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BOSH EDITORIAL It’s the summer term at last! Welcome back, I hope you managed to get some sort of revision done during the break, or at the very least created a dominant revision guide through excessive procrastination. Try not to let the prospect of exams get you down - having toyed with us for much of Easter, the occasional glimmer of sunshine has filled us with anticipation of that post-exams fun then all the hard work will seem worth it! For the time being, let revision take a back seat briefly while you enjoy this copy of BOSH, packed full of useful content and exclusive deals to carry on saving you money. As ever, this issue is stuffed with offers that we feel fellow students will genuinely want to use. We have our usual exclusives at Caffe Gusto, Falafel King and Blue Juice, as well as 50% off at Dominos. We also have top food deals at KFC, Deli Delish, The Cowshed and The Hill, as well as discounts and freebies at Richer Sounds. Not to mention we’re still the ONLY place still offering £3 entry and Q-jump to Bliss at Java. With the recent sunny weather we’ve been feeling extra generous here at BOSH Towers, so have come up with two awesome giveaways for you! Firstly, we have teamed up with Beach Break Live, the biggest student festival of the summer, to give away two tickets to this year’s festival (page 12). Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re offering a massive night out courtesy of VIP Bristol for one lucky winner and 7 mates at Bunker! Finally, with graduation fast approaching for many, we are now strongly in the hunt for a new team of writers. There are several positions to fill from the start of next year: film editor, night-life, someone to keep us up to date with goings on in intramural sports, and maybe something else you think we’ve overlooked? If any of these take your fancy, then get in touch and tell us what you have to offer! Simon Melvin Editor








Agony Aunt









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Night-life: Lewin has been searching high and low to bring you those little-known places around Bristol that are well worth checking out.


Films: Adam reviews two of the current box-office hits, Kick-Ass and Clash of the Titans, with very different outcomes.


Competition: We have a massive night out to give away to one lucky reader and 7 of their mates, courtesy of VIP Bristol!


Fitness: Tom is back! And this month he’s on a mission to get us all in shape for summer.


Music: Zahra turns ‘gigpig’ for the month as we send her to sample two lesserknown outfits at the O2 academy.


Bosh does BBL: We team up with Beach Break Live, the biggest student-only festival of the summer. Info about the event and 2 FREE tickets to giveaway… Nice.

Travel: In association with STA Travel, we report on some of the amazing travelling opportunities out there for students this summer.




Puzzles: Two more su dokus for you to struggle with! Worth it though; there are Rough Guides goodies up for grabs.

Nosh: So it turns out The Cowshed is the only place to go if you know your steaks! Read our review to find out why.


Charity: We catch up with Barnabas and the boys on their epic charity attempt.


Agony Aunt: Fruits is back sorting all your problems!

Deli Delish where food is our passion

2 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6LF Tel: 0117 973 4626

SANDWICHES BAGUETTES SOUPS SALADS CAKES Deli Delish where food is our passion


Deli Delish where food is our passion


not to be used in conjunction with BOSH BRISTOL any other offer 5


not to be used in conjunction with any other offer


Clash of the Titans and Kick-Ass get the treatment from Adam, with very different outcomes! Read on to find out which one is a mustsee and which to avoid. Don’t be fooled by the trailer – this is not a kids film. This is not Spiderman, The Dark Knight, or a wank superhero-comedy like Mystery Men. Kick-Ass is a thrilling two hours of wit, brutality, and pure genius – men, leave your women at home, this is testosterone circus from start to finish. The story follows our hero Dave Lizewski - your average comicbook loving loser – deciding to do some good in the world. No X-ray vision, no super-strength, just a muggins in a wet-suit with a baton taking the film’s title as his alias. When his first encounter gets over 10 million hits on Youtube, ‘Kick-Ass’ is suddenly a national icon. Pretty soon he’s in over his head: ‘HitGirl’ and ‘Big Daddy’ (Nicky Cage) swoop in to help him out. This bad-mouth eight year old and her dad - an ex-cop framed by the Mafia - have got all the moves, all the gear, and are bent on revenge against Mafioso Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong). Without giving it all away, they get caught in one big tangled web, and it seems the only solution is for everyone to get all fucked up. What makes Kick-Ass truly brilliant is that it has some serious balls. From the first time you see an eight year old girl use the C word, you know that it ain’t afraid to ‘go there’, and every time you find yourself saying ‘they can’t possibly’, they do before you’ve even finished your sentence. Not for the faint of heart: don’t go with your mum, there’s a lot of controversy surrounded the film’s 15 rating, and it’s quite obvious why – bags of swearing, plenty of blood and some pretty raunchy shagging; don’t worry, never all at the same time. The script is incredible: a perfect balance of witty one-liners, finely timed cursing and some epic ‘I’ll be back’ chat. The cinematography also impresses: quick cuts and sharp transitions keep you on your toes during the fight sequences; the very sexy Sin-Cityesque animated flashback is stunning. Performances are convincing all round. Our hero and his two chums successfully revive the Superbad style bant many films have tried and failed to recreate. Mark Strong (Rock’n’Rolla, Sherlock Holmes), donning an American accent for the first time, is brilliant and ruthless as our villain. Nicky Cage puts in his best performance since Face-Off and his badass daughter has perfect timing: ‘I’m just fuckin with you daddy, I don’t want a Barbie for Christmas, I want a Kariatsu butterfly flick-knife.’ Refreshingly, Christopher Mintz-Plasse departs from his McLovin character we saw in both Superbad and Role Models, and the supporting cast all give flawless performances. Quite honestly, I struggled to find things I didn’t like about this film. Even when it gets poignant and sentimental toward the end, you are so totally engrossed that you don’t care. Lines or action that would, in any other arena, make you cringe or raise an eyebrow, simply make you smile. If you’ve got meat between your legs, I guarantee you will love this film. If you’re female, or a bit of a prude, maybe less so. Having said that, I took an (albeit quite manly) bird with me and she loved it every bit as much as I did. The perfect balance of genuine comedy and badass action, Kick-Ass is gripping throughout.




If you order a large popcorn at Cinema Delux, Cabot Circus, you get roughly 783 pieces in that bag. I know this because I counted them. Sadly, once that was done, there was very little else to distract me from the cinematic tragedy that is Clash of the Titans. The story follows Perseus, son of Zeus, on his quest for revenge against Hades, Zeus’ brother, for killing his adopted family. The film basically attempts to tie in as many tales of greek mythology as possible; you’ve got your Zeus and Olympus, Hades and the underworld, some giant scorpions, a bit of Medusa thrown in, oh and a Krakon. Isn’t this the 3rd or 4th film to have some terrifying creature called the Krakon? Bored. Every time our hero announces that he must go and kill the next thing in his way, a little bit of you wonders if they’re suddenly going to pull it out with some epic battle sequence and a ‘my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius’ bit of chat. Don’t get your hopes up, this never happens. Reasons to like it: 1. Le Chiffre, the bloke that weeps blood from Casino Royale, plays one of the warriors that accompanies Perseus on his quest. Looking distinctly like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, he pulls out some badboy moves and the occasional bit of legendary chat. 2. Love interest played by the paradoxically fit ginger bond girl from Quantum of Solace that gets covered in oil. Unfortunately, rated 12A, she doesn’t give anything away so don’t bother charming a semi along with Perseus two hours in: ‘ease your storm’ she tells him. Both gutted. 3. A two-second performance from Skins’ Effie. 4. A short pleasant sensation when you recognise Nicholas Hoult (Tony, Skins), before remembering that he’s total bollocks. 5. Visual effects are, at times, pretty sensational, but that isn’t saying much these days. Just watch Avatar again. Or She’s the Man. Or anything else. Part of the depression is that some pretty big names signed on: Liam Neeson (Taken), Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort, Harry Potter) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) and a couple of the blokes from 300. But a combination of cringe-worthy scripting, silly sparkly costumes and some genuinely terrible acting prevents the film from riding on their reputation. Gladiator meets Star Wars, but then The Chronicles of Narnia comes along and turns it all to shit. And those who thought it might be saved by the 3D, you’re better off with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Titans was filmed in 2D, and only made 3D post-production. Some movie-techno ponce told me this expecting me to understand what kind of effect this would have. Answer: it’s just rubbish. Please don’t see it. Don’t take your nan or your little brother, your bird, your best friend or even your sworn enemy. Trust me I wish this on noone. Save your money - hold out for Sutcliffe, the Musical.



7 7 Issue 8




Steak: the real quintessential “bloke’s” food. The big problem, however, lies in finding a good one. Sure, if your budget’s a fiver then there are plenty of places around that will provide you with a generic piece of meat they’ve cunningly hidden behind the facade of being a ‘steak’ more than likely microwaved, and almost guaranteed not to be cooked to order! Alternatively, at that price, you could wander to the local supermarket and try your luck there. But your average overpriced sirloin is still often chewy and stringy even after tenderising and marinating to excess. Also, let’s not forget that part of the luxury of having a steak should be that someone else has prepared it for you.

Fear not though, steak lovers! One of Whiteladies’ newest establishments has come to rescue your taste buds. With a name like ‘The Cowshed’ there really is no ambiguity as to what’s on the menu here - but my do they do it well. The cows in question are called Devonshire Reds from Exeter (which apparently are shorter and stockier, thus providing a better cut – a claim I’m inclined to believe). These are then dry-aged (left in a space with something that absorbs all moisture in the air), and laid flat rather than typical hanging. The hanging would create an undesirable difference in flavour along the length of the joint as the marbling enzymes and juices move down (bear with the science - it works!). It is also noteworthy that everything here is made fresh from scratch, and there isn’t a single microwave to be found anywhere on the premises. Well with the science lesson over, it’s time to move onto the most important aspect; the taste. The starters definitely deserve a mention at this point. We sampled two from a choice of eight; ‘Bath pig chorizo, new potato & cherry tomato’ and ‘fresh Scottish scallops pan-fried in butter’. Individually very tasty, and as a combination to start your meal off they’re perfect – the meaty, spicy chorizo and more subtle scallop really do get you ready for what’s coming next. For mains, we were recommended the Cowshed’s own spare ribs, and to experience the steak using their ‘hot stone’. The ribs were of the excellent standard set by the starters – the flesh falling off the bone, accompanied by an excellent BBQ sauce, left

nothing to be desired. However, the real star of the show was the 10oz Sirloin steak that came with the hot stone. Similar to a fondue, your first thought when presented with a platter of diced raw steak, hot seasoned stone and 3 sauces (peppercorn, béarnaise and a home-made ketchup) is that surely you’re paying for your food to be cooked for you when you go out to eat; why should I have to do it? Well yes and no; cooking steak isn’t exactly the most complex skill in the world, and in my opinion it’s the exceptional quality of the meat at the Cowshed that warrants the extra cost. Somehow managing to remain hot enough to cook on for a good half an hour, the stone allows you to enjoy the entire cut as hot as you would the first bite of any other, as well as sample steak cooked from well-done to blue at your own discretion. One downside, however, is trying to resist the constant urge to find out just how hot the stone is - the novelty almost left me with a burnt hand! Anyway, the quality of the steak, as expected, was exceptional. ‘Cooking’ on the stone very quickly became 10 seconds on each side to season the meat and flavour the outside, rather than actually cook anything. With the sauces complementing the sirloin perfectly, I could have sat there all night had my stomach allowed it. Thankfully, the standard was maintained through to the desserts. The sharing plate that we sampled came with a brownie, panacotta and white chocolate cheesecake. Each made perfectly and with bags of flavour, though it must be said the cheesecake stole the show to round off a fantastic meal.

All in all, The Cowshed should be your first, second and third choice if you’re craving a proper steak. Admittedly, the à la carte menu can get quite pricey (fillet steak with crab’s legs anybody? – I’d save that thought for when generous parents visit!), but it is money well spent. The Cowshed’s menu contains some absolute gems, many of which are actually within the budget of your average student. Are you peckish and thirsty after a hard day of revision? Well from 6pm – 7pm you can grab a steak (or burger), chips and a pint for the princely sum of £10. Want that tenner to go a bit further? Wander down for lunch and have it buy you a starter, main and dessert - not bad eh? If you want something even more substantial, then just grab the voucher below and have yourself £5 knocked off your bill – who says we aren’t good to you?! Either way, there is bound to be something on their extensive menu that takes your fancy; it really is a meal you won’t forget in a hurry.




• Offer valid for evening "A la Carte" Dinners only, until the 31st May 2010. • There will be no restriction to menus or dishes available unless where otherwise stated on individual terms and conditions. • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or in combination with more Certificates. • Only one (1) offer per redemption, per table. • All offers are non-redeemable on the following days: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Easter Sunday. • The offer carry no cash value. No cash back on Certificates. No change given • Valid for dine in only unless otherwise stated on individual Certificate

31-35 Cotham Hill

0117 973 3793

Tuesday: 2 - 4 - 1 Pizza

Thursday: 2 - 4 - 1 Cocktails

Lunch Offer: £6.25 Meal & Drink

3D Sky Sports

Regular comedy & live music nights

Essential Hours Mon - Fri, 12 - 4pm

Monday Night Pub Quiz 8pm Find us on BOSH BRISTOL

Function Room Free Hire ‘BRB The10 Hill’


Beach Break Live is the biggest, most popular student-only festival in the UK. Since the first Beach Break in June 2007, where just 1,000 revellers danced the weekend away, it has gone from strength to strength. This summer, Beach Break Live will be pitching camp at Pembrey County Park in South Wales, and playing host to 17,500 fellow students all looking for that post-exams blowout! Of course, that means BOSH will be there... We caught up with the organisers of the event to find out more about the new venue and what this year’s event has in store. We also have TWO TICKETS to give away to you lucky readers – read on to find out how to get your hands on them! Summer’s finally coming, so get excited and get entering... See you all on the beach! Fire up the trumpets and give the drummer a nudge. After more than four years of scouring the UK coastline in search of the perfect home, the mammoth hunt is over and the UK’s biggest student festival Beach Break Live is proud to present Pembrey Country Park, Carmarthenshire, South Wales as their brand spanking new home! After triumphing against all odds in 2009 after losing the license for their sellout festival site in Cornwall with just 6 days to go, BBL refused to be defeated and moved the entire festival to Kent. The BBL family has now moored on Welsh sands, unpacked their bags and are here to stay. Nestled behind the silky dunes of the award winning Cefn Sidan Sands beach, and flanked by 2,000 acres of stunning forestry, the breath taking new site has it all. The beach is recognized to be one of Europe’s most beautiful and boasts 8 glorious miles of pristine white sand set against the backdrop of the Gower Penisnsula. The search has finally ended and the BBL team has uncovered the most spectacular festival location on planet earth! “We’ve been able to scour the UK’s coast line to find the

perfect permanent home for the event,” says Ian Forshew, the event organiser. “Students asked for an event ‘As close to a beach as possible’, with ‘beautiful surroundings’, ‘hidden areas’, ‘stages on the sand’ and ‘good sound levels’. At Pembrey Country Park we can give them all that.” Growing from just 1,000 students in its first year to 5,000 in its second and 10,000 in its third, 2010 will see a whopping 17,500 UK students flock to the Welsh coast in their masses for three days of sun, sea, sand, surf and music. With its dazzling new site, a huge line up soon to be announced (past years have seen the likes of Dizzee Rascal, The Wombats, Friendly Fires, The Zutons, Mystery Jets, The Enemy) and a scramble for early bird tickets so furious it ground the ticketing system to a complete halt, the festival which grew from humble roots to being voted Best Small Festival and Best Promoter at the 2010 Virtual Festival Awards has now found the perfect home. Just a hop skip and a jump over sand dunes there will be all manner of aquatic and sand related tomfoolery from lying prostrate and doing absolutely nothing to kite boarding, land sailing and windsurfing. Think Thai style beach parties, sand



and boot hire, one of the biggest toboggan runs in Europe, the ‘Go Ape’ in the trees woodland adventure playground extravaganza, horse riding, surfing, wind sports, Sphere Mania, coasteering and even more soon to be announced! Watch this space! Other handsome extras include some of 2009’s favourite venues, including the mighty Main Stage, the infamous party palace that is the Residential Dance Home, the Bass Busting Dance Tent, the Ridiculously Hot Tubs, the Camped Up Camp Fire and Chai Wallah’s to name a few. Of course we couldn’t forget the infamous Moustache Bar - where facial hair is not only recommended but essential!

castle building, BBQ’s, tentative toe paddling, Cafe Del Mar chill out action, cocktail supping and of course the obligatory British human lobster impression making!

The Beach Break ethos is a fair approach to the local community and ticket holders. Whether it’s running buses from universities to reduce carbon emissions, or working with the local community, suppliers, businesses and charities, BBL works to contribute to the local surroundings and the people they share it with!

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Beach Break Live is proud to announce a whole load of hair- raising extras. On top of the 8 miles of white beach, and acres of forest the new site also boasts a 130m floodlit dry ski slope offering Snowboard or ski lessons and student friendly ‘cheap as chips’ board

Early bird tickets sold out in record time but full price tickets are now available for the student friendly price of £89 per person with affordable boutique camping options available to those who fancy ‘splashing out.’ See you on the sand and in the sun!

Visit for more info


All we want from you is a photo that is somehow related to BOSH! It can be literally anything, from writing BOSH on your forehead to reading a copy of the mag at the top of the Empire State Building! However, the more daring, exciting and innovative the more likely it is of winning... All entries received by email or MMS before the end of May will be included, and the winner will be announced later m h s o b @ k a e r this term. beachb







rests will raise intensity and help to develop strength endurance.

With summer just round the corner, it’s time to get yourself into shape! Our fitness guru, Tom, is back with more expert advice to help you achieve that perfect beach body. In the next two issues I’ll be discussing training goals and ways to achieve them. This month we will focus on strength and size goals, next month speed and endurance. The main aid to achieving your goals in the gym is to set targets and follow a structured routine to record your progress. Set yourself challenging goals but also make them realistic. There is no point setting out to achieve the impossible. 6-8 week goals are good because they can be tied to training routine changes. For those just starting out with a structured routine there is a widely used program called “Starting Strength”. It is a basic routine that involves weight training 3 times a week. It comprises of two workouts: Workout A 3x5 Squat 3x5 Bench Press 1x5 Deadlift Workout B 3x5 Squat 3x5 Standing military press 3x5 Power cleans

The power clean can be replaced with a bent over row as it is a much less technical exercise with a lower risk of injury. You should train on 3 non-consecutive days per week on a two week rotation. IMPORTANT: DO NOT TRAIN 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS

Those who have been training for a while and maybe hit a bit of a plateau in their training gains Week 2 can also use the Monday: B program. Instead Wednesday: A of performing 3 Friday: B sets of 5 perform 5 sets of 3. This will help to push the weight up and kick start progression. For those who have perhaps been training for longer, or who want to make their workouts more goal specific. Split workout plans can be the best option. This involves training certain muscle groups on certain days, pushing up the intensity of the workout and producing bigger results. Split routines work best when each day works on complementary muscle groups. For example, in a program with four training days a week you may have: Week 1 Monday: A Wednesday: B Friday: A

Day 1: Chest and Triceps Day 2: Back and Biceps Day 3: Legs Day 4: Shoulders and Core

The main reason for using complementary muscle groups is so that the workouts can be made progressive. Start off the workout with a big compound lift for 5 sets and then move gradually to exercises that isolate the muscles more, performing these for 3 sets. The number of reps and rest depends on goals. Low reps (3-6), high rest will produce big strength gains, whereas high reps (12-15) and short

Some of the main problems that can restrict progress: Do NOT skip sessions Do NOT raise the weight at the cost of reps and form - you are only cheating yourself in the long run. Exercise Focus: The Deadlift The deadlift is one of the simplest core weightlifting exercises there is for building strength. Done correctly it provides a whole body workout but done badly it can lead to injury. Here are a few tips to improve your deadlift technique: 1. Use a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance. Keep the bar close to your shins at the beginning of the movement. 2. Don’t jerk the bar off the ground. Stay in control of the movement. 3. Concentrate on lifting with your legs. One way to do this is to imagine pushing your feet down through the floor. 4. Don’t round your back at the beginning of the lift. Keep your core engaged in a ‘neutral’ position by keeping your head up. 5. Lower the bar under control. If you feel it dropping, then you’re probably using too much weight. Keep the bar close to your legs on the way down as well. Let the bar come to a rest just above the floor, pause for a second, then repeat the movement. This maintains the load on the muscles at all times and helps to improve control.

Gym Myth Busting 2: It’s only a good workout if you’re sore the next day Soreness is related to a number of factors, none of which directly correlate to muscle growth. In fact: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) occurs when nerve endings get inflamed after micro trauma to your muscle tissue. In short, don’t overdo it.



BOSH CHARITY Another update from Barnabas and the rest of the Arch to Arc team. Find out more about their progress during this awesome challenge and what you can do to help. The Challenge has made huge progress in recent weeks with not only the arrival of the bikes from Giant, but also the arrival of a new sponsor: Arch Insurances. These two developments have made training a lot easier, boosted morale amongst the team, and made us more determined than ever to raise as much money as possible. Training as a whole has gone well with the team starting to tie down some serious mileage both on foot and on bike.

come along, proceedings kick off at eight o’clock. In the meantime please keep the donations coming in and if you know of any possible sponsors please get in touch:

Our next big event is an evening of boxing that will take place on the 22nd April in the Anson Rooms of the Student Union. There will be several bouts starring upand-coming boxers at the university and the main event of myself fighting the captain of the Rugby League team, Jake Filson. We may not be the best there but we will hopefully be the most entertaining! The evening has been very kindly sponsored by DV Nights and after the boxing they will be hosting a night at Bunker. There is a facebook group “FIGHT NIGHT - BRISTOL”, so please look it up and




Ever been to Stokes Croft? No, neither have we! Lewin has though, as he continues in his quest to open our eyes to all the hidden gems we’re currently missing out on.

Stokes Croft styles itself as ‘Bristol’s cultural quarter’, a title it definitely lives up to. Although the area still has problems with street drinking and drugs, the last few years have seen a huge cultural renaissance, spearheaded in part by the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft. One of the manifestations of this upturn is the Hamilton House project, a community-based regeneration scheme that aims to provide a range of meeting rooms, offices, studios etc. to the local community at a low cost. The regeneration programme is run by a group called Coexist, who took over the previously squatted building in 2008. In addition to the commercial and artistic spaces, the project has installed a bar/ restaurant and christened it Canteen.

It offers live music every night from 10pm, a wide range of food and drink, and a vibrant artistic feel. The venue wears its creative heart on its sleeve, the entrance is overlooked by Banksy’s famous ‘Mild Mild West’ piece and it’s just across the road from the murals of Turbo Island. There’s a good range of drinks, including some local beer and cider and a massive spirit selection, and the staff are cheerful and efficient. Prominent local gourmet Jacques ‘The Palate’ Carolan gave his verdict on the food; “In a word: lush. It’s all nice locally sourced organic food. And it’s cheap. You just need to get there early as it’s always busy!”. In short, Canteen offers a cheap, tasty and musical evening with the ‘alternative’ credentials that have been beaten out of Thekla by the swarms of Skins kids. Start the evening here, grab some food and head out to the Junction, Cosies, or Laokta. If you’d prefer something closer to Whiteladies, mbargo is conveniently located 30 seconds walk from Lounge, Bunker and Po-Na-Na. Often


overlooked by people using it as a prelash venue before heading on to Lounge or Bunker, it’s actually one of the best venues the Triangle has to offer. Consistently good music, plenty of seating, a decent dancefloor and the occasionally dubious but always cheap ‘mbargo beer’ make this the first choice of the discerning clubber. Mbargo is one of those places that hides a uniformly excellent night out behind standard issue club/bar décor, and with £2 Jaeger bombs between 12 and 1, you can’t go wrong! There’s also a rumour of a secret staircase leading to the roof, for those who feel like a bit of fresh air.

0117 973 4800

2 for 1 Any Smoothie Any Time


1 16

With thisIssue voucher 5




BOSH MUSIC Bristol is blessed with so many awesome music venues - we really are spoilt for choice! We sent Zahra down to the O2 Academy to check out a couple of recent gigs.

The Courteeners

With the O2 academy almost filled to capacity it was clear that something big was about to happen. A rowdy crowd, not dissimilar to one you would find at a football cup final, were getting increasingly impatient – beer was already being flung around the arena! The air was filled with anticipation, excitement, and a distinct sweaty check-shirt odour, which has become the signature of most British indie rock gigs. The crowd were introduced to the support act, Detroit Social Club, who despite being relatively unknown to most of the spectators, managed to engage quickly with the audience through their perky guitar riffs and masterful lyrics. The band did everything a support act is booked to do; they got the crowd excited, gave some time for the main band to get a round in and it seemed that they managed to rally up some new fans. It was a long wait between the support act and The Courteeners and it wasn’t just me who felt it. The crowd began to lose their enthusiasm and the hype around the venue dropped to a mere lull. After about forty minutes of watching the roadies fiddle around on stage with guitars and amps, the lights finally

dimmed, and the crowd let out a mighty roar; whether it be due to excitement or the fact that they were so relieved the wait was over it’s hard to tell, but it was a mighty roar none the less. The band walked onto the stage with an arrogance that seemed almost undeserved from the outset, but midway through their opening number, I realised that without this arrogance the band would not be able to deliver such a show as they did. The frontman, Liam Fray begun to down his drink, as he left his band of Mancunians to fill the room with heavy charged chords and a masterful drum fill. Acrylic was one of the first old classics to be played and this seemed to be popular with the crowd. The familiar opening riff and tuneful finger picking made for a perfect indie song. Moving onto Cavorting, a track from their debut number 4 album ‘St Jude’ seemed to be a clever move, as most people began jumping along with the chaotic rhythm. A dive into new territory saw the band playing Cross my heart and hope to fly, which was an evident crowd pleaser and an instant classic. The insightful lyrics and mesmerizing backing music sent a rush of atmospheric bliss into the

Whilst the atmosphere was back to its peak, they played another crowd pleaser You over did it doll, which sent the audience into a frenzy. By this point, myself and everyone around me was covered in beer and sweat - but it didn’t seem to matter. Liam had managed to hypnotise the crowd and make them unaware of anything but the music. He then ushered his band backstage and took to the stage alone, before playing a pulse-quickening solo set. A delightful array of soulful, British classics demonstrated Fray’s musical talent and the crowd went wild for his last solo track No you didn’t no you don’t. This flowed perfectly into their penultimate and most popular track, Not 19 forever. The band’s most well known track caused a riot, with an abundance of ‘lairy boys’ crowd surfing and death circles being created; the atmosphere turned from being electric into something somewhat dangerous. Their finale, What took you so long, seemed to quieten down the crowd, but due to the voilence that could have ensued, it was probably a smart move. The Courteeners definitely put themselves on the Bristol map with this gig, and provided a night to remember. Personally, I was not a fan before the concert, but found myself buying both albums the next day. The band was a breath of fresh air compared to the conforming indie rock that seems to be continually cropping up in the current climate of throw away bands. I can see a very lucrative future for The Courteeners if they continue to write and produce such authentic and truthful British indie rock.

The Courteeners


arena; everyone’s faces seemed to light up as the band started to fully immerse themselves into the song. This moment was undoubtedly the best so far, and it was clear that the band knew it. Aware that they had to keep going uphill from this point, the band launched even more new material at the audience. A risky choice as they needed to keep energy high, and unfortunately there was a definite dip in enthusiasm during Will this be forever and Synophant, however they managed to reign the crowd back in with the popular sing-along track Bide your time.


It wasn’t due to the lack of big names, as with Andy C, Skream, Benga, Danny Byrd, Jackwob and Artwork at the top of the bill, the line up was hardly disappointing. The atmosphere, although not as mental as usual, was still electric. Benga played a long set and managed to keep enthusiasm levels fairly high throughout by amalgamating some well known mixes along with juggling some new beats. He played a mostly d’n’b orientated set, dropping into the realms of commercial dubstep at points, but reigning himself in when he felt the crowd slipping from his attention.

Liam Fray


Bedlam by name, bedlam by nature! Neon clad ravers, the prop-up-the-bar types and the rest of us ‘normal’ folk were proverbially sexed up with the dirty sounds booming from the 15 ft speakers. An abundance of Drum and Bass’s finest Dj’s all on the same night was sure to be nothing short of spectacular, but the lack of bodies in the venue appeared to suggest otherwise.


Danny Byrd too decided to stick to drum and bass, but unlike Benga he resisted flirting with a bit of dubstep and remained consistent with his mixture of beats. This was a little disappointing; although he offered some heavy drops and tuneful build-ups, it was far too repetitive. The smoking area was at it’s fullest during his set and I can’t help but think it was because he played things a little too safe. It seemed that, apart from Andy C, the main attraction was Skream. Preceded


by Artwork - with a somewhat ‘dodgy’ Mc spitting to very slow beats - he really needed to pull a heavy set out of his record bag. Skream began spinning some unknown d’n’b, which helped bring the crowd’s mood up. He then continued with a dubstep and ragga undertone until the the last leg of his set. He then took a risk, that paid off, playing an eclectic mix of d’n’b with a slight hint of happy hardcore coming from underneath the beats. Andy C, with his two hour set, gave nothing short of an epic performance. He laid down classic mixes of Kanye and Sub Focus and his set lifted the atmosphere inside the academy. The floor was vibrating with the heaviness of the beats that he was creating and he knew that he was on to a winner. The d’n’b was still the weapon of choice, but he also threw in a hint of euphoria and 90’s dance. His second hour seemed to be designed to introduce people to the true meaning of ‘waiting for the drop’. The MC jibed the crowd, started chants, and spat over Andy C’s heaviest of tracks - creating the sickest atmosphere I have ever seen in the Academy.



6 Cotham HILL










STA Travel specialise in catering for the travel needs of young people and students. They deal with everything from flights to placements, so read on if you need some insipration to get out and see the world!

Steep streets, cheap drinks and all the tragic Peruvian trousers you can buy: Cuzco has got it all. Top attraction being the spectacular ruins - worthy of a city once capital of an empire larger than even that of the Romans. Peru’s tenth largest city is now the backpacking capital of South America and fast becoming a playground for a growing number of travellers. Whilst most visit Cuzco with the intention of using it as a base for doing the Inca trail, the majority end up staying far longer than they planned. Meet Guido, a twenty something from Holland who we met in an Irish bar. He came to Cuzco in 2005 with a group of

Eat at: Fallen Angel Kip at: Loki Hostal Drink at: Mama Africa Club friends hoping to see nearby Macchu Picchu, but remains there to this day working in a hostel in the city, serving strong cocktails to backpackers and laughing about the fact he still hasn’t managed to see the famous ruins. Although the city is small in both size and population, there is an enormous amount to see, eat, and drink. Punters can chow down on local delicacies such as guinea pig (‘cuy’) and Alpaca, whilst the less adventurous can choose from

a selection of Indian, Chinese, Mexican or American restaurants. The city’s nightclubs, although limited to around half a dozen, are western friendly and ludicrously cheap. Although the thought of hearing Madonna’s “Like a prayer” being played in three separate clubs on the same night might sound more like a curse for some, scores of free drinks handed out in the town square will most likely appease even the most enthusiastic of techno snobs. Hostel Loki is widely considered the finest backpackers hang out in all of South America and is certainly a good bet for those hoping to relax and meet like-minded people. A pass bought from any tourist office gives you access to over 30 ruins and museums, whilst the surrounding area known as the “sacred valley” contains some of the most dramatic views and hair raising roads in the Andes. Pisac and Urabamba are towns easily accessible by bus that offer examples of Inca settlements that

remain largely unchanged despite the Spanish invasion and the globalization of recent years. Taxis that have a flat fare of around sixty pence for anywhere in the city centre, coupled with restaurants offering three course “menu del dias” for a mere two pounds, make Cuzco an ideal place for those on a budget. For those who want more exercise than the city’s steep steps can provide, horse riding, climbing, trekking, cycling and rafting are all activities that are affordable and nearby. Orphanages and charities based in the city are always looking for volunteers who will be based in the area for extended periods of time, whilst jobs in bars and hostels are sometimes available for foreigners. Visiting Cuzco is advised in the spring months out of the rainy season, although this semimythical, semi-bonkers Andean city will amaze and entertain in equal measure throughout the year.

You can fly to Peru from £545 with STA travel. There are two STA travel reps in Bristol who are offering discounts for fellow students on a range of products. Simply call 08712300040 and quote either “CBM 50” or “CBM 6” when speaking to an adviser. Find all these links on our website. BOSH BRISTOL



We’ve teamed up with ROUGH GUIDES again this month to give away more top goodies! The first 3 people to email or text the missing shaded numbers each win a selection of Rough Guides Mini Guides.



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Dear Fruits,

My problem is that recently there’s been a lot of sexual tension between me and one of my house mates. We have always been close friends but recently I’ve been thinking that maybe she wants more... She’s started ignoring her other friends and spends almost all her time in my room. When we are out she spends the whole night grinding on me and makes it awkward for other girls who I’m friends with to chat to me. She’s even started wearing my clothes! I’m not sure what to do, as obviously I don’t want to lose our friendship, but at the same time I don’t want to lead her on. Hope you can help a saucy South African in need of advice! Wearing your clothes?! That’s a little obsessive. I’d never dream of wearing a man’s clothes, they wouldn’t fit properly and are usually washed in god knows what, god knows when. My advice? PADLOCKS. Lots of them; on your doors and windows. Perhaps install one of those little security chains on your door so that whenever you are in your room you can selectively have headaches and tiredness. Then you could try getting a girlfriend who’s really possessive and would scratch her eyeballs out for so much as brushing past you. Or, you know, you could just tell her that you like her as a friend but nothing else and to give you some space and your “Class of ‘09” hoodie back. Grab life by the balls and tell her how you feel before it gets out of hand!



Need to get something off your chest? Got issues? A problem that won’t go away? No one to turn to? A problem shared is a problem halved, so sharing it with the rest of Bristol students will make it 1/(2^15,000) of a problem. That’s a small problem. I am here to help you with all your worries, big or small, with impartial, honest advice. As one of my friends put it, “You don’t bullsh*t Fruits.” I can certify I watch a weekly average of seven hours of Jeremy Kyle; I have learnt from the master. I look forward to reading your problems, no matter what they may, be and giving truthful guidance. Yours, Alex “La Fruit” Henry – Agony Aunt






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