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Content My family

My team

My family

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Map to go at valle Del cocora

My favorite music

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My family My family

My family


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My fAMily By: AngélicA Pérez

i live with My PArents And My Brother,i love My fAMily BecAuse they Are All thAt i hAve And hAve helPed Me in difficult tiMes. i fight A lot with My Brother BecAuse he is not orgAnized,My life with My fAMily is good BecAuse they Argue with thAt But it is with My Brother But My PArents Are cAlM theM i hAve A lot of confidence


My fAMily Anderson deviA i My PArents, My two sister And My grAnd Mother. My Mother is very loving Person. she is A hArd worKing woMAn. My sister studying And she is twenty yeArs old.


My teAM By: Anderson deviA

In football my the QuindĂ­o sports QuindĂ­o feeling that I feel will change

favorite team is sports, I like the because it is a in my heart and I nothing.


fAMily Andres feliPe sucerqui

i live with My MoM And My two siBlings Angie And edwArd, My MoM is fifty three yeArs old, My sister is A studying And Brother is And sPeciAl Person. My MoM Argues BecAuse she wAnts every thing cleAn But it is very difficult BecAuse My sister And Me cleAn And cleAn And edwArd untidy And My MoM Argues for this. But i love My fAMily AnywAy. however, My MoM is very Annoys. But i love her As she is so.



Tebaida km 4 roads to paradise before reaching the park recreation

The best corn with arepa


My fAvorite Music By: Andres feliPe sucerqui My fAvorite Music is rocK And MetAl, there Are MAny rocK BAnds thAt Are My fAvorites liKe "el MAgo de oz" And the MetAl, the BAnd "MetAllicA" these Are fAvorite BAnds BecAuse their lyrics does not refer to MAle or feMAle. Are letters thAt Are siMPly heAvy songs


los dies MAndAMientos del BorrAcho By Andres feliPe sucerqui 1 AMAr el trAgo soBre todAs

lAs cosAs

2 no JurAr deJAr el


3 sAntificAr lAs fiestAs toMAndo 4 honrAr lA BotellA y lA coPA 5 no hAcer escรกndAlos 6 no deseAr lA MesA AJenA 7 AhorrAr PArA el trAgo 8 no BeBer PelAo 9 no cAerse ni dorMirse 10 no toMAr con






My fAMily By : Angie PAolA velez i live with My PArents And sister. i AM ArMeniA. i love My fAMily BecAuse they Are hAPPy. My sister is little Annoying. My PArents Are very cheerful equAl My sister.



hoBBy By: Angie PAolA velez i love Be with My friends doing stuff nice And Also out with she. i liKe Be with fAMily And listen roMAntic Music, dAnce And leAve fiestAs


My fAMily By: Kelly JohAnA rosero

i AM live with Mi Mother is My greAt friend the love you And BAd teMPered too And Annoying i love My fAMily BecAuse they hAve Been AlwAys every thing

for My is My leAd


My fAMily By: Marilyn berrio Quintero My family is very unit we like to share every happy moment. my mom is A really noble, loving and hardworking. my brother is very good at almost everything he does not like much the studio is very friendly and smiling. My dad is very noble, chivalrous good people and a little cranky sometimes.


sAlento By: MArilin Berrio quintero is A coloMBiAn MuniciPAlity in the dePArtMent of the quindío. cAll the fAther of the quindío to Be the oldest MuniciPAlity in this dePArtMent, it is Known As the MuniciPAlity crAdle of the nAtionAl tree the PAlMA de cerA ", it Possesses A greAt vAriety of tourist AttrActiveness AMong theM the vAlley of cocorA where cAn see A lAndscAPe full with nAture And to MAKe ecologicAl wAlKs And to enJoy the BeAutiful lAndscAPes of this town. According to An AgreeMent of the honorABle MuniciPAl town council, he/she tooK liKe foundAtion dAte JAnuAry 5 1842 every yeAr they tAKe PlAce the trAditionAl AnniversAry PArties of their foundAtion Between Both And JAnuAry twelve. the teMPerAture AverAge is of 18 centigrAde degrees And he/she hAs A PoPulAtion APProAched in the urBAn helMet of 3000 inhABitAnts And in the rurAl AreA of 5500 inhABitAnts.


MAP to go to the vAlle de el cocorA






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