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WELCOME! Hello and welcome to Issue 2 of Bo’s Peeps Magazine. The first issue was more successful than I’d imagined. In the first week, there was over 1000 impressions in countries all over the world (which I shall list in the thank yous below). This issue has some familiar things but also a couple of a new articles. I am still looking for people to join the team so if you want to, do let me know. One last thing, check out which is a website I run as a fan website , keeping people up to date on Bo news and various other things. Thank you to Bo for noticing the magazine, all of you who support It and to the people in the following countries that have read it: UK, Canada, USA, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Finland, Armenia, Philippines and Australia

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Chloe Leadbeater (@BosPeeps) Founder, Editor, Writer and Graphic Designer

NEWS HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO! Today, 25th November, is of course Bo’s birthday. Happy birthday to Bo, what an amazing year she’s had and she deserves to celebrate. There are birthday messages on page …that you fans submitted. Thanks for being part of the project. Here’s to next year’s one which will be even bigger.

2ND ALBUM UPDATE Recently Bo has been in the studio working on some music for her 2nd album. Apparently, the album will be out in June 2014. I can already tell that this album is going to be amazing and one you just can’t stop listening to.

ACOUSTIC GIG Bo recently announced that she will be doing an acoustic gig at The Islington in London. She will be joined by special guests revealed on the night. Also, people might get to hear some music from her 2nd album (as mentioned above). Only 120 people can go so get your tickets quick! Tickets are on sale here





Happy birthday BB!! Look how far you've come, I'm so proud <3 have an amazing day! Lots of love, meg <3 @_fragilerose Happy birthday Bo From John @Xerxes_027 When you went running up that hill You took the road less travelled You stopped in woods and waited till Your whole world unravelled Yet we are those who come before And we are those come after And you will find your place between Rekindles all your laughter Bo, happy birthday From Steve (@steveatgigs) 6



Happy birthday Bo From Caitlin @CAITLIN_ORMOND Hiya Bo! Looking forward to lots of new tuuuunes soon :) Can't wait to see you on tour again :DDD xxx Becky Donaldson @tflanjee Happy Birthday Bo, hope you have an amazing day from Lyndon @Wheelz_012 9

Hey Bo, hope youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing well. Can't wait to see you on tour at some point. I also can't wait for album 2!!! From Justin Lowe @Justin13Swift


Done by Tracey @KissAnotherFrog


Hi Bo, I hope you have a really lovely birthday! Lots of love,Eliza x x @Before_Bo_Sleep

Happy birthday Bo from Bev @BevFink 12



Happy Birthday Bo! I can't believe I've had the honour of meeting you. You are so inspirational and have the voice of an angel. All of your fans are always here for you through thick and thin<3 Never give up, and hope you have the amazing day you deserve. Best Wishes, Bella xxx @BestWishesBella 14

Happy birthday Bo from Dalton (@daltonphillippi) Happy birthday Bo from Lauren (@LondonaLozzy)

To Bo, hope you're having an amazing birthday!! Lotsa love from Cape Town! @Cheryl4400


Happy birthday Bo. Hope you have a wonderful day. What a year it has been for you so you deserve to celebrate it. Thanks for making time to meet me (even at BBC Wiltshire). You're such an inspiration and your songs kept me going and still do keep me going through tough times. This is only the start of things and the 2nd album is going to be even bigger and more successful. I'll be there to support you no matter what. Lots of love, Chloe @BosPeeps x


2013 ROUNDUP Here is a little roundup of the year including some of my experiences of what happened. Enjoy!

JANUARY, FEBRUARY & MARCH Bo performed at a charity gig raising money for Moxafrica on 6th March. Check out Moxafrica at Also, the video for Save Me was live on Boâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Vevo channel on YouTube on 10th March. Bo signed a publishing deal with Polar Patrol Publishing.


APRIL This was the big month for Bo with her debut album Before I Sleep and single Save Me out on 29th. Before that, she performed at St Pancras Station as part of St Pancras Sessions on the 8th. On the 16th, she performed at The Social in London. Anyway, to launch the album, there was an album playback event that took place in Studio 3 at Angel Studios in London. There was only 100 places for this event. You had to purchase a Super VIP Package which included a ticket to the event, an A3 poster, the album, 2 EPs (which was Search The Night and Before I Sleep Deluxe Edition extra tracks); all for £34.99. It was certainly money well spent. I went along to it. The standard album was played. I was absolutely blown away from the start of it. I just let myself listen to and get lost in the music. My favourite was of course How We’re Made. I am pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when that played. It hit a particular chord with me and I just let my emotions out (i.e cried which is rare for me in public). Then Bo came back and answered questions. It was nice and interesting to hear what people asked her and how she responded.


APRIL (CONT.) Then after, I spoke to a few people about the event and Bo whilst waiting to get to Bo so I got the poster, album, 2 EPs and get to meet her. Once I got to her, she introduced me to her friends as “the original Bo’s Peep” which was really nice of her. I got the poster and album signed by her. I also got a picture of her signed by her for someone else and also a video message for someone else. Anyway, I had a photo taken by her manager Matt (if you get to meet him, chat to him a bit. He is really nice). I went and talked to other people after they met Bo. Best reaction was probably Cheur @Love_Janet_D_Bo (on Twitter) ‘s reaction. It’s amazing to see how happy Bo makes her fans and also how she is around them. She makes time for them which is rare nowadays for artists. I had to wait for a while until all fans had finished meeting Bo because the photo I had with Bo wasn’t that good ( I was told by Matt if it wasn’t good then wait til the end and have it redone). Luckily that happened and it was Pax (thanks a lot to her) who took it and it came out perfectly. I missed the train I was supposed to catch to get back home so had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. It was all worth it though. Another huge thing that happened was that Bo had worked on a song with Gary Lightbody, of Snow Patrol, called The Rage That’s In Us All for the UK release of Star Trek: Into Darkness. The Rage That’s In Us All is the main song for the film.


MAY The start of the month meant the midweek charts were out. At midweek, Bo was at no.6 in the album charts which is a huge achievement. A couple of days later, Bo was back in her home county. She went to BBC Wiltshire in Swindon on 3rd to be interviewed by Sue Davies and perform on the Afternoon Show (2pm-3pm that afternoon, it is normally 2pm-4pm). I was there and listened to it outside whilst Bo was performing. I talked a little bit to Sue Davies afterwards and also Bo a little when she came out (I had also spoken to her when she had arrived there) . Then later that evening, Bo performed in her home town at Azuza Café and signed copies of her album at Sound Knowledge. I was of course there (I wasn’t going to miss this). I met up with a couple of fans there who were nice (shout out in particular to Justin Lowe). I also talked a bit to Matt and went round with him when he talked to other people. It was then that I heard that Bo was on course to the top 10. Later on, Bo did a soundcheck with her band which went quite well. It started to gradually fill up in the build up to Bo’s gig so I was glad I got there early as I was stood right in front of the stage (I was later told, along with others, to let the kids go in front which me and others did, but later we realised that the person who had told us to do that was only someone who wanted to get better photos). Anyway, the place was absolutely packed by the time Bo was on stage. She performed a few songs and talked a little in between songs. It was an phenomenal gig and great atmosphere. It was a great decision to go.


MAY (CONT.) Then I queued up with others to meet Bo and get her to sign my 2nd copy of her album . Whilst in the queue, I talked a bit to Pax (she’s quite funny). I then got to meet Bo. She signed the album (she was like “Oh you bought another one. That’s nice of you” ) then had a photo taken with her. I waited for a while with Justin as we both didn’t need to rush home. I talked a bit to Bo after the event before she went off back to London. Anyway, later that week, it was revealed that Bo reached no.10 in the album chart. Before I Sleep stayed in the album chart for 4 weeks (according to Official Charts). Bo also performed a gig as part of The Great Escape festival in Brighton. The music video for Alive was live Bo’s Vevo channel on YouTube on 19th May.


JUNE Bo embarked on her first UK Tour this month. She started her tour in Bristol and went on to perform in Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Norwich, Southampton, Birmingham, London and Manchester.


JULY Bo went onto to do festivals. She performed at T In The Park, Sportbeat, Cornbury Festival and Stockton Weekender. She also did a shoot for the music video for The Hands I Hold, directed by James Lawes, and a photo shoot for Storm Models.


AUGUST Bo went and performed at Kendal Calling to round off her festival appearances in 2013. She then went and supported The Saturdays at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 23rd August. The video for The Hands I Hold was released but not in the way it was supposed to be. Bo also announced she had joined Instagram. You can find her on there at


SEPTEMBER Bo went on a little break but also went to LA and worked in the studio with Diane Warren and James Flannigan. Bo announced on Facebook, on the 26th, that she had left Mercury Records due to creative indifferences, not having a say and not trusting people working for the label. She is still recording music though.


OCTOBER Bo was in the studio again but also made an appearance at the BMI Awards.


NOVEMBER Bo has once again been in the studio but she also flew out to the US to film a music video for the Gareth Emery remix of Alive, which is called U. She also announced that in December, she would be doing an intimate acoustic gig (see next month for more information). Also, along with that, it was announced (on ) that Boâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd album is due to be released in June 2014.


DECEMBER Bo will be doing an intimate acoustic gig this month on the 17th at The Islington in London. She will be joined by special guests which will be revealed on the night. She will be performing songs from Before I Sleep and maybe even previews of her 2nd album if reports are to be believed. Only 120 people can go. You can get tickets at

SUMMARY What a year it has been for Bo. Top 10 debut album, first UK tour, soundtrack song for a huge film and plenty of festival appearances. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hoping 2014 is going to be even bigger and better for her.




Bo's Peeps Magazine Issue 2  

Here is Issue 2 of Bo's Peeps Magazine Issue 2

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