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Philanthropy Report 2012

Until every child is well

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On cover: Hey, it’s me, Lucas. My mom and dad took me to NSTAR’s Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital last year—boy was that fun. Check out my tshirt—yep, I was born with half a heart. Well, not quite half, it’s something called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Docs say the left side of my heart is underdeveloped, making the right side work harder. Read more about me on page 2.


At Boston Children’s Hospital, we’ll do just about anything to advance patient care and research— see for yourself in these pages. But it’s nothing compared to what you— our biggest supporters—will do. You tapped into your talents and wrangled friends. You coordinated Harley rides (that was fun, wasn’t it?), played poker, hosted yard sales. You did that, you’ll do more, until every child is well.

thank you.


Boston Children’s Hospital | Care

Sleepless nights, inconsolable crying— there’s lot to expect when you’re expecting. A congenital heart defect shouldn’t be one of those things.

What does the future look like for kids with congenital heart defects? Pretty amazing with help from Boston Children’s. Get a load of 7-year-old Noah, above. He loves playing baseball, is a whiz at math, and tracks the stats of his favorite teams—even has his own fantasy hockey team. Naturally, he’s the general manager, checking progress each morning before school. But before Noah was born, his parents Dan and Shoshana Farb faced uncertainty when they learned their son had a heart defect. Boston Children’s surgeons saved his life, and his parents will be forever grateful he can lead a life without limitations. They recently made a leadership gift to the hospital’s Heart Center. “We feel very lucky,” Shoshana says. Dan added, “We owe a huge debt to the hospital. If we can be at all helpful, we feel an obligation to do that.”

The Heart Center at Boston Children’s Hospital has grown to become the largest, most respected pediatric cardiovascular program in the world, with a history of innovation:

At other hospitals, parents are offered

They named their unborn son Lucas,

counseling. At Boston Children’s, our

which means bringer of light. “And

work begins.

that’s what we needed,” Becky says.

In 2001, a Boston Children’s team

Because Lucas was diagnosed early,

performed the world’s first successful

Boston Children’s surgeons knew

fetal cardiac intervention. Today, the

what to expect, greeted Lucas upon

program has grown to the largest,

his arrival, and got to work—repairing

most respected of its kind. Early

his heart defect, an underdeveloped

diagnosis means better treatment—

left ventricle. For the next generation

a lifeline to the nearly 40,000 babies

of babies born with hypoplastic left

born each year with a heart defect,

heart syndrome, Boston Children’s

some whose parents are told to

cardiologists are exploring an innova-

terminate their pregnancy. That was

tive treatment: marshaling the body’s

Bill and Becky McGowan’s experience

natural capacity to heal, encouraging

at their local hospital.

undersized ventricles to grow to give

“We were terrified and didn’t know what to expect,” Becky says. “It wasn’t until we got to Boston Children’s Hospital that we felt we were in the

the child a fully functioning heart. That pursuit of a better way is endless at Boston Children’s—and it’s a pursuit made possible by philanthropy.

right hands. We’re one of the luckiest families in the world because we live an hour away from the greatest hospital on the planet.”




World’s first successful surgery to correct a congenital cardiovascular defect.

Inception of heart transplant program.

First pediatric non-surgical repair of a cardiac arrhythmia. The technique? Using radio waves through a catheter.






FDA approves CardioSEAL, a minimally invasive device developed at Boston Children’s to repair holes in the heart.

World’s first successful in utero repair of a heart defect.

First robot-assisted cardiac surgery at a pediatric center.

150 fetal heart surgeries in total, 6,000 adult cardiac patients—the largest adult congential heart program in the world.


Boston Children’s Hospital | Research

The birth of twins, Jayda and Jason, spelled joy for their parents Grace and John Bbosa. But “frequent flier” status in the emergency room soon became the norm. Jayda’s diagnosis: sickle cell disease.

The lights of Las Vegas— fueled by the generosity of Gary Loveman, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Caesars Entertainment —are bright enough to shine on a little girl in Revere, Mass. Loveman, a Boston Children’s board member, harnessed the star power of Celine Dion to create Play Without Pain, a concert benefiting sickle cell research and kids like Jayda, at right, who suffer from the disease. The January 15 concert raised more than $1 million. “As a parent, I’ve been touched by the stories that were shared with me about the impact sickle cell anemia has on millions of children around the world,” said Dion. “I wanted to help. No child should have to live a life filled with pain.” Loveman’s motivation for pulling off the epic event? Knowing that Boston Children’s researchers are within reach of a cure.

Left to right: Matthew Heeney, MD, Stuart H. Orkin, MD, Gary Loveman, Celine Dion, Gary Fleisher, MD, and David A. Williams, MD.

For many, it’s a misunderstood

eliminate the disease’s symptoms.

disease …we know it, but we don’t

And on a parallel track, Orkin’s

know it. One in ten African Americans

colleague David A. Williams, MD,

carry the genetic trait for the

is exploring gene therapy to

condition, in which malformed,

permanently cure sickle cell disease.

sickle-shaped blood cells cause

He’s already cured a previously

excruciating pain, organ failure and

untreatable immune deficiency

early death. The average lifespan if

disease through gene therapy. Sickle

you’re “lucky” enough to be living in

cell is next. And he’s got families like

the US? 46 years.

the Bbosas pulling for him.

For Jayda, the swelling in her hands

“I pray for a cure every single night.

and feet was so painful, she couldn’t

Jayda kneels down and prays. We are

put pressure on her legs to walk.

believers,” Grace says. “They’re going

“It was very sad as a mother,” says Grace. “You don’t know what to do.

to find a cure. And when they have a cure, we’ll be the first in line.”

You do the best you can.” But now Boston Children’s researchers are on track to develop a cure for sickle cell in two years. Stuart H. Orkin, MD, has found a gene called BCL11A that can switch off the protein responsible for sickle cell. With that knowledge, researchers are working to find a drug that will

Jayda is treated with a drug once used for leukemia patients—it was Boston Children’s doctors who discovered its effectiveness combating sickle cell. Today Jayda’s in third grade, loves to sing and dance, and is thriving in school.



Boston Children’s Hospital | Care

A selfless calling—to become a medical missionary— led neurosurgeon Ben Warf, MD, to life-saving discoveries for children in Africa, and to a “genius grant” that recognizes and fuels that work. After several short medical missions

where Warf directs the Neonatal

to Kenya, in early 2000, Warf, his wife,

and Congenital Anomaly Neuro-

and six children moved to Uganda.

surgery Program.

There, he helped to open a hospital specializing in neurosurgery. With few sub-specialists, the demand was At age 7, Justin Doo had lifesaving neurosurgery—a month later, he and his siblings were digging through their playroom for toys to sell to help other kids. It was the inspiration behind the family’s first yard sale benefiting the hospital. “Someone bought a $3 water bottle for $100; I got teary-eyed,” Justin’s mom Lisa says. Since 2007, they’ve hosted a yard sale rain or shine—and in 2012 there was more rain than shine. The Doos sold tshirts and water bottles, offered concessions, hosted a basketball tournament, and even brought in a dunk tank—Justin’s dad Derek is the lucky guy above. “I think when you experience something life-changing it makes you appreciate the things around you,” Lisa says. “My kids were so young when this happened, we’ve made giving back to Children’s a way of life. We were so blessed to have the doctors available to us. So we want to give back any way we can.”

great—and so was the need for out-of-the-box thinking. For years, neurosurgeons treated hydrocephalus, water on the brain, with a drainage tube called a shunt. But shunts are imperfect, requiring multiple operations over time. In Uganda that expensive follow-up care just wouldn’t be possible. Warf began testing a series of techniques and found a revolutionary, low-cost approach: cauterizing brain tissues to slow the production of fluid, then making small openings in the base of the brain to allow fluid to drain. This alternative reduced the need for shunts by about two-thirds, and has now become the standard of care at Boston Children’s Hospital,

Now with support from a 2012 MacArthur Foundation “genius grant,” Warf is tackling the causes of hydrocephalus, with hopes to one day prevent the condition. Until then, his training program for neurosurgeons throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East means access, and outcomes, are better than ever for kids in need.



Boston Children’s Hospital | Research

A red Cape Cod in Wellesley was a hub of activity, and at its core: Tommy Fuss. The kid who saved up his first

prevent this from happening

communion money to buy a drum

to anyone else.”

set. The one who resurrected his high school’s bowling club. The one whose pack of friends filled the house for movie marathons, with pizza or Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, MD, and Eugene D’Angelo, PhD, above left, are spearheading research efforts, pictured with Tommy Fuss Fund Trustees Christian Mucha and Dan and RoseMary Fuss.

the famous Tom Burger always on the menu—and parents Dan and RoseMary always nearby.

With better understanding, treatments, and one day, cures for mental illness as a goal, the Fuss family made a gift that helped launch the hospital’s Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program. The research group and its clinic harness the expertise of leaders

Tommy lived life in a big way. So no

in psychology, genetics, genomics,

one could have predicted that he’d

bioinformatics, neuroimaging and

take his own life his senior year of


high school.

Today, researchers are studying

The signs were unclear, at best,

at-risk children and conducting

disguised as a typical teenager’s reach

state-of-the-art brain wave analysis

for independence. Less time with

to understand the underpinnings of

mom and dad, more time in his room.

mental illness. That information

Tommy had just started seeing a

translates to the clinic where experts

child psychiatrist.

are developing better tools for

“Tommy didn’t give us enough time,” RoseMary says. “I often think if he had been given a diagnosis of cancer, we wouldn’t have left one stone

psychological evaluation, and a companion questionnaire for parents who may see, but not understand, warning signs.

unturned. But we’re finished

“I live with the hope of understanding

blaming ourselves. There isn’t a day

and the dream of curing mental

that goes by that we don’t

illness,” RoseMary says.

celebrate what we had, and try to

Tommy created this star using a mechanical pencil and graph paper while a student at Belmont Hill. His parents have embraced the drawing, seeing the overlapping lines, and the complicated designs they form, symbolic of the complexity of mental illness—and their commitment to cure it.


10 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Community Health

How does poverty reach deep into the halls of an elite “ivory tower” medical institution? It’s welcomed through the front door

financial counselors, nurses and

at Boston Children’s, with our

doctors. Many are bilingual. And the

commitment to serving the local

services offered are broad, from

community—many struggling

traditional care, to programs that

financially, but rich in resolve.

promote literacy, prevent obesity,

Our Primary Care Center treats more John Hancock Financial shares our commitment to ensuring underserved children grow up safe and healthy. Since 2007, John Hancock has provided Boston Marathon waivers to our marathon team, helping us raise $1.5 million since 2007. And at the holidays, staff lead an annual giving drive, collecting money, educational toys and books to make the holidays brighter for families at the Primary Care Center. ®

than 13,000 children and families of Boston’s urban communities— primarily Dorchester, Roxbury and Mission Hill. But because so many of

encourage success in school, provide job training and so much more. Often it’s about connections: to reliable transportation, child care, jobs and mental health resources.

our patients live in poverty,

“Everyone thinks I’m an exception—

surrounded by violence, treatment

that I’ve beaten the odds,” one single

isn’t just about well visits. The Primary

mom, a college graduate and master’s

Care Center is a ”medical home” to

degree candidate, shares. “But I had

families, caring for physical, mental

extraordinary help. If everyone could

and emotional needs here at Boston

have help, achievement like mine

Children’s, and beyond our walls.

could be the norm.”

A “medical home” comes to life in the faces of social workers, psychologists,

Yadriel is a primary care patient, and his mom Maria Colon, 19, of Roxbury, is part of our Young Parents Program. YPP serves 250 teen moms, 75 young dads, and 300 babies a year. "Teens who get pregnant face many health risks," Primary Care Director Joanne Cox says. "They often lack support networks and parenting knowledge. They need a lot of support, and they need somebody to care about them. We do that."

| 11

Boston Children’s Hospital | Events

Maybe you attended an event. Purchased a ticket. Hosted a committee. Your contributions made Boston Children’s fundraising events a success—thank you.

The first Boston Investment Conference drew 600 attendees November 8 despite a Nor’easter. Josh Gold and Trust board member Matthew Sidman (left) led an all-star committee raising $1.3 million for hospital research. The main draw? Stellar speakers including (right) Andrew Bary, Richard Perry, Jonathan Jacobson, and Seth Klarman, with patient guest Avery.


▲ run

Jeff Hintlian, Jill Anzalone, Molly Crowley and Danielle Longhitano were among the 201 runners on our Miles for Miracles Boston Marathon team battling the heat April 16— temperatures reached the low 90s. ®

12 |


Milagros Para Nińos Gala celebrated Latino spirit and philanthropy. Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú was recognized with a Milagros Award for its generosity— a $1 million gift to stem cell research. Harp Helú family members, with Christian Pavia, center, a patient from Mexico, and far right, hospital CEO James Mandell, MD.


Don Criniti, Steve Hoberman, Steve Parker, Deb Desantis (L to R) of Fidelity hopped on spin bikes for Boston Children’s indoor-relay style Spin fundraiser March 4.

▲ ▲

| 13

Families like the Egans, left, join NSTAR’s Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital each June to say thank you for great care. This event is made possible by NSTAR’s generosity and the leadership of its president and CEO, Tom May

▲ cheer

Champions for Children’s, our sports-themed event, recognized New England Patriot Zoltan Mesko (left, with hospital CEO James Mandell, MD, and patient Matthew) for his generosity. John O’Hurley (right), known for his role as J. Peterman on Seinfeld, joined as host.



Mix 104.1 radiothon, March 1 and 2, was a success thanks to the Mix staff. L to R, standing: Gregg Daniels, Mark Hannon, Sue Brady, Mike Mullaney, Fast Freddie, Erin O’Malley, Tim Staskiewicz. L to R, seated: Karson Tager and Kennedy Elsey.

Texas Hold ’Em co-chairs (L to R) David Fialkow, Brad Gerstner, Tony DiNovi and Ben Fischman with emcee and World Series of Poker Pro, Annie Duke. The crew rallied around the tables again to benefit Boston Children’s.


14 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Events

Across New England and around the globe, people are rolling up their sleeves to help our patients. Here are just a few of the corporate initiatives and community events that were organized to benefit the hospital.

Grateful for the care she’s received since birth, Sabrina Kelley and her family organize Sabrina’s Shootout each year to benefit the hospital’s cystic fibrosis program. Fifteen giant inflatables, a hole-in-one putting green and a mechanical bull—no small potatoes—drew 550 attendees in 2012. In 17 years, the Norwell family has raised more than $380,000.


▲ ▲ ride


Riders revved their motors for the annual Heather Lynne Siebert Ride, where 100+ riders raised more than $8,000 to benefit the hospital. The 3.5 hour journey started at the Laconia Harley Davidson in Meredith, NH.

clown around

▲ ▲


Eat, drink, and give back to Boston Children’s—it’s what Legal Sea Foods encourages with its gift card program, coming up on its 20th anniversary. Purchase a gift “cod” between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and Legal’s donates a portion of the proceeds to support hospital research—in 2012, that was $70,000.

Heart transplant patient Grace Kobold (center) bravely shared her story during Children’s Hospital League’s annual gala. She was joined by her cousins, and the Big Apple Clown Care Unit—sponsored by the League—got in on the act, too!


IHOP General Manager Alan Wright knows there’s meaning behind the free meal his company offers on National Pancake Day in exchange for donations benefiting the hospital. Wright’s sister Jasmine received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from the hospital 11 years ago, and since then, his family’s been forever grateful. In 2012, National Pancake Day raised $36,000 for the hospital.



Last April, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman’s New York showroom looked more like a science lab for Shoe + Tell, an evening of socializing and science with Boston Children’s world-renowned researchers. Hands-on “innovation stations” allowed guests to explore breakthroughs in cancer, stem cells, robotics, and more. Jane and Stuart Weitzman are longtime hospital advocates, Jane (second from left, with our researchers) serves on our Trust Board.

Yoga Reaches Out, a day-long yoga experience at Gillette Stadium, has raised $325,000 since the event’s inception. The founder, Sarah Gardner, sees it as a win-win: yoga enthusiasts do what they love and can pay it forward.

Panera Bread turned lemons into lemonade— and a sweet donation to the hospital—through campaigns such as Lemon-Aid for Kids, an Easter egg cookie sale, and more. In total, Panera Bread raised more than $100,000 for Boston Children’s Hospital.

sip & sell

Brandeis University, Emmanuel College, UMASS Boston, UMASS Dartmouth and Wentworth Institute of Technology students raised $56,789 through Dance Marathon. This multi-hour event held at campuses across the country includes dancing, music and games with participants collecting pledges for hours danced—all for the kids.

| 15

16 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Thank you

source of funds 2012 $86.4M individuals (including family foundations)

$38.4M foundations

$9.7M corporations $4M trusts and estates $1.6M associations

use of funds 2012 $58.7M research

$52.2M campaign/designation pending $15.4M Children’s Fund, supporting areas of greatest need

$13.8M patient care, medical training and community health

| 17

In 2012, 67,351 people here, there and everywhere, gave 105,413 gifts totaling $140 million. From kid philanthropists—to blue chip companies. From world leaders in fashion and finance—to the grateful family right down the road. This listing reflects the diverse members of Boston Children’s community of supporters—thank you for your generosity.

18 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Thank you

Thank you We gratefully recognize you and others who generously donated $1,000 or more in outright gifts of cash, securities and property in calendar year 2012. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with the children we serve. Children’s Heroes Boston Children’s salutes our donors who have made gifts or pledges of $1 million or more, cumulatively, over their lifetime. $10 Million and Above Anonymous (1) Douglas and Diana Berthiaume Boston Children’s Heart Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry The Children’s Hospital League Children’s Hospital Neurology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates, Inc. Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. CHMC Surgical Foundation, Inc. Charles H. Hood Fund Karp Family Foundation—Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. The Manton Foundation Dick and Sara Page Mayo Barbara and Edward Shapiro James Smith and Gail Federici-Smith $5,000,000 to $9,999,999 The Lee and Penny Anderson Family Foundation Anonymous (1) Anita and Joshua Bekenstein Boston Plastic & Oral Surgery Foundation, Inc. Denise and David Bunning Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation, Inc. CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. The Department of Laboratory Medicine Louise Ines Doyle 1995 Trust The Dyson Foundation Egan Family Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Joel Groethe and Katharine Anderson Groethe Grousbeck Family Foundation Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine The Linde Family Foundation New Balance Foundation The Simons Foundation Walmart Stores, Inc./Sam’s Club The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation Robin and Marc Wolpow $2,500,000 to $4,999,999 Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation Anonymous (6) Nancy S. and Robert W. Anthony Steven and Deborah Barnes Boston Pediatric Neurosurgical Foundation The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Mrs. Johnnie C. Breed Children’s Hospital Department of Medicine Children’s Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Sports Medicine Foundation, Inc. CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation, Inc. CIBC World Markets The Corkin Family Thomas K. Cory Trust

Credit Unions Deanna and Tony DiNovi Paul and Sandra Edgerley The Ellison Medical Foundation Fannie Hall Fegan Trust The First Years, Inc. Estate of Grace Lillian Fish The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Klarman Family Foundation Eric and Catherine Kobren David H. Koch Kohl’s Department Stores Jonathan and Patti Kraft Roy and Virginia MacDowell Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation Edward P. Marram and Karen K. Carpenter J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Bruce and Jolene McCaw Donor Advised Fund at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Mix 104.1 Boston Dan and Annette Nova NSTAR Jim and Kim Pallotta The Peabody Foundation, formerly New England Peabody Home for Crippled Children The Radley Family Foundation— James and Gail Radley Thomas Morgan Rotch, Jr. Memorial Fund Drs. Richard D. and Mary D. Scott The Sharon Sanatorium Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; Amy, John, James and Elizabeth Berylson; Jennifer Berylson Block and Jonathan Block; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra, Jessica and Andrew Knez Robert and Dana Smith James M. Stoneman Charitable Fund The Swahnberg/Novotny Donor Advised Fund at The Boston Foundation The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation John and Ann Webster Yawkey Foundations $1,000,000 to $2,499,999 Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr. Anonymous (8) Autism Consortium Autism Speaks, Inc. Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation Bill and Ann Bain Charles Bancroft Trust Bank of America Charitable Foundation Katherine A. Batchelder Estate C. Hunter Boll and Pamela Tanner Boll Phyllis Miller Brewer Michael and Lisa Bronner The Burnes Family Estate of Evelyn C. Byng The Cathedral Fund Children’s Hospital Department of Cardiac Surgery Children’s Hospital Department of Dentistry Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen Costco Wholesale Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation Everett L. Cuneo Trust

Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts, Inc. Randi and Joel Cutler CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Bob and Rita Davis Family Foundation Digital Equipment Corporation Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie John and Pamela Egan The Ellison Foundation The Family Inn Foundation Shoshana and Daniel Farb April and David Fellows and Family Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation The Joshua Frase Foundation The Tommy Fuss Fund Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S.T. Gimbel Dorothy and James Goodman Peter Goodman Google.org Gordon Brothers Group, LLC Michael and Christina Gordon Cathleen and Robert E. Griffin Jr. Thomas and Jeanne Hagerty Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú A. Francis Hayden Trust The William Randolph Hearst Foundation John W. Henry Family Foundation Johnson Family Trust Helen Steel Jones Estate Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation George and Nancy Kidder The Kresge Foundation Dorothy and Spiro J. Latsis Cynthia and Seth Lawry Legal Sea Foods The Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal Family Foundation, Inc. Caroline C. Levine Charitable Foundation John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Estate of Vera M. and John D. MacDonald Drs. James and Valerie Mandell Tristin and Martin Mannion Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund The McGrath Family Joseph C. McNay Robert C. Merriam Estate Vicki and Fred Modell John Butler Mulliken Foundation, Inc. Lee and Laura Munder New England Development The New York Stem Cell Foundation Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund Joe, Kathy, Kate and Casey O’Donnell Linda and Timothy O’Neill Stephen E. and Catherine Pappas Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc. Louise H. Parsons Estate Amelia Peabody Foundation John W. Peckham Estate G. Gorham Peters Trust Harry M. Pethybridge Trust Prostate Cancer Foundation Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Carol and Stewart Rahr Anna and Neil Rasmussen Rite Aid Pharmacy Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation *


| 19

The Rubin and Epstein Family—Lauren E. and Mark H. Rubin, Arlene and David T. Rubin, and Eunice and Arthur J. Epstein Ralph Schlaeger Charitable Foundation Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation The Sidman Family Ann Simione Estate Barbara and James J. Skeffington and Family Alfred A. and Gilda K. Slifka Irma and Aaron Spencer Dr. Timothy A. Springer St. Baldrick’s Foundation St. Giles Foundation The Stratford Foundation Sunshine Charitable Foundation Surdna Foundation Barry and Amy Sylvetsky Tayebati Family Foundation Beth and Anthony Terrana Thrasher Research Fund Ann and Andrew Tisch Laurence A. and Wilma Tisch Philanthropic Fund Clara Trowbridge Estate Trust Family Foundation The Samara Jan Turkel Foundation The V Foundation for Cancer Research James and Margaret Wade Catherine M. Williams Estate Judi and Edward E. Zuker and Family *

Signature Society: Named Endowed Funds Placing your name, or that of a loved one, on an endowed fund at Boston Children’s endorses what matters most to you. The following have joined our Signature Society—honoring someone or something important in their life— by creating a named endowed fund.

Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School Professorships The highest academic honor bestowed on faculty, these endowed professorships support Boston Children’s scientists and clinicians. Income from professorship funds sustains vital research, clinical care and training, and represents a lasting partnership between benefactors and chair incumbents.

New for 2012 Denise and David Bunning Professorship in Allergy and Immunology

Established through the generosity of the Sunshine Charitable Foundation and the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates for the recruitment and support of a world-class scientist to further research and care for children with food allergies.

Previously Established Professorships Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Professorship Julia Dyckman Andrus Professorship William Berenberg Professorship T. Berry Brazelton Professorship Aldo R. Castaneda Professorship in Cardiovascular Research Children’s Hospital Boston Professorship in Pediatric Immunology Commonwealth Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine Concordia Professorship in Pediatrics Bronson Crothers Professorship in Neurology Patricia A. Donahoe Professorship Egan Family Foundation Professorship in the field of Transitional Medicine Egan Family Foundation Professorship in Pediatrics in the Division of Emergency Medicine

John F. Enders Professorship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases Leland Fikes Professorship in Pediatric Medicine Judah Folkman Professorship in Vascular Biology James L. Gamble Professorship in Pediatrics George P. Gardner and Olga E. Monks Professorship in Child Psychiatry Robert E. Gross Professorship in Pediatric Surgery Grousbeck Professorship in Pediatrics Warren E. Grupe Professorship in the field of Nephrology John E. Hall Professorship in Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery W. Hardy Hendren Professorship in Surgery Frederick W. & Jane M. Ilfeld Professorship in Orthopedics Franc D. Ingraham Professorship in Neurological Surgery Charles A. Janeway Professorship John A. Kirkpatrick Professorship William E. Ladd Professorship of Child Surgery Latham Family Professorship Sir Edwin and Lady Manton Professorship in Pediatrics in the field of Genetics Alexander S. Nadas Professorship Charles Nowiszewski Professorship in Cancer Biology Catharina Ormandy Professorship Harriet M. Peabody Fund Leila and Irving Perlmutter Professorship Alan B. Retik Professorship in Pediatric Urology Fred S. Rosen Professorship in Pediatrics Thomas Morgan Rotch Professorship in Pediatrics Mary Deming Scott Professorship Clement A. Smith Fund in Pediatrics Robert and Dana Smith Professorship Asa and Patricia Springer Professorship in Structural Biology James and Thea Stoneman Professorship in Vascular Biology Robert A. Stranahan Professorship S. Burt Wolbach Professorship of Pathology *

Held with Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Boston Children’s Hospital Chairs The highest clinical and/or research honor bestowed on our leading physicians and scientists. Income from these chairs helps advance the work of the chair incumbents and their departments and divisions. By endowing chairs, benefactors are linked to the world-changing pursuits of the doctors they support.

New for 2012 Center for Blood Research Chair

Established by an anonymous donor to support a member of the faculty in the Program for Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Immune Disease Institute Chair

Established by the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates to support a member of the faculty in the Program for Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Trevor McGill Chair

Established by the CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation to support the work of the fellowship program director in pediatric otolaryngology. Previously Established Chairs Anesthesia Chair in Pediatric Simulation Charles F. Barlow Chair Merton Bernfield Chair in Neonatology Donald Berwick, MD Chair in Pediatric Quality and Outcomes *


A spark for life-saving ideas The hospital’s novel Venture Philanthropy Network (VPN), pooling the resources of 21 member families, helps get innovative, life-saving ideas to patients sooner using the same rigor found in the investment world. It’s that rigor that impressed Trust board member Jonathan Lavine, managing partner and chief investment officer of Sankaty Advisors, and his wife, Jeannie, inspiring them to make a $5 million challenge gift. New or increased gifts to the VPN would be matched, fast-tracking a concept’s journey from lab to bedside. It’s funding that fills a critical gap for researchers at just the right moment. “There is no greater work than saving children’s lives and no greater institution than Boston Children’s,” Lavine says. “We know this investment will promote research discoveries and we’re excited by where the findings will take us.”

20 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Signature Society, continued

Chair in Pediatric Surgery Congenital Heart Disease Chair John F. Crigler Jr. Chair in Pediatric Endocrinology Critical Care Anesthesia Chair Leon Eisenberg Chair in Psychiatry Emergency Medicine Chair Endocrinology Chair Endocrinology and Bioinformatics Chair Christopher K. Fellows Family Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery Judah Folkman Chair of Surgical Research Donald C. Fyler Chair in Pediatric Cardiology Louis Joseph Gay-Lussac Chair in Laboratory Medicine General Pediatrics Chair Genetics Chair (2) Genomics Chair in Plastic Surgery Park Gerald Chair in Genetics Richard Grand Chair in Gastroenterology Warren Grupe Chair in Nephrology Gerald B. Healy Chair in Pediatric Otolaryngology IBD Center for Treatment and Research Chair Infectious Diseases Chair Tommy Kaplan Chair in Cardiovascular Studies Kobren Family Chair for Patient Safety and Quality William E. Ladd Chair in Surgery William G. Lennox Chair in Epilepsy Harvey Levy Chair in Metabolism Samuel E. Lux IV, MD Chair in Hematology/Oncology Rose Zimmerman Mandell Chair in Innovative Urological Technology Edward P. Marram Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Robert Masland Jr. Chair in Adolescent Medicine Sara Page Mayo Chair in Pediatric Pain Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Francis X. McGowan Jr. Chair in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Kenneth McIntosh Chair in Pediatric Infectious Disease Jeffrey Modell Foundation Chair in Pediatric Immunology Research Nephrology Chair Neuro-Ophthalmology Research Chair Neuro-Otology Research Chair Neurocritical Care Chair Neuroscience Research Chairs (5) Oberg Family Chair Joseph O’Donnell Family Chair in Orthopedic Sports Medicine Linda and Timothy O’Neill Chair in Psychology Ophthalmology Foundation Chair Ophthalmology Foundation Clinical Scientist Chair Ophthalmology Foundation Faculty Chair Ophthalmology Foundation Professor Chair Pathology Chair (2) Pediatric Anesthesia Chair Pediatric Emergency Medicine Chair Pediatric Neuroanesthesia Chair Pediatric Neurosurgical Innovation Chair Pediatrics/Developmental Medicine Chair Plastic Surgery Chair in Vascular Anomalies Psychiatry Chair Psychiatry Education Chair Radiology Education Directorship Reconstructive Urologic Surgery Chair David E. Retik Chair in Urology Richard M. Robb Chair in Ophthalmology Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric Developmental Medicine Senior Surgeons’ Chair Barbara and Edward Shapiro Chair in Critical Care Medicine

Harry Shwachman Chair in Pediatric Gastroenterology Springer Family Chair Surgery Chair Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Chair Joseph Volpe Chair in Neurology Wade Family Foundation Chair in Developmental Medicine Webster Family Chair in Neurosurgery and Neuroengineering Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Chair in Surgery Mary Ellen Beck Wohl Chair in Pediatric Pulmonology

Named Funds New for 2012 Frank A. Bayrd Fund

Established by the Estate of Blanche Simpson Bayrd for the maintenance of a free bed in the hospital. Center for Viral Hepatitis Fund

Established by an anonymous donor to support the Center for Childhood Viral Hepatitis under the direction of Dr. Maureen Jonas. Hepatology Research Fellowship Fund

Established by an anonymous donor to support a research fellowship in hepatology under the direction of Dr. Maureen Jonas. Daniel J. Kostis Memorial Fund

Established by the Kostis Family to support fetal cardiac intervention research. Dorothy and Spiro Latsis Neurofibromatsis Fellowship Fund

Established by the Dorothy and Spiro Latsis Benevolent Trust to support a fellowship in translational and clinical research in neurofibromatosis. Philip Nelson Fund for Family Services

Established by Liz Nelson Weaver, together with her sons Peter, David, and Mark Nelson to support the Pawprints program. Nicholas A. Owens Memorial Fund

Established by “Team Owens”—Nick’s family and many friends—to recognize and promote extraordinary, compassionate care for children and families at Boston Children’s Hospital. Pain Neuroscience Research Fund

Established by the Mayday Fund towards a chair dedicated to pain imaging neuroscience research in the department of anesthesiology. Radiology Clinical Fund

Established by the Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation to provide salary, clinical and teaching support in the department of radiology. Barrett Edward Tallman Memorial Fund

Established by Colonel Gregory and Lt. Colonel Lynnette Lowrimore to support the sudden unexpected death in pediatrics clinical program.

Previously Established Funds Abbott-Batchelder Fund Adam’s Centronuclear Myopathy Fund Adams Family Fund Adams Fund for Allergy Research Adolescent Medicine Directorship Adolescent Medicine Fund

Advanced Training Fund in Pain Treatment Aerosmith Fund Lloyd Alpern—Dr. Rosenthal Physical Therapy Fund Amos’s Fund Andrus Student Research Fund Anesthesia Fellowship Fund Anonymous (6) Ansley’s Heart Fund Mary Ellen Avery Investigatorship Richard M. Banash Fund Barber Family Fund Susan Baril Memorial Fund Basic Research and Education Fund Tara Bean Brain Tumor Research Fund Josh Beckett Strikeout Cancer Fund for Kids Belfer International Child Mental Health Lecture Bell Family Fund William Berenberg General Pediatrics Fund Ashley and Paul Bernon Developmental Medicine Center Fund Ashley and Paul Bernon Fund for Patient Family Housing Leonard and Jane Holmes Bernstein Fund Berthiaume Fund for Fetal Care Berthiaume Fund for Genetics Berthiaume Fund for Vascular Anomalies Bilezikian Family Foundation Fund for Patient Family Housing Biotechnology Research Fund Kenneth D. Blackfan Research Fund Dr. Benjamin and Mary Blesoff Fund Peter Blum Eye Research Fund Jacob Neil Boger SIDS Research Fund Boll Family Fellowship in honor of Dr. W. Hardy Hendren Henry Goddard Bradlee Memorial Fund Bramley Family Media Center on Media and Child Health Fund John F. Brooke Endowment Fund CJ Buckley Brain Cancer Research Fund Thomas J. Buckley Fund Richard Donald Buka Fund Burnes Family Research Fund Philip and Janet Cady Fund Frank P. Cammisa Child Advocacy Fund Christina Capozzi Fund Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Research Fund Cardiac Surgery Foundation Research Fund Cardiac Transplant Fund Cardiology Basic Research and Education Fund Cardiology Cardiac Transplant Research and Education Fund Cardiology Cardiovascular Genetics Research and Education Fund Cardiology Clinical Research Fund Cardiology Electrophysiology Research and Education Fund Cardiology Inpatient Research and Education Fund Cardiology Outpatient Research and Education Fund Cardiology Training Fund Cardiovascular Clinical Outcomes Fund Cardiovascular Surgery Translational Research Fund John A. and Eileen Carr Fund Theresa D. and Abraham B. Casson Fund Catholic Chaplaincy Fund Center on Media and Child Health Fund Chaplaincy Fund Robert E. Charm Fund Childhood Liver Disease Research Fund Children’s Cardiology Teen and Adult Resource Room Fund Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center Innovation Fund Children’s Sports Injury Prevention Fund CHMC Otolaryngology Foundation Fellowship #1

| 21

CHMC Otolaryngology Foundation Fellowship #2 William H. Claflin Jr. Fund Corley Ann Clark Fund Mary Caroline Clavin Fund for Epilepsy Awareness Gretchen Clifford Research Fund Clinical Genetics Fund Clinical and/or Laboratory Research Fellowship Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation CHNP Fund Mark and Susan Cocozza Fund Cohen Family Fund Hadassah Eugenie Cohen Fund Herbert and Sylvia Cohen Fund Philip W. & Bella Cohen Family Resource Fund Tucker Collins Lectureship Arnold H. Colodny, MD Lectureship Fund Community Psychiatry Endowment Fund Congenital Heart Collection Fund Christopher Connolly and Marjorie Liner Fund Corkin Family Fund for Patient Family Housing Anne and Marc Costantini Fund Dr. Ramzi S. Cotran Fund Crawford Family Fund John F. Crigler Jr. Fellowship Fund Allen C. Crocker Fellowship Fund Isabel Curren Little Hearts Fund Cutler Family Fund John Davies, MD Memorial Book Fund Davis Family Innovation Fund in the Department of Urology Dentistry Faculty Development Fund Department of Medicine Directorship Department of Medicine Fellowship Fund Department of Medicine Programs Fund Developmental Medicine Center Fund Developmental Medicine Fund Gerard Dewan Memorial Fund Directorship in Gastroenterology Division of Developmental Medicine Investigatorship Fund Paul A. Dobuler Memorial Immunology Research Fund Lilly Douglas Fund Elizabeth H. Doyle Fund Drew’s Team "Beat CF" Fund Kara Catherine Duclos Foundation Fund Dorothy and Howard Dulman Fund Mary Jo Dunleavy Fund for Myelodysplasia Dunlevie Family Fund for Adult Congenital Heart Disease Matthew Eappen Fund Paul and Sandy Edgerley Family Primary Care Center Fund Education Fund in the Department of Medicine Emergency Medicine Fund Endocrinology Fund (2) Farb Family Fund for Cardiovascular Research John Wells Farley Memorial Fund Theodora L. and Stanley H. Feldberg Fund Sandra and Geoffrey Fenwick Family Fund Frank M. Ferrin Fund Frank M. & Mary T. B. Ferrin Fund Fetal Anesthesia and Surgery Research Fund Fischman Family Fund for Patient Family Housing Jeffrey N. Fishman Fund Dr. Steven Fishman Vascular Anomalies Center Fund Helen E. Fitzgerald Nursing Education Fund Fleisher Family Fund Gary R. Fleisher, MD Fellows’ Education and Research Fund Folkman Symposium Fund in Vascular Biology Fondriest Family Fund Nancy and Neal Foster Research Fund Freedman Research Fund Sarah Fuller Foundation Deaf Children Fund

Jeff and Mary Furber Fund J. Roswell Gallagher Fund James L. Gamble Research Fund Gender Program Fund General Cardiology Research and Education Fund (2) General Pediatrics Fund Genetics Endowment Genetics Research Endowment Fund Mia, Julia, Maria and Todd Giatrelis Family Fund Assunta and Edward Gilbert Fund Blanche I. Goell Research Fund Susan Ellen Goldberg Fund Monte and Rita Goldman Fund Stuart J. Goldman Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Development Award Fund Annie Gorman Fund Richard J. Grand, MD Fellows Education Fund W.T. Grant Fund Greer Family Cardiology Fund John R. Grey IV Cardiology Fellowship Fund Grossman/Olmsted Family Fund William E. Harmon Visiting Professorship in Pediatric Nephrology Jeffrey and Christa Hawkins Fund Malcolm Hecht Jr. Nursing Lectureship Hematology Oncology Directorship Hematology Oncology Fund Hemophilia Patient Support Fund W. Hardy Hendren Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery Herrmann Family Research Fund Laurie Hickey, MD, MPH Memorial Fund Eric Hill Fund The Tekla Huvos Foundation Immunology Fund Infectious Diseases Fund Dr. Charles A. Janeway Fund Tommy Kaplan Cardiovascular Fellowship Fund Beatrice Karp Fund for Macular Degeneration Research John Barry Keane Reading Room Fund John F. Keane Fund Kent Street House Fund Douglas A. King and Claire R. King Fund Kobren Lab of Cardiovascular Genetics Fund Koch Family Motility Research and Treatment Fund Kozlowski Fund for Cardiac Family Care Bryce and Eileen Kramer Family Fund Kyleigh’s Cure Fund Laboratory Medicine Advancement Fund Laboratory Medicine Clinical Chemistry Advancement Fund Clive W. Lacy and Mona M. Lacy Fund Langer Family Fund for National Marathon Program Peter Lehner Family Clinical Research Fellowship in Rheumatology Berthe L. Lemieux Fund Barry L. Levine Fund for Patient Family Housing Linde Family Nursing Career Lattice Program Fund Ann Logan Littlefield Fund John and Joyce Lofgren Endowed Fund Michael S. Lorber Fund for Patient Family Housing Loring Family Fund Paul K. Losch Fund Fred Lovejoy Residency Innovation and Education Fund George and Margaret MacRae Medical Fund James Mandell and Sandra Fenwick Fund Valerie and James Mandell Fund Mannheim Family Fund James and Rebekah Mannix Treat Train Fund The Manton Center Fellowship Fund The Manton Center Gene Discovery Core Fund The Manton Center Innovation Fund Marcus Fund for Developmental Medicine Center Stephanie M. & Franklin J. Marryott Fund

Mayo Family Motility Center Fund Richard and Sara Page Mayo Fund for Gastroenterology Richard and Sara Page Mayo Fund for Newborn Medicine Mayo Pain Center Fellowship Fund Mayo Pain Center Research and Training Fund David and Elizabeth McCarthy Fund Emily McCormack Fund Charles Tower McDonough Fund Trevor McGill Fund Catherine McLaughlin McNally Fund Melendez/Beauchamp Family Fund Memorial Nursing Fund Robert C. Merriam Fund George Von L. Meyer Fund Micah International Fund Rafaele Ann Michelman Fund for LKS Alexandra Jane Miliotis Oncology Nursing Support Fund John D. Mineck Fund for Patient Family Housing Mood Disorders Fund John Butler Mulliken, MD Plastic Surgery Fellowship Fund Musculoskeletal Imaging Fund Ethel A. and Dr. Philip Mysel Fund Mary Wyman Nagle Fund Maci Nardozzi Fund Margaret Lamont Naylor Memorial Fund Harriet L. Needleman Speech & Language Fund Craig P. Nelson Fund in Nephrology Judith Nelson Fund for Families Neonatology Fund Nephrology Recruitment Fund Neurology Junior Faculty Research Fund Neuroradiology Imaging Fund New Horizon Fund Newborn Medicine Directorship Newborn Medicine Education Support Fund Nursing Appreciation Fund Ophthalmology Foundation Advancement Fund Orthopaedic Fellow Education Fund Orthopaedic Surgery Advancement Fund Stephen E. & Catherine Pappas PACT Fund Parents of Galactosemic Children Fund Patient Care Support Services Fund Patient Monitoring Innovation Fund Evelyn C. Payne Fund Pediatric Cardiac Bioengineering Initiative Fund Phronsie Pepper Fund Ina Sue Perlmutter Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research Robert & Veronica Petersen International Observer Fund Plastic Surgery Fund Plastic Surgery Research Fund Amy and Jonathan Poorvu Endowment Fund Potel/Blum Family Fund Potel/Blum Primary Care Fund Brenna J. Clancey Pound Research Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Powderly Family Fund Mattina R. Proctor Trust Fund Pulmonary Hypertension Fund Pulmonology Fund Quinto Larsen Family Fund Joshua Ryan Rappaport Surgical Fellowship Fund Raymond Family Fund Ed Redstone Fund Abigail Faith Remis Visiting Professor Fund Research Training Fund in Surgery Respiratory Diseases Investigatorship Alan B. Retik Professorship in Pediatric Urology Max Reveliotty Fund T.J. Reynolds Research Fund Rheumatic Fever/Heart Fund *


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Boston Children’s Hospital | Signature Society, continued

A family searches for cures Twelve-year-old AJ’s medical condition leaves many unanswered questions— questions his parents Sarah and Patrick Foye hope Boston Children’s researchers will help answer. AJ has centronuclear myopathy, a rare muscle disease that leaves him so weak he can’t carry his schoolbooks, or walk long distances. But through genome sequencing, researchers pinpointed the exact gene that’s causing AJ’s condition. With that knowledge, drugs can be screened to combat this defect. Research offers hope: it’s why the Foyes ask for donations to the hospital through their Christmas card mailing, host fundraising events, and recently named Boston Children’s the beneficiary of a retirement account, ensuring funding well into the future.

Riehl/Horne Family Fund Anne S. Robbins Chaplaincy Fund Robb-Petersen Lectureship Fund The Robinson Family Fund Robotic and Innovative Technology Fund Fred S. Rosen Fellowship Fund Dr. Robert K. Rosenthal Cerebral Palsy Fund in Orthopedics Jacob and Grace Rubin Pediatric Fund for IBD Research Ryan Family Fund Eitan Salka Fund Susan Saltonstall Fund Constantino Savignano Fund for Allergy and Asthma Research Carol Sayles Memorial Fund for International Patients Ralph T. Sayles Fund George H. Scanlon Family Fund for Patient Family Housing Ralph Schlaeger Fellowship in Neuroimaging School of Nursing Alumnae Association Scholarship Fund Richard and Mary Scott Development-Behavioral Pediatrics Fund Serafini Family Fund Joseph and Ruth Shankman Fund Sharon Sanatorium Cardiology Fund Sharon Sanatorium Fund Richard E. Sherbrook Fund Dr. Shillito Fellowship Fund Stephen Shusterman Education Fund Skeffington Family Fellowship in honor of Donald C. Fyler, MD Robert Smith Faculty Development Fellowship Fund Sam and Norma Smith Fund Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation Fund Eileen Sporing Fund for Nursing Eileen Sporing Fund for Nursing Education Sports Medicine Fund Norman Y. Stein Music Therapy Fund Stone Family Fund Roger & Susan Stone Family Fund Ferdinand Strauss Memorial Fund Edith Eustis Sturgis Fund Surgery Fund for Innovative Research Surgical Advancement Fund for the Department of Surgery Swahnberg/Novotny Fund Philip, Kathleen and Juliana Taymor Fund Max Tennis Fund Caroline Draper Thayer Memorial Fund Tisch Families Fund Yen H. Tow Memorial Fund Samara Jan Turkel Center for Pediatric Autoimmune Disease Fund Tyler Foundation Fund for Extraordinary Needs Harold and Anna Snider Ullian Neonatal Research Fund Harold and Anna Snider Ullian Orthopaedic Fund Urology Advancement Fund Urology Basic Research Fund Urology Education and Clinical Research Fund Blake Morgan VanDernoot Fund Variety Club of N.E. Fund Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment Fund Joseph Volpe Neonatal Neurology Fund Wallace Cardiac Research Library Fund Mathew Ian Wayne Neurologic Research Fund Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Fellow Fund in Vascular Anomalies Carol A. Wendell Music Therapy Fund Carol A. Wendell Pawprints Fund Carol A. Wendell Stem Cell Kidney Regeneration Research Fund

Wernick Family Fund for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nancy C. Wharton Chapel Fund Sherman Whipple Fund Simeon Burt Wolbach Research Fund Richard S. Wolfman Family Fund Jeffrey and Marla Wolk Developmental Medicine Fund Wolpow Family Center for IBD Fellowship Fund Wolpow Family Fund Work-Family Balance Fund Sibylla Orth Young Fund for Student Aid Zuker Family Fund for Patient Family Housing

Circles of Leadership Children’s Circles of Leadership is a society recognizing individuals who annually give $1,000 or more to Boston Children’s Hospital. Donors who make gifts to the hospital in their will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or life-income gifts are welcomed into Children’s Legacy Circle. Circle of Care The top level of philanthropy among Children’s Circles of Leadership is Circle of Care. Individuals and family foundations who make annual gifts of $10,000 or more are welcomed into Circle of Care. Donors also become members of an honorary society of 25 participating children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada. $1 Million and Above Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation Anonymous Douglas and Diana Berthiaume Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Karp Family Foundation—Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp Dorothy and Spiro J. Latsis Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine The Manton Foundation Barbara and Edward Shapiro Robert and Dana Smith The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation $500,000 to $999,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen Karen R. and Rob T. Hale The Linde Family Foundation Robin and Marc Wolpow $250,000 to $499,999 Nancy S. and Robert W. Anthony Steven and Deborah Barnes C. Hunter Boll and Pamela Tanner Boll Denise and David Bunning The Cathedral Fund Deanna and Tony DiNovi Egan Family Foundation John and Pamela Egan The Tommy Fuss Fund Cathleen and Robert E. Griffin Jr. Grousbeck Family Foundation Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú Charles H. Hood Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Klarman Family Foundation Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation Edward P. Marram and Karen K. Carpenter Ocean Capital Investments, Anne C.I. Oxley and John P. Oxley

| 23

The Rainwater Charitable Foundation Anna and Neil Rasmussen The Sidman Family James M. Stoneman Charitable Fund Sunshine Charitable Foundation The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation Susan and Paul Weisman $100,000 to $249,999 Crista K. and William J. Albertson Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Al Omran Natalie C. and Dr. Chester A. Alper Anonymous (3) Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation—George B. Handran and U.S. Bank, N.A. Co-Trustees Bill and Ann Bain John M. and Karine E. Begg Nancy and Jeffrey D. Bilezikian Bulens Family Foundation Charles I. and Gloria L. Clough Robert Lloyd Corkin Charitable Foundation Steven D. Corkin Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation David and Victoria Croll—The Croll Foundation Randi and Joel Cutler Bob and Rita Davis Family Foundation Douglas Drane Paul and Sandra Edgerley Shoshana and Daniel Farb Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation Dorothy and James Goodman Peter Goodman Christina and Michael Gordon The Heartstone Foundation Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation Jonathan and Patti Kraft Michael J. Lack Cynthia and Seth Lawry Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal Laraine and Jeffry Levy Jasmine and Paul Mashikian Robert D.C. Meeker Jr. Vicki and Fred Modell Ambrose Monell Foundation Mindy and Reuben Munger Joe, Kathy, Kate and Casey O’Donnell Erica and Ted Pappendick The Peery Foundation The Perkin Fund Jesse Piccott Living Trust Mr. and Mrs. Steven Samuels Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation Caroline N. Sidnam Barbara and James J. Skeffington and Family Gordon and Jane Slaney Alfred A. and Gilda K. Slifka Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; Amy, John, James and Elizabeth Berylson; Jennifer Berylson Block and Jonathan Block; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra, Jessica and Andrew Knez Beth and Anthony Terrana Pamela M. Thye Ann and Andrew Tisch Kathleen Welsh and Dr. Gary Loveman Judi and Edward E. Zuker and Family $50,000 to $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Abele Nancy Adams Mary Ellen and Edward Ahmadi Anonymous (2) Eleanor R. Belknap Susanna Berger The Binder Family Greg and Tara Ciongoli

Philip W. and Bella Cohen Family Foundation Rita Conroy and Brad Lerman Elizabeth Daley-Ullem and Scott Ullem Deborah Daniels and Piet Bleyendaal Celine Dion Foundation Tom and Barbara Feller Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Cynthia and John Fish Cynthia A. Fisher and C. James Koch Lew Frankfort Jeff and Mary Furber Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S.T. Gimbel Stacey L. and David E. Goel John B. Goldham Mary F. Grady Revocable Trust G. Greene Foundation F. P. Hayes Family Foundation Robert C. Ketterson Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone The James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation Stephen P. Langer Laraine and Jeffry Levy Ian and Isabelle Loring The Mannheim Family Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc. The McCance Foundation Karen and Farhad Nanji G. Gorham Peters Trust Harry M. Pethybridge Trust Jonathan and Amy Poorvu Thomas and Tina Powderly Margaret Reynolds and William J. Mckee Jr. Debra A. and Kevin B. Rollins Carolyn and Marc J. Rowan Travis Roy Foundation Ezra M. Safra Stephanie and Brian Spector Barry and Amy Sylvetsky The Tayebati Family Foundation Teresa Townsend and Keith L. Hayes Cosmo D. Uttaro $25,000 to $49,999 Todd and Marci Abbrecht Dr. Waleed Al-Herz Anonymous (8) Mandy Bass and Dr. Jeffrey Bass Anita and Joshua Bekenstein Dr. and Mrs. Myron L. Belfer Theodore and Cynthia Berenson and Helaine B. Allen Susan and Matthew Botein Ronni J. and Ronald G. Casty Annette and Frank A. Coccoluto John and Stephanie Connaughton The Copeland Family Foundation, Inc. Jack Cumming John and Catherine Dougherty Bob and Christine Eddy Ben and Wendy Fischman Florida SIDS Alliance, Inc. Alfred J. Gallucci Laurie G. and Christopher A. Garrison Keith and Debbie Gelb Betsy Gillin Sarah and Josh Greenhill Jay and Marni Grossman Stephen Hanson George Harrington Trust Salah Hassanein Jeff and Christa Hawkins Brad Jabour Betty and Stephen Kahn

Katherine A. Kang and John D. Carmack Jay Keefe Michael and MaryFran Klein and Family Bryce and Eileen Kramer Leaves of Grass Fund Charles Lebovitz Lisa and Stephen Lebovitz Carole A. and T. Barrett Lindsey Jessica and Joshua Lutzker Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus Charles N. Mathewson Foundation Dr. William D. and Marsha L. Mauch Kevin and Kate McCarey Cristen McCarthy Michael and Kathleen Nilles Mark and Mary Nomellini and their children— John, Emmett and Mark Jr. Sybil and Francis Pokorny Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Fred and Jean Raymond Geoffrey and Laura Rehnert Rachel C. and Travis M. Rhodes Peter Riehl and Allison Horne Jennifer L. and Jeffrey M. Robinson Stanley Rosenzweig and Lauri Union Dr. Paul S. Russell Matthew and Susan Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Savignano George H. Scanlon Foundation Sharon and Joel Schwartz Scott Family Charitable Gift Fund Drs. Richard D. and Mary D. Scott Gail S. and Adam Slifka Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Soviero Roger and Susan Stone Family Foundation Stuart Family Foundation The Swahnberg/Novotny Donor Advised Fund at The Boston Foundation Philip and Kathleen Taymor— The Taymor Family Foundation Robert and Kylie Trewin in loving memory of Cooper Charlotte and Herbert S. Wagner III Liz Nelson Weaver Edwin S. Webster Foundation Kelly A. and Jeffrey S. Woolbert $10,000 to $24,999 Michelle and Daniel R. Ainge Alpern Family Foundation Anonymous (7) Andrea and Michael Antino Jr. Carol and Michael Antino Apple Lane Foundation Georgia T. Argyrople and Family Melora and Andrew Balson Dr. Robert and Eleanore Bass The Bassick Family Foundation The Bell Family Caroline Minot Bell and George Bell Jr. The Benderson Family Steven M. and Ann C. Berzin Drs. Ajita A. Bhat and Atul L. Bhat Jane and Eric Bischoff Amy Boesky and Jacques Perold The Jacob Neil Boger Foundation, Inc. Bill and Gail Boyan Marion F. Boynton Trust Troyen Brennan and Wendy Warring The Bresky Foundation Phyllis Miller Brewer Jane Brock-Wilson The Cassidy Brown Foundation Reverend and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner Drs. Jordan Busch and Nancy Corliss Meredith and Gregory Cafua *


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Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

Stem cells to cures challenge One breakthrough stands between our researchers and a new approach to curing leukemia, lymphoma and life-threatening blood disorders: turning stem cells into blood-forming cells to replace damaged ones, opening the door to cures for countless other diseases. But with limited federal funding, Anita and Josh Bekenstein and Diana and Doug Berthiaume made a challenge grant to encourage new or increased gifts to the program. Inspired by their generosity, and awed by the promise of cures, the following families rose to the challenge: Barnes, Corkins, Gordons, Grousbecks, Krafts, Pappendicks, Shapiros, Slifkas and Stanskys, along with the Harp Helú Foundation. The group surpassed the goal, raising millions to support this effort. Equipped with funding, researchers are moving toward cures for children and adults.

Robert L. Camp and Michael C. Mankins Paolo Carfagnini Shirley C. Caris Family Foundation Lori and Gillis Cashman Neil Chervin Sharon and Thomas J. Chisholm Peter and Julie Clay Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cocozza Christina and Tim Cohen Margaret M. Collins Charitable Trust Richard and Janet Conley Jaime and Randy Connell Connemara Fund Christopher Connolly and Marjorie Liner Jessica and Christian Connors Joseph E. Corcoran Anne and Marc Costantini Kerridan S. and Michael Crowe Frank A. Crowley Family Jack Cumming George Q. Daley and Amy C. Edmondson Kenneth and Paula David Jonathan and Margot Trotter Davis Wayne C. Davis and C. Ann Merrifield Kristina R. and Arthur S. Demoulas Allyson P. and Edward V. DeNoble Lillian A. and Setrak K. Derderian Tammy and Adam W. Devine Sadhana B. and Frederick S. Downs Jr. Alexandra D. Drane and Antonio Bertone Dorothy and Howard Dulman Fund William R. Ebsworth and Anandi Pratap Drs. John and Jean Emans Fahrenkopf Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Scott Farden Janice and Jerald Feldman Geoffrey and Sandra Fenwick Ferguson Family Foundation, Inc. Nina and David Fialkow The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Steven and Nancy Fischman Gary Fleisher, MD and Jan E. Paradise, MD Lawrence and Sheila Foley Kristin Forbes and Steven Calhoun Allegra C. Ford-Thomas Foundation Gretchen G. and John O. Fox The Joshua Frase Foundation Jessica and David Freier Polly Jackson Friess The Story Garschina Charitable Fund Kelly Gay GBL Trust (Labossiere and Brunaccini Families) Brad Gerstner Deirdre M. Giblin and David B. DuBard Philomena and Sean P. Gildea Andrew Godfrey Robert Goodman and Jayne Lipman George and Susan Gorman Granite Steps Foundation Grant and Mary Laura Greely Beth and Larry Greenberg The Grey Family Foundation Deirdre and Corey Griffin John Grossman and Katharine Olmsted Jeanne and Tom Hagerty Thomas and Jeanne Hagerty Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation Rasha and Abbas Mohammed Hassani Antoine G. Hatoun and Andrea G. Levitt Celeste and Dr. Daniel Hedequist Blair and Jackie Hendrix Charlotte and Jeff Hicks Joan and Eugene D. Hill III Julie and Jordan Hitch Becky and Brian D. Hlidek Peri Hoffer-Hinden and Randy Hinden *

Kevin and Elizabeth Hoffman Mary J. and Brian Hogan Pamela E. and David M. Hornik Betsy and Stephen Hough Kimberly A. Hsu-Barber and Jeffrey S. Barber Ms. Mimi Jigarjian Ed Kaufman Brian J. Knez Bryan and Susan Koop Betsy A. and Dennis J. Kostis Steven and Karen Krichmar Emily Kroenlein and Rob Schlein Solomon Kumin Victoire LeCaron Lang and Kenneth W. Lang Lindsey and Wyatt Larsen Renee and Matthew Levin Maria M. and Dr. James Levine Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Little Dr. Harvey F. and Pamela C. Lodish Marci and Franz Loeber Mr. and Mrs. John R.A. Lofgren Ellie and Phil Loughlin Cheryl and Dr. Alan S. Louie Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr. Lynnette Lowrimore Stacey and Larry Lucchino The Family of Katie Lynch Scott and Jo Lysko Stephanie and Matthew D. Magee The Maher Family Drs. James and Valerie Mandell Margaret M. Mannai Tristin and Martin Mannion Mantz Foundation Alicia and Jeffrey Mantz Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation Emma Louise Marrone Memorial Fund Gary and Karen Martin Ihab and Elizabeth Massoud Donna and Thomas J. May David and Elizabeth McCarthy The Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation The Jim and Paula McDonald Charitable Trust Paula S. and James F. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McNamara Keith A. Meister Thomas Melendez and Aixa Beauchamp M. Katherine Metcalfe and Langdon Wheeler John D. Mineck Foundation Lisa M. and James F. Mooney III Stephen and Kristin Mugford Susie and Scott Mulder John M. Muresianu and Patti Satterthwaite Jessica and Charles Myers Marc W. Myers John and Judith Nelson Family Foundation The New England Foundation Mark and Kimberly Notkin Mike Offner Lisa and John O’Hurley Karen O’Malley and Michael A. Feldman Thomas and Nancy O’Neill Foundation Leslie and Erik Owens Heidi and Lewis Pearlson Carolyn and Phil Perelmuter Lisa R. and Richard C. Perry Bianca and Craig Peskin Edward and Karen Philip Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Pingree Nancy and David Potel Mr. and Ms. Thomas C. Prendergast David Richard Pullman John and Judi Quagliaroli Todd Quinto and Judy Larsen Sidney and Esther Rabb Charitable Foundation Kristen and Paul Reeder

| 25

Bill and Mary Jane Restuccia Alan and Lynn Retik Charles and Patricia Ribakoff Dr. Patricia A. Rompf Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation Lauren E. and Mark H. Rubin Michael Rubin Laurie M. Scott Peter D. Selman Jennifer L. and Frank K. Seyboth Kathleen and Robert Shamberger, MD Michael S. Shannon Kate and Raleigh Shoemaker Paula L. Sidman Wendy and Michael Simches Single Step Foundation for 2012 Candace Lapidus Sloane, MD and Barry R. Sloane Carolyn and Jeff Snider Sodhani Foundation Lesley Solomon and Derek Hibbard Ellie and Jack Sommers Irma and Aaron Spencer Eileen M. Sporing Enid M. Starr Norman Y. Stein Lynn Susman and Roger Pachter June L. and Eliot H. Tatelman Kathleen M. and James A. Tavares Jr. Philip and Kathleen Taymor Ann and Robert Thornburg Marshall L. and Barbara A. Tobins Family Charitable Foundation The Trust Family Foundation Anne R. and Dr. Irving Umansky Nancy and Carlo Valente The VanDernoot Family—Richard and Polly, Kathleen and Josh VanDernoot, Nicole and Jared Hirsch Kathleen and Josh VanDernoot James and Margaret Wade Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ward Laurie, Patrick, Michael and Bob Watson— L.P.M. Charitable Foundation Michael and Kimberly Wedge Elayne and David Weener Laura and Kenneth A. Wernick Wayne and Ellen Whippen Melissa and Donald White Geraldine E. Williams Kathryn W. and Robert G. Windsor and Clair K. Windsor Marla and Jeffrey Wolk Jenny C. and Spencer J. Zwick *

Circle of Promise $5,000 to $9,999 Amy and David Abrams William L. Adams and Victorine Q. Adam Foundation Shari Leigh Agatstein Joan and Lawrence Altman Anonymous (6) The Aquidneck Foundation Joanne L. and Dan C. Austin Sr. Roy and Lisa Barr Heather and Jeffrey S. Bass Matthew P. Beagle and Lisa M. Scopa The Jody Locker Berger Fund Zak Boggs Stephen Bollenbach Don and Katie Bramley Anne F. and Peter A. Brooke John F. Brooke Thomas N. Buffaloe Denise D. Burns and Dr. Jeffrey P. Burns

Benjamin S. Butcher Philip and Janet Cady Jason Capello The Carlotti Fund Carolyn and Jeffrey Carney Rebecca and Michael Castellano Charm-Long Family The Robert A. Charpie Foundation Frederick H. Chicos Kara M. and Steven A. Chmielewski Nicole and Brian Clark Mrs. Herbert V. Cohen Allison and Timothy R. Coleman Ann B. and George F. Colony Jane B. Cook 1983 Charitable Trust Caroline and Lee Counselman Alan and Leslie Crane Mary Jane and Glenn Creamer Matthew Curran Jim and Shirley Curvey The Cutler Family Foundation, Inc. Lynn and Tony Deering Kathleen and William DeLuca Anita and Don Dickinson Brendan Donoghue John and Janet D’Orsi Nisha P. and Stephen Dubois Matthew R. and Elizabeth A. Earley Julie and Richard Eiermann Lynne and Stuart Elfland The Judi & Steven B. Fader Family Foundation William Farrell Beth and Richard Fentin Gilbert and Jacqueline R. Fern Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ferraro Margaret B. and Thomas P. Fitzgerald Joseph and Eva Flaherty Bill Foley Suzanne and Fabien Fondriest Judith and Lionel Fortin Nancy and Neal Foster Linda and Michael Frieze Tamar and Kenneth Frieze Enrico S. Gaglioti Robert and Lynette Gay Maria D. and Todd N. Giatrelis The Goldrich Family Foundation Dennis Goldstein and Beth Kressley Goldstein Beryl David and Harry N. Gorin Foundation Ingrid L. and Arnold Goulston Victoria Baker Graboys Roy and Carol Greenwald Roy and Gail Greenwald Judy and John Grey Mrs. Lila Gross Melissa V. and Frank B. Hanenberger Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch David Hendry Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hood Jeff Iveson Charles Izzo and Joan Reilly Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Jablonski Eric and Melanie Jozefiak Michael E. Kane Lynn and William Kargman Sarah Kaull Fred J. Keeton Clay Kingsley Charles Kojabashian Mr. Gerwin Kooij and Ms. Allison Skrillivetsky The Kostis Family Revocable Trust Georgette J. and Dennis Kostis John D. Kostis Randi and John Lapidus Carolyn A. Lattin and Venkat Venkatraman *


Pamela A. Lederer and Michael T. Carmen John R. Levene Donna and Mark S. Leventhal Renee and Matthew S. Levin Frank Lis The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Maine SIDS Foundation Paul Marchesiani Demond Martin Kenneth McKenzie Ted McNamara Andrew Mingle Gregory Moore Gary J. Murphy Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis Joan V. Netland Sharon A. and Paul C. Newton Stuart and Katherine Novick Barbara R. and Vania K. O’Connor Kevin and Vanessa O’Malley Carol S. and John J. O’Neil III Jonathan Orszag The Pacer Foundation Dr. Pamela Pappas and Peter L. Condakes John and Machelle Payne Shep Perkins Chad M. Peters Janet and James Peterson Bob Pfeifer and Devette Russo Janice and Ronald Reece Howard, Deborah, Blake and Kerry Reef Susan Rich Barbara and Pat Roche Tom and Jessica Bussgang Rosenbloom Fund Rowe Family Charitable Trust James L. Rubenstein Family Foundation Lorin and Nanci Rydstrom Sager Family Fund The Salem Foundation Satter Foundation Emily F. Schabacker Schoen Family Foundation Lyn and Chuck Schwager Alissa C. and John A. Sebastian Fred M. Seed Foundation Dawn and Robert Seiple Douglas and Andrea Shaw Kathleen C. Sheehy The Sherbrooke Family Boaz Sidikaro Rachel and Jonathan Sieber Anne and Carlo Simoni Seth and Jennifer Stier David A. Townzen Anna S. Ullian Therese and Josef H. von Rickenbach Wendy and David Waldman Kerri M. and Mark A. Walsh Patricia and Richard Wayne Stephen Weeple Roberta and Stephen Weiner Jason S. Weissman Elizabeth Weitzman and Eric Stangel Sandra A. and James T. White Mary J. Wilkinson and Robert J. Greenburg Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust Laurence and Arlene Wolk Charitable Fund

Circle of Courage $2,500 to $4,999 Carie L. and Robert I. Adler Aviva and Erez Aiden Thomas Hilt Allen Foundation Ramona Almirez Martha E. Andersen and Gordon R. Lawrence Vicky Andrews *


26 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

Building your legacy The O’Donnell family legacy at Boston Children’s is an enduring one. Joe O’Donnell played an important role in helping create Boston Children’s Hospital Trust, serves on its board, and has spent countless hours from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill advocating for the most vulnerable children. To help others build their own legacy, O’Donnell, his wife, Kathy, and daughters Kate and Casey made a unique $1 million challenge gift. Donors who included the hospital in their will or estate plans and made a new or increased leadership gift to the hospital would have their gift matched by the family. The result? Fifty-two new legacy donors and nearly $10 million to meet the hospital’s needs today—and in the future. O’Donnell, above right, with Hospital Board Chairman Stephen Karp.

Anonymous (10) Muffy and Paul Antico and Family Michelle and Bob Atchinson Judith and Arthur Bach Philanthropic Fund William J. Bellissimo Gordon and Marjorie Bloom Lisa A. and Thomas W. Blumenthal James Brackett Scott Brandon Jared S. Bretholtz Kate and Chuck Brizius Erik Brooks Jennifer and Brooks B. Brown Susan and Steve Burbage Diane K. and Morton H. Burman Carola Cadley Kevin T. Callaghan Kerry L. Casale Frank Catrickes Fred and Erin Chaloux Mark Charney Bihua Y. Chen and Jackson J. Loomis John Collmer Paola and Stephen J. Comer Frederic L. Contino Janice and Richard Costa Mr. and Mrs. James Coughlin Fund Leslee N. and Aaron L. Cowen Michael D’Agostino Suzanne Dannolfo Milsy and Steven Davis Jones Day Joseph P. DeMatteo Oliver Deng Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart and Hope Fund Susan and Kenneth J. Dobuler, in memory of Paul Dobuler Donovan Charitable Fund Lisa D. and Derek D. Doo Mrs. Clover M. Drinkwater Joseph Duncan Mary B. Dunn Charitable Trust Melissa A. and Michael R. Dunphe Christian B. Elliot The Tom and Kate Ellis Charitable Fund The Feingold Family Fund Brian Feltzin Michael and Martha Festa Kathryn Filippetti Amy and Jonathan P. Fine Melissa R. and Seth E. Finkelstein Reva and Eric B. Fischman John Fish Philip and Michelle Galati Mitch Garber Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gearin Tia and Robert W. Gierkink Stacia and David Glancy Josh Gold Jamie Golden Judith W. and Richard A. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Luther S. Goodie Abigail and Mark Goodman Kevin and Gunilla Gorman James Grandberg Family Charitable Fund Paul and Priscilla Gray Gift Fund Mr. and Dr. Jonathon and Amy Grayson Richard W. and Lisa Greene Mr. and Mrs. John R. Grey Michael and Anne Grier Sean Grogan Matt Grossman Jonathan Guido Alexandra Haagensen Corrigan and Nicholas A. Halaby Kari J. and Jonathan S. Halkyard

Theresa and Robert A. Hamm Lisa Anne Hane and Dr. Hugh Young Rienhoff Jr. David and Sheryll Harkins Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hart Gregory P. Heyman Rosemary H. Higginson Janet Holian and Bruce Twickler David J. Howard Carl I. Hoyer Sabrina Huadley and Robert Alan Nicholson Mary and Donald Huber The Igo Family Foundation Inc. Jill M. and Robert P. Inches Anne and R. Blake Ireland Jonathan Isaacson Robert Kane Jackson Jenny L. and Francis X. Jacoby III Abbas Jafarian Michelle F. Jennings Michael Josephson Yvette and Jonathan Kanter The Karelitz Family—Susan, Neal, Jonathan, Bradley and Gregory Karelitz Panagiotis Karfakis Paul D. Kazilionis Laura E. and Warren Kerper Kershaw Foundation Charitable Trust Chris Knight George D. Kostis Nicholas D. Kostis The Harvey and Barbara Kroiz Family Foundation Lindsay Kronengold David Kunz Artur Kurasiewicz Vincent La Padula David Landry The Wallace Landry Family Foundation Steven and Mary Ann LaPierre Dr. David Douglas Larson Drs. Marc R. Laufer and Susan Rosenfeld-Laufer Pamela and Nicholas W. Lazares Frederic Leif Lisa and Stuart Lewtan Sara and Robert Linnehan Diane and Owen Lynch Robin MacGeachy The MacPherson Fund, Inc. Robert R. Madden Ryan Mancini Charitable Foundation, Inc. Elaine and Timothy D. Mann Anthony J. Maroon Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Marson Martin Fund Louis Belanger Martin Dick and Sara Page Mayo Lauren and Joseph Mazzella Scott McBride William McCarron Bill and Kathy McCullen Bertha and Paul F. McGourty Lauren and Thomas L. McLeod Jennifer McNamara Meredith and Matthew V. McPherron Arthur and Jeanne Meehan Daniel Michalow The Walter M. Milford Charitable Foundation Greg Miller Patrick Mitchell David and Michele Mittelman Michael Mountain Yvette and Peter Mulderry Mr. and Mrs. David M. Mussafer John and Kathy Nealon Gwendolyn B. and William E. Nichols Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Nigrin

| 27

Harry and Nikki Nudelman Owen O’Neil Rowan T. O’Riley Family Foundation Shari Otsuka and Kenneth Gin Sam Frank Panayotou Jill M. and Thomas L. Pappas JoAnn and Dan Passeri Vanessa Pearl Dean R. Peasley Randy Peeler and Kate Kellogg Charles B. & Louis R. Perini Family Foundation, Inc. Alissa M. and Gregory D. Pool Karen A. and Christopher Poreda Chris Procaccini Ken and Leslie Pucker Ryan Quinn Abbe Raven and Martin Tackel Angela and Alex Reveliotty Richard Paul and Ellen S. Richman Private Family Foundation George Rizk Steven C. Roche Daniel L. Romanow and Benjamin Andrew Zelermyer Lauren and Steven A. Rosen Denise and Scot Rosenblum Dr. Robert and Esther Rosenthal Alex Rozek Peter and Nancy Saperstone Susan M. and Kurt W. Saraceno Virginia and David J. Schaefer Cindy Schlessinger and Jeffrey Ellowitz Greig and Kristen Schneider Colin P. Shepherd Elizabeth F. Silverman and Jonathan J. Goodman The Skeffington Family Lesley Sklar Louise C. Slotnick and Family Robert & Christine Small Charitable Fund Else Smedemark and Dr. David M. Margulies Claudia and James Smith Maria L. Soares Dr. Nancy Jo Soporowski and Vito J. Palombella John Soukas Catherine and James Stanzler Geoffrey D. Stein and April C. Stein Fund The Stone Family Robert A. Stranahan Jr. Charitable Trust Jessica A. and Jeremy S. Styles Lauri and Alex Sugar Cathleen C. and John L. Sullivan Edward Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sullivan Drs. Elinor E. Svenson and Mark S. Klempner Gary M. Talarico Janna S. Tamminga The John Thomas & Special Friends Fund Paul J. Timmins Jr. Tishman Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Todd Linda J. and Paul R. Topping Truettner Foundation Ted and Kathy Truscott Macy and Andrew Z. Tubman Carolina Alarco Vallucci Matthew Paul Verrochi Fernando J. Vigil Burt Visnick Lynn and Jay Wailes Greg Walski Hope Webster The Weissman Family Charitable Foundation Meghan R. and Kent R. Weldon Mary Lois and Jack R. Wheatley Wilmot Wheeler Foundation, Inc. Amanda B. and Brandon C. White

Eileen and Kevin A. White Carrie and Matthew Wieland Eileen Q. Wilcox Graham Wilson Jessica and Matt Wilson Nicole M. Woody John and Erica Wright Steven Zagoren

Circle of Hope $1,000 to $2,499 Debra Abberton and Gary Ainsworth Anne Abdow Dennis R. and Kristen Abruzzese Rosalin Acosta The Adamczyk Family James Adelstein Jose F. Aguilera Jill K. and Christopher J. Akerman Rae and Aaron Alberts Foundation II Bryce Albin Charysse Alexander Margaret J. Allen Katharine and Blake P. Allison Martha P. and Thomas Y. Allman Barbara Hamilton Almy Josh Alwitt and Peg Pike Charles Amorosino Daniel and Ali Andelman Letitia Anderson William Anderson Eleanor Andrews Anonymous (16) Drs. Essam and Eman Al Ansari Messa Anselmo George R. Anson Brian Arcara Nicholas Arena Izhar Armony Joyce Arrigo Karen and Dennis Arsenault Anthony Arthur Foundation, Inc. Chris Atkeson Charles L. Atwood Nick Azrack Kavita Baball Leslie Babb and Raymond P. Norton III Steven Babcock James Bacon Eric Baelen Danielle E. Bailot Caroline Baker Jesse and Pamela Baker Robert P. Ball Dmitry Balyasny Kimberly H. and Karl E. Bandtel Cole and Avery Barbeau Katherine S. Barker Patricia and Charles Baron Ronni P. and Donald F. Baron Melissa A. and J. C. Barone Terese and Dennis Barous Carol and Bob Barry Patricia Barry and Christopher I. Campbell Patricia Bartholomew Andrew Bary Laura and Martin John Batt Glenda Baugh and Jim P. Manzi Ruth Bauman and Edward Kahn Bayard Family Linda R. Beane and Herbert I. Hunt III Pellegrino Beatrice Katherine and Mark T. Beaudouin Mark and Diane Bechard Mark and Barbara Bell Michael Bellefeuille

Flora C. and Joseph M. Bellofatto Lily H. and Efthemios J. Bentas Donald E. Bentley Fund Gary Bergstrom Bernard G. Berkman and Nancy J. Berkman Foundation Bernstein Children’s Foundation Eric Bernstein Dr. Jane Holme Bernstein Sara and Michael Bernstein Wendy and Telis Bertsekas Brian Berube and Susan Wolff Michael J. Berube James Berylson Linda H. and Stephen H. Beste Corey M. and Nikki Bialow Wendy and Ray Bird John Birkett David Black Sarah E. and Edward G. Black Douglas M. Blagdon Carol A. and David A. Blake Don and Marcia Blenko Gordon and Marjorie Bloom Benjamin Bloomstone T. D. Boardman Dr. and Mrs. William P. Boger III Bonanno Charitable Fund Dorothy-Ann and Frank R. Bonczyk Dr. and Mrs. Aleck Borman Cindy Boschetto Nancy J. and Lawrence A. Bossidy Harry Botsivales Robert Boucai Jennifer Bourgeois Ann and Timothy W. Bowe Cheryl A. and Daniel E. Bowman Alexis Boyle and Christopher Egan H. P. Boyle Grace Bradley Ed Brakeman Robert A. Bralower Jared Brecher George Brennan Seth Brennan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brennan Amy M. and Tony M. Briney Jeannette and Raymond C. Brophy David Brown Emil Brown Shelley S. Brown Karen E. and Robert L. Buckley II Rhea K. and Allan S. Bufferd Captain and Mrs. J. Michael Buffington Robin Buhrer Buhrmaster Family Foundation Burke Family Living Trust Kathleen M. and John D. Burns Erin and Paul J. Butera Toni Butterfield Brittany Byron Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cabot III Dale P. Cabot Caithness Foundation Rebecca G. and Brian A. Caldwell Stephen Callahan Michael Calore Amber Cameron Paul D. Cammarata Colin Campbell Dr. Connie J. Campbell and R. Anthony Diehl Robert B. Campbell Thomas J. Campbell Meghan and Dr. Daniel Cannon John Capobianco Lisa M. and John S. Capone *


28 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

Marianne E. and Thomas R. Carabine Mr. John G. Carberry Tierney Lauren Carey Kiera L. and James C. Carlisle Patrick Carney Foundation Lucia and Michael Carosella Adriane Carozza Robert H. and Amy Carp Kathleen B. Carr John B. Carron Linda Casale Donna M. Casey Caroline Catinazzo Diane and Michael Cavallo Cavanaugh Charitable Gift Fund Adelaide W. Cawood Ryan Chamberlain William H. Champlin Michael Chapman Richard Charlton Lynne A. and Thomas W. Charron Jr. Evelyn and Herbert Chernis Foundation Frederick Chicos Heather and Jeff Chisholm Brian Christiansen Eleanor C. and Brian H. Chu The Naomi and Walter Chucnin Foundation Gregory and Teresa Clark Jason Clark Clifford Charitable Foundation Ann M. Cloherty and Dr. John P. Cloherty Andrew Cohen Judith and Daniel J. Coll Lisa and Christopher W. Collins Eleanor R. and Sterling D. Colton Mary C. and Edward Cooney Steve Cooney William W. Cooper Jean E. and Leonard G. Coppenrath Cecilia and Eduardo E. Cordeiro Joseph C. Corkery Kaitlin C. Coughlin Margaret A. Coughlin and John M. Riley Patricia M. and Martin W. Courage Lawrence H. Cournoyer Thomas Covey Christopher Crawford Michael Crespi David B. and Kimberly A. Crevier Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Cristofono Crofton Family Charitable Fund Patricia Cronin Sheryl M. and Robert B. Crosland Mr. and Mrs. Gorham L. Cross Jennifer Croswell Frank L. Cuevas Karen J. Cullen and Dr. Robert F. Cullen Jr. Robert and Susan Cunjak Kathy and Dr. Michael J. Cunningham Susie Curry Mark H. Curtis Mr. Theodore H. Cutler Dad’s Children Fund Helen D’Alelio Foundation Dammann Boston Fund M. Pearl and Frank D. D’Andrea Danielle M. Danielski Matthew D’Annolfo Sean Dany Darling Family Charitable Annuity Lead Trust Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Dauber Anne and Jim Davis Heidi M. and Ted A. Davis Richard and Gail Davis Veronica and Ajay De Greiff-Wakhloo Richard R. DeAngelis

Tyler Dell’Aquila Daniela S. and William J. DeLuca Maureen A. and Robert P. DeMarco Michael DeMichele Michael Deneen Paul F. and Lori Deninger George John Dennis Shelley P. and Mark A. Derby Carol & Richard J. DeRienzo Fund Arnavaz Desai Anabelle Desangles Tom and Midge DeSimone Doris I. and Francis X. Desmarais Pamela J. and Dr. John F. D’Esopo Pauline Smarsh Dessertine Nora Devlin and James Sloman Dr. Julia E. Whitcavitch Devoy and John H. Devoy Dr. Pierre D’Hemecourt Elizabeth Di Battista and Alan Martin Gianfranco Di Ciccio Nour B. Diab Matthew Dickerman Leah Dillon Paul G. Dimitruk Janice and James S. DiStasio Yannis Doganis and Elena Komioti Jennifer-Lynne Dolan Jianshu Dong Will and Lori Donnellan Nancy F. and John T. Donnelly Charles Donovan William J. Donovan Robin S. and Gregg M. Dooling R. Michael Dorsch Michael Dorsey Elizabeth and John Dowd R. Lindsay Drisko Amy and William B. Drucker Carolyn D. Drucker Patricia and Stephen DuFour Scott Dufresne Rusty Dunnahoo Sue Ann Dupont Daniel J. Dyer Kenneth James Eagen Wesley and Virginia Eaton David M. Eberly Elise Eberwein MaryJane and Mark Ehrenzeller Rachel M. and Lee Ehrenzeller Ellianna Grace Foundation Jim and Heidi Elliman Christine Elliott Monica and Brian D. Ellis Craig and Jennifer Emerson Epker-Sinha Foundation Lois B. Epstein, MD Nancy and Larry Epstein Erickson Family Foundation Susan and Jeff Esper Neil and Diane Exter Thomas Fahey Jim Falvey Caroline and Carl Fantasia Ryan Farrell Kevin Fedder Jeff Feig Roberta and Jeffrey M. Feldman Deborah C. and Ronald M. Fellman Charles D. Fellows Christopher Felton Holly Ferguson Kristin Filippetti Glenda and Bob Fishman Amanda K. Fitzpatrick Joseph P. Flanagan

Joseph Floyd Bruce Balter Giacomo E. Federico Foglia Dennis Follmer Julia N. and Randy J. Forgaard Karen A. and Robert P. Forlenza Michelle and Michael Forrest Paula and Steven A. Forrest Elaine Foster Christopher Foti Kirsten A. and John F. Francini Jr. Dr. Jeremy Frank Christopher M. Fredda Naomi A. and Jesse M. Fried Josh Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Friedman Fund Steven Friedman Susan Y. Friedman Elizabeth Fries Deborah Frieze Fund Gregory P. Fuccillo Linda Fuller Terra Fuller Tara and Kathleen A. Gaide Kristine A. and Richard J. Ganong Julia K. and C. Mackay Ganson, Jr. Fund Laryn E. and Alan M. Gardner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Hartwell Gardner Adie and Richard Garfein Margaret Gargano Marie L. Garibaldi Melissa Garon Zachary Gazzaniga Laurie B. and Lawrence J. Gelbien Daniel M. Gentile Susan and Daniel Gentile Pamela George Melissa Gerkin Denise German Nicole German The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Raquel and Jaime Gilinski John Gilli Matthew Glasofer Carol A. and Martin A. Glazer Eileen and Charles Glovsky Ivon Gois Shoshanna Goldenstein and Ari Levine Eugene and Beverly Goldfield Ed and Carolyn Goldman Bianna Golodryga and Peter Orszag Roberta K. and Richard S. Gongwer Steven Gonsiorawski Louis Goodwin Paul Gordon Toni S. and Douglas A. Gordon Lucy Goreham Elliot L. Gould Trevor Graham Paul Gray Mrs. Shirley E. Gray Great Island Foundation Caryll and Steven Greene Lillian E. and Arnold H. Greene Ann and Will Greenlaw Kathleen Greer Linda B. and William A. Griffin Oscar & Celia—Casper & Sarah Grosberg Fund Robert Grosskopf Jr. Susan Gruen Lorraine Gryniuk Roni Gudell Clifton S. and Janet B. Gustafson Andres Fleury Guzman Jonathan Haddad Victoria C. and Jeffrey C. Hadden Chris and Connie Hadley

| 29

Scott Haig Todd Hammer Donna and Jay Hanflig Linda J. and Timothy T. Hanifin Joanne Hanlon Fund Kevin Hanna Yvonne P. Hanna Dr. Ellen M. Hanson and James W. Hawes James Harmon Sarah Harper Eunice M. Harps Diana K. Harris and Dr. Peter Q. Harris Lionel Harris Marie R. Harris Chris Harrison Deirdre and John Hartz Catherine A. and John F. Harvey John F. Harvey III James W. Hawes Theresa Hein Mary Kate Heller Pamela K. and Michael A. Henderson Carol and John Herman Jennifer A. and Mark A. Herman Netti Herman Herring Charitable Trust Jennifer E. Hickey Steven Douglas Higgins Andrew Hirsch Andrea Ho William Hodgins Ellen and Steve Hoffman Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund Judy and Stephen A. Hopkins Megan S. and Ronald W. Hovsepian Everett and Dorothy Howe Howland Family Foundation Holly and Brian T. Hrybyk Alan Hsu Leanne Hubbard Nina Hughes Ilisa Hurowitz Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hutchinson Suleman Iddrissu Alice Wheatland Ingraham Michael Innocenti Charles R. Irving III David C. Isenberg Hiro Iwanaga Rachael S. and Robert E. Jackson Ronald and Judith Jacobs Madeleine and Peter Jacobson Dick and Mary Jalkut Jane and Frederick H. Jamieson William S. Janes Melissa and Andrew Janfaza Gregory Jannetta Cynthia and Andrew Janower Jenkin Family Trust Kathy Jenkins, MD Rohit Jha Elizabeth E. and Daniel J. Jick Bonnie and Erik Johnsen Abigail Johnson Christine M. Johnson Jill Johnson Nikki and Paul Johnson Roy Johnson Brenna Jones Janis L. Jones Julie H. Jones III Richard and Carol Joseph MMK Joung Family Fund Edward Joy Mary and James J. Judge Beth Ann and Robert C. Junkin

Deborah Kadish and Jan Rivkin Matthew Kadnar Ali and Irv Kagan The Kalliche Family Diane and Albert J. Kaneb Ann and Edwin M. Kania Jr. Laurel and Jerome Kapferer Clare K. and David M. Kaplan Jr. Lori and Stewart Karger Adele Karig George Karnoutsos Vickie Kaspszak Deanna L. and David S. Kassenoff Jacqueline Kates Isaac and Jessica Kato Joshua Katzen Erica Carmen Kaye Jean M. Keddy Cheryl M. Kimball Keegan Catherine R. and Patrick J. Keeley Mary E. Keenan Mary E. Kelleher and Kevin W. Leary Ed and Kathleen Kelly Mary Kelly Valerie Kelly Joan M. Kennedy Richard and Marilyn Kennedy John Kenyon Robert and Michelle Kenyon Christopher M. Keogh John Kerney John Kerry Tom Kier Andrew Kiley Scott E. Kilgallen Dr. Young-Jo Kim and Dr. Lois Lee Craig Kimpel Timothy King Brian Kinney Alexander Klabin Dianne E. Riley Klavins and Ivars Klavins Dennis Klejna Joshua A. Klevens and Anna D. Sinaiko J. R. Knight Family Fund Julie and Jeff Kobold Marachai Kongboonma Mark and Ellen Koretz Steven E. Kosto Katina Kouripines Daniel and Wendy Kraft Philip Kriger Jeremy Krom Bob Kujawski Kevin Kulinowski The Kulsick Family Charitable Fund Steven Kumin Melissa and Eric Kutzman Constance B. and Peter E. Lacaillade Anthony and Rebekah LaCava Lisa A. LaFrance and Richard A. Huntt Leslie Lake McGeough Lamacchia David Laporte Steven Larsen Casper Latimer Dr. Kevin Latz Dr. Claudia Lavin and Matt D’Arbeloff Jane and Robert M. Lavine Mary C. Law Catherine C. and Bruce J. Layman Elana and Steve Lederman Charles Ledley Eric and Emmie Lee Henry and Mary Lee Jennifer Lee Jon Lee *


Honoring Dana Born with a congenital anomaly with other complications, Dana Mercauto was a life-long patient. At age 23, she needed even more tests, and doctors discovered cancer was attacking Dana’s body. After four months at Boston Children’s, doctors ran out of options. Dana’s wish was to be home with family in Somerville, where she passed away. Boston Children’s was a second home to the Mercautos—it’s why her mom, Carol, makes donations whenever she can. “You’re all angels without wings,” Carol says. “You cared for Dana the way I would care for her. You need a red carpet in the lobby to show the royalty with which every patient is treated.”

30 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

Mickey Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Lemaire Jon Lemelman James J. Lenhart The Lenox Foundation/ Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Floy Jason Leonard Michael Lerner Emily and Brett J. L’Esperance Steven and Pamela Lesser Aviva and David Levine Drs. Lois B. Levine and Leslie G. Batnick Marian D. and James M. Levine Taariq Lewis Leslie and Bill Lichtman The Larry P. Lieberman Philanthropic Fund Ruth and Jonathan Liebowitz Piper K. and Norman U. Lind Julie and Gabriel Ling Tom and Dorrie Linn Fred and Sarah Lipsky Foundation Amy C. Lochhead Maureen Locke Robert W. and Carol A. Lord Jaime Lorenzo Richard and Nancy Lubin Danielle M. and Michael Lueger Elisabeth A. Luick John Lykouretzos Jeanne Lynch Ted Lyon Marianne MacDonald Teri M. and Ian MacDuff Jan Machnik Kati C. and Ronald K. Machtley Robin G. Macilroy and William C. Spears Malcolm W. MacNaught Fund Ariel and Christopher Maddocks Kris Maeda Kathryn A. Mahoney Cynthia and Kevin C. Mairs Malek Family Charitable Trust Sheena Malik John Manning Henry Mannix III Ilana Manolson and David Lax Jacqueline R. and Michael G. Mansfield Christos Mantzoros The Marble Family The Marcantano Family Julie M. and David R. Marcus Kristin and Paul J. Marcus Deborah D. Marini and Dr. Robert P. Marini William F. Markey Jr. Richard J. Markuns Cydney and David A. Martel The Martin Family Foundation Peter and Deirdre Martin Dr. Erin E. Maruska and Andrew J. Maruska Craig J. and Donna L. Mathias Abby Matzkin and Brett A. Gordon Dr. John E. Mayer Jr. Judith S. McAllaster John F. McCabe Jr. Neville McCaghren and Dune Thorne McCready Family Fund Allyson McDonald Andrew McElaney Allison M. McGann and Thomas J. Campbell Anne F. and Stephen J. McGuinness The McGuirk Charitable Fund Marie C. and Robert A. McInnes Kate S. McKee Patrick McKee Arthur and Linda McKinnon Tracy and Richard McLeish

DJ McManus Foundation, Inc. Colin and Anne McNay Ciaran McNelis Timothy J. McQuade David and Karen McVicker Brianne Medeiros Douglas Medeiros Emily & Bernard H. Mehlman Fund Mr. Richard S. Melanson Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Jennifer Melkonian Amy and Jaimey Mergler Reverend John Mericantante III Edward W. and Genevieve de B. Merrill Willem Mesdag Pamela C. and Michael C. Michaelis Steve Michaels Debra M. and Eitan Milgram Barbara R. and Alan S. Miller Caryl Miller and Gary Shaw Karen and Jeffrey M. Miller LeeAnn and Richard T. Miller Michael P. Miller Myron Miller Mrs. Oscar Miller Shirley Mills Deborah E. and Christopher Minervino Maria Minguell Sharmil Modi Sarah R. and Anthony Peter Monaco Jr. Jane Moncreiff William Mone Lois M. Monge Gloria Monosson Lynne T. and Marc A. Montanari Carolyn H. and Paul A. Montie Jeffrey Lee Moore Eleanore M. and Gordon W. Moran The Morgan Family Fund Carol and John Moriarty Jeffery Morris Rachel A. Morrison Richard Morrison Joseph A. Morrissey James Morrow Catherine J. and Mark P. Moulton Dr. Alison A. Moy Michael Moyer Anne and John Moynihan Jr. Brian Moynihan and Susan Berry Brooke N. and William A. Muggia Shannon E. Mulcahy Thomas J. Mulligan James D. and Martha Mungovan Richard Murawczyk Joan Murphy Eileen Murray Nancy A. Murray and John J. Hennessey Sr. Paul D. Murray Jr. Philip Murray Bill Musto David Napach Janice Narey Sharon M. and Steven A. Navarro NCI—Lending A Hand Casey Nelson Eric Nelson Joshua M. Nelson Nicolas Nesta Louise H. and Roger A. Neuhoff New Prospect Foundation Kristina and Craig W. Newbold Melissa Newell Kerry and Dr. Glen Ni Albert and Eve Nichols Fund Elisabeth and Thomas Niedermeyer Esta A. and Allen L. Nissenbaum

Emma Nolan Kimberly A. and Robert T. Noonan Anne Normand and Patrick Greehan Melissa and David Norton Dr. Stephen J. and Jennifer Noxon Bradley P. Noyes Jolene J. and Richard J. O’Brien Stephen E. O’Brien Stephen and Cynthia O’Brien Oedel Foundation Willem A. Offerhaus Suzanne Altman Offit and Andrew S. Offit Unsil Oh Elizabeth O’Hara Edward and Deborah O’Hearn David E. O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Oliver Ray W. O’Loughlin Laura and Matthew Olton Jodie O’Malley One Beacon Charitable Trust Robert M. O’Neil Timothy D. Orazem Esther and Abe Orlick Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Osterberg Robert O’Sullivan Rose and Lou Jon Oswald Sr. Linda M. and David Otis Marcine and James C. Otis William and Mary Ellen Otto Family Trust Fund Dr. Arthur J. Ourieff and Vernie Ourieff Greg Outcalt Palace Head Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Paley Jim and Kim Pallotta Margaret M.and Brian C. Palmer Avanti and Anurag Pandit Evan Paradis Tim Parritt Mr. Shaun F. Pedersen and Ms. Alexandra G. Abbott Pamela Peedin Niels Peetz-Larsen Katherine Harrison Pelson and Mark Pelson Jessica I. Perez-Rossello and Jimmy S. Pappas Anne Marie and David A. Perham Alfonso A. and Monica C. Perillo Shane Perkins Jared Perry Kristienne Perry Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert Persons Drs. Robert A. and Veronica M. Petersen Mathis Pfohl Foundation Pickens Family Fund D. A. Pike Pillemer Charitable Gift Fund Michael Pizzo Simon and Elizabeth Platt Drew Pluhar Todd Pollock Josephine A. Pomeroy Seth B. Posin William Power Patricia Pratt William E. Prettyman Scott Prieur Mr. and Mrs. David W. Prigmore Shubhangi and Arvind Puntambekar Patrick and Maureen Purcell Edward Pyne Lynn P. Quigley Cathy and Bernard Quinlan Elizabeth and James Quinty Marcel V. Quiroga Richard A. Radville Richard Ramsey Jr. Ganesh Rao

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Todd Rapp Marilyn S. and Elliot B. Ravech Rita and Norton Reamer Elaine M. Reese Frederick N. Reidenbach Jennifer Reidenbach and Robert A. Searle II Richard M. Reilly Reinemund Family Foundation Roger and Hannelore Reiser Sigalle and Michael D. Reiss Judith C. and Shepard M. Remis Judith B. and John F. Remondi Melinda W. and William Reno Eileen Resnik Jordan D. Rich Jay Richards Clare and Gerard Richer Caroline and Michael Rider The Olive R. Ringo Charitable Trust Michael Roberge Rebecca G. and Michael C. Robichaud Bradley H. Robinson Emery W. Robinson Dr. Mark and Beth Rockoff Danyel Z. and Chris P. Rodgers Andrea M. and Robert O. Roell David Rogers Justin R. Rohn Jennifer and Taggart Romney Meryl G. and Andrew B. Rose Nancy Rose Tom and Tiffany Rosedale Sharman and Larry S. Rosen Alan and Laura Rosenspan The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal Louise C. and Dr. Robert R. Rossi Philip and Kim Rotner Anthony J. Rotondi Eli and Emily Rubenstein Susan M. and Carl M. Ruhle Dawn and Ron Rusin Peter R. Russell Steven Russo Mary and Joseph Ryan Tom and Kathy Ryan Ms. Saie Sabet and Mr. Saeed Pirooz Sophia and Andrew Sacher Andrew Salem David and Susan Salk Cynthia and Manuel Sampedro Daniel Santos Jack and Nancy Saperstone Chris and Martine Sarandopolis Lisa Tosi Sasso and John A. Sasso Robin and Steven Scari Barbara and James L. Schaye Susan B. Schenck and Steve Goodwin Matthew Mark Schiller E. A. Schissler Stan and Kay Schlozman Arthur and Linda Schwartz Janet and Eric Schwartz Steven Schwartz Harry D. Schwefel Dr. Theodore C. Sectish Ellen and Steven Segal Evan Seidenstein Brad Selland William J. Sempolinski Victoria E. and John Serbalik Jr. Elizabeth A. Sercus Julie Sercus Susann I. and Vincent F. Servello The Sexton Family Foundation Jeremiah A. and Lorna C. Shafir

Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Leon Shaulov Michelle and Greg Shell Ifat and Jonathan A. Shelon Elaine L. and Charles E. Sherman Marc Sherman The Shifra Philanthropic Fund Joy Shumsky Helen Claire and Leroy E. Sievers Sara E. Sievers Lauren Z. and Eden J. Siff Leslie and Jason Silberman Lesley and Philip Silberstein Eileen Silvergleid Donald Silverman Philanthropic Fund Joy Silverstein Deborah B. and Gerald R. Simches Eleni Skordeli and Dr. Charalabos C. Doumanidis Dennis P. Slack Michael F. Slezak Beverly M. Small Leonard Small Charitable Fund The Smith Family Trust Catherine A. Smith and John S. Connolly III Constance B. and Jonathan E. Smith Kenneth and Tracy Smith Kerri Ann Smith Lauren Smith Matthew and Elma Smith Thomas G. Snow The Snyder Family Paul Sohn The Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Fund, Inc. Kurt F. Somerville and Kendra M. Chencus Baker Sommer Family Fund Virginia H. and Thomas D. Soutter Norman and Ruth Spack Andrew Spellman Heather M. Spellman Shannon and Michael G. Sperlinga Genevieve and Steven Spiegel Ann M. and David R. St. Germain Betsey and Matthew St. Onge Nicole Maria Stata and Joseph Deutch Schotland Ray & Maria Stata Charitable Trust of November 1983 Charles Joseph Stefanelli Scott Steinman Douglas Stevenson Seth and Jennifer Stier John W. Stiff David and Pamela Stone LaDawn and John Stone Aleece and Brian Sean Strachan Dan Stratemeier Ann and John Street Tom Stults Paul Suffoletto Mark Sullivan Mrs. William H. Sullivan Jr. Mary E. Sunday Elizabeth R. and Richard B. Swartz Maureen R. Sweeney Jeff Swenson David Swierzewski Brendan and Kerry Swords Patrick Taffe Shai Tambor Steven Tannenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Tarlow Sr. Alison Taunton-Rigby Keith Taylor Mary Sue and Anthony Terranova Lauren Lee and David M. Thill Gregory Thomaier Anita and Scott Thomas

Arturo Thomas Mary and Jeff Thomas Tim and Kathy Thomas Todd K. Thompson Fund Bridget and Leif Thomsen Joseph Thornton Ryan M. Tie Steven M. Tight Stephen C. Tirrell Magda Tisza Ester Tokatlyan Brenda M. and Michael J. Torchio Julie and Mike Torrisi Tresa and Daniel D. Toscano Mary Traer and Jamie B. Braman Robin R. and Perry M. Traquina Ms. Maria A. Trevisan and Mr. Steven N. Urchuk Noel C. Tripp and Mihai C. Tripp Rose Marie and John A. Troiano Denise and Matthew Troxell Thomas F. Troy Mei Shan Susan Tu Mike Tucker Gary and Kathy Tureski David Turkington Elizabeth and Gary Unger Detlev and Dorothy Vagts Michael Valentine Thomas Valeo ValMark Gift Fund Thomas A. Van Elsie Procter van Buren Foundation Patricia G. and Richard Vancil Elisabeth Vanzura Jose Varghese Sheila and Thomas Ventresca Judith K. and Menno Verhave Meredith Vey Maureen Kelly and Jeffrey Scott Viglielmo Louis and Zacharie H. Vinios Christopher J. Wade Kathryn S. and Peter T. Wagner Whit Wagner Theodora T. and Donald F. Waite Gail and Arthur Wald Bill Wall Mary Elizabeth and Carl S. Wallace Wallack Family Philanthropic Fund Catherine Walsh Lynn Wardle Vassie C. Ware and William J. Taylor Timothy Warren Robert J. Watson Sylvia E. and Mark D. Watson Weafer Family Charitable Gift Fund Elayne Weener Kelly Anne and Marc R. Weglowski Greg Weibley Mark Weinberg David N. Weinstein Richard Weintraub Steve Weiss Alison Wells and Scott Babka Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wendland Susan Werth and Bernard Silver Michael Wessels and Patricia Maher Dorothy G. and Thomas H. West Martha S. and Stephen A. West Michael White Veronica White and W. Reed Chisholm II Susan Whitehead Dorothy Williams Gwain Williams and Ralph H. Griffin Ann Wilson Gretchen E. Wilson Theresa Wilson *


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Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

Global good health Children with disabilities throughout Mexico count on Fundación Teletón for care through its 21 rehabilitation centers. With growing numbers of children battling cancer, Teletón USA is opening a special hospital: Hospital Infantile Teletón de Oncologia (HITO), and looked to Boston Children’s for help. In an innovative partnership made possible by Teletón USA’s generosity, we’ve created a global fellowship program. HITO oncology fellows will be on-site at Boston Children’s, immersed in our work, and our clinicians will travel to Mexico, gaining deeper insights into caring for a different population. A shared goal: improving global health through family-centered care, novel treatments, cures and one day prevention of cancer. Teletón USA’s generosity is recognized with a plaque on our hematology/oncology unit.

Katherine B. Winter Arlene and Phillip I. Wizwer Natalie W. Wolf Sherri L. and Douglas R. Wolf Alan Wolfe Shari Wolkon Perry Wood Family Trust Patrick J. Woods Julie Wulf and Kurt C. McCracken Steven Wynne and Joseph N. Gibbons Moshe Yanai Steven Yanis Debra Yanofsky and Steven Shulman Fund The Yaspan Unterberg Foundation Barbara S. and Ian C. Yates Dr. Howard Yeung Dr. Gregory Young and Lori Murphy John A. Yozell Family Fund Nicole M. Zatlyn and Jason L. Weiner Frank and Paula Zavrl Dr. and Mrs. Seymour Zimbler Rachel F. and Martin Zinny Elissa P. Zizmor Elise N. Zoli Burt and Sandi Zucker Philanthropic Fund

Children’s Legacy Circle Supporters who make planned gifts and bequest intentions are welcomed into the Legacy Circle. Elliott M. Abbott Barbara Adams PT Mason Addy Mr. Blake P. Allison Arne B. Andersen Anonymous (149) Georgia Argyrople Albert Auburn Linda Mosse Baer Dr. and Mrs. William Baerg Mr. Christopher Baker-Carr Mary I. Barry Mandy Bass and Dr. Jeffrey Bass Athena T. Bassis Elaine Baverman The Tara Bean Foundation, Inc. Nancy Beattie Helen I. and Dr. J. Herman Beckelman Carol Beckwith Eleanor R. Belknap Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bell Peter Benedict and Gina Perini Susanna Berger Barbara and Ernest Bernstein Dr. Jane Holme Bernstein Vito W. Bertolino Daniel and Mary Berube Reverand Louis and Helene Bier Ms. Katrina Bland Wendy Bly Mrs. T.D. Boardman Joan F. Boyle Phyllis Miller Brewer Stephen Brown James R. Browne Gurdon S. Buck John and Barbara Buckley Jonathan Buono Diane and Morton Burman Dale P. Cabot Philip and Janet Cady Laureen B. Cahalane Dr. and Mrs. Richard Calderon Rebecca and Brian Caldwell Irving and Victoria Canner Liora H. Cannon *


Mr. John G. Carberry Paolo Carfagnini Ms. Belinda Cargill Virginia I. Caricchio Mrs. Nancy J. Carle Charles R. Carney James E. Casey Joan T. Cave Kathleen A. Cetola Mr. and Mrs. John J. Christopher George A.Z. Clark and Marjorie E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. George N. Clarke Ruth M. Clinch Ethel E. Cline Edith Cloke Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cohen Herbert E. Cohen Mr. Stephen E. Coit Mrs. Mabel Colburn Mr. Mark E. Conley Jessica and Christian Connors Thomas Conuel William G. Conway Doris D. Cook Mark R. Cook G. Michael and Janice Costa Marion D. Covich Hugh J. Crawford Dr. and Mrs. John F. Crigler Jr. Michael and Susan Curtin Frank D. D’Andrea Nelson J. Darling Ken and Paula David Jonathan and Margot Trotter Davis Ms. Almerinda Paola de Franciscis Maria DeLima Jeanne and Michael Desanto Mary L. DiCienzo Ralph and Edith DiPrisco Joseph and Roseann DiTomaso Susan and Kenneth J. Dobuler, in memory of Paul Dobuler John and Rebecca Dolman Edward C. Donnelly III Joan Dowdall Mrs. Mary C. Drazy Colleen M. Duffy Mr. Hunter Dunbar Matthew and Elizabeth Earley Arnold and Anna Edland James A. Edwards III Michelle J. Edwards Jacqueline E.M. Emery Bradford M. Endicott Dr. Audrey E. Evans and Dr. Giulio J. D’Angio Joe and Susan Fallon Samuel and Marilyn Feinberg Mrs. Max Feldberg Fred and Gwen Feldmesser Holly Ferguson Christine Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ferraro John Ferro Nancy and Neal Foster Herbert Fox The Foye Family Dr. Robert A. Frank Friends of the Walk-Thalmologists Ms. Irene Gaitley Alfred J. Gallucci Walter J. and Anne C. Gamble Sergio and Sara Garcia-Rangel Marie L. Garibaldi Joseph F. Garofoli Mr. and Mrs. Gustave J. Geisler Mrs. Doris B. Gessner *









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Roslyn Gewirtz Mr. Charles Gignac Ms. Pamela Gignac Philomena and Sean P. Gildea John B. Goldham George and Susan Gorman Dr. Estherann M. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Graham Robert Graves Judy Gray Michael D. Groat Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis Dr. Joseph J. Gugenheim Jr. William E. Gundy Cheryl Hajjar Rud and Judie Ham Edith P. Hamburger Phillip R. Hardaker Alison S. Harris and Richard D. Harris Fred Healy Golnaz Heidari Frances P. Hennigan Mr. Andrew Herman Dr. and Mrs. John Herman Jonathan and Morgan Herman Ann Hirth Nancy Hoene Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Hokin Grace L. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hood Hope4Harper Arpi Hovagimian Benjamin C. Hovey Carl I. Hoyer Anastasia Inglis Charles E. Inglis Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Ishkanian Mr. Robert Jewell Dorothy H. Johnson Stephen Kahn Mark S. Kamphaus Katherine Kang Brad Karalius Leonard R. Karp Ms. Dara E. Osdoby Katz John D. Kellogg Dr. Hoshang J. Khambatta Dr. Omar Khwaja Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone Douglas A. King and Claire R. King William and Shirley King Mr. Dana Kingsbury Mr. David Kingsbury Rosalyn and Edward Klayman Charles R. Kleinsmith Mary A. Kleinsmith Eric and Catherine Kobren Dennis and Mary Ann Kostis Dr. Ronald N. Kozlowski Bryce and Eileen Kramer Carl Kristenson Carol Kroto Mr. and Mrs. Gleason T. Kuhn Beatrice D. LaPlante Dr. Danielle Ledoux and Augustin Serino Deirdre Leid Anne M. Lennon Mrs. Priscilla Lesses Rita H. Lincoln Susan Linder-Bean Carole A. and T. Barrett Lindsey Thomas D. and Doris M. Linn Joseph F. Linskey Sr. Sam and Nancy Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Los Eleanor Ludcke *






The Family of Katie Lynch Hilda S. and Edward MacLean Lawrence and Dorothy Maher Gregory and Margit Maklae Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus Ann C. Marenburg Andrea M. Marlar Maria Marques John D. Marsh and Joan S. Marsh John H. Marshall Martha Marshall James and Karen Maslow David Mason Kristen and James B. Masserio Josephine Mastracci Mrs. H. C. Matson Ross Mayer Jim and Mary Jo McCarthy Sandy McCormick Joseph and Karen McDonald Michael K. McDowell Margaret B. McHugh Patricia B. McLeod Sydney S. McMath Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McNulty Mark A. Medlinsky Mr. Robert W. Melbye Lyle and Anne Micheli Deborah Milkowski Joy Mixon Vicki and Fred Modell Christine Moeller Sharon Mongeon Edward P. Moran and Susan B. Moran Lucienne G. and Alfred E. Morin Sharon Beth Mosse Gregory L. Mowry David Leo Muccini Paul and Lisa Mullen Edwin and Elizabeth Murphy Joseph E. Murphy Dr. David G. Nathan and Mrs. Jean F. Nathan Edith E. Nechin Steven, Lauren, and Rachel Nevins Mr. John W. Newton Mrs. John T. G. Nichols David and Sandra Niconchuk Mr. William F. Nisbet Charlotte J. Noerdlinger Victor S. Noerdlinger Jr. Frederick Norris Louise C. Noyes-Balboni Karen O’Malley and Michael A. Feldman Team Owens Mr. Robert H. and Mrs. Dorothy A. Palenius Charles and Pauline Panagakos Chris and Bess Pappas Mr. Calvin Pardee Edward and Marcia Paszek and Family Ms. Dorothy R. Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. H. Bradlee Perry Mary E. Perry Roger A. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Perry Jr. Ogden E. Peterson Ms. Cynthia A. Pettit John M. Piantedosi Ms. Eileen M. Poirier Mary L. Postizzi Tonya Prechek Beth A. Presson Richard Prouty , in memory of Olive Higgins Prouty John T. Putnam Todd Quinto and Judy Larsen Gloria F. Rabinowitz Robert G. Rains *





George and Nancy Ramsden Mr. Leo Rando Elvin and Myrtle Rawlins Cindy and Matthew Remis Mark J. Reuter Martin L. and Bernice P. Rich Heinz and Jill Riehl Daniel and Jill Rigoli Briane J. Ritchie Helen P. Rogers Richard Rohrbacher Bill Rosa Florence R. Rosenberg and Howard P. Gerrin Esq. Ms. Johanna Roses Nan I. Rosner Louise C. and Dr. Robert R. Rossi Florence M. Russell Terrence K. Ryan Corey Salka and Lisa Orlick Salka Ms. Helen Sardellitti Stuart Sargent Norma and Roger Alfred Saunders J. Patrick and Kathleen Scanlon Emily F. Schabacker Ms. Sophie C. Schmitter Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schneidman Martin L. Schoolcraft Mrs. Nancy S. Serafini Laura Shamp Jeanne E. Shaughnessy Arlene Shea Mr. Edmund C. Sheahan The Sherbrooke Family John Shillito Jr., MD Stanley Shmishkiss Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Beverly Silverman John R. Silvio Ann D. Simione Barbara and James J. Skeffington and Family Lynda J. Skerry Barry and Candace Sloane James Smith and Gail Federici-Smith Norma E. Smith Ms. Sarah Smith Sodhani Foundation Dr. Alice Soref Virginia H. and Thomas D. Soutter Judy G. Spencer William Thomas Spencer III Patricia and David Squire Norman Y. Stein Reverend Alexander Stewart Jr. and Hilda H. Stewart Shirley Stolfors Anne and Galen Stone Ms. Jennifer L. Stone Meade and Mary Elizabeth Stone David and Diane Stuart Helen F. Summers Ann S. Sylvester Michael D. Tancreti Kelly Taranto Phil Terpos Barbara Ann Thav Mark Theall Ms. Phaedra P. Thomas-Kowal Leslyn Anderson Thorne Drs. N. Thorne and Joanna S. Griscom Dolores Toomey Estate Benjamin Torf Alan G. Tripp Mrs. Robert E. Tucker Jackson Turner Anne R. and Dr. Irving Umansky Nancy and Carlo Valente Dr. Susan E. Waisbren *









Boston Children’s Hospital | Circles of Leadership, continued

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Ms. Anne Marie Walker Christine R. Walsh Virginia L. Walsh Ann Trimble Warren David and Sharyn Weiner Carol A. Wendell Wayne and Ellen Whippen Mr. David White Joseph D. White Melissa and Donald White Ms. Peggy Wiley William Wiley Emily Wilford and Arthur M. Johnson Mrs. Carter C. Willsey Catherine Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wolbach Mrs. Frances S. Wolff Susan Wolff Richard S. Wolfman Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Laurence S. Wolk Mardie Manness Wright Patchay Xiong Ms. Shanna Yarmovsky Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Yarze Mr. Douglas N. Young Mrs. Katharine Kavanaugh Zambetti Elizabeth Zausmer Beverly M. Zawacki Frances Zunker *






Estates and Trusts Estate and trust gifts often represent a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to Boston Children’s that will benefit generations to come. Thank you. $100,000 to $249,999 LeRoy Creveling Trust Under Will Estate of Alfred Gallucci Estate of Bruce Hartman Estate of Gilda R. Knight Estate of Emilio Mancini Estate of Norma McFarlane $50,000 to $99,999 Estate of Charles M. and Mary F. Grady $25,000 to $49,999 Estate of Blanche Simpson Bayrd Kellett Family Trust Gladys C. MacKay Estate Estate of Robert L. Major Estate of Robert N. Steele Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust $10,000 to $24,999 Estate of Raymond L. Bailey Estate of William M. Bennet Estate of Bruce Henry Cote Estate of Delia P. Frissora Estate of Emily E. Heald Estate of Helen W. Kusic Elizabeth D. May Charitable Reminder Unitrust Estate of Michael L. Reuter Estate of George L. Weymouth Estate of Richard Yakavonis $5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Estate of Florence Chigas Estate of Edward H. Selib $2,500 to $4,999 Carol Kroto Tangible Property Trust Estate of John P. Van Alstyne

$1,000 to $2,499 Estate of Emma Ruth Braun

Tributes Special individuals have inspired others to make a gift to Boston Children’s. Those honored or remembered with a gift in their name are listed here. In Honor of Christopher Akerman Charlie Baker Dr. Jeffrey Bass Dr. Stuart B. Bauer Mila Benderson Dr. Charles B. Berde Abigale Jean Binette Tommy Blackshaw Dr. Elizabeth Blume and Team Kalli-Blake Bramlett Stearns and Jenna Briggs Emery Brooks Melissa and Taylor Brunetti Marlene Bukowski Naomi Buldini Samantha Burns Benjamin S. Butcher Elizabeth Byrnes Addison Cameron Christopher Campbell Abigail E. Cohen Dr. Laurie Cohen Dr. Steven D. Colan Maddie Collins Jacob Crevier Brenna Curley Joel E. Cutler Dr. Pedro J. del Nido Isabel DeLuca Orestes and Hloy Demetriades Shangkang Deng Peter DeSanto William E. Desmarais Dr. James A. Dinardo Mason, Sydney and Alexandra Duchesne Robert Duffy Jr. Dr. John B. Emans II Aviva and Leo Epstein Sonia and Robert Fad Alex Feldman Sandra L. Fenwick Dr. and Mrs. Norton Fishman Dr. Steven J. Fishman Dr. Gary R. Fleisher Adam Foye Owen Gardner Evelyn Gentile Carolyn Gombosi James and Dorothy Goodman Matthew Govostes Dr. Richard J. Grand John R. Grey IV Dr. Anne Hansen Emily Hatch Dr. John T. Herrin and Team Katharine G. Hisgen Ethan J. Howe Daniel Irwin Sara Jones Stephen R. Karp Dr. James R. Kasser The Kawasaki Team Ewan Kennedy Katina Kouripines Jack E. Kozlowski James Annenberg La Vea

Dr. Brian Labow Katherine Landry David and Nicole Lapidus Cynthia Lawry Christian Layman Isabelle and Sophie Lefebvre Nicole Levine Dr. Craig W. Lillehei Sam Litchman Mark Lynch Dr. Jennifer Mack Dr. James Mandell Maggie Mansfield Charlie Martin Connor Maruska Dr. John E. Mayer Jr. Jaime McGovern Kevin Meehan Karen Mello and Shelley Jackson Dr. Robert S. Michaels Dr. John B. Mulliken Philip Nelson Cameron Newbold Jasper Nicholas Megan Nilles 7 North NICU Staff Bess and Chris Pappas Michael Pereira Abbe Raven Dr. Alan B. Retik David Borman Riggs Kaitlana Rose Casey Jane Russo Daniel Orlick Salka Maria Stata Schotland Dr. Michael Scott Dr. Navil F. Sethna Dr. Robert C. Shamberger Laura Shippee Ben Shirley Matthew K. Sidman The Simon Family Mary Beth Soskin Lily Sosland Goodman Andria Suzanne White Sousa Jennifer L. Stone Dr. Robert Sundel Amy and Barry Sylvetsky Allison Tarzwell Kiernan Tellier Rafael Liebowitz Thayer Town of Sharon, MA Carlo Premoli Trovati Lillian Trujillo Lia Blair Turkington Dr. Nicole Ullrich Dr. Ahmet Z. Uluer Dr. David K. Urion Wendy Warring, JD Robert J. Watson Jane Weitzman Emma Wendland Dr. Jay Wilson Natalee Rose Wizwer David Zielinski In Memory of Maxwell Ainsworth Kenneth Anderson Karen Andrews Marisa Ilene Auerbach Dr. Mary Ellen Avery Paul K. Babalas Nicholas Edward Baio Ella Barone Makenzie Lynn Guilbeault Bartlett

| 35

Sharon Bayard Celia Bernstein Hyman Bernstein Elizabeth and George Bieber Christopher Bloomfield Michael Andrew Boudreau Jeffrey Box Andy Brennan Dr. Michael Bresnan C. J. Buckley Arlene Bulens Adelle Burstein Norman Byrnes Brian A. Caldwell Alexander Joseph Callahan Joan T. Cave David Cayton Lily Chalko Anna Rose Chisholm Josephine Coccoluto Agostino Cocozza Bella Cohen Philip William Cohen Richard Collins Paul Contini Harriet H. Corkin Patricia Kay Cort Phyllis Cotter Tucker Joseph Critchley James E. Crowley Jr. Michael F. Crowley Jr. Eli James Curran Jeffrey P. Daley Mariam Grosberg Dane Nathan and Minne David Jennifer C. Delaney Sophie Allman Denison Martin Denitzio Jacqueline Desai Lucas Hugo Garcia Diaz Daniel P. Dillon Charles E. Diorio Alexa Jane Feuerstein DiPalma Colin Domanico Constantinos Doumanidis Nathaniel Downing Meghan Kathleen Duffy Maurice J. Dunne Maria Efstratoudakis William J. Falasca Constance Favalora William Fecko Bette Jane Finkelstein Sally Ann Foley Dr. Moses J. Folkman Anna S. Friend Angelo Gentile Dr. Peter G. Gombosi Tucker Gowen Charles Michael Grady Dr. Robert E. Gross Gia Gulaya Maureen Hanlon Patricia A. Hanlon Walter Hanlon John Michael Harris Evi Haseotes Steven John Hasomeris III Cindy Jane Henderson Eric T. Hill Nancy I. Hoyer, RN Daniel Hunt Margaret R. Hurlbut Dr. Franc D. Ingraham Stanley Jacobs Stanley Jozefiak

Kristin Capri Kalliche Grayson Edward Kapferer Stephen Karelitz Sam Kassenoff Paul Koretz Daniel J. Kostis Dr. Charles S. Lapidus and Marilyn H. Lapidus Richard J. Law Melanie Lee Rose Winer Levin Jennifer Lincoln Ethan Lindberg Gary P. Lucier Rob Lusignan Paul E. Mansfield Brian Patrick Markee Emma Louise Marrone Bento S. Martin Jr. Jennifer McCarthy Joan M. McColgan Elsie E. McCowan Dean McCutcheon Judith J. Melanson Norman Metivier Rachel Elizabeth Murphy Dennis Nabb John Norris IV Ellie Rose Orefice Johnny Edward O’Rourke IV Natalie Ossenbeck Nicholas Alexander Owens Maggie Parant Marianna Paschali Jason T. Pearl Leila Perlmutter Elizabeth Bradlee Perry Shelby Lynn Posin William Ragusa Barbara Bloom Ranson Anna Sophia Roffel Selma Rosen Alfred Louis Rotman Maddie Savoie Dr. Michael W. Shannon Dr. John Shillito Jr. Donald and Barbara Silverman J. Thomas Smith Shirley Ann St. Pierre Paul James Stamatos Emily Starr Warren Stone William J. Strain Jr. Frank S. Tankel Sally Taylor Richard L. Tennis Leah Tepper Frances Torchio Rose Marie Troiano Samara Jan Turkel William Twomey Anne Vaccari Blake Morgan VanDernoot Victims of Sandy Hook Johanna von Rickenbach Corbin Wegman Jameson White Valerie Ella Wieland Brian Wilcox Patrick Wilkins Jaxon Williams Maya Elizabeth Williams Laurence Wolk John Zgonis



A meaningful marathon Cheryl Flynn runs the Boston Marathon for the hospital’s Miles for Miracles team in gratitude for her smart, funny and strong-willed son, Matthew, above. But five years ago, his future was far from certain. Matthew and his twin brother, James, were born premature at 26 weeks. James passed away soon after birth, while Matthew, weighing just over a pound, continued to fight. Matthew suffered from organ failure, couldn’t breathe on his own, and had a hole in his bowel— his biggest challenge. Matthew arrived at our NICU in the middle of the night for a complicated surgery, and slowly began to heal: growing, gaining weight, and breathing on his own. “As Matthew began to thrive, we finally could take in all that was happening in the NICU— all of the lives that these nurses and doctors were changing,” Cheryl says. “Running 26 miles and raising $5,000 is only a small start to express the gratitude and appreciation we feel.” ®

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Boston Children’s Hospital | Foundations

Foundations $1 Million and Above Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation Anonymous Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates, Inc. Children’s Hospital Radiology Foundation, Inc. The Ellison Medical Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust The Manton Foundation J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation The Simons Foundation $500,000 to $999,999 CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. CHMC Surgical Foundation, Inc. March of Dimes The Mayday Fund Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc. Yawkey Foundation II $250,000 to $499,999 American Association for Cancer Research American Diabetes Association Anonymous Autism Speaks, Inc. Fondation Bertarelli Boston Children’s Heart Foundation, Inc. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Children’s Hospital Neurology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc. Ellison Foundation Charles H. Hood Foundation International Rett Syndrome Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation The New York Stem Cell Foundation One Mission The Rainwater Charitable Foundation Thrasher Research Fund The V Foundation for Cancer Research $100,000 to $249,999 Joe Andruzzi Foundation Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation—George B. Handran and U.S. Bank, N.A. Co-Trustees Boston Plastic & Oral Surgery Foundation, Inc. Cancer Research Institute The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research Josephine and Louise Crane Foundation Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Dana-Farber Cancer Institute The Dana Foundation Dravet Syndrome Foundation Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research (DHFMR) The Irving Harris Foundation The William Randolph Hearst Foundation International Spinal Research Trust Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust The Lymphatic Malformation Institute Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc. G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation Melanoma Research Alliance The John Merck Fund Ambrose Monell Foundation The Peabody Foundation, Inc. Pediatric Endocrine Society The Perkin Fund The Pew Charitable Trusts Prostate Cancer Foundation

Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts, Inc. Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard and Susan Smith; Amy, John, James and Elizabeth Berylson; Jennifer Berylson Block and Jonathan Block; Robert and Dana Smith; Debra, Jessica and Andrew Knez St. Baldrick’s Foundation Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance Whitehall Foundation, Inc. The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation $50,000 to $99,999 Advanced Medical Research Foundation Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation The American Society of Hematology The Arthritis Foundation The Baby Alex Foundation Boomer Esiason Foundation Coalition to Cure Calpain 3 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc. Demoulas Foundation Duchenne Alliance Epilepsy Research Foundation The Family Inn Foundation First Candle SIDS Alliance Simeon J. Fortin Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, Trustee Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust Thomas Hartman Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Inc. The Y.C. Ho, Helen & Michael Chiang Foundation The Hoyt Foundation, Inc. Jane’s Trust Knights Templar Eye Foundation Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW of the United States William Lawrence and Blanche Hughes Foundation Lung Cancer Research Foundation Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation G. Gorham Peters Trust Harry M. Pethybridge Trust 3R Research Foundation Switzerland Ryan’s Quest The Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) Program The Thoracic Foundation Tyler Charitable Foundation J.L. Weil and G.R. Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation, Inc. Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation $25,000 to $49,999 Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc. Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (NARSAD) Children’s Heart Foundation of Nevada Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. Children’s Lifeline International, Inc. CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. Combined Federal Campaign Kendall Rose Davis Memorial Foundation The Duchenne Research Fund Florida SIDS Alliance, Inc. Galactosemia Foundation Gratis Foundation George Harrington Trust Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, Inc. Hermann Foundation, Inc. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Hope Funds for Cancer Research Jacobs Foundation Jain Foundation, Inc. Susan G. Komen for the Cure The LAM Foundation

Wallace M. Leonard Foundation Zoltan Mesko Foundation National Lung Cancer Partnership The National Marfan Foundation NIDCAP Federation International, Inc. Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Fund Olive Higgins Prouty Foundation Soviero Foundation Stuart Family Foundation Edwin S. Webster Foundation The Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation $10,000 to $24,999 The ALS Association Autism Consortium, LLC BlackRock Foundation The Jacob Neil Boger Foundation, Inc. Boston Pedi Neurosurgical Foundation Marion F. Boynton Trust Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. Epilepsy Foundation The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Goldman Sachs Gives The Greenwall Foundation The High Pointe Foundation Mabel A. Horne Trust The HSC Foundation Iowa SIDS Foundation MBJ Foundation For SIDS The Mary A. and John M. McCarthy Foundation Mend a Heart Foundation Miss America Organization The Plastic Surgery Foundation Prevent Blindness America Sidney and Esther Rabb Charitable Foundation The Shawkemo Fund Tim Thomas Foundation, Inc. United States—Israel Binational Science Foundation The Walmart Foundation World Federation of Neurology $5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Aon Foundation Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry Children’s Tumor Foundation The Johnny Damon Foundation, Inc. Federal Realty Investment Trust Hess Foundation, Inc. Intercontinental Charities Ladybug CDH Foundation Maine SIDS Foundation Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc. Porpoise Fund Louis and Ida Selib Memorial Fund John and Elizabeth Turner Foundation $2,500 to $4,999 American Academy of Pediatrics Anonymous The Favalora Family Charitable Fund Americo J. Francisco Charity Fund The Lucky Dog Too Fund Charlie Trotter’s Culinary Education Foundation $1,000 to $2,499 Charity Gift Certificates Cumming Foundation Dart Group II Foundation, Inc. Deer Valley Foundation Robert Duffy’s Direct Impact Fund The Echo Foundation

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EvergreenHealth Foundation Fellows Foundation William Gallagher Associates Engage in Health Foundation Gift4Giving Program Lion Brand Yarn Foundation McGladrey Charitable Foundation Louis & Lena Minkoff Foundation Martin Salomon Morton & Gustel Schreiber Morton Foundation Muddy Pond Trust Fund Nypro Foundation Maggie Parant Memorial Fund Alexandra Simpson Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation George S. Troupe Foundation The Payton Wright Foundation, Inc.

Corporations $1 Million and Above New Balance Foundation Stuart Weitzman, Inc. Walmart Stores, Inc./Sam’s Club $500,000 to $999,999 Anonymous Kohl’s Department Stores $250,000 to $499,999 Caesars Entertainment Corporation NSTAR Foundation Ocean Capital Investments NB Limited Rite Aid Pharmacy $100,000 to $249,999 Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc. Costco Wholesale Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts, Inc. Eastern Corporate Federal Credit Union Fidelity Investments Genzyme, a sanofi company Gordon Brothers Group, LLC Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pfizer Inc. $50,000 to $99,999 Bain Capital Children’s Charity, Ltd. Bank of America Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Boston Bread, LLC Boston Bruins Foundation Burroughs Wellcome Fund Circle K Comcast Foundation Covidien DentaQuest Foundation Extra Life Fisher Wallace Laboratories Friedmutter Group G. Greene Foundation Goldman Sachs & Co. HESS Corporation The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology IHOP Restaurants Legal Sea Foods Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. Marriott Boston Hotels Olympia Sports RE/MAX of New England Roche Bros. Supermarkets Rock Gaming, LLC Suffolk Construction’s Red and Blue Foundation TD Bank Unilever

$25,000 to $49,999 Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Amica Mutual Insurance Company Anonymous Biomarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. Biomed Realty Trust Bloomingdale’s, Inc. The Boston Red Sox and The Red Sox Foundation Boston Scientific Foundation The Caesars Foundation Chico’s FAS, Inc. Coinstar, Inc. CSL Behring, LLC Cumberland Farms, Inc. CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Dairy Queen Decibels Charity Corporation Emotiv Lifesciences General Electric Company Google, Inc. Granite, LLC Gucci America, Inc. The Kraft Group, The Kraft Family and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc. McLane Company, Inc. New England Development Panera Bread Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP PepsiCo Putnam Investments, Inc. Samuels & Associates, LLC Smart Brain and Health Sun Life Financial TD Bank, through the TD Charitable Foundation Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. W. A. Richardson Builders, LLC Waste Management Waters Corporation Whale Rock Capital $10,000 to $24,999 Ace Hardware AEG Live AEW Capital Management, LP Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP ALPCO Diagnostics ARE ND CR Longwood Ventures, LLC Atlantic Management Corporation au bon pain Baxter Healthcare Corporation Boston Properties, Inc. Cafua Management Co, LLC CIGNA Foundation Cirque Du Soleil Citizens Bank Foundation Credit Suisse Dellaria Salons Deutsche Bank Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Elkus Manfredi Architects, LTD Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. FedEx Corporation Garnet Construction Co., Inc. Genentech, Inc. General Catalyst Management, LLC General Catalyst Partners The Gerber Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Goulston & Storrs Hill, Holliday Hyatt Regency Boston ICI Software Recruitment, Inc. Instinet Jaco EcoSolutions, LLC The Jacobs Family/Delaware North Companies

Jefferies & Company, Inc. John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Kao Brands Company Klai Juba Architects KPMG, LLP Las Vegas Sands Corp. Latham & Watkins, LLP Manulife Financial MarkeTeam, Inc. Mayer Brown, LLP Meineke Car Care Centers The Mercer Group Limited Metro PCS MFS Investment Management Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. NASA Federal Credit Union New England Sports Network Newton Place Associates I, LLC Nicholas Michaels Spa Nomura Securities International, Inc. Normandy Real Estate Partners North Bridge Venture Partners Nutricia North America Payette Associates, Inc. The PENTA Building Group, Inc. Perry Capital, LLC Playboy Enterprises, Inc. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. RR Donnelley Rue La La, Inc. SAC Capital Advisors, LP Salon Capri, Inc. Scales Architecture, Inc. Shaw’s Supermarkets Charitable Foundation Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Six Flags New England State Street Corporation Stonyfield Farms Strategic Benefit Advisors, Inc. SuperValu, Inc. The Swatch Group, Inc.—Omega Retail Division Synergy Financial, LLC Tractenberg and Company Turner Construction Company UBS-AG UGL Services Unicco Operations Co. Verizon Foundation Walgreens Corporate Office Weil, Gotshal & Magnes, LLP Wise Construction Corp. Wynn Resorts $5,000 to $9,999 Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, LLC Anonymous (2) Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. Athena Capital Advisors Atlantic-Brook House Realty, LLC Atlantic-Stetson Realty, LLC AvalonBay Communities, Inc. Bank of New England Bank of New York Mellon Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, Inc. Beaver Fund Inc. BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. The Bloomingdale’s Fund of the Macy’s Foundation Bluebird Bio, Inc. The Boston Globe Bruegger’s Bagels C/W Design Group, Inc. CambridgeSide Galleria Cassidy Turley CBT Architects Cerner Corporation *


38 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Corporations, continued

Corporate values brought to life Childhood obesity has nearly tripled in the past 30 years. There are many causes—but sadly, few proven strategies to combat this costly epidemic. With New Balance Foundation’s generous $8 million gift, Boston Children’s established The New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center to do just that. The Center is developing a wide range of care and community outreach initiatives, all shaped by findings from our leading researchers. Managing Trustee of the New Balance Foundation, Anne Davis (above with Center director David Ludwig, MD, PhD), is helping us lead the way. “We’re thrilled to partner with Boston Children’s to provide children and families the tools they need to lead more active, healthy lives.”

The Charlesmead Foundation, Inc. Chem-Aqua, Inc. Citizens Energy Corporation Commercial Masonry Corporation Cornerstone Therapeutics Crehan O’Donnell Diomede, Inc. Crossmark, Inc. Cummings Properties, LLC CVC Capital Partners Advisory (U.S.), Inc. The Davis Companies DLA Piper US, LLP Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation Eastdil Secured, LLC Eastern Propane Gas ElecComm Power Services, Inc. ENE Systems Epic Systems Corporation Equinox Equity Residential Foundation Care G. Greene Construction Co., Inc. Goppion Museum Workshop, Inc. Guardian Angel Motorsports Harry R. Feldman, Inc. Health Strategy Consulting, LLC Heritage Restoration, Inc. Hologic, Inc. IGT InterContinental Insurance Solutions International Health Services isgenuity, LLC J & M Brown Company, Inc. J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. Janitronics Building Services Jericho Capital Asset Management, LP Kellogg’s Lee Kennedy Co., Inc. LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC Longwood Security Services, Inc. Medizinische Hochschule Hannover Murphy Electric & Industrial Control, Inc. The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. New England Utility Constructors, Inc. Old Webster Street, LLC Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Parexel International, LLC PerkinElmer Foundation Prime Motor Group Raymond James and Associates, Inc. RBC Capital Markets Redgate Real Estate Advisors, LLC Richards Barry Joyce & Partners, LLC Robert W. Sullivan, Inc. Ropes & Gray, LLP Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, Inc. Sherin and Lodgen, LLP Shire Pharmaceuticals Group Skelmir, LLC Spencer Financial, LLC STAG Industrial, Inc. Stanley Elevator Company, Inc. Stilisti Salon Sunoco Synthes USA Sales, LLC Takara Bio, Inc. Tishman Speyer Properties The TJX Companies, Inc. Tsoi/Kobus & Associates Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Verisk Health W.B. Mason Walsh Brothers, Inc. Warner Chilcott, LLC Wells Enterprises, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

$2,500 to $4,999 A & A Move Consultants ABC Moving Services, Inc. Able Engineering Services ACME Waterproofing Company, Inc. Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Affinity Solutions, Inc. AKF Group, LLC Alliance Bernstein Allied Barton Security Services Ann Taylor Aptalis Pharma US, Inc. Aramark Sports & Entertainment Avalon Law Offices, PC Avero, Inc. BECFI - BAE SYSTEMS Employee Community Fund, Inc. The Ben E. Factors Foundation Bimbo Bakeries USA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Boston Brace International, Inc. The Business Journals C.L. Hauthaway & Sons Corporation Callahan, Inc. Callahan & Associates Cambrooke Foods, Inc. Colliers International Consigli Construction Co., Inc. CO-OP Financial Services CSL Foundation Deloitte and Touche USA, LLP DZT Eastern Real Estate EBI Consulting Electromed, Inc. Epsilon Associates, Inc. First Data Merchant Services Fitness Equipment Services Five Star Quality Care, Inc. Fondazione Centro San Raffaele del Monte Tabor Forest City Enterprises Freedom Building and Power Service, Inc. Given Imaging, Inc. Goodwin Procter, LLP Great Clips Haley & Aldrich, Inc. Haley & Ward, Inc. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvest Capital Partners Management, LLC Hill-Rom Hines Interest Ltd. Partnership Invesco Real Estate JP Morgan Chase Juliana’s Salon Kiewit Companies Foundation Kiradjieff & Goode, Inc. La Riviera Salon and Spa Laz Parking, Ltd. Lightower Fiber Networks Loon Ski Club, Inc. Mass Electric Construction Company Mats, Inc. Sales Team McNamara Salvia, Inc. Mercer Metratech MJF, LLC National Basketball Association National Development New York Life Foundation New York Life Insurance The Niles Company, Inc. Novo Nordisk, Inc. O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC Plush Creative Agency, LLC Pólvora Advertising Primi Foods Procter & Gamble Company

| 39

Pulmonary Specialties, PC Raptor Group RDK Engineers Research Blood Components, LLC Riemer & Braunstein, LLP Roseview Capital Partners, LLC Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. SCR & Associates, LLC Shag Salon Shawmut Design and Construction Shepard Group, Inc. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc. Skin for All Seasons State Street Foundation Stewart Title Guaranty Company Stryker Instruments Tobin & Sons Towers Watson Triumvirate Environmental, Inc. TRO Jung/Brannen Corporation ViaCord, Inc. Viscom Systems, Inc. W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. Welch & Forbes, LLC Wella Corporation $1,000 to $2,499 Aaron’s Ohtahara The Active Network, Inc. Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman & Guekguezian AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc. Allevato Architects Alliance Data AMLY Corporation Anonymous Apollo Security International, Inc. Applied Nutrition Corp. Austin Liquor Co., Inc. Barclay’s Capital The Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation BayCoast Bank Bella Bridal Shoppe Bella Sante Wellesley, LLC Bliss Salon Block Club Cards, Inc. Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Bow Athletic Club Bradley & Diegel, Inc. Breakaway Ventures Bridgewater Credit Union BRL Law Group, LLC Bruce S. Brickman & Associates, Inc. BSP, Inc. Buffington, Inc. Cambridge Associates, LLC Castanea Partners, Inc. Caturano and Company Foundation CBS Radio Cengage Learning Choate, Hall & Stewart Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Common Cents New York, Inc. Compliance Process Partners, LLC Connors Farm, Inc. Corporate Technologies Cube 3 Studio Architects Demoulas Supermarkets, Inc. Dover Automotive Service The Driscoll Agency Eastern Bank Eaton Vance Management The Elsevier Foundation Entravision Communications Corporation ERBE USA Incorporated EUSAPharma Fleet Refrigeration, Inc.

Four Way Meat Corp. Frank I. Rounds Company Fresh Hair Salon G & C Concrete Construction, Inc. Gilchrist & Soames Gilead Sciences, Inc. Global Cruises, Inc. Glynn Realty Goodrich Corporation Harrisville Golf Course Hoffman Partners, LLC HP Hood, LLC Ignito, Inc. James Joseph Salon Katz Properties KeyPoint Partners, LLC Keystone Partners Kimberly-Clark Corporation La Scala The Lombardo Companies Marcus Investments, LLC Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation McCall & Almy, Inc. Mitrano Hair Salon Mizu for Hair Mortgage Master, Inc. National Health Systems, Inc. New England Building Supply New England Controls Northeast Rental Dealers Association Orchard Yarn & Thread Company Otis Elevator Company Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. Papa’s Bar & Grille, Inc. The Parthenon Group Pearson Foundation Fund Perkins and Will Persona Hair Salon Pizza Market of Woburn Plumbers’ Supply Company Polycast International Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RBM Technologies, Inc. Redburn Partners USA, LP Reed & Barton Foundation, Inc. REIT Management & Research, LLC Rent-A-Center Community Affair Robert Reiser & Co., Inc. Roblin Insurance Agency, Inc. Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation Salon Astante Salon Eva Michelle, LLC Sandhill Scientific Schochet Boston, Inc. The Service Companies, Inc. Shaw Contract Group Shaw Industries, Inc. Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Sloane and Walsh, LLP Solid Body Fitness Spark Capital Partners, LLC Starfox Realty Trust Stephen Kellogg, LLC Synageva BioPharma Technique Swim Camp, Inc. Tec-Mar Industries, Inc. Teva Pharmaceuticals Thomas H. Lee Partners, LP Tiffany and Company Two M’s Corporation Uncle Ang Foundation, Inc. United HealthCare Services, Inc. Universal Dental Lab Upper Cape Anesthesia Verizon Wireless

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated Vitaflo USA, LLC Wash Depot Holdings, Inc. Will Charles Salon, Inc. William Gallagher Associates Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Women’s Wellness Institute WTB International Development, Ltd. Zotos International, Inc.

Matching Gifts A&E Television Networks Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program Amica Companies Foundation Bank of America Foundation The Baupost Group, LLC Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Coach Matching Gift Program GE Foundation General Electric Foundation Give with Liberty GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Google Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund HP Company Foundation IBM Corporation Illinois Tool Works Foundation ING Foundation Institute for Cultural Exchange, Inc. ITW Foundation Jefferies & Company, Inc. John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies McKesson Matching Gifts MFS Investment Management Microsoft Corporation Natixis Global Associates Pfizer Foundation Pioneer Investment Management USA, Inc. Putnam Investments Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Soros Fund Charitable Matching Gifts State Street Matching Gift Program Swiss Re Matching Gift Program Teleflex Foundation TIFF Advisory Services, Inc. Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program UnumProvident Corporation Verizon Foundation Wellington Management Company, LLP Yahoo! Corporate Matching Gift Program

Gifts in Kind Adamas Fine Jewlery Affinia Hotels Alpine Restaurant Group, Inc. Aruba Tourism Authority Base Entertainment The Benjamin Hotel Boston Bruins Boston Bruins Foundation Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc. Boston Magazine The Boston Red Sox and The Red Sox Foundation Caesars Entertainment Corporation California Creative Republic CitationAir The Container Store CrossHarbor Capital Partners, LLC Susan J. Dayno and Donald P. Callahan DuVine Adventures Raquel and Dr. Dario Fauza *


40 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Gifts in Kind, continued

Ben and Wendy Fischman Flamingo Las Vegas Four Seasons Hotel Boston Four Seasons Hualalai Resort Four Seasons Punta Mita Getty Images Global Trading & Consulting Karen R. and Rob T. Hale HardRock Hotel & Casino Hilton Worldwide IHOP/Mr. Stax Inc. The Jacobs Family/Delaware North Companies JetBlue Airways, Inc. JPBoden Services Kerzner International Bahamas Kiss 108 The Kraft Group, The Kraft Family and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation La Costa Resort and Spa Las Vegas Sands Corp. Liberty National Golf Club Live With Kelly and Michael Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar Barbara Lynch The Lyons Group Max Ultimate Food, Inc. Maya Meirav Houte Couture Mistral Mix 104.1 Boston The Museum of Fine Arts Nantucket Island Resorts National Amusements, Inc. New England Aquarium New England Revolution Charitable Foundation New England Sports Network New Hampshire Fisher Cats The New York Palace Hotel Omni Los Angeles Hotel Palms Casino Resort Penn & Teller The Phoenix Media/Communications Group Portabello Road Valerie K. and Larry M. Post Pratesi Radisson Aruba Kay D. and Stephen C. Rice Roger Pelissier Photography S.A. Chrobak, Ltd. Samsonite Marc Savard Sea Island Seaport Hotel Six Flags New England The Smith Center Social Boston Sports Spring Creek Ranch St. Regis Resort Aspen Stowe Mountain Lodge Stuart Weitzman, Inc. The Swatch Group, Inc.—Omega Retail Division Union Bar and Grille Via Matta Walton Street Capital, LLC Wayland Travel The Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Foundation Wells Enterprises, Inc. Whole Foods Market Thomas J. Wynn Zuffa, LLC

Associations $500,000 to $999,999 Children’s Hospital League $100,000 to $249,999 Partners Healthcare System

$50,000 to $99,999 The American Society of Hematology Hartford Hospital $25,000 to $49,999 The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Fore the Kids Golf Tournament Harvard University IESE Business School, North American Business Club Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America The Rotary Club of Bairnsdale USA Gymnastics $10,000 to $24,999 Azrael’s Wish Credit Unions for Kids Emmanuel College Dance Marathon First United Methodist Church IBM Employee Services Center UMASS Dartmouth Dance Marathon Wentworth Institute of Technology Dance Marathon $5,000 to $9,999 The Alberta Teachers’ Association American Friends of Ramban Medical Center American Legion, Department of MA Analogic Employees Annunciation Cathedral of Brockton Freeman Centennial Schools Goteam21 Hellenic Women’s Club Christopher Knight Memorial Golf Classic Major League Soccer Pine Grove Elementary School United Brothers of Carpenters, Carpenters Local 275 United Way of Pioneer Vally, Inc. The Winchendon Project $2,500 to $4,999 American Legion, Department of NH Assabet Valley Vocational School District Battle of the Bands Boston Association of Claims Executive, Inc. Elmwood Elementary School Keegan Scot Southers Memorial Scholarship Fund Nicholas’ Pizzeria Old Dorchester Post 65 Oxford Middle School Somerville Road Runners Inc. UMASS Boston Dance Marathon $1,000 to $2,499 Allyson Culgin Fundraiser Alpha Omega Council Attleboro High School Baldwin School Bethesda Lodge, No. 30 I.O.O.F. Blanchard Memorial School Boston College High School Boston Lodge of Elks, No. 10 Bourne High School Bowl Your Heart Out Fundraiser Brandeis University Dance Marathon Danversport Yacht Club, Inc. East Elementary School Everett High School Fiske Elementary Gilbert Intermediate School The Goddard School Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society Greek Orthodox Goya of Arlington Hingham Middle School Horizon Beverage Sales Representative

The Incredible Teddy Foundation Little Sprouts Brighton School Lt. James A. Logan Post 6800 VFW General Fund Lynnhurst Elementary School M4M Fundraiser Party Maine Behavioral Health Partnership Malden Catholic High School Mashpee High School Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress The Massachusetts Elks Association, Inc. NE All Stars for Children’s New England Association of Retail Lenders, Inc. Newburyport High School Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Pakistan Association of Greater Boston The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Psychology Pentucket Regional School District Phi Delta Epsilon Play Without Pain Giving Opp Proceeds Plum Cove Elementary School Rigshospitalet Run to Redbones Saint Nectarios Philoptochos Society Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stablemates 4-H Horse Club Steere Farm Elementary School Stephenville Independent School Telstar Middle School Thoreau School TJ’s Fundraiser University of Florida Westbrook Middle School Weston Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. The Williston Northampton School Winchester Police Fund Raising Committee

Children’s Hospital League This year’s gala, A Night of Smiles and Laughter, raised nearly $600,000 with help from a dedicated committee, generous sponsors, and caring co-chairs MaryJane Ehrenzeller and Lisa Tabenkin. Adamas Fine Jewlery Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman & Guekguezian Alpine Restaurant Group, Inc. Daniel and Ali Andelman The Andrade Group Anonymous (2) Corey M. and Nikki Bialow Bloomingdale’s, Inc. The Bloomingdale’s Fund of the Macy’s Foundation Boston Bruins Foundation Amy M. and Tony M. Briney Denise D. Burns and Dr. Jeffrey P. Burns Kathleen M. and John D. Burns Philip and Janet Cady Robert H. and Amy Carp Ronni J. and Ronald G. Casty Diane and Michael Cavallo Charlesbank Capital Partners CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. Nicole and Brian Clark Philip W. and Bella Cohen Family Foundation The Container Store Couto Companies Management Mr. Theodore H. Cutler D’Alelio Management Co., LLC Helen D’Alelio Foundation Stacey and Bruce Danziger Heidi M. and Ted A. Davis Susan J. Dayno and Donald P. Callahan Paul F. and Lori Deninger Edward Deveau

| 41

John and Janet D’Orsi Amy and William B. Drucker Carolyn D. Drucker Mary B. Dunn Charitable Trust DuVine Adventures Eaton Vance Management MaryJane and Mark Ehrenzeller Rachel M. and Lee Ehrenzeller Lynne and Stuart Elfland Drs. John and Jean Emans Equinox Raquel and Dr. Dario Fauza The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Nancy and Neal Foster Four Seasons Hotel Boston Four Seasons Punta Mita Frank I. Rounds Company Rachel and John Gilli Eileen and Charles Glovsky Jackson and Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust Jamie Golden Goldman Sachs & Co. Ed and Carolyn Goldman Dorothy and James Goodman Beth and Larry Greenberg Linda J. and Timothy T. Hanifin Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harrison Mimi and Charles R. Irving III Madeleine and Peter Jacobson Bonnie and Erik Johnsen Nikki and Dr. Paul Johnson Beth Ann and Robert C. Junkin The Karelitz Family—Susan, Neal, Jonathan, Bradley and Gregory Karelitz Lori and Stewart Karger Karp Family Foundation—Stephen, Jill, Douglass and Jana Karp Kerzner International Bahamas Julie and Jeff Kobold The Harvey and Barbara Kroiz Family Foundation La Costa Resort and Spa Anthony and Rebekah LaCava Lisa A. LaFrance and Richard A. Huntt Randi and John Lapidus Drs. Marc R. Laufer and Susan Rosenfeld-Laufer Jane and Robert M. Lavine Laz Parking, Ltd. Emily and Brett J. L’Esperance Steven and Pamela Lesser Laraine and Jeffry Levy Liberty National Golf Club Lightower Fiber Networks The Lombardo Companies Barbara Lynch Teri M. and Ian MacDuff Julie M. and David R. Marcus Max Ultimate Food, Inc. The Medeiros Family Brianne Medeiros Debra M. and Eitan Milgram Barbara R. and Alan S. Miller Caryl Miller and Gary Shaw Karen and Jeffrey M. Miller Mistral Jessica and Charles Myers Nantucket Island Resorts National Development The New York Palace Hotel Dr. Stephen J. and Jennifer Noxon Omni Los Angeles Hotel O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC Edward and Karen Philip Portabello Road Pratesi Radisson Aruba Randolph Donuts, Inc. *

Marilyn S. and Elliot B. Ravech Riemer & Braunstein, LLP Roblin Insurance Agency, Inc. Roger Pelissier Photography Ropes & Gray, LLP Lauren and Steven A. Rosen Sharman and Larry S. Rosen Denise and Scot Rosenblum Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal Eli and Emily Rubenstein Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation Ms. Saie Sabet and Mr. Saeed Pirooz Jack and Nancy Saperstone Robin and Steven Scari Barbara and James L. Schaye Schochet Boston, Inc. Schoen Family Foundation Janet and Eric Schwartz Ellen and Steven Segal SF Management Co., LLC Barbara and Edward Shapiro Douglas and Andrea Shaw Ifat and Jonathan A. Shelon Rachel and Jonathan Sieber Leslie and Jason Silberman Lesley and Philip Silberstein Deborah B. and Gerald R. Simches Wendy and Michael Simches Alfred A. and Gilda K. Slifka Louise C. Slotnick and Family Leslie C. and Stanford Smith Carolyn and Jeff Snider Dr. Nancy Jo Soporowski and Vito J. Palombella Irma and Aaron Spencer Spring Creek Ranch St. Regis Resort Aspen Stowe Mountain Lodge Lauri and Alex Sugar Drs. Elinor E. Svenson and Mark S. Klempner Mary Sue and Anthony P. Terranova Robin R. and Perry M. Traquina Union Bar and Grille Patricia G. and Richard Vancil Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wade Gail and Arthur Wald Wendy and David Waldman Watermark Donut Company Wayland Travel Patricia and Richard Wayne Roberta and Stephen Weiner Richard Weintraub Sherri L. and Douglas R. Wolf Steven Wynne and Joseph N. Gibbons

It’s all fun(draising) and games There are lots of ways to raise money—and Extra Life shows that playing games can be one of them. This 24-hour game marathon, developed by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, encourages gamers to collect pledges per hour played, all to benefit associated children’s hospitals. Led by Rick Heaton of Turbine, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. that develops online games, local gamers raised $92,283. Heaton alone raised $18,488.71, becoming the event’s top fundraiser nationwide. How’d he do it? After 18 years with his beloved beard, he agreed to shave it if he surpassed $15,000.



42 |

Boston Children’s Hospital | Trust Events

Boston Children’s Hospital Trust Events Champions for Children’s This annual sports-themed dinner and auction—backed by the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and New England Revolution—raised more than $3.2 million for the hospital with tremendous leadership from event chairs Ben Butcher and Bryan Koop. New England Patriots player Zoltan Mesko was recognized with a Champion Award for his contributions to Boston Children’s and the community. Presenting Sponsor Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts, Inc. Platinum Sponsors Friedmutter Group New England Acura Dealers Official Airline Sponsor JetBlue Airways, Inc. Gold Sponsors Bain Capital Children’s Charity, Ltd. Douglas and Diana Berthiaume Biomed Realty Trust Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Inc. Paul and Sandy Edgerley Granite, LLC Gucci New England Development Mr. and Mrs. Steven Samuels Silver Sponsors Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP Steven and Deborah Barnes Anita and Joshua Bekenstein Boston Bruins and NESN Boston Properties, Inc. The Caesars Foundation John and Stephanie Connaughton Keith and Debbie Gelb John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. The Kraft Group, The Kraft Family and The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine Stephen and Kristin Mugford National Development Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, LLP Geoffrey and Laura Rehnert The Swatch Group, Inc.—Omega Retail Division Waters Corporation Wise Construction Corp. Bronze Sponsors A&A Move Consultants, ABC Moving Services, Tobin & Sons Moving & Storage and Triumvirate Environmental Able Engineering Services and Chem-Aqua AEW Capital Management, LP AKF Engineers & Miller Dyer Spears Amica Mutual Insurance Company Aon Risk Solutions Athena Capital Advisors Atlantic Management Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bank of New England Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, Inc. BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. Boston Children’s Heart Foundation, Inc. Boston Children’s Hospital International Health Services

The Boston Globe The Boston Red Sox and the Red Sox Foundation The Bulfinch Companies and Wheelock Street Capital Benjamin S. Butcher C/W Design Group, Inc. Cassidy Turley CBT Architects Central Parking Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation Children’s Hospital Pathology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Associates, Inc. Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc. CHMC Anesthesia Foundation, Inc. CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation CHMC Surgical Foundation, Inc. The Corkin Family Michael and Susan Curtin & James and Renee Skeffington DLA Piper US, LLP The Druker Company Eastdil Secured, LLC Elkus Manfredi Architects, LTD ENE Systems Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. Equity Residential Federal Realty Investment Trust Fidelity Investments Steven and Nancy Fischman Jeff and Mary Furber G. Greene Construction Co., Inc. Garnet Construction Co., Inc. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Goodwin Procter, LLP Goulston & Storrs Deirdre and Corey Griffin Haley & Aldrich, Inc. and McNamara/Salvia, Inc. Blair and Jackie Hendrix Julie and Jordan Hitch Becky and Brian D. Hlidek Kimberly A. Hsu-Barber and Jeffrey S. Barber IGT InterContinental Insurance Solutions isgenuity, LLC J & M Brown Company, Inc. J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. Janitronics Building Services John Hancock Financial Services Dennis and Jennifer Kelly Klai Juba Architects Bryan and Susan Koop Latham & Watkins, LLP Lee Kennedy Co., Inc. Renee and Matthew Levin LM Heavy Civil Construction, LLC Marci and Franz Loeber Longwood Security Services, Inc. Phil and Ellie Loughlin The Maher Family Drs. James and Valerie Mandell Mayer Brown, LLP McDonald Electric Corp. Murphy Electric & Industrial Control, Inc. National Land Tenure Co., LLC John and Judith Nelson Family Foundation Normandy Real Estate Partners Mike Offner Old Webster Street, LLC The PENTA Building Group, Inc. Pepsi Cola North America Shep and Lisa Perkins Perkins + Will Bob Pfeifer and Devette Russo

Putnam Investments, Inc. Raymond James and Associates, Inc. Fred and Jean Raymond RBC Capital Markets Redgate Real Estate Advisors, LLC Richards Barry Joyce & Partners, LLC Robert W. Sullivan, Inc. Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. & TRO Jung/Brannen Corporation Scales Architecture, Inc. Barbara and Edward Shapiro Shepley Bulfinch Spencer Financial, LLC STAG Industrial, Inc. Stanley Elevator Company, Inc. State Street Corporation Strategic Benefit Advisors, Inc. Suffolk Construction’s Red and Blue Foundation Synergy Financial, LLC Ten Mountain Capital Tishman Speyer Properties Tsoi/Kobus & Associates Turner Construction Company Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Verisk Health W.B. Mason James and Margaret Wade Waldron Engineering & Construction, Inc. Walsh Brothers, Inc. Kerri M. and Mark A. Walsh Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Geraldine E. Williams

Milagros para Niños The Latino community and its friends celebrated with food and festivities from the culture at Milagros Para Nińos Gala, September 20. More than $495,000 was raised to benefit Boston Children’s community health programs. Presenting Sponsors Anonymous TD Bank Benefactor Sponsors Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú Liberty Mutual Insurance Thomas Melendez and Aixa Beauchamp Metro PCS MFS Investment Management Sun Life Financial Major Sponsors Capital Formation Group Children’s Hospital Urological Foundation, Inc. CHMC Cardiovascular Surgical Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Investments State Street Corporation Supporting Sponsors Affinity Solutions, Inc. Avalon Law Offices The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Bimbo Bakeries USA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Boston Pedi Neurosurgical Foundation C.L. Hauthaway & Sons Corporation Cerner Corporation Children’s Hospital Neurology Foundation, Inc. Children’s Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation, Inc. Children’s Sports Medicine Foundation, Inc. CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation Deloitte and Touche Genzyme, a sanofi company Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

| 43

KGA and Keystone Partners Mercer New York Life Insurance Pólvora Advertising Sovereign Merchant Services Strategic Benefit Advisors, Inc. The TJX Companies ViaCord

The Garcia Family The McClain Family The Pohl Family The Seed Family The Spindler Family The Walsh Family Boston’s Run to Remember

Miles for Miracles Athletic Program Our Miles for Miracles programs got people up and active in 2012, offering people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to run or cycle for Boston Children’s. The Boston Marathon is our most popular race, made possible through race waivers donated by the Boston Athletic Association and John Hancock Financial. In total, nearly 500 individuals raised more than $2 million.

Allyson Hickey Katie O’Leary Jessie Russell Hannah Southworth Rebecca Waugaman


ING New York City Marathon

Colleen Claire Carney ING New York City Marathon Patient Family

The Braman Family ®

Boston Marathon Runners

Martin John Batt Kristine Biagiotti David Harrison Binette Austin Braithwait Michael Gordon Brown Timothy Burch Thomas J. Campbell Bob Catinazzo Paul Stephen Cincotta Albert Coelho Michael Paul Covey Daniel Cullinan Jack Cumming Fernando Diaz Rick Edwards Frank Richard Fantasia Joseph Floyd Ralph Frye Ivan Gallegos Kate C. Gamache Chris Haffenreffer Kaitlin Celeste Hoffman Michael Innocenti Michael Edward Kane Kristine Lilly Michael McCreesh Jennifer McNamara Anthony Robert Moulton Matthew Pace Peggy Palmer Ray T. Phillips Daniel Picard Nicole G. Polex Yuval Ramon David Reilly Justin Renz Peter Russell Andrew Shane Robert Siciliano Kerri Ann Smith Christopher Stone Michael J. Sullivan Jeffrey Valois Julie A. Vendetti-Lomberto Susann Winchester Anthony Reed Winter ®

Boston Marathon Patient Families

The Bianchi Family The Bowler Family The Boyles Family The Couturier Family The Crowell Family The Cyphers Family The Dineen Family The Fox Family

New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Maxwell Ethan Bearse Michael Buxbaum Erin Cahill Kathleen Ciampa Amy Elizabeth Delaney William DeLuca David Dimond Victoria Dune-Chari Dana Lindsey Giordano Lynne Gualtieri Kendall Heath Andrew Mathis Michael Melisi Frederick Misilo Keiron O’Brien Samantha Rocco Brian Michael Stanton Elizabeth Tyminski Nicholas Ventresco

Other Runs Amica Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island

Sponsors Blue Man Boston Limited Partnership The Butterfly Place The Hoyt Foundation, Inc.

NSTAR’s Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital More than 5,000 walkers—patients, their families, hospital employees and community friends—came out June 10 for these 7- and 2-mile walks along the Charles River. Big fun—and big money—the event raised $1.7 million in mission support for the hospital. Sponsors CambridgeSide Partners Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc. Marriott International, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. Roche Bros. Supermarkets Stonyfield Farms Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Waste Management $10,000 and Above Lynne Capozzi and Don Bulens Alexis Egan Kim Federico Robert Marcus Shira Pemstein Rosie Ramirez $5,000 to $9,999 Jennifer Byrnes Carola Cadley Dan Collins Linda Groff Morgan Herman Chris Hicks Stacia Iveson Anthony Lamacchia Brendan Long Andrew O’Brien Lindsay Perry Carrie Wieland

Nancy Gomes Long Branch Half Marathon

Marta Singer Walt Disney World Marathon

Ben Devlin Cycle for Children’s

Sponsor au bon pain Participants Kathleen Burns Laura Cardoos Jennifer Coyle Jessica DiMartino Valerie Gamble Stephen Hoberman Lynn Hughes William Lynch Caitlin Patterson Meegan Perkins Lynn Wardle

Mix 104.1 Cares for Kids Radiothon More than 2,300 calls were logged into our phone banks March 1 and 2 for our annual radiothon, raising $625,000 for the hospital. Special thanks to the 130 volunteers who manned the phone lines!

$2,500 to $4,999 Danielle Bailot Matthew Bartlett Andrea Brophy Caroline Bullerjahn Heather Estee Carpenter Michael Deneen Kenneth Eagen Jeffrey Graham Jennifer Keyes Philip Lembo Michael Loughlin Holly Lynch Maggie Mansfield Michael Mansfield Cecilia Matos Deborah McWhinnie Karen Moreshead Shawnna Morrison-Downey Ginny O’Neil Michael O’Neil Erik Owens Maureen Pienta Peter Richer Lucinda Ross Carol Saparnis Annie Storr Mia Toro William Ward Dave Weingarten Donald Wilding *


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Boston Children’s Hospital | Trust Events, continued

Party with a purpose Abigail Cohen’s friends are runners. And over the years, a few have joined the hospital’s marathon team, agreeing to raise money to run the Boston Marathon . ®

A worthy goal—but not for Abigail. “I’m lucky to run a mile at the gym, if I get there,” Abigail says. But giving back matters, so when her 30th birthday rolled around, she saw an opportunity. “All I wanted was to have my friends and family around me. I am surrounded by amazing people and don’t want for anything, so I realized the birthday could be my marathon. I’m a school psychologist, and Boston Children’s supports the kids I work with every day, so I wanted to support the hospital.” In lieu of gifts, Abigail asked friends and family to make donations to the hospital—raising $1,135 to help our patients. Above, Abigail at her party, third from left.

$1,000 to $2,499 Lydia Acheson Alicen Adams C. Kate Aengenheyster Lindsay Allison Albie Alvarez-Cote Ann Alves Kerri Ames Schuyler Amick Rebecca Anderholm Justin Armata Kelli LaVita Armata Christine Arrigo Julie Bartlett Ellen Beatrice Pellegrino Beatrice Peter Berson Jennifer Bettencourt Michelle Biarrio Laura Biermann Meredith Boericke Ian Bond Nancy Borden Michael Bornhorst Gretchen Bostrom Edie Bowers Grace Bradley Micaela Brown Elizabeth Buccaroni Christina Buckley Erin Butera Paul Butera MaryLou Butler Deborah Cicetti Campbell Brittany Carville Kerry Casale Cindy Chiu Alemke Claiborn Kerri Clark Paul Connelly Penni Conner Sandy Coombs Melissa Crowley Molly Crowley Doug Cuff Christopher Cuffe Stephanie Cuffe Jane Cummings Taylor Curley Tara Curtis Heather Daniele Natalie Darling Emily Davidson Greg Dawe Jennifer Dawe Jean DeBaggis Ethan Delaney Kelli Delskey Ruth Diminico Tara D’Iorio Robin Doucette John Dunham Kelly Dunn Molly Dunn Steve Dunn Melissa Dunphe Bill Eagen Declan Eagen Tara Eagen Kerry Ennis Tara Ettinger Paola Farrelly Michelle Fearon Simina Felecan Michael Forrest Michelle Forrest

Gina Fountain Neal Fountain Buddy Fox Cory Fox Liz Fox Elena Frankel Courtney Fratto Gregory Fredo Kathleen Freeman Ronnie Friedman Shari Friedman Julia Furnari Justin Gagne Jo-An Gardner Lawrence Gelbien Ann Gillis Elizabeth Goguen Diane Gordon Amy Grayson Jonathon Grayson Heather Groff Marcus Groff Paul Groff Kimberly Guerin Kelsey Guindon Pradnya Haldipur Julia Henderson Blanca Henkle Allison Herman Carol Herman John Herman Charles Hernandez Debra Hohmann Christopher Holleman Barbara Hopkinson Maureen Hopper Kristin Houtler Krista Hunt Heather Iacozza Tiffany Jackman Emi Janairo Shruti Jha Ethan John Carol Joy Jennifer Joy Jim Judge Julie Kenerson Roisin Keon Jacqueline Kirwin Tommy Kopaczynski Eissing Kristine Mary Landrigan-Ossar Kimberly Landry Jennis LaVita James Leary Meredith Lee Andi Lodico Jennifer Lohmar Angela Lombardo Cynthia Long Kiersten Long Danielle Lueger Aimee Lyons Jacqueline Mansfield Nancy Marcucci Kellie Mario Erica Marshall Christine McCarthy Ginny McCarthy Mei-Lin McCarthy Will McCarthy Kathleen McCormack Becky McGowan Cindi McGrath Dawn McInnes Kristen McLaughlin

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Pamela McLeish Patricia Meehan Maria Minguell Ty Momnie Anne Moynihan John Moynihan Jamie Murphy Cindy Murray Erik Naslund Melissa Newell Diane Noga Lauren Norton Jacqueline O’Brien Laurie O’Brien Christine O’Connell John O’Donnell Laura Krawczuk O’Melia Sharon Ouellette Leslie Owens Michael Paretchan Jamie Pavlidis Beverly Peluso Ana Pena Anne Marie Perham Carolyn Pitter Kara Plummer Dee Porfilio Giuseppe Porfilio Christopher Prehl Laura Pruett Sarma Pydipally Joy Quinn Kate Renaud Susie Renninger Nicole Roberts Mark Rooney JodiMaria Rosa Meg Rosenbaum Elizabeth Rossettos Paul Ryder Rachel Sarvey Amy Scavone Isabella Scavone James Scavone Adrienne Schlow Karen Schoch Antonino Scuderi Samantha Scull-Lopez Megan Sears Pat Selland Michael Sewall Carrie Shea Jennifer Shores Caroline Shugrue Elizabeth Sides Terry Simpson Becky Smith Kathleen Smith Kerry Snyder Ty South Laura Spurling Matt Spurling Kathleen St. Denis Inez Stewart Sara Suarez Maria Sweeney Jaclyn Taylor Amy Thaler Ben Thaler Caroline Theerman Jeremy Theerman Anthony Theos Tony Theos Heidi Thoe Alison Thornton Christopher Toro

Andy Trevino Sofia Trevino Julie Vendetti-Lomberto Sheila Ventresca Claudia Vigorito Mark Watson Sylvia Watson Bob and Lisa Weafer Sara Wessland Chad Whitcomb Matt Wieland

Texas Hold ’Em Boston Children’s annual poker tournament was April 30, 2012 when chairs Tony DiNovi, David Fialkow, Ben Fischman and Brad Gerstner attracted over 100 players to the tables, raising $425,000 for Boston Children’s. Sponsors Bank of America Merrill Lynch Caesars Entertainment/World Series of Poker CitationAir KPMG, LLP PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP RR Donnelley Rue La La, Inc. Weil, Gotshal & Magnes, LLP

Community Fundraisers Creative minds and can-do spirits in the community organized everything from music festivals to fishing competitions, tapping into what they love to raise money for the hospital. In total, our supporters conducted 320 events in 2012 for Boston Children’s, raising $2.2 million for kids. $250,000 to $499,999 One Mission $100,000 to $249,999 Joe Andruzzi Foundation Philip and Bernice Frieze Charity Golf Outing Healing little Hearts Team RETT Boston Marathon Yoga Reaches Out $50,000 to $99,999 Josh Beckett Foundation Marley Jaye Cherella Trivia Night Fore the Kids $25,000 to $49,999 Boston Winter Ball Brait Builders Open Kendall Rose Davis Memorial Golf Tournament Heart to Heart Golf Tournament IESE Thanksgiving Dinner Pedaling for Preemies Sabrina’s Shootout ZoliOke $10,000 to $24,999 Heidi Ahearn Striper Fishing Tournament Anthony M. Cotoia Foundation Golf Tournament CrunchTime! Rowathon Connor Flanagan Golf Classic Haley and Aldrich Charity Golf Tournament Hearts and Minds of Ghana Holiday Craft Fair Hope4Harper: Hope for a Cure: CDKL5 Keeping the Beat 5k Run and Walk Love is Magic Fundraiser Moya Moya Fundraiser

No Texting Day Olivia’s Ride Peloton Foundation Summer Triathlon Max Reveliotty’s Fundraisers Jordan Rich’s For the Children Booklet Steven J. Vertuccio Memorial Fund for Cystic Fibrosis 98.5 Who’s Your Caddy Classic $5,000 to $9,999 AJT Supplies Christmas Tree Fundraiser Christmas Dinner at Biagio’s Crehan O’Donnell Diomede Golf Tournament Neon Fest 2012 in Honor of Nathaniel Downing Go Team 21 Dock Dogs Competition Gullivers Tavern Golf Tournament Harmony from the Heart Harrisville Golf Gives Back Have a Heart Luncheon Hogs for Hope Holliston 5K Road Race Christopher Knight Memorial Golf Tournament Lexington High School Basketball Little Lauren’s Mother Son Dance for OMS Research Mistletoe Ball Walk for Kyle Mullarkey Naomi’s Choice NEUCO Christmas Luncheon Perry’s Martial Arts Hope for a Heart Matt Reis Charity Golf Outing Rock the Fight Against CHD III Heather Lynne Siebert Memorial Ride South Boston Fundraiser United Brothers of Carpenters Diabetes Drive Walk for Awareness Yuletide Gala $2,500 to $4,999 Assabet Valley Regional Technical HS Fundraiser Aunties Angels Coupon Class and Halloween Party B.A.C.E. Annual Golf Tournament Beat Goes On Derby Academy Foley Prize Fundraisers Erica’s Free Parking Run Fun 4 Kids The Future of Genomics The Goddard School Art Show and Auction Samantha Godfrey Yard Sale for Kids 4H Benefit Horse Show Healing little Hearts Harvest Dinner Hope is Beautiful 24 Hour Around the Lake Races Jordan Classic Golf Tournament Kaylee’s Knockdown Little Light of Mine Coast Walk Loon Ski Club Fundraiser Loving our Children New Year’s Carols (Kalanda) Bobby O’Brien Tax Fundraiser Owen’s Heart Fund Patriots Fans Lot 11 Toy and Fund Drive Jason T. Pearl Memorial Golf Tournament Ride for Hope, Ride for Life Sharing is Caring Dance Performance Sierra’s iPad Initiative Kaylee Sullivan Memorial Golf Sun Life Financial Service Center Golf Tournament John Thomas and Friends Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Tryst’s Holiday Fundraiser We Care for Kids Kate Weisse Memorial Golf Open Billy Wright Memorial $1,000 to $2,499 A Night to Remember American Hockey League Auction *


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Boston Children’s Hospital | Community Fundraisers, continued

Fueling discoveries Neuroscientists at Boston Children’s Hospital have an ambitious goal: to unravel how the brain works at its most basic level. The F.M. Kirby Foundation understands that basic science is the bedrock for breakthroughs in autism, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and so many other illnesses. It’s why the Foundation has generously donated $10.8 million since 1997 to the hospital’s neuroscience program, named The F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center, in recognition of the Foundation’s philanthropic partnership. That generosity, including a recent gift in 2012, helps the hospital recruit star talent, arms researchers with essential tools and fuels innovation. “Boston Children’s is known worldwide for unparalleled patient care,” said S. Dillard Kirby, president of the F.M. Kirby Foundation, above, “but its research—notably the neuroscience program—is the envy of most other institutions. We’re honored to help them lead the way.”

Attleboro’s Answer to Cancer Ballston Spa Penny Harvest Bella Bridal Christmas Boston Lodge of Elks Fundraiser Bridgewater Credit Union Dodgeball BSC Thanksgiving Day Tennis Festival The Bulfinch Group’s Friends and Family Football Event Casual Fridays for a Cause Charlotte’s Sweet 16 Connors Farm Strawberry Festival Cookies, Cocoa and Christmas Lights for Kids Cornhole Tournament Cox Family Fundraiser Essex Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Comedy Night Evan’s Birthday Party Everyday Miracles GI/Nutrition Holiday Party Giving Hope Hearts at Play Heather’s Bake Sale Ho Ho Ho-liday Craft Fair Hoops for Children John F. Ryan Elementary School’s Reading with Heart Readathon Julia’s Lemon Aid for Kids Stand Kaydon Group Charity Golf Outing Kennedy’s Cause Baby Emily Letourneau Volleyball Tournament Lexington School of Ballet The Nutcracker Suite Little Luke’s Team Malden Fire Charity Cruise Mari’s Place Fundraiser for Mark and Seth Maya’s Hundred Hearts Fundraiser Maybe this Christmas Michael’s Run Around the Lake MMSA Fashion Show North Quincy High School Photo and Art Sale Sofia Rose Pepitone Car Wash Ride for Leeanne Ride for Zander - SIDS Benefit Riding for Kids Samantha’s Harvest Comedy Night Sercus Family Fundraiser Spin for Hope, Spin for Life Tennis Tournament Grace Tiso’s Lemonade for Kids Trivia for Trauma Tyler’s Vegetable Stand Ugly Sweater Party Uncle Ang Foundation Fundraising uTest Laptop Auction Volleyball for Epilepsy Wellesley One Miler Wells Fargo Penny Wars

Volunteer Leadership We’re immensely thankful to the dedicated individuals who give their time and talents serving on our boards, committees and councils. Boston Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees Stephen R. Karp, chair Douglas A. Berthiaume Allan S. Bufferd Sandra L. Fenwick Gary R. Fleisher, MD William E. Harmon, MD Winston E. Henderson, JD Mira Irons, MD James R. Kasser, MD Harvey F. Lodish, PhD Gary W. Loveman, PhD

James Mandell, MD Ralph Martin Thomas Melendez Robert A. Smith Robert E. Smyth Eileen M. Sporing, MSN, RN Alison Taunton-Rigby, PhD Ann Thornburg Marc B. Wolpow Gregory Young, MD Boston Children’s Hospital Trust Board of Trustees Douglas A. Berthiaume, chair Joel E. Cutler, vice chair Corinne B. Grousbeck, vice chair Richard A. Mayo, vice chair Nancy S. Anthony Steven W. Barnes Janet B. Cady Steven D. Corkin Alan L. Crane Susan J. Curtin Robert W. Eddy Pamela C. Egan, PharmD Daniel S. Farb Gail Federici-Smith April Derderian Fellows Benjamin D. Fischman Gary R. Fleisher, MD Keith B. Gelb Robert E. Griffin Jr. Robert T. Hale Jr. Kimberly Jacobs Douglass E. Karp Stephen R. Karp James R. Kasser, MD Robert C. Ketterson Jr. Stephen W. Kidder Jonathan A. Kraft Jonathan S. Lavine Seth W. Lawry Gary W. Loveman, PhD James Mandell, MD Paul R. Marcus Kristin W. Mugford Joseph R. Nolan Jr. Steven B. Samuels Edward L. Shapiro Matthew K. Sidman James J. Skeffington Jr. Alfred A. Slifka Carolyn A. Snider Timothy A. Springer, PhD Maximilian D. Stone Lynn Susman Laura B. Trust James F. Wade Jane G. Weitzman Jeffrey S. Woolbert Boston Children’s Hospital Board of Overseers Kristin W. Mugford, chair Rosalin Acosta Nancy W. Adams Kathryn Agarwal Hope A. Aldrich Zamawa Arenas Georgia Argyrople Dewey Awad Melora M. Balson Roger S. Berkowitz Paul M. Bernon Steven M. Berzin Brant C. Binder Steven C. Calhoun Julie N. Callaghan

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Jeffrey R. Carney Gillis Cashman Brian H. Chu Christina Cohen John P. Connaughton Marc Costantini Wayne C. Davis Betsy P. Demirjian William P. Douglas William R. Ebsworth Neil A. Exter David P. Fialkow James M. Fitzgibbons Charles K. Gifford Sean P. Gildea Thomas S.T. Gimbel George J. Gorman Mary L. Greely Josie Greene Robert L. Greene Judith P. Grey Jennifer A. Herman Yumiko Honda Edward C. Johnson III Jill Ellen Karp Steven D. Krichmar Donna Latson-Gittens Bradley E. Lerman Laraine Cohen Levy Marci Loeber Michael S. Lorber Isabelle Loring Joan P. Lynch Edward C. Maher Jr. David M. McCarthy Vicki Modell Susan Mulder Caroline A. Oberg Thomas M. O’Neill Seema Pandya Heidi C. Pearlson Mark A. Pelson Shep Perkins Steven P. Perlmutter Jonathan H. Poorvu Jean M. Raymond Laura Rehnert Matthew H. Remis Peter W. Riehl Edward S. Ritchie Jeffrey M. Robinson Stephanie Rogers Mark H. Rubin Jeffrey Sánchez Girard R. Sargent J. Patrick Scanlon Jr. Laurie M. Scott Margaret G. Seelig Greg Shell Carmel Shields Gordon H. Slaney Jr. Nicole Stata Richard L. Stavis Barry A. Sylvetsky Kathleen VanDernoot Richard Vieira Honorary Life Overseers F. Gorham Brigham Jr. John G. Brooks Michael Frieze George P. Gardner Jr. Rita Goldman Rudman J. Ham Charles H. Hood Ellen J. Jaffe *



David M. Kaplan Sr. Joan B. Kennedy Muriel Leventhal Ellen A. Little David Maynard Pauline L. Mercer James Morton Bess Pappas Nancy E. Perry Nancy Upp Potter Richard Prouty Ephraim Radner Roger A. Saunders Stanley Shmishkiss Irma Spencer John K. Spring Anne B. Stone Leslyn Anderson Thorne *



Boston Investment Conference Committee Benjamin R. Bloomstone, co-chair Joel E. Cutler, co-chair Josh Gold, co-chair Brian Hogan, co-chair Solomon Kumin, co-chair Richard A. Mayo, co-chair William Pappendick, co-chair Phil H. Perelmuter, co-chair Robert L. Reynolds, co-chair Michael Roberge, co-chair John A. Sebastian, co-chair Matthew K. Sidman, co-chair Herb S. Wagner III, co-chair Robert G. Atchinson Jeffrey S. Barber Gary Bergstrom Richard Blond Matthew Botein Jim Boyle Erik Brooks Steve Burbage Brett Burns Miceal G. Chamberlain Jr. Steven D. Corkin John J. Cronin Jr. Joseph P. DeMatteo Stephen Demirjian Anthony J. DiNovi Thomas B. Ellis Carl Fantasia Daniel S. Farb Scott Farden Alan M. Gardner Jr. Keith B. Gelb Brad Gerstner David L. Glancy Jonathan J. Goodman Nicholas A. Halaby Todd Hammer Sheldon Hanau William W. Helman IV Stephen R. Karp Brian Kinney David J. Kostin David Kunz Conan J. Laughlin Jonathan S. Lavine Jeffrey A. Leerink Matthew D. Magee Alexander Marx Robert C. McAleer Jane Moncrieff Peter Mulderry Harry D. Nudelman Michael Offner James J. Pallotta

Andre F. Perold Jared Perry William Power Kristienne E. Rassiger Alexander C. Sacerdote Neil N. Sheth Robert J. Small Robert A. Smith Greg Thomaier Marc B. Wolpow Matthew H. Wosk Bracebridge H. Young Campaign Steering Committee Joel E. Cutler, co-chair Robert A. Smith, co-chair Steven W. Barnes, vice-chair Matthew K. Sidman, vice-chair Nancy S. Anthony Douglas A. Berthiaume Brant C. Binder Susan J. Curtin Sandra L. Fenwick Gary R. Fleisher, MD Robert E. Griffin Jr. Robert T. Hale Jr. Douglass E. Karp Stephen R. Karp James R. Kasser, MD James E. Lock, MD Harvey F. Lodish, PhD Michael S. Lorber James Mandell, MD Edward L. Shapiro Eileen M. Sporing, MSN, RN Maximilian D. Stone James F. Wade Jane Weitzman Marc B. Wolpow Chairman’s Council Stephen R. Karp, chair William L. Boyan Michael Bronner Robert J. Davis Anthony J. DiNovi Paul B. Edgerley John R. Egan Cynthia C. Lawry Stephen D. Lebovitz Martin J. Mannion Joseph C. McNay Daniel J. Nova Joseph J. O’Donnell James J. Pallotta George W. Phillips Rudolph F. Pierce James A. Radley Beth F. Terrana Champions for Children’s Committee Benjamin S. Butcher, co-chair Bryan J. Koop, co-chair Steven W. Barnes William Bridgen Donald Briggs John J. Calnan Dennis Dunphy Debra Gelb Keith B. Gelb Thomas F. Gilbane Robert L. Greene Kimberly Jacobs William Kane Dennis J. Kelly Gordon G. Kluzak

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Boston Children’s Hospital | Volunteer Leadership, continued

Eric Limont Marci Griffith Loeber Stacey J. Lucchino Edward C. Maher Jr. Kate S. McKee Kristin W. Mugford Shep Perkins Paula Quan Laura Rehnert Steven B. Samuels Jay M. Wagner Mark A. Walsh Charles Weinstein Kevin White Jason Wolfe Joseph L. Zink Champions for Children’s Honorary Committee Robert E. Griffin Jr., founding chair Douglas A. Berthiaume Steven D. Corkin Joel E. Cutler Robert J. Davis Paul B. Edgerley John F. Fish Corey A. Griffin Corinne B. Grousbeck Robert T. Hale Jr. Douglass E. Karp Stephen R. Karp Jonathan Kraft Gary W. Loveman Martin J. Mannion Developmental Medicine Center Philanthropic Advisory Council William Barbaresi, MD Mary and Peter Barrett Peggy and Edward Bell Kay and Peter Bernon, Emeriti Gillis and Lori Cashman Leslie and Alan Crane Victoria and David Croll Susan Y. Friedman Jennifer and Mark Herman Sandra L. Maislen Anne Punzak Marcus and Paul R. Marcus Charles Nelson, PhD Katherine and Mark Pelson Amy and Jonathan Poorvu Leonard A. Rappaport, MD Mary Scott, MD and Richard Scott, MD Judy Swahnberg and Carl Novotny Margaret and Jim Wade Marla and Jeffrey Wolk League Board Carolyn Snider, president Jacqui Brisson Nicole K. Clark Stacey Danziger MaryJane Ehrenzeller Lynne Elfland Honey Enté Lisa Faro Nancy Foster Lauren Harrison Susan Karelitz Marci Katz Coleen Keelan Rebekah LaCava Randi Lapidus Laraine Cohen Levy Cindy L. Lombardo Julie Marcus Barbara Miller

Klee Miller Lea Miller Karen Philip Karen T. Quirk Janet Rapaport Marilyn S. Ravech Susan Rosenberg Denise Rosenblum Carole A. Rothstein Andi Shaw Enid Shocket Rachel L. Sieber Lesley Silberstein Wendy Simches Lynne Smith Irma Spencer Marla Stone Lauri Sugar Lisa Tabenkin Mary Sue Terranova Gail Wald Patricia Wayne Latino Committee Rosalin Acosta, co-chair Marcel V. Quiroga, co-chair Carolina Alarco Alba Alvarez-Cote Dave Antczak Danilo A. Avalon Vicky Barges Aixa Beauchamp Cristina Bozas Rudy Bozas Eduardo Crespo Frank L. Cuevas Jack Donnelly Paul Francisco Yvonne Garcia Ivon Gois Héctor López-Camacho Jeannette M. Perez-Rossello, MD Marcelo Perez-Verzini Andrew Rodriguez Inez Stewart Diego Szteinhendler Eduardo Tobón Alberto Vasallo III José Arnaldo Vieira Alex Von Lichtenberg Urban Renewal Committee Paul M. Bernon, chair Matt Abrams Rebecca Abrams Ashley Bernon Andrew D. Corkin Jason Denoncourt Rena Nassr Denoncourt David Gerzof Douglass E. Karp Dan Lewin Michael S. Lorber Roy S. MacDowell III Todd S. MacDowell Andy Mann Michael Nadeau Daniel E. Rottenberg Kathleen Scanlon Pat Scanlon David Schwarzman Jason S. Weissman Venture Philanthropy Network Nancy W. Adams Susan and Matthew Botein

Eleanor and Brian Chu Shoshana and Daniel Farb Stacey and David E. Goel Sarah and Joshua Greenhill Christa and Jeffrey Hawkins Kimberly Hsu-Barber and Jeffrey Barber Jessica and Joshua Lutzker Stephanie and Matthew D. Magee Lisa M. and James F. Mooney III Karen and Farhad Nanji Erica and Ted Pappendick Bianca and Craig Peskin Rachel C. and Travis M. Rhodes Alissa C. and John A. Sebastian Lori and Matthew Sidman Stephanie and Brian Spector Lauri Union and Stanley Rosenzweig Charlotte and Herbert S. Wagner III Nicole Zatlyn and Jason Weiner

The annual report on philanthropy is published by Boston Children’s Hospital Trust, recognizing outright gifts of cash, securities and property of $1,000 or more in calendar year 2012. We strive for accuracy in this report. If you prefer your listing be other than what appears in this publication, please contact: Katherine Cronin: 857.218.3130 or Katherine.cronin@chtrust.org.

Many photos were generously supplied by our patient families. Special thanks to the Fuss and McGowan families for sharing their personal photos. Yoga Reaches Out photo courtesy of Tracy Rodriguez Photography. Design: Barbara Nathan Editorial: Nicole Lonergan

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