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Carbide Saw Blades

ABACO Decking Tips Design Tips • Plan for complete air exchange under the deck surface by allowing 18” unobstructed air space for proper air flow. • Ensure that all footing and joist connections are approved and verified by local building officials. Handling & Storage Tips • Premium ABACO Decking should be loosely covered and out of direct sunlight and be allowed to properly acclimate to the installation environment. • Premium ABACO decking should be installed on joists covered with joist tape and spaced a maximum of 24" on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists.

Sharp Drill Bits

• Premium ABACO Decking should be loosely covered in dry indoor storage area and must be kept away from direct sunlight so it can properly acclimate to the installation environment. Cutting Blade, Routing Blade and Drill Bit Type • Use carbide-tipped saw/router blades and sharp wood drill bits for smooth cuts. Seal All Cuts • Seal all end and rip cuts with an end seal product like Anchorseal™ or paraffin wax in order to help reduce possible checking and splitting. Pre-Drilling and Countersinking • Because premium ABACO Decking is very hard, pre-drill and countersink all fasteners and also use proper side-to-side and end-to-end spacing on deck boards.

Seal All Cuts

Fastening • The strongly preferred installation method is by securing each ABACO deck board with two stainless steel screws driven flush to the deck surface while penetrating 1-1/2” or more into each stable deck joist. Hidden fasteners are available for 4" width material and are not recommended for 6" width deck boards. Finishing Tips • Due to its inherent decay resistance, premium ABACO Decking does not require a sealer and will weather to a beautiful silver-gray if left uncoated. Seal all ends and rip cuts. Maintenance Tips • Periodic washing with a soft bristle brush using a mild deck cleaning detergent and water is necessary to remove surface dirt, which accumulates on the exposed deck surface. This will help prevent the buildup of pollen and debris that can cause mold and mildew growth. Pressure washers should be used with a fan-tipped nozzle at a low PSI setting to avoid cutting into or lifting the wood surface.

Apply Joist Tape

Sealed Option