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High end designs for high end clients Colonial/Georgian Style The colonial and Georgian styles are very well related to each other. Characterized by a stately and simplistic, rectangular appearance, these houses imitate the large, elaborate, estate homes built over in Europe for many years. This style incorporates a very formal blend of symmetry and simplicity, with temple-like entrances. Entrances Entrances are often accentuated with tall, round columns. Crowning the top of the pillars, is typically a gable entry porch or decorative pediment. Entry doors are centrally located and usually symmetrical with the façade. Although the door design is plain with raised panels, it is colorfully painted and often flanked with sidelights. Roof Roof slopes are moderate, generally being 6:12; however, pitch can be adjusted to accommodate dormers if they are present. To reinforce the styling, overhangs are often 1’-6” deep or less, and complimented by a shallow fascia depth of 6” or less. Decorative moldings are typically installed at the eave line for emphasis. These plans usually have one gabled roof, from front to back, which stretches the entire length of the home.

ing roof.

Dormer [noun] Also referred to as a dormer window. A window within a threesided constructed projec-

A stately looking colonial home featuring the symmetry and dormers common to this style.

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High end designs for high end clients

Colonial/Georgian Style Windows Windows are symmetrical, equally sized, and spaced in a uniform fashion across the front of the home. Glazing types used are commonly single or double hung, with only the top half being grilled. Decorative shutters complete the window on either side. Exterior Finishing A colonial/Georgian house is typically clad in brick or horizontal plank siding. Detailing above and below the windows should be consistent with the dominant finish chosen. Decorative moldings, gable trims, and dormers also help to reinforce the styling. Chimneys are to be clad in the same material as the dominant finish. Colors Colors suited to the colonial/Georgian style are light neutrals, like white or cream, for siding, and bold colors, such as red, for the brick cladding. Trim and window colors usually match the chosen siding or brick color. It is also not uncommon to incorporate dark accent colors such as forest green, navy blue, or black.

The colonial’s classic look with double hung windows including grills only in the top section and decorative wood shutters.

Symmetrically placed, equally sized windows are a major highlight of the colonial style.

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