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Success Mindset

values, reviewing our life journey and

search deep and find the greatest gifts.

harnessing the potential to pursue new

Change forces us to wake up.

Meditation to Reinvent Yourself In meditation we take the time to sit

unspoken dreams.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau

“What if you could make a living do-

quietly, turn our focus inward and relax

ing what you love?”

into a deeper sense of ourselves. A regular meditation practice gives us the op-

Meditation gives us a moment to step

portunity to quieten the chatter so that

away from the outside world and make

we can hear the voice of our intuition...

contact with our true nature, our es-

and thus understand ourselves better.

sence or intuition. In the stillness of

We really only hear our intuition when

meditation we realise that our sense of

the mind is quiet because when we rest

Many people spend their lives within an

self is anchored beyond all the crazi-

in stillness we become receptive to the

existence that doesn’t seem to quite fit.

ness occurring around us; it is a sacred

subtlest of energy within and around

Wandering through life with a vague

practice of attending to our real life,

us. Being in touch with our inner es-

sense of something missing, a part of

learning to listen and remain open, and

sence means that we will deeply know

life not yet lived. We all strive so hard

responding from that new awareness.

how to move forward, how to live true

Just Listen

to ‘get ahead’ of life... the bills, the

to our values and true to our nature.

mortgage, the career, the possessions...

When I had the time to contemplate

racing through time on a raft of routine,

what I might want to do for a ‘living’...

There are many different meditation

yet carrying a deep sense of longing for

in my heart I knew it was no longer the

classes and techniques to explore and

something missing.

corporate world. I felt that my time had

there is sure to be one that works for

through their days/years/life waiting for

arrived to be courageous and take action

you. At the very least it pays to try and

the ‘when’ time... ‘when the children

on the dream to invent another life.

spend a little time each day just being

leave home’, ‘when I get that promo-

knew I wanted to (1) make a great living

still and clear out the clutter. Find a

tion’, ‘when I find my true love’.

(2) love what I did each day, and (3) be

place to be quiet, close your eyes and

around those people that I loved and

just rest easy watching the rhythm of

that inspired me to reach new heights

your breath. It is perfectly fine that you

and enhanced my life.

may only be able to do this for a few

People often pass

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


minutes at the start, but I promise, with Once I decided to embrace this new

practice you will begin to feel a clarity

I knew that secretly I had been ruminat-

‘me’; the universe has been wholly

and ‘knowing’ that comes from allowing

ing a new life... for years, a secret dream

supportive and encouraging. I could

the mind to settle and be quiet.

was harbouring within; held down by

never have imagined being asked to

the routine of life, the expectations of

facilitate a meditation space, present

Reinvention is really a never-ending

others, the responsibilities of the life I

at a public conference or start a new

process; I believe it is the daily inten-

had built around me. Often it is only

well-being business … and yet here I

tion and vision we carry with us about

when we are asleep, daydreaming, or

am having done those things and now

what we want our future to feel like.

meditating, that we witness in all their

seeing a whole new world of opportuni-

In our meditation practice we gain a

craziness the dreams that float around in

ties open up. I realised again that when

greater understanding of ourselves so

our mind.

we tap into our dreams, our essence, we

that we will know when we are on the

become the author of our world.

right path... to the life that was meant

Unless we are thrown that

curve ball however, or leap with great courage and self belief, we may never let those dreams of a new life find the sunshine of day. Being thrown from our path may mean that we are thrown in a previously unimagined direction; and in those most challenging of moments we

for us.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin



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