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Customer Logistics A Blueprint of Lean Supply

One of the most important aspects of a lean supply chain in production is delivering material efficiently to the production floor, without wasting time and manual process. However, the complexity of implementing lean concepts especially for C-parts can be a challenge and more often than not, the cost saving potential is underestimated. Industry research shows that the cost of managing C-parts is around 50 % of the total procurement costs. The actual value of these parts, on the other hand, only represents 5 % of the procurement volume. This is an

Supermarket Concept with SmartBin The supermarket concept is modeled after workers picking stock from the shelves of a shop. The stock used must be replaced “just-in-time.” Smart­Bin is a perfect solution as it enables automatic stock replen­ ishment.


area that offers enormous cost savings potential. Bossard logistics systems reduce the amount of work involved in procuring C-parts. This enables our customers to concentrate on their own core activities. Since Bossard SmartBin was first introduced in 1998, it has helped many of our customers to achieve greater efficiency in procurement. Today, with over 200,000 bins installed worldwide, Bossard SmartBin is used in many different ways, as shown in the illustration. Composed by Raffael Wild Group Marketing Communications

Mobile SmartBin An ideal solution when assembly processes involve the integration of large objects such as a high speed train or wind turbine.

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