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Our sincere thanks

Our sincere thanks and admiration go to all employees of our Group. With impressive dedication and entrepreneurial thought and action, they turned plans into deeds, inspired customers, tackled new opportunities and, not least, set another milestone in our company’s 180-year history by achieving record profits. Our customers and suppliers around the world are an equally important source of success. Our successful business growth would not have been possible without their valuable suggestions, their ongoing trust and outstanding partnership. We would like to thank each and every one of them. We look forward to continuing our fair and productive cooperation, to the benefit of all of us. Bossard shares –a worthwhile capital investment

Dear shareholders, your company proved in 2011 that the progress achieved over the last few years was sustainable even under difficult conditions. By mid-year, this performance was also reflected in the price of our shares, which rose by more than 43 percent from the beginning of the year. Due to uncertainties on the capital markets starting in the middle of the year, our share price experienced a sharp drop, like most companies in the Small and Mid Caps segment of the Swiss Stock Exchange. As a result, our share price was stagnant when viewed over the business year as a whole. In the meantime, our share price has begun to recover. Since in 2011 the dividend payout ratio was increased to 40 percent of consolidated net income, an attractive dividend yield of 4.6 percent can nevertheless be achieved, based on a share price of CHF 130 in mid-February 2012. Bossard’s shares thus remain a worthwhile capital investment. Thank you for your loyalty to our company.

Dr. Thomas Schmuckli David Dean Chairman CEO Zug, February 24, 2012


bossard Annual Report 2011 | Report to the shareholders

Annual Report 2011  
Annual Report 2011  

Bossard Annual Report 2011