katz

The E. B. Horn Company

Andrew F. and Beth Kramer

MaryJane and Mark Ehrenzeller

Betsy Kramer

Lynne and Stuart Elfland

Evan M. Kushner

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Randi and John Lapidus

Drs. John and Jean Emans

Drs. Marc R. Laufer and Susan Rosenfeld-Laufer

Raquel Fauza The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation

Lenox Hotel Back Bay Brett and Emily L’Esperance

Northeast Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Omni Berkshire Place Omni Los Angeles Hotel Omni Nashville Hotel O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC P.S. Designs Vito Palombella and Nancy Jo Soporowski Stephen C. and Anne B. Peacher Charitable Fund Edward and Karen Philip Jim and Stacey Philipkosky The Plaza

John and Cyndy Fish

Learning Express Newton

Nancy and Neal Foster

Michelle and Eric Lev

Four Seasons Hotel Boston

Laraine and Jeffry Levy

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

Liberty Construction Services

Genzyme, a sanofi company

Lightower Fiber Networks

Rachel and John Gilli

Constantinos and Mimi Littas

The Gingerbread Construction Co.

The Lombardo Companies

Netanel Ginor

The Lombardo Family

Julie Sue and Matthew L. Goldwasser

Jennifer and Michael Lourie

Dorothy and James Goodman

M Squared Asset Management

Google Matching Gift Program

Teri M. and Ian MacDuff

Michael Gorham

Mandarin Oriental Boston

Dr. Robert Rosenberg and Susan Rosenberg

Beth and Larry Greenberg

Julie M. and David R. Marcus

Denise and Scot Rosenblum

The Greer Family

Jodi and Michael Masdea

Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal

Matthew L. Greer Children’s Foundation

The Medeiros Family

Rachel and Mark Rosenthal

Helena and Aires Medeiros

Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation

Natasha T. Greer Patricia A. and Thomas E. Guilfoile Linda J. and Timothy T. Hanifin Lauren and Jeffrey Harrison Hidden Pond Kennebunkport Frank and Jen Huckabone Allyson and Jerome Hughes Impulse by ADAMAS Fine Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. David Ingemi The Jacobs Family Allyson L. and Andrew N. Jaffe

Drs. José Menoyo and Eric Goldberg Migis Lodge Karen and Jeffrey M. Miller Mini Boden Jeffrey and Pamela Mittleman Jessica and Charles Myers National Amusements National Development Sarah and Dana Nielsen Sherri and David W. Noon Nordstrom

Point72 Asset Management, LP Dave and Jennifer Porter Randolph Donuts, Inc. Cindy and Mark Reardon Riemer & Braunstein, LLP Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus Roblin Insurance Agency, Inc. Jennifer I. and Mark B. Rosen Lauren and Steven A. Rosen Sharman and Larry S. Rosen

Sagamore, the Art Hotel Robin and Steve Scari Ellen and Steven Segal Jay and Andrea Segel SF Management Co., LLC Heather and Robert Shanahan Barbara and Edward Shapiro Billie and Joel Shapiro Caryl and Gary Shaw Douglas and Andrea Shaw

56 | League continued Ifat and Jonathan A. Shelon Sheraton Steamboat Resort Traci and Matt Shulkin Rachel and Jonathan Sieber Lauren Z. and Eden J. Siff

Community Fundraisers Creative minds and can-do spirits in the community organized everything from music festivals to fishing competitions, tapping into what they love to raise money for the hospital, raising $2.7 million for kids.

Kendall Rose Davis Memorial Golf Tournament Drew’s Golf to Give Back Tournament Drew’s Team Emma Strong Drive for a Cure Connor Flanagan Foundation

Leslie and Jason Silberman Lesley and Philip Silberstein

$500,000 and Above

Gulliver’s Tavern Golf Tournament

Wendy and Michael Simches

One Mission

Haley & Aldrich Charity Golf Tournament

Skin Health Alfred A.* and Gilda K. Slifka

$250,000 to $499,999

The Smith Family Trust

NHL Alumni Pro Am

Leslie C. and Stanford Smith Carolyn and Jeff Snider

$100,000 to $249,999

Soul Cycle

Joe Andruzzi Foundation

Irma and Aaron Spencer

Philip & Bernice Frieze Charity Golf Tournament

Scott M. and Laurene Meir Sperling St. Regis Resort Aspen Jonathan and Leah Stearns Stowe Mountain Lodge Lauri and Alex Sugar Drs. Ellie Svenson and Mark Klempner Sarah and Eric Svenson Swatch Group U.S. Courtney and Michael Tatelman Joshua and Tanja Tatelman The Universal Group, Inc. Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. Vincent’s Nightclub Gail and Arthur Wald Wendy and David Waldman Watermark Donut Company Wayland Travel Patricia and Richard Wayne Richard and Roberta Weiner Roberta and Stephen Weiner Richard Weintraub The Westin Hotel Tabor Center Robin L. and Mark* Woolford Yummy Mummy Brownies

Healing little Hearts Yoga Reaches Out

$50,000 to $99,999 Arcadia Family Fun Run 5K Brait Builders Open Kyleigh’s Cure

$25,000 to $49,999 Boston Winter Ball Cakes and Comedy Crowe Family Foundation Golf Event Heart to Heart Golf Tournament

A Shot for Life Heidi Ahearn Memorial Fishing Tournament Biking for Barrett Andrew and Michael Boudreau Golf Tournament Christmas Lights, Cookies and Cocoa for Kids

Luke’s Rodeo New England Utility Constructors, Inc. Christmas Luncheon Crehan O’Donnell Diomede Golf Tournament Pedaling for Preemies Peloton Summer Triathlons Ride for Hope, Ride for Life

Hearts and Minds of Ghana

SIDS Awareness in Memory of Colton

Jeremiah’s 1st Birthday Fundraiser

Trinity Golf Tournament

Kennedy’s Cause

Steven J. Vertuccio Memorial Fund for Cystic Fibrosis

Little Cup of Hope Jason Lutz SIDS Foundation Jason’s Race

We Love Dr. Scott Fitness Challenge Kate Weisse Memorial Golf Open

Moya Moya Fundraiser Walk for Kyle Mullarkey

$2,500 to $4,999

Neon Fest

A Celebration for Sweet Hearts

Olivia’s Ride

Bernstein Gives Back and Toy Drive

Pioneer Investments Fundraiser

BTIG, LLC Charity Day

Pure Hearts Fundraiser

Chef Turano’s Holiday Fundraiser

Jordan Rich’s For the Children

Chipping for Charity

The Running of The Leprechauns

Concord Middle School 6th Grade Walk-a-thon

Sebastian’s Soldier’s Heather Lynne Siebert Memorial Ride Tuxedos For No Reason 98.5 Who’s Your Caddy Classic Wigo De Mayo

CSL International, Inc. Jeans Day 31 Days of October Empty Arms Foundation Charity Fundraising Bishop Feehan’s Bowling for Charity FUNraising 4 Aiden

$5,000 to $9,999 Carving for a Cure—Loon Mountain

$10,000 to $24,999

Live 4 Evan Run/Walk

Harrisville Golf Gives Back

5K & Tri to Crush Cancer My Baby Jordan Foundation for SIDS

Chris Knight Memorial Golf Course

Godowsky Family Yard Sale Holiday Soiree

Anthony Louis Ciampi Memorial Fund Comedy Night

JOH Kids 360 fundraiser

Clams for Kids

Little Lauren’s Mother Son Dance for OMS Research

Cover Bands for Kids Hip Hop 5K Holliston 5K Road Race Hoops for Heemo Jordan Classic Keystone Professional Baseball Club, Inc. Fundraiser

Macie’s Epilepsy Awareness Benefit Mackenzie Leigh SIDS Benefit Malden Fire Benefit for Kids Maya’s Hundred Hearts Fundraiser Mia’s Lemonade Stand No Texting Day



Volunteer leadership | 57 Bobby O’Brien’s Tax Fundraiser

Keeping the Beat 5K

Used Book Sale

Alison Taunton-Rigby, PhD

Our Lady’s Academy Field Day

Kristen and Renata’s Fundraiser

Volante Farms Pumpkin Fest

Marc B. Wolpow

Jason T. Pearl Memorial Golf Tournament

Loving our Children

Volleyball for SIDS Awareness and Research

Laura J. Wood, DNP, MS, RN

Pints for Emma Remembering Reese Revere Police No Shave November Tyler Richardson Memorial Tournament Kaylee Sullivan Memorial Golf Tournament Swim to Crush Cancer John Thomas and Special Friends Fund Gala Tri M Play-a-Thon Vineyard Vines Marathon T-Shirts

Luck2Tuck Dec the Rooms Lynnfield High School Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser Marblehead Veterans School Do Something Project

We Care for Kids William Quinn’s Lemonade Stand

March for Miracles

Winchester Police Relief Association

March Madness

Workday Incorporated Fundraiser

Mass Acre Fields Halloween Haunt

Ari Yanna Jewelry Fundraiser

McKeever Holiday Party

Zervas 5th Grade Coins Drive

Mistletoe Ball

Zoe Festival

New England Season Opener

Zoe’s Lemonade Stand

North Quincy High School Photo Fundraiser

Zumba and Bootcamp Memorial for Derek Chalmers

$1,000 to $2,499

North Shore Magazine Hidden Gems Launch Party

A Night to Remember

Nut Free Valentine’s Cookies

Aaron’s Ohtahara

Painting for Boston Children’s Hospital

Action for Jackson

Pennies for Patients

BC Mite Box

PJ’s Nighttime Read-a-thon

Becca’s Cookies

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Bella Bridal Christmas

Max Reveliotty’s Fundraiser

Boston Chinese New Year Celebration

Gregory Young, MD

Wakefield Auto Repair Halloween Car Show Boston Children’s Hospital Trust Board of Trustees Douglas A. Berthiaume, chair Joel E. Cutler, vice chair Richard A. Mayo, vice chair Steven W. Barnes Shaun A. Benderson Lynne D. Capozzi Ami A. Cipolla Steven D. Corkin Alan L. Crane Boston Children’s Hospital’s Volunteer Leadership Visionaries, ambassadors, and most important: leaders. We’re immensely thankful to the dedicated individuals who serve on Boston Children’s Hospital’s boards.

Susan J. Curtin Todd A. Dagres Robert W. Eddy Pamela C. Egan, PharmD Daniel S. Farb Sandra L. Fenwick Benjamin D. Fischman

Run to Boston

Boston Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees

Samantha’s Harvest Comedy Night

Stephen R. Karp, chair

Keith B. Gelb

Shri Dwarkamai Tennis Tournament

Doug A. Berthiaume

Robert E. Griffin Jr.

SIDS Research Benefit Concert

Allan S. Bufferd

Robert T. Hale Jr.

South Boston Benefit

Kevin Churchwell, MD

Kimberly Jacobs

Down Syndrome Awareness

Sponge Out Cancer

Sandra L. Fenwick

Douglass E. Karp

Nate Downing Memorial Workout

St. Agatha’s Bake Sale for Autism

Gary R. Fleisher, MD

Stephen R. Karp

Fun for Kids

Strokes for Evan

Winston E. Henderson, JD

James R. Kasser, MD

Glen Ridge Country Club Fundraising Weekend

Strollin’ to Fight SIDS

James R. Kasser, MD

Stephen W. Kidder

Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game

Steven D. Krichmar

Jonathan S. Lavine

Sudbury Bakes for Children’s Cardiology

Harvey F. Lodish, PhD

Seth W. Lawry

Gary W. Loveman, PhD

Gary W. Loveman, PhD

Sun Life Financial Golf Tournament

Ralph Martin

Julie Marcus

Tillen Farms Bloody Mary Fundraiser

Thomas Melendez

Joseph R. Nolan Jr.

TMS Fundraising

Mark Proctor, MD

Jeffrey M. Robinson

Towers Watson Jeans for a Cause

Robert A. Smith

Edward L. Shapiro

Tyler’s Lion Lemonade Stand

Robert E. Smyth

Matthew K. Sidman

Tyler’s Vegetable Stand

Anne M. Stack, MD

Robert J. Small

Central School Casual Fridays CHD Awareness Andrew Chisholm’s Yard Sale Cranberry Acres Pony Rides

Kelsey Harrington Foundation Fundraiser Heather’s Challenge Hogs for Hope Hope for a Heart Jammin’ for Jaxon John F. Ryan Elementary Reading with Heart Read-a-Thon Kaydon Group Charity Golf Outing

Gary R. Fleisher, MD

58 | Volunteer Leadership continued Timothy A. Springer, PhD

Mary-Laura Greely

Susanne Harte Sears

Maximilian D. Stone

Josie Greene

Margaret G. Seelig

Lynn Susman

Judith P. Grey

Carmel Shields

Laura B. Trust

Jennifer A. Herman

Raleigh Shoemaker

Tyler Tumminia

Elizabeth L. Hoffman

Gordon H. Slaney Jr.

James F. Wade

Yumiko Honda

Eileen M. Sporing, RN, MSN

Jane Weitzman

Kimberly A. Hsu-Barber

Nicole M. Stata

Jeffrey S. Woolbert

Edward C. Johnson III

Kathleen VanDernoot

Jill Ellen Karp

Kelly A. Weglowski

Bradley E. Lerman

Paul Weisman

Marci Loeber

Jeffrey C. Wolk

Michael S. Lorber

Ned J. Yetten

Boston Children’s Hospital Board of Overseers Jeffrey M. Robinson, chair Rosalin Acosta Hope A. Aldrich Zamawa Arenas Dewey J. Awad Melora M. Balson Aixa Beauchamp Roger S. Berkowitz Paul M. Bernon Steven M. Berzin Jeffrey D. Bilezikian Brant C. Binder Steven C. Calhoun Julie N. Callaghan Heather A. Carrillo Gillis Cashman Jessica S. Christ Brian H. Chu Christina Cohen Marc Costantini William L. Counselman Michael K. Crowe Alexandra D. Drane William R. Ebsworth David P. Fialkow James M. Fitzgibbons Sarah Gardner Sean P. Gildea Thomas S.T. Gimbel George J. Gorman

Boston Investment Conference Committee Co-chairs Robert G. Atchinson Jeffrey S. Barber Benjamin R. Bloomstone Eric Costa Joel E. Cutler Daniel S. Farb Joshua P. Gold Charles Haigh Brian Hogan Sol Kumin

Isabelle Loring Edward C. Maher Jr.

Honorary Life Overseers

Jonathan S. Lavine

Kevin R. McCarey

F. Gorham Brigham Jr.

Richard A. Mayo

David M. McCarthy

Michael Frieze

Jane P. Moncreiff

Terence P. McCourt

Charles K. Gifford

James F. Mooney

Vicki Modell

Rudman J. Ham

William E. Pappendick

Susan Mulder

Charles H. Hood

Phil H. Perelmuter

Dr. Karen C. Nanji

Ellen J. Jaffe

Travis M. Rhodes

Andrew T. Nigrelli

David M. Kaplan Sr.

Philip Rotner

Mark Notkin

Joan B. Kennedy

Alexander C. Sacerdote

Caroline A. Oberg

Muriel Leventhal

John A. Sebastian

Eva V. Ottosson

Laraine Cohen Levy

Edward L. Shapiro

Lynne L. Palmer

Ellen A. Little

Matthew K. Sidman

Seema Pandya

Joan P. Lynch

Maximilian D. Stone

Heidi C. Pearlson

James Morton

Herb S. Wagner

Mark A. Pelson

Thomas M. O’Neill

Nancy G. Zimmerman

Steven P. Perlmutter

Bess Pappas

Jean M. Raymond

Nancy E. Perry

Committee members

Laura Rehnert

Nancy Upp Potter

Richard Blond

Matthew H. Remis

Roger A. Saunders

Matthew B. Botein

Edward S. Ritchie

Irma Spencer

Erik Brooks

Stephanie Rogers

John K. Spring

Stephen W. Burbage

Mark H. Rubin

Anne B. Stone

Miceal G. Chamberlain

Jeffrey Sánchez

Barry A. Sylvetsky

Lindsey Coleman

Girard R. Sargent

Leslyn Anderson Thorne

John J. Cronin

Santa M. Sasena J. Patrick Scanlon Jr. Laurie M. Scott

Dave Daglio Joseph P. DeMatteo Scott Farden Brian C. Ferguson

Volunteer leadership | 59 Eric B. Fischman

Campaign Steering Committee

James A. Radley

Rick Galiardo

Joel E. Cutler, co-chair

Steven B. Samuels

Alan M. Gardner

Robert A. Smith, co-chair

Beth F. Terrana

Keith B. Gelb

Steven W. Barnes, vice chair

Ann Thornburg

Jonathan J. Goodman

Matthew K. Sidman, vice chair

Nicholas A. Halaby

Douglas A. Berthiaume

Champions for Children’s Committee

Todd Hammer

Brant C. Binder

Samuel T. Byrne, co-chair

William W. Helman

Susan J. Curtin

Edward C. Maher Jr., co-chair

Michael Josephson

Sandra L. Fenwick

Steven B. Samuels, co-chair

Stephen R. Karp

Gary R. Fleisher, MD

Steven W. Barnes

Megan Kelleher

Robert E. Griffin Jr.

William Bridgen

John F. Kelly

Robert T. Hale Jr.

Donald Briggs

Brian Kinney

Douglass E. Karp

John J. Calnan

Jaime Lorenzo

Stephen R. Karp

Bill Collins

Neal MacLean

Harvey F. Lodish, PhD

John Conley

Matthew D. Magee

Edward L. Shapiro

Jennifer Mugar Flaherty

Elaine Mann

Maximilian D. Stone

Debra L. Gelb

Robert C. McAleer

James F. Wade

Keith B. Gelb

Robert E. Griffin Jr., founding chair James A. Atwood Douglas A. Berthiaume

Thomas F. Gilbane

Peter M. Mulderry

Champions for Children’s Honorary Committee

Benjamin S. Butcher Steven D. Corkin Joel E. Cutler Robert J. Davis Paul B. Edgerley John F. Fish Corey A. Griffin Corinne B. Grousbeck Robert T. Hale Jr. Douglass E. Karp Stephen R. Karp Jonathan A. Kraft Gary W. Loveman, PhD Martin J. Mannion

Charles L. Myers

Chairman’s Council

Robert L. Greene

Andrew T. Nigrelli

William L. Boyan

Kimberly Jacobs

Harry D. Nudelman

Michael Bronner

Bill Kane

Michael Offner

Robert J. Davis

Bryan J. Koop

Robert Paine

Anthony J. DiNovi

Eric Limont

Pamela Peedin

Paul B. Edgerley

Marci Griffith Loeber

Andre F. Perold

John R. Egan

Stacey J. Lucchino

William F. Power

Gail Federici-Smith

John Matteson

Kristienne E. Rassiger

April Derderian Fellows

Kate S. McKee

Melissa Reilly

Corinne B. Grousbeck

Kristin W. Mugford

David Simoes

Jonathan A. Kraft

Skip Perham

Robert J. Small

Cynthia C. Lawry

Paula Quan

Alison Svizzero

Stephen D. Lebovitz

Laura Rehnert

Gregory Thomaier

Martin J. Mannion

Jay M. Wagner

Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus

Michael Torrisi

Paul R. Marcus

Mark A. Walsh

Charles Nelson, PhD

Matthew H. Wosk

Joseph C. McNay

Charles Weinstein

Tim and Lynne Palmer

Bracebridge H. Young

Daniel J. Nova

Kevin A. White

Katherine and Mark Pelson

Joseph J. O’Donnell

Joseph L. Zink

Amy and Jonathan Poorvu

Developmental Medicine Center Philanthropic Advisory Board William Barbaresi, MD Mary and Peter Barrett Peggy and Edward Bell Kay and Peter Bernon, Emeriti Gillis and Lori Cashman Leslie and Alan Crane Victoria and David Croll Susan Y. Friedman Jennifer and Mark Herman Sandra L. Maislen

James J. Pallotta

Leonard A. Rappaport, MD

George W. Phillips

Mary Scott, MD and Richard Scott, MD

Rudolph F. Pierce

Judy Swahnberg and Carl Novotny

60 | Volunteer Leadership continued Margaret and Jim Wade

Marla Stone

Sarah and Joshua Greenhill

Marla and Jeffrey Wolk

Lauri Sugar

Kimberly Hsu-Barber and Jeffrey Barber

Lisa Tabenkin League Board

Mary Sue Terranova

Julie Marcus, president

Gail Wald

Robin H. Cavanaugh

Wendy Waldman

Nicole K. Clark

Patricia Wayne

Jessica and Joshua Lutzker Stephanie and Matthew Magee Lisa and Jim Mooney Karen and Farhad Nanji Erica and Ted Pappendick

Stacey Danziger MaryJane Ehrenzeller

Latino Council

Lynne Elfland

Carolina Alarco, chair

Lisa Faro

Monica Neuman, co-chair

Nancy Foster

Rosalin Acosta,

Rachel Gilli

Albie Alvarez-Cote

Laurie Gorelick

David Antczak

Lauren Harrison

Danilo A. Avalon

Susan Karelitz

Aixa Beauchamp

Marci L. Katz

Cristina Bozas

Colleen Keelan

Rodolfo Bozas

Randi Lapidus

Fabio A. Collazo

Laraine Cohen Levy

Janina Delloca-Pawlowski

Cindy L. Lombardo

Jack T. Donnelly

Rhonda Lushan

Paul Francisco

Barbara Miller

Yvonne Garcia

Klee Miller

Ivon P. Gois

Diana R. Peselman

Gabriel E. Gomez

Karen Philip

Hector Lopez-Camacho

Karen T. Quirk

Victor Miranda, MD

Lauren Rosen

Marcel V. Quiroga

Susan Rosenberg

Andrew Rodriguez

Denise Rosenblum

Inez Stewart

Rachel Rosenthal

Diego Szteinhendler

Carole A. Rothstein

Alberto Vasallo III

Andi Shaw

Alex von Lichtenberg

Rachel L. Sieber Lesley Silberstein

Venture Philanthropy Network

Wendy Simches

Susan and Matthew Botein

Lynne Smith

Bihua Chen and Jackson Loomis

Carolyn Snider

Eleanor and Brian Chu

Irma Spencer

Shoshana and Daniel Farb

Marjorie Stone

Sara and Peter Fleiss

Bianca and Craig Peskin Rachel and Travis Rhodes Stanley Rosenzweig and Lauri Union Alissa and Jack Sebastian Lori and Matthew Sidman Stephanie and Brian Spector Charlotte and Herbert Wagner Nicole Zatlyn and Jason Weiner

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